Quintile and Biquintile Quirks


quintilesWhat if quintiles and biquintiles show personality quirks in the best sense – traits and behaviors that you can “get away with” and that other people cannot?

While other people may struggle with the square or flounder in the trine you, with your neat little quintile, totally get away with that same behavior – it works for you.

Not only do people let you get away with the behavior shown by your quintiles and biquintiles, but they often like you better for it.

Behaviors and habits that would ordinarily drive your friends and family crazy in someone else become charming personality quirks in you. People are unusually willing to tolerate these idiosyncrasies in your personality though they wouldn’t do the same for the person next to you.

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  • No1

    Can you please tell me what Uranus in Aquarius Quintile Pluto in Sag mean?

  • Hi Korina,

    Do you feel you are not being taken seriously? If so, I would take other aspects to Mercury into account, not just the biquintile to the Moon.

    • Korina

      Thank you for your response! 🙂

      (Oops! I forgot about Virgo Mars Quintile Scorpio Venus; Virgo Mars BiQuntile Capricorn Uranus)

      I’ve noticed that I have quite a few different aspects to Mercury in my chart which I find might’ve helped elaborate on that. Thank you for your guidance. 🙂

      With my “Taurus Lilith BiQuintile Capricorn Mercury,” my Lilith is in the 3rd House. Would that have anything to do with how I communicate, as well?

      I’ve tried reading up on BiQuinties/Quintiles; however, I do not seem too find much information on it; I would love to comprehend this more, if plausible. If you haven’t already done so, maybe you could produce a book on these aspects? 🙂 I’ve purchased most all of your available eBooks and they have aided me with learning on Astrology, thus far. 🙂 < 3

      Thinking back, I've noticed that when I express my anger (or any type of emotion/feeling), people tend to laugh at me, as if the way I attempt to express myself is funny, lol. 😛 I tend to have a difficult time expressing feelings without using logic (maybe because my Moon + Mars is in the 6th house?). Which, maybe deters/creates this quirk of how I am expressive? Maybe this would also affect my feeling of "not being taken seriously?" I've noticed that a lot of my Moon, Mars, and Venus seem to be aspected with the Quntiles/BiQuntiles; amongst others things, lol.

      Can having an over-abundance of these aspects make me just a quirky person in general?

      I apologize for all of these silly questions, haha. I am just curious to understand these, more.

      • Hi Korina,

        I’m not aware of the quintile series being associated with difficulties.

        Lilith in the 3rd house could play a part in communication difficulties. Try to be more observant of why people would be dismissive of your strong feelings. You may find it’s something unrelated to the way you communicate. It could be that some people are jealous of you, so they want to belittle you.

  • Aaron Floyd

    What about a golden yod ? Anyone have any more info on these? I have a Jupiter (Scorpio) Uranus (Capricorn) Quintile and both BiQuintile my Moon (Gemini).

    I think I can feel it sometimes. My moon is the apex which is in the 9th house. 5th harmonic aspects (which are Quintiles and BiQuintiles) seem to have an obsessive quality to them. Maybe that’s why everyday I have obsessive thoughts about being in some other city or state. I feel like I’m missing out on something big in some other part of the world. I also feel like I need to read something enlightening everyday which could just be my Gemini moon. Another thing I noticed is that People tell me I smile a lot even when I think I have a normal expression on my face. A lot of people are drawn to my smile and seem to like it. I have heard numerous people from different areas of my life say things like “all you do is smile” or “you’re always happy”. I’m thinking it has something to do with my Moon biquintile Jupiter.

    Jupiter is located in my 2nd house. I’m not 100% sure but I think since this is one of the legs of the yod it supports the mission of my apex planet. In my case Jupiter is working to give me a creative way (biquintile) of making money (2nd House) so I can move to another State (Moon in 9th). 2nd house also represents talent and I’m hoping my talents make me money and help me move. ( I shoot Films).

    Uranus is located in my 4th house. Technology related to helping me with my film was always easily accessible at home. My parents are always buying all sorts of gadgets and when they bought a Mac desktop computer for the house one year I benefited positively from it because I was able to use it for film editing purposes. It also manifests as a chaotic household. Uranus is the lord of my 5th house which is why I think it has something to do with technology (Uranus) related to film.

    Moon BiQuintile Uranus- I’m very rebellious but not over the top. My personality is random and I pretty much do my own thing. I used to have an Internet TV show so this aspect helped me come up with original, quirky jokes. Helped me come up with original film ideas. My reaction to things can be random sometimes.

    Moon BiQuintile Jupiter- I’m always happy internally. I react to things in an animated way. I was born (moon) out of the country. (Not sure if that relates to the moon Jupiter aspect or my 9th house moon.) Very religious upbringing. I seem to attract synchronicity just about everyday. I see signs that have a personal meaning just about everyday. This aspect could be the reason I was locally popular in high school when I created my internet TV show. I once got kicked off the track team because I was becoming to much of a disruption at track meets. I got my team and another team too hype one day just by pulling out my camera. My track team and another track team randomly decided to have a dance battle which got too loud and disruptive and I was the blame because I had the camera.

    Jupiter Quintile Uranus- I guess this aspect is the reason for my sudden luck at times. I was walking my dog the other day and as you know dogs love to sniff things. I was standing by a bush waiting for my dog to get done Sniffing it and walked away from it once he was done. About 10-15 seconds later a car spun out of control and hit the bush I was just standing by. It definitely would have hit me had I still been standing there. I’m not sure of the damage it would have done but it wouldn’t have been nice.

    Just wanted to give some insight.

    • AstroFix

      Hi Aaron,

      I haven’t worked with the Golden Yod much. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  • Jadranka

    I have Mercury (Aries) BiQuintile Uranus (Sagg).

    • Jadranka Ćuzulan

      and I don’t know how is that possible, but people don’t like me because of it. I don’t get away with skipping steps in learning process, and people sure don’t like being outsmarted by me.

      • Mystic Vision

        You cant skip steps in learning as you might miss something.
        Since your mind (Mercury) is influenced magically (Quinitiles) by Uranus (sees no need for the status quo, preferring instead to break with tradition and create a new mold) obviously you are going over their head and I believe people hate that although it’s an opportunity for them to learn. What can you do about it? Find friends who like to learn or else find someone just as smart as you, and you can have interesting conversations of learning and teaching. Remember in dealing with people you have to “give” too, that means toning it down sometimes when you are with those offended people, but not all the time because that is part of “take” and your right to be yourself.
        By the way Aries people can be very opinionated and outspoken about things, lol.
        Plus Sagittarians are learned people and Uranus takes that to another level.
        Also no one will ever characterize Uranus as subtle.
        Lastly, Uranus’s sudden, intense and often unexpected manner
        are mirrored in Aries.

        • Jadranka Ćuzulan

          o, thank you so much on these insights. i do hang out with equally smart people, but i can’t be surrounded by them all the time. but talking about giving and selfishness, i have one more quintile, mars quintile mc. does that mean that i can get away with selfishness *easier* or what does it say about solo business endeavours, and if so, how is that energy manifesting. (mars in gemini, mc in leo)

  • Anastasia Singer

    i have venus biquintil ascendent ..what does it mean?

  • marta

    hi. what i am are benefiting and how is it manifesting from venus biquintile saturn and mars biquintile saturn?

    • One way could be a talent for steady artistic output.

  • Galenson

    Hi. What do you say about Venus (leo) biquintile Ascendant (piscis)?

    • Talent at combining humility and compassion with flair and drama, in an attractive way.

  • Lucas Garayalde

    Y have my Asc. Leo bQ Mars (piscis) and Neptune (sag) and Q Chiron (Taurus). How could I use that?

  • India Spooper

    any ideas on how neptune (aquarius) biquintle ascendant (virgo) would manifest?

    • Cool glamour with a studious vibe.

      • India Spooper

        “Cool glamour with a studious vibe.” This is now my style mantra💕 Thank you!😄

  • 𝓪𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓱𝒆𝓪

    Hello … I have cancer sun ( in 10th ) biQ aquarius saturn Rx (in 5th ) and cancer mercury ( in 10th )quintile virgo asc …… what does it means ??
    Also i would like to know something else m confused about … i have saturn to pluto and my juno , all in retrogreade which are in aspects (conjunct , opp ,sq , trine ) to my inner planets and also with themselves ….. how will they affect me ??

    coz … i don’t understand anything ..nothing make sense to me most of the time as if i belong to somewhee else .. m struggling with my life , family , ppl here …. to fit in , to understand how this world works … pretty rough life i can say . I read an article about retrograde planets here http://gregoryrozek.com/en/retrogradeplanets/ and i relate very much to the lines written by him :

    “I feel like I’m from some other planet or other reality. I see this world like I’m in front row of a circus where people do strange things over and over like a hamster in a wheel not able to see beyond what they do. I can’t help anyone because they can’t understand what I mean and usually will express being mad at me for that or ignore me totally or just treat me as I need psychological treatment. So I keep most of the stuff I see for myself.”

    plz help …..

  • Leo

    Hi Michelle! How does Pluto (in 10th) quintile Aquarius Rising and Jupiter (in 12th) quintile Pluto manifest?

    • Hi Leo,

      check out my post on Pluto/Ascendant aspects and Jupiter/Pluto aspects here on the blog to get some ideas.

  • Holly

    What about Mars (4th Gemini) biquintile Jupiter (11th Capricorn)? And Saturn (1st Aries) quintile Neptune (12th Aquarius)? –long time lurker here
    I recently made a drastic change in career plans and my family/friends are freaking out. Are these placements good for careers in e-commerce and tech sales?

    • Hi Holly,

      I don’t think quintiles are enough to go on for that kind of life change. I’d rather see your transits and progressions.

      • Holly

        Uranus is transiting my 2nd house (Aries) and Saturn is transiting my 10th house (Sagaittarius). Mars transit 9th Scorpio, Jupiter transit 11th Capricorn. Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Chiron, South Node transit 1st house Pisces. Moon transit 11th Capricorn, Venus transit 12th Aquarius.
        ^^I wasn’t sure which transits were relevant so I just listed all of them.
        I’m a Cancer sun (5th), Libra moon (8th) and Aquarius ascendant.

        • Can you post your chart, Holly?

          • Holly

            Sure. I took a screenshot of the app I use on my phone.

            • The ruler of your 10th house (career) is Jupiter at 13 degrees Capricorn. Your natal Jupiter is receiving an exact conjunction from transiting Pluto right now. Transiting Pluto (at 13 Capricorn) is also squaring both your north and south node. In addition, your stellium in Gemini is getting hit by squares from all the transiting planets going through Sagittarius and Pisces.

              • Holly

                Thanks for taking the time to look at my chart. Could you be a little more specific, though? So I should proceed with this career choice change? Because this is a time of change for me (regarding my career, the way I present myself, and my home base)?

                • Hi Holly, This is a question for a reading rather than a blog comment. I can’t go into that much detail here. My personal opinion though is that there is no “should” in astrology. There are options and potential outcomes. It’s up to you to choose which path you want to take. The universe is impartial unless you ask for partiality. Pluto is urging you make a big evolutionary leap where your status is concerned. And actually I realized that Pluto actually moved past 13 Capricorn so the urgency is off. It looks like you made the decision. If you want more detail please consider a short reading (under Shop).

                  • Holly

                    Thanks anyway–your answer was enough (for what I need at this point). I don’t need a reading right now, but I will make a donation. Your blog helped me a lot–I was starting to second-guess myself.

  • Pluto biquintile Jupiter ! Don’t really know what to think about it… Does your article Jupiter/Pluto can apply to this aspect even though this is a minor one?

    • Yes, I think that some of the concepts fit. Jupiter/Pluto says something about having a certain comfort level with power. The quintile could show the ability to nudge your way into relationships with powerful or influential people … maybe you don’t even notice.

      • Astrology is so accurate ! I’m in a private high school in France, and there are some people who are from wealthy/powerful (it’s almost the same for me) family…

  • Aray

    What about Venus quintile neptune and uranus?

    • Having a talent as being a receptor for higher realms of creative genius.

  • 2011k

    How does Venus biquintile Pluto manifest?

    • Passionate creativity. Jealousy and envy that get a free pass.

      • Vallin SFAS

        My Venus-ASC [in SCO };)] sextiles my double ruling Pluto (Xth) conj. my Uranus (yes, I am a “Camelot baby”. Jack and Jackie were neighbors, and I was born the month that KEEF met Sir Brenda [Mick] and Brian Epstien ‘Met’ The Beatles). It’s Uranus that makes the quintile to Neptune-ASC-Venus-Mercury (chart dispositor)–11°SCO40′-15°SCO–and in turn that hot swampy MO-JO mess makes a quintile to Saturn in CAP. Imagine if Woody Allen were to direct HIS version of Die Götterdämmerung!

      • Jessica Encinas

        I have a Venus quintile Pluto. I have many moon and Pluto aspects with a stellium in Sagittarius third house. Mars square sun, 12th house moon (conjunct asc and Pluto in the first) opposite Mars in Pisces and Venus square Uranus. Two t squares. One in cardinal and the other in mutable. The stellium consists of sag sun mercury Jupiter all conjunct and Neptune in sag but on the cusp of Scorpio second house. Using placidus my first and second are both Libra making seventh and eighth Aries and empty except for Chiron in seven and pallas in eight. My sidereal is Scorpio and so is my sun/moon midpoint. Most of my major midpoints are Scorpio. Although I’m still learning I have no real clue as how the midpoints effect my life and other than heavy moon Pluto attracting Scorpios a plenty I’m taking a guess that my mids have something to do with that? Most of my houses are empty too. Virgo moon in twelve, conjunct Libra asc and Pluto with Uranus Juno and bml all conjunct. Scorpio empty, third stellium of four planets. Pisces Mars and Gemini Saturn. I am extremely mutable. The cardinals consist of what is in my asc Libra, Aries Chiron and Venus in Capricorn. Just felt like sharing lol

  • Z

    This is one of my three tightest aspects. Mars in Taurus 9th quintile Jupiter Leo 11th.
    my quirk could be…dont know, maybe acting silly, goofy with a group of old friends 🙂

  • antena

    Sun Sagittarius(4th) quintile true node Aquarius(6th), mars in Scorpio(3rd) quintile part of fortune(12th) in Virgo!^^
    any insight? 😀

    • Adventure helps you creatively move toward growth. Acting passionately helps you creatively find fortune.

  • Tee

    What does venus quntile mc mean??

  • Neptunian Placebo

    I found a very helpful blog entry on quintiles ( khaldea.com/eon ).

    Basically the author says:

    QUINTILE = A capacity for bringing new qualities of being into manifestation, aspect poses the question:
    to what use?

    BI-QUNITLE = A need for self-sufficiency. Development of the inner resources and capacities required for actualization of a new quality of being.

    Both definitions concern waxing phase, the waning quintile and bi-quintile have entirely different characteristics.

    Natally I have both Mars and Venus (3rd House) bi-quintile Pluto (10th/11th House) and I can see how “self-sufficiency” plays into that.

    • Good information, Neptunian Placebo … thank you for sharing.

      Very cool that they have all those minor aspect descriptions both waxing and waning! Excited to read through them all 🙂

  • Judit Kiss

    I have Sun in Taurus in 12th house biquintile Saturn in the 7th in saggitarius . I have no idea … Lol

  • sarah roberts

    What would you say about Sun biquintile Ascendant?

    • Outgoing, confident expression that somehow most people like and don’t see as arrogant … you can light up a room.

      • sarah roberts

        Ayeee. Works well with my Leo ascendant and Aries Sun. Thanks!

  • sarah roberts


  • hanrin~

    Hello~ Long-time lurker & addict of your blog here. I’ve got Sun in Scorpio quintile Neptune & Pluto in the 5th biquintile Asc in Cancer– possible interpretations?

    • Hi hanrin,

      A few thoughts …

      Sun/Neptune – a dreamy, ethereal quality, spaciness, imagination, and creativity

      Pluto/Ascendant – intensity, controlling presence, depth, mystery

  • lucy snow

    My Virgo Venus & mercury (10th house) are both bi-quintile my Neptune in Capricorn (3rd house).I have Asc. in scorpio. Mind I ask, what would that mean? The web design on here is fantastically creative, yet simple. I like it. ^u^

    • I would say there’s a talent at knowing what’s appropriate, done in a beautiful way, that impacts the way you communicate with people, which in turn impacts your reputation.


  • Kyna

    Hi, I was wondering if you can tell me what it means when mercury, sun and Venus quintile ascendant. The 3 planets are conjunct in Aquarius, 3rd house. My ascendant is in Scorpio. Thank you so much, I love your site!

    • I would image with those three planets quintile your ascendant that people find your quirky, yet sexy self to be appealing, vibrant, and charming.

  • capricorn23

    How does pluto quintile ascendant affect me?

    • Hi Capricorn23,

      I’m going to write a Pluto/Ascendant post very soon. That write-up will give you a lot of ideas of how the interaction of the ascendant angle and the planet Pluto can manifest.

      • capricorn23

        ok thank you i love your site and think you do a fantastic shot

  • Tam the Taurean

    Hi Michelle!
    My name is Tam, mostly intermediate 20-something astrologer in sunny SoCal, and I’ve been reading your blog for while now, which I love by the way! It’s minimalist aesthetic is beautifully to the point and warm, non-judgemental comment replies a haven. I also love your evocative keyword approach to aspect patterns as it really helps to imaginatively define what at times seems indefinablely anti-septic with so many “ands” and “buts” getting in the way.

    I’ve always been a little shy when it comes to expressing my twelfth house mercury’s opinion but a third house moon’s curiosity has overcome that lol : what do you think about semi quintiles? Do they have any effect in aspect interpretation? I’ve always thought that they have a similar vibe to semi sextiles but with a dreamy quintile hue, in that the gifts or talents are easily accessed but only through the constructive use of concentrated effort on your part. What do you think?
    P.S. thanks for the great blog! (:

    • Hi Tam,

      I have not looked into the effect of semi-quintiles. To distinguish the difference between the semi-sextile and semi-quintile you’d have to be super strict on the orbs you’re using. I have not taken the time to look into them. Do you have a blog? If so, perhaps you could post your findings there?

      • Tam the Taurean

        Hi Michelle,

        Thanks for the reply. No I don’t have a blog, though I should with all of these random words buzzing around me that I try to use at every moment! I find each of the minor aspects very interesting because they seem like anything but, at least in my (limited) experience. Your articles and others on the topic of minor aspects have confirmed it. Not to get all esoteric on you but if we look back on the evolution of astrology itself, such as Pluto as a force to be reckoned with, it seems that our understanding of astrology evolves also. To use minor aspects as an example, when they were first discovered people in the astro world considered them just that, minor. Yet as time goes on I’ve noticed that more and more, particularily modern, astrologers have come to accept the possibility that maybe those minor aspects aren’t so minor after all. But maybe the prfundity of that thought is due to an amateur’s perspective, lol! As for orbs, my own venus semi-quintile neptune is at 29 and uranus is at 4, respectively. Too wide huh? Either way, semi-quintiles is most def something I would like to learn more about. Do you think that this is something you would like to explore in your own blog?

        • Tam the Taurean

          * forgot to mention that venus is at 0

        • Hi Tam,

          I have too many things I want to explore in my blog! I need to complete some of the topics I’ve begun before starting anything new … Chiron, North node/ south node, MC/IC, Ascendant/Descendant, the Sun in houses, etc …. 😀

          • Tam the Taurean

            Ok! Can’t wait 😀 !

            Thanks for the reply,
            have a great day // night <3

  • Lion Boss

    Jupiter Bi-Quintile Ascendant…must be good? Jupiter in the 5th. Ascendant Leo. How the people see me? How they feel around me? That’s one of the things I want to know. lol

  • I don’t usually use quintiles or bi-quintiles but I like the idea that it’s a cute quirk people let you get away with. Just be careful how you use them! Personally, (<1º orb)

    Pluto Quintile MC
    Mercury Quintile Neptune
    Saturn Bi-Quintile North Node
    Chiron Bi-Quintile South Node

    • What quirks do you have, John?

  • Venusian Neptunian

    I have Moon biquintile Venus and Neptune.

    I think I’d get away with anger/enemies. I have charming smiles and funny giggles I look like a baby. A friend of mine also has this. Makes a lot of enemies then she gets away with it because she love to laugh and smile. She has prominent Jupiter

  • grace

    I have venus quintile saturn
    venus quintile MC
    saturn BQ mc
    north node BQ AC
    Uranus bq north node
    Do you know what it means?

    • Hi Grace,

      I’m working on a book about quintiles and biquintiles … check back around June 2014.

  • This is really interesting! Generally, I’ve always been antagonistic toward quirks. I don’t know why exactly – I just find many personality types difficult to be around. Looking at my own chart, I’ve only got two biquintile/quintile aspects: Venus biquintile Pluto and Jupiter quintile my MC/Midheaven.

    When it comes to matters related to Venus, I have little to no experience. Aside from my love/enjoyment of the arts (particularly writing and film), the romantic/interpersonal aspect of Venus completely eludes me. And my Jupiter quintile MC is completely alien to me and doesn’t seem like a common aspect – I can’t find any info about online. :/ Perhaps it means that I have some quirk related to being famous??

    My brother has 4 (two biquintile and two quintile). I always feel that he has more potential than I do to get what he wants in life, but he just doesn’t tap into it. Whereas I don’t seem to have much potential (more problems -ie: squares! – really), but I work a bit harder to figure out what I want to do.

    • Thank you for sharing, Tatiana. I hope to write an ebook delineating all the Qs and BQs in the near future … stay tuned!

  • Bonfireopal09

    Please forgive the ampersands, mistakes, & shortcuts. I am on my poseur smart phone. I went searching for Mars/Pluto aspects & ended up here and obviously stayed. I love the comments/exchanges on this blog Anyway, I have 2H Libra Sun bQ 7H Pisces Moon. I’m not sure what I can get away with. Being myself?I have Venus in Saggittarius conjunct Scorpio IC bQ11H. Saturn in Cancer. Uranus is Quintile that Scorpio IC and bQ Taurus MC.

    • A Sun/Moon biquintile … perhaps you have some “parental” behaviors that people readily accept and encourage.

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  • Culminating (CLIMAXING!) Uranus 0dVIR Xth, Neptune-ASC-Venus (natch’)-Mercury 11-15dSCO (Mercury is my natal chart dispositor), Saturn 25dCAP 3rd. Truly MAXIMUM SEX-AND-ROCK-AND-ROLL…and you LOVE me for it. (Moon singleton 16dTAU VIIth)

  • zoraida

    I’d read that quintiles and biquintiles are also aspects indicating some form of talent, which you are able to utilise ( with work) with both planets, to get results. I have Sun quintile Saturn and Jupiter biquintile Neptune. I like the idea of quintiles/biquintiles being quirky- never thought of that, at all. Getting away with it? 🙂 Maybe Sun quintile Saturn could mean being able to get away with being serious and structured or a hard worker , working towards a goal, but being “sunny and strong/light-hearted,” without being dour? I know Sun-Saturn contacts could be seem as very serious, hard work, so it is kind of novel to have this contact, with all the benefits of Saturn discipline, and yet it is kind of quirky , with a scope for talented application. Jupiter biquintile Neptune: expanding on/ developing /working with spiritual and artistic ideas/concepts and being quirky enough to get away with it! ?

    • “Maybe Sun quintile Saturn could mean being able to get away with being serious and structured or a hard worker , working towards a goal, but being “sunny and strong/light-hearted,” without being dour?”

      Yes, exactly like that! I’m glad you like the concept.

  • sweet-scorpion

    Cancer Mars 29 dg. in the 8th quintile my Libra Sun in the 10th almost exactly.

    I have a lot of hidden energy and eventually despite being up and down about my career there is a part of me that is just so go-getting and intense and willing to make so many sacrifices to succeed. I feel this is another aspect that makes me usually a good leader, the one who speaks up to lead others subtly, also it made me bossy as a kid… maybe it also contributes to why I am a little more masculine in personality since Sun-Mars in women seems to do this a lot.

  • Guyslash

    Sun quintile lilith 

  • I was born in November 1961 (just after Sir Mick met KEEF and Brian met The Beatles) in Camelot Washington DC. After living under three classic old-school presidential administrations I moved to eastern NC. I have Uranus (VIR) Xth -> Neptune-ASC-Venus-Mercury (SCO, opposing TAU Moon VII) -> Saturn (CAP) 3rd. I just read ‘The Help’, and found out exactly what I “got away with” (‘Othello’, anyone?). “The whims that we’re weepin’ for our parents would be beaten for” -Kate Bush (and let’s discuss how I know all her songs!) The real revolution is when people get away with it!

    • I love Kate Bush 🙂

      • Ymartinez197

        I always was fascinated about quintile/Biquintile. I personally don’t believe i have a talent even though the saying is everyone have a talent no matter what. I never notice if i have a quintile  in my chart probably because i didn’t see it as significant before. I have Uranus Quintile my ascendant which i can see because for other people i appear to be different or a nonconformist and not much of a traditionalist to say and probably technology freak lol. In my progress chart i have  Venus Quintile Neptune and Uranus. I’m just starting to learn more about progress chart and still trying to figure out if I’m feeling this aspect or not.

  • sensual

    it is fascinating – new perspective –

    I have ;
    1- Mars bQ Ascendent 
    2- Venus Q Chiron 

    what can this mean? 
    (personally I thought ‘Venus Q Chiron’ means compassion, but now what can I get away with it is something new- please do tell)

    • Hi Sensual,

      #astrology Start my checking out the Venus/Chiron Aspects post. That should give you some ideas about what this quintile combination means. I haven’t gotten to ascendant aspects yet so you’ll just have to wait for that one 😉 http://astrofix.net/2011/07/19/venuschiron-aspects/

  • Has

    Hi Michelle, im not really sure how to interpret…

    sun and node bQ MC

    venus q pluto

  • Kai

    hmm… Behaviors and traits that i can get away with while others cannot. I’m generally serious and reserved (Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Gemini opposite Saturn in Scorpio) but sometimes and I can also be funny. My friends still remember as a class clown (way back in grade school) and they continue to remind me that how funny and unpredictable I was before (Moon in Cancer biquintile Uranus in Aquarius) – they’re very persistent that I don’t forget that fact. Quintiles and Biquintiles are not just behaviors and traits people let you get away with but also they actually prefer and want that behavior IMO.

    • I’ve noticed some of the same thing, Kai – that people encourage the behavior of the quintile. Maybe because that quintile behavior makes them feel good?

      • Kai

        I guess so, but I really don’t like being manipulated and turned into someone I’ve already matured from. I shudder to think that it makes them feel good that I made such a fool of myself as a child. How it pleases them is what puzzles me.

  • Me: Pluto Quintile Sun, Pluto Quintile Mars, Uranus/Pallas-Athena Quintile Sun, Uranus/Pallas-Athena Quintile Venus, Saturn/Vesta Quintile Mars. Mars Biquintile Saturn/Vesta- Moon Quintile Neptune. Certainly I have my fair share of quirks

    I don’t know if one degree orb is too much, if not then it would also include Moon Quintile ASC, and Neptune Biquintile ASC…

    These all have their own other connections such as a boomberang yod combination using Quincux/Inconjuncts and Sextiles pointing to Neptune and finally Saturn and I suspect that Quincux is also quite odd and quirky in its expression of energies.. certainly if you have ever been on the end of a Quincux transit, its never what you would expect and is always quirky!

    Quintile I perceive as the harmonic marriage of energies which normally do not mesh or mix. They are something in some weird relationship of the alchemical. I take note that my Venus and my husband’s Venus aspect are Quintile, his in Aries and Mine in Cancer… and I do believe there is something weirdly harmonic about our love.. not unlike love at first sight either.. but also something quite old fashioned– his fire element/11th house Venus to my water element/1st house Venus. Weird fiery and weird watery, certainly quirky and wild and yet, as I say, something harmonic.. and comfortable.

    Perhaps its these ideas of an acceptable and charming quirk that makes it out to be very different and sparkly, and yet somehow lasting as well.

    • Michelle

      Another reader brought up quintiles in love relationships…can’t remember which thread that conversation is in. They seem to show a special connection, but not “karmic” or “fated.”

      • I would consider it like a “team”, no not “karmic” or “fated”, because although there was this feeling that we took this situation on of our own free will (in spite of a Saturn/Venus conjunction in the synestry) I think its quirky, and creative and compelling. That there is discovery that makes daily life involving what seems to be novelty. This alone can not sustain a relationship naturally, but it softens up the harder more intensive synestry, I believe.

        I’m suspecting the connection was “imagination”… we created some kind of fairytale previous to our meeting but a private world of our own imagination, not unlike the virtual world of second life, which did not exist at that time, but we met because of the internet. I joke and say often we met on “Mars” because we did, we didn’t meet through a chat but rather because of guest books on our own pages. These days people make these things easily, so we were sort of pioneering and he had a fantastic website which was full of humour about life on Mars and a funny “de-bunking” of the claims there was no life or water on Mars, by NASA. He found me first on a guest book he was reading, and saw my questions and answered them..

        I asked silly non-typical guest book questions such as, “what do you love most in life?” and “Do you dream and dare to remember your dreams..” and favourite animals and such. Now days, it would be a silly meme. But he answered with some links on his book with a Tapir on Mars. I saw the website and screamed out loud with laughter when I first encountered it. I declared in jest, “I will marry this person who made this site…” to someone, “..regardless of age or gender.” Its weird when things connect like that! It feels like there is often a revival of this novelty as well every so often, just as soon as things get routine, bam, another thing comes along where we are doing crazy things together.

        I also find our composite kind of tricky, with our natal Mars/Sun conjunctions becoming conjunct the ASC (from the 12th house) and SUN SQUARE URANUS in the Composite as well as MARS SQUARE PLUTO. I wonder how this works out as far as “Karma” and such goes.. certainly, when we met, it was emotionally intensive AND like being struck by lightning for both of us.

        Composite includes a Moon/Jupiter/Ceres/Juno conjunction as well as an Eros/Psyche conjunction..

        synastry includes some of Jung’s research aspects such as Mars/Jupiter conjunction my Sun on his Moon (aspect of possible domestic comfort)

        And our son was born with a conjunction of his North Node directly on top of my natal Sun and on his Father’s Moon, his Moon conjunct MC on top of my NN in Aries..and his Father’s Venus.. it feels like our son’s timing was the karma we got linked to… like a bridge in a way. Nothing idealistic about it either.

        I guess that Mercury retrograde is turning direct and I’m getting intensively wordy full of word backlash, and over-share 😉

        Be well!

        AET 🙂

        • Michelle

          Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, AET 🙂

  • amoureuse

    hhehe i love this post.. s i guess i can get away with being so moody and transparent. i am also symptomatic with my body. so its easy for me to revent any illness because i do something about it right away. i got bi quantiles sun and moon; sun and vesta.. not sure what uranus bi quantile can do. im a bit shocking.. at least with what i say. hahah bi quantile chiron and llith.  and i have two quantiles  mars and juno and then  uranus and pars fortunae.

  • kayla

    I have Saturn bi-quintile my sun, pluto bi-quintile my mars, and neptune quintile my jupiter. I also have a few asteroids that are quintiles too. I am not understanding how they play out. I am a pretty creative person I like to put together different colors and patters and somehow tie them together to make sense. Probably not related probably more so to my aquarius stellium in the 3rd. I don’t know but love your article and will look further into it.

    • Michelle

      Hi Kayla, 

      As I mentioned above, check out the existing articles about planetary combinations for some extra ideas about how those bqs and qs may play out in your chart: 

      Sun/Saturn: http://astrofix.net/2011/04/07/sunsaturnaspects/
      Mars/Pluto: http://astrofix.net/tag/mars-pluto-aspects/
      Jupiter/Neptune: http://astrofix.net/2011/04/29/jupiterneptune-aspects/

  • Adrian

    Hi Michelle,

    I find your posts very intriguing! You present information in an entirely new method — one I very much prefer to the cookbook interpretations we astrology-lovers are so typically afforded. I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

    I have read that the Quintile family aspects relate to ‘creativity’ and ‘special gifts’ that, if properly honed, can become lucrative and integral components to one’s personality. On the other hand, however, I’ve also read that Quintile aspects are inherent in one’s personality and very conspicuous planetary energies to others — in other words, not in need of being developed by virtue of the fact that they are on display for all to see. How do you interpret them (inborn vs. developed)?

    I’ve got the Sun quintile Ascendant, and Moon biquintile Neptune. How do you interpret these?

    • Adrian

      I failed to mention that I also have Saturn quintile Pluto! If you would add that to your interpretation as well… 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

      • Michelle

        Try reading up on the previous Saturn/Pluto post: http://astrofix.net/2011/05/16/saturnpluto-aspects/

        Let me know if that helps with interpreting your own quintile aspect.

    • Michelle

      Check out my previous post on Qs and BQs: http://astrofix.net/2010/09/27/quintiles-and-biquintiles/

      Take a look at the post about Moon/Neptune Aspects to get more ideas about this combination as a quintile: http://astrofix.net/2010/06/23/moonneptune-brainstorm/ 

      I haven’t done a series on the planets in aspect to the angles, and I don’t want to address each combination in comments. If you subscribe you will receive the posts when I write them. I’m considering writing a separate E-book addressing all Q and BQ combinations, but we’ll see how long that takes to do!

  • Anonymous

    My 1st post here, excuse my newness I couldn’t wait to jump in.  I have 3 quintiles
     I have Leo Mars 1° (5th) Quintile Taurus Venus 19° (2nd) -0°05 separating..
    How do you suppose this mars venus interaction works? Considering they are in squaring signs.

    I also have Cancer Saturn 28° (5th) Quintile Libra Pluto 9° (7th) -1° S.
    And Pluto quintiles my midheaven 19° Sag. 1° aspecting.
    What could any of this mean?

    • Michelle

      Hi VioletsRain,

      Check out these posts for some ideas:
      Venus/Mars aspects, http://astrofix.net/2010/09/09/venus-mars-aspects/
      Saturn/Pluto aspects, http://astrofix.net/2011/05/16/saturnpluto-aspects/

      I’ll be starting a series of posts about planets in aspect to the angles, which should give ideas about the meaning of Pluto/MC.

  • cold_play

    mercury quintile neptune?

    • Michelle

      Check out the Mercury/Neptune Aspects posts to get some ideas about that combination: http://astrofix.net/2010/12/11/mercuryneptune-aspects/ 

  • billow

    “observations”  .   .   .   I realize that my observations belong to me and come from my own sensibility, but I really need to learn to trust and honor them.  Not doing so is (hopefully “has”) been my achilles heel.

    I didn’t remember the detail.  I’ve been kinduv unconscious lately. :  D    New/full moons have been hitting my natal planets?  Next up new moon separating conjunction Uranus.    ?????  

  • Anonymous

    Mars-Pluto quintile and Mars-Chiron quintile and Pluto-Chiron biquintile. I think others born in ’83 have similar. My Chiron is conjunct descendant so maybe that personalizes it more.

    My interpretation is that it emphasizes my Scorpio rising (brooding, private, shrewd, not easily amused) but then adds an awkwardness to it that puts people at ease. I’m totally harmless! Kinda like Count Bloodcount from Looney Tunes.

    • Michelle

      Lol…interesting interpretation 🙂

  • What degree is the biquintile & quintile?  
     I know im quiet & people tend to get mad at me for it. but others i may be around could be quiet & no1 gets mad at them. hmmm

    • Anonymous

      The quintile is 72 degrees and the biquintile is 144 degrees.

      That’s an interesting there…perhaps they have a quintile or biquintile aspect while you have a square? What planets do you think would be involved in such a reaction to you?

      • Michelle

        Probably Neptune, Mercury, the ascendant or Saturn.

        • Anonymous

          Right. I was thinking possibly a Mercury-Saturn square while maybe others had quintiles or biquintles between those planets. Glad you mentioned the other possibilities, I hadn’t considered Neptune or the Ascendant.

        • I’m interested in her reply because I tend to get the same reaction from people though I talk more now than I used to.  Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Pisces, Neptune in Scorpio is trine both. Virgo Ascendant.

          • billow

            This is screaming ” suspicious other” at me”.   You know like alot of people always think scorpio folks are withholding something.   I’m wondering if falsely accused goes with this, on either or both sides of the fence.  Just  a burp from me!

            • WOW! This astrology stuff is amazing because yes your interpretation is spot on! I’ve been falsely accused many times and have been on the giving end though only in early stages of opposite sex relationships in my younger years. I’ve mellowed a whole lot but I still quietly observe and I’m usually right more than I am wrong about someone or a situation. The difference now is I will not let the false accusation slide from the mind completely. How I decide to “answer” is…

              Did you remember that my Mercury retro/Saturn in the 7th conjunction is opposite Uranus retro/Pluto retro in the 1st conjunct the Ascendant, also Neptune retro is in the 3rd conjunct the SN?

  • billow

    Hi Michelle, I ran the natal planetary placements through this mill.  What a fun exercise.  Very revealing.  LOL.  Even assisted me in putting a positive spin on some of those annoying hemoroidal, I mean asteroidal energies.  :  )))))

    • Michelle

      Yays 😀

  • Anonymous

    Quintiles and biquintiles are always a popular topic, aren’t they? I guess everyone is eager to get a handle on this aspect.

    As usual, you come along and offer a unique perspective on these aspects, Michelle. I really appreciate that. I have never heard them described this way.

    So what is it that I am “getting away with” or hopefully being appreciated for?

    Sun biquintile Jupiter – getting away with projecting a (in my case fake) sense of confidence?

    Mercury biquintile Jupiter – getting away with obnoxiously positive thinking that would ordinarily make people want to punch me in the face?

    Moon biquintile Saturn – appreciated for my outward calm & emotional restraint, perhaps?

    Moon biquintile Chiron – appreciated for being able to perceive people’s wounds?

    Saturn quintile Chiron – appreciated for my sense of responsibility towards healing wounds?

    Mars biquintile Pluto – really not sure what to make of this one, but perhaps it has to do with getting away with being able to express a sense of power and intensity?Well, I thought I would try my hand at understanding these. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • LB

      Wow, Ebonystarr55 –  you have quite a few quintiles.  I’m guessing you must have a powerful presence with a natural ability to tune into and affect others.  I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you a healer and/or artist?  I know you’ve probably mentioned it before, but I can’t remember. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure about having a powerful presence, but I am trained as a psychotherapist. My artistic side has been sorely neglected in pursuit of that training. I would love to begin playing my flute again, but it is hard to find the time, as all my energies are now devoted to taking care of my elderly mother.

        But after all this time, I think I am finally recognizing that a creative outlet is essential to my well-being.

        • LB

          Having both Saturn and Chiron biquintile your Moon seems to fit with you caring for your elderly mother.  My 4th house Saturn is quintile Ceres, and I cared for mine as well.  I know how physically and emotionally challenging it can be – difficult to find time for creative pursuits but very rewarding if you can manage. 

          Depending on house placements, your Mars/Pluto biquintile might help in your work as a psychotherapist, in that you could potentially focus your own powerful energy (and insight?) in ways that encourage healing at deeper levels.  Following Michelle’s lead, people might respond without being offended.   It seems like a possibility anyway.  I have the square.  🙂

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your input. What is your experience with Mars square Pluto? How do others respond to your penetrating insights?

            My Mars is in 10H in Taurus, while Pluto is in the 3H in Libra, so what you’re saying makes a lot of sense.

            Interesting that we both have the experience of caring for our mothers and that Saturn and the 4th house are involved. My Moon is in the 4th.

            • LB

              I’m grateful you don’t mind my input – I’m having a transit right now which is setting off my natal Mars/Pluto square.  So refraining from sharing my “insights” has become more challenging than usual!

              We have more in common than just caring for our mothers.  My 9th house retrograde Mars is conjunct my Midhaven and squares my 12th house Pluto (ruler of my 3rd) which is conjunct my Ascendant..  And my Mars is biquintile my Libra Sun.  Seeing as how my Gemini Mars is retrograde, my progressed Mars has been in Taurus for many years and will remain there for many more years to come.

              As far as my insights go, some people love them (I used to work with therapists)  and others not so much.  I’ve had to learn when and how to speak in a way that’s helpful and encouraging, as opposed to being harmful and/or unintentionally destructive – to myself or others. 

              Mars/Pluto comes in handy now that I’m doing hands-on healing.  I’m finding many of the clients who are drawn to me are also interested in what I have to share and feel safe knowing I already sense their vulnerabilities and strengths without having to be told.  I’m able to offer occasional bits of practical advice (Pluto in Virgo) as well as intuitive and spiritual encouragement. 

        • LB

          Having both Saturn and Chiron biquintile your Moon seems to fit with you caring for your elderly mother.  My 4th house Saturn is quintile Ceres, and I cared for mine as well.  I know how physically and emotionally challenging it can be – difficult to find time for creative pursuits but very rewarding if you can manage. 

          Depending on house placements, your Mars/Pluto biquintile might help in your work as a psychotherapist, in that you could potentially focus your own powerful energy (and insight?) in ways that encourage healing at deeper levels.  Following Michelle’s lead, people might respond without being offended.   It seems like a possibility anyway.  I have the square.  🙂

  • meow

    hmmm..I have one quintile and 3 biquintiles involving Uranus and I do often get away with stuff that most people wouldn’t…with my little “excentricities”. ahahaha.

    • Michelle


    • Michelle


  • Sab

    How would a sun (virgo/4th) quintile pluto (scorpio/5th) effect an individual? And a moon (Aries/11th) bi-quintile mercury (virgo/4th)? But mostly interested in the sun/pluto aspect… 🙂

    • Michelle

      Maybe everything is light-hearted, people are having fun, then you walk into a room and conversations turn to more serious subjects…but nobody runs around telling you to lighten up – they just roll with it. 

  • Interesting! A few my own quintiles and biquintiles: 

    Moon (Leo) Q. Ascendant (Libra)
    Venus (Pisces) BiQ. Neptune (Capricorn) 

    Not sure what the Moon-Ascendant quintile would mean, but the only “quirk” I think I may have with the Venus and Neptune biquintile is being able to get away with being clueless sometimes, or not knowing what’s going on.

    • Michelle

      Maybe people think your clueless-ness is cute too.

      • Christine

        Oh god. I just re-read this. It’s true!

  • Atlast

    cool post! quintiles are probably my favourite aspects, i really like reading about them!

    But there is something I didn’t get yet: with this energy, do people see thoose personality trails easily in you, or just, if, -in case- you show it someday, they will like it?

    An exemple, venus quintile pluto (my case): people see, for exemple, that I’m obsessed with beauty and like it, or, do I need to create a way of showing that I’m obsessed with beauty (even if i’m not) and then people will like  me?

    • Michelle

      It seems to me that people begin to notice the traits once they get to notice you. People don’t usually notice your quirks right away. 

      I don’t think you can make people like you for these characteristics, it probably just happens without your awareness. Quintiles don’t seem to be very purposeful. Chances are the people around you already put up with your beauty obsession. 

      You could ask a few of your close friends what they think. Do they notice this part of your personality? How do they feel about it? etc…

      • Atlast

        That makes sence! I have three friends with this same quintile, and something I notice about them is their intense social interactions – they never seem totally desinterested or aphatic when talking to someone. When I first met them (yeah, all of them) I didn’t noticed this trail, but took only a single conversation to see this quirk.

        Also, idk if is a coincidence, but do people with same quintiles get well together easily than if they hadn’t the aspect?

        • Michelle

          That’s an interesting idea – it makes sense. I don’t know anyone off the top off my head with the same quintiles that I have…I’ll have to keep a lookout. 

  • Michelle


    They’ll be more on these aspects… I don’t think I can delineate everyone’s individual quintiles and biquintiles in this post. I will be writing about the planets in aspect to the angles soon.

    A few possibilities:
    Mars/Ascendant- an aggressive style of presenting  yourself
    Jupiter/MC- over the top way display of status or standing

    • JH

      I guess the first one is me….. except I don’t know if I get away with it so much.  Haha.  Hmmm, I shall observe further.

      • Michelle

        Observing further is about the best we can do 😉

  • I have so much quintile… moon (cancer)  uranus, pluto (virgo) quintile.. moon venus (sag) biquintile…and venus pluto venus mars (virgo)… quintile. I really don’t know how their affects touch my life and creativity… 

    • Michelle

      I’m having trouble understanding which of these planets forms a quintile with which of the others.

      • Venus (Sag ) quintile Mars (Virgo)
        Moon (Cancer) biquintile Venus (sag)
        Venus (sag) quintile  Pluto (Virgo)
        Moon (cancer) quintile Pluto (Virgo)
        Moon (cancer) quintile Uranus (Virgo)

        • Michelle

          There is a lot of feminine energy in your quintiles. How do you fare in relationships? 

          Can you flirt like nobody’s business, without making your friends jealous?

          • billow

            Aycelina did mention flirting with danger.  I believe she was leaping through the air, from structure to structure.  That’s like a superhero thing, isn’t it?

  • Joyrjw

    I’ll be honest, I’m not sure of what I’m loved for and/or what I can get away with that’s quirky,I know that I’m quirky though . 😀

    I might need some help with this one. 🙂

    I have a list of Quintiles/Biquintiles that I found at Clairvision as well some free software I have…

    Sun (Sco 23°53′)               Moon (Vir 08°36′)              wan. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 3°17’Sun (Sco 23°53′)               Ascendant (Gem 29°05′)         wan. app. biquintile (144°00′) orb: 0°48’Moon (Vir 08°36′)              Ascendant (Gem 29°05′)         wan. sep. quintile (72°00′) orb: 2°28’Moon (Vir 08°36′)              Vertex (Sco 17°03′)            wax. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 3°34’Mercury (Sco 28°57′)           Ceres (Vir 21°49′)             wax. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°52’Venus (Cap 02°01′)             Jupiter (Tau 26°26′)           wan. app. biquintile (144°00′) orb: 0°24’Venus (Cap 02°01′)             Midheaven (Pis 11°21′)         wax. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 2°41’Jupiter (Tau 26°26′)           Midheaven (Pis 11°21′)         wan. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 3°05’Saturn (Leo 16°45′)            North Node (Sco 03°23′)        wax. sep. quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°38’Saturn (Leo 16°45′)            Juno (Sco 03°00′)              wax. sep. quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°15’Uranus (Sco 08°30′)            Pallas (Leo 23°13′)            wan. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 3°17’Pluto (Lib 13°09′)             Vesta (Can 26°17′)             wan. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 4°52’North Node (Sco 03°23′)        Pallas (Leo 23°13′)            wan. sep. quintile (72°00′) orb: 1°49’Chiron (Ari 28°29′)            Ceres (Vir 21°49′)             wax. app. biquintile (144°00′) orb: 0°41’Pallas (Leo 23°13′)            Juno (Sco 03°00′)              wax. app. quintile (72°00′) orb: 2°13’Black Moon (Tau 12°22′)        Vesta (Can 26°17′)             wax. sep. quintile (72°00′) orb: 1°55’Pluto Descendant Crescent + 3 ° 56 ‘ Quintile 75 ° 56 ‘Sun Nadir Last Quarter – 0 ° 32 ‘ Quintile 287 ° 28 Mars Nadir Last Quarter – 3 ° 11 ‘ Quintile 284 ° 49 ‘

    • Robin Joy Dore

      By the way, I’m really sorry for the mess…I didn’t expect everything to be so jumbled and I couldn’t edit it. 🙁

    • Michelle

      I’m going to address the angle combinations with planets soon so that should help with their interpretation. 

      I really can’t address all of these combinations. Starting with a simpler one: Sun quintle Mars (if I’m reading this correctly) could show a way of asserting yourself on your own behalf – a certain selfish self-interest (and I mean that in a good way) that serves you well and that other people don’t fault you for.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Well, you were close 🙂

        I have Sun conjunct Mars,but that’s not included in this list.

        I have Sun Quintile Moon and Sun biquintile Ascendant

        I should retype this shouldn’t I?
        It’s really bad, I can barely read it.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        That should be really interesting to read about,the angles I mean, and yes, definitely helpful.

        Thank You for your help! 🙂

        I’m sorry I couldn’t interpret my aspects better. I’m working on it though. (-:

        • Michelle

          There seems to be a lot of interest in planet combinations with the angles so I’ll probably start those posts soon.

    • Robin Joy Dore

      Sun Q Moon
      Sun BiQ Ascendant
      Moon Q Ascendant
      Moon Q Vertex
      Mercury Q ceres
      Venus BiQ Jupiter
      Venus Q Midheaven
      Jupiter Q MC
      Saturn Q NN
      Saturn Q Juno
      Uranus Q Pallas
      Pluto Q Vesta
      NN Q Pallas
      Chiron BiQ Ceres
      Pallas Q Juno
      Black Moon Q Vesta
      Pluto Q Descendant
      Sun Q IC
      Mars Q IC

  • M

    This helps make sense of what biquintiles are since you put it that way; I’ve always been hearing them referred to as “gifts” but wth is that supposed to mean exactly? I like the idea of them being things we can get away with, things people will like you better for..
    I have Taurus moon 2nd biquintile Libra Jupiter 7th.. I’m not sure what behavior that gives off. I just looked up Cafeastrology’s interpretation and it explains and ability to let loose and seeking environments which are interesting, parties, games, etc.. I guess I am like that in a way, something sort of fun-seeking there..

  • M

    This helps make sense of what biquintiles are since you put it that way; I’ve always been hearing them referred to as “gifts” but wth is that supposed to mean exactly? I like the idea of them being things we can get away with, things people will like you better for..
    I have Taurus moon 2nd biquintile Libra Jupiter 7th.. I’m not sure what behavior that gives off. I just looked up Cafeastrology’s interpretation and it explains an ability to let loose and seeking environments which are interesting, parties, games, etc.. I guess I am like that in a way, something sort of fun-seeking there..

    • billow

      The thing Sue Tompkins mentioned about moon jupiter energy in her book that I really liked (probably because I have the natal sextile energy) is self indulgence.  I really really like that.  To me it suggests really sinking my teeth into the life experience.  I find it a good thing as long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

      • Michelle

        It definitely has to do with self-indulgence. I have Moon in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus!

        • LB

          My 5th house Moon is square and parallel my Jupiter in Scorpio.  I’m definitely self-indulgent, but in a healthy way!  In my particular case, I’m also very lucky at contests and when gambling.

          • Michelle

            My indulgences are mostly healthy, but they tend to be expensive. I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

      • Michelle

        It definitely has to do with self-indulgence. I have Moon in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus!

    • Michelle

      I’ve always been hearing them referred to as “gifts” but wth is that supposed to mean exactly?

      Moon/Jupiter: Something about seeking big emotional experiences and possible emotional exuberance, or an over the top emotional life that other people like. 

      What do you think?

      • billow

        With the sextile, big emotions is understandable.  Cancer moon might add punch there and in the eighth (I believe we discussed gut wrenching screams that cause a rip in reality).  That was then.  I am fairly tolerant, actually too much so sometimes, so I started getting the feeling that sometimes badgering was being used to create the spectacle.  I could be wrong on this, but I started refusing to perform this death defying act,  saying I am not going to do your anger for you.  I don’t totally get that, but it makes sense on some level.  Losing it has also then been used by the badgering other to say I am a bad person, ie. the other is a good person.   Yes this is abuse that I am talking about.  There, I said it. 

        There is alot to be said for changing my response to the abuser.  It works in casual relationships, but in day to day, when people want to fight, if one thing doesn’t work, another will be used.  The blows can get pretty low.  This I find is a very destructive use of one’s intuitive powers, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes, additional henchmen or flying monkeys (call them what you like) are employed via the gossip grapevine.  Obviously I am trying to work my way out of a particular relationship at this time because this game is getting really really old.

        Life without the abuser is just so awesome.  People are nice and happy and I feel at peace.  I think emotions can be spiritualized or something like that so that they open up to an all encompassing love.  Oh oh going gooey again.  There just are no words.

        Would another factor be easy to be pleased?  That greatful thing again.   

        • Michelle

          Hm…I haven’t considered “easy to please” before for Moon/Jupiter. I don’t think I’m easy to please. I’m willing to accept circumstances, but that doesn’t mean I’m actually happy. Getting HAPPY (in bold and all caps) is hard.

      • billow

        I jumped on this.  I thought it was general question and not for M.  Please delete my comment please on the moon jup energy.

  • Good grief,  Charlie Sheen and Bernie Madoff have Sun Quintile Jupiter and I bet Madoff’s involve the 8th house! I have 8H Aries  Sun quintile  10H house Gemini Jupiter.  Thank goodness for a Saturn aspect to both planets as I’m well aware of “what goes around comes around”.  I have always been trusted to handle with integrity other peoples money/resources even though I was younger and with less rank/status than other in the office.

    Now the quintiles to my Ascendent and Midheaven, I don’t understand.  I’ve got 3H Neptune in Scorpio Quintile Virgo Ascendant. The Saturn/Mercury/Chiron conjunction in Pisces is Quintile Gemini Midheaven. Saturn is sextile Neptune. 

    As far as other points in the chart, 1H Uranus/Pluto in Virgo are quintile 10H Vesta in Cancer and bi-quintile 5H Vertex in Aquarius. Again Saturn’s rings reach out and touch these points as well.  Saturn opposes the  Uranus/Pluto conjunction and Vesta is in Saturn’s house. Capricorn is on 5th house cusp taking up approx 60% of the house.

    I don’t get any of my quintiles but I do know this, there has not been much getting away with bad behavior.

    • billow

      “there has not been much getting away with bad behavior”  .    .   .   perhaps that is a good thing because I always feel that you pack alot of power.  Strong strong strong.  :  )

    • LB

      Both Mozart and Hitler had tons of biquintiles and quintiles and look at the difference in what they chose to create!  I don’t get away with much either.  I think aspects indicate available energy – to some extent, how we choose to use that energy is up to us.  With quintiles, if we’re up to no good (and feeling pretty righteous about it), it probably makes it easier to turn to the “dark side”.  That’s what I THINK anyway. 

      Hitler and Madoff are two good examples of men whose character quirks gained them attention and power.  But I don’t think the quintiles in and of themselves made them immoral, they just helped make them popular.  The more I think about it, it really does tie in with Michelle’s point, doesn’t it?

      I agree with billow – you give off a strong vibe of powerful compassion and integrity.

      • Michelle

        Hitler and Madoff are two good examples of men whose character quirks gained them attention and power
        I don’t think it’s a matter of getting away with only bad behavior. 

        I’ll use myself as an example. 

        I have Venus biquintile Uranus – I can wear just about anything I want anywhere I want to wear it. Huge earrings, wacky hats, colored stockings, shocking hair, neon eyeshadow, 5 different mismatched patterns – for whatever I reason I can make these things work for me. I get compliments rather than sneers on outlandish outfits and styling. 

        These things are fairly neutral – they don’t matter too much one way or the other – but, I’ve never been made to feel like an outcast or been ostracized because of my clothing or style the way that someone with Venus square Uranus might.

    • Michelle

      I’m not sure that quintiles indicate “bad” behavior you get away with, especially since all of the aspect combinations have “good,” “bad” and neutral possibilities.

      Like LB mentions below, it doesn’t seem like there are any moral implications to Qs and BQs. 

      With Neptune/ascendant it probably doesn’t hurt you that people don’t always see you clearly. That triple conjunction with MC shows something about the seriousness with which you take your obligations and responsibilities. 

      • Wow, thanks Billow, LB and Michelle! Now I’ve gotta internalize it. 

        “..With Neptune/ascendant it probably doesn’t hurt you that people don’t always see you clearly. That triple conjunction with MC shows something about the seriousness
        with which you take your obligations and responsibilities.”

        People not seeing me clearly. That’s definitely true and I have to include myself in the bunch as well. lol  “You need to lighten up”. “It’s not that serious” “Don’t worry about (fill in the blank)”.  DH and a good friend of mine that’s like a brother to me tells me this all the time.  You’d think I’d gotten the message by now. lol

        • billow

          I first saw you clearly when you painted that exquisite picture for me of you biking through the hillsides (at least that’s what I imagined, hillsides) of Germany. 

          • Michelle

            Agreed. That picture stuck with me too.

          • I wish I had a camera but back then digital cameras were not out yet. You had to take the roll of film to be developed into pictures which was kinda pricy so I don’t have any pictures of my rides except for what’s in my mind. lol Here’s a picture of the picture taken at the top looking back, at one of those hills. It was a volksmarch event that included a 25k bike ride as one of the events you could participate in. A family that I’d just met there at the check in point got my address and so graciously sent me a copy of the pictures they took of us on the ride.  Lawd that was a looong hill. lol

            • Michelle

              Cool! Thank you for sharing your pics!

  • Chippp

    I’ve been very interested in the quintile aspects for awhile. I read somewhere they’re also about creativity and talent, also piecing things together. Being a musician these quntiles help out a bit. I’ve got Sun BiQuintile Saturn, Sun BiQuintile Neptune, Ascendent Biquintile Vertex, Pluto Biquintile Part of Fortune, Moon Quintile Vesta, Pluto Biquintile Ceres, Chiron Quintile Juno, and Mars Quintile Pluto.

    I am beyond curious about the Pluto Biquintile Part of Fortune aspect.

    • billow

      Wow, what kind of music, what instruments.  I’d guess that your improv is phenomenal?  Oh the places you must go.

      • Chippp

        I play absolutely all types of music, I mix more styles of music then a bartender mixes drink in one night. I play Guitar, bass, drums, and keys.. but guitar is where I shine. People are hypnotized at shows, and musicians I play with beg me to stop sometimes because the music becomes overbearingly trippy and unbearably intense… I think they’re crazy for thinking that 😛

        http://www.reverbnation.com/t9hhttp://www.soundcloud.com/sonicmagickchippp (:

        • billow

          Hey, take it easy on us.  You are a work out, you don’t want to kill your fellow musicians.  It reminds me of my Silly.  One of my exes always begged me to stop.  He explained I was like a marx brother movie.  It was only funny for so long but I just couldn’t stop.  Can’t wait to get to a faster puter to check your stuff.  I love where you take your listeners.

          • billow

            Oh dear, my natal Venus quintiles natal Silly.

            • billow

              Oh dear dear, that means that natal mercaury biquintiles natal silly. 

              • LB

                How funny, billow.  Venus quintile Silly seems like a useful aspect to have – it’s good to have a sense of humor when it comes to relationships!

                • billow

                  I think it has been helpful to me, even if it is not always appreciated.  I just have to give the parade pissers the boot.

        • billow

          Ya make that thang sing.  Couldn’t be better.   I want better headphones now.  ( :

    • Michelle

      Quintiles and biquintiles do seem related to creativity or talent. I wrote a bit about that in a previous post about quintiles and biquintiles: http://astrofix.net/2010/09/27/quintiles-and-biquintiles/

      Pluto Biquintile Part of Fortune aspect.
      I’d have to find more people with that aspect to get a better idea of what it means. 

  • JH

    Hello there,

    I had a quick look at my chart – no quintiles, but two biquintiles.  Mars to the AC and Jupiter to the MC.  What on Earth would they mean?  

    I don’t know what it is I get away with due to the fact that I must be getting away with it well…..

  • Really? I never touched minor aspect before. I knew them but I never pay much attention to it.

    • Michelle

      I’ll be curious to hear what you find 🙂

  • Anany83

    this is a new idea!!
    can you help me to understand about my quintile and biquintile from this angle?
    i have
    mars q pluto(some times i get away with my temper-tantrums,after a massive temper-drama ,people forgive me, here i should mention mars is in leo and pluto in libra)
    sat q mars
    sun bq asc
    i am going to see,if i have any more q or bq in my chart

    • Michelle

      Your Mars/Pluto interpretation seems good.

      Check out the Mars/Saturn Aspects post: http://astrofix.net/2010/11/11/marssaturn-aspects/

      I’ll be addressing planets in contact with angles soon.

  • billow

    Would progressions change what behaviors are allowed so that what might have worked in the past may no longer work in the present?

    • Michelle

      Natal aspects never really go away. Progressions are great at showing events and changes in behavior that go along with those events, but that behavior doesn’t always last. Changes in behavior might evolve to cope with current conditions and then fade away – then you’re back to your core personality again (your natal chart) with added life experience and new tools for coping with what life throws at you.

      That’s one way to look at it.

  • Zoa

    I don’t have any biquintiles but have two quintiles: Mercury Q Jupiter and Venus Q Chiron.
    WIth Mercury Q Jupiter I can get away with being obnoxious, even arrogant with words.  Now I understand why people never respond with a punch in the face when the Mercyru square Pluto comes out lol
    Venus Q Chiron… I have no idea. I don’t know what to make of this aspect. But I will be patiently waiting for a Venus-Chiron post.

    • Michelle

      Hi Zoa,

      Good insight into Mercury Q Jupiter!

      Venus/Chiron Aspects is coming soon 🙂

  • Pisces Moon

    Hi Michelle! How does this play out in Synastry and Composite? Let’s just say that the woman has Venus Quintile her partner’s Pluto. Does that mean that her quirks are charming to him although he might not think so in another woman? Thanks!

    • Michelle

      That’s a great question. I haven’t explored this idea much beyond natal charts just yet, but as I learn more I will probably write a post about their effect in synastry and composite. 

  • Pisces Moon

    Hi Michelle! Does this apply to Synastry and Composite as well? Let’s just say that a woman’s Venus is Quintile the man’s Pluto in synastry. How does that play out? Does the man find her behavior charming but would not tolerate it if it was another woman? Thanks 🙂

  • billow

    Oh gosh, I have to learn something new.  Gotta check it.  I don’t know Emily Blunt, the other persons on the list I am familiar with and they sure do portray loud characters in one way or another.  Very in my face.  See you after I check my chart.

    • billow

      Oh no, this is impossible.  I am not aware of having any charming personality traits.  I have mercury quintile venus natally, and probably could get away with telling lies, but I don’t have the head space to keep lies straight.  Mars biquintiles neptune so maybe I do lie and just believe I am telling the truth.  I have always been surprised by friends calling me out as being this or that thing, when I would like to be that thing but don’t feel I have the discipline to actually be it.  Am I close at all on this?

      • Michelle

        Mars/Neptune doesn’t seem to me to be as much about lying as it is about being evasive. How are you at being evasive and getting out of stuff you don’t want to do? How are your powers of procrastination?

        Mercury/Venus could mean that you’re able to dole out flattery without anyone accusing you of being a sycophant (one possibility).

        • billow

          “evasive and getting out of stuff I don’t want to do” .   .   .   when I commit to others to do something, I will follow through, but I do always have an open clause that I will not self destruct in the process.  Unless the situation turns dangerous and requires expedient exit, I will make sure there is replacement energy in place.  I was more prone to the evasive dance when younger.  Increased testosterone that comes with the “Maxine years” , or something like that,  empowers me to just say no.  I also have become wiser on what to avoid.  Although, there are always more tricks up life’s sleeves.

          “doling out flattery” .   .   .   hard to think about.  Flattery seems to imply falsity? to get something else.  My favorite story is about a charming libra baby.  The mom was standing holding the infant in her arms across the room and I was standing with my butt  against the kitchen cupboards while we talked.  That little baby started smiling and cooing and reaching out to me, and the mom said awww she wants to come to you.  And I was like awww the cute little baby is reaching out to me.  It was a a warm and cozy exchange while mom and I delighted in the experience.  Until I had the baby in my arms and found all she just wanted what was on the shelf behind me.   

          My natal mercury is in libra .   .   .    hmmmm.

          What are “powers” of procrastination?

          • Michelle

            I was trying to be funny with “powers” of procrastination. Fail. What I mean is, do you use procrastination to your advantage, or do you find that when you procrastinate things tend to work out in your favor more than they work against you?

            • billow

              It is a funny phrase, and I will be stealing it. 

               It would be nice to be able to procrastinate without beating myself up about it.  Like this whole scrub I’ve been doing since the fit hit the shan.  It’s a deep cleanse I have to do to restructure my life, but it takes time away from getting my chores done, if you know what I mean.  Perhaps, it isn’t procrastination because I am putting the time to good and necessary use.   I am to the point where I am considering that this contemplation/meditation thing maybe is necessary to my well being but so are the daily chores.  I need to make time for both, which means calling myself into motion. 

              Projects and school stuff goes much better when I take time to process before attacking.  If I move too soon I will face redo redo redo.  Also I have learned an imporant lesson about negotiations.  I know what I want going in, I get an understanding of the players, and let them take the lead.  By allowing the process to unfold, I can better take appropriate action when necessary.  What I do not get away with is saying what I want and garnering support.  It just doesn’t work that way for me like it does for others.  Timing is everything.  I agree with I think it was Guest, who mentioned the importance of timing.

              I save my quick thinking and solutions for emergencies where fast action is required.  Adrenaline does that to me.  I don’t fall apart until the situation is handled.

              • billow

                Oh this is kind of funny.  About what I want not garnering support.  Natal wasted breath Kassandra conjuncts natal Venus.  Venus/Kass Q Mercury.  Go figure.

        • LB

          The other side of Neptune is spirituality, so couldn’t Mars/Neptune also be about learning to use our energy in a spiritually empowering way?  BTW, I agree it could also mean evasiveness, or even outright deception in some cases.  🙂  Mine are quincunx and I’ve learned the value in withholding.  There are times when if I revealed all that I knew, nothing good would come of it.  Like Jack Nicholson’s character said in the movie “A Few Good Men”, “You can’t handle the truth!”

          I have quite a few biquintiles and quintiles and am still thinking about how they relate to my quirkiness.  I’ve been thinking about it all night.  It’s an interesting way to look at these aspects, Michelle – I like it!  I do know they lend a certain amount of influence and maybe even power, as in powerful compulsions.  I guess our compulsions, as well as the energies that drive us to create, could be seen as quirky.  So that makes sense. 

          • billow

            “spiritually empowering way”  .   .  .  I suppose that would have extra punch with natal mars in pisces? 

            I looked at this too last evening and some more this morn.  Looking at progressed quintiles and bi quintiles and referencing Tomkins aspect book, was re-confirmning about the changes I am making.  The interesting change would be the difference between the natal mercury venus quintile and the now progressed mercury mars quintile.  Talking it out and coming to compromise is not so much an option anymore in my day to day.  It seems more like I need to do what I do, and walk it through.  While I too am learning discipline in telling my truth, I needn’t poo poo the lies either.  It’s more about living my truth now than talking it.  Except on this stellular  site where I can work through stuff with the input of exceptional minds.

            I am also interested in looking at transits forming these aspects with natal or progressed planets.  You know, those days where it just all works out in some sort of seemingly magical mysterious way.

            • LB

              “It’s more about living my truth now than talking it.  Except on this stellular site where I can work through stuff with the input of exceptional minds.”

              Well said, billow!  Agreed and agreed. 🙂

              My 12th house Uranus sits at the midpoint and is quintile both my 2nd house Libra Sun and 9th house retrograde Gemini Mars.  My strong personality quirks, (i.e., my values, ideals, sense of truth and unique perspectives) seem more acceptable when expressed via the internet. Especially when my words don’t come across as self-serving. 

              I’ve been looking at quintiles formed during progressions and transits too.  They’re pretty interesting.

              • Michelle

                I need to go back and check for progressed Qs and BQs too…

                • LB

                  The upcoming Eclipse is quintile my 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna and my 1st house Pallas.  Now I’m curious.

                  • Michelle

                    It’s going to be right on my Mars at 10 Cancer, squaring Pluto at 10 Libra, and sextile my ascendant at 11 Virgo.

                    • billow

                      How’s the saturn pluto conjunction going?  That along with the mars asc stuff going on begs me to ask, are you ready for lift off or what?

                    • Michelle

                      Fear of financial destruction is motivating me to do things I’ve never tried before. 

                  • billow

                    Conjunct natal moon, so excuse me if I’m being luney.

                  • LB

                    Speaking of quintiles – I just figured out last night’s Eclipse (in my natal 10th) was at the midpoint of my 12th house Uranus/9th house retrograde Mars quintile.  I looked it up because as the night wore on, I felt more and more wired – it was almost like a caffeine buzz. 

                    I didn’t sleep well and when I gave Reiki, my hands were especially hot and very sensitive.  I also had weird “message” dreams and decorated (in my mind) a mysterious future living space using a beautiful shade of deep, vibrant teal-blue.  It was way out of my normal comfort zone, but very soothing.

                    So now I guess we know what makes my Uranus/Mars quintile quirky.

                  • LB

                    Speaking of quintiles – I just figured out last night’s Eclipse (in my natal 10th) was at the midpoint of my 12th house Uranus/9th house retrograde Mars quintile.  I looked it up because as the night wore on, I felt more and more wired – it was almost like a caffeine buzz. 

                    I didn’t sleep well and when I gave Reiki, my hands were especially hot and very sensitive.  I also had weird “message” dreams and decorated (in my mind) a mysterious future living space using a beautiful shade of deep, vibrant teal-blue.  It was way out of my normal comfort zone, but very soothing.

                    So now I guess we know what makes my Uranus/Mars quintile quirky.

                    • billow

                      Wired is a good word for mars uranus in my book.  I got a progressed BQ between the two now.  I have no clue how I would use something like that because when uranus conjuncted natal mars I was wired to the point of catatonia.  An acquaintence of mine swears by greens and blues for calming.

                    • LB

                      Which progressed houses are your biquintile planets in, billow?  Maybe that will give you a clue.

                      BTW, I’m still super charged this morning, in spite of a lack of sleep.

                    • Michelle

                      I ran myself ragged all week.

                    • LB

                      I’m not surprised – your Mars is getting a work-out, eh?

                    • Michelle

                      It is. 

                    • billow

                      Thought about that today and it makes sense.  Mars P2 and uranus P7.  I’m not sure why this relationship is ending at this eclipse, but there it was irreconcilable differences.  Is self worth house 2?  If so, it really makes sense. 

                      But why finally now???  Transiting mars is midpoint transiting and natal uranus?  I had a physical mishap while yardening so I am resting.  This only accentuated the relationship split.  I am looking at crippling and abuse.  In that order, ouch.  It’s so past life nightmare.

                    • billow

                      The eclipse trined P mars by 4 degrees and quincunxed my P urnaus by 4 degrees?  It also squared my Eris (11 Aries, Msfullroller), but I just had to stand up for myself.  I’m so tired of it.  It goes round and round.  I didn’t instigate it so it probably has alot to do with her chart but I don’t care to look at that.

                    • billow

                      Oooh, good one LB.  I am going to use it to release what gets me wired.  Sometimes, there is no easy way, but to discontinue it.  Thanks for the jump start.  I will just have to deal with any fallout as it happens.

                    • Michelle

                      I have a natal trine between Mars and Uranus. 

                    • billow

                      You rubblerouser you!  The water trine (especially since uranus is exalted in Scorpio) works far better for me than the confusing air mars uranus or the scorcher fire mars uranus.  Would the conjunction personalities hit me harder.  I’m not bashing it, it’s just my set up.

                      Once again, you and your subscribers are awesome.

                    • Michelle

                      Thank you, billow. That was really sweet 🙂

                    • Ooh that sounds beautiful!! I’ve always loved teal-blue. As a matter of fact, I want to work that color into my bedroom which is a reddish eggplant purple. 

                    • Michelle

                       I love those reddish-purple eggplant hues.

                    • Michelle

                      I slept like a rock last night. I know I had dreams but I didn’t remember them. 

                  • It’s gonna well actually was at the time of this reply, square my Sun at 11 Aries, semi-sextile Eros at 9 Gemini, sextile my ascendent at 9 Virgo and quincunx my Vertex at 10 Aquarius.   

                    • LB

                      MsFullroller, your Vertex is 2 degrees away from mine.  And your ascendant is 3 away.  My Virgo rising and Aquarius Vertex are exactly quincunx.

            • Michelle

              I have a natal Mars/Mercury quintile. Mercury is my chart ruler and Mars is the dispositor of my Sun (and my Mercury is in Aries). 

              Aside from thinking and moving fast, people seem to like my decisiveness. In my relationship or with friends, when everyone else is waffling, I get to be The Decider (ha!) and no one ever seems to resent me for it. They actually seem to get annoyed when I don’t take over and make the decisions. I feel like I get the “final say” most of the time.

              • billow

                Do ya ever feel like whacking us when we can’t make up our minds?

                • Michelle

                  Lol…um…yes :p

                  • billow


          • Michelle

            Mars/ Neptune definitely has a spiritual bent. I was thinking over my previous response and came up with a few more possibilities:

            You get away with doing things in a less obvious way – rather than being forthright.
            You get away with being a more spiritually inclined person (especially in billow’s case where I think she mentioned people are not too open-minded in her community)
            You get away with being a rescuer, or savior, to creatures or people in need.
            Also, that you are more than likely not overly self-serving.

            • LB

              My Scorpio Neptune (conjunct Mercury) forms a biquintile with my Gemini MC/Aldebaran (which is conjunct my Mars) and I relate to all of the above descriptions.  People often assign an other-worldly quality to me without considering me “flakey”.  Recently, I’ve had more than one person call me an angel.

              My 5th house Aquarius Moon biquintiles my Virgo Ascendant; my 2nd house Libra Ceres quintiles my 4th house Sag Saturn/Part of Spirit/asteroid Spirit.  Both of these probably have to do with my overwhelming desire to nurture others in practical yet spiritual ways.  People don’t seem offended by my unsolicited “guidance” and/or support and generally end up wanting more.

              My 8th house Eris/Osculating Lilith quintiles my 12th house Pluto (people either love me or hate me for my efforts to advocate on behalf of those who are unable to speak for themselves), and my 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna quintiles my 1st house Pallas in Virgo.  Hmmm – I’m not sure who loves me for this last one (Ha!), except maybe my husband who values my insights regarding human patterns of behavior, no matter how unflattering they might be.

              I already mentioned my 12th house Uranus which quintiles my 2nd house Libra Sun and 9th house Gemini Mars/Part of Fortune (which naturally, are biquintile).  My artistic creations are definitely quirky, yet certain people seem to love them – I’ve sold prints without even trying.  That’s saying something considering my lack of technical ability and training – it took a lot of nerve just to show my art.   I also think this makes me good at managing stressful, quickly changing situations where my verbal abilities, insights and even manual dexterity make me equipped to act proactively.  Most people intuitively trust me to take charge – again, without being offended (Uranus is in Leo). 

              People (not everyone, of course) also value my spiritual gifts and sudden intuitive flashes without thinking me “weird”.  I’m even becoming known as a gifted intuitive among other intuitives, which continues to surprise and confuse me.  

              Although it’s an obscure asteroid – asteroid Reiki quintiles my Mars/Part of Fortune.  Even my conservative elderly relatives loved receiving Reiki!

              • LB

                Occasionally (doesn’t happen often) I catch myself coming across in a very no-nonsense, assertive way – my personality can be very strong yet people generally don’t seem offended and even end up thanking me for sharing my insights.  I sometimes find this kind of shocking, since I’m not at all sure how I’d respond to a similar approach. 

                It usually happens when someone has asked me for my advice, but really just wants to be coddled and made to feel better about their delusions or lack of effort.  I don’t say that, but it’s what I’m thinking  (see how blunt???)  I’m compassionate, but also VERY practical, as in – if a behavior is consistently causing harm, QUIT DOING IT – so it’s during those situations that I can feel my 12th house Pluto kicking in, overriding Neptune.  Recently, I had to explain to someone that I made a terrible enabler but was great at “tough love”.  Normally, I’m very gentle in my approach so I thought it best to be clear.

                This most recent example happened during my Mars Return, so maybe it had to with my Sun/Uranus quintile aspects (or my Mars/Pluto square -yikes!).  I also wonder if this is my Ceres quintile Saturn aspect (transiting Saturn has been conjunct Ceres) or maybe even my Eris quintile Pluto.  Sometimes it’s really hard to separate aspects when they seem to point in a similar direction.

                • Michelle

                  Your Moon is in Capricorn, isn’t it? Capricorn is usually no-nonsense tough love.

                  It is difficult to separate the influence of aspects that are similar. 

                  • LB

                    My natal Moon is in Aquarius tightly square my Scorpio Mercury.  Saturn sits at the exact midpoint.

                    You were onto something though (no surprise).  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but my progressed Moon is in Capricorn. 🙂 The person I was talking to has natal Moon in Capricorn.  I’m really getting a taste for what that’s like.

                    • Michelle

                      Oh, that’s right – our Moons are opposite by sign and house.

              • billow

                Yay, I always thought you sounded like you would be a good manager.  But I should have remembered that knowing what’s up is not always a good thing to have around the large and in charge.  Sounds like you have better things to do anyway.

                • LB

                  Thanks, billow.  You’re right, I’m not motivated to manage anyone else’s business right now.  Instead, I’m concentrating on getting my own practice up and running. 

                  • Michelle

                    “Managing other people’s business” is a very good, concise, interpretation for your Aries South Node in the 8th house.

                    • LB

                      I guess that explains my feelings of having been there and done that – transiting Saturn is conjunct my natal 2nd house Ceres, which is part of my Mystic Rectangle and Grand Trine involving my Moon and MC.  I want to do what I value and make my own money doing it.

              • Michelle

                Great insights as usual LB!

                • LB

                  Thanks, Michelle.  I wasn’t so sure I got it right this time.  I’m still obsessing, er thinking – must have something to do with one of my quintiles!

              • LB

                It only now occurred to me my 9th house Gemini Mars biquintile my 2nd house Libra Sun probably allows me a little leeway in assertively expressing my thoughts on a variety of spiritual/philosophical/religious/political subjects as they relate to my strong values.

            • billow

              I really want to be more self serving.  Maybe self nurturing.  Not at the expense of others, but just taking time to do what nurtures me.  And you are right about not being obvious, it’s the invisible factor.  I really don’t need the accolades and find it amusing when my idea is stolen and the boss announces the brilliance of the thief.  The problem with invisibility is that I can get stepped on.  When there are problems the blamers need to pass the buck to some one, never acknowleging the players who created the mess.  I am not sure this is intentional or if they have really short or maybe convenient memories.  It’s why I am being more cautious about my associations.

              • Michelle

                I think we talked about Mars/Neptune, stealth, and the cloak of invisibility over in the Mars/Neptune Aspects post: http://astrofix.net/2010/11/06/marsneptune-aspects/

                There must be other factors involved in your Mars/Neptune quintile. Does Mars or Neptune received squares or oppositions from other planets?

                • Michelle

                  Which house is your Neptune in?

                  • billow

                    The fun house, the house of 12.  I don’t look at whole house because I’m kinduv locked in to working with what I started with and with my asc at 16 degrees whole house is a little too funky a change right now.

                    • Michelle

                      That’s an extra Neptune influence. Probably accounts for some of the backhanded-ness you experience from others.

                    • billow

                      I’m in the process of watching the fallout (fallout shelter, hmmmm, another generational gift)  of my recent most awesome separation.  There is something in what you said about being too close to IT.   Oh what my voicemail reveals.  Fear mongering threats.  But it’s only voicemail right.  I realize there will be some factionalizing I’ll have to deal with, but every day I don’t have to deal with that is a good day.  And it is so much better than living in fear.

                      I think my frustration is in continually being nailed down to something that doesn’t really ring true to me.  It feels like if I am the thing I am accused of, then the other can fight me.  So I end up working to be heard as I am of course to no avail, just more ammo for the twisted warrior.  I’d guess I’m supposed to compete to win or something.  Some folks really like war?  But I know if I entrench myself in that game, the other will only hurt themselves.  Neptpune conjunct sisyphus.  Ye gads!  My separation from the competitive one seems to be saying I surrender, go find someone in your own league.

                • billow

                  trines IC . . . talk about the flounder. I must look up the flounder’s life

                  Okay, ya
                  ya, squares Venus by 5 degrees. Everything amoreuse and you wrote about that
                  square. Relationships were fantastical to start, but realized I had strapped
                  myself with yet another wounded puppy to take care of. All absolutely
                  phenomenal in some way, but just couldn’t get the happy and satisfied thing
                  going, or keeping them going exhausted me at which point wounded puppy was, of
                  course, not there for me. Get em on their feet as best as possible and move em
                  out the door, until I met a real hard case. Time for a break, a good
                  loooooooooooooong break. Reassess, reassess.

                  Out of
                  sign square with Uranus by 6 degrees, and yes my idea of fashion worked in the
                  citay but does not fly in the rural backwaters where I now live. I was
                  stellular at costuming shows and actually made a living doing that for awhile.

                  Yes, my
                  ability to survive in my present locale is questionable. But I love my digs.
                  You might get a kick out of this. Mars retro in the fourth pisces: I purchased
                  the house I always dreamed (and I mean I had dreams about it, which I only
                  discovered after rereading my old journals) about having, almost 150 years old
                  now farmhouse where get this, my mother was born. Not that I had some past to
                  look at or anything. Although it was obvious in my subconscious, I was totally
                  surprised when my dad called me as I was drying off condo poolside in the citay
                  (how different those days were) to inform me of my uncle’s death and my hand
                  automatically picked the phone up, dialed him back, and my voice asked him to
                  put in a bid on the house for me. So I guess that would be how quickly (Uranus)
                  a dream (Neptune) can materialize (I wonder where Saturn was then).  The quirkiness would be in the surprising
                  comment I continually hear from those who dare enter, “I really love your
                  house, but I could never live like this.”

                  Big city
                  is supposed to be scary, but it is nothing compared to what I experienced on
                  returning to this small town.  I see it
                  all here.  So this is the way it is.  And within it all, I make a space to live my
                  simple dream among nature, plants, animals, and friends,  and try not to get any on me.  I am considering searching out movies/books
                  about people who make a space for love, an ever expanding one, in the midst of
                  warring and turmoil. 

                  Yup, I may
                  look like a fantasy, but I’m living my dream.  Sorry if that causes anyone nightmares.

                  • billow

                    Oops, I did a cut and paste. 

                  • LB

                    So you put your energies (Mars) to work by dreaming since childhood (retrograde in Pisces/4th) of owning a home that was once the home of your mother (in the 4th).  This home is your dream (ruler of your Pisces is in the 12th) in that it offers you a secluded, magical place away from the world (Neptune in the 12th).  With Pisces retrograde, I wonder if this farmhouse feels like you’re RETURNING to something familiar and comforting, even if it’s not consciously known.  And although your choice of a home may seem a bit “quirky” to others, they still admire you for it.

                    I’m sure Michelle can do a much better job of it, but there’s my take on your quintile (or at least one aspect of it), for what it’s worth. 🙂  Feel free to reject.

                    • LB

                      You already knew all this anyway.  I think I’m just phrasing it a tiny bit differently.  It is interesting how you made your dream happen.

                    • billow

                      Or the dream is making me happen???? 

                      Although the natural world was my connection as a child, I could not wait to get the hell out of here.  What brought me back is a mystery, except for some mitigating circumstances people wise here.  That was somewhere in the attic too.  The house opening up was probably the kicker.

                    • Michelle

                      That’s pretty much everything.

                      Retrograde Mars in the 4th – taking action to return to your roots.

                    • billow

                      That’s an interesting take.   But but but the return it was like zombie must do, hardly seemed like a conscious decision.  Although being into plants, once I (?) set it in motion, the thought of putting my hands in the same soil as my mother and maternal grandmother was a sustainer.

                    • Michelle

                      I think the 4th house is largely unconscious, or out your hands. Maybe you get to choose your family, but maybe you don’t – maybe it’s a mix.

                    • billow

                      As this chapter slams shut, I get the feeling that I did come in with a responsibility, a few sacred contracts, and a purpose to clear the handicapping.

                      I hate to keep mentioning Tompkins, but I’ve had the book for a while and I can now better relate to the energies.  The Saturn Pluto square thing makes sense in that my conception happened during one of the worst polio outbreaks in the US that happened to be in the locale of my birth.  And I was born in the aftermath of a tragic family event, which as I find out has been integral in shaping the corruption.  It was “an accident” of course.  Someday perhaps I will write a psychothriller about it.  : )


                    • LB

                      billow, have you checked out where asteroid Karma (3811) is in your chart?  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t remember if it fit for you.

                    • billow

                      No, I could check it.  1st house saturn seems to say it all, especially with the square to MH pluto.  But Karma could be a kick.  Am kinduv blown out right now with the big change.  Amazing how the dissolution of one association can be so mind altering.  Kinduv like pulling a big weed out by the roots.  Whew!!!

                    • LB

                      Sorry, billow.  Take care.  I guess sometimes we all need to pull a few weeds in order to keep our gardens healthy.

                    • billow

                      Sorry for what?  Cuz I can’t get my head out of my own dazed butt at the moment?  You are helpful in ways you do not know.  You may have facilitaed my rememberance and opening up of recurring dreams I’ve had about houses and rooms in houses.  Weird the bookmarks I have made in life.  I wasn’t getting past the decorum of the houses and rooms I dreamed about to get the relevance of what was revealed there.  We don’t always work in the way we intend.  I guess one chapter can’t close without another opening up.  Don’t underestimate yourself.  Never ever.  I’m just in the middle of some whacky 4-12 stuff.  Thanks for your tolerance.

                    • Wow Billow! However I know, you’ll rise stronger than ever. You can’t help it with Pluto on the MH square Saturn in the 1st.

                    • billow

                      Alot of it is generational, or so one of the secret rooms in time has revealed.   It wasn’t just the polio.  The flip side of the record is that Elvis and Little Richard broke out in a big way during my conception as well.  That led to the 60s R&R, etc etc, but not everyone made the transition to love peace groovy.  I have been trying so hard to salvage some biosib relationships.  Venus conj wasted breath Kassandra BQs IC.    I should hate my sister for what she did over and over again, or what I submitted myself to for so long, but I am almost happier for her at our split than I am for myself.  I was just perpetuating her blame game.  If it didn’t feel so good, I’d be mad.  Like I said, “whew.” 

                      And it was hard to recognize strength, when I was told over and over and over again how rotten I am. 

                    • Michelle

                      I love the idea of coming in with a contract. I definitely feel that way. I feel like there are things I’m supposed to do and I don’t get to cut out of “class” early.

                    • billow

                      “coming in with a contract(s)”  .   .   .  Yay, and sometimes one has to run through fire and rain to honor them.  : )

                  • Michelle

                    Amazing story!

                    • billow

                      Micheeeeeelle?  You have been very generous letting me get away with working through this thing.  Is it of interest that your Jupiter is Q my IC?  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  And it leaves me an open for Q/BQ compositing or synastrying and what that means if I ever get there.  

                    • Michelle


                    • Michelle


      • Tiabiamama

        You are being WAY too literal. You obviously have NO charming personality traits, and mercury quintile venus doesn’t mean lies, and mars biquintile neptune might mean that you might prefer to evade facing ugly truths in favor of a prettier reality-not lie on purpose. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious are just harassing the astrologer- lay off and let me ponder the idea without you pissing and moaning all over the charming and profound information presented.