Brainstorm: Jupiter/Midheaven Astrology Aspects

Interpretation of the planet Jupiter in aspect to the Midheaven in astrology.

etting a larger than life example. Big authority. Epic influence. Aspirations of epic proportions. Wanting an immense status. Wanting people to believe in you. Becoming someone others can look to and believe in. Developing a confident public persona. Developing an exalted public persona. Living legends. Colossal expectations for what you should be doing. Overblown sense of your impact on society as a whole. Overblown need to make an impact. Huge aspirations. Aspiring to be almost god-like. Formidable reputation.

Wanting to hold an influential position in the world. Wanting people to recognize your greatness. Wanting people to recognize your authority. Larger than life. Looming large. Known for being big. Known for being over the top. “Too much” of whichever sign Jupiter is placed in. Go big or go home. Admiration for big things and “big” people. Admiration for people in “big” positions. Wanting to be known for doing something epic. Aspiration in religion or philosophy. Philosophy that impacts the world. Wanting a career or position in life that compels others to put their faith in you. A preacher.

Having it all – as seen by outsiders. Getting lucky in career, reputation, and social standing. Having the doors of success flung open for you. Encouraged and supported by authority figures. Your parents’ influence ensures your success. Children of successful people. Trust fund babies. Born with a silver spoon. Your success is easier because other people in your family are already successful. Partaking in the good life. Living high on the hog. Party people. Too much is not enough. Monstrously overbearing – or having had an overbearing parent (most likely Mom).

Aspiring to be a good parent. Aspiring to be a great role model. Aspiring to leave the world a better place. Having a vision for your success. Taking a long view on success. Open to the influence of mentors and guides. Welcoming guides into your life. Needing mentors and guides in your life. Needing to be someone to follow or to have someone to follow, or both. Having had a parent who was also a mentor. Wanting to be recognized for doing something meaningful. Leaving big shoes to fill or feeling that you have big shoes to fill. Big Mama. Big Papa. Overwhelming mother. Experiencing authority as being overwhelming. Career becomes a philosophical question to ponder. Pondering rather than doing. An arrogant attitude concerning achievements. Achievement is everything. Reaching and reaching, bigger and broader.

Cultural inheritance that impacts the world. Taking advantage of cultural ties to get ahead in the world. Taking advantage of connections through religious groups to get ahead in the world. Becoming known for being a well-cultured person. Becoming known for you cultural background. Putting your ethnic background in the spotlight. Putting ethics in the spotlight. Having a career where your ethics, morals and beliefs are apparent to the public. Having careers in journalism, foreign affairs, law, religion, travel. Becoming known for an interest in law and philosophy. Becoming known for your travels. Becoming known as someone who is hard to pin down.

Jupiter Astrology

  • Open
  • Understanding
  • Faith
  • Optimism
  • Fool
  • Philanthropist
  • Fanaticist
  • Glutton
  • Generous

Midheaven Astrology

  • Career & Vocation
  • Status & Social Position
  • Achievement in the Outer World
  • Authorities
  • The Authoritative Parent
  • Why people look up to you
  • Reputation
  • Honors & Awards
  • Public Life
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