Saturn Contacts in Synastry

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glazed strawberry heart treatsIf you want a relationship to last, you need to have Saturn contacts.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work, reality, dedication and time. A relationship can’t survive if the people in it don’t feel a sense of responsibility for one another. Any meaningful relationship requires work and effort, and a mutual sense of obligation binds people together.

Relationships that last have to pass a reality test. Summer romances don’t need Saturn contacts, flings don’t need Saturn contacts, but if you want lasting love, you want Saturn contacts. Saturn contacts form enduring bonds.

The negative side to Saturn contacts is that they can feel like a burden. They can be like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders.

If you are the Saturn person in the aspect connection then you may limit or restrict the other person in some way, or that person will feel like you do. The other person in the relationship may feel inhibited around you.

At worst, Saturn contacts are just depressing. When responsibility and duty overtake pleasure and fun a relationship loses its appeal.

Ready or not, Saturn makes you grow up. Saturn ages whatever it touches. The planets that Saturn contacts get a lesson in maturity.

If you don’t want to grow up, you might reject Saturn’s energy. You may resist responsibility and maturity and feel that people are holding you back. You may resist forming lasting connections with people.


The Sun person learns to be a more mature version of who he is. He comes into his own.


The Moon person gains emotional maturity and no longer gives in to child-like emotional displays.


The Mercury person learns to communicate like an adult.


The Venus person learns what it’s like to be in a mature relationship.


The Mars person learns to act like an adult.


The Jupiter person learns about realistic optimism and expectations.


These two Saturns learn about shared responsibility and equal dedication.


The Uranus person learns to temper the urge for freedom with the need to establish ties.


The Neptune person learns the limits of illusion, fantasy and idealism.


The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a relationship.

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  • Michelle

    Those Saturn conjunctions can really weld a relationship together. Congratulations on your engagement! 😀

  • Michelle

    I think it's a good idea to see how things play out. His Jupiter trining 3 of your planets, and your Ascendant, is a nice connection.

  • firetiger

    right now the guy who i'm talking to.. he and i have a lot of heavy saturn going on… our saturn's r exactly conj each other and this has been a huge learning lesson for me… so his saturn is also exactly sextile my mars and i feel like that 'growing up' aspect of my own chart gets highlighted by his presence… he actually makes me WANT TO grow up… so it's also opposite my moon in gemini so sometimes i do feel kind of like that's not very 'fun' but in reality i think the karmic color of saturn brings up the issues of necessity and a little bit like this is 'supposed to happen'

  • Guest

    funny. His saturn sits on my sun. My saturn sits on his moon. There are difficult days but the wedding is very soon and we've been together for quite some time now.

  • JChristine

    We've only been dating for under a month, the same gent who throws almost all his planets into my 8th house. We have quite a few nice aspects as well… Venus-Mars Sextile, His Jupiter trine my sun, venus, uranus & asc, My Jupiter sextile his Neptune…double whammy Venus-Neptune aspects. Mars-Pluto & Venus Pluto aspect s too. I'm just going with the flow, seeing what the universe wants to serve up this time :)

  • Michelle

    There's too much Saturn if you feel like there's too much Saturn. If the relationship loses it's lightness there could be too much Saturn. But, if you have connections like Moon/Jupiter or Jupiter/Venus or Jupiter/Sun, those would help.

    The squares can be trying. How long have you been seeing each other?

  • Michelle

    Good luck 😛

  • JChristine

    There seems to be some fear of Saturn making relationships cold or laden with responsibilities. Is there ever such a thing as too much Saturn? What if you have other nice aspects to even things out. The current guy I'm seeing has quite a few Saturn aspects with me in synastry & composite, I think we will definitely make each other grow in ways we didn't realize were possible.

    His Sun sq My Saturn
    His Venus sq My Saturn
    His Saturn opp My Moon
    His Saturn sq My Venus
    His Saturn sq my Uranus

    • lara

      How do you feel His Saturn opp Your Moon plays out in your relationship? I keep reading it is a hard aspect, that there is a Parent/child dynamic in a way. I have that aspect, and he is much older than me, and it is frustrating at times but our bond is not easily breakable.

  • gracehoper

    With my Capricorn 7th and Taurus 11th houses, I think I'd do better with the ones born in the mid 50s than the ones born in the early 80s (who'd be 10 years younger than me.) Which is the conclusion I've come to recently, independently of astrology!

  • Michelle

    It's so interesting that you have that contact because I've noticed Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions and oppositions in a number of couples' charts. My boyfriend and I have this conjunction as well- his Jupiter on my Saturn, and our Jupiters are square.

  • Michelle

    Very good! So they'd have to be born around the early '80s or right around now. Or, I guess they could be older, say, born in the mid '50s.

  • Jotracey

    So true. My husband & I have been together 21 years, and whilst we don't have a lot of shared contacts, his Saturn & Jupiter in Capricorn is exactly opposite my Jupiter. I tell him it rains on my parade, but in reality, it does bring me to earth- & usually in a positive way.

  • gracehoper

    The perfect spot I think would be 19 Libra! Not only would it be exalted, but it would be conjunct my Uranus and trine my Saturn, exactly to the degree. It'd be in the 4th house so they'd keep order on the homefront and make sure everything runs and the bills are paid. I'd merely be an ornamental boytoy. :)

  • Michelle

    Their Saturn has to go somewhere- where do you think it would fit best?

  • Michelle

    Wackadoo, huh?

    I didn't read that print-out yet.

    The houses that Saturn rules, the houses where it is placed- all of those details factor in.

  • Michelle

    I think, generally, Saturn-North Node contacts would give you feelings of responsibility for helping your husband grow beyond his current boundaries. You might feel duty-bound to your husband's journey in this life. Problems could occur if you feel like his path is a burden, or if he feels like you actually restrict him from pursuing his path (and vice versa). It could also be that you each think there is a certain way that the other should go about their path, so you don't let the process unfold organically.

  • gracehoper

    The ancients considered the North Node to be a benefic with benefics and a malefic with malefics (like Saturn) so depending on which house(s) Saturn rules in each of your charts, and in which house the Saturn-node conjunction is placed, the aspect could show possible marital stress (again, really depends on house placement, other aspects, dignity, etc, not just that conjunction.) Modern astrologers see the nodes differently, however, having picked up some reincarnation wackadoo from the Theosophists in the 1880s. :)

  • gracehoper

    The ruler of my 7th house of partnerships is Saturn in the 12th of self-undoing… I simply can't abide *other* peoples' Saturns. Now if someone wants to have some synastry with *my* Saturn, that might be ok, but none y'all gonna control me! Pluto on my IC trine Venus on Algol would have a FIT. :)

  • DW

    My Saturn is conjunct my husband's North Node and his Saturn is conjunct my North Node. They also make other aspects but I thought that was interesting. What are your thoughts on Saturn-Nodal contact or contact the angles?

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