Centaur Astrology Report: Chiron, Chariklo, Nessus, Pholus, Asbolus, and Hylonome


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Integrating Centaurs in astrological readings provides us with consciousness-oriented ceremonies and healing techniques to enhance our coping skills.

Centaurs included in this report:
  • Chiron
  • Chariklo
  • Nessus
  • Asbolus
  • Pholus
  • Hylonome

This report gives a generous 10 degree applying and separating orb to each Centaur aspect so you can determine if they have resonance in your life.

  • conjunction
  • Opposition
  • Trine
  • Square
  • Sextile
  • Quincunx

This report does not include interpretations by house.

**Please note: This report uses complicated language which may be difficult for some readers to understand. This report is recommended for advanced astrologers.

*Your report will be delivered to you by email within 24 hours of receiving your birth data and payment. You will fill in your birth data at checkout.

4 reviews for Centaur Astrology Report: Chiron, Chariklo, Nessus, Pholus, Asbolus, and Hylonome


Enlightening and with unique prose. Another great tool from AstroFix, Thanks Michelle


Really interesting and in-depth. Thank you.

Alex (verified owner)

Thank you I loved your report. It has an emmense amount of helpful information and has given me so much to work with. A really great report. Just one thing though, some of your metaphors bypassed me. I dont know whether that’s a cultural thing being british or I am just too thick to catch the stream! But great job. definately. worth buying. Thank you.

Lana Docker

The reports were very interesting overall – I was most impressed by the Galactic, Fixed Stars, Degree meanings and Year Ahead reports. The Astro Calendar file seems faulty – I can open it but it is illegible. I don’t have a romantic partner so it would be nice to have the option of choosing an alternative report. The best thing has been discovering Isidore Kozminsky – fascinating!

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