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Brainstorm: Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius Astrology

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on’t fence me in. Give me land, lots of land, and the starry skies above. Free range. Free Fallin’. Roam free. Wanderers. Give me room to stretch. Stretching your limits – positive, or negative. How far can a rubber band stretch before it snaps? What is the limit? Hitting rock bottom. High all the time. Too much is not enough. The good times are killing me. Overboard. Overdose. Too much. Too much gambling. Too casual. Grammar? We don’t need no stinkin’ grammar! Loose lips sink ships. Blabbing. Fast and loose with the truth. Truthiness. Just because you believe it, doesn’t mean it’s true. Opinion v. truth. I need to stretch my legs. I need to stretch my mind. I need to stretch my thinking. I need to stretch my knowledge. I need a bigger foundation. I need a boost. I need a leg up. I need a support system. I need the hands of Gods themselves to help me!

What is the truth? Why is the truth? WHY? What are the questions we are asking? What are the question we ‘should’ be asking? Intention-setting. Spell-casting. Wish-casting. How can we make the world fit our vision? Why are we trying to make the world fit our vision? Where are the boundaries of our questions? Why are there boundaries to our inquiries? What are we not asking? What false beliefs do we hold? Where are we fooling ourselves. What is right in front of our noses? What are we missing? What answers are we looking for? What answers have we not even considered? How can you know what you don’t know? Returning to the fundamentals. What are our fundamentals? What are your fundamental belief? What are the basic assumptions you hold that support the foundation of your life?

What is your mission statement? What affirmations do you use? How can you affirm your mission? Are you on a mission from God? Are you deluded? Are you righteous? Are you true? Do you limit yourself too much? What haven’t you tried yet? Where could you stand to be more adventurous? Where has your life become dull and stale? Where do you need an injection of enthusiasm? Where do you need guidance? Where do you need more education to soar? Where are you falling behind? Where do you need to lighten your load? Where in your life would you really like to have fewer responsibilities? Where in your life do you need more freedom?

Rulings on foreigners. Judging openness. Judging the expanses. Judgy McJudgerson. Judging knowledge. What is knowledge? Casual gurus. Easy teaching. Easy riders. Zealots. Fanatics. Mentors. Entitled. Wise people. Sages. The truth-not just to be in solidarity with others, not intentionally out of solidarity with others, not to rebel, not to fit in, not to be unique-the solid, basic, truth. Straight as an arrow. I know this much is true – hahahaHAha. Searching everywhere but here.

Frequent traveler. No roots. Road trip! Freewheelin’. Houses on wheels. RV lifestyle. Bus life. School bus life. Traveling schools. Traveling universities. Education comes to you! The best education is traveling. The best education is interacting with people who are exotic or foreign to you, from your viewpoint. Freedom to move around. Keep on truckin’. Expanding explorations. Collectible camping gear. Fool’s Gold. Searching for meaning. Does meaning have meaning? Unbounded truth. The truth within the truth. Truth at any cost. Publishing the truth. Outspoken on ideals. Outspoken about ethics and morals. Outspoken about doing the ‘right’ thing. Do the right thing. Lack of grounding. High on yourself. Pompous. Standing on a soapbox. Preaching to the choir. Publishing a book on your religious views. Publishing a book on your opinion of current politics. Publishing books on your experiences with other cultures. Everybody has an opinion. Loud mouths. Talking over each other. Lots of opinions, not so much listening. The biggest opinion wins. The loudest voice wins. Blowhard.

Good luck! Take a risk. Take a gamble. Take a break. Loosen your belt. Loosen your tie. Roll up your sleeves. Invest in yoga wear. Get a tent. Stock up on supplies. Fill your cupboards. Loosen your language. Learn some foreign words. Expand your vocabulary. Eat tacos and kimchi and curries and apple pie – whatever is most exotic to you. Stock up on foreign goods. Wear your stash of bracelets – a whole armful. Handkerchiefs make a comeback – for real use as tissues. It’s snot gross, it’s eco-friendly.

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