Flower Essence & Gem Stone Astrology Report

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Sometimes reading about your chart isn’t enough. Flower essences are vibrational remedies that restore energetic and emotional balance. This report will suggest flower essences that will work with your personal astrology.

This beautifully written report analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools which can improve health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Flower essences, gems, music, aroma therapy and color therapy are among the healing tools that are mentioned in the report.


4 reviews for Flower Essence & Gem Stone Astrology Report

This report is so unique! I love astrology, crystals and the magical power of flowers. The suggestions for specific flower essences and gemstones to help navigate aspects of the natal chart is right up my alley. Thank you!

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I have been intensely studying flower essences and connecting to Nature especially through the elements. Astrofix came exactly when I needed it to offer this report of the essences and elixirs impacting my natal chart aspects. I am going to use the suggestions as my natal aspects are being impacted directly with the sky’s movements. I need to get more honest about my natal chart to grow. I am open to reading/utilizing more of Michelle’s knowledge and experience in the future. I want to keep connected. I think we already are resonating as this offering appeared for me when I needed it. Thank you, Michelle.

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LOVE this report Michelle – thanks so much!! xx

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Very helpful information was delivered on time, thankyou.