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moon-neptune-aspectsComfortable being a martyr. Comfortable with selflessness. Comfortably numb. Delusional feelings. Delusional hunches. Wanting to escape. Emotionally elusive. Self-pity. Refined emotions. Refined sensitivity. Emotionally delicate. Emotionally confused. Compassionate feelings. Artistic sensitivity. Imaginary emotions. Feeling comfortable with lies. Compassion for your mother. Feeling like a victim. Fluctuating imagination. Inconsistent imagination. Inconsistent compassion. Feeling comfortable in the world of imagination. Feeling comfortable dropping out. Feeling comfortable with sensitive people. Comfortable being around people you feel sorry for. Living in fantasy world. Overly idealistic longings.

Lack of emotional boundaries. Merging with other people emotionally. Merging with your mother. Absorbing too much of your mother’s emotional states. Merging spiritually. Taking on other people’s feelings. Inability to discern where your feelings stop and another person’s emotions start. Emotional sponge. Emotional sensitivity overload.

Overly sensitive to the emotional environment. Letting other people’s moods seep into your emotions. Merging with your mother. Merging with the women in your life. Inability to cope with cold, hard reality. Unrealistic emotional expectations. Blurring emotional boundaries. Because your boundaries are blurry, you think everything relates to you or is about you. You blame yourself for circumstances that have nothing to do with you. You blame yourself for reactions in others that have nothing to do with you. You pick up on the emotions around you. You are psychically sensitive to the way other people are feeling. You are the first to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you OK? Is everything alright?” You desperately want to merge with something greater than yourself. Seeking to merge through drugs or alcohol use. Seeking to merge through spiritual practice.

Seeking to merge through music and film. Surrendering to cinema. Surrendering to music. Surrendering to dance. Watching movies makes you happy. You let go and escape through film. Photography makes you happy. Dance makes you happy. Having no responsibilities makes you happy. Spirituality makes you happy. Music makes you happy. You let go when you play an instrument. You like dancing by yourself. Seclusion due to hypersensitivity. Retreat. Isolation, to avoid the abrasive outside world. Emotional disintegration. Emotionally diffuse. Confused habits.

Emotionally frazzled. Caring for the sick, weak or injured. Caring for people who are down on their luck. Charitable intentions. Empathy. Unselfish emotional expression. Seeing mom as a victim. Seeing mom as a martyr. Liking sensitive, refined, gentle women. Liking spiritually-inclined women. Liking women who are compassionate and empathetic. Interested in psychic phenomena. Having psychic intuition. Having a psychic connection to your mother. Chaotic, undefined, difficult to grasp feelings. Vague feelings and hunches. Inability to pinpoint how you feel. Emotionally frail. Spreading your emotions thinly. No awareness of having a separate emotional life. An emotional life that is tangled up with the people around you. Inability to separate what you feel from what other people feel. Picking up the habits of the people around you. You need to be careful who you live with.

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  • jamie

    I have Venus/Moon/Neptune conjunct and also trine Jupiter /Chiron conjunct, and, can verify that most of what you stated is not true …at least….not for me. I have always detested movies from the 50’s on up to today. The ONLY films that I have ever seen that struck an etheric chord in my soul are those fairy tales produced in Russia in the early 60’s and 70’s. The American film industry , I have always felt, was nothing short of pornography. Salacious material with the intent to create voyeurism in the passive consumer; Reprehensible.

    Being a “martyr”…or being “comfortable” in that position is also repugnant to my nature simply because I AM a cosmic scapegoat. I am sure that we are all who we have become from prior lifetimes and that accumulated wealth ( or penury ) shapes our place in this tragically disturbed world of social engineering. We ARE “martyrs”/scapegoats not of our own will or desire but simply due to the fact that so many are struggling to evolve their consciousness. A lot of garbage is heaped upon those of us who are reflecting back to mankind his own spiritual poverty. I think it is nothing more than this.

    Being oversensitive is merely a response to living in a world with little to no sensitivity. I feel it is my personal responsibility to bring sensitivity to this world so that a balance can be struck. I am sure that it is a greater problem to be insensitive than “oversensitive”, yet, we see by the wording that being “oversensitive” is akin to being undesirable. When I was very young, my mother told me that I was “too sensitive”, yet, she could not see that she was too insensitive, therefore creating an environment for my little ‘scapegoat’ to flourish.;-)

    While I believe your interpretations to be the most profound I think it imperative that we do away with the branding and belittling of important spiritual aspects in our astrological interpretations. It might just propel us out the new ‘Dark Ages’.

    • Hi Jamie,

      What’s interesting is that two people I know who influenced this article both have the conjunction of the Moon and Neptune. Both are avid move fans … one actually works in the movie industry and was co-director of a major city film festival. Sensitivity to imagery can manifest in a variety of ways.

  • Carmela

    This is my Strongest aspect in my Chart. Moon in Taurus 6’degrees in 8th house exact orb Trine Neptune 6′!!

    • What is your experience of this aspect?

      • Carmela

        🙂 Strong Intuitive feelings. Clairvoyance about certain things and being Spot on. I bring apon Spiritual Grounding around me. In a earthy way.

  • Paul

    Is this aspect similar to Sun-Neptune?

    • There are similarities with the sun and moon both being luminaries aspected by Neptune. However, the Moon zymbolizes emotions while the Sun symbolizes the ego (among other concepts).

      • Paul

        So the sun represents yourself in the outside and the moon represents you in the inside?

  • very interesting to read. i’m more familiar, personally, with the sun-neptune aspects. i’m not sure which one is more inherent into your personality….

  • Wesley

    I have moon sextile neptune and in the seventh house. Sometimes, I think my emotions between other people is too much, even being a sextile. I think that`s the reason I do not like many people. rs

  • nick

    I have this for my moon persona chart. its my strongest aspect in that chart and I certainly feel it. sometimes my inner emotional private I swim in a ocean of emotions and Boundless imagination for the best and worst. *** or well in self-pity.

    Soothing music really relaxes the soul 😀

    • nick

      I forgot to add moon conjunct neptune.

      • Moon conjunct Neptune people are sensitive souls; I have many of them in my life!

  • unknxwn

    I have this aspect. Moon in virgo, neptune in Capricorn. These descriptions were spot on. I can isolate myself from people and I can deceive myself if I’m not careful. Also, I absorb people’s emotions and my environment has a huge effect on me. I hate these things about myself but its something I’ve learned to accept and another thing to work on and overcome.

  • Oracle

    These descriptions of Moon and Neptune are right on time for me. My Moon in Aquarius in my 9th House and Neptune in Sagittarius in my 6th House and my Moon squares Neptune. So living in a fantasy world, being loving and spiritually connected to my mother (she in a million years would not feel that way about me!) and dancing with myself and listening to music is all part of my personality all the way! Music is surpassing, peerless and meditative for me. It takes me to another world. I could live in isolation and it would not at all bother me. Perhaps I should move to Alaska since my experience with people has not been a good one. When you’re compassionate, sensitive, a sucker for a sob story; people take advantage of you and use you. Sociopaths look for people with this kind of personality so they can bombard on you.

    There are herbal remedies one with this personality trait can use for protection against such persons.

    My Venus in Scorpio CONJUNCT Neptune in Sagittarius and Moon in Aquarius SQUARE Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio CONJUNCT Neptune in Sagittarius. Whew!

    • There are herbal remedies one with this personality trait can use for protection against such persons.

      What are your suggestions?

  • Allan

    After reading all these responses I can see that Neptune plays out differently in each sign. I got Neptune in Capricorn and for the life of me I don’t give a damn about the social norm….I manged to get a free life unrestricted. I haven’t worked in 4 years cause I got a monthy income from doing a few trips to the hospital lol

    Moon in Virgo 12th trine Neptune in Capricorn 4th – Guess there in Mutual Reception and I have no problems sharing my world with the rest. I leave my front door unlocked and I live in Detroit. Like I care… I dont got a thing to be robbed for. There isn’t anything of that great of value to steal. Can’t seem to ever own anything… Whatever is on my back is what I carry. Like to pack light, supposely this isn’t too common for a Cancer such as myself.

    Neptune opposes my Sun and Mars…sextiles Pluto. I belive Moon/Pluto are the mentors or the ref towards my Sun/Neptune opposition…which they are in perfect opposition. I have done so many drugs… And I noticed alot of my friends have Neptune/Sun aspects. But I lived with a shaman for 6 years we did everything…roots, acid, mushrooms…DMT. Good shit Ive seen the white light lol TV I dont watch. Hate movies. Can’t focus on them at all they make no sense to me. LOVE to dance tho. Been to jail a few times, im the entertainment and dance for the guys lol and tell jokes.

    Im a fool. But I can make anybody feel good about themselves. Thats the gift I belive the trine gives me…The ability to just know how to make somebody happy. I can share my thoughts for hours on the phone and a conversation never gets boring. Cause I share so much of ME with others. Unlike some of these Scorpio Neptune peoples stories I read.

    I got 5 planets in Water 4 planets in Earth Im mud… All I do is absorb the world around me. Thanks for the wonderful read guys I enjoyed it. I don’t focus enough time on my Moon-Neptune connection as I should. Its fun to be psychic and deliuional at the same time lol

    • Thanks for reading, Allan.
      Moon in Virgo 12th and Neptune in Capricorn 4th are not actually in mutual reception, although Neptune is in Cancer’s natural house and the Moon is in Neptune’s natural house. It would have to be the Moon in Virgo and Mercury in Cancer, or Neptune in Capricorn and Saturn in Pisces to have mutual reception.

      Being a Cancer, do you feel attached to any particular place? Is Detroit a place that feels like “home?”

  • Mimi

    I have Pisces Moon in the 3rd house square Capricorn Neptune in the first conjunct the ascendant… A mess 🙂 

    • Are you more than a bit day dreamy?

      • Mimi

        Yes, I am very day dreamy, i can spend hours fantasizing about everything but at the end of the day i come back to reality :).. and i always feel other people emotions… plus i have sun conjunct pluto and they both sextile neptune and my ascendant 🙂 Very very dreamy 🙂 

  • Em

    My daughter has moon conjunct neptune in 2nd house Aquarius and my son has moon in 2nd house Libra trine Neptune in Aquarius. I wonder how that portrays me as a mother :).

  • Guyslash

    moon conjunct jupiter both in Sagi in the 5th H and both semisquare my neptune. I tend to exaggerated my  laugh and optimism

  • Gaylegarcia

    My aqua moon 9th house squares my scorpio neptune 5th house.
    My mother (Virgo) is crazy, abusive and very deceptive. Inspite of her neurosis and alchohol drug addiction, she mangaged to have a successful career.
    This aspect saved my life. I was able to excape the horrors of my childhood with wonderful daydreams.
    I also have my moon opposition uranus. Both of these aspects are clear indications of serious mother issues.

  • Arquetipouniversal

    Good explanation¡¡¡¡ TX¡

  • sergia braga

    Can you tell me about Moon Neptune conjunction in the 8th house? moon at the end of 7th…Nep, 2º sag, Moon 0º sag…thank you**

    • Hi neptunia, 

      I don’t interpret individual aspects on the blog. 

  • luiza

    wow. this post explain a lot my bad habbits.

    “Because your boundaries are blurry, you think everything relates to you
    or is about you. You blame yourself for circumstances that have nothing
    to do with you. You blame yourself for reactions in others that have
    nothing to do with you.”

    moon in libra square nep in cap.

    Always felt like that, and them my social life is very confusing. As I grow older I understand better, but I can’t escape to this feeling that when people don’t like me is MY fought. I’m so carefull about everything I say because I feel that it would affect others the same way that what pepole say affect me.

    Veery confusing, but still, love this aspect. I love the way music and art can make me feel and probably is because of it, so wouldn’t change to another

  • Dan Herman

    An astro friend turned me on this blog (and to Mars/Chiron which I have and is something else I am dealing with)  Something in common with Ebonystarr55!  I have Moon 28 Scorpio conjunct Neptuns 0 Sagittarius, 4th house, Scorpio cusp.  I am relating fully to this post as I’ve once played the victim role but no longer.  I do drink but seldom. No drugs.   I do merge with people. and am very creative with the art of music and film.  I am rather sensitive.  Sometime ago I learned about hands-on healing and I do this within a group…not a practice yet.  My grandparents were both Sun Scorpio/Sagittarius marriages.  Maybe a genetic thing passed to me when I was born.  I don’t know. Right now dealing with tough issue re my sensitivity to someone I blindly was compassionate to.  It potentially involvs my security here at home. I love to be alone…I hardly ever have people here.  I want to understand the higher and positive echelon of what this aspect brings.    

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dan.

    • Replying to me..ha.   Well, I should mention here that my 2 sets of grandparents were Sun Scorpio-Sagittarius marriages.  I have Moon in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius.  

      • It’s so fascinating the way that families can have repeating patterns like that. Did they have good marriages? I’m guessing that the Scorpios had planets in Sagittarius and that the Sagittarians had planets in Scorpio.

        • I only know from birth dates of the 4 grandparents. I never did biorhythms of them or even attempted rectification of a chart for them.  I’ll have to consult an ephemeris for that.     My dad’s the 3rd of 6 kids.. I imagine it was a good blue-collar, generally stressful but devoted marriage.  My mom’s father died of stomach cancer in his 30’s…the widow never remarried and even moved after his death….outlived him by about 36 years.   I believe their marriage was also good.   Now where did I put those birthdates? 

          • That’s something worth looking into. There may be an overall Scorpio/Sag theme in your family (though people in the same generation are likely to share certain planets in those signs – Neptune in Sagittarius or Pluto in Scorpio, for example).

  • amoureuse

    my friend has this…conjunct.. oh no…

    • Quite a few of the people in my life have this conjunction. I like them. Both of my parents have it.

      • amoureuse

        mich, i guess mabe the reason why i fell for this guy because i have this aspect too… omg… and also do u think uranus transiting my 12th house and saturn in 6th? or maybe pluto is in my 9th? i dont understand why old friends are ressurecting in my life right now. this guy is my former HS classmate… jeez… what is going on in my life… =(

        • What sign is on your 11th house cusp?

          • amoureuse

            its aquarius and pisces cusp but its mostly pisces. i got my moon in aquarius, 11th house. this guy is a pisces. his moon is conjunct my juno in sag. and then my moon and his venus is conjuct in aquarius. bot our mars are conjunct in libra….mich…pleas hel.. make me sane

            • I don’t know what to tell you. Sounds like too much drama.

              • amoureuse

                heheeheh too much drama between us? i have to say that we really get along together… we cud tell each others secrets and my past and his past is almost the same. we cud even read each other’s mind, lol.

  • Guest

    I am moon in capricorn sextile neptune in scorpio. The “music makes me happy” part is all me 🙂 I’m 4th house cappie and am extremely private. I cannot tolerate visitors that come unannounced.

  • Feeling comfortable in the world of imagination. Feeling comfortable dropping out. Feeling comfortable with sensitive people.Watching movies makes you happy. You let go and escape through film. Yes I’am a kind of escapist. I really don’t like harsh realitiy even I have strong pluto aspects… Thank you Michelle.. I have moon 135 degree neptune:)

  • Mert

    i have a sextile aspect of moon (pisces) and neptune(capricorn-> -omg unluckiest guy ever-..) (at least i have venus trine jupiter)
    is it good or bad?

    • I’m not much into “good”or “bad” associations, but Moon sextile Neptune shouldn’t give you too much trouble except for possibly being too nice sometimes and getting walked on, or finding it easy to infiltrate other people’s feelings.

  • “”You are the first to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you OK? Is everything alright?”” It’s true. I’m the First. I’m like a sort of sponge of others feelings.
    I have Moon Trine Neptune.

    • Yes, I’ll bet. I think there can be trouble knowing where the other person’s feelings end and where your begin.

  • dollsizedpistol

    Ughhh, my dad has a square. Self-pity. Not aware of other people’s feelings at all but feels really bad for himself all the time, cause we’re all so mean or something. (yes, my eyes are rolling)

    • That’s a possibility too – I can’t deny it.

  • I have a trine, orb 4 I guess, and I have the worst parts of this aspect. I live in a separate world and I hate responsabilities. I also have this tendency to act like people I was with when I spend much time with them. But, happilly, no problems with drugs and alcohol, I can even control myself when I get drunk. I have this wish to become nothing or to merge with and become the world itself. Or even the universe. I would feel better being a ghost or not having a body, I could observe and play with people without even being there. And I hate my emotional frailty and the way my rage makes me cry and also how I don’t feel good hurting people. The only one I can hurt is myself. Or maybe stuff, the harder the better.

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective LGH.

      • LowGH

        It’s pretty interesting rereading it after so much time.

  • midnight sun

    I have Virgo Moon trine Neptune. With music, I usually get lost. I can change my ideals or dreams according to the music I listen to or the movie I watch. I’m very effected by them, I’m really in them. As my Neptune is in 3rd house, I make up ideas and projects while I’m listening to music. And usually I forget the road I’ve taken so it’s dangerous for me to drive my own car. Sometimes I feel myself like in a movie. With my Sun and Mars also in aspect to Neptune, I think I’m created for another world not Earth:))

    • With my Sun and Mars also in aspect to Neptune, I think I’m created for another world not Earth:))
      Lol Thank you for reading midnight sun 😀

    • Bene

      I have a Virgo Moon/8th house trine neptune as well and this is very similar to my experiences…LOL. The only place I’m comfortable living in is my head. Reality bites when you have to deal with everyone’s energy. I love movies, books, and music because I can easily get lost in either of the three.

      • Reality bites
        It sure does sometimes…thanks for reading Bene 🙂

  • Boris_nervy

    everything here is very, very true (moon in libra square neptune)

    • Thank you for stopping by Boris.

  • Nuada

    I don’t think that’s necessarily Moon-Neptune in conjunction or Scorpio, just the Moon is enough to do that… I REALLY hate people coming in uninvited and very few of my friends know my department (Aries Moon in the Forth House)

    • The 4th house is a very private house, having your Moon there would definitely make you value your personal privacy.

      Thank you for reading Nuada 😀

  • The hard aspects have more opportunity to manifest as the negative descriptions because they are more difficult to work with. But, the easy aspects can manifest negatively if the energy isn't being used well. The sextile usually doesn't show up negatively though. The sextile generally gives you opportunities to use that energy to your advantage.

  • amoureuse

    i got moon in aquarius sextile neptune in sagitarius. i do dance alone and to me, music is therapeutic. what is the difference between positive and negative aspects in here?

  • gracehoper

    I guess you could say developing a phobia in response to criticism is somewhat sensitive, however. LOL

    • Joyrjw

      This is pretty amazing.
      I also have Moon in Virgo (3rd house conj. IC) square Neptune in Sagittarius (6th house).
      I also have had difficulty with driving.
      I’ve gotten my drivers permit at least 4 times in my 34 years
      and I’ve never even taken the drivers test. lol!
      I’m not going to give up on it though. 🙂
      As far as intelligence goes….
      I used to get called idiot alot.
      I tend to be spacey, especially when I’m anxious(which is alot), and I don’t mentally function well around
      other people.
      I also get spacey when I don’t eat frequently…. hypoglycemia… it may be stress induced though.
      My mental functioning has gotten better with age for some reason as well as my ambition… that comes and
      goes though.

      Oh, I also have Moon in Virgo Square Mercury in Scorpio (5th house)

      • Joyrjw

        Oh, btw, the description above, fits me pretty darn well. 🙂

      • I tend to be spacey, especially when I’m anxious</I.
        That seems like the perfect literal translation of Moon in Virgo square Neptune in Sagittarius.

        Is the Moon your chart ruler?

        • Anonymous

          Cool! 😀
          I said something right.

          No, my chart ruler is Mercury,but my Moon is in my 3rd house conjunct my IC
          and my Ascendant is Gemini 29’05.

          Now that I’ve figured out that I’m supposed to subscribe to the individual posts here*blush* I can say we’ve discussed this in another one of your wonderful article postings.

          We had come to the conclusion that my Moon is possibly the 2nd or 3rd strongest planet in my chart because it’s conjunct my IC.

          Please correct me if I’m mistaken 🙂

          Is there something more significant that I’m missing?

          • These old conversations need to catch up to the new ones!

            Is there something more significant that I’m missing?
            I don’t think so.

            • Joyrjw

              Eek! I didn’t mean to come across like that.
              I was just letting you know in case you forgot since you do have
              so many people you’re responding to.
              At times I can be TOO accomodating.

              and Cool to the “I don’t think so”

  • I wondered because you are obviously intelligent 🙂

  • gracehoper

    It's a very rare event when someone criticizes my intelligence. My first reaction to your question was actual laughter! And then I started to write that I couldn't remember the last time anyone had done so, but in the middle of writing that sentence, suddenly -pop- there was the memory: I was 16 and taking the driver's test. I had huge anxiety about driving. (Moon in 3rd square Neptune) I did perfectly on the written test of course, but I had some kind of mental block about using the actual car. After my 4th driving test, the DMV asked my mother (Moon) in front of me “is your son retarded?” I was humiliated! He didn't know the kinds of thoughts zooming through my brain at every second as I drove! I never drove again, and have never gotten a driver's license, living a car-free life.
    So I guess you could say yes! Hahaha. But generally, throughout my life, I haven't been criticized for my intelligence but lauded for it. Criticized for my lack of ambition, lack of discipline, lack of structure, but not my brain. 🙂

  • Do you experience sensitivity to criticism about your intelligence?

  • gracehoper

    Moon in Virgo in the 3rd square Neptune in Sagittarius on the 6th cusp. My 3rd house Moon creates entire worlds of ideas, and then the square to Neptune in the House of Illness promotes hallucinatory leaps unless I take my meds! lol.

  • It turns out that Disqus and CommentLuv are not compatible- yet 🙁

  • It turns out that Disqus and CommentLuv are not compatible- yet 🙁

  • You planted a seed! I've been on a Cure streak now. I'm building an eclipse playlist 😛

  • Nope, not working so far. Try deactivating the plugin and then activating it again.

  • + positive value: the aspect is larger than it would be, were it exact
    – negative value: the aspect is smaller than it would be, were it exact

    From They must be calculating from the nearest possible aspects the planets form.

    Those other aspects to your Moon change the Neptune flavor of it and add more complexity.

  • wg.

    Hi Michelle. It opposes Mercury (why does it say -6 if it's applying?), sextiles my retrograde Saturn, trines Uranus, trines Pluto and sextiles my retrograde Chiron. If the number in the little box where it shows the aspect is the orb, then the -6 is the larges orb with Pluto coming in at -5–all the rest are between -3 &1 degrees.

  • What other aspects does your Moon make?

  • wg.

    Doesn't seem like I can edit my comment? Anyway I just looked, the opposition is at -3, separating.

  • wg.

    Moon in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorp (8th). I would say I have to watch out for most of this except the drugs and the stuff about (my) mom isn't true for me.

  • My Mom has the conjunction. So does my Dad. And my boyfriend. And a couple friends.

    I love that album but I can't listen to it much- it's overwhelming.

  • Lol, Scorpio in the 4th is secretive- very private about private things.

    btw, is comment luv working? Did you notice? I don't see it.

  • My mom has Venus/Neptune in Libra widely conjoining her Scorpio moon (+Saturn). She's basically this entire list. Jeebus.

    Disintegration is my most/least favorite Cure album ever. I think it's one of the only albums by anyone that can make me cry 🙂

  • I only have a very wide Moon-trine-Neptune, but my IC is at 0 Scorpio. Very few people know where I sleep at night, and the internets certainly don't 😉

  • Lol…perfect! Thank you for reading Dizzy D 😀

  • DizzyD

    Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, 4th house.

    Psychic sensitivity. Live in a dreamworld. Creative imagination. Home is sanctuary; don't like people visiting at all! Must retreat there or feel ungrounded. Very private. Don't tell people where I live. All kinds of escape are welcome and necessary. Emotionally moved by art. Total immersion in art. Movies are a favorite. Spirituality very important. Meditation necessary for health. Empathy. Dance by myself. 🙂

  • Neptune in Scorpio is a powerful position, imo. I don't think it's a coincidence that so many people in that age group are delving into spiritual reemergence and renewal practices.

  • Lol, 😀

  • LB

    Yep that’s me. Artistic, compassionate, and emotionally/psychically sensitive to the point of being empathic and possibly a healer. Scorpio Neptune in the 2nd/3rd (conjunct Jupiter/Mercury) square Aquarius Moon in the 5th. When my mom was dying, but was unable to communicate, I knew what she needed because I experienced what she was feeling – it was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. Yep on the dancing, music connection too. Certain music inspires me and takes me to a spiritual place, as does dancing. For me it’s like praying.

  • Ebonystarr55

    LOL, I'm not quite that bad. But my home IS a very private sanctuary. I'm not fond of most people coming by uninvited. And yes, in many ways, I am pretty secretive about my private life. I usually know way more about people than they ever know about me. And I like it that way. lol

  • Are you secretive about your home and private life?

    I know someone with Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune (in Libra) in the 4th- she's almost paranoid about people knowing where she lives.

    • Susangaura41

      I have the moon merc mars neptune cj in scorpio 3rd, and I have translucent contact paper on the windows that face other buildings too closely, permanent drapes on the windows around the porch, tell the gardener to let the plants grow up past the windows for privacy, triple locks on all the doors and windows. I am that bad, haha

      • Michelle

        If you look at your chart using whole signs do any of those planets move into the 4th house?

        • Susan

          Sun transiting 4th house

          • That’s about a month long transit.

  • Ebonystarr55

    Thanks for this post. I have my moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in the 4th house. I can certainly relate to the parts that speak about wanting to escape, seclusion and isolation. Time alone is very important to me. Always has been.

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