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Transiting Uranus in Aries through the Houses

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1st House

Did you assert yourself in your personal relationships? Did you break away from arrogance in favor of real confidence? How far did you get with a “Me First” attitude? Did you get the sudden shock of me in your interactions? What have you done for me lately? Did you find out who you are in your relationships? What role do you play? Hero? Warrior Princess? Spoiled Brat? Entrepreneur? Sheep? What are you doing to make active connections to your world? Is your environment more lively and interactive? Have you stopped being the spectator in your dreams? Were you shocked by your own aggression? Did you surprise yourself by suddenly breaking up with your partner and going your own way? I am actively participating.

2nd House

Have you taken charge of your personal finances? What initiatives did you take to fatten your wallet? Did you find out what what your real values are? How far are you willing to go to fight for those values? Maybe you learned something along the way about compromising and taking the time to learn what matters to others as well? Or, maybe, you decided to stop letting other people’s issues crowd out what matters to you. Maybe you stopped weighing the other side and you stuck to your guns, come Hell or high water. What are you doing to keep your mind active? Did you have a sudden shocking upset to your self-esteem? Did your finances go off the rails? I am worthy.

3rd House

How did you start practicing what you preach? Did you dare to find ways to walk your talk? Did you get a whole lot more aggressive in your conversations? Any sibling rivalries come up? Are you a “boots on the ground” warrior for your beliefs? Did you take any initiatives in your neighborhood? What did you start reading that shook up the way your mind works? Did you get your blood pumping to your brain? Did you buy a sports car? Did your car suddenly break down? Did you explore new roads in your area and get to know the locals? Do you not have any more time for this crap? Are you more alert to what’s happening than ever? Did you have a sudden shocking separation from a sibling? I am aware.

4th House

What happened to your home life? How do you feel about your country now? Do you feel agitated and angry? Did your inner private feelings about your home, country, and heritage get stirred and shaken? Did you discover within yourself deep wells of warrior energy to fight for your roots and family? Did you make your home at the gym? Did you contemplate a war at home? Did you become a prepper? Is your home life active and invigorating? Did you have to move suddenly? What are you doing to promote your personal safety and security? Did you have a sudden shocking separation from a parent? Did you are one of your parents suffer domestic abuse? Where is the “I” in your home? I am secure.

5th House

Did you get out and get exercise? Did you surprise yourself with the force of your own self-expression? Did you start making art? Did you become an entrepreneur, and love it? Did you discover a load of new things that make you happy? Are you more creative than you’ve ever been in your life? Do have a lot of new projects in the works? Are you excited about love and romance? Did you take the initiative to ask someone out? Did your dating life take an unusual and unexpected route? Did you spend more time by yourself and love every minute of sudden independence? Are you arguing with your children? Are your children aggressive or angry? Are your children having behavioral problems? Where is the “I” in your creativity? I am creative.

6th House

Did you start taking care of your health because of a health scare? Did you suddenly start or stop an exercise routine? Did you discover a whole bunch of new foods and add them to your diet? Are you a life coach now? A fitness expert? Did you start treatment? Did you start learning to become a leader in a mental health or physical health field? Are you now known as being somewhat crazy because of your diet and exercise interests? Did you suddenly become very aggressive or assertive about your opinions on diet and exercise? Are you shocked by your own health status? Did you get into arguments with coworkers? Did your practice suddenly become very busy? Did you open your own business? Are you sole practitioner, slave to your own work? I am dutiful.

7th House

Did your partner start behaving erratically? Did they have sudden outbursts of anger? Did you suffer abuse from your partner? If so, did you stand up for yourself? Did you return the abuse towards your partner? Did you learn more about being in a relationship than you ever thought you could? How are your negotiating skills coming along? Did you weather the storm? Did your partner break up with you? How do you feel about being in a romantic relationship with someone? Did you drop monogamy? Return to monogamy? Are you an expert at initiating relationships now? Are you more clear than ever about what kind of person is right for you? Have you become less self-centered through confronting what it’s like to be really alone? Did you learn when to stop pushing so hard? Where is the “I” in your relationships? I am cooperative.

8th House

Did a hidden well of anger suddenly erupt like geiser from deep within you? Did you become aware of your deep inner feelings, and not in the most pleasant of ways? Did you shock yourself with your ability to be assertive about your gut feelings? How often were you on the mark? Are your gut feelings better honed than ever? Did you siphon off anger and repressed emotions through intense exercise and sweating? Did you experience any shocking deaths? Did the depth of your grief throw you for a loop? Were you surprised how lonely the grieving process can be? Where is the “I” in your grief? Did you make time to mourn your personal losses? Are you less afraid of death than you used to be? Do you act on your hunches now? Did you start being number one on your own support team? Did you take initiative to be more involved in occult practices? I am regenerative.

9th House

Did you start a dream journal? Did you suddenly begin seeing auras? Are you shocked that you went back to school? Did you have a sudden upset to your studies? Are you suddenly inspired and interested in astrology? Did you get abducted by aliens? Has your interest in religion done a 180? Are you angry about the laws that govern our society? Have you taken action to make change based on your ideals? Are you suddenly involved with people from around the globe? Are you shocked by the world right now? Where is the “I” in your global outlook? Do you feel inspired to make a difference on a worldwide scale? Are you filled with hope and wonder at leading the way? I am optimistic.

10th House

Did you suddenly skyrocket into the public eye? Are you a minor or major celebrity now? Are you known for your independent ways? Have you been arguing in public forums? Are you aggressively involved in politics now? Are you thinking about running for office? Have you started your own business? Are you getting into fights with authority? Are you fighting with your parents? Is it lonely at the top? Did you become a single parent? What is your status like now? Did you push yourself to your top achievements? Did you get the honors and awards you deserve? What is your reputation? Are you the boss now? Who answers to you? Who do you answer to? I am honorable.

11th House

Did you start a Meetup? A Discord? Are you the driving force behind a social movement? Were you surprised to discover that you do care about social justice? Are you identifying as a Social Justice Warrior now? Are you fighting for a cause like never before? Are you feeling torn apart by social factions? Are you more aggressive in pursuit of freedom than ever before? Are you humanitarian causes at the top of your to-do list? How many enemies have you made? Do any groups hate you or think you’re arrogant and self-absorbed? Have your friends turned their back on you, or joined your cause? How does your cause help more people than just you? What is worth fighting for? Have you emerged as the leader of your social circle? Did you hopes and dreams get a shock? Did your income from your career take a tumble? Where is the “I” in group? I am socially aware.

12th House

Are you an active dreamer? Have you had a long period of restless sleep? Is life like waking from a dream? Are you woke? Do you feel your blood boiling, but submerged? How can you get yourself out of the deep lull of inaction? Have you taken steps to confront your fears? How do you make your angry feelings subside? Have you begun a solitary meditation practice? Are you more interested in spirituality than before? Are you voluntarily isolating yourself? Is  spending time alone the perfect escape? Are you spending so much time alone that household duties like dishes and laundry are piling up? Or, are you finally putting yourself ahead of all of your obligations? I am at peace.

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