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Become the Transit or Suffer the Transit

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Become the transit or suffer the transit.
— Santa Fe Astrologer, Tom Brady

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hen a planet transits a house it is asking you to embody more of its energy in that area of your life. The more you resist embodying the energy of the planet, the more that energy will creep up on you.

Instead of fearing or avoiding a planet’s energy, purposely welcome it into your life. Put out the welcome mat, if the planet is in Virgo, roll out the red carpet if it’s Leo. Work with the energy of your transits instead being a passive observer. Pluto, I know you’re coming for me, so I went out and bought a new dark wardrobe. See ya soon.

The more you actively bring a planet’s energy into your life during a transit, the easier the transit will be. A transit is an opportunity to work with a particular energy in a particular area of life for a period of time. It’s a gift. Embrace it. Transits can awaken you to what someone with that placement in their natal chart experiences on a regular basis.

The length of time it takes a planet to transit through a house depends on the size of your houses, which house system you use and whether the planet turns retrograde during the transit. Below are average transit lengths.

Saturn Transits

2.5 years. Get realistic about the affairs of this house. Prepare to come face to face with the reality of your situation. Make something out of this house’s potentials. Lay the groundwork. Learn about, and gain mastery over this house’s affairs. Take responsibility for your actions, or lack of action. Willingly cultivate self-discipline. Bring structure to this area of your life. Become an authority. Face your fears.

Uranus Transits

7 years. Welcome unpredictability. Be the eccentric. Be the one who breaks the mold. Find your independence. Stop forcing your expectations upon events. Welcome atypical, unusual or strange experiences. Rebel against what is normally expected of you. Try an unconventional approach to this area of your life. Shake things up.

Neptune Transits

14 years. Willingly get in touch with the spiritual side of this house. Bring spirituality into your life. Let go of your ego. Listen to your dreams. Meditate on the affairs of this house. Use your imagination. Resist definitions. Let this house remain ambiguous for the time being. Welcome music, dance and artistic refinement. Develop compassionate relationships with people represented by this house. Give of yourself with no expectation of return. Explore psychic connections.

Pluto Transits

12-25 years. Take active control in this area of your life. Find your power path. Get to the bottom of complexes. Tear down false structures and rebuild this area of life from scratch. Refuse to take shit from anyone. Heal relationships. Get rid of non-essentials. Welcome intensity. Find your power source. Willingly let go of dead weight. Let yourself be transformed when it comes to these issues. Shed your old self, your old way of relating and your old perceptions.

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