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Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Pisces and Through the Houses

The planet of boundaries and limits finds itself in Pisces, the sign of imagination, undefined edges, and spiritual emergence. Read this post for natal, transit, solar return, or progression inspiration in interpretation.

Saturn in Pisces 2023-2026

Mar 7, 2023 Saturn enters 00 PISCES
Jun 17, 2023 Saturn turns Rx 7 PISCES (NM)
Nov 4, 2023 Saturn direct 00 PISCES
Jun 29, 2024 Saturn turns Rx 19 PISCES
Nov 15, 2024 Saturn direct 12 PISCES (FM)
May 24, 2025 Saturn enters 00 ARIES
Jul 12, 2025 Saturn turns Rx 2 ARIES
Sep 1, 2025 Saturn reenters 29 PISCES
Nov 27, 2025 Saturn direct 25 PISCES
Feb 13, 2026 Saturn enters 00 ARIES
Planet 1
planet 2
Apr 19, 2023 Saturn 4 PISCES sextile North Node 4 TAURUS
Jun 19, 2023 Jupiter 7 TAURUS sextile Saturn 7 PISCES
Feb 6, 2024 Jupiter sextile Saturn
Aug 19, 2024 Jupiter 17 GEMINI square Saturn 17 PISCES (FM)
Dec 24, 2024 Jupiter 14 GEMINI square Saturn 14 PISCES
Feb 22, 2025 Nep 28 PISCES conjunct North Node 28 PISCES
Apr 4, 2025 Saturn 24 PISCES sextile Uranus 24 TAURUS
Apr 13, 2025 Saturn 26 PISCES conjunct North Node 26 PISCES
Jul 17, 2025 Saturn 00 ARIES conjunct Neptune 00 ARIES

Saturn fully leaves Pisces in...


Dispositor Changes

The zodiac sign Pisces has two planetary rulers: Jupiter (traditional ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler). These two planets act as Saturn’s dispositors as Saturn makes its way through the sign Pisces over the next few years. As those planetary rulers shift signs, the flavor of Saturn’s transit shifts too.
start date
Traditional Ruler
Modern Ruler
Saturn in Pisces
March 7, 2023 Jupiter in Aries Neptune in Pisces
May 16, 2023 Jupiter in Taurus Neptune in Pisces
May 25, 2024 Jupiter in Gemini Neptune in Pisces
Saturn in Aries
May 24, 2025 Mars in Leo
Jun 17, 2025 Mars in Virgo
Aug 6, 2025 Mars in Libra
Saturn in Pisces
Sept 1, 2025 Jupiter in Cancer Neptune in Aries
Oct 22, 2025 Jupiter in Cancer Neptune in Pisces
Jan 26, 2026 Jupiter in Cancer Neptune in Aries
Saturn in Aries
Feb 13, 2026 Mars in Aquarius
  • Developing creative standards
  • Dream control
  • Flexible frameworks
  • Ground rules for the imagination
  • Foundations for forgiveness
  • Gentle discipline
  • Intuition experts
  • No more tears
  • Mature fantasies
  • Metaphysical regulations
  • Mystical guidelines
  • Psychic boundaries
  • Spiritual backbone
  • Sticking to Sobriety
  • Transcending limits
  • Curtailed creativity
  • Dissonance
  • Distrusting imagination
  • Flow restriction
  • Lack of intuition
  • Limited compassion
  • Low vibes
  • Metaphysical suspicion
  • Mystical skepticism
  • No Escape
  • Out of sync
  • Shifting sands
  • Spiritual losses
  • Struggling with sobriety
  • Turn down the music
  • Uninspired
  • Unstable foundations
  • Waning empathy
  • Weak boundaries
  • Worn out


The planet of boundaries and limits finds itself in the sign of messy imagination, undefined edges, and spiritual emergence, as both Saturn and Neptune get on path to head into Aries starting 2025.

isintegrate. Disappear into thin air. Dissolve. Fade into You. Evaporate. Blur. Vanish. Dematerialize. Be gone! Disperse. Wither. Fail. Wasted. Wilting. Deteriorating. Languishing. Worn out. Flounder. Flop. Nothing concrete. Fake rules. Fake fortitude. Fake stamina. Fake resolutions. The rules of counterfeiting. The limits of counterfeits. Phony grit. Questionable principles. Vanishing codes. Vanishing restrictions. Feeble guides. Weeble wobbles. Wornout guidelines. Watch rules blur. Blur. Crumbling fundamentals. Tired conventions. Disappearing traditions. Ugh, everything smells like a skunky ashtray. Desperately trying to keep order. Muted rainbow. Somewhere…Over…a Gradient Gray Rainbow. Reading Rainbow kicked the bucket.

Shrinking options
The planet of limitations in the sign of limitless options: suddenly, options begin to dwindle. Fewer choices. Fewer options. Fewer things to tickle your fancy.
Limitless erasing.
The authority to erase. The planet of rules and regulations enters the sign of boundless interconnection. Watch authorities erase connections. It didn't happen. It was all in your imagination. It was just a dream.
Fakey McFakerson & Friends
Phony authorities. Fake credentials. Falsifying your experience. Falsifying your resume. Pretend clout. Fabricated sources. Fake documents. Phony archives. Falsified papers. Imaginary sources.


Just say no!
  • No fishing
  • No swimming
  • No seafood
  • No loitering
  • No handouts
  • No watering
  • No tramps, no hobos, no bums, no transients
  • No compassion

aves crash against hardened defenses. Waves crash against stiff barriers. Defining the edges of kindness. Where does sympathy end? When does empathy end? What is the limit of compassion? Dwindling charity. Capsizing sensitivity. Waning goodwill. Angst, existential angst. Weak barriers, weak boundaries, ineffectual rulemakers. Who’s picking up the slack? Lead weights.

Drip drop
Water stop
Water containment. Water containment issues. Spill containment. Water rations. Water shortages. Bad water. Limited water supplies. Stop wasting water. Water is murky.
Doctors with borders
Obstacles to medicine
More drug rules and regulations. Limiting opioids. Alcohol problems. Cutting back on drinking. Trying to find something to ease the unease. Limited access to painkillers. Tranquilizers. Limited access to doctors and nurses. Lack of medical professionals. No release. No reprieve. No solace. Obstacles to medical access. Limiting medical access. Sorry, I can't fill your prescription. No, the doctor won't see you. The Doctor is out.
– the Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam was dedicated on September 30, 1935, with Saturn at 4 Pisces



ules imposed on imagination. Regulated fantasy. Regulated creativity. Lack of imagination. Uninspired. The rules of imagination. Narrow visions. The rules of creativity. Landmark rulings on imagination. Constricted creativity. Controlling dream channels. Confining creative people. No dreaming! Dreaming within limits. Definite mirages. The edges of clouds. Structuring the flow of imagination. Creative boundaries. Tightening imaginary bounds. Let’s try to control the imagination with science. Engineered music. Engineered visuals. Engineered spirituality. Engineered compassion. Here, watch this. No, I mean, watch it like this, like I want you to watch it. Creative limits. Crackdown on film. The rules of filming in public. Confiscated cameras. Seized art supplies.

Imagining better creative foundations. The rumblings of new creative enterprises. The beginnings of rethinking creative arts. Workarounds. Getting inspired to set better guidelines for the creative arts. Taking film, dance, and music serious. Tenured creative professionals. Masters of the Arts. Fantasy maestros. The divine divas of Disney.

Imagineers no more
Film archives. Film quality. Film preservation efforts. Skillful use of music. Old music. Classic songs. Film masterpieces. Movie classics. The rules of film. Who decides what gets preserved. Coming out of the illusion that digital will last forever. Flow My Tears the Policeman Said.
What archives?
Stop imagining things!
Fake films. Who's preserving Youtube archives? Who's preserving the originals? Going back to find the videos you loved are no longer there. Going back to find the videos you loved, have deteriorated in quality. Going back to find, the videos you loved have been altered from the original version. Ephemeral film. The Mandela Effect. The past is shifting. Your memories are being altered for you. Film is no longer a reliable source of reality. Fake evidence. Film will not exonerate you or condemn you.
Listen, smile, agree, then do whatever you were going to do anyway.
Robert Downey, Jr., Saturn in Pisces
I have learned from my mistakes, and I am sure I can repeat them exactly
Peter Cook, Saturn in Pisces

nti-spirituality movements. Clamp-down on non-religious spirituality. Atheism becomes more popular. Atheists take center stage. Lack of spirituality. Nihilism. Existentialism. Anti-Woke movement. The tide turns against spirituality for the first time in a long time, even with Neptune in Pisces. The beginning of the end of the Great Spiritual Wave. Waves hit walls. Spirituality hits a wall. Imagination hits a wall. Deprived of spiritual support. Lack of spiritual backbone. Where my spirits at? Satanic Panic, part II. Miami Vice. The ‘Great Spiritual Wave’ is subsiding. The Om Percent disperse, and find new ventures.

Spiritual backlash
New age cynics. Anti-spirituality brigade. Don't try to woo-woo me! Spiritual takedown. Spiritual denial. Curbing spiritual activities.
Party patrol
Dampening enthusiasm
Vice squad. Wet blankets galore (with Mars in Cancer). Glamour patrol (with Venus Rx in Leo). Um, there's a guest list. Restricted entry.
Atheism spike
Rebels without a God
Atheists and the theists who hate them. Straight-Edge resurgence. Non-believers, in anything. Against infinity. Against unity. Against compassion. A steady diet of nothing.

spiritual bubbles pop


hony spiritual masters. Sham teachings. Fake mystical laws. Pseudo-psychics. Rules around magical “potions.” Fauxtions. Snake oil peddlers. Potion regulation. Mystical counterfeits. Sacred limitations. Dropping out. I am a spiritual recluse. I’m going to go visit that monastery I always wanted to see (hopefully not the one with the methy monks!) Take everything, take it all, take all my worldly possessions. Dedication to a spiritual path, or voluntary poverty? Vow of poverty. Vow of sobriety. Vow of compassion. Self-abnegation. Rules…for the poor. Spiritual side gigs hit roadblocks. Who will be here when the income motivation subsides? Which locations will begin re-establishing the old anti-fortunetelling laws? The dream v. reality. Are your rituals working? Drugs ≠ Enlightenment? Or do they?

Time slippages
Even a stopped clock give the right time twice a day
Time keeps on slipping, splipping, splipping into the future. The physics and metaphysics of time. Time is running out. Eternity passes you by.
Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.
Orbital, Planet of the Shapes, released in 1993, with Saturn in Pisces
turn the knob in the other direction

ow vibes, no vibes. Emotional ebb. Low spirits. Sh*t, we’re almost out of beer. Low vibes. Who cares? Restrictions on weed. People are tired. Disappear. Fade away. Attempting to rein in the chaos. Disonance. Fuzz-ified audio. Dropping out. Low volume. Low visibility. In the liminal spaces. Time out of mind. Hold my beer. Hold my ‘shrooms. Nah, I’m not going to do anything crazy, I’m just tired. I need somebody to hold me. I need a break from all the noise. Turn the TV down, turn the stereo off, put your phone on silent, retreat, refresh, find sanctuary.

Pump up the jam
Hey, wanna join my band?
Insipid tunes. Loser music. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? You're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry. Pump up the jam, pump it up.
Keep the noise down!
Be quiet, can't you see I'm studying?
Turn the volume down. Volume control. Patrolling the radiowaves. Music patrol. Video patrol. Film patrol.
Shut up, shuttenup
No music allowed
Keep your voices down. Low volume. Hush hush. Under the radar. Undetected. Radio-free. Silent. No noise is good noise.
Silent disco
Keep it to yourself. No streaming.
Not letting others know what you're listening to, what you're doing, or what you're thinking. Sick of the crowds. Sick of it all. Fake compliance. Shut up already. No, I'm not ready to rock. Nope, I'm not going to tell you my favorite band. No, I'm not going to post my favorite tunes. Cut off from the stream. No streaming.

Saturn in Pisces through the Houses

Read these interpretations for the transit, and even for your natal placement.