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Venus Synastry: 2nd House Overlay in Astrology

What happens when your Venus falls in someone’s 2nd house? What happens when their Venus falls in your seond house? Find out! This article explore 2nd house Venus synastry in astrology.

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What is Synastry?

Synastry is an astrological technique used to compare the natal charts of two or more people to determine their compatibility based on planetary interactions between the charts.

Venus Synastry Overview

Venus energy is loving, artistic, gentle, inspired, creative, beautiful, attractive, flirtatious, jealous, manipulative, charming, and refined.
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Marriage
  • Values
  • Desires
  • Money
  • Assets
  • Arts
  • Beauty

2nd House Synastry Overview

The second house is about taking care of the basics. Can you pay your rent? Feed yourself? Follow a budget? Issues surrounding personal finances, earning power, valuing your skillset, and being self-sufficient, are themes of the second house.
  • Your priorities
  • What you have to give others
  • Talents & Skills
  • Sources of income
  • Earning power
  • Self-worth
  • How you spend your money
  • What you need to survive
  • Self-sufficiency

2nd House Venus Synastry Example Chart

Hillary Clinton's Venus falls in Bill Clinton's second house
Hillary Clinton's Venus falls in Bill Clinton's second house

Someone's Venus falls in your 2nd house


hen someone’s Venus falls in your 2nd house, there’s an emphasis on the material side of life. Do you appreciate the same art? Are you foodies who splurge on expensive ingredients together? Do you like shopping at the same places? The Venus person awakens a heightened sense of appreciation for those things you can touch, feel, and taste with your senses.



The positive is that the Venus person stirs your heart to be moved by material possessions. You grow an appreciation of beautiful things you can touch, see, and taste. Your sensual appreciation is heightened. The Venus person might inspire you to achieve more materially. A love of the good life sweetens the relationship. Shared food and wine provide lovely moments together. Talking about budgeting and finances brings you together. “How can we buy the things we want and provide the things we need?” “Let’s use our skills to build a materially comfortable life together.” Sharing hot chocolate by the fire while itemizing the grocery list could be just the thing that keeps the spark alive. And, when you achieve financial success together (did someone say, “Food Truck?!”) your feelings of gratitude spill into sharing what you have with others. The greatest joy might come through achieving financial independence together as a couple – paying the bills on time and having more than enough left every month to enjoy what life has to offer.


The negative is that, if the Venus person doesn’t have your best interests at heart, you could get your bank account drained. Make sure this person isn’t a Gold Digger.

Your Venus falls in someone's 2nd house


hen your Venus falls in someone’s 2nd house, you wonder if they will be able to provide the things you want to have. Does this person like the same things you do? Do they appreciate the same aesthetics that make your heart flutter? Is the second house person motivated to live the good side of life, or are they lazy and self-indulgent?



The positive is that you can help the 2nd house person feel more fulfilled in the simple pleasures of life. You have the ability to help someone build their bank account up and invest in things that are actually valuable. You can also provide a positive boost to the second house person’s self-esteem by reminding them that what they have to contribute is valuable, that their skills are worth something. You can turn someone who is lazy into a lucrative earner.


The negative is that you may feel the 2nd house person doesn’t appreciate all that you do for him. You may feel that your efforts get taken for granted. You may feel that the 2nd house person doesn’t like what you like. You might start to feel that they don’t appreciate the things that make your life feel like it’s worth living. If there are negative aspects, the person might constantly tell you no, you can’t have what you want, and sometimes, you can’t even have what you need. This can lead to feelings of low self-worth.

2nd House Venus Synastry Relationships

2nd House Venus Romantic Relationships

If you have Venus in the 2nd house synastry with a lover, romantic interest, or partner, watch your pocketbook, flirting can get expensive! Yes, they’re cute, but how much do you need to pay for love? When do the fancy dinners end? Your lover’s need for the basics could be lavish. They don’t want to eat, they want fine dining. They don’t want clothes, they want Gucci. The Venus person craves the financial comfort you can provide. You become somewhat of a provider in this relationship, whether it’s a love relationship or not. The Venus person’s sense of the basics is lavish.

2nd House Venus Family Relationships

If you have Venus 2nd house synastry with family, sharing is caring. You could find yourself in a position time and again when you need to help provide the basics for family members. You might help your aunt with her bills, give your sister a place a stay sometimes, help your mom manage her online banking account, etc… Perhaps you passed your clothes onto your younger siblings, nieces, or nephews. Maybe you gave your childhood collectibles to your son or daughter. The theme is sharing what you have with your family. If you have negative aspects to Venus or the 2nd house, maybe there’s fighting over money within the family, and perhaps there’s a pattern of being miserly or hoarding. If this relationship is with your child, be careful not to spoil them.

2nd House Venus Friend Relationships

If you have Venus in the 2nd house synastry with a friend, your mutual interests turn to the things you have that you both like. Shopping buddies. Foodie friends. A shared love of talking about banking and cryptocurrencies. A mutual appreciation of a similar aesthetic in collectibles.

2nd House Venus Work Relationships

If you have Venus in the 2nd house synastry with a coworker or boss, the focus is on making money. How can we both easily fill our pockets with cash? This could be an accounting relationship or a banking relationship. This could be a business supplier relationship. The question is, “Can you get me what I need for my business?” Meeting demand becomes a thing. Do we have enough of XX to do what we need to do?


  • Androphonos, "man-slayer"
  • Afrodita
  • Aphrodite in Greek, (Venus is her Roman counterpart)
  • Aphrodite Urania (Eldest of the Three Fates)
  • Epitymbria, "of the tombs"
  • Goddess of Death-in-Life
  • Goddess of Love
  • Melaenis, "black one"
  • Scotia, "dark one"
Photo of text
The Greek Myths: 1, by Robert Graves "Aphrodite's Nature and Deeds"
  • The Fates assigned only one divine duty to make love
  • When Venus tried weaving, Athene, Goddess of Wisdom got so upset that Venus was infringing on her territory, that Venus apologized and never did a day's work after that
  • Through a complicated chain of events, Venus and Persephone, Queen of the Underworld were in a fight over the affections of the handsome mortal man, Adonis
  • She (at least once) renewed her virginity in the sea
  • When Venus and Persephone fought over Adonis, it was Calliope, Muse of Eloquence, who handed down the judgment that the two Goddesses had equal claim to him. It was arranged that Adonis would spend 1/3 year with Venus, 1/3 with Persephone, and 1/3 by himself
  • Mars (Ares), God of War was so envious of Venus's relationship with Adonis that he transformed into a boar and gored Adonis to death in front of her
  • Hephaestus, her husband, laid a trap and caught Venus and Mars with a net, while they were in bed together
  • Hephaestus tried to get all of the other Gods involved in his marriage problems, which Zeus (Jupiter), King of the Gods, thought was repugnant
  • Magic Girdle: the magic girdle made everyone fall in love with whoever was wearing it
  • Venus would not lend the Magic Girdle to any of the other goddesses
  • Arts Appreciation
  • Beauty & Good Looks
  • Charm & Romance
  • Love & Flirting
  • Relationship Commitment
  • Style & Aesthetic
  • Values & Self-Worth
  • Wealth & Assets
  • Your Taste in...Whatever (Al Gusto)
  • Art reviewer
  • Artist
  • Beautiful person
  • Diplomat
  • Eye candy
  • Fashion designer
  • Fashionista
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior designer
  • Negotiator
  • Peacemaker
  • Seducer
  • Style icon
  • Stylist

What happens when your Venus falls in someone’s 2nd house? What happens when their Venus falls in your seond house? Find out! This article explore 2nd house Venus synastry in astrology . . .

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  • Blows to your self-esteem (with Chiron, The Wounded Healer)
  • Discovering you have a rival for the affections of someone you're interested in (with Persephone)
  • Temptation (with Mars)
  • Upsets to your relationship (with Uranus)
  • Upgrades to your beauty routine (with Jupiter)
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2nd house

  • Values & Priorities
  • Assets & What You Have to Give
  • Talents & Skills People Are Willing to Pay For
  • Bank Balance & Sources of Income
  • Earning Power & Spending Habits
  • Self-Esteem & Getting Paid What You're Worth
  • Self-Sustainability & Feeding Yourself
  • Survival Skills
  • Grounding & The Extent to Which You Inhabit Your Body
  • Bankers
  • Banktellers
  • Rich people
  • Bodybuilders
  • Physical trainers
  • Collectors
  • Bank
  • Wall Street
  • Buying financial software
  • Shopping
  • Trading / swapping

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