Saturn Contacts in Synastry


glazed strawberry heart treatsIf you want a relationship to last, you need to have Saturn contacts.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work, reality, dedication and time. A relationship can’t survive if the people in it don’t feel a sense of responsibility for one another. Any meaningful relationship requires work and effort, and a mutual sense of obligation binds people together.

Relationships that last have to pass a reality test. Summer romances don’t need Saturn contacts, flings don’t need Saturn contacts, but if you want lasting love, you want Saturn contacts. Saturn contacts form enduring bonds.

The negative side to Saturn contacts is that they can feel like a burden. They can be like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders.

If you are the Saturn person in the aspect connection then you may limit or restrict the other person in some way, or that person will feel like you do. The other person in the relationship may feel inhibited around you.

At worst, Saturn contacts are just depressing. When responsibility and duty overtake pleasure and fun a relationship loses its appeal.

Ready or not, Saturn makes you grow up. Saturn ages whatever it touches. The planets that Saturn contacts get a lesson in maturity.

If you don’t want to grow up, you might reject Saturn’s energy. You may resist responsibility and maturity and feel that people are holding you back. You may resist forming lasting connections with people.


The Sun person learns to be a more mature version of who he is. He comes into his own.


The Moon person gains emotional maturity and no longer gives in to child-like emotional displays.


The Mercury person learns to communicate like an adult.


The Venus person learns what it’s like to be in a mature relationship.


The Mars person learns to act like an adult.


The Jupiter person learns about realistic optimism and expectations.


These two Saturns learn about shared responsibility and equal dedication.


The Uranus person learns to temper the urge for freedom with the need to establish ties.


The Neptune person learns the limits of illusion, fantasy and idealism.


The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a relationship.

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  • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

    Hi, i have a problem that’s very important for me. At the end of december i have to choose an advisor for my PhD thesis. but i couldnt decide between two advisor. my birth time is evident but theirs not. So i didnt give the pictures of houses and you must ignore their asc/mc aspects. which advisor would be better for me in terms of supporting my education, mutual understanding and good luck for my career? both of their jupiters in my 10th house but in first chart her jupiter and my MC conjunct in 0 orb. thanks for valuable comments.

    • Hi Mine,

      This is a very hard question. Can I see the 3 charts (2 hypothetical)? You can also email me with the contact button at the bottom of the page.

      • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

        i receieved an information that i have to choose one of them in this week. but first advisor’s advisee quota is full and she said that she wanted to work with me but she couldnt take me because of her quota. so i have only one choise now but i still want to take first advisor. i have to write two advisor in my application, there is a third advisor in my mind but i don’t know her birth time, too. here is our synastry. did you wanted to see natal charts?

      • Mine Koyuncu Şahin

        michelle, i sent an e-mail you for natal charts.

    • I see a lot of compatibility between you and #2, which means you might work well together. With #1 there are some hard aspects but she might ultimately push you to work harder … but I see some of that with #2 as well (Moon opp Saturn, Mercury opp Saturn). Number 1 has less compatibility, especially with Mercury so I wonder if she’ll be receptive to your ideas.

  • Violet

    (Also his Pluto squares that stellium. . And our Jupiter/moon/Venus don’t have strong aspects together).

  • Violet

    Hey, my boyfriend of three years and I have crazy saturn aspects. His saturn is in opposition of my 5th house stellium (ruled by cap!). So his saturn opposes my sun, saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and mercury. MY saturn is in opposition to his saturn, of course. Is this crazy we are still together? Sometimes I feel like it’s the best thing to ever happen to me, sometimes I feel trapped. I defiantly felt like I had to be in this relationship, it felt like my path to take. But I wonder if it’s solid for the long run..

  • glittergirl

    In synastry i’ve often wondered how one person’s saturn in scorpio trine the other person’s saturn in cancer would play out? His saturn in scorpio is also conjunct my north node and trine my sun and ascendent. What would the dynamics be about in this relationship?

    • Saturn trine Saturn acts like glue. There might be an ‘easy’ emotional bond that is bound in respect – not necessarily romantic. With his Saturn conjunct your NN, he might feel responsible for helping you achieve your best path – which could play out as him taking on a parental role; you could feel a tad stifled; or, you might feel incredibly grateful that someone is willing to help you structure your path.

      • glittergirl

        Thanks for the reply. I have a rather strange connection to this guy although he’s not big on communicating with me so i’m not sure what good this saturn aspect between him and i will make any difference!

  • LB

    Hey Michelle 🙂 – I recently formed a friendship with someone whose Libra Saturn (and Pluto) are conjunct my Libra Sun, Venus and North Node – my Saturn is conjunct her Neptune.  We hit it off immediately and got relatively close pretty quickly, although with Libra involved the relationship never had that icky, too-close-for-comfort feel.  We touched on some deep subjects and during our volunteer work together formed a great healing team! 

    But with transiting retrograde Saturn once again approaching my Libra placements – as well as her own Saturn and Pluto (her Saturn-Return) – I realized all was not what it first seemed.  My mom’s Saturn was also conjunct my Libra placements and I suddenly saw how the same unhealthy relationship dynamics that plagued my mom and I were starting to play out in this new relationship and immediately tried to (gently) distance myself without causing too much harm to either of us.   Apparently, our relationship triggered some childhood issues with her as well and her Pluto wanted to deal with them – which I understood and supported . . . to some extent. 

    But I’m much older than she is and have already learned these particular lessons – I don’t have *any* desire to repeat them with someone new.  This time around I’m not raging, or trying to convince anybody of anything, nor am I interested in trying to extract something from someone they’re not willing to give.   Much as I value our friendship, certain aspects of it just don’t work for me and I’m totally ok with letting that unhealthy dynamic go.  I need to feel that my feelings are equally important in my reciprocal adult relationships and not take on the responsibility for the emotional wellbeing of another by sacrificing my own (healthy) needs.

    Funny thing is, among our other astrological connections, her Sun is pretty close to conjunct my 12th house Karma (asteroid 3811). 

    • Lately I’m feeling some of this too – in general though, not caused by any particular person. Specifically, I have no desire to repeat some of the relationship lessons I’ve already learned and I don’t feel like hanging out with people who haven’t learned them. 

      although with Libra involved the relationship never had that icky, too-close-for-comfort feel.
      That’s so funny. I actually annoy myself because I have Mars and Saturn in Cancer, yet 3 planets in Aries and Pluto in Libra. I’ve been accused of being a “mother hen” and yet I have no patience for smothering, mothering types. Oh well 🙂

      • LB

        I agree – being maternal and nurturing doesn’t have to mean smothering.  I don’t have anything in Cancer, but I do have my natal Saturn (in Sag) in the 4th, plus a bunch of Moon aspects (including Moon trine Ceres trine my MC), and I’m *very* maternal but in an earthy/spiritual kind of way.

        I want to help people uncover their wings so they can fly on their own, not dip them in honey until they’re weighed down and earth-bound  – or overly dependent upon me. 🙂

        •  ‘…I want to help people uncover their wings so they can fly on their own,
          not dip them in honey until they’re weighed down and earth-bound  – or
          overly dependent upon me. :)”Let the church say AMEN!! 😉

          • LB

             Thanks, MsFullroller. 🙂

  • What happenes to those couple who have mars opposition saturn in synastry in both sides… also uranus saturn oppositon…

    • The first thing that comes to mind with Mars opp Saturn is “blocked effort.” If you have Saturn opposite Mars then the Mars person might perceive that the Saturn person opposes their desire to do what they want. This could become a situation where the Mars person feels that everything they want to do has conditions or rules. Because Mars shows sexual desire, in the bedroom the Mars person might feel that the Saturn person doesn’t approve of the way they make love. There might be a “certain way” that they have to do it. Mars might feel too limited in its self-expression.

      What do you think? Are you seeing someone with whom you have this overlay?

      • Yes there is very true… explanation…  Me and my boyfriend have this aspects in both ways. His saturn opposes to my mars and his mars opposes to my saturn… But the orbs not very tight… 6.5 and 8.12 orbs… But is there any suggestion or possibility to oevercome this situations…

        • Mathetria

          Aycelina — In general, I would regard those orbs as being too wide to have a strong, persistent effect. You might still feel it, but as a more “occasional” thing, or perhaps situational.  Look at the houses involved.  Where your (and his) Mars falls is the area of life you’re most likely to feel blocked.  So if, say, your Mars is in your 2nd house, and his is opposing it from the 8th, you may be more inclined to spend money than he is, and he may attempt to limit your spending, or some other 2nd house matter.  The second house is about your resources (so more than *just* money) while the 8th is about other people’s.

          • Thank you for your answer Mathetria… İt is interesting thing in our situation I and he have both uranusmarspluto conjunctions in our natal chart. Mine is 4’th house, and his in 8’th house…They are conjunct…. As our age is almost same, mine stellium is in his 8. house, and his stellium is in my fourth house… He has saturn mars opposition in natally but I don’t have this opposition natally not in orb I mean…But in synastry we have this situation… 

            • I wonder if there would be as strong an effect because your Mars are conjunct and he has this aspect in his natal chart – he’s used to it.

              • our planet Mars are  not in conjunct orb… but both mars and pluto conjuncts… my mars 19 degree virgo and his mars 9 degree… do you think it is almost conjunç

                • Some astrologers goes up to 10 degrees for a conjunction (some do even more). They are close enough to vibrate off each other.

      • mist

        What do you think about Saturn (him) conjunct Mars (me) in Libra, orb is just one degree. It’s in houses 9 (Mars) and 2 (Saturn)?
        Thanks 🙂

        • Hard lessons about fighting for your ideals v. His lack of self esteem or low earning power.

  • Mathetria

    Thanks for the post.  I have far less experience with synastry, but I have noticed not just Saturn in marriages that last, but a distinct LACK of Saturn in marriages/relationships that end early.  Saturn doesn’t guarantee a marriage won’t eventually end in divorce, much less that it will be happy, but it does show some kind of longevity.  I’ve found this is true, also, for friendships (and of course, for family relationships).  As noted, Saturn shows responsibility.

    I and my ex- (married 20 years, together a total of 23) had a Venus-Saturn square, and I once read a description of it that I thought fit very well: initially, there is attraction, a sense of fatedness (helped along by the fact we *also* had a Venus-Neptune square), but over time the Venus person begins to feel the Saturn person is cold, and will look elsewhere for affection.  The Saturn person, alarmed at losing the Venus person, attempts to hang on to the relationship.  Very true.  (Add in that Venus-Neptune, and it wound up being highly deceptive, too.)  But between a Venus-Saturn tie and a Venus-Neptune tie, I’d take the former over the latter any day of the week in part *because* Neptune is deceptive.  Saturn is not.

    I should add that I have dignified natal Saturn in the anaretic degree of Aquarius, right above my Pisces ascendant, leading a locomotive pattern in my own chart, so I don’t tend to experience Saturn as all that negative, actually. 🙂

    With the fellow I’m currently interested in, we have my Saturn directly on his Pisces IC (and thus my Asc is conjunct his IC, as well).  Our natal Saturns are trined, but we also have his Saturn squaring my own Sun.  For the most part, we have very similar ideas of responsibility towards our jobs, family, etc.  He’s somebody who, if he says he’ll do something, can be absolutely relied on to do it.  But I do sometimes feel his Saturn “sitting” on my own sense of self-expression.  So he’s supportive, but can also dampen the fun.  (Irony is … I’m the elder by 9 years.)

    I would like to hear a little more about Saturn aspecting the cardinal points.  I’ve read various things about this.  I’ve read that the “point” person feels the planet person, but not the reverse.  AND I’ve read that the planet person is the one affected by whatever the “point” reprsents: the person’s mask (Asc), home (IC), relationships (Desc), or career (MC), but the point person is unaware of it.  Thoughts, as these interps are sorta contradictory.

    • Very, very interesting, Mathetria. I just ended an 11 year relationship with a man about 9 years older than I am – we had Saturn trine Saturn with my Saturn falling in his 7th house and his Saturn falling in my 7th house. Now I’ve just started seeing someone new (10 years younger than I am) and once again we have Saturn trine Saturn. In my last relationship my ex-bf’s Saturn also fell conjunct my Venus. I felt that I couldn’t always express my love nature as spontaneously as I would have liked – I felt limited (my Venus at 00 Aries, his Saturn at 26 Pisces).

      • Christine

        My bf and I have Saturn square Saturn, so it’s largely a “generational” thing (mine in Capricorn, his in Libra), but I can still sense some subtle differences in values. I can’t speak for him, but it seems to be the case that I am more okay doing boring work, like chores. My Saturn IS in the 4th house and it squares his Saturn by house, too (his is in the 7th). I also have Venus in Pisces in the 6th that sextiles my Saturn, so making my daily life beautiful by maintaining my house is important to me. It also doesn’t feel like a chore. I kind of find ironing clothes fun. Moreover, it seems to be the case that I feel a sense of camaraderie or partnership when we do boring stuff, chores—work—together. He doesn’t always feel that way. 

        • It is a generational thing. Like Mathetria mentioned above, I think that important things is that there *is* an aspect – if there wasn’t a connection, would you feel connected enough to him to want to make it last?

          I am more okay doing boring work, like chores
          Ex-bf had Venus in Virgo and new LI (love interest) has Venus in Virgo in the 6th house (!!!) These guys love to show you they care by doing little helpful things and they don’t mind doing boring stuff. When LI came to my house one of the things he said he liked is that my house is clean. His ex was very messy and it drove him crazy – he would go to her house and end up doing all her dishes (which is exactly what my ex-bf would have done).

          • Christine

            if there wasn’t a connection, would you feel connected enough to him to want to make it last?
            I don’t know, it’s really hard to say. My Saturn is also conjunct his SN and conjunct our composite Venus. 

            What’s interesting to me about the Venus in 6th house is that I’m not necessarily good with maintaining a clean house. I usually have one day where I do a big overhaul and that feels good to me. 

            What do you want to know? 
            Well, besides EVERYTHING… 😛 Maybe a few details about his chart, synastry aspects, how you met. 🙂 

            • Well, we’ll have to see whether there’s anything to comment on in the next few days. I’m not sure where everything stands right now. The synastry is fantastic but the composite shows a 12th house Sun and a t-square involving Venus opp Neptune both square Saturn conjunct Jupiter.

      • Christine

        Also, give us the scoop on your new man soon, Michelle… if your 8th house Sun will allow it! 😉 🙂 

        • I kind of do want to talk about him 😀 I like him 🙂

          What do you want to know?

      • 10 years younger…go head on girl and get your groove back! 😉 Thanks for reminding me that my Saturn trines DH’s Venus and possibly his Moon as well. 

        • lmao! It was accidental – I swear. I knew he was younger, but I was hoping for 27 or 28!

          • Scorpio Diva

            Michelle, just thought I’d top you by telling you of a man 32 years my junior 😉 Long distance and met through FB. His Saturn, Mars AND Pluto all on my 5th house south node/Neptune square my Venus in the 7th. My Venus is on his south node. Can’t tell me that isn’t past life.

            We only met in person twice. There was no stopping us. We keep in touch, but he sends one-liners, to which I reply in kind, but then he goes into long periods of silence, which of course I find …cold.

  • mirrorghost

    wow, ain’t this the truth. my boyfriend and i have my venus conj his saturn, saturn trine saturn, his saturn square my mars,  and his venus trine my  saturn (kind of widely) between us. i think we can feel like a burden or “work” to each other, but we did get back together after being apart for three years with no contact.  my saturn falls right on his DC too, and his saturn trines my verte. i have to figure out what it all means, and it is definitely a mixed bag, but there is something to us that’s a very strong connection. even though his saturn contacts my venus than vice versa, i usually feel like more of the “saturn” person with my saturn in leo in the 7th and cap moon/rising. maybe his conjunct my venus balances it out though.

    • Michelle

      Saturn conjunct Venus can make the Venus person feel like they can’t please the Saturn person. It can limit the natural, organic pleasure impulse of the Venus person.

  • ggoma

    I have a Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in the 7th conjunct the DESC in Scorpio.
    I’m the Pluto, he’s the Saturn. We are not in a relationship, but this is the tightest aspect in our synastry. It’s only 1 second off from exact. I definitely feel the limits. I definitely want to “help” him to transform.
    Do you have anything else you could comment on with regards to this aspect? I’ve never seen it before, because most guys I’ve been with have been my own age, he’s a little older. Since they are both very strong planets, I find that a conjunction is probably not an easy aspect. I have not found it such, it can be very hard to deal with – but definitely worthwhile.

    • Michelle

      I think the main thing is remaining objective about whether the relationship is really worthwhile (no matter how much your learning or teaching about transformation) or whether you are just torturing each other. 

      • ggoma

        Hm… that’s interesting. He can be dreadfully cold, many of the girls he’s tried to date with have found him too boring and too serious but there are moments when he does eventually open up and there are little breakthroughs here and there – not romantically, but definitely personally.
        We have a lot of good aspects Sun trine Sun, Moon trine Moon,  My Sun sextile his Moon lots of sextiles and trines here. But that heavy edge never really lets up.
        With his North Node on my Sun and Merc I do feel as though I have some purpose here especially involving expression. Again, during those times when he is more open, I can tell very easily when is starting to open up or at least express that he appreciates what I’m doing/saying etc. We are both writers so we definitely have a purpose in coming together and sharing ideas and such. I am probably just simply more involved that he is because I began to have feelings for him. But I’m not expressing them at all. I’m holding it in for both our sakes which is probably the torture you are describing! He is so closed off, even if he did have feelings for me (Which I honestly can never imagine happening due to his Virgo-ness and my Gemini-ness haha) I doubt I could even be able to tell.
        This is probably best left to leave it where it is. 🙂 I will definitely ponder this. I feel like my Pluto probably unnerves him to a certain extent, and his Saturn makes me aware of my limits – as you say, rather painfully. Throwing in his Chiron in the middle of my Sun-Merc-Venus-Jupiter stellium, I’m sure that this is not a friendship that could be lighthearted. 🙂 Definitely, I agree, I should take a step back and reconsider how much it is worth it – I should wait until hopefully, I can regroup my feelings and have a day where I can be more rational about it so I don’t get swayed by my current emotional attachments.

        • Michelle

          That heavy edge probably won’t let up. Saturn/Pluto is an intense pressure aspect.

      • Crystal

        EXACTLY – too many SATURN contacts can be TORTURE & very, very FRUSTRATING…we also need to know when to walk away. That doesn’t mean that you dont care (about other) it is simply part of the MATURING process. Saturn – Chronos/Father Time- is ALSO about where we gain WISDOM. Old Souls are related to PROMINENT natal Saturn.

        • Knowing when to walk away is so important – totally agree, Crystal.

  • Violetta

    I love all your posts…..its a treasure mind!!  i am so glad i found this site.
    A quick question..: If my boyfriend s Saturn conjucts my Asc is it  strong too? Because apart from our mars-moon conjuct that is the only “point” we meet :))
    thanks a lot

  • Violetta

    I love all your posts…..its a treasure mind!!  i am so glad i found this site.
    A quick question..: If my boyfriend s Saturn conjucts my Asc is it  strong too? Because apart from our mars-moon conjuct that is the only “point” we meet :))
    thanks a lot

    • Michelle

      Any planet contact to an angle is strong. He’ll probably encourage you to present yourself more maturely.

  • AriesGirl

    Hi, I love your blog 🙂
    I absolutely agree that Saturn aspects are needed for long-term relationships, but in my experience Saturn doenst always shows longetivity… sometimes “just” shows that its a highly karmic relationship and that some lessons MUST be learned.
    2 years ago a i had long-distance relationhip whihc lasted only 3 months, despite the fact that we had LOTS of tight Saturn-personal planet aspects, like Mars-Saturn DW, Saturn opposite Moon, Saturn conjunct South Node and some others. I even met him when transit SAturn was on my Asc, and it ended when tr. Saturn was right on my Moon-South Node, opposing my chartruler and square Chiron. Needless to say, the break up almost destroyed me (we had tight Pluto-Venus DW also), and it took me a year to get over him. And although i still think a lot about him, im not sure if I will ever have the courage to cantact him again, cause i fell for him sooo deep and our attraction was crazy. He changed my life forever though, but we’re not meant to be together this life.

    • Michelle

      Saturn doenst always shows longetivity… sometimes “just” shows that its a highly karmic relationship and that some lessons MUST be learned. 

      Yes, Saturn does show lessons. Synastry with too much Saturn can be a real downer and all about the learning part and not so much about the longevity part. 

      I don’t like the word karma. Often it seems that when people use it they are indicating that they had no choice in a matter.They give up responsibility for their decisions and relinquish personal power and influence in their own life.

      Thank you for reading AriesGirl 🙂

      • AriesGirl

        Thank you for your comment!
        I believe that there are some events/relationships in our lives that you simply can not avoid, because we are here on Earth to learn and evolve. Usually these are the situations when we say: “this makes no sense”.  You can always go against the “flow”, but if something has to happen, eventually it will, you have no chance to avoid it. You might choose the circumstances through which you learn your lesson (for example, if one has to go through major plutonian type of transformation he can consciously make that change himself, but if he doesnt, he might experience this lesson in a way when he had no control over the situation, like the death of someone) This is about taking responsability too! But of course, if you decide to go with the flow, it’s also your decision.

  • mirrorghost

    thanks for this, very enlightening…my boyfriend and i have many saturn contacts…venus conj. saturn, venus trine saturn, saturn sextile jupiter, saturn square mars and saturn trine neptune. looks like i’m the one doing most of the learning though! 😉

    the way you described it is very true. in fact we broke up and got back together…sometimes there are burdensome feelings, but there is also a strength and a bond there.

  • Shawnnwankwo

    What do you think about saturn conjunct venus?? I’ve heard good and bad things about this combo

    • I think that’s accurate. On the one hand the Saturn person gives the Venus person stability and helps them develop a more mature approach to love and relationships, on the other hand the Venus person might feel stifled and unable to express themselves freely.

      Thank you for stopping by Shawnnwankwo 🙂

    • Venus might feel they are not praised/acknowledged often enough (for being beautiful/sweet/accommodating/nice). Saturn does notice the beauty/talents/pleasantness of Venus, but may feel some sort of an inner block about expressing outward praise for/admiration of those qualities. Perhaps, because they feel that they themselves are not allowed to express those qualities (or were discouraged from doing so once upon a time).

      Key to understand here is that Saturn really wants to be more like Venus, but goes about it in a very serious way (they are afraid to mess up and do it wrong). Venus must learn some patience from this whole situation, but it’s not a hopeless case. Venus can provide healing for Saturn (if they are ready) by taking baby steps and introducing Saturn to “fun stuff” gradually. Patience is paramount.

      Saturn can help Venus make its visions of beauty come to life, it just needs to be careful to not be so serious/controlling that it squashes Venus’s playful creativity before it can blossom. Praise that Venus more often! It’s ok–you won’t “spoil” them.

      • Saturn really wants to be more like Venus, but goes about it in a very serious way (they are afraid to mess up and do it wrong)
        Fantastic description! I totally agree with everything else you wrote as well. Thank you Tolstaja.

  • I feel Saturn is definitely karmic. Examples:

    1. Sun-Saturn conjunction in Gemini. Sun belongs to a live-in aide, Saturn-Employer. Sun is treated more like a family member—gets tutored, supported, and guided (with employer having a great deal of control as to HOW this should happen). Aide benefits a lot from all the support, but also at times feels left out, ignored, and not being included in conversations/communication enough. Saturn learns how to be more youthful, easy-going, communicate more frequently/precisely, and to have patience/remain calm when someone is a bit scatter-brain, immature, or easily distracted.

    2. Venus-Saturn trine in earth signs; double whammy; romantic relationship. Relationship self-described as very comfortable, with feeling of having been together for decades—basically, a young couple feeling like an old retired couple. While very comfortable with daily routines and very secure, there is a feeling of being a bit too predictable as well—at times, partners wish for more excitement, doing things differently just for the sake of change.

    3. Venus-Saturn square, Virgo-Gemini, romantic relationship. Venus seriously bothered by lack of communication from Saturn. Saturn using communication (withdrawing, not responding, not providing adequate feedback) to maintain power/control in relationship. Saturn learns how to be more giving and provide that sort of interaction, which may not always come naturally; gets rewarded by having a more fulfilling loving relationship, when it communicates more and/or more openly.

    • I don’t quite understand how those examples relate to karma, but they are certainly great learning opportunities.

      • I view these as examples of karmic relationships/contacts, because they indicate people coming into our life for the purpose of teaching us to overcome some [perceived] limitation (Saturn keyword). I see karma as self-imposed constraints (seemingly forced onto us by other people or circumstances), used by soul to address some unresolved issue.

        Both individuals “signed the contract” before this lifetime to be in each other’s path to help each other grow. While Saturn is the more obvious teacher and is probably more aware of that role, the other planet (or planets) fulfills Saturn’s need for learning/growing as well. It could be that we arrange for a person from the past to come and teach us the lesson (possibly someone with whom we’ve played these roles before, in reverse) or we bring someone new, whatever is the most beneficial for mutual growth.

        • Nice explanation Tolstaja.

          I tend to think I signed a contract to come here in the first place. I made some kind of a deal, saying I would do x, x and x.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    Hey Michelle,
    What is your take in my interpretation on Saturn’s interactions with the following?

    Saturn / North Node – Learning to be responsible and own up to your actions in this life
    Saturn / Vertex – Destined to grow maturely and learn responsibility
    Saturn / Chiron – Overcoming your wounds and coming to terms with your inhibitions maturely
    Saturn / Ceres – Learning to self – nurture (?) or limit being nurtured
    Saturn / Pallas Athene – Learning to strategize, coordinate and plan wisely and practically.
    Saturn / Juno – Learning to be a mature, committed relationship.
    Saturn / Vesta – Enforcing celibacy / Learning to work responsibly and carefully

    • I haven’t done enough research about most of these or viewed enough synastry charts that have them to know how they really play out, but these seem like good ideas.

  • Very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about your Saturn connections.

    • It just dawned on me that my Pallas/Saturn/Mercury/Chiron/True Lilith conjunction is semi-sextile his NN.

  • Thank you for responding and the post. I've been reading for a few weeks but I'm just now commenting.

    Your post alerted me to the fact I had totally missed the Midheaven connection. I'm also realizing his Sun/Uranus conjunction is in aspect to the Ascendant/Midheaven angles as well.

    Your response blows me away in that he's been saying for 14 years,”I'm here to help you”. We've been together that long but only married for 5.5 years. Your statement of Saturn “With the square it seems like Saturn blocks the relationship…” sums up why. ” I often feel as though we are blocking each other from pursuing our paths, however it has been a real learning experience too.

    “…With your husband's Saturn conjunct your ascendant, I imagine that he feels responsible for helping you navigate your way through life. He wants to help you learn how to do what you need to do. He may also learn about getting through life by watching how you do it.” Yes, I feel it's definitely both of these statements, though I thought that might be because of my Sun being in a wide 11 degree conjunction to his NN. lol

    No, I thank you! I'm grateful for the astrology information that you and others share.

  • I think it depends.

    I recently had a working relationship with someone, and our Saturns both squared each other's MC- we seemed to block each other from pursuing our paths.

    My boyfriend and I have our Saturns trine, and they fall in each 7th house- not conjunct the descendant- but it's still a strong connection. With Saturn conjunct the ascendant or descendant, or even the MC or IC, there's a strong emphasis on relationship. With the square it seems like Saturn blocks the relationship, while the easy aspects glue the relationship together. With your husband's Saturn conjunct your ascendant, I imagine that he feels responsible for helping you navigate your way through life. He wants to help you learn how to do what you need to do. He may also learn about getting through life by watching how you do it.

    Thank you for reading 😀

  • I don't know his birth time but hubby's Saturn @ 2 degrees is 6-7 degrees from my Ascendant falling on the 12th house side. This makes it square to my Midheaven.

    The only other Saturn connections are to the few asteroids I've read about. His Saturn sextile my Vesta, trine Fortuna and opposite Black Moon Lilith. From his side, (remember no accurate birth time) possibly my Saturn trine his Venus and square his Isis.

    What's your take on Saturn synastry to the angles?

  • I think there is a karmic quality to Saturn as far as the life lessons that we need to learn go.

  • Those Saturn conjunctions can really weld a relationship together. Congratulations on your engagement! 😀

  • I think it's a good idea to see how things play out. His Jupiter trining 3 of your planets, and your Ascendant, is a nice connection.

  • firetiger

    right now the guy who i'm talking to.. he and i have a lot of heavy saturn going on… our saturn's r exactly conj each other and this has been a huge learning lesson for me… so his saturn is also exactly sextile my mars and i feel like that 'growing up' aspect of my own chart gets highlighted by his presence… he actually makes me WANT TO grow up… so it's also opposite my moon in gemini so sometimes i do feel kind of like that's not very 'fun' but in reality i think the karmic color of saturn brings up the issues of necessity and a little bit like this is 'supposed to happen'

  • Guest

    funny. His saturn sits on my sun. My saturn sits on his moon. There are difficult days but the wedding is very soon and we've been together for quite some time now.

  • JChristine

    We've only been dating for under a month, the same gent who throws almost all his planets into my 8th house. We have quite a few nice aspects as well… Venus-Mars Sextile, His Jupiter trine my sun, venus, uranus & asc, My Jupiter sextile his Neptune…double whammy Venus-Neptune aspects. Mars-Pluto & Venus Pluto aspect s too. I'm just going with the flow, seeing what the universe wants to serve up this time 🙂

  • There's too much Saturn if you feel like there's too much Saturn. If the relationship loses it's lightness there could be too much Saturn. But, if you have connections like Moon/Jupiter or Jupiter/Venus or Jupiter/Sun, those would help.

    The squares can be trying. How long have you been seeing each other?

  • Good luck 😛

  • JChristine

    There seems to be some fear of Saturn making relationships cold or laden with responsibilities. Is there ever such a thing as too much Saturn? What if you have other nice aspects to even things out. The current guy I'm seeing has quite a few Saturn aspects with me in synastry & composite, I think we will definitely make each other grow in ways we didn't realize were possible.

    His Sun sq My Saturn
    His Venus sq My Saturn
    His Saturn opp My Moon
    His Saturn sq My Venus
    His Saturn sq my Uranus

    • lara

      How do you feel His Saturn opp Your Moon plays out in your relationship? I keep reading it is a hard aspect, that there is a Parent/child dynamic in a way. I have that aspect, and he is much older than me, and it is frustrating at times but our bond is not easily breakable.

  • gracehoper

    With my Capricorn 7th and Taurus 11th houses, I think I'd do better with the ones born in the mid 50s than the ones born in the early 80s (who'd be 10 years younger than me.) Which is the conclusion I've come to recently, independently of astrology!

  • It's so interesting that you have that contact because I've noticed Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions and oppositions in a number of couples' charts. My boyfriend and I have this conjunction as well- his Jupiter on my Saturn, and our Jupiters are square.

  • Very good! So they'd have to be born around the early '80s or right around now. Or, I guess they could be older, say, born in the mid '50s.

  • So true. My husband & I have been together 21 years, and whilst we don't have a lot of shared contacts, his Saturn & Jupiter in Capricorn is exactly opposite my Jupiter. I tell him it rains on my parade, but in reality, it does bring me to earth- & usually in a positive way.

  • gracehoper

    The perfect spot I think would be 19 Libra! Not only would it be exalted, but it would be conjunct my Uranus and trine my Saturn, exactly to the degree. It'd be in the 4th house so they'd keep order on the homefront and make sure everything runs and the bills are paid. I'd merely be an ornamental boytoy. 🙂

  • Their Saturn has to go somewhere- where do you think it would fit best?

  • Wackadoo, huh?

    I didn't read that print-out yet.

    The houses that Saturn rules, the houses where it is placed- all of those details factor in.

  • I think, generally, Saturn-North Node contacts would give you feelings of responsibility for helping your husband grow beyond his current boundaries. You might feel duty-bound to your husband's journey in this life. Problems could occur if you feel like his path is a burden, or if he feels like you actually restrict him from pursuing his path (and vice versa). It could also be that you each think there is a certain way that the other should go about their path, so you don't let the process unfold organically.

  • gracehoper

    The ancients considered the North Node to be a benefic with benefics and a malefic with malefics (like Saturn) so depending on which house(s) Saturn rules in each of your charts, and in which house the Saturn-node conjunction is placed, the aspect could show possible marital stress (again, really depends on house placement, other aspects, dignity, etc, not just that conjunction.) Modern astrologers see the nodes differently, however, having picked up some reincarnation wackadoo from the Theosophists in the 1880s. 🙂

  • gracehoper

    The ruler of my 7th house of partnerships is Saturn in the 12th of self-undoing… I simply can't abide *other* peoples' Saturns. Now if someone wants to have some synastry with *my* Saturn, that might be ok, but none y'all gonna control me! Pluto on my IC trine Venus on Algol would have a FIT. 🙂

  • DW

    My Saturn is conjunct my husband's North Node and his Saturn is conjunct my North Node. They also make other aspects but I thought that was interesting. What are your thoughts on Saturn-Nodal contact or contact the angles?

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