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Gemini Midheaven Issues in Astrology

Pros and cons of having the zodiac sign Gemini on your Midheaven

Too Many Interests

  • Don’t know how to narrow down and focus on one
  • Feel upset when thinking about pursuing one goal to the exclusion of all the others
  • Afraid that one career won’t satisfy all interests
  • Afraid of pursuing the wrong interest
  • Afraid that the wrong interest will lead down the wrong path
  • Don’t take the time to visualize your ultimate goal
  • Don’t want to spend years pursuing a goal that ultimately brings no satisfaction
  • Fear perpetuates a state of flux
  • Build up each interest a little at a time instead of choosing one and building it as high as it will go
  • Scattered energy prevents achieving anything worthwhile
  • Constantly changing career goals

Possible Solutions

  • Narrow down the career path
  • Separate interests that will always be hobbies from interests that have career potential
  • Pick one interest to pursue and stick to it
  • Ask: What is your ultimate goal and how do you get there?
  • Visualize the end result
  • Assess current skills
  • More education- is it necessary?
  • Find someone who is doing what you want to do and ask them how they did it
  • Create a step by step guide to reach the ultimate goal- with a time frame
  • Set small, realistic goals along the way
  • Tap into Gemini energy and build a career network
  • Talk to everyone who is doing something vaguely similar to what you want to do
  • Stop doing everything except focusing on career objectives
  • Visualize a new kind of career that satisfies ALL of your interests
  • Consider that what you may ultimately end up doing may not even exist or be an option yet
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