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Brainstorm: Transiting Uranus in Aspect to Planets

Loose, brainstorm-style interpretation of transiting Uranus in aspect to planets

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ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Sun, you are waking up to yourself. Your dormant self awakens. You become interested in how you fit into the collective. Where is your place in the group? Who are you among the rest of humanity? You awaken the astrologer within. You take flying lessons. You watch space programs. Daily life is a drag. You’re restless. Your ego is out of control as you test and break the limits of who you are becoming and who you thought you were. Sometimes you really don’t know what’s going on. Life feels weird. You lash out at authority. You break from your father. Your relationship with your father grows distant. You test your own authority. You get in trouble. You’re chaotic and uncontrollable. You’re a teenager all over again. You embrace the parts of yourself that you cut off in the past. You are surprised to encounter so much resistance to moving into the future – from you! You are forced to shake up your  life. Extreme arrogance. Extreme self-interest. Breaking through to your inner genius. Accelerated self-development. Opportunity for accelerated self-improvement. You long to break free of limits to your self-expression. You begin expressing parts of your personality that you previously held in check. You take on creative projects that you feared were too weird. You seek the freedom to be yourself. You are less worried about what other people think. You can’t control yourself and you risk embarrassing your ego. Through these embarrassments, you release a lot of self-censoring behavior. You can’t take it back, so you have to move forward.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Moon, you are waking up to feelings. Cozyness feels confining. Family feels confining. Getting the feelies feels uncomfortable. You feel like you need more space. Passion cools. You become distant. You need to feel unconstrained by the emotional demands of others. You run away. You get divorced. You ship the kids to boarding school. You give away your pets. You sell your house and travel light. Home is a ever changing. You move a lot. You long for something different. You want new emotional experiences. You lose touch with your mother. Your female relationships become strained. Women seem touchy and more difficult than usual. You push people away but accuse others of pushing you away. You can’t grow and keep the same limits. Astrology feels nurturing. Far out topics feeling nurturing. You seek amazement and wonder rather than the safe and familiar. You associate with weird people. You develop more relationships with people on the fringe of society. You start eating weird food. Comfort food is nice, but it feels boring right now. Your life is in such disarray that your eating habits become erratic. Extreme eating. You cut away the past and move into the future. You cut the ties that bind. You find new and innovative ways to relate to people. You don’t feel like feeling sentimental. You break off relationships with people who demand you express your emotions within a limited range. You need freedom of emotional expression. Your emotions are so all over the place that people don’t know what to expect from you minute to minute. Emotional outbursts.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Mercury, you are waking up to own mind. Thoughts ping in every few seconds. There’s a good one now! You start jotting thoughts down everywhere – in a journal, on a napkin, on your hand. Your brain feels lighter. You’re all over the place. Making and breaking promises left and right. You take up another language out of the blue. You take up computer languages. You become interested in symbols and signs. You’re suddenly interested in channeling or communicating with extraterrestrials. You feel like you can’t make yourself understood. Are you the one suddenly speaking a foreign language? Standard communication channels aren’t working for you anymore. You feel inspired to write. You suddenly have the urge to write a book. You write about astrology, flight, alternative and underground things. You start a zine. You start anarchist publications. Your words get you into hot water. You seem to be able to put people on edge. What you say is upsetting or shocking. You speak out more. You’re not afraid to offend people. You become obnoxious. Your mind surges. You’ve got too many incoming signals. Frequencies get scrambled. Are you losing your mind? Are you out of touch? Your mental landscape becomes unfamiliar. Genius insight. Unconventional thought patterns. Extreme learning problems. Accelerated learning.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Venus, you are waking up to desires. Breaking hearts. Sudden romance. Sudden divorce. Shocking relationships. You change your style. You get tattoos and piercings. What you find attractive changes. You’re no longer content with the same old, same old. Your musical taste changes. Your taste in art changes. You seek more extreme forms of beauty. You’re attracted to more extreme forms of beauty. You may even find yourself attracted to ugly instead. You begin to appreciate the strange and unusual. You appreciate the strange and unusual in yourself. Your taste changes. Who you find attractive changes. You could switch sexual roles. “Pretty” loses its luster. Extreme makeup. Extreme clothing. Extreme superficiality. Extreme cosmetic surgery. The shock of aging. The shock of losing your looks. Uranus’s influence compels you to develop beauty that is more complicated and can sustain fluctuations in trends and cultural taste. Extreme shopping. Sticker shock. You spend obscene amounts of money. Your spending is out of control. You’re trying to determine what you’re worth. How much should you spend on yourself? What do you deserve? Have you earned what you have? The shock of losing valuables. Losing a love. Putting romance at a distant. Long distance relationships. Internet relationships. Relationships based on shared values that are out of the norm. Unacceptable love. Unacceptable likes and dislikes.

If Uranus is combined with your Sun, you will take orders from no one. A Sun-Uranus combination makes a person fiercely independent and at times erratic. Not only do you march to the beat of your drummer, but sometimes others wonder whether you even have a drummer at all. 

— Laurence Hillman, Planets in Play


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Mars, you are waking up to action. You break out of lethargy. You feel like a fire has been lit under your butt, or maybe you’re getting zapped with electricity. You start acting out. You do things outside of your normal behavior. You can’t stand the routine anymore. You take a different route to work. You mix up your exercise plan. You morning ritual changes. You become spontaneous. You take more risks. All of sudden, you want to go skydiving. All of sudden, you start driving recklessly. You rack up speeding tickets. You start nicking or cutting yourself while cooking. You get into an accident. You throw things. You break things. You’re out of control. You become a klutz. You trip over your feet. Suddenly, your aptitude for computers improves. You play more video games. You take initiative to learn some coding. You break free from conditioned behavior. You experience a liberated way of being. You gain sudden insight into why you act the way you do. You shock yourself awake through your actions. Cuts and scrapes are physical reminders of the shocks of life. Extreme sports. Sex change. Risky sexual activities. Waking up your libido. Sudden renewed interest in the physical side of life. The sudden urge to use your body. Unacceptable desires. Sudden changes in muscle tone. Becoming an entrepreneur.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Jupiter, you are waking up to the larger world. Culture shock. Rapid expansion. Confrontations with strangers. Unexpected traveling. Disruptions during travels. Shocking insight into the customs and habits of other people. Upsets to you existing belief system. You change religions. You incorporate some weird stuff into your worldview. You now believe in aliens. You meet alien guides or other dimensional guides. You go so far out that you might not make it back to a semblance of reality. You seek things that are extremely foreign compared to what you are used to. You take up a sudden interest in philosophy. Your code of ethics gets disrupted. You question your existing moral code. You take moral risks. You do a 180 on what you believe. You go extreme on your beliefs. You take an ideology and go in an extreme direction. You take sides. You decide that something you believe is right and go all in. Extreme religious views. Extreme political views. Extreme views on ethics. You tied yourself to a tree. You join a jihad. You join a religious cult. You recruit for a cause. The world discourse shreds you up. Unacceptable beliefs. Unacceptable opinions.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Saturn, you are waking up to responsibilities. You shirk your responsibilities. Fuck it. You’re redefining your limits. What are your limits? Are you allowed to have limits? You shock everyone by putting your foot down and saying NO! No, I don’t want to go to Myrtle’s house for a barbecue. NO. You’re redefining what it means to be responsible. Maybe you’ve been taking on too many responsibilities, which are more like expectations, and which have nothing to do with you as an individual or with you as a contributing member towards a progressive society. What new things can you do to contribute a lasting change to society? What rules should we keep? Which need to be revised? How many rules do you want to break? Breaking all the rules isn’t necessarily a step forward. What long lasting changes can you make? What new rules can you make? What limits in your life need an overhaul? How can you have unlimited expression and still be respected and respectful? Which authorities deserve your respect and which need to be ousted? Maybe you suddenly become conservative. You’re sick of all these kids and their racket! You hang up your ear plugs and skate board and call it a night. You return to a respectable quiet life, with no alarms and no surprises.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Uranus, you are rebelling and you can’t help it. You’re rebelling against yourself. You’re rebelling against society. You’re rebelling against social norms. If it’s a soft aspect like the trine or sextile, then the rebellion feels good and you’re on the right track. You’re growing up and progressing through life. Uranus changes signs every 7-8 years, so you’d be about 22-24 at your first square, 43-45 at your opposition, and 64-66 at your second square. If you hang around until age 84, you will be among the elite who get to experience their Uranus Return!

There are cases when young children can experience an early Uranus Return. This happens when Uranus goes retrograde or direct close to the time they are born. This can indicate tremendous upheaval very early in life. Personally, because I was born with Uranus retrograde, I experienced a Uranus Return when Uranus turned direct when I was about six months old.

All of these aspects have to do with rebellion, growing up, testing limits, and all the stuff that goes with Uranus. If you have the sextile or trine, then you’re probably handling the energy well. If you have the square or opposition (or even the inconjunct or sesquiquadrate) then you probably hit choppy water. With Uranus in hard aspect to Uranus, something has to change. Life is too confining and you need to make the leap to the next stage of development. You need to progress on the road of life. Doing all the things you’ve been told to do or were expected to do can leave you feeling empty. Maybe the payoff for following the beaten path hasn’t been what you hoped or expected. At these stages you’re more inclined to follow your own path and trust your intuition. The realities of aging hit you – whether you’re a teenager, in midlife, or in your later years. Aging makes it necessary to be a little more extreme about what you concentrate your energy on. Expect the unexpected. Sudden interest in parallel universes. Wondering if you are in fact an alien, or Starseed, Pleiadian, lizard person, or other not entirely human entity.

… Uranus is about finding ways to lead others to new ways of thinking and acting, hence its “revolutionary”tone, and Promethean urge to move far beyond accepted thinking and introduce innovative concepts. — Erin Sullivan, The Astrology of Midlife and Aging.

ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Neptune, you are waking up to a dream. Your urge to explore transcendental terrain is strong. You take drugs, lots of psychedelic drugs. You lose touch with reality for a while. You traverse ravines of consciousness. Dream insight. Liberation from sedation. Any ideals you have take on more meaning. You want to explore the spiritual realm and you are open to it. You’re open to all kinds of weird spiritual experiences. You might even think they’re real. It could be hard to come down from the ecstatic spiritual high of this time period and it can be hard to integrate these experiences into everyday life. You might seek to escape everyday life through the glamour of the drug and spiritual world. It’s new, it’s different, it’s exciting. You may be shocked to discover you develop a drug addiction. If you can’t escape physically, you may escape through alcohol or painkillers. You can learn a lot during this transit about how diffuse your personal boundaries really are. You may welcome an expanded education on the connection of everyone and everything on the planet. The shock of realizing how doped up everyone is. The Lotus Eaters. Perpetual Festival. Awakening from apathy. The shock and realization of how many drugs we pump into our bodies everyday through everything – unavoidable and pervasive intoxication. Feel and reveal. Dream and liberate. Attempting to go against the tide. Attempting to swim against the stream. Making waves. Rocking the boat. Choppy water.


ith transiting Uranus in aspect to Pluto, you are waking up to a cosmic makeover. The depths of the universe. Extreme transformation. Shocking transformations. Sudden death of someone you love. Sudden death of parts of yourself or your consciousness. You suddenly release compulsions. Your extreme weirdness is liberating. You experience death of ego through just being, with all your quirks and foibles. You realize death is inevitable, so there is only so much to lose. You decide to lose all the things that keep you fenced in. You seek out deep and dramatic experiences. You want the heart of darkness. You’re drawn to strange terrain, powerful forces and long for a compete overhaul of yourself. You are sick to death of yourself. You willingly let go of the status quo. You’re interested in the big deep topics, life and death. You reconstruct your personal consciousness. You tap into deep genius. You dive into the scary bits that shock you. Did it shock you? Dive in. What makes you twist inside? What makes you squirm? Dig it out and explore it. Insight into the depths. Sudden interest in reincarnation. Sudden interest in life after death. The shock of the need to prepare for death. Getting over the shock of death. Death is no longer shocking. Sudden interest in death videos or the macabre. Sudden deeper interest in the occult. Interest in gems and mining, powerful elements and chemicals. Researching the stars and astrology. The shock of how rich some people are. The shock and understanding our core resources. Sudden interest in recycling, regeneration, renewable resources and the like.

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