Transiting Jupiter in Pisces Through the Houses in Astrology

Jupiter in Pisces dates 2021-2022

Phase 1

  • May 13, 2021: Jupiter enters Pisces
  • June 10, 2021: Jupiter turns retrograde at 2 Pisces
  • July 28, 2021: Jupiter reenters Aquarius
  • October 18, 2021: Jupiter turns direct at 22 Aquarius

Phase 2

  • December 29, 2021: Jupiter reenters Pisces
  • May 11, 2022: Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries
  • July 28, 2022: Jupiter turns retrograde at 8 Aries

Phase 3

  • October 29, 2022: Jupiter reenters Pisces
  • November 23, 2022: Jupiter turns direct at 28 Pisces
  • December 20, 2022: Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries

The actual amount of time Jupiter spends in Pisces is about nine months.

Jupiter in Pisces in the 1st House

Wear the full depth of emotional expression. Express, through your appearance, the feeling of sinking into a deep pit of water. I am the cenote. Descend into life. Spread poetry like a tributary. Take that foot and stick it out the door. The depth of feeling is on your face. Spiritual expansion is in your face. Spread the music. Actively seeking a spiritual path to take. Taking initiative to be helpful. Putting yourself forward as a kind and helpful person. Presenting yourself as a victim. Presenting yourself as a poet. Presenting yourself as a musician. Deep empathy as an approach to life. Cultural compassion as a approach to life. Compassion at the outset. Expanded depth of emotion, you wash over everyone you meet. Your dreams play out in front of your face. Put on your best melty face. Is your self-control lying helpless on the floor? Rescue me. Don’t get too big for your britches. Overwhelmed at facing the world. Be a shoulder to cry on. Meaningfully sensitive approach. Your clothes are drenched. Your hair is soaking wet. Pour your emotions into creating a new persona for yourself. How has your approach to life changed? Show the depth of your feelings. Live your life as if it were an epic fantasy. Expand your viewpoint. When you walk through the room, let the sea of people part to make way for you.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 1st House: Amanda Bynes, Kimberly Hefner, Judith Krantz, Bob Mackie, Demi Moore

Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd House

Your wallet swells. Basic expenses swell. Do your finances need a bailout? Are you drowning in bills? Bills are expanding. Overwhelming spending. Open your wallet to people in need. Donate to your favorite charities. If your purse swells, share the overflow with others. Getting more in touch with the spiritual meaning of possessions. Giving up your possessions. Spending with cultural compassion. Seeking to be free of material constraints. Finances are a mess. Making money from deep sea diving. Making money from fishing. Making money from music. Big music opportunities. Meaningful and emotional purchases. Holes in your pockets. Deep pockets. Make meaningful purchases. Going deep to find money. Hitting oil. Money through water. Holding water. Hoarding water. Sharing water. The value of water. Expand your view on how you earn your money and what you spend it on. Make room for giving.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 2nd House: Gabriel Byrne, Mary Cassatt, Germaine Greer

Jupiter in Pisces in the 3rd House

Is your voice filled with emotion? Are day-to-day conversations taking on a new depth of meaning? Is everyone you know on the verge of crying? Are there no words left, all you can do is sing? Maybe it’s time to take a singing class? Maybe it’s time to write a song. Maybe it’s time to write an epic fantasy story. What epic fantasy to you think about? Float above the negativity. Be bigger than the people who want to drag the conversation down. Be bigger than the haters and the naysayers. Be nicer. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Overwhelmingly emotional conversations. School is underwater. Taking a scuba class. The school collapses. School is a mess. Meaningful and sensitive conversations. Learning to swim. Learning to fish. Crying about your siblings. Crying about school. Pour your emotions into daily conversations. Your emotions are overwhelming your daily conversations. Your neighborhood is a mess, what are you going to do about it? Flooding the conversation. Talking about cultural compassion. Soul-searching conversations. Expand your view on what a conversation should be like and who you can talk to.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 3rd House: Jerry Falwell Jr., Stefano Gabbana, Michael Bez

Jupiter in Pisces in the 4th House

Beware of your house flooding. Will your basement flood? How is your emotional foundation? Are you full of feelings? Is the world that was once familiar to you filled with overwhelming emotion? Take an emotional voyage. Sail away on a cruise. Float on. If you ever wanted to live on a houseboat, this could be the optimal time to purchase one. Overwhelming emotional situations with family members. The house is a mess. Your house collapses. Does it make sense to live near the ocean? Meaningful and sensitive times with your family. Growing your own fish. Sitting at home, crying.  Crying about your living situation. Crying about your parents. Pour your emotions into improving your home life. Pour your feelings into redecorating your home. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Where do you dream about living? What is your dream home like? Sunken living room. In-ground pool. If you live in a basement, probably best to try to move up to higher ground. No better time to get a penthouse. Getting an aquarium. Drilling a well on your property. Expand your relationship with your family. Searching for a place to live where your soul feels at home. Expand your view on who and what you can call “home.”

  • Jupiter in Pisces 4th House: Joan Cusack, Tracy Austin, Sonia Braga,

Jupiter in Pisces in the 5th House

Have compassion for your creative life. Put feeling into your art. Give to children. Expand your heart and your self-expression. Drinking isn’t the only way to have fun. Drugs are not the only way to have fun. Don’t overdo it on the parties. If you can’t control yourself, maybe it’s best not to go. Turn the volume up. Let the music play. Rescue joy. Overwhelming emotional situations with children. The party scene collapses. Escape on holiday. Meaningful and sensitive experiences with children. Overwhelmed by kids’ concerns. Deeply meaningful, joyful experiences. The kids won’t stop crying. Taking up fishing as a hobby. Getting deep into music. Listening to sad songs. Expanding your musical expression. Musical theater outreach. Crying at da club. It’s raining on the turntable. Sports get rained out. Crying during practice. The soccer field is soaked. Pour your feelings into the game. Pour your emotions into your art. Pour your emotions into your music. Find outlets for emotional self-expression. Where is your dream vacation? What would your dream date be like? Fun should be deeply touching and meaningful. Your sport is a mess, what are you going to do about it? The kids have low morale. Broken soul jamboree. Soul searching party. Expand your view on what fun is and what brings you joy. Make room for fun.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 5th House: Hans Albers, Louis Braille, Sigmund Freud

Jupiter in Pisces in the 6th House

Should you adopt aaalll the animals. Probably not. How sick is sick? Are you thinking about giving up your daily routine? Giving in? Should you work on a ship? Is your job a sinking ship? Is it time lift the white flag and surrender? How you can help. Volunteer compassionate service. Rescue someone or something. Overwhelming emotional situations with coworkers. Who is your shoulder to cry on at work? Starting a charity drive at work. The office collapses. The work environment is a mess. Deeply meaningful and compassionate experiences of service. Crying at work. What is your dream job? What pet have you always fantasized about having? Have you ever fantasized about volunteering for anything? If you were a superhero by night, what would your day job be? Working at the aquarium. Getting a job at the new age bookstore. The philosophical bartender.  Deep sea diver. Water tourism. Fishing guide. Using your musical knowledge to get a job. Musical curator. Work has no limits. There are no boundaries at work. There are no boundaries between work life and health. Your coworkers are suffering from low morale. Searching ways to help that feel in touch with your soul. Expand your view on what “work” means.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 6th House: Crystal Gayle, Coretta Scott King, Anais Nin, Sidney Poitier

Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th House

Sleep deeply with your partner. Have compassion for your partner. Treat your partner with kindness. Put yourself in their shoes – they are pretty big shoes to fill right now. Is your partner wallowing? Is your partner drowning in alcohol and drugs? Is your partner missing from life in a big way? Drowning in your partner’s tears. Rescue your partner. Overwhelming emotional situations with clients. Overwhelming emotional situations with your partner. Finding help for your partner. Overwhelmed by your partner. Marrying a musician. Musical opportunities with a partner. Deeply meaningful and sensitive one-on-one experiences. Crying over your marriage. Your partner is suffering from low morale. The bride is all wet. The groom is a mess. Have you ever fantasized about finding the ‘one’ and getting married? Who is your ‘dream’ client? How can you expand your client base? How can expanding your spiritual outlook increase your client work? How can expanding your spiritual outlook improve your chances of finding a meaningful relationship? Get a broader perspective on your partner. Open yourself up to others. Expand your relationship with your partner.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 7th House: Joan Quigley Steve Wozniak Louisa May Alcott

Jupiter in Pisces in the 8th House

Plunge into an inner dreaming journey. Be careful that you don’t let your debt get out of control. Be careful of drowning in debt. Watch out for a flood of creditors coming to your door. Now is the time to check on your flood insurance. Has your boat insurance expired? Overwhelming emotional situations with intimate partners. Seeking leniency from your bank. Seeking help with your debt. Overwhelmed by deep feelings. Overwhelmed by gut reaction. Overwhelmed by grief. Deeply meaningful and sensitive experiences of dying and death. Have you ever fantasized about occult knowledge? Is it time to find a teacher or mentor who can expand your occult knowledge? Do you fantasize about discovering a dusty old book filled with deep occult and spiritual knowledge? Maybe it’s best to stay behind the scenes and immerse yourself in emotionally satisfying studies. Emotional investments. Psychic sensitivity. Overly sensitive to other people’s stuff.  Empathy therapy. Your emotional boundaries are weak. Picking up on too much ‘stuff.’ Investing in water. Open yourself up to what you feel but cannot see. Make room for receiving. Wide receiver. Make room for mystery.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 8th House: Ingrid Bergman, Richard Branson, Rosalind Cash

Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th House

Sleep deep so you can grow. Bon voyage. Enjoy your trip. Can you rescue the whole world? Are you drowning in the world’s sorrows? Giving to the world. World charities. World help. World rescue operations. A philosophy of world compassion. World boat records. Fantasy Island. College is underwater. The dorm is flooded. Maybe it’s time to study the ocean. Marine studies. A big fishing trip. Entering seminary school. Having a deeply religious experience. Growing deeper in your faith. Deeper emotional connection to a philosophy or school of thought. Studying philanthropy. Your existing worldview collapses. Water as a metaphor. Understanding water. The world is a mess, what are you going to do about it? Historical water issues. The history of water. Water studies. Drilling for water around the world. Studies in cultural compassion. Soul searching missions. Modern man in search of a soul. Gain a broader cultural perspective. Make room for adventure. Make room to expand your mind. Divine inspiration.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 9th House: Fairuza Balk, Gotham Chopra, Max Ernst, Marvin Gaye, Balthazar Getty

Jupiter in Pisces in the 10th House

Is it time to say goodbye to your illustrious career? Maybe. Don’t step into a sinkhole on your way to the top. Are you floating on your reputation? Are you ready to expand your reach? Is your reputation about to global? It’s soggy at the top. The top of the bottom. The bottom of the top. Gaining a deeper emotional connection to the spiritual component of your vocation. Yearning to blend a spiritual mission with your career. Yearning for a more overtly spiritual career path. Your career collapses. Deeply meaningful and compassionate experiences, in the public eye. Crying in public. Fantasizing about a spiritual career. Deciding to become spiritual guru as a career choice. Choosing to boost your professional status through religious or spiritual ambitions. Spiritual ambitions. Networking with people in high places. There are no boundaries between your private life and your professional life. Your professional life is taking over. Overwhelmed by professional obligations. You’re thrust into the spotlight amidst low morale. Searching your soul for a higher calling. Make room for inspiration.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 10th House: Margaret Atwood, Drew Barrymore, Harry Belafonte, Diana Rigg

Jupiter in Pisces in the 11th House

Be careful of disappearing into the crowd. Don’t let your group swallow you whole. Who are you surrounded by? Criers? Pouters? People with deep spirituality? Are you floating above the crowd as if you were in a spiritual mosh pit? Float above the fray. You know when you go to a concert or party or festival and then it rains and everyone is now slogging through a big muddy pit? Yeah, like that. Let’s all sink together. Abandon ship. Pushing for your organization to be more compassionate. Starting a charity drive within your organization. The organization collapses. Crying at the Meetup. Expanding the boundaries of your group or organization. The team gets bigger.  The team has no structure. The group is in chaos. The team is suffering from low morale. Search party. Healing the soul of the group. Healing the soul of the collective. Make room for the downtrodden. Make room for inspired long term goals shared with others. Feel inspired by shared ideals. Feel moved to make progress. The modern soul in search of a cause.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 11th House: Dave Gahan, Ali Macgraw, Christina Onassis, Ray Stark

Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th House

Where are you? Is there anybody in there? Please don’t wander so far out that we can’t find you again. The weight of disappearing. Finding meaning by going off into the woods. Seeking a spiritual release. Escaping by water. Lost. The spiritual gates have flooded. Deep spiritual retreat. Becoming a nun. Becoming a monk. Having a deeply spiritual experience. A deep, long, time-out. Respite. Relaxation. Floating out to sea. Letting go of it all. Collapsing into the sea. Crying about things you have no control over. Feeling buoyed by something beyond. Spiritual support. Supernatural fantasies take over. How can you expand your knowledge of the unknown? How can you expand your spiritual knowledge? How can you expand your understanding of compassion. Be careful about overexpansion. Don’t open yourself to low spirits. Hiding low morale. Finding a spiritual mission. Spiritual dreams. Wet dreams. Curating a museum. Ghost hunting. Soul searching. Big game hunting. Into the wild. You’re not from around here, are you? Make room for saints and angels.

  • Jupiter in Pisces 12th House: Penelope Cruz, Amy Fisher, Amber Frey, Bobcat Goldthwait, Bindi Irwin

Jupiter Astrology

  • Open
  • Understanding
  • Faith & Belief
  • Optimistic
  • Foolish
  • Philanthropic
  • Fanatical
  • Expansive
  • Generous

Pisces Astrology

  • Imaginative
  • Poetic & artistic
  • Psychic & sensitive
  • Slippery & escapist
  • Ethereal & elusive
  • Spiritual & mystic
  • Kind
  • Vast
  • Chaotic
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