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Brainstorm: Sun / Chiron Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this article embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore the meaning of the Sun in aspect to Chiron in astrology. Entertaining read for new and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Chiron + Planets astrology eBook.

ou understand the pain of existence. Just being alive can be excruciating. You have no allegiance to any group, mindset, brand or corporation. You do your own thing – not out of rebellion, but because that’s just who you are. You are a maverick. You go your own way and make your own rules because the existing rules don’t fit. You discover who you are and who you want to be by recovering the missing pieces of yourself. You are intrinsically, fallibly human. You lead the life of a human being, which is the opposite of being a hero on a pedestal. Even as a mentor or teacher you have flaws. You are learning to accept and embrace your human experience completely. You are perfect in your imperfection. You exist outside of linear “time.” You exist in non-chronological time. Your self-unfolding has its own time schedule which may or may not fit in with your plans and what you think you want to do. You strive to see your life as a complete whole rather than as fragmented chunks. You are putting yourself back together. You are accepting and embracing your limitations. You are accepting and embracing your pain. You are striving for wholeness – retrieving and replacing missing parts of yourself. You are opening a door to the self. You are opening a door to a new way of being.

Sensitivity to what it means to be alive as a human being on this planet. Sensitivity to the human plight. Sensitivity to the plight of animals and all living creatures. Soul sensitivity. Discomfort with being the center of attention. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin – and needing to do something about it. Feeling that other people are uncomfortable when you are the center of attention. Trouble with feeling that you do not have a central purpose or reason for existing. Difficulty understanding what it is you are ‘supposed’ to be doing with your life, yet having an overwhelming sense that you are supposed to be doing something. Striving to heal the perception that you lack a purpose or point – and finding a unique path in the process. Creating your path as you go along. Discovering that you must create your path because it is yours alone and doesn’t fit an existing mold. The maverick’s path. The healer’s path. The astrologer’s path. The pain of being who you really are. Learning to accept yourself in totality rather than fragmenting off parts of yourself that are difficult to accept. Integrating all areas of your life into one complete whole. Inability to ignore experiences that have left you wounded or in pain. An overriding need to pay attention and find solutions to all that ails you – and helping other people in the process.

To sum it up, let us say that these people go through life forming two groups of people – those who like them, and those who don’t.
― Zane B. Stein, Essence and Application: A View from Chiron

Discontented with traditional healing methods. Finding that conventional solutions don’t work for you. Using yourself as a test subject. Self-experimentation. Needing to find out for yourself. Openness to alternative healing methods. Pain and wounding that takes you on a journey to self-discovery. Being on a never-ending treadmill trying to find a cure for your problems. Self-medicating. Self-prescribing. Self-diagnosis. Discovering new healing methods as you attempt to fix your own problems. Convincing yourself that there is something wrong with you. Running in circles trying to find solutions when the solution is to accept that you have flaws. Trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Don’t try to fix what ain’t broken. Getting deeper and deeper into new or obscure healing methods. Knowing when to stop searching for solutions and accept things as they are. The inner quest. A hero’s inner journey. The journey to wholeness. The quest for missing pieces.

Helping other people realize the very qualities you lack or that give you pain. You help other people grow what you cannot grow in yourself. Becoming a guide through a particular world of pain. Helping others heal what you cannot heal in yourself. Trouble integrating masculine, or yang, characteristics. Wounded relationships with dad or other significant men in your life. Identifying with the wounded masculine. Having deep sensitivity and compassion for your father. Understanding your father’s pain. Having a father who has been deeply wounded. Feeling that your father or other men in your life have caused you almost insurmountable pain. Trouble with feeling vital, expressive and creative. Problems with confidence until you fully address underlying issues. Your identity is bound up with the parts of yourself that need to be healed. You identify with people who have long-standing hurts and traumas. You identify with people who struggle with their identity and accepting themselves as they are. You identify with people who have trouble reconciling and integrating difficult aspects of their personality. You can become a teacher, guide, mentor or guru to others. You can become a healer. Self-realization requires that you integrate the fragmented pieces of your life. Healing yourself brings out radiant self-expression.

The key to healing is understanding who you are. The key to healing is building self-confidence. The key to healing is knowing your life has a purpose. The key to healing is finding that purpose. The key to healing is tapping into your creative self-expression. The key to healing is to get in touch with your destiny. The key to healing is bringing soul force to your life. You are creating a whole, inclusive sense of self that accepts of all aspects of who you are without conditions. By accepting yourself as you are you show other people how to accept themselves as they are.

  • Jerry Garcia, singer/musician, The Grateful Dead: Sun conjunct Chiron
  • Isaac Hayes, singer/musician, Shaft: Sun conjunct Chiron
  • Jacques Fath, fashion designer: Sun opposite Chiron
  • Jane Fonda, actress/activist, Grace and Frankie: Sun opposite Chiron
  • Judy Blume, author, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.: Sun trine Chiron
  • Bob Fosse, musical choreographer/director: Chiron sextile Sun
  • Albert Brooks, actor/comedian, Defending Your Life: Sun square Chiron
  • Asia Argento, actress, xXx: Sun quincunx Chiron
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson, author/transcendental philosopher, Self-Reliance: Sun quincunx Chiron
  • M.C. Escher, artist: Sun quincunx Chiron
  • Prince Charles: Sun decile Chiron
  • Giselle Bundchen, model: Sun quintile Chiron


  • Confidence
  • Conscious Self
  • Core
  • Creative Potential
  • Ego
  • Life Purpose
  • Personal Authority
  • Self-Expression
  • Vitality & Willpower
  • Authority Figure
  • Boss
  • Celebrity
  • Central figure
  • Go-to person / Point person
  • Hero
  • Key player
  • Powerful Person
  • Royal
  • Self-Confident Individual
  • Star
  • Be yourself
  • Bring something to light
  • Cultivate an identity
  • Develop better boundaries
  • Express who you are
  • Gain awareness
  • Gain confidence
  • Self-Confident Individual
  • Stand on your own
  • Work on your personal style

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this article embraces a loose brainstorm-style of writing to explore the meaning of the Sun in aspect to Chiron in astrology. Entertaining read for new and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Chiron + Planets astrology eBook . . .

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Chiron #2060

  • Cheiron
  • The Wounded Healer
  • Alternative medicine
  • Bridge
  • Chronic pain
  • Coping
  • Damage / Hit points
  • Guide
  • Healing & Wholeness
  • Healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body (from the Centaur Report
  • Injury
  • Key
  • Learning
  • Loophole
  • Maverick
  • Mentor / Teacher
  • Putting the 'Chiron' in chronic
  • Quest
  • Unsolvable problem
  • Wounded
Many of the Chiron keywords above generously supplied by Zane B. Stein, from his book, Essence and Application: A View From Chiron.
  • Centaur
  • Shot by his pupil, Heracles, with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the Hydra
  • He was shot in either the foot or the thigh
  • Spent the rest of his life trying to alleve the pain of the wound
  • He willingly gave up immortality to die and escape chronic pain
  • Associate of the Centaurs: Pholus, Nessus
  • Father of Euippe
  • Grandson of Uranus
  • Husband of Chariklo
  • Son of Saturn (Cronus, Chronos, Kronos)
  • Son of Philyra
  • Teacher of heroes ( Asclepius, Aristaeus, Actaeon, Achilles, Jason, Medus) Source
  • Victim of the Hydra. The arrow that hit Chiron was poisoned with the Hydra's blood (each time you cut one of the Hydra's heads off, two new heads grow).
Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years.

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