Jupiter/Midheaven Aspects


jupiter 10th houseSetting a larger than life example. Big authority. Epic influence. Aspirations of epic proportions. Wanting an immense status. Wanting people to believe in you. Becoming someone others can look to and believe in. Developing a confident public persona. Developing an exalted public persona. Living legends. Colossal expectations for what you should be doing. Overblown sense of your impact on society as a whole. Overblown need to make an impact. Huge aspirations. Aspiring to be almost god-like. Formidable reputation.

Wanting to hold an influential position in the world. Wanting people to recognize your greatness. Wanting people to recognize your authority. Larger than life. Looming large. Known for being big. Known for being over the top. “Too much” of whichever sign Jupiter is placed in. Go big or go home. Admiration for big things and “big” people. Admiration for people in “big” positions. Wanting to be known for doing something epic. Aspiration in religion or philosophy. Philosophy that impacts the world. Wanting a career or position in life that compels others to put their faith in you. A preacher.

Having it all – as seen by outsiders. Getting lucky in career, reputation, and social standing. Having the doors of success flung open for you. Encouraged and supported by authority figures. Your parents’ influence ensures your success. Children of successful people. Trust fund babies. Born with a silver spoon. Your success is easier because other people in your family are already successful. Partaking in the good life. Living high on the hog. Party people. Too much is not enough. Monstrously overbearing – or having had an overbearing parent (most likely Mom).

Aspiring to be a good parent. Aspiring to be a great role model. Aspiring to leave the world a better place. Having a vision for your success. Taking a long view on success. Open to the influence of mentors and guides. Welcoming guides into your life. Needing mentors and guides in your life. Needing to be someone to follow or to have someone to follow, or both. Having had a parent who was also a mentor. Wanting to be recognized for doing something meaningful. Leaving big shoes to fill or feeling that you have big shoes to fill. Big Mama. Big Papa. Overwhelming mother. Experiencing authority as being overwhelming. Career becomes a philosophical question to ponder. Pondering rather than doing. An arrogant attitude concerning achievements. Achievement is everything. Reaching and reaching, bigger and broader.

Cultural inheritance that impacts the world. Taking advantage of cultural ties to get ahead in the world. Taking advantage of connections through religious groups to get ahead in the world. Becoming known for being a well-cultured person. Becoming known for you cultural background. Putting your ethnic background in the spotlight. Putting ethics in the spotlight. Having a career where your ethics, morals and beliefs are apparent to the public. Having careers in journalism, foreign affairs, law, religion, travel. Becoming known for an interest in law and philosophy. Becoming know for your travels. Becoming known as someone who is hard to pin down.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Jupiter/MC, read Jupiter/IC Aspects.

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  • Gertrude Stein

    I also interpret this aspect as luck with finding good gurus.

    • Do you have this aspect, Gertrude? Has that been your experience?

      • Gertrude Stein

        Yes, but I’m actually hesitant about this interpretation for the blog post in general. I have Jupiter in the 9th house conjunct my Midheaven, which I think has a very different flavor than if it were in the 10th house and making the same aspect. 9th house has more of a ‘guru’ flavor than the 10th, which I would interpret as having a ‘Jupiterian’ mission and career orientation. I think the MC in general can be about our teachers/mentors because these people both straddle our 9th house needs of higher education, belief system, how we expand ourselves, etc. as well as the tenth which is our ‘mission’ in life which (hopefully) aligns with our career. The midheaven and planets aspecting it can reveal to us us more about what type of teachers we need. In synastry, I look at aspects to the midheaven in student/teacher relationships: a teacher’s ascendant, Sun, Moon etc. aspected a student’s MC can be seen as having a strong influence on the student.

        • Where is Jupiter if you use the whole signs house system?

          • Gertrude Stein

            10th house with Whole Sign. 9th with Placidus.

            • Interesting. My south node is in the 9th house, conjunct Jupiter. I’ve never had much luck with teachers. Something usually happens to interfere with my education. I’m forced to do a lot of self-study.

              • Gertrude Stein

                That could be one interpretation for it – that your Jupiter is conjunct your South Node so self-study is how you move towards your North Node (perhaps you had gurus in a past life, and now you are here to learn on your own). How is the ruler of your 9th house? I’ve noticed that if the ruler of the 9th has difficult aspects it can lead to disruptions in education. Also, is Saturn aspecting Jupiter, in the 9th house, or afflicting the 9th house ruler? Could be that finding a good mentor comes later in life for you.

                • Gertrude Stein

                  Uranus is conjunct my South Node in the 8th – I’m certainly learning how to be less of a weirdo (or not letting my freak flag fly so high). I’m trying to develop a healthy dose of conservatism to help me in my professional life. And by the way, all of your self-study has payed off! Your blog is awesome and I read it all the time!

                • Yeah, we’ll see 🙂

              • Roland Lee

                I have Jupiter conjunct North Node both conjunct the MC in Libra. Jupiter and North Node are in the later degrees of the 9th house. I’ve been self-taught in everything all my life…from advanced Math/Electronics to my profession in music. I have been lucky in finding friends who helped me along the way but I had a hard time convincing myself to pay for lessons or get a degree…so it wasn’t totally economics that prevented my finding a teacher. My Saturn is un-aspected in the 12th house and my Asc. is in Sagittarius.

  • Let’s play pretend.

    I have Jupiter conjunct MC in Pisces, Jupiter is in House IV (22°) and MC is at 29°. My life was (and is) very hard but I always felt confident that someday things would be better, I almost felt like this aspect would solve all my life, which was a bad way to approach things. I’m heading to my 30 birthday next year, and I’m not even close to making true any of my dreams so I’m starting to doubt about the benefits of this aspect.

    • If Jupiter is in your 4th house, then it is opposite your MC. How accurate is your birth time?

      • Let’s play pretend.

        Sorry for the confusion, Jupiter is in my 9th house, not 4th!

        • Take a look at your north node to see what path will lead you to a breakthrough. Sitting around hoping for the best isn’t going to work; you need to take action.

          • Let’s play pretend.

            Thanks! My NN is in Aries, house X. I know I need (and want) to be a leader, a referent in my area to be happy with my work 🙂

            • Good goals for your nodal position!

    • Gertrude Stein

      Were you born with the moon Void of Course by any chance? Where is Saturn in your chart, and what does it aspect? Does it happen to aspect your MC?

  • “I hope that one day i will became “biggest”than everyone else in whole world.”

    Be careful what you wish for and how you word your wishes … the way this is worded you might just end up weighing a 1000 pounds and you would be the “biggest.”

  • RjoyD

    I have Jupiter rx Taurus 11th house (in equal/koch 12th house placidus) quintile MC in Pisces
    I am definitely philosophical and I have always strived to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Both my parents were “overwhelming”, i guess you could say. 🙂

  • Savus

    My MC trines jupiter and i have moon, Rahu and chiron in the 10th house. I Also have jupiter in the 2th house. What does that mean?

  • Lindleyi

    I have Pluto/MC conjunction opposites Jupiter, aslo my Sun conjuncts Jupiter (but not opposites Pluto/MC). Although my hard aspects of Moon with with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Capricorn rising cause my psycho mood, I always “believe” in the good. When I was a child, nobody ever cared about my drawings or gave me any compliment, while my friend got them. Yet my only thought was “I want to draw”, that’s all. I don’t give a damn how people think impossible for me to do something. Yes I can’t fly to the moon, but I can fly in my dream every night. I’m not a billionaire but if money is for “happiness” then I have enough money for my happiness. Aren’t they just the same? LOL

    I know for Jupiter, your life seems to be blessed, especially as seen by outsiders. But yet many people who are richer than me still complain about how miserable they are. Others with complicated love life complain how their lovers didn’t love them enough or cheated on them. C’on, I don’t even have a lover, but see, how much I care about it LOL

    Actually I wanted to be a famous artist when I was a child (just as same as many other children do). Later I gave it up, but not because it’s impossible but because I found that I didn’t really like the fame if I had to be competitive. I just loved to be “big” and “unique” (and now I know it’s because of Jupiter/Sun conjunction and Mars Aquarius house 1). As long as I feel “I’m a big girl in a big world” then it’s enough for me.

    Thank you Jupiter for your right position in my chart LOL

    • Are you still creating artwork?

      • Lindleyi

        Yes I am, as my hobby :3

  • Atiany

    Jupiter in Gemini/11 Trine IC (Libra) and Sextile MC (Aries)

    Small family. Dad Black, Mom White. Culture/race/ethnicity very salient. Mom came from money but racism prevented her children from benefiting. Mom mentally Ill; dad 22 years her senior. An unhappy marriage. Religion not part of family life; Lower SES; Chaotic and tense home.
    No desire to be big/successful/well-known; a loner, prefer to be home and out of public eye (Neptune/Scorpio/4 Inconjunct MC and sextile IC).
    Job: Social Worker; tenured professor (Sun in 9); Love research but don’t like teaching (Pisces Sun); students give good evaluations (Leo rising, Merc Conjunct Mars/Aries/9). Research re: serious mental illness; fluent in sign language; part of Deaf Culture/community. Home: log cabin in country; acreage; pond; several dogs. Friends of all sorts; long distance travel for work only (Saturn/9).
    Poor, single, happy.
    Thank you for your website.

  • libran

    I have Jupiter sextile MC, but this description doesn’t apply much to me. I’m low profile, not larger than life, my mom is not overwhelming, my dad is quite influential in his community but am not born with silver spoon thing…not into religion or philosophy or journalism, I do find law and foreign affairs interesting, but didn’t purse a career in that field.

  • FB

    Is jupiter square midhaven good? I keep reading the descriptions online and it doesnt look so positive :/

    • FB, every aspect has positive and negative manifestations. Stop reading the writings of negative people.

  • ke

    i have a taurus midhaven with jupiter in the tenth house i also have jupiter in gemini a juptier square adjecent and jupiter conjunction midhaven i love to write i wanna be a rapper but not the bitches and hoes type i write deep inspirational type poetry….. what does all this means and is my dream supported by the stars

  • arya

    Jupiter in 1st house Leo trine MC in Aries.

  • gg

    Jupiter libra 5th house trine Aqua midheaven I will be leaving a legacy.

  • crissy

    Sun and moon in Pisces, scorpio rising… ( I’m not sure if that makes a difference).. But I have a ton of talents and no clue what to do with them.

  • crissy

    Love this… I’ve always wanted to leave a good mark on the world and was curious to what you thought about about mars in aries (5th house) mc in leo, jupiter 2nd house sagitarious, and venus in aries

    • Have fun at work; be creative and enthusiastic as you establish yourself and earn a living; be generous in giving back.

  • Kleo

    Jupiter in Cancer trine MC in Scorpio. I can’t believe how accurately true this is. I so want to become something big, to actually make and difference and not to live at random. I really want to accomplish something. And of course, I like to be seen as smart. Sometimes I think I’m being to full of myself, but I really feel special, I just don’t know what can I do and what are my capabilities..

    • isiscancerlilithleo

      My Aries Jupiter is tightly conjunct my Taurus MC on either side of the cusp and I know nothing at all about where my success lies, what field I should pursue, or where any kind of financial success lies. I feel the same as Kleo – I sometimes feel special, destined, touched by the divine. Where is the destiny that belongs to someone like that?? (Of course, with Leo Rising, that sense of superiority is not unusual in the slightest…)

  • Hero9

    What about jupiter in gemini 7 house square midheaven in Leo in house 9? What conflicts do you say the square creates? And the jupiter being retrograded in gemini ( detriment )

    • Hi hero9,

      Jupiter must be at the very beginning of Gemini and the Midheaven at the very end of Leo …what house system do you use? Equal house? there might be issues with logic versus grandstanding, curiosity versus pride, the need to relate to others versus the need to be the “big boss”

  • Roman

    Is Jupiter in the tenth house the same?

    • nick

      yes ! the midheaven is naturally ruled by the 10th house.

      your probably lucky when it comes to job positions , jobs, relationship with superiors etc etc

      maybe you have a reputation that is good warm or fun. Great for anything jupiterian. Teacher, philosopher, missionary , flight attendent , Perfect for a job that involves travel also.

    • Similar, yes. Maybe not quite as “big” if Jupiter isn’t right at the top of the chart.

  • Me

    Resonated quite a bit one might say – I always think of natal chart aspects as being like magnetic field alterations, altering in context of all the others (others being other chart aspects, current solar system state, will power, body state — etc (everything else definable or not))

  • cleo

    I have Jupiter conjunct MC in Taurus and this really resonated with me! I want to be have a fashion empire like CoCo Chanel.. and I also want to be a philanthropist and freedom fighter like Dr. Martin Luther King. I have Venus in Taurus as well, and I have a Capricorn in the 5th stellium so I’ve got a lot of good placements to work with! But I’m just now figuring out how to deal with my Sun square Saturn/Uranus.. I had to build up my confidence and courage. 🙂

    • Yes, confidence, courage and perhaps finding a blend between fitting in and going your own way – neither is “better” than the other.

  • LB

    Hey Michelle 🙂 – I have the quincunx, with Jupiter at the apex of my chart’s Yod and my Midheaven as part of the base. As usual, I relate to *many* of your descriptions.

    I do want to leave the world a better place and to accomplish something meaningful, although I don’t have any illusions about the scope of my influence, which is relatively small. Good thing since I would never want to be famous. Maybe it’s because my Jupiter is conjunct both Mercury and Neptune, but I’d rather the focus be on the message and not so much about me. My personal aspirations are spiritual, with my goal being to express faith through works and to inspire and encourage others in ways they might otherwise not have considered. I’d like for my legacy to be that I challenged people to think more deeply and act more mindfully.

    Current transits are setting off these placements, as will December’s Yod. I feel it.

    • Hey LB 🙂

      Jupiter conjunct Neptune shows lofty spiritualism, real sensitivity to moral issues … I’ve noticed that people with that conjunction often come from a religious background but choose to side with the spiritual side of religion rather than the dogmatic side.

      • LB

        I didn’t think I came from a particularly religious background until I found out while doing genealogy research that I come from a long line of preachers – on both sides of the family (Jupiter rules my 4th.)

        • Are you using anything in particular to do the research? Is there a particular site you like?

          • LB

            It was several years ago, but I had a lot of success using the two main ones that allow (or allowed?) access to various forums free of charge. Most people were very generous in sharing their research, since it sometimes meant discovering a new relation.

            To start, I’d recommend googling whatever last name you’re researching followed by the words “GenForum”, for instance “Smith GenForum”.

            • Thanks, LB.

              • LB

                You’re welcome, Michelle. Good luck!

  • Joe

    Cool! I’ve been anticipating this one. I have saturn in opposition so I’ll go back and read your Saturn IC one and compare. Sagittarius Jupiter conjunct Scorpio MC

  • atlast

    wow, it’s amazing how all thoose famous people with this placement are REALLY famous. Oprah, JK Rolling, Bill Gates, all them rich, successfull and big. Pretty cool to see how astrology is working there.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of an amazing list. Nice to see you around still, atlast 🙂

  • VJ

    I don’t have planets in the 10th house, but Aries is on the cusp.

    Jupiter in Virgo (3rd house) opposition MC in Pisces. I’m not successful, neither are my parents.

    • Did anything else in the post resonate with you? Where is Mars? What kind of aspects does Jupiter receive?

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Regina

        My MC is also opposite my Jupiter. I could relate to some things… but most of the ones that have to do with really huge things or great success, or even recognition seem like they are impossible for me to reach. Like an utopian dream that I know deep down will never happen.

        I have my Mars sextile my Jupiter and trine my MC.

        Mars is in the 1st
        Mc in the 10th
        Jupiter in the 3rd

        • Regina

          ….and my Vesta is conjunct my MC close to exact.

  • Fortune

    Nice post !
    Jupiter conjunct MC in Aquarius in my chart. I have a little bit ” weird” mother but my parents are not successful people, not at all.
    “Wanting to be recognized for doing something meaningful” this is so true. I always had that feeling.. still have 🙂

    Read more: http://astrofix.net/jupitermidheaven-aspects/#ixzz2DA6ySfWc

    Read more: http://astrofix.net/jupitermidheaven-aspects/#ixzz2DA6ySfWc

    • Do you have any planets in the 10th house?