Chiron Conjunct South Node


chiron-south-node-aspectsMove away from the endless search for self-healing. Stop trying to be your own doctor. Stop self-diagnosing, whether it’s your health, your love life, or your career. You’ve come into this life with knowledge of how to heal yourself, and you feel comfortable continuing to do so. Self-prescribing is a limiting habit. Give your attention to something other than fixing your “flaws”.

Growth doesn’t have to be painful. Maybe there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe there is nothing left to be healed. Be content. Trust that someone else has probably figured it out. You don’t have to be the “go to” person who knows every food allergy and remedy. You don’t have to dispense dating advice. You’ve already proven that you have healing abilities. You’ve already proven that you can be a teacher and mentor to others. You already know how to help people with problems that you don’t know how to fix for yourself.

You are already whole and there is not much of anything that needs fixing. People come to you with their problems because they sense you have expertise (most likely in the area of life where your south node lies). Your direction of growth is to move away from trying to solve your and other people’s problems. You’ve suffered enough. In the past you were creative when it came to solving your problems. You came up with unique solutions on your own. Perhaps, at that time, there was no one to turn to for help, so you turned to yourself; now, other people have answers too. It’s okay to pop ibuprofen when you have a headache, per the bottle instructions. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Don’t date “projects.”

Live a lighter life. Because you integrated your pain in the past, it might be difficult to unburden yourself from it now. Don’t let pain be your comfort zone. People might get offended that you don’t want to solve their issues anymore. People might resent your desire to avoid difficult circumstances and drama. Watch for jealous souls who might accuse you of being superficial – if they only knew!

Relieve the automatic tendency to try to understand others’ pains and heartaches. Release automatic tendencies to want to help others and give them advice. Step down from the position of teacher and mentor. Let other people be guides and way-showers. It’s no longer a “given” that people will respect your viewpoint. It’s no longer a “given” that people will look to you for the answers. You might find that your expertise is taken for granted now. Feel comfortable taking on a new role in which you are not the guru and you’re not trying to fix anything or anyone.

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key. Read more Chiron posts
North Node glyph

North Node glyph

Planets conjunct the North Node are also always opposite the South Node.The North Node has a cycle of 18 years, spending about 1.5 years in each sign. It has a backwards orbit. Read more node posts

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  • Ashley Castillo

    Hi Michelle,
    I have South Node (Cancer/10th house) conjunct
    Chiron. With Chiron opposition Uranus, Neptune; Square Sun, Moon, Mercury; Trine Pluto; Conjunct Midheaven. I’m currently working towards being a psychologist and feel a deep need to help heal others. My backup plan would be a teacher… Should I be avoiding either of these careers due to this aspect?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ashley,
      I don’t think you should avoid these career options. The South Node shows you have natural caring qualities that can be applied at a professional level.

  • Katy Lalla

    I really liked this article. So many opinions about Chiron tend to focus so much on his state of being a “wounded healer” that they forget to instruct readers on what to actually DO with the information. Here, with South Node (past lives) conjunct the centaur, you are clearly saying, “Yes, you’ve already been there and done that. Now pass the torch.” I love it. How freeing! I actually felt a sense of relief when you said we don’t have to be the wise ones anymore, we don’t have to heal others and keep trying to “fix” ourselves anymore.

    I happened upon this article after googling “Venus conjunct South Node and Chiron in the 12th House” in an effort to understand my own life from a new angle. The chart drawings I use only include the North Node and do not draw Chiron’s aspects, so it was a lightbulb moment to realize that my Venus–not just the love planet but also the ruler of my chart–is closely conjunct both (and in the 12th House, no less). Thanks for the unexpected info.

    • Thank you for reading, Katy Lalla.

  • La Ninyo

    Hi Michelle, I think I have said this to you before…
    Deja vu… Chiron at 22Canc is intercepted in my tenth house loosely conjunct Jupiter at 0’degree Leo… then Moon@2, Venus@5, SN@7 Leo. I am learning that my humor is usually mistaken for really glib but I mean something very deep.. or I’m just way off on my timing which could also be true with Venus/SN: Frances Sakoian in Planetary Aspects wrote, Venus South Node people lead long, depressing lives, always in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing. They have experience the ins and outs of relationships and instead of learning about new love they are here to befriend those that truly need it.” Indeed, I looked up celebrities with that aspect and Robin Williams, Neil Patrick Harris…. and others also have this. It’s hard to discern the influence of Chiron over Jupiter, Venus, or the moon since Jupiter is like a gateway drug between Chiron and the personals.. I have not seen anything about South Node and Venus on here, wondering what your thoughts are? I don’t like broadcasting the influence but it for sure doesn’t contradict what FS touted. Thank you.
    La Ninyo

  • Merya

    Chiron Conjunct Mars & Southnode on 10th house… Loving life.

    • What is your experience of that position, Merya?

  • taostaos

    I just joined and as an astrology buff it is good to meet others who are interested in this art. As Saturn scrapes through the bottom of my chart through my 4th house in Sag and conjoining my natal chiron and moon over and over I have lost my brother, my step dad, my cat, my real father is having a nervous breakdown, and the home I have been trying to sell keeps losing potential buyers…I am suspect of chiron…I don’t like him (her)…My natal chiron is also directly square my natal saturn conjunct my ascendant…it is also conjunct my South Node in Sag where my moon is…Argh!!

    • That sounds incredibly rough, taostaos. I’m sorry to hear that.

  • seagreen

    My SouthNode/Chiron is in opposition to Ascendant/Saturn(0° North Node). How can I interpret that in a sense that there isn´t anything to fix on myself, when Saturn (hard worker) and North Node (things to work at) sit on my Ascendant (me)?

    • What are you struggling with exactly? Learning lessons doesn’t mean being hard on yourself. Taking responsibility for your interactions in the world and how you treat others is different from feeling that there is something wrong with you.

  • So glad to see you writing again!!

    I don’t have this aspect though I resonate a lot with it. I’m thinking maybe that is due to having the ruler of my Chiron conjunct my SN which is in the 3rd, Chiron being conjunct Saturn and the natural ruler of the 3rd.

    • Thanks! I’m glad to see you’re still around!
      Yes, I think having ruler of the south node conjunct chiron would give some of the same meanings

  • Thanks for sharing such wonderful experience here.

  • Jessica Jasper

    I posted this on Facebook but wanted to post here also. I have this conjunction in the 6th house. I have had so many injuries, both dislocations and broken bones. I am not exaggerating at all. I have broken both my arms in the 1st grade, dislocated my knee and fractured my leg (same accident) in the 9th grade. In college, I started to severely sprain my ankles. Now the left ankle completely turns in the joint when it is injured. In 2007, I dislocated my shoulder and have had over a dozen dislocations which require a professional to reduce( term for putting it back in place). One doc even decided to use general anesthetic and overdosed me. I stopped breathing and coded the whole works. I woke up not being able to breathe with a nurse trying to inflate my lungs. So I expect i must have some super-duper past life karma. Every single one of these injuries were complete accidents.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience here too.

  • Britomart

    Oh, golly. All of it. What really kicked my bottom awake is the direction of growth is to move away from fixating on my problem solving (Scorpio moon)

  • Britomart

    Ouch! Have this aspect and this post is crazily timely,…Thank you for the synchronicity.

    • Thanks for reading, Britomart. Is there anything in particular that resonates with you?

  • RjoyD

    I have this aspect. Since I was very young I have tried to help people.

  • Robert Wyszyński

    “Growth doesn’t have to be painful.” I do like your posts and blog, but this is simply wrong. No ego dies without pain. Every person who goes through a real process of spiritual growth knows this. The experience of hell is inevitable, it works, it will pass so the sun may rise again.

    • Growth doesn’t always involve ego death. Growth isn’t always painful and pain isn’t the only marker of a deep experience. Perhaps you haven’t had enough joy recently to remember that. Accepting that you are perfect exactly as you are is a first step towards complete self-acceptance.

      • Robert Wyszyński

        “No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” Jung

        • I think that is true, but the point of the south node is that you’ve already done a lot of the work, and maybe not in the healthiest way. Interestingly, Carl Jung had his south node in the 8th house.

          • Robert Wyszyński

            I’m talking from experience, you live in a dream land of theories, cheers

            • I am also speaking from experience.

              • Robert Wyszyński

                You are misusing your imagination. You have made an
                artificial / perfect image of your ego self. It has nothing to do with the reality of what we MIGHT BECOME. This is another blatant
                ego trick to divert people from a real path of spiritual growth. As above, so below. As a woman, you should know that the process of pregnancy, child deliverance is a hard experience so is our spiritual birth.

                The only difference is that the spiritual birth takes
                much longer and is so much more painful. There is nothing wrong with being manipulated by one’s ego. It is another experience. Though you will have to pay for the pleasure of spiritual laziness called wishful thinking.

                No pain, no gain:-).

                • Arieta

                  Frustration goes out with every word you wrote. The child deliverance is complicated and hard when mother is not sincerely in love with the child’s father and did not sincerely wanted that child. And YES, there CAN be GAIN without pain – every time when you do something with pure divine love. Cheerio bro! P.S. Sorry, for my English it is not my native language.

  • Wowie

    I have this by transit now, and this is very helpful.


    • Wowie

      And it’s all probably even more true with the sign being Pisces.

      • Oh yeah? What’s going on?

        • Wowie

          On second thought, my Virgo North Node is like the opposite of this! I AM supposed to be the go-to person with all the answers, esp. about health, and fixing what ails the world etc. (yes, Virgo is not the “world”, but my NN is exactly at the Pluto-Jupiter midpoint = big picture, influence the world).

          But as Chiron touched the 12 Pisces South Node, I felt like I released the need to preach and correct. If asked for advice, I will give it, but I’m trying to unburden myself from the know-it-all reputation.

          My Nodes also square natal Gemini Venus, and so Chiron just squared it. Painful lessons about love and attachment, what’s appropriate, what I need in a relationship, whom to let go etc.

          Sorry, this is now gone way off topic. I’m just trying to dissect why the text above resonates with all these conflicting aspects.