Solar Return Birthday Astrology Report


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The Solar Return Report gives you a forecast for one year of life, from one birthday until the next.

Your Solar Return occurs every year around your birthday when the transiting Sun returns to the exact degree it occupied at the moment you were born. Discover what’s in store for your personal year ahead!

This report includes

  • Natal chart
  • Solar Return chart
  • Natal / Solar Return bi-wheel chart
  • Solar Return report
  • Hemispheric and quadrant emphasis
  • The Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water
  • Planets in houses
  • Aspects
  • 10 degree orb
  • Usually 50-60 pages

*Some years your Solar Return will be on a different day than your actual birthday because the Sun moves at a slightly different speed from day to day.

*This report does not compare the Solar Return chart with the natal chart

Your report will be delivered to you by email within 24 hours of receiving your birth data and payment. You will fill in your birth data at checkout.

27 reviews for Solar Return Birthday Astrology Report

Ashley (verified owner)

5 stars

Gabriella (verified owner)

Fast,precise, easy to access,clear, good quality.


Hi Christina,

I appreciate your feedback! I added a 3rd chart to the report. It is a bi-wheel showing the natal chart with the Solar Return aspects around the outside.

Christina (verified owner)

Very informative, the charts design was good, enjoyed reading report.

It would be good to include transits in the actual chart given on the outside if possible.

Karen (verified owner)

The in-depth reading provided a lot of helpful information and insight I didn’t have before.

Lorraine (verified owner)

I liked the detailed explanations. Everything was done quickly, smoothly and with a friendly personal touch.

Deborah (verified owner)

It is very detailed and informative. I had purchased a Solar Return Report last year. I purchased this year, as well, and was amazing how I saw the progression from last year’s report to this one.

Juanita (verified owner)

Very informative, detailed and, wonderful service. Always happy to re-purchase each year.

Mariette (verified owner)

Many thanks! Fascinating reading with so many things I can relate to. I’m also very grateful for the timely warnings, things I knew I must attend to, but with no hurry to do so. These have now taken on a greater urgency.

I’m very curious to see how the year pans out as some things seem to be going in my direction. I have for several years now become increasingly aware of my thoughts and evaluated emotions, knowing these influenced my actions and determined the path I took. I find the psychology involved very interesting.

Easy to order whichever chart is wanted, required information is easy to add. Delivery is superfast! The introductory information is very helpful to get an overall picture. Chart and delineation is very well set out, easy to understand, relevant, easy to relate to and often spot-on.

Many thanks! Would highly recommend to everyone!

Valerie (verified owner)

My solar return chart report was extremely informative and in-depth. It definitely wasn’t a repeat of anything I could have found anywhere else online. I appreciate the effort that was undertaken to create reports that apply to each individual and still come across as valid and specific. It also offered me a lot of insight that I hadn’t considered as a layperson interested in astrology. I also felt that the interpretations were explained well and the logic used to arrive at them made sense to me and would make sense to most people with some astrology knowledge.

Patti (verified owner)

This is a great astrology report to help guide you from birthday to birthday – it gives easy to understand explanations of what the year has in store for us and how to best navigate through the good and not so good – I highly recommend this report!

Susan (verified owner)

I’ve just been reading last year’s solar return again and it’s fascinating how accurate it’s been!

Alicia (verified owner)

I liked a lot the solar return report. It has very detailed information of each one of the planets and aspects in the solar return chart, I highly recommend it, it gives the theme of the year following the birthday and I found it very useful.

Ryann (verified owner)

I actually purchased two Solar Return Reports for my current SR year to study the differences between Whole Sign Houses and Placidus because I found that my SR chart had many differences between the two. This was so helpful in my study and I was able to see a clearer view of the year ahead.


In depth and illuminating! Really excited for they year to come!


I loved the report, it’s very informative and detailed. Makes a good self gift for a birthday and helps to prepare the year to come. Thank you AstroFix !

Susan (verified owner)

This is a fantastic report and very accurate!

karen (verified owner)

I bought this gif my birthday last year and I’ve done it again for this report which is so useful to read throughout the year, it gives you the themes to be aware of. I love this report ❤️ Thanks so much xxx


The report is full of information which I continue to mull over. It promises to be something interesting to consult and utilize over the next year. Michelle is knowledgeable and enjoyable. She was diligent about answering all my questions. I thoroughly recommend Michelle and her astrological expertise.


Well done. I am very happy with it.. Gives me the confidence to go further on the path that I have chosen. Thank You


I was looking forward to seeing how this report would come out as I’ve never seen one done with midpoints and harmonics. I was not disappointed at all! I’ve never thought about a few of the themes and loved reading about them. I’ve gotten a lot of corroboration for things I’ve been thinking of doing and haven’t acted on. Some themes I was aware of, but the way they were explained was very interesting to me. I also saw some themes repeating in other descriptions and this reinforcement was very powerful. This has helped me a lot.


This was insightful. I didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this apart from a chart interpretation but I like that it gives the logic behind the calculations and an overview of the “filtering” process to curate the list of interpreted aspects. I’m a novice in this at best but was very happy that this report was clear enough for me to follow along. Also the chart is so cute! (Functional beauty is my jam. Thank you, Michelle. I never had a “name” for that inclination until now. lol)

Karin (verified owner)

As an astrology student (even giving readings) for nearly 10 years I am surprised how much I learn from the Soar Return report. Above my expectations, surprised that it contains not only interpretations but also lots of astrological techniques. Very happy & pleased.


As an astrologist myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the report..lots of interesting information, thank you

Natalia (verified owner)

Very informative. To my personal taste, the theory part could be cut down a bit


You include a lot of valuable information in your reports! Thank you. I would love a more personal report, perhaps delivered via a Skype session or Facebook Video Chat or Face Time. I am particularly interested in Chiron since that ‘key’ planet is in my 12th house. Do you you this type of face to face report? If so what do you charge?

michael (verified owner)

I thought my report was fairly good with lots of explanatory information provided and it arrived very quickly. However, it was a bit formulaic, and I would much prefer one of your brainstorm readings that are free-flowing (need to save up for that). I realise these reports/ readings are quite cheap for the US population, but in Australia the US dollar conversion makes all Astrofix pricing not so cheap. For instance, my US $15 solar return report converts to AUD $20.57 through PayPal. That’s not a big deal for smaller reports, but the gap worsens for more expensive reports/ readings. Also, I am not keen on the fact that only Ptolemaic aspects are used. I have some very tight inconjunctions forming a Yod in my chart, a configuration which I think is under-rated in importance by a lot of astrologers.

Julia (verified owner)

excellent report.
Very in depth.
The best report I’ve had.
I can see already that I have already set in motion some of the things that are not yet happening.
It’s the most amazing realisation that the opportunities that we seek are actually coming down the chute..
Many many thanks

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