Brainstorm: Venus in the 8th House Astrology

An evolving interpretation of 8th house Venus astrology. Read it for the transiting Venus, progressed Venus, solar arc Venus, or natal Venus in the 8th house.

hed superficial creativity. Shed superficial notions of beauty and art. Get deep into your creative processes. Residual royalties from creative endeavors. Go deep with what you love. Love the mysteries of life. Move beyond obvious portrayals of love and devotion. Move beyond obvious depictions of what love can look like. Transforming love. Transforming what it means to be loved and to be in love.

Transforming other people’s sense of beauty. Transforming other people’s appearances. Letting intimacy transform your notions of what is beautiful. Who do you really find attractive? What do you really love? Move beyond what the mainstream tell you to like. Move beyond who the mainstream tells you to love. Move beyond what the mainstream tells you to look like. For the love of research! The joy of delving deeply into something you love. Find something you love and let it kill you.

Finding love in the most traumatic of times. Falling in love with people who have been through a lot of traumas. Love is trauma. Love is transformation. Love is depth. Love is death. Being in love feels like dying. Loving you is killing me. Experiencing gender-based trauma. Experiencing trauma through relationship. Contracting a venereal disease. Having people take advantage of you for your sweetness, gentleness, or beauty.

Revive your love life. Restart your heart. Learn to love again. Learn to love life again. *Opens safety deposit box* Oh, look! There’s my joy! Unlock your love. Having true love means being vulnerable. Resurrect your joy. Finding reciprocal love. Don’t give your heart away for nothing. What is your love worth? What do you deserve in return for loving someone? Where’s the reciprocity relationships? Do people respect your deep heart? Do they respect your beauty? Don’t cast pearls before swine. Don’t let people wipe their muddy feet all over your heart. My heart is not your doormat.

Finding beauty in decay. Finding beauty in what’s fading. There’s beauty in low light. Don’t waste your beauty on low-lifes. Find beauty in transformation. Pygmalion. Evolving beauty. Being capable of transforming your look. Capable of transforming your art. Do you have to be the same? Always? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your look. It’s okay to say you’ve moved beyond “Goth.” You can merge styles. You can shed notions of beauty over and over again. Shed your artistic style. Don’t get stuck in one style. Shed artificial aesthetics. Shed superficial ideas of “pretty.” Does art have to be pretty? How pretty do you need to be to be transformed through love? Transform into your most beautiful self through giving deeply to someone else.

Be private with your love life. You don’t need to spill the details of your life to gossipy friends (8H square 11H). Love psychologist. Sex therapist. Relationship therapist. Art therapy. Creativity is therapeutic. Transformation through love. Your beauty attracts financial backers. Your art attracts financial backers. Financial support. Finding a partner with money. Paying for companionship. Trophy wife. Trophy husband. Trophy partner. Love will tear us apart. Never tear us apart. Transforming other people’s artwork. Artistic support. Artistic agent. Talent scout. Patron of the Arts. Arts scholarships. You inherit a legacy of beauty. You leave a legacy of charm. Your charms attract unwanted attention. Women get jealous of you. Trust issues with women.

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Venus Astrology Keywords

  • Love & Flirting
  • Charm & Romance
  • Relationship Commitment
  • Values
  • Wealth & Assets
  • Self-Worth
  • Style & Aesthetic
  • Arts Appreciation
  • Beauty & Good Looks

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8th House Astrology Keywords

  • Sex, Intimacy, and Deep Sharing
  • Death & Funerary
  • Financial Support & Insurance
  • Legacies, Inheritances, & Trusts
  • Your Partner’s Assets & the Results of Marriage
  • Debts, Credits, & Taxes
  • The Occult & Taboo
  • Privacy
  • Psychology & Psychological Assets
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