Moon/Neptune Aspects


moon-neptune-aspectsComfortable being a martyr. Comfortable with selflessness. Comfortably numb. Delusional feelings. Delusional hunches. Wanting to escape. Emotionally elusive. Self-pity. Refined emotions. Refined sensitivity. Emotionally delicate. Emotionally confused. Compassionate feelings. Artistic sensitivity. Imaginary emotions. Feeling comfortable with lies. Compassion for your mother. Feeling like a victim. Fluctuating imagination. Inconsistent imagination. Inconsistent compassion. Feeling comfortable in the world of imagination. Feeling comfortable dropping out. Feeling comfortable with sensitive people. Comfortable being around people you feel sorry for. Living in fantasy world. Overly idealistic longings.

Lack of emotional boundaries. Merging with other people emotionally. Merging with your mother. Absorbing too much of your mother’s emotional states. Merging spiritually. Taking on other people’s feelings. Inability to discern where your feelings stop and another person’s emotions start. Emotional sponge. Emotional sensitivity overload.

Overly sensitive to the emotional environment. Letting other people’s moods seep into your emotions. Merging with your mother. Merging with the women in your life. Inability to cope with cold, hard reality. Unrealistic emotional expectations. Blurring emotional boundaries. Because your boundaries are blurry, you think everything relates to you or is about you. You blame yourself for circumstances that have nothing to do with you. You blame yourself for reactions in others that have nothing to do with you. You pick up on the emotions around you. You are psychically sensitive to the way other people are feeling. You are the first to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you OK? Is everything alright?” You desperately want to merge with something greater than yourself. Seeking to merge through drugs or alcohol use. Seeking to merge through spiritual practice.

Seeking to merge through music and film. Surrendering to cinema. Surrendering to music. Surrendering to dance. Watching movies makes you happy. You let go and escape through film. Photography makes you happy. Dance makes you happy. Having no responsibilities makes you happy. Spirituality makes you happy. Music makes you happy. You let go when you play an instrument. You like dancing by yourself. Seclusion due to hypersensitivity. Retreat. Isolation, to avoid the abrasive outside world. Emotional disintegration. Emotionally diffuse. Confused habits.

Emotionally frazzled. Caring for the sick, weak or injured. Caring for people who are down on their luck. Charitable intentions. Empathy. Unselfish emotional expression. Seeing mom as a victim. Seeing mom as a martyr. Liking sensitive, refined, gentle women. Liking spiritually-inclined women. Liking women who are compassionate and empathic. Interested in psychic phenomena. Having psychic intuition. Having a psychic connection to your mother. Chaotic, undefined, difficult to grasp feelings. Vague feelings and hunches. Inability to pinpoint how you feel. Emotionally frail. Spreading your emotions thinly. No awareness of having a separate emotional life. An emotional life that is tangled up with the people around you. Inability to separate what you feel from what other people feel. Picking up the habits of the people around you. You need to be careful who you live with.

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  • Shannon

    You planted a seed! I've been on a Cure streak now. I'm building an eclipse playlist 😛

  • Shannon

    Nope, not working so far. Try deactivating the plugin and then activating it again.

  • Michelle

    + positive value: the aspect is larger than it would be, were it exact
    – negative value: the aspect is smaller than it would be, were it exact

    From They must be calculating from the nearest possible aspects the planets form.

    Those other aspects to your Moon change the Neptune flavor of it and add more complexity.

  • wg.

    Hi Michelle. It opposes Mercury (why does it say -6 if it's applying?), sextiles my retrograde Saturn, trines Uranus, trines Pluto and sextiles my retrograde Chiron. If the number in the little box where it shows the aspect is the orb, then the -6 is the larges orb with Pluto coming in at -5–all the rest are between -3 &1 degrees.

  • Michelle

    What other aspects does your Moon make?

  • wg.

    Doesn't seem like I can edit my comment? Anyway I just looked, the opposition is at -3, separating.

  • wg.

    Moon in Taurus opposite Neptune in Scorp (8th). I would say I have to watch out for most of this except the drugs and the stuff about (my) mom isn't true for me.

  • Michelle

    My Mom has the conjunction. So does my Dad. And my boyfriend. And a couple friends.

    I love that album but I can't listen to it much- it's overwhelming.

  • Michelle

    Lol, Scorpio in the 4th is secretive- very private about private things.

    btw, is comment luv working? Did you notice? I don't see it.

  • Shannon

    My mom has Venus/Neptune in Libra widely conjoining her Scorpio moon (+Saturn). She's basically this entire list. Jeebus.

    Disintegration is my most/least favorite Cure album ever. I think it's one of the only albums by anyone that can make me cry :)

  • Shannon

    I only have a very wide Moon-trine-Neptune, but my IC is at 0 Scorpio. Very few people know where I sleep at night, and the internets certainly don't 😉

  • Michelle

    Lol…perfect! Thank you for reading Dizzy D 😀

  • DizzyD

    Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, 4th house.

    Psychic sensitivity. Live in a dreamworld. Creative imagination. Home is sanctuary; don't like people visiting at all! Must retreat there or feel ungrounded. Very private. Don't tell people where I live. All kinds of escape are welcome and necessary. Emotionally moved by art. Total immersion in art. Movies are a favorite. Spirituality very important. Meditation necessary for health. Empathy. Dance by myself. :-)

  • Michelle

    Neptune in Scorpio is a powerful position, imo. I don't think it's a coincidence that so many people in that age group are delving into spiritual reemergence and renewal practices.

  • Michelle

    Lol, 😀

  • LB

    Yep that’s me. Artistic, compassionate, and emotionally/psychically sensitive to the point of being empathic and possibly a healer. Scorpio Neptune in the 2nd/3rd (conjunct Jupiter/Mercury) square Aquarius Moon in the 5th. When my mom was dying, but was unable to communicate, I knew what she needed because I experienced what she was feeling – it was the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. Yep on the dancing, music connection too. Certain music inspires me and takes me to a spiritual place, as does dancing. For me it’s like praying.

  • Ebonystarr55

    LOL, I'm not quite that bad. But my home IS a very private sanctuary. I'm not fond of most people coming by uninvited. And yes, in many ways, I am pretty secretive about my private life. I usually know way more about people than they ever know about me. And I like it that way. lol

  • Michelle

    Are you secretive about your home and private life?

    I know someone with Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune (in Libra) in the 4th- she's almost paranoid about people knowing where she lives.

    • Susangaura41

      I have the moon merc mars neptune cj in scorpio 3rd, and I have translucent contact paper on the windows that face other buildings too closely, permanent drapes on the windows around the porch, tell the gardener to let the plants grow up past the windows for privacy, triple locks on all the doors and windows. I am that bad, haha

      • Michelle

        If you look at your chart using whole signs do any of those planets move into the 4th house?

        • Susan

          Sun transiting 4th house

          • Michelle

            That’s about a month long transit.

  • Ebonystarr55

    Thanks for this post. I have my moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in the 4th house. I can certainly relate to the parts that speak about wanting to escape, seclusion and isolation. Time alone is very important to me. Always has been.

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