Brainstorm: Sun / Venus Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this post embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing

ou have conscious awareness of your powers of attraction. You are consciously aware of your ability to become popular. You ooze charm and attractiveness. People feel attracted to you. You find it easy to become popular. You identify with popular people. You identify with attractive people. Beauty icons are your role models. Fashion icons are your role models. You find yourself through the feminine arts. You are involved in beauty or fashion. You are involved in negotiations and diplomacy. You find yourself through involvement in issues of justice, cooperation and fairness. You find your identity through relationships. Relating to other people gives you a better sense of who you are. Your ego is bound up with how much you are liked and adored. You only feel like yourself when you are in popular social circles. You only feel like yourself when you feel attractive. How attractive you feel has a lot to do with how centered you are.

Having your ego bound up with your appearance. Vanity. Laziness. Go with the flow. Having an ego built upon likability and popularity. Wanting to belong. Wanting to find a place in the sun where you can be popular, well-liked and generally considered to be attractive. Your purpose in life is to find people you can relate to. You are not a loner. You like being in a relationship. Serial daters. Incurable flirts. Would rather compromise to get your way, or manipulate to get your way, than openly fight with anyone.

Not against using charm or good looks to get what you want. Would rather sit around basking in adoration than start a feud. You identify with women. You have female role models in your life. Beauty icons. Models. Sex goddesses. Screen sirens. Pop princesses. You feel happy being surrounded by women. Well-developed feminine traits. A loving and gentle person. Women who really identify with being a woman. Finding out who you are through involvement in the arts. An appreciation of the arts and a love of being surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things. Feeling unattractive hurts your sense of self. You may fear becoming ugly, unwanted or disliked. Confidence comes with popularity.

Having a loving relationship with your father. Dad was well-liked. Dad was passive and didn’t stand up for himself. Dad always tried to find a way to compromise and work things out. Liking men who prefer to compromise rather than fight. Liking men who have charm, class and grace. Liking men who appreciate women. A man who loves women. A womanizer. Thinking that your shit doesn’t stink. Being high on yourself.

How rare is it?

The Sun and Venus make an exact conjunction every 1 year and 220 days.

Sun Astrology

  • Core
  • Ego
  • Center
  • Life purpose
  • Vitality
  • Self-expression
  • Personal authority
  • Creative potential
  • Conscious self

Venus Astrology

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Values
  • Desire
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Beauty
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