Killer Instincts: Mars and Pluto in Aspect



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People with Mars-Pluto aspects have a reputation for being ruthless and desiring to control others. Outsiders would be surprised to learn just how much self-control Mars-Pluto can have. It takes self-control to cope with the powerful impulses that Mars-Pluto creates. Mars-Pluto people, who aren’t punching walls, throwing things, yelling, stewing in their juices or running someone off the road, know a thing or two about how to handle the beast within. They’ve mastered (at least somewhat) their instinctual nature. Their instincts no longer control them, they control their instincts.

The ability to keep anger in check is not a result of denying or repressing instinctual urges. Mars-Pluto can’t sidestep aggressive physical impulses by pretending they’re not there. They have to wrestle with inner monsters and accept that these monsters are part of their makeup– not something outside, and not something that will go away. Mars-Pluto has more in common with animals and beasts than they may care to accept. Mars-Pluto aspects are similar to the Strength card of the tarot. The essence of both is the need to reign in and gain mastery over passionate urges while resisting the temptation to crush them altogether. Giving instincts expression, but not allowing those instincts to run wild, is the goal.

Pressure release

Burn With Mars-Pluto the heat builds up inside like a pressure cooker. Mars-Pluto people need a way to release pressure on a regular basis or they will explode. The cause can be buried rage or unaddressed anger (popular choices) but really, anything can trigger this aspect. Mars, planet of physical action, has to do something with energy and it doesn’t care what that something is. Pluto wants that something to be consuming. The best solution would be something like a controlled burn.

Controlled force

Some Mars-Pluto people are unaware that they have this energy. They are oblivious to how overpowering, smothering, and overbearing, bullying or just plain rude they can be. They need to control their energy by choosing when, and how, to apply exactly the right amount of pressure and force to any given situation or activity: never overdoing it and never under-doing it. There is power in taking action: applying energy and force makes things happen. Bruce Lee had a Mars-Pluto square; he exemplifies using controlled force.

Just do it

Mars-Pluto people have to take their excess energy and put it to use. They have to do something with their energy. If they sit on it, they can become abusive, resentful, destructive and bitter. The best remedy is to find something that they are passionate about and immerse themselves in doing that thing. It can be a labor-intensive job, pulling weeds, exercising, sex, housework, boxing, target practice, paintball, video games, knife-throwing, carving, surgery, piercing, or tattooing, but whatever it is, it had better be physically draining,  violent*, or both. Mars-Pluto people are flat-out nicer when they’ve physically exhausted themselves or satisfied their blood-lust.

* I hope everyone knows I’m not implying that Mars-Pluto people should physically hurt themselves or any other person.


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  • Sonia Ni everybody ! That is so true ! My scorpio partner has this aspect (orb 9) in Virgo. He drives me nuts because of his self control. As an Aries, I love spontaneity in love, and therefore I feel frustrated sometimes .
    But he has an issue with his masculinity and works on it constantly by reading books about how to be a man, this is an issue in Germany where some men have been disoriented by feminism. He looks very masculine but inside he also feels feminine, which makes him very passive sometimes, which disorients me.
    Mars has to do with masculinity and I hope he will find his way.
    (I’ll try to upload his natal chart)

  • Charlotte

    I have mars 25 cancer its fall, meaning disappointment. Ancient William Lilly called it the sop. I stopped several addictive things at 51 1995, to detox and in 2003 reached my highest pt. of balance and peace. Pluto is 6 natal cusp 4th so 12 degrees apart. I used to be highly creative at home when married. Painting and old furniture. Good to have an outlet i agree. Its giving me problems tonight so good to remind me to be attentive. I think i can say I ve never physically hurt anyone in serious way. ok I used to slap. My daughter in law has that placement I believe and my ex guy has it progressed. But in my teens it , mars, progressed to leo and was brave and flambuoyant and progressed again to virgo and I think wants order as starts to gain greater and greater togetherness. At the same time the times call for fights over money and control so I am stuck with it…in these crazy times. Life is to develop aspects of it. Best wishes to everyone about it. peace

  • I have Mars conjunct Pluto, I got into another violent fight yesterday because I was unable to control the enormous energy once again *sigh*

  • Linda Maree Malcolm

    But can I hurt someone – PLEASE !! 🙂

    • AstroFix

      No 🙁

  • AJ

    I have Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, and the only fear I’ve ever had is of someone exceeding me in power and strength, because I literally feel invincible and refuse to lose. I hate to be compared with those who have a Mars-Pluto affliction, since all the people I’ve known who have Mars-Pluto oppositions have zero control over themselves, are sloppy with their vindictive streak, and lack concentration and focus. Anyway, that’s my take. I think the type of aspect and signs involved makes a big difference. I have also found people with the opposition to be self-destructive. They seem to sabotage themselves and their chances at having something they desire — especially if the object or person seems unattainable. I’ve seen a great deal of narcissism with this position also — going after one’s desires oftentimes at the expense of others. I suppose that’s the flipside of feeling invincible. A person with the opposition once tried taking justice — or what he blindly considered justice — into his own hands… It’s just a matter of time before the deep matters he’s messing with blow up in his face. Can’t wait to see that. 🙂

    • AstroFix

      Is Saturn tied in with your Mars-Pluto conjunction?

  • naadirasahra

    Really? No differences between challenging and helpful aspects? I have the trine and while I was rather a hothead as a child, I can control it most of the time now. It’s like the Kraken I can release when absolutely necessary, like in the three separate rape attempts I’ve fended off. Please consider that I have my Moon, Venus, Saturn and Chiron all in Aries and Pluto in the 1st house, several planets and asteroids in the 8th house and other aspects involving both Mars and Pluto. I mean, if anyone was ever going to be a hothead! At least my Mars is in more gentle Taurus. Really, I’m a nice person. 😀

    • The difference is in how you handle the energy, not in what the symbols represent.

      • naadirasahra

        I must respectfully disagree. A trine is helpful but doesn’t provide a lot of opportunity for growth, a square is challenging but offers opportunity for growth. Of course everything in your chart depends on how you handle it. If the symbols don’t matter, why would we use them?
        I think the differences between helpful vs challenging are most appreciable in synastry and composite charts. Too many challenging aspects and you can just forget about it.

        • I meant the symbols of Pluto and Mars.

          The way you handle the energy is shown by the aspect between Pluto and Mars.

  • Rozarrianne

    I have this aspect and now I understand why I can easily get angry lol. I need to start controling this energy I guess…

  • “rein in”, not “reign in”. Sorry, it’s a compulsion.

  • “Mars-Pluto people, who aren’t punching walls…” -I broke my hand on a stud at age 19…fun!

    “…throwing things…” -Most recently/notably, my last cell phone.

    “…yelling…” -This is almost daily.

    “…stewing in their juices…” -Oh my, yes.

    “…or running someone off the road…” -Actually, a dude in a work van almost ran me off the road. I turned around, passed him and e-braked sideways in the road. I was apoplectic, he was apologetic. No violence ensued. I went home and had a doobie.

    “…know a thing or two about how to handle the beast within.” -Like I said, doobie.

  • Rhianna Gray

    I have Mars in Pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo. I also have Mercury, Saturn, Moon, and Chiron conjunct that Mars. And Uranus conjunct that Pluto. And Neptune trines the Pisces stellium, and then sextiles the Pluto and Uranus. And then the entire lot is squared by Jupiter! What I have found that engages my passion and smoothes out the tension and compulsion is masters swimming and open water swimming, for miles and miles, pushing myself hard and long. The rougher and colder the water (up to a point), the better. Before I found swimming, I had abusive relationships, in which I perhaps projected my power and drive onto an explosive or passive-aggressive partner. Ugh, no more! Also, I work as a paralegal in civil litigation and build cases to help the injured against lowballing insurance companies. The more I can consciously and intentionally engage the Mars-Pluto, the better life is for me, and others. There is always the chance I could get swept away in that “tsunami” if I stop exercising and working. But it took several decades to sort this out.

  • Lerole Maru

    Mars conjunct Pluto in scorpio in the 9th house. Reading this was such a relief. Felt like I was loosing my mind. Strength to you all!

    • Lerole Maru

      What other ways are there to soften this energy. Ive read that adding venusian energy helps. Beauty, novelty, self love and expressing oneself as peacefully as possible to prevent internalization. Any guidance would be appreciated

      • Self-love helps. Learning to be gentler with yourself and by extension more gentle with other people helps too. Letting yourself admit some of your deepest desires is also a big release. Sometimes we don’t want to admit what we really really want because other people might think it’s stupid or foolish or a waste of time, or whatever.

  • Armin

    Mars trine Pluto. People have told me I’m an extremely scary person when someone pushes me beyond my threshold. When I’m extremely mad I am filled with violent tendencies. I feel I could snap at any moment. Luckily my self control is somewhat decent or I would have been fired from work long ago. My mars is also in a weak square (9 degrees) with my Sun and moderate square with my Mercury and Venus (6 degrees on both) and is my chart ruler. I am a very active person. Excercise is therapy for me.

    I’m just glad I’m not a Mars Uranus person. Mars Uranus is way scarier than Mars Pluto because the person is unpredictable and can explode randomly. It’s totally shocking and happens when you least expect it.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your experience, Armin.

      • Armin

        How should I interpret this aspect in synastry? My mars trines everyone’s Pluto who was born between 1986 and 1992. I get into a lot of power struggles with this age group. Almost always the Pluto person attempts to control me and I do not tolerate that. I don’t have this problem with people who were born several years older than me. I thought trines were supposed to cause less drama but I guess not.

        • Hi Armin,

          Trines make the flow of energy between to planets easier – but that does not mean that the easy flow is “good.” It’s like saying that having a dam break between two bodies of water is a good thing. Sometimes the flow needs something to stop it up.

          I have already written a Moon-Pluto article, it’s part of the Planet Combination eBook:

          Moon-Pluto is intense, transformational, and profound.

          • Armin

            Can I email you a synastry chart of me and and two different women? I’m attracted to both of them but for very different reasons. In one chart my Pluto is being squared by a Mars while in the other chart my Mars is in a trine with Pluto. I’d like to hear your thoughts on them.

            • Hi Armin,

              I have just updated and activated my astrology readings page:

              Let me know if you are interested.

              • Armin

                I am. I’m mostly interested in the minor aspects though. I seem to have lot of biseptiles but I do have other minor aspects.

                Also one of my friends has Mars opposition Pluto. She also has a very tight Sun square Mars. She doesn’t have any kind of anger or violence issues. She has however been the victim of domestic violence from her ex boyfriend. Her Taurus Mars is in her seventh house and Scorpio Pluto is in her twelfth house. This is the reverse of me as I have Retrograde Pluto in seventh house and Pisces Mars in 12th.
                She has Scorpio rising so would Mars be her chart ruler or would it be Pluto?

                • Mars and Pluto are both her chart rulers. Mars as the traditional ruler, Pluto as the modern ruler.

        • Jamie Santos

          Hi, Armin. I was reading your posts and this one particularly got my attention, especially when you stated this, “Almost always the Pluto person attempts to control me.”
          Having Moon, Venus and Neptune sextile Pluto ( Sun and Mercury Square it ) I have experienced every conceivable scenario of ‘control’ and have found that it was not so much that other people were trying to control me but that I allowed the process to take place.
          Now that I am aware of what is transpiring between myself and others ‘control’ has become a non-issue. I can see how fragile we all are, our inherent needs and desires not met in childhood can manifest as compulsions, and, in extreme cases, a sense of entitlement to destroy others.
          I hope this helps.

  • Polly

    True. I have mars pluto sun stellium in scorpii in the 7th house. I think since its the house of relationship I feel like I either wanna have animalistic sex to get that energy out, but I only want to do it with someone who will be my boyfriend haha. If not, I just feel hate and anger towards others in genetal and specifiacly men.

    • Thank you for reading, Polly.

  • Amanda

    I have Sun/Mars/Mercury sextile Pluto (exact). I’ve learned with Mars/Pluto energy you can’t be afraid or try to avoid it. Respect it and when situations stir it you must choose to either respond or react. Of course, sometimes the energy comes from nowhere really fast and its best for everyone to just walk away. It does have its blessings too like when you have a major deadline and can work non stop for three days without sleep. Basically, it has major benefits if you can figure out how to use it to your advantage…which I’m still figuring out.

  • It manifests in its own particular way:

    The 45 Degree Semi-Square And 135 Degree Sesquiquadrate

    These angles were not in general use in ancient times and take a fairly new position in the ranks of aspects. They connect planets or angles together in ways that imply change and adjustment through struggle. Many authors suggest they be read as somewhat watered down squares, agreeing that they indicate anxiety and some measure of instability. Both the semi-square and the sesquiquadrate can imply harsh and sharp reactions, which can be a brand of excitement. Resistance to both planets involved is not uncommon. The situations associated with these aspects require deliberate action and persistence. Again, more insight will come from considering the nature of the planets combined.

  • A

    Wondering what you think of this configuration: a grand cross: mars-pluto opposition intersecting a mercury-saturn opposition, all in fixed signs, possibly in 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house; the time is unverified.

    • Possible problems owning your aggressive tendencies and the need to develop better communication skills. You feel other people hold you back but you’re the one who has to develop better self-control, and at the same time, better self-expression.

  • Sarah

    I have mars/pluto conjunct to my sun in the 8th house. This article fits me to a T. before I got into astrology I took jiu-jitsu and I did really well. It was a perfect outlet for me to my surprise. My Mom also has Mars/Pluto conjunction but not conjunct to her natal Sun like I do. She did not do any physical activities and just sat inside the house. She suffered from terrible outbursts of anger and had a terrible temper. She was very violent and abused me physically. So, everything makes sense

  • Bonjour

    Omg, im a pisces (sun), pisces (moon), and libra (rising) and – 81 Opposition Mars – Pluto. I get soooooo angry and cannot control it. Freaking scary. Its a built up of bs and being mistreated, used, and abused. Ive started working out lately power walking/rumning 6 miles a day and that alomg with a natural suppliment keeps me sane. I guess this is why im coo coo for cocoa puffs????

  • vanda

    Hey!! I Love this article, so i have sun,mars,pluto opposite pluto, so i have a big problem with this aspects ,right??

    • Hm … do you mean by transit? You can’t have Pluto opposite Pluto natally.

  • Tam

    I met a guy with mars conjunct pluto in scorpio opposite my moon and I’ve heard about domestic violence with this😳

    • It could show domestic violence, but it doesn’t have too. There might be deeply emotional issues between you about home and family. If you have good contacts with each of your Mercurys you may be able to talk out problems rather than throw punches.

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  • Chris


    Interesting read and one I can relate to. I have a bit of a bugger of a pluto in my chart. He is conjunct saturn, square the sun, opposite moon and trine with mars (which is 1st house). Pressure cooker is the operative phrase I think and definitely need physically/mentally aggressive (not necessarily violent) release to release all the pressure. I find that in my chart mars is the key to relieving the pressure and have to regularly exert myself (mentally or physically) to exhaustion to be able to come some way to feeling like a human being!

    Double edged sword, definitely!

    Good piece, enjoyed reading it.

  • Joe

    Hi Michelle, re-posting this chart. I know it is complex so whatever you may want to share will be greatly appreciated

  • Jadranka Ćuzulan

    And what if the aspect is inconjuct? Does all said above still apply?

    • Yes, but the interplay between Mars and Pluto is about adjusting between the energies.

      • Jadranka Ćuzulan

        I have that aspect&Mars inconjunct Neptune. I am interested what kind of activities do you find are a good outlet for that energy adjusting?

        • Sounds like you have a Yod with Neptune and Pluto pointing towards Mars. With Neptune involved, dance is a good option. Even acting could be a good release if it involves physicality. What kind of activities do you do currently to release energy?

          • Jadranka Ćuzulan

            I have Venus-Mars-Pluto Yod on the Ascendent/Descendant Axis.
            For energy release I do dance. Freestyling in my room&dancing on dub music&Soulmotion. But, I feel like it is not enough.

            • Do you have an 11th house emphasis? Do you get out into clubs or festivals and dance with the crowds? That can be a huge release.

              • Jadranka Ćuzulan

                I have Moon in the 11th house. I do like dancing in the crowds. Good reminder, as I haven’ t done that in a while. #gonestraightedge Also I am doing a yang meditation spiral on Yoga day, on tuesday, I have went twice already, and I feel overwhelmed, like I need to step out of the spiral. I think I should stick it out, no matter what happens.

  • .

    Enough Said.

  • Joe

    The post below was in reference to my natal chart. I have a stellium of sun, moon mercury, mars, Uranus and Pluto in Libra. Part of the stellium is a close moon-mars-Pluto lineup. I was wondering if I could get your opinion of Pluto’s influence on my chart and any general commentary on my chart would be welcomed as well. I apologize for the jumbled post below.

  • Joe

    Looks like the copy/paste formatting on the previous post did not work well, hopefully this is easier to follow:
    El Paso, Tx
    October 6, 1972 10:30 AM

    Sun Libra 13°28′ Sun in XI Ascendant Scorpio 13°40′
    Moon Libra 5°38′ Moon in XI II Sagittarius 13°06′
    Mercury Libra 25°36′ Mercuryin XII III Capricorn 15°12′
    Venus Virgo 1°29′ Venus in Midheaven IV Aquarius 18°58′
    Mars Libra 3°40′ Mars in XI V Pisces 21°24′
    Jupiter Capricorn 1°10′ Jupiter in II VI Aries 19°45′
    Saturn Gemini 20°35′ Saturn in VIII VII Taurus 13°40′
    Uranus Libra 18°22′ Uranus in XI VIII Gemini13°06′
    Neptune Sagittarius 3°14′ Neptune in Ascendant IX Cancer15°12′
    Pluto Libra 2°22′ Pluto in XI Midheaven Leo 18°58′
    Lilith Scorpio 25°08′ Lilithin Ascendant XI Virgo 21°24′
    Asc node in III XII Libra 19°45′

    • Can you post an anonymous chart instead?

      • Joe

        Sure, thank you !

        • Joe

          That is Lilith in Asc in Scorpio btw. I must say the more I learn about this chart the more startling the reveleations are.

        • Hi Joe,

          Pluto shows a need to majorly overhaul your relationships to group and who you choose to associate with. It would be good to pay more attention to your Venus as well since she is the dispositor of all your planets in Libra. Mercury is Venus’s dispositor, and Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception. You must have a lot of charm and be a smooth talker. Just make sure you’re wooing the right people.

  • Lisa

    Yes, killer instinct is accurate. I’d also say we have 1) the ability to go for the jugular, and 2) we have a long fuse (fortunately) but when it blows it blows big — at times an awesome thing to behold, and it may take a long time for a cool down. We can surprise ourselves at the strength and power of our eruptions. We don’t forget and we don’t readily forgive. Not the type to be screwed with. Can be tremendously focused, energized, dogged, resilient, and patient. Looks beyond the surface of things. Can hit the bulls eye and get the job done. Assassins, surgeons, researchers, spies — things which require focus and sustained and applied attention and energy.

  • Jane

    Very accurate description. I have a nasty T square between moon, mars, and pluto, with mars as the apex. In addition, my moon and ascendant are in Aries, so mars is my ruling planet. All of the that adds up to serious anger issues. In all honestly, there have been times that I have gotten so angry that I feel an overwhelming physical urge to punch someone or something. Luckily, I have managed to restrain myself thus far and just remove myself from the situation as quickly as possible. I often just keep it to myself. Sports have been good for me, especially the competitive aspect of them. I have also gravitated to professions with a physical aspect to them. Generally, getting dirty and totally exhausted makes me feel way less stressed.

  • Ulli Steinhauser

    Mars in Pisces in the 5th, Pluto in Virgo 11th house, 3 orb, also opposite Uranus (9 deg orb – 68 baby). I have hard time controlling my anger as well. I have lost many friends because of this. I haven’t exercised in years but I am starting now. Maybe that will help. Thanks for this great article.

    • Exercise will help, Ulli. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Kimberly

    just wondering how much of an orb you use?

    • Hi Kimberly,

      For the conjunction, opposition, trine, and square, 10 degrees. Sextiles up to 6 degrees. Quincunx and sesquiquadrate, 3 degrees. Others tend to be 1-2 degrees.

  • darkktur o

    Wow, thanks for hitting the nail on the head. mars conjunct pluto 4 minutes apart . In Leo. In the 12th. heavily , tightly aspected by saturn, neptune, jupiter and uranus. From zero to nuclear in .0001 seconds. Oblivious to my wrecking ball most of my life. I’ve gotten much better. I do best when working out like a gladiator to burn off the energy.

    • Thank you for sharing, darkktur o.

  • moonchild

    My Pluto is in Libra in the 1st house and my Mars in in Pisces in the 6th house… its quincux/inconjunct. Is this aspect relevant or “counting” for this article? I totally feel this deep obsessive madness and aggression that I have to keep in check. It sounds like this article is about me really… I have my sun/merc in aries and moon/venus in aquarius… so I have to assume the pluto is giving me these non-detached feelings. Most people would not guess I am like this, I hide it well.

    • Yes, I think the inconjunct helps. Personally, I turn to intense exercise to deal with these feelings. Also, I use flower remedies.

  • Dreaming-kills or gives wings?

    I have a Mars-Pluto conjunction in ninth house,saggitarius..I was born on 10th september 1999,Belgrade(Serbia) in 6:25PM.I want to be a doctor and a scientist cause i really have a passion about learning…But since the beggining of high school ,I’ve been so depressed for some reason,so i didn’t learn as much as i wanted to(I had all A but i didn’t really mamorize anything),so now I don’t know all that I should know and that’s killing me-I feel like I have a hole i have to fill,or I’ll just be stuck near it forever..And because of that i can’t learn,cause i am not sure that i can make up that one year of high school…Maybe I’ve become lazy but idk…I feel totaly worthless and i hate myself ,my look,my personality..Why i can’t just take the book and learn when i like to do that?What is blocking me?Of course,all above is truth ,I mean i feel nervous,anxious,angry to the point i wanna heart myself,but never others..All that energy is directed to myself,in my case..If you could give me some advice or tell me what this aspect means in my natal chart,I’d be so thenkful!

    • Hi, I’m sorry that you are going through such a tough time. Did you see my email regarding a reading?

  • nikkilady

    I’ve got a Mars-Pluto conjunction in my chart. Mars is in Libra 8th House. Pluto is in Scorpio in the 9th, but very close to the 8th. I wonder what that means?

    • Hi nikkilady, Much of what your conjunction means will depend on how Mars and Pluto integrate into the rest of your chart. What are your ascendant and Sun signs?

  • ivana

    all true….. i have pluto squares – sun, mars, and venus…a lot of pluto energy and a lot of pure anger that boils like a vulcano in me…. my clients often salute me like im a policeman…. hihihi…..and of course, im obsessed with “dark” and privacy…

  • Mindy

    I’ve got Pluto/Mars/Saturn conjunct in Leo in 11th. I call it “PMS” 😀
    (I’ve also got 2nd Hs. Scorpio Sun/Chiron conjunction sq. the “PMS”.)

    I’m pretty controlled, but feel everything really deeply…often embarr-
    assed even ashamed of some of my darkness. Have this probably
    confusing persona of the deep/dark in conjunction with a really joking
    around, can-find -humour-in-almost-anything way. (Jup./Venus conj.
    in 3rd). Suppose that (the kidding arnd.) burns off some energy.

    So passionate abt. bringing peace and beauty to this world (Neptune conj.
    Libra ASC). Don’t know if creativity counts as a way to express martian
    energy but I immerse myself in the creative process (music/design) with
    immense focus and concentration. My hormones tho’ have been crazy
    these last few yrs. (Neptune has been oppos. my 12 Hs. 7deg. Virgo Moon)
    so a lot of phys. activity just means “hot flash city” big time and exhaustion.

    Your post makes me feel maybe not so weird with all the heavy stuff
    in my chart and how I experience it. Your insights are really helpful. Thank

    • Thank you for reading, Mindy. Lol @ PMS 🙂

  • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

    I have a semi-square among mars and pluto. I also have mercury conjunction pluto in a 0 degree orb. the conjunction in Scorpio (5th house) and my mars in virgo (4th house) and mars is not alone there, venüs is in 4th house too, they also conjunct. what can we say? Is my minor aspect effective?

    • Hi Mine, it’s hard to say without seeing your whole chart. How tight is the semi square?

      • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

        Semi square is in 2 degree orb. i have a simple chart 🙂 i want to talk about it. the ascendent is gemini. My sun conjunct my moon in libra (5th house). mercury-pluto conjunction is in scorpio (5th house). Saturn (scorpio) and uranus (sagittarius) is in 6th house. Neptun is in 7th house. Jupiter is in aquarius (at the end of 8th house). venus-mars conjunction (in virgo) square neptun and sextile saturn. mars square uranus. i also have a trine between jupiter and moon. sun-moon conjunction sextile uranus. mercury sextile neptun. jupiter square mercury-pluto conjunction that’s why i’m talkative and write so long 🙂 that’s all for now, thank you.

        • It will have some influence but 2 degrees is about the max I’d say considering that 40 degrees is a novile and 51 degrees is a septile.

          • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

            mars’s degree is 21°18’37” in virgo, pluto’s degree is 4° 6’14” in scorpio.

            • That’s definitely a semisquare

  • Obsidian

    Haha man you said it. With Mars and Pluto Conjunct in my 5th House under Scorpio, I have felt the violent struggle. Mars is Transiting in Virgo right now, but it won’t be too long before it starts to transit in Scorpio and becomes Conjunct my Natal Mars/Pluto Conjunction, I know I will need to be careful around this time and really watch myself.
    Wrestling and Martial Arts really help me with this energy. Once I explored this aspect, it really made sense to me why I enjoyed sports that were more violent and involving physical contact.

  • Marie Sievert

    Hi !

    I really drew the winning lotteryticket when karma was handing out the charts ; scorpio is rising , my mars is exactly !!! conjunct saturn on critical degrees 17 pisces in 4th house and exactly opposite pluto on 17 degrees virgo and uranus on 18 degrees virgo as well.
    As I was born at night my mars is in triplicity n supercharged !!
    Very fittingly I work as a medium n as an astrologer since almost 23 years. After my dramadivorce ( of course , what did u expect ?! ) three years ago I really really felt the need to use my determination n sheer WILLPOWER n CONTROL to take power of my own life. What to do ?
    Oh , I forgot to mention that I´m EXTREMELY creative , especially writing ( not native englishspeaking but swedish ) so I threw something together n came up with a TV-show !! N I was accepted by Sweden´s biggest network !! In the same week I got an offer to work as a businessconsultant for a big cooperation !!!
    I have always had a knack attracting powerful businessmen n have always felt more comfortable around men in the businessworld.
    Someone once told me ” u look like a total femme fatale ( used to work as a model when young ) on the outside but u act all like a man. u r a man trapped inside a beautiful woman´s body “.
    I still think it´s kind of funny !!
    I had to learn the hard way that i can´t turn my laserfocus on right away but have to hold back quite a lot or that person will feel like ” a tsunamiwave of energy is coming towards me n I will drown ” . This is an actual comment from a guy I used to work with.
    This all sounds very , very far from my sun , moon and mercury all in pisces , don´t u think ?!

    My motto for life n my TV-show is : ” become the one u are “.
    Very , very Pluto……..

    Love / Marie

    • My motto for life n my TV-show is : ” become the one u are “.

      I love that

  • Jason Bell

    I have pluto (19 degrees libra, 12th house) conjunct my asc, sextile mars in the 10th (21 degrees leo) I can say without a doubt that I have to find outlets for this energy. I am a body builder and athlete.. I have to work out at least 5 days a week or I have a very hard time controlling my emotions/anger. This is spot on, as far as I am concerned. Any other suggestions for outlets based on the placements/signs?

    • Hi Jason, Is your ascendant Libra too?

      • Jason Bell

        Yes, Asc at 22 degress Libra

  • Tanya0510

    I have Pluto conjunct my moon and rising and I’m a lot nicer after physically exhausting myself. I can only imagine mars Pluto people.

  • Kameron

    What about Mars contra-parallel Pluto? Orb 0*22

    • You know Kameron, I don’t work with parallels, but I understand that the contra parallel is similar to the opposition. With an opposition, we have a tendency to side with one planet and project the other planet onto other people. Sometimes we flip flop between each side. In this case, sometimes you’ll see yourself in Mars and project Pluto onto others, and in other cases you’ll side with Pluto and project Mars onto other people. Oppositions are usually experienced as confronting an energy outside of yourself. Does that make sense? Sometimes you’ll be the aggressor and perhaps you’ll experience others as the aggressor. Other times you’ll be the one with the power and people will fight against you … among many other interpretations! As with all Mars-Pluto combinations, there’s tremendous potential to transform yourself and others through intense, authentic interactions.

  • judy kilow

    Hi. I wanna know how my minor mars pluto aspect works for me. It is mars 12th(libra) semi-square pluto 1st (sagittarius, 1 orb). im kinda clueless of how strong the semi-square is. There isn’t much info on this particular aspect. Any insight?

    • B

      A semi-square is a definite aspect that typically creates frustration, thus causing action. What degrees are these planets and what is your ascendant? Because your Mars is in the 12th in Libra, rising, it will come out more in yourself as you age (the age depends on what degree Mars is in compared to the ascendant). You may find that your world is full of an intensity, perhaps even a darkness, that you wish to act more upon, but may not, to keep the peace maybe? Maybe as you got older you learned to take more action? I would take semi-squares seriously. Especially in medical astrology, which has a lot to do with harmonics.

      • judy kilow

        Wow thanks B, that was really helpful. Im in general a really deep person(despite me being a gemini sun and moon).
        I always have these intense feelings and experience things very intensely. I however keep to myself.

        So on the outside I seem very cool, yet inside, my mind and emotions are a pool of flames. Yes, very true I have an innate ‘dark’ side to me that i sometimes want to act on, but restrain myself. It’s tug of war really. I like to keep the peace though.
        I’m a Scorpio rising. Mars 24.54′ libra, pluto 8.43′ Sagittarius. Pluto also conjuncts ascendant, but very widely, 10 degrees.

  • Hi Aci,

    Do you argue with your friends? Are you lazy? I think you can figure some of this out for yourself. I’d really have to see your chart to give insight for these positions. It makes a difference if your rising sign is Aries, for example, because then Mars would also be the ruler of your chart.

  • QueenJ

    Hi Michelle, This is too much. WOW!!!

    • Thanks, QueenJ. Which aspect do you have?

      • QueenJ

        Hi Michelle,
        My Mars is 16’12 and Pluto is 24’49! Mars is at 23’33 I lived here once, should I play this number?

        • It can’t hurt … as they say, you can’t win if you don’t play 😉

      • QueenJ

        Hi Michelle I have Mars/Gemini sq Pluto/Virgo

  • Don’t insert yourself into other people’s life lessons unless they ask you to help them. How does he feel about you?

  • Grace

    Jon Hamm apparently has a tight Mars/Pluto square. :/

  • Roman

    Is a semi-sextile a bad aspect?

  • Javari Nama

    You ain’t kiddin’ lady. My Mars is in Aries in the 12th house and it’s quincunx Pluto in Virgo in the 5th. Uranus in Libra in the 5th ain’t helpin either. I should take up marathon running………seriously.

  • Lucy

    Great post. I’ve wondered about this b/c my Pluto in Leo is so very aspected – square Ascendant, Sun, & Venus in Taurus – square Mars in Scorpio – and sextile Neptune. Also have Lilith conjunct IC & 3 degrees from Eros in Leo. What can I say? I swim a lot. Love to get out of the water absolutely spent. Have a lot of 12th H (Taurus) so am not always aware of my effect on people, but it is interesting how things can turn quickly behind the scenes on me. Weird! I try to stay above it all. A lot of what you wrote certainly rings true!

  • Valmont

    I am a Pieces with a Taurus moon. However, I have Moon Opposite Pluto Conjunct Ascendant in Libra, with Mars, Pluto and Saturn all in the first House. I have been dealing with being physically bullied for years. I am currently on a Mars Opposite Pluto/Asc Transit… and I know I am going to have to face physical altercations again. My Libra Asc has always made me abhor violence, but my planets draw this energy karmically to me.

    I need to know what the universe is wanting me to do… fight, or control myself? I’ve always allowed the violence to happen to me. I’ve never fight back. All the advice says I should not fight. yet, every time I’m presented with this, I do not fight, yet this only makes matters worse. Please, someone, please… I’m dying inside here. I’meexhausted at my gentle nature being stomped on. I need to know what to do.

    • Valmont

      Also, my Mars is in Scorpio…

      • Kimberly H.

        If you not fighting is only making matters worse, than its because you were never meant to be *that* sweet and affable. Mars-Pluto is about accepting, harnessing, and eventually *using* the beast that lives beneath your skin. *Especially* if your Mars is in Scorpio.

        Everyone wears a mask, and underneath, has *two* faces; The one that is us when we’re alone or with trusted friends, and the one that most of us will spend our lives trying to hide. Us at our most primal.

        You might have a Libran Ascendant, but it’s only meant to be the mask you wear. (Think Leonardo DiCaprio. You’d never think he has his Ascendant in Libra either.) Learn to tell your Libran courtesies to fuck off when need be. It’s an admirable trait in this day and age, but the Libra parts of you were NEVER meant to override your Mars, Pluto and Saturn in your 1st House. And truth is, once people abuse your affable nature, they lose their right to respect. Neither being worthy of it, nor having the right to expect it.

        Take up a defense class. Join a gym. Do something *physical* to serve as an outlet for the dark energy. People can sense it, but know you will not use it. (Which is why they take advantage of you. In short: they’re assholes.) Prove them wrong. You have the right.

        • Valmont

          Thank you. This was extraordinarily helpful.

    • Hi Valmont, with this opposition to your ascendant I would say that part of the solution is becoming more aware of yourself and what attitude/energy you emanate in interactions. Then, begin to learn how to control yourself and your behavior in interaction with others. People are less likely to bully you if you are able to demonstrate that you have self-confidence and self-respect. Also being able to become unafraid and to show that is helpful. Fighting is not the answer. Antagonistic people feed off of opportunities to be even more antagonistic. Being able to stand up for yourself, and sometimes that means being forceful, is necessary. But again, that’s not necessarily the same thing as being physically violent. You might want to learn some physical techniques for becoming more physically imposing. The TED talks have some interesting episodes on this subject. Check a few out:

      • Valmont

        I had never looked into TED Talks. Great stuff.

  • Linh Pham

    I have Leo Mars in the 1st House square with Scorpio Pluto in the 4th House. I think i control my anger quite well, i just keep being silent and after a while, i’m ok. But during that time, people shouldn’t talk to me or ask me anything, or else i can’t avoid yelling at them, whoever they are. Besides, I find it easier to get angry to my family members than to my friends, though I don’t get angry often.

    • I find it easier to get angry to my family members than to my friends
      That’s a great insight – thank you.

  • Stephen

    Which aspect can have a sexual aura about them?

    • Gosh Stephen, a lot. Mars, Venus, and Pluto combinations are the standards. You could include 8th house planets, planets in Scorpio. A bunch of asteroids … Eros, Lilith, and more. I’m going to tweet your question out to see if there are more responses. Maybe put it on my FB page too.

  • Iris

    I have Mars sextile Pluto in a 1 degree orb. I am very good at controlling my anger and any outbursts that may threaten to explode. I also attribute my contained emotions with an Aquarius Moon. I have buried rage that is a constant work in process to heal so I can lead a healthier life. Yoga helps me immensely. I have learned to forgive many that have hurt me when I was defenseless. I work release energy through yoga and working. The few times I have worked out with a boxing coach, I really enjoyed it.

    • Exercise is fantastic for Mars-Pluto. I enjoy lifting weights myself. Also looking into rekindling an interest in yoga 🙂

  • lol. Pulling weeds ^^

    • How are you?

      • Im fine. How are you too, Michelle? ^^ Im obviously busier than 10 yrs ago. Haha. I got this aspect not so while ago and exactly like you 6th house also, double the nuts! Lol. Nowadays Im having double uranus- mars square..if you could post some words about it, I would totally livid. Keep on posting the good work! 😉

  • Kym

    A friend of mine has his pluto in a T-square; sun opposite pluto, both square mars within less than two degrees each I believe. He also has a lot of neptunian influences and I feel like these hard aspects actually have the opposite effect on his, he doesn’t act. He stays in one situation or mindset for very long and moves very slowly (the planets are in fixed signs). The other negative aspects of the tension comes out very passively and I don’t think even he is aware of it. I can see the patterns in all his relationships where a lot of the times he is at fault for the same plutonian based reasons but he doesn’t realize it and always blames it on the other person. It’s really hard being friends with him because he TESTS constantly; always poking at you to see if you’ll react. A lot of the times I feel like he continues to be around me because he knows that he can get under my skin very easily but I also never stay upset for very long so its like a game to him, he does it over and over again. We separate for long periods of time after a fight but somehow we always find our way back and start again where we stopped. But for some reason I feel obligated to him like I need to help him for some reason. It’s very strange, I don’t understand it. He also has a very rough relationship with his dad, kinda like a sergeant to a soldier if that makes sense.

    • Gabby

      I found that there is a great insecurity feeling behind that Plutonian testing. They want to know if you are really there under all and any circumstances for them. Than they keep on with the testing and ruin the relationship in the end without realizing it.
      They want to get under your skin, because they need to go deep, this is where they feel safe and at home. Pluto wants you to feel to be in control. But if they are not in control of themselves they will want to control someone else. They like confident people or show overconfidence.
      The keyword is insecurity feeling – in this case the martian power, just like the dad relationship example shows it.

  • DawnrazorDCLXVI

    Forgot to mention, my favorite singer, Jeff Buckley, had Mars and Pluto conjunct. He died in the Mississippi shortly after making his first album. Everyone should listen to Grace… Or at least a single song off YouTube. The entire album is a masterpiece, and his vocal range, and passion, is phenomenal. He would be on par with artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Tool today if he were still alive. Grab ‘Forget Her,’ which he refused to include on his sole album, Grace, because he insisted it was too good for the entire album… It won’t ruin the album. Listen in order. 🙂

  • DawnrazorDCLXVI

    I have my Mars, Pluto, and South Node in a triple conjunction in Scorpio, in the 8th House, the house of Scorpio. 😉 Hehe.

    • Wow! How does that work for you?

      • DawnrazorDCLXVI

        I carry a grudge past the ten year mark. Seem to read people like a book — somatically. Almost borders on psychic. Can cold read like an ace. Passionate. Always suspicious.

        On the dark side, when I carry a grudge, I can strike with pinpoint precision, to where I have had people mentally hospitalized. Trust seems to be the trigger. I tend to be guarded, overreactive, extremely jealous. Trust is important. I guard my circle of friends carefully… When I go to war, I am patient, but usually resort to psychological warfare, rather than direct, when someone drops their guard. Unexpectedly… Everything within perfectly legal limits. They forget about me, I do not forget about them.

        I can size someone up in a minute. Expertly on mark as far as body language, sensing people around me, intent. Like having eyes on the back of my head.

        Excellent debate skills. I plan… I realize those are my dark sides (south node), but people say I am the most intense person they have ever met. Perceptive… Insightful… Foresight. Keenly observant. I am all three fire signs, with all my water in Scorpio. One sign in air–Libra! For balance. Slightly clairvoyant, though clairsentient is I believe the word I am searching for. Also, keenly intelligent, in a lateral sense.

        Mainly artistic. Main concern is justice… Sometimes to the extent of slow-burn, until I mete out my own. Poetically, creatively, precisely. Vindictive… It is a blessing and a curse. I seem to escape notice, but highly into occult and metaphysics, as well as rational pursuits. Extremely intuitive with the arts, though that could be Leo sun. 5th House…

        Sorry to ramble. You are talking my dark side, whereas people connect with me intensely, emotionally, or not at all. Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune were in retrograde, which could account for lateral thinking, expression through music, writing, art, poetry, etc. Also, my military aptitude tests are through the roof. I seem to master anything dexterous, instantly, martial arts or musical instrument. Also, flexible to the point of double-jointed, which aids both arts immensely. Excellent judge of character, and foresight.

        Though, for me, it is just an extension of the cognizant senses.

        Studied four martial arts, state champion before the MMA. Black Belt in at least one….

      • DawnrazorDCLXVI

        Also, forgot… Three triple conjunctions, and a double conjunction in Aries. Native house placements, respectively. They are right about willpower. I have the sloooww-burn……

  • Jen

    My experience with my most recent ex is that his outbursts were triggered by alcohol consumption. I think that the aspect takes a lot of conscious effort to keep under control and alcohol inhibits that control. My hope is that he stops drinking 100% so we can explore resuming the relationship in the future. He has a lot of great qualities (he is a Cappy with a Sag moon, sun conjunct Venus), but this aspect (especially the conjunction in Scorpio) is a killer one indeed.

    • Yeah … too much alcohol can really alter a personality.

  • Jen

    Today, I am getting out of my second abusive relationship in a row with a Mars-Pluto person. I will never date someone with this aspect again. Having said that, both also had Sagittarian moons.

  • Anna

    Mars and moon square pluto almost 0 .30 degree, then pluto square jupiter opposite sun and mercury my partner says “I don’t understand where this rage comes from, he calls me ruthless , but I have a loving Venus in Aquarius and that makes me very charitable and compassionate very. My biggest problem is pride, pride ha ruined my life, because of pride I used to refuse the very thing I most wanted. Great discussion love it

    • Moon square Pluto implies something having to do with your mom … how is your relationship with her?

  • Shane

    Mine is in libra also but then, i also have pluto rising with my natal ascendant in libra, now the ascendant is in scorpio, but I still have the saturn and pluto conjunction from the natal chart and a 1° degree conjunction with pluto and mars in the progressed chart then I wouldn’t tell people stuff that happened cuz just of my shyness and aspergers syndrome so to be so shy but so strong it puzzles people, but I think the thing about bullying started way back in 6th grade, I was really short and shy but around 15 i had sudden urges toall of a sudden stand up, way more than m

    • Shane

      What I did before

      • Good luck , Shane. Handling anger often gets easier with time and age.

  • Shane

    I have had a mars pluto conjunction for at least about a decade in progressions im sure i remember as a teenager i would break things out of anger it was a release at first then I felt bad I kept it in check for a while after those few years until I started working at walmart, publix i kind of had an occasional problem feeling overwhelmed, but at walmart i just felt my normally quiet demeanor made me a pushover so after a few weeks I got bumped into really hard by someone and they yelled”watch out!! ” and that really set me off i screamed in anger about it and I’ve been known for that ever since it’s just when things are so overwhelming and cold hard rejection would really hurt my feelings but feeling like people felt I was weak it sent me in a zone to show people my strength and I underestimate my strength I just still to this day don’t know how much pull my anger can have and to make it worse I have aspergers syndrome so just the social struggles and then the powerful drive within its done good by completing lots of work through out the years but then managers would expect way to much from me when things became way to overwhelming now people who either glare at me angrily or look very uncomfortable 5 nights a week at work and truthfully i feel really bad but at times I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t picked on but sometimes the power of my true inner strength makes me feel terrible

    • DawnrazorDCLXVI

      Odd. I am diagnosed aspie as well… Same conjunction!?

  • SeaOfLove

    Thank you for such a well written article a close friend of mine has the Mars Pluto Opposition. This explains a lot of how his personal energy and drive works and helps me understand how he works.

  • Isaac

    Oh yeah, my mars is one degree above the eastern horizon, so I was born under a mars-rise. Anyone want to join the revolution? >-]

  • Isaac

    Wow… This aspect explains the “scary” part of my brain. I have mars in 08° aries (rising) and pluto at 07° scorpio. Ive never acted on my impulses, but after all these years, it’s nice to know wht everyone seems to want me out of their life. They must attributr me to Satan on the account that I ooze eros AND thanatos energy, even though I have learned how to keep my ID in check, and refuse to willfully abuse ppl.. Ive never killed, and ive only had sex with one woman. Yeah, dark thoughts, fantasies and dreams area problem, but my mental fortitude is unmatched.

    • DawnrazorDCLXVI

      Agree. Willpower…

  • VampireBites

    True. I have my Leo Mars square Scorpio Pluto. I have the need to be constantly on the move. If not I would feel restless and be all cranky, sometimes I just don’t know why I’m like that. That’s why I always keep myself busy. The only way to get rid of my internal restlessness.

    • Thanks for reading, VampireBites.

  • Cristiana

    Aw, I would love to have an aspect like let s say Pluto conjunct Mars 🙁

  • redqueen

    The tremendous energy with the negative aspects of mars and pluto can be truly violent in expression . I just shouted at my father-in-law like crazy and challenged both my in-laws to try and start something . My father-in-law tried to retaliate but i just shouted him down . And all this in front of 2 male servants and 2 carpenters !! My father-in-law has mars trine pluto natally and my mother-in-law has mars square pluto natally . They have no mars-pluto interaspects with me in synastry. But i have pluto interaspects with my MIL and probably with my DIL too – me being pluto . Guess thats why they both are no match in front of me – i can rip both apart in a jiffy !!

    • Maybe you should stay away from these people!

  • redqueen

    I have the mars quincunx pluto natally…totally relate to everything written abt negative mars-pluto aspects. I really have a terrible temper.Today I slapped my mother-in-law, hard, several times and threw water on her face over a small issue …the irritation had been building up in me for some days.

  • Anna

    Could this aspect suggest some homicidal tendencies?
    I have it and there was a time I had strong desire of hurting people. I’m not going into details, but it was (and is) really hard to stop myself from hurting others.
    I have conjunction Mars/Pluto/Mercury in Scorpio, 2nd House. Also, Mars and Mercury have aspects with Uranus/Neptun in Capricorn 3rd (sextile), Saturn in Aquarius 4th (Square), Moon in Pisces 5th (trigon)… Ufff.
    It’s quite tiring, this energy inside. Yea, it’s all cool when I get all of it and can do ‘everything’, but when it ends… I’m half-alive and so tired.
    Take your care!

    • Hi Anna,

      It’s been suggested this aspect can show homicidal tendencies, but that needs more proof. Please take care of yourself and find ways to release your stress/tension/anger/ etc… in healthy ways.

  • Maria

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I’ve a question – how would you read Mars-Pluto-Asc stacked on top of each other, very closely together? Mars in Libra 12H, Pluto in Scoprio 12H (might be in 1H actually – my birth time could be slightly off . It might also be sitting right on the ascendant), Asc in Scorpio.

    • I know this is a trite answer, but it’s very hard to say without looking at your chart and without know exactly where everything sits on each side of the birth chart.

  • Rachel

    I have Mars in Aqua (5th) square Pluto in Scorpio (2nd).

    As a child I had more of a temper, maybe? Things like slamming doors and throwing things. Not so much as an adult though. One thing I have noticed is that people are often engaging in power struggles with me when it’s not something I want. People seem to want to compete with me.

    In Autumn of 2012, when transit Saturn in Scorpio was conjuncting my Pluto and squaring my Mars, at the same time Jupiter in Gemini was trining my Mars — I had a situation at work where my boss and boss’s boss were trying to dominate me excessively at work. I had just finished a data analysis project that happened to show that some of their programs weren’t very effective, and made a recommendation that they adjust their strategy. They blamed me for negative result and tried to hide the report from upper management. This resulted in me escalating to their boss, who agreed with me and told them not to be afraid of data. Obviously they didn’t like that result and the mood at work got EXTREMELY tense. I swear I could feel how much one of them HATED me, I could feel his anger radiating. Maybe I set off his own Mars/Pluto energy? I ended up leaving and getting a higher paying job, after they basically forced me out. It was a leave or get fired situation. Within 3 months, one of them was demoted and the other was fired! Their boss later told me that although he agreed with me, the situation was too fraught and political for him to come to my aid.

    The whole time I was confused as to why they wanted to control/dominate me so much…. and how funny they ended up paying the price for it! Gotta admit it was nice to be vindicated.

    I am a woman and feel like I attract this energy from certain men. They see me as too strong or independent and want to dominate/control me. I think that’s how my Mars/Pluto square energy manifests for the most part. I’ve also had some pretty obsessive admirers. I am Libra Sun (1st) with Libra Asc with Mercury/Venus conjunct Scorpio (2nd) trined by Jupiter in Pisces (6th).

  • NNCT

    Pew, I’m glad im not the only one :p
    Being an Aqua ascendant, Moon Scorpio (9th) oppose Mars in Taurus (3rd) is not easy. Desires vs needs. Followed by Mars Taurus oppose Pluto in Scorpio (8h). I have such total killer chart with all these oppositions 😀
    From the childhood on i knew i had this untamable beast within me therefore i was avoiding all confrontations not in family tho just outside. Because somewhere i knew that i could not controll my anger once severely provoked. In 26 years i lost controll over myself Twice only and hopefully it stays the same as i’m still mastering the control over my burning rage.
    Sadly back in youth i could not find much info about Astrology. Or i could have mastered it fully by now.
    The 2d time i lost control when i beat the crap out of this bully moron in front of entire school 😀 I bet he loved it hahah. And i’m sure he’ll never forget that day. It was a beautiful summer day with everybody outside including teachers. Public humilation at its best. I got only one punch from him when in fact i bombarded him with countless. Thats all i remember. I have No clue how its ended tho.
    Taurus loves inner piece and harmony and once its piece is disturbed and with aspect of moon & pluto this is what you get.
    The other aspects i have to pluto are:
    Sun (1st) quintile Pluto (8th)
    Mercury (1st) Trine Pluto
    Venus (1st) square Pluto
    Jupiter (1st) bequintile Pluto (not sure if bequintile counts)
    Neptune (11th) sextile Pluto
    Venus Square Mars

  • Katie

    I have Algol Taurus Mars in 8th house inconjunct Libra Pluto in 1st house. It’s not the best of energy mixing… as a matter of fact, it’s actually pretty troublesome. For starters, I grew up in what seemed like idyllic settings but they were dangerous and unsettled environments below the surface. I was moved around a lot, and I had the feeling that I was going to get physically injured at any given moment (I was physically hit often and out of the blue by not just my family members but other kids, and teachers). I could never trust anyone nor ever feel safe, possibly a Pluto in 1st house trait. I rarely do feel comfortable enough to even think of trusting anyone, even now as an adult. But, I never thought that I’m a victim and I certainly wouldn’t ever go without a fight and if there has to be destruction, I come out alright in the end. I can’t say much for other people though…

  • carmen

    i am Aries rising and have mars/cancer/4th square pluto/libra/7th. my father used to be violent to my mother in my childhood, but he would stop when I stood between them. I am not physically violent, but I have a temper. the worse time I got mad I swear the person in my mind for two days every 5 minutes. I like feisty men and mommy’s boys drive me crazy. I think I am calm in life threatening situation like earthquakes and I always wonder if I would be able to survive if I got shipwrecked on a desert island. running really helped me deal with my frustration about relationships and I enjoy swimming and kick box. fighting against physical pain and cruelty I think are the only things that could drive me to really act on this animal instinct. and i think fighting/arguing is good to some point because it deals with the issue, not avoid it.

  • 8kat

    I am very much enjoying what I read in your blog. Refreshingly straightforward and full. I particularly enjoyed Sun conjunct Chiron which I have, and Pluto Mars. I have Pluto/ Saturn leo conjunct in the Twelfth squaring a stellium of Jupiter, mercury, mars in Scorpio in the third. Sun in libra, moon in Taurus. Talk about being confused. But I was lucky enough to be lead to a degree in counseling, and a language to understand these things, as well as a 20 year practice of dance meditation. Here is a poem I wrote a couple of years back. I call it mars square Pluto
    That’s a razor blade
    Slap on the face
    Long dark coaster
    To and underground place.
    That’s moonlight on sharp white
    glisten of canines, 
    Shoulder on shovel, dirt,
    Hole in the ground.
    That’s the casket, the
    Missile, the basket of reeds.
    Moises shooting down rapids, 
    In green, wave reflections. Soft
    Sounds, cry of baby,
    Fist of a king.
    The plundering sceptre, the well
    Wearing ring.
    The source of my sight, anguish.
    My sight.  Scraping the up-welling
    juice from the rind,
    Despairing of comfort
    Whatever I find.

    Thanks again

  • Bob

    funny, there’s this guy i know, and his behavior got me to wondering about possible mars/pluto aspects. he’s basically a male whore, pardon the bluntness. (that is not meant as a summation of his character, merely an observation of his pathological predation.) he’s not a bad guy, just off-the-charts obsessed (almost an understatement) about effing any woman he sees, and he is decidedly not picky. it’s quite a pattern to witness. and his approach is, “hey, if i shoot a hundred arrows, one will stick.” so this morning i found his birthdate, and there it is exactly as i had suspected: mars (cap) squared pluto (libra). (and it lends more context to what seems almost a signature i’ve come across lately regarding mars capricorn males.) anyway, just thought i’d throw this one in the ring.

    hey, michelle.

    • Which houses are Mars and Pluto in?

      • Bob

        no idea. curious, looked him up and found birthdate, but not birth time.

        • Of course; got it.

          • Bob

            one more item – and this is was just the cherry on top, given the theme that had emerged re men with natal mars in capricorn AND square pluto – was his question of me last week, asking me if i’d ever done a choker.

            i had an idea but asked anyway, “what’s a choker?”

            he gives me a look like i’m an idiot, but oh well, and says, “it’s when you choke her” during sex. i said no i had not and then told him a little bit about this aspect of his chart.

            “huh, send me more,” he said.

            i dunno, it’s all kind of uncanny in a pretty weird way.

            • It’d be a kick to see what houses Mars and Pluto are in. What’s his Sun sign?

              • Bob

                sagittarius. he’s extremely direct, puts it right out there, so to speak, and it’s beyond evident that a large percentage of women respond favorably to exactly that. no surprise; in fact, just more context to planetary dynamics. as ii, for example, became more aware of my own venus/mercury/libra stuff, it’s almost funny to watch myself “at work,” as it were, a kind of default “mannered” aspect, like as much sheer wiring as conscious thought/strategy.


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  • marion


    Further to my earlier post, when mars returns in April 2014 to its natal position (natal mars/pluto conjunction), it will be part of a grand cross with Uranus (opposite), Pluto and Jupiter. The grand cross will become exact 10 days after mars contacts natal mars.
    On the day when the grand cross is exact, it will be just 1 degree from my natal VERTEX. Meanwhile, Saturn will be 2 degrees from my descendant.

    I am single right now…but very enchanted with someone i met last november. (Due to his chart features plus other transits i am hopeful he and i will get together/start dating at some point this year.)

    What do you think will happen with the April 2014 grand square?

    • Hi Marion,

      That’s a complex question with only a few parts to work with. I don’t give individual interpretations on the blog but, if you’re interested, you may contact me about a personal reading:

      Best wishes,

  • marion

    I have mars conjunct pluto within minutes in my fifth house. AND it is a part of a stellium of venus-sun-mars-pluto-vertex all in the fifth house.
    AND i am an Aries ascendant with moon in Scorpio! So mars and pluto together sitting close to the sun, basically rules my entire chart. When in 2008-2011 Saturn passed through this stellium with Uranus opposing it at the other end and Pluto near squaring it, i was on a non stop roller coaster of life moving at breakneck speed. It is 2013 now, i am still panting after the ride!!!!
    Yeah, i too feel some kind of a beast in me from time to time. I am a 40 year old woman but i think of myself a kick boxer at times. I feel inner energy /intensity that scares me at times.
    I had a volcanic temper in my teens and early twenties. But over the years i have mellowed…I am more patient, tolerant and peaceful now.

  • Ezou

    I have my
    Moon Opposition Mars
    Moon Conjunction Pluto
    Mercury Trine Pluto
    Venus Square Mars
    Mars Opposition Pluto
    Neptune Sextile Pluto
    and I am Sun in Pisces (Pisces/Aries Cusp)Moon in Scorpio/ Libra Rising:

    The #1 thing I will do when marriage comes knocking, is that like a onion I will explain my self down to every detail with complete truth.

    The#2 thing I will do, is I remind my wife that never, never, never, and never do the things (very rare things that annoy the shit out of me) that make me angry. Do not do it.

    The #3 Do not make me angry.

    People do not realize the force, the beast, the passions, and the intensity–and we have to spend a quite of our years just in waste trying to control that energy, that beast within.

    • Ivana

      I have Pluto in Libra (12 house) opposition Mars in Aries (6 house). I am not aggressive at all, but if i have to defend something very important to me then I can be ruthless. But I n otice that I have very high level of energy and have to always be involved into something important. (when i was kid, i was always tired???) If i don’t engage myself in physical activity I suffer from anxiety.

      • “If i don’t engage myself in physical activity I suffer from anxiety”

        Me too. Do you have a Virgo emphasis?

    • Kira Hanson

      #1 You will always hold something back.

      #2 Control your own anger! Bully

      #3 Others do not ‘make us’ do anything, it is up to us how we react to any given situation.

  • maygemini

    Thank you for writing this insightful article!

    I have Taurus Mars in 8th quincrux Libra Pluto in 1st. My mother has Mars-Pluto conjunction and my father has square. Yikes!!

    When I growing up, the house was a battlefield and it was basically everyone for themselves. My father was emotionally, psychologically, and physically abusive towards my mother . My father was physically and emotionally abusive towards me as well but my mother got it full force. I was very resentful towards my mother because I viewed her as inadequate of protecting herself and me. One day when I came home from school (I was 6 years old) and my dad was whaling on my mom (as usual), I got so angry and fed up I took a kitchen knife and went to stab my dad. At some point I blacked out and next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital with stitches on my forehead. I had lost a lot of blood from a head injury… To this day, I still have a scar above my eyebrow as a reminder of what happened.

    Needless to say, I think the quincrux position is surprisingly resourceful in their own expression of violence as that is a very uncomfortable aspect of energies. Even now, whenever people anger me, I imagine myself hurting them violently but don’t ever act on it. I’m sure if I had to, I’d be quite good at it.

  • The Red Queen

    Thank you for this post. It put a lot of what I thought of as disparate occurances, in perspective.

    I have a Mars-Pluto square in addition to a flashy Leo Ascendent and a confusing Cancer Sun/Pisces Moon. On one hand, I am successful in a very creative field and I often feel as emotionally soft and delicate as a baby. On the other hand, I also struggle with the shame of murderous rage, absolutely blinding jealousy and the feeling that nothing will ever be enough to quench this hunger I feel. Exercise certainly has helped. My very perceptive Yoga teacher (who doesn’t even know much astrology) suggested that I supplement with a more rigorous routine so I swim as well – it’s perfect! The water wears me down in a gentle, non-challenging way and I feel both calmed and invigorated. As if all the old energy in me has been poured out and new, clean energy filled in (as weird as that sounds).

    Recently, I also discovered the power of sex. Having been a virgin for a very long time, long past my peers, this confused me. I imagined I didn’t have a high libido when all it was was my maddening need for self-control. Thankfully, I found the healing aspect of sex with someone I respect and like. It’s dark but also fun (sex with a Scorpio can be, I guess) and it leaves me feeling settled in a way that only swimming has been able to do, occasionally, before.

    All the very best of luck to the other Mars-Pluto square people out there who’re fighting World War III within themselves. Victory is sweet.

  • morganjaymes

    I have Mars Square Pluto, Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon Aries Ascendant. I have a hard time expressing emotions, and I am very very very hard on myself. I constantly destroy and rebuild things, only to better them and myself the next time around, and am quite secretive. I dont express anger unless I am alone, and I mostly direct it towards myself. Though I am a Taurus Mars Retrograde. I feel that this causes me to put off expressing my anger. I dont even really feel angry a lot of the time so usually i just scream to myself after so much build-up, and it comes off as a complete surprise.

    I am quite  manipulative in a very self-protecting way. I try to figure out others so that I feel more in control and I know them more than they know me. Not to use this in a demeaning way, but so that I feel like I have control of my emotions if something bad happens. I always worry about the downfall of everything, the collapse of my relationships.

    I do my best when I spend time doing things I love to do, as well as exercising, and being on top of things. 

    The best part of this aspect is being a good counselor to others, and that when used positively I am constantly forcing myself to better myself. 

    Any Mars Square Pluto person will notice that their life is everchanging in some way or another, its the matter of focusing it into betterment. Pluto forces us to better. If we dont do anything, it destroys us and the things around us. We have no choice but to better ourselves and our lives.

    • Which sign and house are Mars and Pluto in?

  • Hi Heidi,

    I’m not interested in delineating the difference between each type of aspect in this article – maybe in a future article. 

  • Black Hand Ninja

    I have the quincunx aspect of this sign. I can say that I definitely feel the effects as it’s a very tight one. My Mars is intercepted and retrograde however, so control is easier than actually letting go! 

  • heidi

    I very much appreciate this article. I do not know too much about astrology, but wonder what you mean by mars pluto in aspect. It seems like someone with an opposition or a trine between the 2 planetary energies in their natal chart– would not necessarily both have a “killer instinct”. Furthermore, although I really dug reading it and the things you brought up– I am walking away from it not clear about which kind of aspects. Thanks.

  • Black Hand Ninja

    Hey, great site.

    I am a Pisces Rising so come across mild-mannered, however….. have a 1st house Mars in Aries (retrograde & intercepted) that is in a tight inconjunct with an 8th house Pluto in Scorpio. It has manifested itself as a lingering fear of asserting oneself through an unconscious lack of understanding of my own perceived power. I also have been experiencing some very dominant sexual fantasies recently and I don’t know where it came from!

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  • Plumage

    I have Mars-Pluto in almost perfect opposition Mars 9th house Pisces  Pluto 3rd house Virgo. I have  almost the same horoscope as Brett Easton Ellis, writer of American Psycho, having been born the same day. I don’t lose my temper often but when I do my boyfriend tells me I’m nuclear and scary. I think for me it relates to power struggles with men, especially those I’m in relationship with. I’ve had to learn to be more respectful towards others because I can be very cruel and critical with those I’m angry with.  Apparently according to something I read the particlar angle I’m at, in Virgo, means there is a chance I will be murdered or murder someone, although think might also mean that I  could die in a nuclear war?

    • Being murdered seems like a rather drastic conclusion … “killing” through angry criticism – or having your angry criticisms turned back on you are possibilities.

  • I have a very tight Sun-Pluto conjunction, rising in the 1st House (Virgo) with a very tight square to Mars (4h House, Sagittarius).

    This article very accurately sums up my main problem in life: self destructiveness, an impulse to destroy and rebuild something better.

    Oddly, every single member of my immediate family also have tight Sun-Mars-Pluto hard aspects. All six of them committed suicide.

    Great site, btw.

    • Wow, John, that’s a seriously intense family pattern. I’m not sure how to phrase this, but what are you doing to avoid the pattern?

      • John Boettcher

        Therapy, in the main. Because I keep the lid on, it’s formed as physical illnesses – dangerously high blood pressure, recurrent painful cysts (Pluto erupting – the stuff underneath coming to the surface), bowel disease, a sub-arachnoid brain haemorage at the age of 18, insomnia and, well to be honest, manic- depression.

        • I’m very sorry to hear that, John.

  • bellablue66

    My EX had that aspect, along with moon in Aries, several broken bones and many restraining orders later managed to escape with my life, but only just. His favourite hobbies besides using me as a punching bag, were knives  guns and hunting, gambling, drinking a litre of Rum a day, and chasing prostitutes. One thinks that serial killers must have this aspect?? 

    • I’m glad you got away, bellblue66.

  • K1hodgman

    This fits me to a “T”. I’m a Leo in Sun, Mercury and Venus, but with a strong Scorpio influence…it makes for a VERY potent and volatile mix. It’s a beautiful combination and can be richly rewarding…but DAMN!!!The only reason I haven’t been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or a rage syndrome befitting of me being cast in the movie “28 Days Later” is that I HAVE to exhast all that energy with exercise. It gets to the point where I feel like an atom bomb, waiting for the *slightest* nuance to send me over the edge, The water can only be controlled, and it sure isn’t going anywhere, but the fire is what can be burned and exhausted to the point where I can feel harmoniously at peace. Even if it only lasts for a few hours;p

    • Thank you for stopping by, K1hodgman:)

  • Aashish_raj81

    i was born under leo ascendent with mars, saturn and pluto in 3rd house (libra), moon and uranus in 4th house (scorpio). jupiter, mercury, venus and nepyune in 5th house (saggi…), sun in 6th house (capri….). i have some of the qualites mentioned above but can anyone throw some light on conjuctions mentioned above.

  • race64

    how about sextile
    virgo mars- scoprio pluto
    mars 1st house
    pluto 3rd

    • How about it? What do you think it means? What do you relate to in the article?

  • Thomas Baker63

    Im just now accepting the fact I often have a temper. I posted about the Mercury-Mars in your tightest aspect blog earlier, combining that with Mars Conjunction Saturn and Semi-Sextile Pluto…you can celebrate the 4th of July for a week and still wont amount to the fireworks I light up!!! Ive read in The Astrology Blog Spot about criminals and violence and two aspects came to mind: Mars-Pluto and Mars-Saturn. And also with mentally unstable people having planets close to 22 degrees in a mutable sign. Thank God my Pisces Mercury is only 8 degrees!

    I find myself always angry at something and seems like my thirst never gets quenched

    • Mom Issues

      Wherever does a mention of ‘mentally unstable’ occur if in a mutable sign? Never heard that, nor can I see such a specific influence. My Jupiter is 22Virgo. Need I be scared of that? Any reply welcome.

      • I’ve never heard that. 22 degrees of the fixed signs is a critical degree. Planets at critical degrees get added emphasis.

  • Mazzai Burton

    What did you mean about the heats up like a pressure cooker?

    • Mazzai, see my response to your question, above.

      • Mazzai Burton


    • Tug

      pressure release escape is a smaller window than pressure intake *wink

  • Mazzai Burton

    What did you mean about the heat builds up like at pressure cooker with mars-Pluto aspects?

    I have Mars square Pluto

    • Tension, pressure and stress need to have steady release so you don’t explode. I hope that makes sense.

  • Allan1717

    Nice read. I got Sun conjunct Mars trine Pluto…I could relate to allot of this. I got endless energy, but I do have anger management problems. 

  • Tug

    I have Mars Pluto conjunct. In Virgo. I think the Virgo thing helps 🙂

  • Valentino-lopez2

    Extremely useful and all articles are of such great accumulative knowledge.

    I have a question that needs to be answered…

    As you said: “Bruce Lee had a Mars-Pluto square”. 

    What do I need to know what I am?
    D.O.B: 07/09/88
    Location: Redditch worcester, UK

    • What you need is to go over to, click on free horoscopes, then AstroClick Portrait and enter your birth data. This interactive chart will allow you to click on any part of your natal chart to find which aspects you have.

  • I’m glad you found something that works for you. Thank you for reading, Manicpixiedreamgirl.

  • Manicpixiedreamgirl

    I’m an aries girl with my mars in aries opposite pluto. I also have moon square mars. I have a SERIOUS temper that I try to control on a daily basis. I’m getting better with age.  If I have an outlet for all of my energy and tension I’m all good. If not, watch out! This aspect really shows up in my sex life. I like really rough and aggressive sex. Luckily, my man in a scorpio and knows how to handle me sexually. Scorpio men are great because they are fearless(this applies to every aspect of their life). They also wont judge you if you are a little bit twisted sexually;). I used bury that side of me when I was with other men because they were generally freaked out by the idea of inflicting pain during sex.

  • Loveafterwar
  • Bradybrad_88

    what about a Mars inconjuct Pluto?
    i can relate to this. Mars is at 10deg and pluto is at 10deg too..
    i also have a pluto square ascendent so the same?

    • I’ll be getting to Pluto/Ascendant aspects eventually (I’m working my way through all the angles). If you’re a subscriber you’ll get the article as soon as I write it.

      How would you describe the basic energy of an inconjunct?

      • Bradybrad_88

        Pretty much what “Earnest Dodge” said, but more. I have a lot of people that seem to be intimidated at the gym, i get a lot of looks, i don’t have to say it aswell, friends tell me and a girl i liked at the gym said a few times, “everyone seems to look at you” but she also called me a “pretty boy” one time too.
        They seem they want to fight me and have had nearly two fights last year out side gym. But when they really get to know me they seem to relax and not be so much when i let my guard down. Also alot of people say i am very Intense person. I feel that too be true, very serious but also laid back, weird. Very emotional too. I think that might be my moon-trine-neptune. Also been told i am very Dreamy.

        I read this and it seemed spot on, have a look at this Michelle:

        Sorry if i am not aloud to post other websites.

        Also my MARS in ARIES and PLUTO SCORPIO. So i feel that it is a little bit more intense then say “Earnest Dodge” Mars in Pisces and Pluto in Libra? or not?

        My Ascendent is Sag square Pluto aswell.

        Sun Virgo. Moon in Virgo. Juno Leo. Venus Leo. Jupiter Gem and Mercury Libra. Chiron Cancer. Part of FOR Scorpio. Saturn&Uranus SAG.

        Thanks Michelle for your response! 🙂
        Beautiful website!

        • Thank you for sharing your experiences 🙂

  • Jack

    Quite spot on from my personal experience, and a fascinating read. I’m Aquarius sun, with Libra moon and Cancer Mars trine to my Scorpio pluto. I’m usually in control of my actions, and tend to be pleasant to others. But I do have a lot of repressed anger and sexuality, and it at times can come out when I least want it to. Probably my moon squaring my mars doesn’t help either. xD

    • Moon square Mars probably doesn’t help 😉

      Thank you for reading, Jack.

  • fishly

    “…whatever it is, it had better be physically draining,  violent*, or both. ”
    Mars-Pluto people are flat-out nicer when they’ve physically exhausted themselves or satisfied their blood-lust.”

    You know, I’ve always told some audiences that I can either be your best friend or worst enemy. And that I’ve always wanted to just break fucking bottles on a brick wall (since the age of…16).

    I don’t want to hurt anyone, but at the same time, my anger at [one of] its greatest peak[s] can even frighten me O:)
    my Taurus Mars in 5th House opposites Scorpio Pluto (yep 😉 Retrograde in 11th House.  
    “Outsiders would be surprised to learn just how much self-control Mars-Pluto can have.”

    muahahahaaha (too many people underestimate this Pisces Sun+Mercury)

    Thanks for the wonderful blog. (could use a more streamline method of finding posts tho. felt that the Archive’s a bit messy to look through for specific inquiries)

    • Thank you for reading, fishly. I agree with your comment about streamlining navigation. It’s something I’m working on. 

  • Earnest Dodge

    Here’s one I haven’t seen anyone post yet– I have the exact quincunx.  Pluto at 1 Libra (in dissociate conjunction with Virgo IC) quincunx Mars at 1 Pisces.  Mars is unable to see Pluto from Pisces since the two planets are in signs 150 degrees from each other– the very definition of lack of aspect.  We find Mars, the fountainhead of energy, and Pluto, the generational wellspring, in two of the most directionless signs, unable to interact with each other.  And I could indeed be described as very passive, slow, and actionless.  To others it seems like I don’t do much at all.  I hate to be *seen* in action, actually.  I prefer the cover of darkness or solitude.  This shouldn’t be confused with *inability* to act however!  Push me… and it’s a dagger in your heart while you sleep! mwahaha.

    • Acting under the cover of darkness – I like it. It’s interesting to me to read that because I kind of hate being seen doing things too. When I go to the gym I try to go during off hours – like Friday and Saturday nights when it’s dead. I have Mars 10 Cancer square Pluto 10 Libra.

  • Queen_nephtis

    Ah, and one more thing, even when I am angry, I am completly concious of what I am doing, I dont black out. When I threw the ring on the wall it wa slike a cold rage like a vulcan lava slowly creeping and exploding. And usually i laugh when I do it… : ( I feel like Nero now

    • Do you do anything to lessen that energy, like exercise?

  • Queen_nephtis

    Ne, I agree. I get so angry as to thinking of putting a huge bitting angry spider on my boss jacket if he threatened me and tried to be unfair on sadic behaviour.

    I have mars in aquarius square pluto in scorpio and pluto is in 8th house. I have moon venus jupiter  in capricorn in 10th house, so when I SNAP i can get pleasure from people disgrace, even the ones I love. is sad. Once I got so pissed with something small about fiancee, that he was not being sincere, I throw the ring I gave him, and broke the esmerald in it XD it was small and protected inside ring core but i was so pissed hahahahaha. I also destroyed all papers of ex-boyfriend in a fist i ripped all his books, papers, his cap.

    I even thought sometimes I would be able to murder cold bloodly if I had no love or bond to the person, if I didnt know her/him. Sometimes this energy comes and is very scary and I end up thinking I am bad. Is energy that craves for destruction, but the other side of me is scared and doesnt like that. aiai what to do

    • Intense, Queen_nephtis! Thank you for sharing you experience.

  • Very interesting, langley.

    I’ve had my aura photographed twice. It’s primarily orange, red and yellow. 

    • langley

      i discovered i have sun-mars-pluto conjunct in scorpio on my moon/ascendant and pluto persona chart. our regular birth chart is the sun persona chart.  i think the persona charts are somewhat valid cause uday hussein, the super brutal son of saddam has a mars-pluto-uranus on his mars persona chart, and dean karnazes, the ultra marathon man has mars-pluto in his mars persona chart. cant do the moon, need exact birth time. but the moon is subconscious, and i think subconsciously im very sun-mars-pluto. why? when i get drunk, they say you get most honest, or your subconsciousis being blocked, i become very violent (very sun-mars-pluto). no fear, i could explode at any moment. i need to release it, either by violence or rough sex. even when im not drunk, when someone disrespects me, i go bazonkers. im not really a sadist, but if you’re my enemy and you have a really big sin against me, im merciless. i dont think of just beating you up or something, i think of killing and torturing you (impaling, skinning etc, feeding to the dogs etc.). id probably smirk while youre getting tortured. although i am not like this with innocent people, only with bad people. this part of me is pretty subconscious. it shows up on danger situations or situations that require instinct. i dont need to physically exercise cause i think mine is in the moon. its like my first emotional reaction to threats or something like that is violence or something of extreme measures. and deep inside, i know i will always win long term. short term, ok to lose, thats life. but in the long run, i got to win. 

    • langley

      i used to have a thing for hurting animals too. i hurt my dogs, i enjoy making them cry..i do not feel much pity for them. but since my 3 month old dog died, i said i would not hurt another dog if i get a dog again. that dog was so sweet, i hurt him but he loves me till his last breath. i used to dream of hunting, skinning animals, deboning them. when we experimented with the frogs at school, i enjoyed dissecting it. i like cutting up raw meat (pork or beef.). its a nice way to express violence in a safe way. my close friend is a wild supporter of animal rights though so il have to find another violent but relatively safe hobby. i dont need to release pressure through violence but i enjoy it…..i enjoy watching lions or predators eat dears or goats. i hate violence against women though. but violence against men, i enjoy watching or im indifferent to it, like i dont feel pity/mercy. they could all rape, torture, kill each other for all i care as long as they dont involve women. im an ardent supporter of women’s rights. dont know why im into women’s rights. i dont care about the poor, hungry, illiterate, sick other human rights causes etc. just women’s rights. i think it has something to do with my past life. 

      • langley

        dont know if i posted this, i think it didnt register before..i found out i have sun-mars-pluto on my moon/pluto/ascendant persona chart. out regular birth chart is the sun persona chart. i think it is valid cause i tested the mars personas of different people. uday hussein has mars-pluto-uranus on his mars persona chart. he is brutal. more brutal than a regular psychopath. dean karnazes the ultra marathon man, runs 50 races in 50 states in 50 days has mars-pluto on his mars persona chart. couldnt test the moon or ascendant cause it has to be very exact. maria sharapova doesnt have a strong mars aspect and she is a mars in gemini but she has mars trine pluto in the mars persona chart. i tested this, input the mars persona charts of top athletes, marathoners, a lot of them has mars-pluto on the mars persona. mine is on the moon. moon is subconscious and it goes out that way. im different when i drink alcohol, even a little, i become a traditional sun-mars-pluto. they say alcohol loosens up your subconscious. im a violent drunk. ive never met somebody who is like that when drunk. im sure there are but havent met one. thats why alcohol is dangerous to me. i end up throwing things, screaming, kicking chairs with no provocation. that or i need rough sex. im not kidding, when i drank, the person i had sex with got bruises and bites and they said they cant move the next day cause their body hurts all over. the other person did not have bruises but said they cant move the next day either. no kidding. im totally serious. but sometimes, even if im not drunk, if someone disrespects me, i go bazonkers. like my dad, he always says the stupidest things. but when im mad, everybody backs off, they say i look like a killer. like someone possessed. my dad even told me before he’s going to call the police if i dont calm down. and deep inside i know il get whatever i want long term….short term, sometimes its impossible because of time limits, but eventually, i know i will get it. when i was drunk on my birthday, i got so pissed and crazy my neighbors went to my house, cause they heard screaming and throwing things and they went around in a circle prayed for me, like a benediction thing.  like the exorcist thingy. haha. even my voice changes literally, it becomes charged with power. my throat hurts the next day from too much screaming. i have to tire myself out by throwing, ripping, biting, punching, kicking things. i ripped off the pillowcase with my teeth. i definitely act like an animal when drunk thats why i take care when drinking and i have to make sure i have someone to have sex with. good thing nobody fights me when im mad cause i get possessed and stuff, i dont fear anything. its like a burst. like bam! monster. im aware of what i was doing but its like i cant control it. like sometimes, i have no idea how i get somewhere or why some things are on the floor or something. i know i did it but i cant consciously remember. like you know you did it but its like somebody else is in your body. its not like that all the time, only when my subconscious is triggered like in danger situations or when somebody insults me or i feel im in a dangerous place (like dark alleys or something) or somebody really screws me up or when im drunk. 

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  • Ile

    Hi Michelle,
    I recently found your blog and I’m very happy for that. You have many great articles and I learn a lot from you.
    This post immediately got my intention because I struggle with Mars-Pluto conjunction square Sun.
    Mars and Pluto are in Scorpio in 4th, and Sun is in Aquarius in 7th: a tremendous instinctive anger, which if not stopped (usually by my control over it), it can lead to violence. 
    Usually, I’m very nice guy and people around love me (I have Cancer Asc and Libra moon, you can imagine what impression I leave), but no one knows (only a few people) that this very instinctive anger is underneath my outer form. 
    What I found is that this anger often arises when someone is doing some non-respectful thing to me (dishonor me), I want Justice (Libra Moon at IC).  My self-image is very fragile, it is connected also with the self-worth and self-valuation issues (I have quincunx between Chiron and Venus, Chiron in 11th Venus in 6th, and Venus also makes quincunx with my Asc, which makes it a Yod configuration).
    I think that  this Rage is inherited. My father has a 4th house Mars also, with Sun square in 1st. And his Asc is in exact conjunction to my Mars. BTW Mars and Pluto are 4 degrees orb in my chart.
    It is something being here with generations in my ‘ancestors-land’.
    To me was transferred when I was about 10 years old (now I’m 27), back then my father bitted me in front of my whole neighborhood, all kids laugh at me. I was dishonored and very angry. I remember I’ve no one with whom I can talk about, and I guess in that bitterness the anger and rage gets much stronger and buried in my instinctive nature. I think that this ‘lesson” is related with my Chiron in 11th too (along with Venus quincunx). For years now I’m struggling with my relationships and can’t find a way to express my self into my society (also have n.n in gemini in 11th). 
    Well, it is something on which I work on and search for ways to transform it, to redirect it. 
    I’m a singer-songwriter so one of my ways is expressing this energy through creativity. Though in the 5th I have Uranus lying exactly on my S.N in Sag, and Saturn as a singleton here too.
    Quite a complex chart. 🙂

    • Healing the anger toward your father is probably the first step. The 4th house is ancestry and it often relates to your dad. It’s great that you’ve found an outlet through singing and songwriting, but still, finding someone who you can talk to will help.

      Thank you for reading, Ile 🙂

      • Ile

        Yes, it is very instinctive and well hidden beneath the surface anger. It is a process of purification, transformation; there is no magical formula to transform it with one single shoot. I’m pealing it little by little, because there are many Memories (I call the 4th House of Memories) in it, many emotions and events pumping it up, not just with my father, but with other relationships through out my life, which added to that anger. 

        I’m enjoying your blog Michelle, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. 🙂
        BTW I can see that you love Tarot Cards. I’m also into tarot. May I recommend you a good book on the subject of tarot, it is called “Tarot Fundamentals” by Paul Foster Case. PFC is a hermetists who is one of the writers of the Kybalion. It is very deep and profound book. 

        • Thank you for the book recommendation. It may take me a while to get to it, my “to-read” list is a mile long!

          • langley

            does the quindecile apply? i have one at about 1 degree orb. all i know is im very ambitious……my whole existence is bent on acquiring power, i am obsessed with power/money…and my first instinct when threatened is to win whichever way…..i may not be the physically energetic type, im more mental……i have a bad temper too though….one time, some guys did a catcall on me, and i charged at them, yelled at them and kicked their chairs. its funny they didnt fight back, they were 2 guys and one girl was there. and people were staring. i get really scary when im angry cause i have pluto conjunct ascendant in scorpio so it really shows in the appearance/aura. they say i look like a super saiyan when im angry. i have scorpio moon conjunct pluto and sun square pluto as well. and i cannot give up on my biggest dreams, even if i feel very disheartened/lose hope, its really a do or die situation for me because i cannot imagine losing on my biggest aspirations. i know i will kill myself if im a permanent failure. 

            • It sounds like you have something going on with Capricorn, Saturn or the 10th house too. I’m not sure how much of an influence a quindecile would have. Do you have some hard Mars aspects too?

              • langley

                hi michelle, hm, well i do have mars trine saturn and mercury conjunct saturn……hard mars aspect is only venus square mars, i have pluto square midheaven, sun opposite midheaven too. ….i went to a psychic before….and he said my aura color was green…i searched on the net and it said somebody who’s into nature/loves healing and crap…..i know thats not me and i searched some more and found something…and it describes me to the tee. (thats why green is the color of money)…i just noticed it is more accurate than aspects cause it gives a more complete picture cause aspects are sometimes stand-alone….like i have met a mars square pluto who likes to be a nurse, and a sun square pluto who loves to travel. sorry, haha, in my mind, the only acceptable profession is business/marketing. i get surprised when people with “power” aspects want something to do other than business. the most accurate descriptions i found from pamala oslie. try it….its really cool, cause sometimes aspects are just stand alone. aura color/life colors gives you an overall picture. here is an aura colors quiz if you cant see a professional:
              im just blown away…..cause astrology just gives some of my characteristics here and there, while aura colors describes me as a whole. P.S. most people have 2 colors….im mostly green with some violet. its just nice cause besides im controlling and ambitious, i am very smart/sharp, which is supported by astrology too, i have mercury trine mars, mercury conjunct saturn, mercury opposite jupiter, mercury quintile pluto plus im a mercury in aquarius. thanks for the tip, i just attended a seminar and it says, i should let go…not of the dreams but the wants, because thats when the universe gives you what you want. like when you try looking for your missing key and you’re extremely frustrated and cant find it. when you let it go, you find it. quindecile is an aspect revived by noel tyl. its an aspect of obsession, not sure about it but even without it, i have a lot of power hungry aspects, but then again, i know some people with more power-wanting aspects who’s not as anal/driven to get power as me/ambitious, he doesnt even know what he wants to be. maybe he has a different life color/path. he has sun square pluto, moon conjunct pluto, mars opposite pluto and sun square mars. even numerology supports my love for business/entrepreneurship, which is interesting cause almost whatever system i use, it says almost the same thing. about the quindecile: the thing about greens, pamala oslie said, is they have to make money…they just have to….thats how i feel, its almost a compulsion…i go into sales/marketing even if i have a fear of rejection because i feel i  need to make money. i whored before because i feel i need to make money and im not really broke (means i didnt did it to survive, i just feel i need to make money. and im lesbian and i had sex with guys for money. i slept with my boss before so he will help me at work and i was virgin when i did that. i almost want to be disowned by my family so no one will hinder my career.  it feels like you will do almost anything for money before, even hurt whoever, it doesnt care who you will hurt. i even wish my mum would die before because i think she is hindering my career. my motto before is no one stands between me and my career. its not a want. its  a need. like even if i feel very depressed before and i feel im a loser and stuff, i just keep trying (even if i think i will lose), because its a need. i think its different from a drive to win. cause i think drive is when you feel powerful, and you feel you can conquer and you dont stop because you feel powerful/you feel you’re gonna win cause you will do whatever it takes. here, even if you think you will lose, even if you’re very disheartened, you cant just stop……because if you feel you permanently give up, it feels like dying. not in all matters of course, only to very important things. and before i took the mind-opening seminar, i sincerely believed in my heart, that i will kill myself when i give up on my dreams. now, i will let it go, only because the seminar says, if you let it go, you will have it. haha. 
                GreenPowerful, ambitious, driven, business-minded, goal-oriented, strong-willed and tenaciousOrganized, efficient, impatient, perfectionistic and demanding (of self and others)Like being in charge, telling other people what to do, and delegating responsibilityThey have control issues; want control of their emotions, home, finances, and relationshipsClassic type A personality; they are competitive overachievers and workaholicsGauge success by being respected and accomplishing their goals (and making money for some)Very quick learners; they love to learn and need to be intellectually stimulatedRecognize patterns and solutions before most other colors; constantly ask “How and Why?”They hate being wrong and being told what to do, even as children; can be very stubbornTend to compare themselves to other, more accomplished and successful, peopleFear failure; perpetually judge themselves and their achievements as not being good enoughCan be obsessed with their appearance and weight; can develop an eating disorder easilyCan be dominating, opinionated and intimidating when not centered in themselvesRelationships can be difficult for Greens because they build isolating walls around themselves with their incredibly high expectations and workaholic tendenciesThey need to admire and respect their mate and be able to have stimulating conversationTend to attract and yet become bored with less ambitious/goal-oriented matesThey don’t like dealing with details; they are idea and concept peopleThey are calculating risk-takers and enjoy new challenges once a goal is accomplishedThey have no patience with weak, undisciplined, and unmotivated peopleThey’re ambivalent about having kids because kids take up a lot of the Green’s precious timeThey tend to be disciplinarian, organizational, demanding and controlling parentsThey often drink caffeinated coffee to speed their mind up and accomplish moreThey often drink alcohol to calm them down and allow them to relax (occasionally) Famous Examples:  Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Bette Davis, Fred Astaire, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Queen Elizabeth, and Ross Perot.

    • Mazzai Burton

      When you get in rage what do you do ?

  • knotinkansas

    So then, what the hell is Mars in the 1st square Uranus combust Pluto in the 5th going to do. WOW. No wonder people have been leery of me my whole life. Ha!

  • xo Ro

    My dad and I have the Mars-Pluto square, my mum has the opposition and my sister; the trine. My mum and I both have Pluto opposite the Asc. Oh, and my Mars squares my Asc, and opposes Saturn (I really don’t identify with Mars.) I think along with the Pluto, that’s a T-square? Liz Greene’s book ‘the Astrology of Fate’ is incredibly interesting on how Pluto often indicates family inheritances.

    • Michelle

      Is your Mars conjunct an angle (the IC or MC)?

      Thank you for reading, xo Ro.

  • Nice. In my previous comment, I mentioned that Pluto is not that considered as main planet in horoscope however we cannot ignore its impact. And here we can read the exact reflection of it when it shake hands with Mars. 
    Agreed with Mystic Medus and thank for giving their valuable time on the post.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading, Astrobie.

  • Aliperti2

    Or you control your power or you power control your self. You describe  exactly the interaction between planets and I think the pictures are perfect, it said more them any word, it’s unbelievable!

    • Michelle

      Thank you 🙂

  • Tiziano

    here is another Pluto – Mars one….
    i got opposition, mars in aries! …  well i may testify how reactive and hot heade i can be expecially when i find myself into ‘dangerous’ situations, or when fear entrap me.   i HAVE to yell out, and fight.
    i cannot ignore the dare.  but that’s not means i am violent on purpose.  in fact despite my taurus sign, which let me search for quite places and life, my aries – mars – pluto, comes out right when my deepest values are touched, when my fear reach a danger zone, when my emotions create big pressure around me.   in those cases (few, but essentials) i face fear, and i fight. i mean , it’s like something inside me, is “searching” for adrenaline and risk  when the times requires.  plus… i have moon in aries, conjunct (9° orb) with mars…  so i think, my burning reaction comes out principally by an emotional wave that makes me ‘feel’ danger more than see it with my own eyes.

    people are confused because of this paradox about me.  i am quite and i like to be like that, so they judge me that way once…  untill the experience my reaction.   

    the moon next to mars, makes me “moony” somehow, it doesn’t necessarly makes me burn all the times, but just in specific and precise situations, expecially the family’s ones.
    once, my father used to desrespect me while i was in need of his help… (for a very sensitive matter in my life)
    i felt so betrayed….   that feeling, that deep feeling of betray…    got me burned suddendly. my reaction was freaken scary, but not violent.  he never did that again.

    this is why i always liked dangerous sports like motor sports or martial arts, cause the combine “power” speed, “violence” but with a search for perfection and controll…    which is a nice short description of mars-pluto aspect.

    • Michelle

      The reactive quality of your Mars/Pluto opposition is probably the influence of the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries.

      Thank you for reading, Tiziano.

  • Mazzai Burton

    I got mars in pisces and pluto in sagittarius

    • Michelle

      What is your experience of that combination?

    • Michelle

      What is your experience of that combination?

      • Mazzai Burton

        Well I’m very very very slow to anger and once I do get to that point Watch Out!!! because I could use words or my hits to attack you depending on how angry I can get.But I don’t know what the reason why that I’m very very very slow to anger because I have Mars in Pisces in the 3rd house and my Moon in Pisces in the 4th house.My Pluto in Sagittarius in the 1st house.

        My story is one time when I was little I was getting hurt by my step-dad and I was so so so so angry that I was cursing to him and I think I hit him too.

        • Maybe it takes a while to realize how angry you are?

    • Michelle

      What is your experience of that combination?

  • Mathias S

    Apparently the perpetrator of the horrific killings in Norway recently has a Mars trine Pluto aspect.
    In light of that your description above is bone-chilling, actually, as well as spot on. Seems to fit his personality very well, at least according to the news….

    Have a Pluto sextile Mars myself and know all about banging on walls, yelling etc. and the values of getting the energy out and balanced through exercise(karate), meditation, proper eating etc.

    Thanks for an interesting piece!

    • Michelle

      It’s interesting how the “easy” aspects often seem more destructive – perhaps because there is nothing to impede the flow or energy, or to create a need for self-reflection. Thank you for reading, Mathias S.

  • Scythe404

    Ack. So accurate.

    Sagittarius Mars (5th) Semi-Sextile a Scorpio Pluto (4th house). Pluto in the 4th house might represent something hidden and intense in the family sphere, but that intensity sure can’t be sealed away in the 4th when Mars comes out to play! Mars Trine Jupiter is said to be a luck aspect, and yeah, it can help, but here it just inflates the scarily accurate above reading of Mars/Pluto aspects. Everything above x2. Energy levels through the roof? Oh yeah!

    “Mars-Pluto people, who aren’t punching walls, throwing things, yelling,
    stewing in their juices or running someone off the road, know a thing or
    two about how to handle the beast within”

    Heavy-duty warehouse job 40+ hours per week running on only 3 hours sleep per night for two weeks that time my mom was in the hospital? Oh yeah! And it only took a few nights of over-sleeping to get back to 100%. And I sure am happier after getting beat a bit by my physically demanding job. A good physical thrash is so necessary to my day that I think police or military work might be the only viable long term career for me.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing that, Scythe404. I once worked in a warehouse too. The best part about it was the physical labor. 

  • Rthoma37

    I have a mars (taurus) opposite pluto(scorpio) and really do have a serious temper. I’m afraid of how far I can go if I ever lose my control of my feelings. When someone irritates me turning the other cheek is very hard, because I want be satisfied until I punched them as hard as I can. My moon trine saturn helps me control my emotions, but I can’t tolerate someone even thinking they can get away with toying with me. My emotional control has its negatives and positives, I sometimes regret being so emotionally controlled when I want to let lose, but I know my actions can put me in a prison somewhere. People don’t understand that I need to exercise everyday and play sports as much as a can. I guess its my Pisces Sun and Venus trine Ascendant that makes me so unsuspecting. I’m a nice person with a hair trigger temper, but people don’t see the beast waiting to attack if wronged. Sometimes I can be a walking time bomb.

    • Michelle

      It’s funny how people can be oblivious to what’s boiling underneath. It’s always the quiet ones 😉

  • Gabby R.

    I have Mars in Scorpio and I love pulling weeds since I was a kid :)) 
    My horse has a wide Mars-Pluto conj. He is really nice, not agressive at all from the ground. But every time I ride him, I have to fight him over to get him work with me, not against me. Quite labor intensive for me :))

    • Michelle

      That is so awesome that you know your horse’s chart! Oh how I wish I had known the charts of my animals.

  • Micheline

    Michelle brilliant.  I have this combination as I have this stellium in the 2nd house with uranus too.  Great writing and insight.  

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading Micheline.

  • MB224

    Superb read but Humans are animals, whether or not they have Mars-Pluto.  But we continue to operate under this idea that humans are not animals, that it is somehow a lower-level of human to have something in common with animals.  Nonsense and irrational. Mars-Pluto people have things in common with PREDATORS. It’s not a coincidence that both the first photo and the Tarot card have Predators being reigned in by humans. That’s what the Will and Mind do with the powerful drives of Mars-Pluto. 

  • annette

    I am soo impressed by this description. My sister has this aspect, mars pluto conjunct in 8 and she is a workhorse. But also she recently closed my young son’s savings account without me knowing (fraudulently) to keep her business afloat and when I asked her why she did not ask me for that money she answered I would have said no. Which I would have, as money is very tight at present and that was for emergencies. We fell out over this (she with me as I asked for payback) and she is our only living family left.
    My mars is in the third house (siblings), nr IC, opposed saturn and square sun/moon in 12. Makes sense now. Both my parents Plutos are on my mars too.

    • Michelle

      Interesting dynamics in your chart related to your sister.  I know a man with a similar tendency: he does what he wants and doesn’t mention it till later, for the same reason your sister stated -if he asked permission first he might get rejected. Unfortunately I don’t know if he has a Mars/Pluto aspect.

  • Anonymous

    This was a fantastic article, thanks! I have been reading up about two of my major aspects, Mars opp. Pluto and Mars sq. Saturn.  With my mars in aries, these are two major areas of my life that I have to work on.
    I feel the Pluto/Mars opposition sometimes makes me unaware how powerful I seem to others.  I often feel small and hmmm “feminin”(?) when needing to be assertive and sometimes confrontational.  It astounds me to no end that so many people tell me how much power and energy they see me as having, as I don’t see it.  Or feel that I am “putting on a show” of being more powerful than I am.  On the other hand I am a bit of a hot head (mars in aries, 6th house), luckily tempered by a taurus moon in the seventh.  I *am* capable of controlling my rage, usually knowing not to overstep a major boundary even when enraged.  If I have a fight with my husband it can take all my self-control, but I have never (at least knowingly!) been absolutely soul-breakingly mean to him, even though the thoughts run through my head and I really want to throw them at him.  Maybe that is saturn? But the need to slam doors, rattle dishes (never breaking anything, knowing full well I will regret it later) never goes away and makes me feel childish.
    I wonder how pluto being in the 12th house (libra) and retrograde opposing a 6th house mars in aries that is also squared a 9th house saturn in cancer work together/against each other and what the best course of action is to get these aspects under control.  I especially feel that Saturn (my only water planet) rules my life and inhibits my mars, which in turn influences how it interacts with pluto.  Mars is also conjunct jupiter in aries, and with 6 tight aspects is my strongest planet.
    As you wrote and someone else commented, it feels best to be physically exhuasted.  I have come to the conclusion that I really need to get into something physical to feel truly satisfied and happy.  Thanks for shedding light on this!

    • Michelle

      On the other hand I am a bit of a hot head Hothead is the perfect word for this combination. It’s so funny to me that you’re 
      using it because I only realized how well it fits me a few months ago.

      Maybe that is saturn? 
      Probably – a healthy use of restraint.

      never goes away and makes me feel childish

      Thank you for reading lintlin.

    • LB

      Mars square Pluto here.  When I was a teenager, I once threw a glass at a large sliding patio window – thankfully it missed the glass and hit the metal frame at the center.   Regret and feeling childish, yep I relate.  If it’s any consolation to you, it CAN get better.  I’m in my early 50’s now and haven’t slammed a door in years.  Plus, it takes much more now to get me to that point –  I’m  practically a saint (lol!)

      I also have Pluto in the 12th – for me it’s been about learning to distinguish between those things I can control versus the things I can’t.  Once I’ve taken right action, I have to release my attachment to outcome and let go of my need for external validation.  12th house Pluto asks us to surrender.

  • EJ

    The chained beast within…it’s like what Gary Oldman said as Dracula “There is much to be learned from beasts.”

    Speaking in part, from the context of Mars sitting between Pluto and Saturn/Scorpio in House 4. Pluto square ascendant and mercury (6th house) and Pluto biquintile my 8th house sun. I never knew my father either but I still have brief memories; my neptune is near the cusp of the 6th house too, in sextile to Pluto. I was taught that it’s wrong to defend myself against abuse if I don’t understand why they verbally or physically fight with me or others. I used to feel bad when I thought I never appreciated what my mother provided, but I realized that every gesture, phone call and visit resulted in an attempt to hang anything over my head. I’ve always felt more comfortable being my own provider since I was 10. I don’t speak to my family much anymore since it was more than enough to have my mother tell me the lies she deliberately spread about me because I didn’t deserve a family. Never had an ounce of privacy or human respect; constant power struggle between my mother and her husband, my silence and staying out the way were the only elements anyone appreciated. I was pretty much a ghost. Never a moment of inner security and safety.

    Her moon and Jupiter fall in my 12th house; I used to think of her as protection when I was very young. It’s very confusing because her words never reflected her actions and vice versa. Anyway, after finding my b. father’s birthdate I ran a chart for the three of us and both of my stelliums make a conjunction to their south nodes but in different signs. Their Saturn falls in my 8th house, but in different signs. My b. father’s sun, mercury and jupiter fall in my 8th house and he’s a Pisces. Saturn and venus conjunct my sun as well. His north node sits right on my ascendant as my mother’s south node sits in my 4th house.

    Transiting Pluto through House 6 has been interesting so far…more bullying but at work. Before that it was with my ex. I just find it disturbing that one too many people have advised me to slap a smile on my face at all times and accept it. Not because it’ll make me feel better but because it’ll make them feel better for not having to see and acknowledge it. I notice that people step back when they do see me even though I don’t try to be intimidating. As though it’s safer for them to continue as blundering idiots, dancing in circles around me like I’m something tied up over a pit fire. It’s disturbing to know someone’s train of thought as they look at you like there’s nothing you can do about it since the truth is ugly and no one wants to be wrong, so they project it onto you.

  • Michelle

    i’m really drawn to francis bacon paintings, he has the square.
    OMFG! I love Francis Bacon! I was going to do a comparison of him and Lady Gaga (in her meat dress) – they both have an Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon.

    I had the good fortune to see an exhibition of his paintings a few years ago <3

    • Apocalypticsmurf

      bacon’s birthday is somewhere between Oct 28-30.  maybe he has those positions reversed, w/ aries moon.  would seem appropriate from the very fast way he professed liking to work.

      • I wasn’t aware that his birthday was for debate. He was extremely shy growing up – very, very reserved. Have you read any of the biographies on him?

  • Chandra

    Wow i’m so glad I found this! very very nice article. I have mars-conjunct pluto in scorpio in the 2nd house. Its crazy how obsessive I get and my temper. I’ve learned over the years how to control it (i’m now 25). It was horrible in relationships though. Its like I have a good and bad bad side, that only I know about, and sometimes it scares me. Anyway nice concept, enjoyed all of it!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Chandra, I’m glad you liked it.

      Its like I have a good and bad bad side, that only I know about, and sometimes it scares me
      I think that those of us with this aspect need to find a way to integrate the bad side and not try to hide. This doesn’t mean that we openly throw tantrums, but we can’t pretend that our tempers don’t exist.

  • Zoa

    I keep reading your blog and I keep getting amazed at how good it is.

    That being said, I have Mars at 27 Sag semisquare Pluto at 12 Scorpio. Exactly 45 degrees, lucky me.
    I know it is supposed to be a minor aspect, but I don’t experience it that way.
    When I get angry, I get this uncontrollable urge to utterly destroy whatever or whoever made me angry. Add to that a bit of unpredictability (Mars conjunct Uranus) and expand it (Mars trine Jupiter) and what you get is bomb. Tick, tick, tick….
    However, then I breathe, count to 10… Mars conjunct Saturn. I’d rather take all that rage and apply it into something productive.
    And BTW, next time you piss me off, I won’t get mad, I’ll just get even.

    • Michelle

      I’ll just get even
      Does that work for you? What do you do to get even?

      • Zoa

        I tell people what I know will hurt them. I’m very good at finding out other’s motivation and weaknesses. And most of the times it works but I try not to do it since I usually end up feeling bad about it.

        Pluto tightly aspects my ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Venus AND Mars. And the Sun, the only personal planet it doesn’t aspect is in the 8th house… I know the dark side very well, but I am trying to control all the nasty sides of Pluto. Hasn’t been easy but I keep trying.

        • Anonymous

          I thought about this. I have the same aspect but in Libra. I can sense easily the kind of people I am around with. There are people I naturally repel from. Too bad. But its the way it is. Getting even by telling people what will hurt them is the best way to “kill” someone. Not physically but on the spiritual level. Crippling them to their core. Mess up their minds etc etc. Nothing is meanier than that.

        • Michelle

          I can relate but I definitely feel like this,

          “And most of the times it works but I try not to do it since I usually end up feeling bad about it. “

          Which is why I usually don’t do it. The momentary victory doesn’t last.

  • Hey I have Mars-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo in the 8th and am an astrologer – – and this is TOTALLY the best Mars-Pluto delineation i have ever read! I have got a grip on mine now- loads of exercise, a creative outlet & meditation/orgasms – but it was a bitch when i was really young…thank you!

    • Thank you Mystic! I love your blog 🙂

  • Leah-nine

    AND (this is the last comment, I promise) I have sun, moon, venus, jupiter and south node all in Leo. Talk about taming the beast… literally!!!

  • Leah-nine

    Seriously, I didn’t even finish reading this post before my last comment, and as I’m reading it now ever paragraph speaks to me. I’m calling to cancel my therapist- this is what I have needed!

  • Leah-nine

    OH THANK GOD I’VE FOUND THIS. I recently discovered my Mars/Pluto opposition (with Venus to boot, if you recall from my other 2984274 thousand posts on this topic all over your blog) and it has shed soooo much light on my animalistic temperament. A thousand thank yous, may you never encounter an an angry, unenlightened Mars/Pluto opposition holder. I can hardly handle myself and can’t even imagine how anyone else might do it.

  • amoureuse

    I Have this aspect. Mars conjunct pluto in Libra. But contrary I am non-combative. Infact I hate barbarism and argument. I ran away when there is conflict on any aggression. Btw, I also got Saturn in it. So they are stellium in Libra. Does it explain why? But I gues the killer in me goes out in my art works. I paint which I think is good. What do you think about this Mich?

    • I think that’s about right. Having this aspect in Libra, with Saturn involved, does change it quite a bit. I don’t know how to phrase this, but do you think you are combative in a non-aggressive way? Do you get what you want by pursuing certain relationships?

      • Anonymous

        Omg, you are definitely right. I am combative in a diferent way. sort of subtle. I have this inner “what i want, i get” mentality. It is in my 6th house libra. you are right there are relationships that I pursue mostly romantic one. I get pretty aggressive in bed. haha. my ex use to tell me that i am utterly sensual. perhaps this inner rage is diffused that gives this sort of illusion. what i dont understand is that what does it mean when it is located in the 6th house. does it make any diffferent?

        • You might get into power struggles with coworkers or employees. Maybe you bring your sexuality to work with you, meaning that you have relationships with your coworkers. You could even experience sexual discrimination or harassment at work – has that happened to you?

          • Anonymous

            oh god… well, not really harrassed as in harrassed but I usually get indecent proposal from bossess which is totally sucks. its one of the reason why i prefer working alone and at home. and also, i expereinced power struggles and politics with co-workers. its just not right. its frustrating

  • dollsizedpistol

    I have a nearly exact sextile. I definitely have a “don’t f*** with me” quality, though it’s not on display all the time.
    If it’s triggered all I have to do is give a hard look… my anger is there for me to channel and use powerfully to get my message across. It can be kind of fun if the situation calls for it. Not fun when the anger takes me over and is directing my actions, which doesn’t happen too often, but it is nice to be in situations where you can use your anger as powerful tool for a righteous cause.

    • It’s a kind of energy that can ward off potentially threatening situations or people.

  • I know the aspect… I have Mars conjunction Pluto and Uranus… Very different energy, before I’m not aware of this energy life is more difficult to handle, but now I’m aware of this v aspect. Yoga helped a lot to make it ‘controlled burn’.

    • I think it’s difficult sometimes to recognize how our particular energy may be different than that of other people. Because of that, it can take a while to understand that we may need take extra steps to deal with our specific energy – and not just with Mars/Pluto aspects. I hope that made sense.

  • tauruschic

    My 12th house Mars in Leo sextiles my 2nd house Pluto in Libra. My first instint when someone annoys me is to ‘smash their face’ in, but of course I never do. It is just the first urge that I have. I even imagine myself actually doing it. I have bottomless energy. I can function normally on three hours sleep, a full work day and still make it to the gym, where I will sweat it out on the treadmill, wanting to outdo the poor soul on the next treadmill.

    My steel will is unwavering too, maybe this has something to do with my Taurus sun. I do not let my anger show, but lo and behold the moment that it finally does – Mars in the 12th and Taurus sun.

    The Mars/Pluto energy has manifested in negative ways, especially when I was younger. Was one approached by a stranger who asked for my number, I declined. I got on the bus home, and unbeknown to me, he was following the bus. When I got off, all I remember seeing is the man next to me, and he roughed up my arm and wouldn’t let go. All this happened in broad daylight and I was very shaken!

    • Did you develop any self-protection skills or behaviors after the incident with the guy on the bus?

    • Did you develop any self-protection skills or behaviors after the incident with the guy on the bus?

  • it scared me so bad that I slowly learned how to control it because I didn’t want to hurt anyone, though at times it can be a helpful force when people try to bully me. 🙂

    It does come in handy when people attempt to push you around 😉

    The force of anger can be frightening. Mars in Scorpio has a good flow of powerful energy all on its own. The Scorp stellium doesn’t hurt either!

  • Robin D

    Interesting. I have Mars Scorpio Semi Square Pluto Libra

    I get very tense ,irritable and restless if I don’t focus my energy on something, games, art,the internet, exercise, making love, usually it’s something both physical and mental and usually I have to be able to tire myself in both ways.
    I used to have a bad temper when I was a teenager,but it scared me so bad that I slowly learned how to control it because I didn’t want to hurt anyone, though at times it can be a helpful force when people try to bully me. 🙂
    When I was a toddler I was compared to a little bulldozer.
    I also have a scorpio stellium (Uranus,Sun,Mars,Mercury)in my 5th house so that might make a difference…I don’t know.

    Mars-Pluto people have to take their excess energy and put it to use. They have to do something with their energy. If they sit on it, they can become abusive, resentful, destructive and bitter. The best remedy is to find something that they are passionate about and immerse themselves in doing that thing. It can be a labor-intensive job, pulling weeds, exercising, sex, housework, boxing, target practice, paintball, video games, knife-throwing, carving, surgery, piercing, or tattooing, but whatever it is, it had better be physically draining, violent*, or both. Mars-Pluto people are flat-out nicer when they’ve physically exhausted themselves or satisfied their blood-lust.

    With Mars-Pluto the heat builds up inside like a pressure cooker. Mars-Pluto people need a way to release pressure on a regular basis or they will explode. The cause can be buried rage or unaddressed anger (popular choices) but really, anything can trigger this aspect. Mars, planet of physical action, has to do something with energy and it doesn’t care what that something is. Pluto wants that something to be consuming. The best solution would be something like a controlled burn.

  • Taís Madeira

    “I let the beast in too soon
    I don’t know how to live without my hand on his throat
    I fight him always and still
    O’ darling, it’s so sweet
    You think you know how crazy, how crazy I am
    You say you don’t spook easy
    You won’t go, but I know
    And I pray that you will”
    (Fiona Apple, Fast As You Can)

    Fiona is a Virgo, Mars in Cancer Square Pluto in Libra.

    • Thank you Tais- I didn’t realize Fiona and I have the same square 🙂

  • vision

    i like very much this article but i think that some mars-pluto layers is left untold…i have had a friend who i know for 10 years with the square and have an ex-girlfriend with the opposition, i won’t give a full personnal description far darker than what is said here whilst i crave to do it but what i can say :
    i have mars square neptune : feel victimized, being bullied
    by mars square pluto people: those who bully with cruelty
    no more people like this for me, so much pain they have done to me, so much…

    • Hi vison,

      There are many layers about Mars/Pluto that I did not address in this post. I did not want to write the “Mars/Pluto post that ends all Mars/Pluto posts.”

      I’m sorry that you have experienced the darker possibilities for this combination. I do plan to address some of those issues in future posts, but for this particular post, I wanted to keep it simple.

  • That’s a powerful story Jara, thank you for sharing it.

    I don’t want to go too much into my personal history but I also experienced physical violence of that kind when I was younger, but mostly as an observer.

    Do you ever find that you have to restrain yourself from acting out in the same way? Feel free to message me privately if you feel like responding.

    • I don’t know how to message you privately. The simple answer is yes, but my first instinct isn’t to react physically.

  • Took me awhile, but I’m back and have finished reading the entire article. I agree: let’s understand the past, then work with maximizing the potential of our aspects.

    I have Mars trine Pluto in air signs. And some other Pluto aspects, as well, so it’s hard for me to tell where the “I feel powerful” is coming from but what I know is this: If I’m in a battle that I wanna win, the other person will lose. Period. Unless the other person also has Mars-Pluto. Then good luck to us both. May the best aspect win. lol

    My father used to whip me when I was younger, sometimes 3 times in the same day. One day, I made up my mind that if he did it again, I was gonna kill him. I brought a knife upstairs to my room. I think I had murder on my face the last time he hit me bc he never did it like that again – despite believing that he had a right to hit me (at 16!). A few years later, we were riding in the car and he grabbed my wrist. Instinctively, I grabbed his hand and bent his fingers back all the way and I wouldn’t let go until he admitted that his behavior was inappropriate. He wouldn’t. So we were swerving on the freeway. I didn’t give a damn if we all crashed. I told him if he ever put his hands on me again in a violent way, I would kill him. No more issues since then. His Sun is in Libra and my Pluto is in Libra. Oh, and I have Sun square Pluto.

    So many more stories to tell of people initiating verbal and physical battles with me, thinking that I’d be an easy target but then they get shocked when I give them a sample of what I’m holding back (for THEIR benefit). My Mars is no joke.

    How do I use it now? Well, I channel my energy into fighting on behalf of social justice causes. I’m very good at knowing how much pressure to apply to get people to do what I want them to do…but I use it sparingly.

  • The other thing that happens with the opposition is that you can unknowingly force other people to act out your anger for you: you don't express your anger as other people in your life explode with rage.

    I do think that Mars/Pluto would be the best aspect to have in a life-threatening situation.

    I edited out the duplicate part of your comment 😀

  • Don

    Crap! Sorry about the double post.

  • Don

    Yep, my Mars is in Taurus. But don't hold that against me. 😛 I know that the Mars in Taurus is slow to anger, though once it finally is, the target better run and fast! Add that Taurean slowness to my Piscean tendencies, and I'm usually an easygoing person. But underneath that surface is that easily angered and often volcanic temper, which I would never release on anyone unless I thought they were negative a**holes and deserved it. It used to be that I would hold everything in until I reached the boiling point, then the next person to offend me would take the full force of the blast, regardless of whether he or she was the source of most of what I've held in to that point.

    You said in the article about us Mars-Pluto aspect folks, “They have to do something with their energy. If they sit on it, they can become abusive, resentful, destructive and bitter.” I am a true EXPERT of sitting on that energy, pushing it down with all my might, keeping it in and doing my best to pretend that it isn't there, which I had done for most of my life. This never brought me anything but extreme explosiveness when I finally did go off, and led me into a pit of incredible bitterness and resentment towards practically everyone around me which it's taken me years to climb out of.

    Now I'm trying to work with this energy. I know it's a part of me, but it's not all there is to me, so I'm learning to balance it out as best I can. And in tough situations, this energy could even come in very handy by saving my life. Muhammad Ali and many other great fighters were said to have Mars-Pluto aspects in their charts. Yep, my Mars is in Taurus. But don't hold that against me. 😛 I know that the Mars in Taurus is slow to anger, though once it finally is, the target better run and fast! Add that Taurean slowness to my Piscean tendencies, and I'm usually an easygoing person. But underneath that surface is that easily angered and often volcanic temper, which I would never release on anyone unless I thought they were negative a**holes and deserved it. It used to be that I would hold everything in until I reached the boiling point, then the next person to offend me would take the full force of the blast, regardless of whether he or she was the source of most of what I've held in to that point.

    You said in the article about us Mars-Pluto aspect folks, “They have to do something with their energy. If they sit on it, they can become abusive, resentful, destructive and bitter.” I am a true EXPERT of sitting on that energy, pushing it down with all my might, keeping it in and doing my best to pretend that it isn't there, which I had done for most of my life. This never brought me anything but extreme explosiveness when I finally did go off, and led me into a pit of incredible bitterness and resentment towards practically everyone around me which it's taken me years to climb out of.

    Now I'm trying to work with this energy. I know it's a part of me, but it's not all there is to me, so I'm learning to balance it out as best I can. And in tough situations, this energy could even come in very handy by saving my life. Muhammad Ali and many other great fighters were said to have Mars-Pluto aspects in their charts.

    • fishly

      Oh Don, we’re so alike regarding this aspect placement! I’m a Sun in Pisces, Mars in Taurus, and Pluto in Scorpio too! (zomg)

      Though Pisces Sun in 3rd House, Taurus Mars in 5th House, and Scorpio Pluto (Rx) in 11th House…. Oppositions indeed would Oppose when the situation calls for it :)I kinda wrote about this in a reply to another comment above….

  • Yes, an angular Pluto is strong and would definitely help you handle the Mars/Pluto energy. Is your Mars in Taurus?

  • Don

    Thanks for that! It's hard to find this kind of information in that sort of detail.

    Pisces is bad for dealing with a Mars/Pluto aspect, huh? Shucks. 🙂 Pisces is my sun sign and is quite strong throughout the rest of my chart, but I'm also very Plutonian and Scorpionic in nature. The only planet I have in Scorpio is its home planet Pluto, which is the most aspected planet in my chart. I have no planets in the 8th House, but I do have Pluto in the 1st House, which I'm told is a strong placement for it.

    A lot of my life has been a sort of battle between the kind forgiving Pisces and the fierce, not so forgiving Scorpio. You never know which side is going to win out. 🙂

  • …my body feel like a raging volcano…But after the shooting magma has finally run its course, I often feel a sense of overwhelming calmness and for a while
    Yes, that's exactly it 😀

    Which Mars-Pluto aspect would you say is the most destructive of them all?
    I think it depends on the rest of the chart. If you have other strong Scorpio, Aries or 8th house placements, then you are already used to that kind of energy and may be able to handle it better. But, if you're all Gemini, Cancer or Pisces with a Mars/Pluto, aspect it might be more difficult.

    The opposition often seems to show people who project their anger outward. That can help them fight on behalf of causes and people. The square shows dynamic inner tension and internal stress which can lead to the person snapping. The conjunction doesn't have the capacity to stand back and take a look at itself- it's subjective. Conjunction people seem to have trouble recognizing their behavior because it's just who they are.

    • What about trine, quintile, biquintile, semi-sextile?

      • People with those aspects don’t seem to relate to the tension in this planet combination – especially the people who have the trine. Mars trine Pluto people seem to be a little unaware of how strong they come off sometimes without trying. I haven’t seen that many charts with the quintile and biquintile of these two; I’d have to look them up to get a better idea of exactly how it would work.

        • unsunghiro

          i have the quintile at 1 degree along wih scorpio rising. i find it uncanny you bring up the Strength card as this has been showing up for me a lot.

          i think the quintile is expressed in my love life. my ex is an aries with cancer mars and libra pluto square. the man i’m currently seeing is a libra with mars-pluto in leo conjunction. they are very different from each other but what they have in common that attracts me is… yep! their killer instinct! there’s also a sense of danger, power struggles, a wild side, being rough around the edges. very strong sex appeal.

          i also experience mars-pluto in what appeals to me creatively. for example i’m really drawn to francis bacon paintings, he has the square.

    • Anonymous

      “The conjunction doesn’t have the capacity to stand back and take a look at itself- it’s subjective. Conjunction people seem to have trouble recognizing their behavior because it’s just who they are.” I have this in Libra. And you are right, I am not capable of scrutinizing my actions. Its just the way it is. To me, it is totally unnecessary. I guess I am all about energy and thats all. I am a cancerian but my ascendant aries and I have jupiter in scorpio. I do not fight like barbarian. Does jupiter make scorpio strong in someone’s chart?

      • Does jupiter make scorpio strong in someone’s chart?
        Supposedly Jupiter’s placement shows where we can experience luck, but I’ve noticed that it can also mean too much of a good thing. It doesn’t really show a stronger placement, but it could show luck through Scorpion pursuits, or a tendency to overdo it when it comes to Scorpio traits.

        • Anonymous

          its in my 8th house. ive read from somewhere that jupiter in scorpio gives luck in therapy or healing. also ive read from somewhere, its lucky with inheritances. i think i have this both. mom owns 3 islands. or i guess i might marry someone who is filthy rich.

          • You might. It could give luck with inheritances. Luck with healing is a potential. I think some of that would depend on Jupiter’s aspects.

          • LB

            It’s been so long, I don’t know if you’ll even read this, but I have Jupiter in Scorpio (in the 3rd) and I’ve had luck through inheritances and healing (using my hands).  Wish I’d known when I was younger.  I also have the Mars/Pluto aspect.

            • amoureuse

               we are the sam excet that they fell into differt houses…

  • Don

    Which Mars-Pluto aspect would you say is the most destructive of them all? I've only been studying astrology for a couple months or so and am still trying to figure the aspects out. I have the Mars Opposition Pluto, myself, with Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Scorpio, and know full well how powerful my temper can be. I daresay it makes my body feel like a raging volcano. When all that energy rises up to the surface, it simply MUST be released. But after the shooting magma has finally run its course, I often feel a sense of overwhelming calmness and for a while, I'm actually the most easygoing laidback person I know. Lol! Until the volcano fills up again, which happens far more frequently than I'd like. But like the article says, going out to do exercise for a while, or some kind of physical labor, often does the trick and alleviates much of the stress.

    As much of a curse this Mars-Plutonian aspect can be, I'm actually very grateful and proud to have it, because it puts a good amount of fire into what would be an otherwise passive chart for me. 🙂

  • I can relate to everything you wrote, especially, “Being cooped up in school and at work makes me silent and edgy and in my head I am taking people out with kung fu.” It's energy that needs to come out, or watch out! 😀 I can only imagine what it's like for you with both planets in Scorpio.

    Thank you for reading Janelle 🙂

  • Janelle

    “Mars-Pluto people are flat-out nicer when they’ve physically exhausted themselves or satisfied their blood-lust.”

    Yes yes yes! Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio! I am so much nicer when I have danced for 5 hours straight even if my ankle swells like a mellon the next morning. I am so much nicer when I kick box, or run & play or do cartwheels. The more I sweat the nicer I am. I smile, I sing, I talk to people! I like the challenge. I really should engage more in these activites. Being cooped up in school and at work makes me silent and edgy and in my head I am taking people out with kung fu. My sarcasm goes through the roof when I'm not moving that energy and I know I come off as aloof because I am afraid I could knock someone out if I don't keep my distance.

    I'm learning to embrace that raw side of me, the side that wants to wrestle and learn how to kick ass, and have rough sex, shoot silencer guns, and drive cars really fast. There is a beast inside of me and if embraced maybe we could be allies and hella sexy at that. 🙂

  • I can relate to everything you wrote, especially, “Being cooped up in school and at work makes me silent and edgy and in my head I am taking people out with kung fu.” It's energy that needs to come out, or watch out! 😀 I can only imagine what it's like for you with both planets in Scorpio.

    Thank you for reading Janelle 🙂

    • fishly

      oh shit. my loverboi’s like that. Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. I’m Mars in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio. 
      I suppose we handle each other’s anger well (we hardly get mad at each other, partially because my strong Pisces Sun and Mercury in 3rd House influence emphasizes on strong communication in the relationship). And he teaches me a lot about anger management in a way too…

  • Janelle

    “Mars-Pluto people are flat-out nicer when they’ve physically exhausted themselves or satisfied their blood-lust.”

    Yes yes yes! Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio! I am so much nicer when I have danced for 5 hours straight even if my ankle swells like a mellon the next morning. I am so much nicer when I kick box, or run & play or do cartwheels. The more I sweat the nicer I am. I smile, I sing, I talk to people! I like the challenge. I really should engage more in these activites. Being cooped up in school and at work makes me silent and edgy and in my head I am taking people out with kung fu. My sarcasm goes through the roof when I'm not moving that energy and I know I come off as aloof because I am afraid I could knock someone out if I don't keep my distance.

    I'm learning to embrace that raw side of me, the side that wants to wrestle and learn how to kick ass, and have rough sex, shoot silencer guns, and drive cars really fast. There is a beast inside of me and if embraced maybe we could be allies and hella sexy at that. 🙂

  • When I was younger people would ask me for relationship advice. Now it seems as though everyone I know is married and I am not so they wouldn't come to a single person for advice! Mostly though people come to me for encouragement or help making decisions. If they are feeling unsure about something/themselves they know I will build them up. This actually goes for people I just met also, everyone tells me their life story within a matter of minutes! I have actually been told by more than a few people that I am very calm and calming. It is so interesting when I think about why this is astrologically, most of my personal planets are in the 7th house opp. the ascendant or in Libra – people need me and I need them.

  • Do people go to you for relationship advice?

    My dad has a Libra Moon with Venus and Mars in Aqarius and a whole lot of fire- family members always go to him for advice.

  • Actually, I have more fire – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Leo – but in the 7th house. I do have an Aquarius rising though and some of the more emotional/action planets are in air signs – Moon and Pluto in Libra, Mars in Gemini. Thanks to the Libra influence I always see both sides of an issue, write pro and con lists, lol.

  • That makes sense that you would rationalize your anger. Do you have a lot of Air in your chart?

  • That makes sense that you would rationalize your anger. Do you have a lot of Air in your chart?

  • I have the trine and it makes it much easier to control anger. Especially since it is an air sign trine (Mars in Gemini, Pluto in Libra), it is easy for me to rationalize it or think away anger. I can be very loudly competitive when it comes to games or sports though (Mars in 5th) but I usually keep it under control.

  • gracehoper

    Interesting, Olivia– as I also have the quincunx and I was abused as a child. Pluto in Libra conjunct the IC, the traditional significator of the Father, exactly quincunx Mars in Pisces. It wasn't until my Sun progressed to trine that natal Pluto that the man who abused me left my life, but his stamp was buried deep in me.

    I don't find that I have the temper problems you do, though. Instead, I always seem very calm, and never show my anger, but instead silently plot revenge with a smile on my face. Then, when the time is right, I strike out with all of my power, taking out my enemy with one single strike, removing them from my life with all the viciousness I can muster.

    Then I go back to being calm/happy. 🙂

  • So somehow, talking about isolation issues is part of the solution with Mercury dispositing both rulers. I always wonder about that sextile/trine issue with the Nodes. Maybe there was an opportunity (sextile) with the South Node that you deliberately developed in the past, so this time it is a talent and easily accessible.

  • gracehoper

    My SN is in Cancer so the ruler is the Moon in Virgo in the 3rd. While the North Node is in Capricorn on the 7th cusp, with the ruler, Saturn in Gemini, in the 12th. Funny that they are both disposited by Mercury at 9 Taurus, which sextiles/trines my Nodes at 10 Can/Cap. I'm with you– I'm one of those people who are totally comfortable with silence in general, altho when I'm in public I tend to go into cute/clever mode.

  • Those connections are fascinating. Saturn is your SN ruler, right? Having the ruler of the NN in the same house as the SN makes me think that there are still fears to be face, and that dealing with isolation, coming to terms with it, is part of the path to the North Node.

    I think I've had at least one lifetime of having taken a vow of silence and/or celibacy. My SN is in the 9th, in Taurus, loosely conjunct Vesta. I then have Mercury conjunct Chiron, in partile square to Saturn- speaking to people is an issue for me, I get anxious, but it's not an anxiety disorder. It's more like I'm actually reluctant to speak. I'm so comfortable with silence that it makes other people uncomfortable.

  • gracehoper

    If one uses the south node as an indicator of the past life, as many astrologers do, then mine is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th, and my Ascendant is also conjunct Sirius and the midpoint of my Sun and Moon. It repeats twice in my chart actually– two bundles.

    I have Saturn in the 12th conjunct the antiscio of my Ascendant and my South Node, and then I have the Antiscion of my Saturn conjunct my Ascendant and South Node. So it's a double signature of past life solitude. It could mean I spent my entire last life in solitary confinement so some sort– religious, penitentiary, or whatever, and I just haven't adjusted in this life.

    My North Node is conjunct my Descendant, of course, indicating that in this life I should move towards partnerships with others. But if you look at my chart you will see that the ruler of my 7th is the Greater Malefic Saturn and he is placed in the 12th where he has been conjunct my progressed Sun for years. So even besides the progressed accursedness, having the ruler of your 7th in the 12th does not speak well of having a happy marriage. And indeed, I've never had a relationship last longer than 3 months.

  • I was actually thinking about you today, and I hope you won't be offended…but I was watching a show about people with social anxiety issues, and I began to wonder if many of these people have had past lives of living in relative isolation. So, when they incarnate into the next existence, they go into a kind of sensory overload and they can't handle it.

    What do you think?

    • redqueen

      I have the quincunx aspect between mars and pluto , mars in taurus , pluto in libra. I totally relate to everything written abt mars in negative aspect to pluto. Today i slapped my mother-in-law hard several times and threw water on her face over a small issue. But the pressure had been building up in me for quite some days. My mother-in-law also has mars square pluto but we dont have any mars-pluto inter-aspects through synastry. My mother-in-law of course tried to retaliate and defend her self but of course she’s no match in front of me !! I have venus trine pluto and sun sesquiquadrate pluto natally. My mother-in-law has venus square pluto and sun sextile pluto natally also but i have several positive pluto (me being pluto) aspects in synastry with her except one (sun sesquiquadrate pluto-me as pluto again) – guess thats why she’s no match for me !!

  • gracehoper

    I have an exact quincunx– Mars at 1 Pisces 46 on the 9th cusp quincunx Pluto at 1 Libra 56 conjunct the IC. So an orb of 10 minutes between two Venusian signs, Venus exalted in Pisces and in its domicile in Libra. The inconjunct energy tends to manifest as a constant feeling of foreboding, anxiety, and fear of the outside world, which is uncontrollable, thereby leading to paralysis. Luckily transiting Pluto's actually doing some good for me, I think. I've begun to make actual forays out into the world.

  • wg.

    Yes, I think you're right Michelle. I'm not very tall, a bit over five feet–but maybe that Mars-Pluto makes me taller when I'm pissed, lol! ;D

    • fishly

      michelle and wg,

      you know what’s funny? i just had an accident (actually…two within 7 days…don’t ask -_-), and both times, somehow, by law, I was “in the wrong”. First case scenario, the “victim” was hysterical about her car being hit “by” me, so I decided to opt the easiest way out and let it slide……..though it was clear in my face and stature that I was not effing pleased with her argument. I somehow got away with a lower charge, though the “victim” was quite condescending by relating my “fault” with my age, suggesting inexperience in driving blablbla.2nd scenario was actually 2 hours ago. I was *also* reversing my car, I *looked* left and right Twice, my brother looked with me, our car exited slowly, I even ‘signaled’, into the direction I was turning towards, and all of a sudden, bump. Some old Honda (forgot what model) got scraped on the left side, both doors, and the “crash” ended in my bumper meeting his left wheel side (sorry, not proficient in car parts).

      The old man tried to assert that I hit his car [so it’s my fault]. I quietly said, “didn’t you see me? I came out slowly. Also, it’s a small road; why did you go so fast for?” He kinda faltered off, and later on accepted some money to pay part of his repair fees, and agreed not to make a police report.

      Oh, and I’m about 5 feet 2 or 3 [too], of slender built.

  • I could feel what you were feeling in that incident with the truck driver. I think there's an inner toughness to Mars-Pluto and when you get emotionally charged, you know what to do- you can stand up for yourself (no matter how puny you appear 😉

  • wg.

    Oh gosh Michelle, don't ask me an easy question or anything! In my last relationship I had two options, either stand up and have a HUGE battle on my hands (not in everything of course, but lots) or give in to keep the peace. Basically choose my battles I guess. But since then I am discovering my inner strength, and as far as that relationship goes I'm not invested in it (except for the kids we share) so I couldn't give a damn.

    I still choose my battles, but now I'm more willing to take someone on if I have to. I remember a year ago I was driving to my daughters school to pick her up after a dance. I pulled out of the back way I was coming, onto the main road, and I swear I looked. But after I got on the main road I looked in my rear view again and this jerk in a truck was practically on top of me. And he stayed that way right until I pulled over at the school. Oh was I ever choked. I kind of jumped out of the car and went right over to his truck as he was getting out. Interestingly he parked right behind me on the road–now that I think about it, maybe he was going to say something to me.
    So I asked him where he came from. I told him I looked but didn't see him. He was taken aback and completely surprised I guess. He said he was there, I told him I looked and didn't see him. Anyway, I don't know how my voice sounded but I guess how I was feeling came across cause he looked shocked (that I came up to him?) Even now, a year later, he still looks like he's trying to figure me out. HAH! Lol! Jerk. Heh heh, his wife was with him too, hopefully she gave him what for. This was in the dark too, beside the forested part. o.0 Not sure that was smart but I actually didn't even think, I just did.

  • Do you continue to “be nice” to avoid battles?

  • wg.

    Wow Michelle, your comment about being sweet being a cover up. I was sitting in class today and this started going through my mind and it made me remember a time when I was younger when I decided to be nice. Things were not so great in my family when I was younger, and my Mom and I didn't get along. It seems to me that I made up my mind I didn't want to be like my Mom–It's funny how much of who I am is based on this. o.0

    Things are better between us nowadays, but I still have difficulty letting bygones be bygones–I guess I just try to bury it. However I know that she did not have a good home life when she was growing up, and she was a very young parent with no help, no job, no skills…so I try to keep that in mind. She's a Gemini, fyi.

  • You can comment as many times as you want!

    I do feel really strong, like that guy in the picture above. If you saw me you'd probably laugh, but that's how I feel sometimes, really powerful.

  • I think that not being the abuser, but attracting abusers is the flip side of this placement. Ultimately, it's still your energy to own and control. I am sorry that you experienced abuse from your family members, Olivia.

    Quincunxes require adapting two completely different energies to each other-they have less in common than the opposition. They don't mirror each other, they don't compete with each other- they have no reason to have anything to do with each other. What I find is that quincunx planets have to stay vigilant in maintaining awareness of each other. If they don't, they forget the other one exists and it's back to their old ways.
    Being sweet is a Mars-Pluto cover up, especially if you have Venus emphasized by sign or aspect.

    Thanks for reading 😀

  • Olivia

    Mmmm, I have an exact Mars-Pluto Quincunx/Inconjunct. In the 8th and 1st houses, nonetheless!

    I've never been abusive, seems more like the energy has been projected out and others have abused me. Especially family members.

    Definitely relate to the whole part about holding things inside…then exploding. I did just that today, actually… 🙂
    With the quincunx playing out, I go from one extreme to another, denying my rage, just being the sweetest person you've ever met, to goin' all psycho/crazy woman.

    It's hard to handle, but I'm workin' on it…

  • wg.

    I know I already commented on this, but it sure is a good article. I have a loose conjunction between Mars and Pluto–9 degrees, but I do feel really strong, like that guy in the picture above. If you saw me you'd probably laugh, but that's how I feel sometimes, really powerful.

  • Aspects run in families sometimes..

  • Natasha

    darn, I meant opposition.

  • Natasha

    She has pluto square mars like me? (for her leo-aquarius)

    Yeahhh. Craziness, lol.

  • Mmkay.

    So…you and that Virgo, huh 😉

  • Natasha

    No. If she does it's only a pinch or little slap. I find my mom to be too emotional and erratic, putting aside all her great qualities! I guess every mom has big stress. xD

  • LB

    Agreed. I don’t want to be portrayed as a victim either. That’s why advocacy on behalf of others has been such a healing tool. As is focusing that powerful transformative energy into creating something of value. One of the greatest gifts that can come from having once been a victim is that it teaches compassion. To mistake kindness (or restraint) for weakness is a mistake people often make. Your choice of the Tarot card “Strength” portrays that concept beautifully. Good one.

  • Thank you for the link.

    I didn't want to go into every angle of the Mars-Pluto aspect with this one post. I can relate to many of Donna's ideas in that post, but it doesn't hit the nail on the head for me. I also share some of your experiences. But, I'm tired of the way much of astrology is portrayed in a victim-perpetrator light, however apt those descriptions may be. I'm looking for solutions and new perspectives. I don't want to continue to blame everything on the past.

    I think I'm just tired for real. I'm going to bed now 😉

    • Rose McDermett

      Jeff Green has two Pluto (title) volumes and his daughter wrote about Evolutionary Astrology too. He approaches these aspects (pluto x mars) in a different light. Maybe you would like it. He leaves the victim-perpetrator perspective.

      • Thanks, Rose. I’ve leafed through Jeff Green’s book. I haven’t bought it yet because it hasn’t resonated so far. I attended a lecture by Deva at NORWAC in 2010 … I had a hard time relating to what she was saying. I

  • LB

    Hi Michelle – I’m another one with the Mars/Pluto square. My Pluto in the 12th squares retrograde Mars in the 9th, and in my chart, this aspect describes the energies I encountered growing up. I’ve never been a bully, but I do have powerful emotions and am quick to pick up on the bullying energies of others. I tend to become enraged over themes involving abuses of power and am likely to go into advocacy mode on behalf of those less able to defend themselves. I’ve had to learn to embrace my power (still learning); part of that involves knowing I’m going to unintentionally piss people off sometimes.

    When I was younger I had quite the temper, but usually my rage was directed at my mother for failing to protect me (again with the theme). Being a Libra, any sort of injustice can really set me off, but generally my responses are well thought out and controlled. With Pluto in the 12th, people seldom suspect the depth of my passions. You’re right about the excess energy; when I set my mind to it, I can accomplish a lot.

    I think this aspect plays out differently for different people. One of the best articles I’ve ever read on Mars/Pluto aspects was written by Donna Cunningham. It’s a 2009 article entitled “Mars Pluto Aspects – What Determines How They’re Used?” She nailed it as far as I’m concerned.

  • Does she physically hurt you?

  • Natasha

    I may have been abusive, but you know what, my mom hurts me. Crazy woman!! Leo pluto with something going on there… hm. Not to be mean.

  • Hi Grace,

    Yep, there are goodins' and evilins' of every aspect type.

    Thanks for reading my blog 😀

  • Grace

    No, they are vile and need to stay out of others' business. Okay, just the one I know. She… You know, it honestly didn't occur to me till just now that I have a strong mars-pluto aspect too. Hm. Okay, there's good ones and EVIL ones. Yeah.

  • Mars-Pluto aspect gives “ant-strength” because ants can carry three times their body weight on their back…
    Interesting. I think people with Mars-Pluto are often physically stronger than they appear to be.

  • My mom would have explosion too- throwing pots and pans around muttering under her breath. But, she has a Mars-Pluto (with Mercury and Venus) conjunction and a Scorpio Moon so that anger would linger in the atmosphere for days.

  • I had run back from the kitchen with a butcher knife!

    That's interesting…when I was a teenager my house was broken into in the middle of the night. Before I knew what I was doing, I went to the draw and pulled out the largest kitchen knife. That's when I learned how automatic and intense my survival instincts are.

    I was always told I got my temper from my parents, who both have close Mars-Pluto aspects.
    Lol…my mom has the conjunction, my dad has the opposition and my brother has a semi-sextile (I have the square too).

  • I can really relate to 1 and 2, and even 3.

    I get pent up, high strung and wound tight. Any little thing can set me off. I simply have to get the energy out.

    I'm so glad you've realized how drinking affects you. Sometimes when I'm in Mars-Pluto mode I'll defend my actions, thinking I'm justified in my anger, only to realize later that I was totally off base. One of my triggers is not eating regularly. If I don't feed myself in a timely manner, I go into meltdown.

  • I find that I get through my days better when I've moved my body somehow.
    Yes, I know what you mean.

    And unfortunately Michelle, yeah I've been called abusive before.
    One of my mom's nicknames for me used to be “Beast” which I didn't put together until I wrote this post!

  • Mars-Pluto aspect gives “ant-strength” because ants can carry three times their body weight on their back…
    Interesting. I think people with Mars-Pluto are often physically stronger than they appear to be.

  • My mom would have explosion too- throwing pots and pans around muttering under her breath. But, she has a Mars-Pluto (with Mercury and Venus) conjunction and a Scorpio Moon so that anger would linger in the atmosphere for days.

  • I had run back from the kitchen with a butcher knife!

    That's interesting…when I was a teenager my house was broken into in the middle of the night. Before I knew what I was doing, I went to the draw and pulled out the largest kitchen knife. That's when I learned how automatic and intense my survival instincts are.

    I was always told I got my temper from my parents, who both have close Mars-Pluto aspects.
    Lol…my mom has the conjunction, my dad has the opposition and my brother has a semi-sextile (I have the square too).

    • LOLman

      I once had a similar situation with my boss. First, I gave him an axe and told him to just kill me if he so much hates me, as he obviously does. Since he didn’t strike, I made it easy for him and turned my back on him. Still, the cowardly asshole just stood there, axe in hand, wondering how to settle the matter without completely losing face. No, rude comments and lame accusations were not going to be enough this time. I noticed another axe on the opposite wall, so I walked to it, grabbed it, turned around and walked up to the bastard, ready to split some skulls at the slightest sign of his axe making an upward swing. He froze in terror, dropped his axe and ran away screaming. 

      No, I didn’t get fired, I was on a 3 month contract. Or maybe he was too scared to fire me, who knows. Why axes? This was a carpentry workshop, of course there were axes. 

      • That sounds like someone I know.

  • I can really relate to 1 and 2, and even 3.

    I get pent up, high strung and wound tight. Any little thing can set me off. I simply have to get the energy out.

    I'm so glad you've realized how drinking affects you. Sometimes when I'm in Mars-Pluto mode I'll defend my actions, thinking I'm justified in my anger, only to realize later that I was totally off base. One of my triggers is not eating regularly. If I don't feed myself in a timely manner, I go into meltdown.

    • duki

      I have exact semisquare between Pluto in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer. I can relate to releasing energy daily. But somehow there is always too much energy. On one Saturday afternoon( now almost every ) I exhausted myself playing soccer. I was literally red hot when I came home and almost dehydrated.

      So much energy can drive me crazy in split second( Uranus-Neptune conjunction opposing Mars) and I can explode. It’s good that i don’t justify my anger or attack other people.When I need to release energy I start doing pushups and other excercises suddenly wherever I am.

      • Oddly, duki, I find the more exercise I do, the more I crave. My workouts are getting ridiculously long. I’m starting to want to do something more ambitious – like run in a competition or something.

  • I find that I get through my days better when I've moved my body somehow.
    Yes, I know what you mean.

    And unfortunately Michelle, yeah I've been called abusive before.
    One of my mom's nicknames for me used to be “Beast” which I didn't put together until I wrote this post!

  • fire13tiger

    my dad has the same mars square pluto too… interesting i forgot to add that
    when i was younger he and i used to get into the nastiest verbal spars
    it was like nuclear explosion… and then *quiet*….. he never did like staying mad for long.. end up eating cheesecake and watching seinfeld 30 min later ( he has mars scorpio, pluto leo… i am mars aquarius pluto scorpio)

  • Interesting re: killer/animal instincts. My ADHD and I scanned it but will come back to read it word-for-word later. Before I forget to comment later, just wanted to add that people should always be careful of messing with someone with a Mars-Pluto aspect. It's like poking a lion. The lion could continue to laze around OR it could snap your head up. Do you really wanna gamble with the lion's mood? I call the power that a Mars-Pluto aspect gives “ant-strength” because ants can carry three times their body weight on their back…

  • jjasonham

    I have an exact aspect. I've always had a bit of a quick temper, but it would subside if I at least expressed my dissatisfaction (Mars in Gemini). When I was younger, I'd keep my reactions completely controlled (Pluto conj Saturn in Libra) until they just exploded, and people were usually surprised. There was one time where I was trying to break up a fight between friends and got hit in the face. I must've blacked out, because the next thing I knew, I had run back from the kitchen with a butcher knife! That really, truly freaked me out, and let me know that if I didn't release anger I could go off. You know what's even more interesting? I was always told I got my temper from my parents, who both have close Mars-Pluto aspects. (And the parents they got THEIR temper from also have close Mars-Pluto aspects.)

  • firetiger13

    yeeeppp michelle u know i have this square at 0 degrees also
    i need release this energy DAILY basically….. i noticed 1 of 2 things happens when i don't
    1. i fill up with a lot of anxiety over nothing. i found out: literally nothing. only the fact that i have so much energy to release but have not and it bubbles up and theres a deep burn in my stomach and my chest
    2. if i do not release the energy i may become violent. i have to stop drinking i decided because it all unravells and tho it's in “jest” it is still violent and scary (moreso for me) that i even take this energy to *that* place
    3. ( i just realize there's a third) i have nightmares where i'm screaming and abusing people
    ……..good advice on the release outlets <3

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  • Natasha

    I very much accept that I have something in common with animals (I act like it in many different ways)

    I've been really interested in taking up some boxing or martial arts; also dancing because I love it so much. I find that I get through my days better when I've moved my body somehow.

    And unfortunately Michelle, yeah I've been called abusive before. It hurt me so much, lol. Mars Pluto can go a long way if they look over their behavior and find a way to change it.

    • Queen_nephtis

      I also since a kid asked mom to go out of ballet and enter martial arts, I begged her so much. She let me out of ballet cause I hated but she didnt let me enter martial arts, but street dance is cool, i liked though