Brainstorm: Mercury / Venus Astrology Aspects

Written in short, fragmented sentences, this post embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing
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weet talk. Sweet nothings. The language of seduction. Charmers. Craftiness. Talking about art and design. Talking about fashion and beauty. Artistic communication. Diplomacy. Tact. Graceful handwriting. Love of the written word. Love of books. Love of language. Harmonious relationships with siblings. Having a beautiful sibling. Having a popular or well-liked sibling. Becoming popular because of the way you communicate. Ability to blend information in a pleasing way. Ability to say what people want to hear. Schmoozers. Willingness to share information. Thinking about relationships. Having a nice way of putting things. Disliking arguing. A mind for fashion. A mind for design. A mind for art. A mind for beauty. Smooth talkers. Having a way with words. Having a soothing or pleasant voice. Loving to talk. Loving to read. Orators. A beautiful voice. A smooth voice. Words like honey. Soothing words. Words that are like music to your ears. Bibliophiles. Linguists. Talking your way into someone’s pants. A love of school. A love of learning. Lifelong students. Talking about personal values. Talking about the value of things. “Laid back…with my mind on my money and my money on mind.”

Flatterers. Sycophants. Creating beautiful things with your hands. Translating ideas and thoughts in a pleasing way. Having a pleasant way of communicating. The ability to convince people to cooperate and get along. The ability to talk to anyone. Diplomatic discussions. Negotiators. Social networking. Finding ways to partner up with people and form alliances. Elegant communication. Fair communication. Appreciating the beauty of language. Liking to stay busy. Liking to run around town doing errands. Refined communication. Delicate communication. Keeping an art journal. Keeping a fashion journal. Speaking out for peace and fairness. Lotharios. Casanovas. Giving people pet names. Calling people honey, sweetie, babe, sugar, love, etc… Knowing that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Public relations specialists. Relationship counselors. Writing about relationships. Writing about romance. Writing about fashion, art, beauty or design. Thinking about peace and harmony. Disliking strife. Pretty thoughts. Graceful movements. Dancers. Pleasing words. Flowery words and writing. Manipulative words. Loving to journal. Loving to have company and pleasant conversation. Loving to have places to be and things to do. A relaxed way of speaking. A gentle way of speaking. Loving thoughts. Love letters. Flirting, over the phone, or by text, email, Facebook or Twitter, etc… Liking beautiful pens, stationery, notebooks or journals. Perfumed letters. Being vocal when making love. Liking to talk during sex. Liking to woo your lover with words. Having love on the brain. Always having others in your thoughts. Awareness of how your communication affects other people.

Mercury Astrology

  • Communication
  • Linking & Connecting Information
  • Speech & Hearing
  • Commerce
  • Traveling (even between worlds)
  • Trickster
  • Learning
  • Language & Symbols
  • Siblings

Venus Astrology

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Values
  • Desire
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Beauty
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