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e can talk about your natal chart, birthday, Saturn return, relocation, career, home, business, personal growth, or whatever you like.

Readings are a conversation between us, and you can ask questions at any point. I’m not a counselor or a therapist, just an astrologer you can talk to.

I’m a modern astrologer, and currently I do not use Day/Night charts or Hellenistic techniques.

We can talk via Zoom, Skype, or phone. Zoom readings receive an audio recording. All readings receive a PDF of my notes.

  • Add the reading to your chart. You will fill in the birth data form at checkout. I’ll contact you to work out the details.
  • Prices below are for one person. There is a fee to add someone else to the reading.
  • Contact me if you have questions!

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Reviews 7
More Info
Reviews 7

7 reviews for Astrology Readings

Diana (verified owner)

Michelle is awesome! Every reading I’ve had with her has been truly insightful and eye-opening. I’ve done a bit of everything: natal chart, synastry, progressions/transits, and of course, annual solar returns readings. Through her readings, I have been able to become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses, and also to address the challenges and seize the opportunities the planetary cycles naturally bring.

Erika (verified owner)

I think that your readings are eerily accurate Michelle, almost as if you’ve hacked my e-mail account, tapped my phones and set up listening devices around my house (sorry, that is the paranoid Saturn square Neptune talking)

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