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Composites in Astrology: 1+1=1

A brief explanation of composite charts in relationship astrology

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composite chart consists of two natal charts that have been combined to make one new chart.

The midpoints between each pair of planets in the natal charts creates one composite planet.

If my Sun is 20 Aries and my friend’s Sun is 20 Gemini our composite Sun would be about 20 Taurus – midway between the two Suns.

This composite Sun would show the core of our relationship, what it was based on.

The composite chart plots the midpoints between all the planets and angles to create a new chart to show what happens when two people get together.

Make your own composite charts

  • Go to horoscopes-extended chart selection.
  • Enter your data and the data of the person you want to make a chart with.
  • Under “Methods” select “Composite Chart, Midpoint method (2).”
  • Press “click here to show the chart.”

ooking through my composite charts with exes and I made an obvious connection for the first time: three of my exes were Aquarians, and all three of our composite Suns were in Pisces.

No matter which day an Aquarian is born on, our Suns will always combine to equal a Pisces Sun. I always end up in Piscean-flavored relationships when I date Aquarians.

Pisces is the sign on my Descendant and all three of these composite Suns fell in my 7th house. None of these relationships lasted.

Playing around more I discovered that when I combine my Sun with another person’s Sun, using the composite mid-point method, the composite Sun can only be in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces, but never in Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sag.

The Sun sign possibilities in the composite chart will always be limited by the degree of the natal Sun.

I knew the limitations of the other planets, but I never put it together concerning the Sun.

Because of this inherent limitation, does it make sense to bother with signs in a composite chart?

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