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Quintile and Biquintile Quirks in Astrology

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hat if quintiles and biquintiles show personality quirks in the best sense – traits and behaviors that you can “get away with” and that other people cannot?

While other people may struggle with the square or flounder in the trine you, with your neat little quintile, totally get away with that same behavior – it works for you.

Not only do people let you get away with the behavior shown by your quintiles and biquintiles, but they often like you better for it.

Behaviors and habits that would ordinarily drive your friends and family crazy in someone else become charming personality quirks in you. People are unusually willing to tolerate these idiosyncrasies in your personality though they wouldn’t do the same for the person next to you.

Quintiles are 72°

Biquintiles are 144°

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