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Brainstorm: Uranus / IC Astrology Aspects

This interpretation of Uranus in aspect to the IC embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore astrological themes. Spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings.

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anting to live where you can be comfortable with your eccentricities. Wanting to live where your oddball behavior fits right in. Feeling that you don’t fit in, no matter where you are. Living in places where people suddenly arrive and then abruptly leave. Feeling that your home should be common ground. Living in communal or group situations. Your home is a utopia. You welcome freaks, geeks and the fringe of society into your inner sanctum.

Outsiders. Black sheep of the family. Outlaws. Not fitting in with your family. Being separated or deliberately separating from the rest of your family, their homes and traditions. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Commitment-phobic. For whatever reason, you do not ‘match’ the other people in your family – you are not like them. Feeling from within that you are different. Wondering if you were adopted. Thinking, “Where are my real parents?” One of your parents also might be an outcast in the family or be unlike the rest of their family. Feeling disconnected from traditions and from ‘normal’ family structures. Your parents’ eccentric behavior can interfere with your career goals, reputation and social standing. Chaos in your private life directly affects your career. Wanting to break free from limiting family expectations and conditioned behavior. Feeling inwardly detached. Feelings like an alien inside. Wondering if you are from another time, place, planet or dimension.

A rebel within. Having a deep inner need not to be tied down. Clinging to your inner rebellious self prevents you from making progress in your career. Feeling that you are an outcast or outsider can prevent you from achieving as much as you’d like or receiving the recognition you think you deserve. A lifelong rebellion against your parents. Liking to live in an unconventional family environment. Inner restlessness may prevent you from reaching your career goals. At some point you could get accused of creating distance among family members. Estrangement from your relatives. Ostracized by your relatives, your clan or your tribe. Disowned. Inner rebellious tendencies may keep you bound to familiar people and places whom you know will accept you as you are. A deep emotional attachment to the strange and unusual. Willfulness bubbling up from the inside. Having grown up in an unstable household. Having moved a lot throughout your life. The fact that you can’t sit still or stay in one place for long hinders your ability to fulfill your goals and reach your potential. Having a rocky foundation.

Your parents were unpredictable, high strung and erratic. Your parents were rebellious and eccentric. Your parents might have had a kind of genius. One of your parents was emotionally, physically or psychologically removed from the rest of the family. One of your parents may have yearned to be free of home and family obligations. One of your parents may have left the family abruptly. There could be a family history of insanity or mental disorders. Your parents do crazy things. Having an unusual perspective on what a ‘normal’ family should be – how they look, how they’re related, where they come from, etc…

Your parents nurtured free-thinking and independence in you. You parents were emotionally supportive in unconventional ways. You grew up outside normal society. Your home life may not have been traditional, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. You have sudden memories of things that happened when you were a child. You have sudden insight into your ancestry. Your lineage is strange and unusual, and has abrupt stops and starts. You feel most comfortable when you know that you can pick up and leave at any time. Your inventiveness can help your career. Your comfort level with unusual people and situations can help your career. Your non-attachment to place can help your career.

Having an inner scientist. At home with technology. At home with astrology.  Feeling most comfortable living off the beaten track. Feeling most comfortable living off the grid. At home with people and places that aren’t ‘normal’. Unwillingness to put your inner nerd or weirdo on display for the rest of the world. Only revealing your inner inventor and genius to the people closest to you, generally in the privacy of your own home. Making your home a sanctuary for the strange and unusual. Making your home a meeting ground for progressives and liberals. Making your home a meeting place for inventive, scientific people. Feeling that you are part of a generation of people that doesn’t fit in.


  • Ouranos
  • Castrated by his son, Saturn
    • The drops of blood that fell to Mother Earth gave birth to the Erinnyes, the furies who avenge patricide and perjury
  • Fathered the Titans with Mother Earth
  • Fathered Saturn (and the other Titans) with Mother Earth
  • Fathered the Three Furies (Alecto, Tisiphone, and Megaera) with Mother Earth
  • Father of the nymphs of the ash tree, the Meliae
  • Husband of Gaia (Mother Earth)
  • Son of Gaia (Mother Earth)
  • Jupiter / Uranus make a conjunction every 13.81 years
  • Saturn / Uranus make a conjunction every 45.363 years
  • Uranus / Neptune make a conjunction every 171.403 years
  • Uranus / Pluto conjunction varies from every 126.95 to 170+ years
  • Breaking Out of a Mold
  • Coldness & Distance
  • Disorder
  • Erraticism
  • Disruption & Upset
  • Eccentricity & Genius
  • Experimentation
  • Futurism, Invention, and Flashes of Insight
  • Liberation & Independence
  • Rebellion & Anti-
  • Revolution & Uprising
  • Shock & Awakening
  • The Unexpected
  • Disrupter
  • Dissident
  • Genius
  • Innovator
  • Inventor
  • Liberator
  • Objector
  • Outcast
  • Rabble-rouser
  • Rebel
  • Un-stagnate
  • Breakthrough
  • Disruption
  • Discomfort
  • Excitement
  • Freedom
  • Instability
  • Liberation
  • Something shocking
  • Surprises
  • The Unexpected
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