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Nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman: Moon/Venus/Saturn grand trine in Fire

Faithfulness. Your capacity to create enduring relationships. Serious relationships. Lack of relationships. Beauty routines. Beauty regimens. Disciplined in the art of seduction. Aging gracefully. Aging well. Good timing. Holding back from love. Limiting love. Having received limited love. Lacking confidence in love. Having few love relationships. Having received few compliments. Not finding beauty in oneself. Finding beauty in hard circumstances. The reality of beauty. Lacking confidence in your creative abilities. Taking creativity seriously. Creative discipline. Pursuing art for the long haul. Understanding the long term impact of the arts.

Taking beauty seriously. Having beauty standards. Having artistic standards. Master of the arts. Art teacher. Music teacher. Beautician. Cosmetician. Fear of relationships. Fear of creativity. Fear of flirting. Lacking the confidence to flirt. Lack of money. Tight finances. Good with money. Slow financial growth. Gaining money over time. Lacking charisma. Inhibited sensual expression. Steady sensual expression. Inhibited beauty. Your capacity to have a long lasting marriage. Taking a long term view of relationships.

Classic beauty. Classic elegance. Classic taste. Mature taste. Mature fashion sense. Timeless fashion sense. Turning your good looks into a business – models. Vintage clothing. Old Hollywood. Appreciating timeless clothing, hair and makeup. Beauty legends. Lasting appeal. Reserved in social settings. Reserved in relationships. Having tact and good timing. Timeless arts and crafts. Long term diplomacy decisions. Mature negotiations. A serious way of relating. Serious relationships. Serious artistic pursuits. Taking fashion seriously. Taking beauty seriously. Putting work into appearance. Taking love seriously. Putting work into relationships. Your capacity for conventional relationships. Classic art and music. Art and music that stand the test of time. Rigid in relationships. Inability to give in to pleasure. Finding pleasure in structured activities. Finding pleasure in doing things that require discipline. Liking to be disciplined. Getting turned on by the idea of being disciplined.

Mature partnerships. Feeling attracted to older people. Testing relationships. Testing potential partners. Having a realistic outlook on relationships. Feeling that relationships are a burden. Feeling that relationships are a lot of work. Having a depressed outlook on relationships. Feeling depressed about the way you look. Feeling depressed about your powers of attraction. Building up confidence in appearance through hard work. Feeling depressed about your creative abilities. Feeling that you are not attractive, good-looking, flirtatious, creative, or sociable enough. Having social graces. Lacking confidence in your social abilities. Feeling that you never have enough money. Putting up barriers to relationships. Putting a time frame on relationships. Attracting serious people. Attracting older people. Old money.

Attracting businesspeople. Attracting Capricorn types. Feeling attracted to serious people. Feeling attracted to no-nonsense business types. Feeling attracted to responsible individuals. Feeling attracted to people who find beauty in hard circumstances. Getting better with age. Becoming more attractive with age. Gaining ease and grace with age. Becoming more sociable with age. Feeling better about the way you look as you get older. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin as you get older. Becoming more tactful as you get older. Handling responsibility beautifully. Bittersweet relationships.

People with Venus/Saturn aspects

  • Gisele Bundchen (supermodel): Venus square Saturn
  • Patricia Bundchen (Gisele's twin sister and manager): Venus square Saturn
  • Rachel Bilson: Venus conjunct Saturn
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Venus opposite Saturn
  • Sofia Coppola: Venus semisextile Saturn
  • Niels Bohr: Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn
  • Simon Cowell: Venus trine Saturn

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  • FS

    I have a strong saturn theme in my horoscope:

    – Saturn in the 4th ( therefore square ascendant, descendant and opposite MC)
    – Saturn loosely conjunct Moon ( 11 degree apart) in capricorn
    – Saturn opposite Venus
    – Venus in the 10th house
    – Ruler of the 7th house in the 10th …

    Life sometimes feel so unfair and so much saturn is hard because with a libra ascendant and a cancer venus relationships/ and emotional bonding is a core need.. but reality is that romantic love is very hard to find… I faced plenty of rejections. Short lived connections. Although I am attractive inside and outside at least I get complimented a lot on that. I wonder whether anything can be done about Saturn or does one just have to wait until the planet s influence lessens?

    I always admire people who find love easily and are in coupledom and wonder whether it will ever happen to me too. Anyway hanging on as much as I can.

    • Hi FS, Those are challenging placements. I’m going to be creating a Venus/Saturn flower essence soon … you might want to give it a try.

    • Ingrida

      Hi FS,
      I want to to answer you, caus´ I really understand you! So that you can get what I mean:
      Sun/Moon/ASZ libra,
      Venus in Leo in 11. House opposite Saturn in the 5 th house, both square Jupiter in 8 taurus
      IC Capricorn
      How old are you?!
      I´m now 51 years old, and I had and have to learn a lot of love, and relationsship. Love and relationship was never easy, never like a Butterfly, As I was young I thought I don´t look good enough, ( but seen objektive: I was a attractive Girl) and I was to “serious” to be flirty,
      I really looked for a everlasting deep true love. At the age of 28 I met one man, and I learned a lot about love ,Addiction to love,
      hate, friendship, passion, love ….everything with one Person. At the time he´s my best friend, caus´ the lovething was to painful for me, I never was the one and only for him, but he was for me…. but he was my teacher, what love can be …and I think I was his.
      So that´s enough about me.
      I read one sentence about Venus Saturn Opposite that touches me: BE CAREFUL YOU PUT SOMEBODY ON, WHO DOESN´T REALLY LIKE YOU. Learn to love yourself first, before you go in a relationship, caus´it´s difficult to get out again. You suffer longer than it´s neccasary.
      I´m not a native english Speaker, so please be sorry for my, maybe, incorrekt, words.
      But what you wrote touches me. Really. I wish you the best and a big love and longlasting really happy relationship!
      But the most important thing: love yourself !!!

      • Thank you for reading, Ingrida.

  • Judit Kiss

    I have Saturn in the 7th . Venus in the 12th . SATURN is not aspecting it , but I know that Saturn in the 7th can be said for Venus Saturn aspect . For me love can be painfull . I have a moon conjuct Pluto with my hubby in synastry . And I have no selfworth at all . 🙁 Could the lack of self worth be part of it anyway ? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Judit,

      For self-worth I’d also look to aspects to the Sun, and the condition of the second house.

      Saturn really means commitment, committing despite struggle. It’s hard to say what the exact issues are without seeing your chart … I don’t want to speculate on just a few placements.

  • Ana

    My ascendant is libra, venus is in the 12 house opposite saturn, north node is in the 12 house, kiron conjunct the ascendant. I know is a lot, but can you tell me what some of these stuff means?

    • Ana

      And neptune square ascendant in the 4 house, kiron is in the first house and also squares midheaven

    • Hi Ana,

      Search for “ruler of the 1st house in the 12th house”, and “North node in Libra” on AstroFix. I have articles covering both of those placements.

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  • ‫عبدالله المالكي‬‎

    i have saturn oppo my venus
    i almost have limitation in my love life like ” heart block ”
    most of my close female friends are old but not romantically

    • I wonder when you are older if you will have younger lovers.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Yes inability to give into pleasure. .can relate. Since venus rules values cant we say this aspect shows being strict about following ones values perhaps . I am very strict and rigid on following those

    • Here’s the thing, if you say that you are strict and rigid then you are reinforcing those characteristics in yourself, which may mean that you like those personality traits. If you wanted to change your rigidity, you might begin to observe when you are being too rigid for you own liking and say something to yourself like, “I give myself the freedom to bend and flow.”

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Could we say perhaps that with venus quindecile saturn one finds ways of overcoming the more negative effects of the venus saturn aspect. I also have moon quindecile venus. Plus saturn and moon form a semi sextile

    • Any of the aspects offer a way of overcoming the “negative” effects. Perhaps each aspect shows a different path for doing so?

  • Alexandra Lydia

    I have venus quindecile saturn. .i can relate to lack of confidence in creative abilities, serious about beauty art and creativity, old holywood and vintage, serious relationships, however i can say i have gotten over some things such as seeing rekationships commitment and love as a burden

    • That’s good. The ability to change your perception is a powerful tool.

  • guillaume Prat

    I have Venus/Saturn in Leo 8th house and North Node in Libra 9th house. As I said in a previous post, I feel depressed in relationships. For me relationships are a burden, it’s annoying, it’s a trap, I get bored in relationships. But at the same time I love very deeply and genuinely. It’s a contradiction. I am not interested with what most people find normal, like buying material things and sharing bills with a partner, and rot together in the same town until death. It’s depressing and boring. My Sun is in the 9th house and my Ascendant Sag and I love freedom. So, like being in love but then I want to go away because I feel like I am not at the right place. I am not a jerk, I don’t go find someone elsewhere and I never cheated of my life. It’s just that I love the experience of life itself. I love learning and adventure more than being stock in a relationship.

    • You need to find someone who wants the same things you do out of a relationship.

  • Rob

    It kinda sucks that I never had a girlfriend since I have no Venus aspect in my natal except the ascendant. I feel ugly

    • How old are you, Rob?

      • Rob

        19 you?

        • foreigner.

          I’m sure you’re not ugly. There’s about 7 billion people on earth & you’re expected to live to about 80, so I know you’ll find someone before that age, to connect with 🙂

        • 39

          You have a long way to go in life. Start increasing your odds of finding someone to love by loving yourself more thoroughly first. The way you feel about yourself greatly impacts how others perceive you.

    • guillaume Prat

      I did not feel comfortable with my appearance when I was younger because I was very skinny. My face was cute but I lacked self confidence because of my showing bones. I gained weight later and now I feel great. Be patient and take the time to build confidence. Learn to love yourself. Confidence is what attract ladies.

  • Lindleyi

    “Limiting love. Having received limited love. Lacking confidence in love.”

    “Lacking confidence in your social abilities.”

    “Taking beauty seriously. Having beauty standards. Having artistic standards.”

    My feeling about “love” is so limited that I can call myself somehow “loveless”. Of course I still have emotions but they’re very much in control, so that for me it’s likely a waste of time to love just for the sake of love. I would “love” if it’s potential long-term relationship, however I’m too independent (Moon Aries) that I don’t really need a romance relationship at all. Maybe it’s because my Venus position is complicated. My Venus is in Gemini in 6th house, conjunct Chiron Gemini (orb 2deg), opposite Saturn Capricorn (orb 2deg). Venus square Nodes axis (wider orb, 7deg). Chiron also square Nodes axis (orb 5deg). When I read about Chiron and Nodes, I realize my Venus is working more like Neptune. I can understand very well abstract ideas, the
    “art” and the “beauty” at the logical system level of emotions and
    motivations (combination of Gemini and Capricorn, I think). I have faith in higher spiritual beings and I’m
    also a Buddha follower. The only thing is that I can’t “feel” like human in the term of

    • Lindleyi

      Perhaps my Venus/Saturn opposition is an out-of-sign aspect so Venus/Chiron conjunction is more significant.

      • Out of sign aspect still count.

  • Venusian Neptunian

    Hi honey.

    Oh my gosh. Few love relationship? Lol yes. Received few compliments? Yess! Somehow despite my existence my name was always absent from class’ beauty rank. ABSENT but yet my friends call me pretty makes me wonder. Everyone calls me pretty. But I don’t want to fuss around with those beauty ranks anyway.

    Like you said I age well. When I got into a reunion with friends they were like shocked on how much I had grown. They even stared at me lol. I also have a limited love and a very hard love life. I guess I was destined to be a hard-worker after all, but I don’t mind. I have Venus in 1st, Neptune and Uranus too.

    Venus in Aquarius makes trine to Saturn in Taurus. I have high cheekbone level and good skin. 🙂

  • wendy

    I can relate to this. Venus is the ruler of my chart with Taurus rising and Venus in Leo sextile my Saturn in Libra. It is my favorite aspect in my chart. I love arts and music and it gives me the discipline. I know I am not very good and I don’t have confidence but I do it as an outlet. I need to have something tangible and real. But I am aloof and lonely and can be depressive. Everytime my Venus in Leo wants to shine and get going or pursue a relationship, I feel saturn slams me shut. So very lonely. It pierces my heart each and every time. I feel unfair (libra). I just want to be happy. To love and be loved completely as I also have Venus sextile pluto. Saturn conjunct pluto too. But as time goes by I would learn why saturn didn’t give it. There is always so much better. You cannot settle for less or you’ll suffer. Suffer now or later. Thank you for your comforting post. It’s so great.

  • Noel

    I have the opposition. I’m a model. The one thing I love about this aspect is I’ve aged pretty well over the years. I’m 30, but I get asked if I’m in my early 20s. I tend to date men ALOT older than me and have a tendency to attract unavailable/emotionally unavailable/severe/strict/controlling/cold(saturn types) men. . . I find that women with Venus/saturn aspects will often have ‘daddy issues’ and self worth issues. And will most likely end up marrying for security rather than love. Or maybe that’s just me;)

  • Veronica

    I have Venus square Saturn in my birth chart. As I was reading this I found the majority of the text matched very well with how I am. I do have few, long lasting relationships in my social life and my love life is rather non-existent. I used to be very unhappy about my appearance, particularly during the middle school years of puberty (thanks hormones). However, now I’m older I’m more relaxed in regards to looking nice (I like loose clothes to move around in at home), unless it’s for professional reasoning like career and competitions.

    • Thank you for reading, Veronica. I’m glad you’ve embraced your particular Venusian flavor as you’ve matured.

  • Isabelle

    Have been reading your blog for a while – the whole afternoon and night actually- and Wow! it’s awesomeee! It’s making me think about myself and things I should improve. Concerning to this article all I can say is that it describes me perfectly! Everything matches! I have Venus Quintile Saturn. Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Pisces.
    Loveee your blog!

  • mariemarie

    does this work for venus in capricorn too?

    • There would definitely be some overlap in interpretation.

      • Linda

        I have Venus conjunct Saturn conjunct IC in Aqu. Max orb 5deg.
        I resonated with your description. I am 50 yrs old so feel I can comment on the aging side of the description. I do get a lot of comments on my appearance seeming younger than I am. I also have Venus sextile Asc. I do take a lot of effort with my overall appearance and always have done. I was criticised a lot about my appearance when I was young. Interestingly I do not find ego gratification in the compliments but gracefully accept them to make the giver feel good.
        Relationships seem to “stick” to me and incur massive duty, compromise & responsibility. I am way too loyal but in the end it is I who breaks it off & the other party seems really shocked. Must be the Aqu. connection to it all. I constantly crave freedom yet get very depressed through loneliness.
        I find my creativity in design. I have made financial gains from renovating a few homes. It takes me a lot of hard work, patience and very careful handling & sourcing of resources etc to not ruin my security. No matter how broke I have been in my life my homes get praised for their artistic flair. I also love mixing antiques and other styles (Aqu. again) that seems to just work out for me.

        I would love to find an older, established, mature partner for company in my older years so I don’t have to be the one for once…let my Venus in Aqu., Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 5th & my happy Sag Moon (part of a Grand trine along with Sun/Jupiter and Mars in Leo) all get to be the main players instead and my partner take on the Saturn role ha ha.

  • Liv

    This is absolutely amazing. For the first time I am reading here, what I feel and finding answers to questions I have been asked myself for years… I have Saturn conjucts Venus.
    Thank you for this post so much.

    • Thank you for reading, Liv 🙂

  • Ezou

    You want to know what beauty is? Look into your own self, dive deep into your own essence, and realize the blood running through your veins, and see the finite life you have at your disposal.
    At night, look into the moon, and in awe stand to wonder at the hands of the world that people have walked into the graves, and the many people who have looked at the same moon at night–kings, soldiers, baggers, and all types of people–and in this beauty look at your days, and with passions and intensity find beauty and grace in all that you do–and romance and passions are that sort of an hobbie, to find in your words that world that the soul, imagination and the human intellect can create with beauty, with warmth and with passions; and tic tac, with each second, you feel and think your world is shrinking away at the hands of the same time, and the same sand of time that has moved the world that you see at the surface of the moon, when you gaze at it at those clear nights.

  • *sobbing*

  • Sometimes the commenting system will flag a comment as spam because there are some odd “trigger” words. 

  • Thank you for reading, Zoraida. I’m so happy the post resonated with you. Close “minor” aspects often seem to have strong effects.

  • Zoraida

     @ Michelle,  as Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius(my Venus)  and venus is exalted in Pisces( my Saturn)  would my semi-sextile have a mutual  “very good neighbour “effect on the other?
    Would that make sense?

    @ Wendydoo- you sound like you are a  lovely soul! i think it’s just a case of believing in yourself. Sometimes, people don’t always compliment others, but please believe you are pretty and beautiful and very artistic and refined. 🙂 

    • I love the idea of the “very good neighbor” for the semi-sextile aspect.

  • Zoraida

    I tried to post, earlier, but perhaps, it was just before my subscription got through. Thank upu. Michelle for this blog. It’s excellent and so well written, not to mention the eye catching design . I’ve only just properly realised I have a venus-saturn aspect( semi-sextile, venus in Aquarius in the seventh house , semi-sextile Saturn in Pisces in the 8th House). Because the astrologer who did my chart said the semi-sextile was not significant, so never used it, i ignored it, even though it had crossed my mind, it had some relevance.  I have saturn squares to moon and mercury (5th house, in Sagittarius) and always assumed it had everything to do with that. And I have venus sextile moon and mercury which is  a great help)    But yesterday, I had this strong urge to look up saturn/venus and I found your blog and a few others. Then it hit, the information here and there was so relevant, I question why some astrologers don’t consider minor aspects.   

    I could relate to:

    enjoying vintage and classic styles. design and beauty

    admiring and being attracted to disciplined people ( albeit secretly!)

    liking to be disciplined

    getting turned on by the idea of being disciplined

    lacking confidence in social graces

    viewing relationships as long term ( disliking casual relationships. I just cannot have one-night stands. I wish i were more carefree, but it somehow doesn’t feel right with me)

    taking arts/the arts seriously ( I have a day job, but am a semi-professional dancer/dancer teacher, and try to do as much Classical dance training in different styles. I like to write and try to study to develop my skills and knowledge, as much as possible)

    not feeling attractive, graceful, sexy, sociable, flirtatious as everyone else YET feeling much more positive about oneself and achievements, at an older age (I’m now 46, and there is now way I would turn back the clock to be younger!)-  

    Michelle, you’ve really hit the nail on the head. You’ve also shown the positive and negative sides to this aspect, to help readers be aware of how to evolve and develop and do something if they don’t like what they hear or see.   And I think minor aspects, judging by what others are saying on this blog,   have a great affect on some charts, because this is something that can’t be explained entirely with my other Saturn contacts: so it’s like a missing piece to a jigsaw. Thanks again, really enjoyed this. 🙂 

  • Zoraida

    I’ve had to subcribe, as well 🙂 . 

  • Zoraida

    Michelle, this is an excellent blog. It spoke to me!   It also has a  very attractive, eye-catching, which pulls you into the text. Very easy to assimilate .   Love it!      I’ve only just recently looked more carefully in the venus-Saturn aspect in my chart: venus in Aquarius semi-sextile Saturn in Pisces in the eighth house. I’m a Sun Sagittarius.

     Although it’s been sitting there for years(…!)  quietly,  I  ignored it, or played it down, because an astrologer told me the semi-sextile was so minor, she never used it in interpertations. But, looking at your blog and other blogs on this ( something made me search for venus and saturn yesterday, on the internet!) I realised so much was spot on. i couldn’t believe that all this was due to that semi sextile, as opposed to my saturn squares to moon and mercury ( i have venus sextiles to moon and mercury, so that really helps!).  But the whole thing about lacking confidence in love, seeing the reality of relationshipshaving to work really hard at everything, when it seems 9 falsely)  everyone has an easier time..having a serious way of relating, taking a long-term view on relationships (I just can’t do one-night stands, nor be casual- although I wish I were more carefree….) enjoying vintage style and clothesappreciating Old Hollywood/Old  World cinema  (that is so spot on)having serious artistic hobbies/pursuits ( I have a day job, but I’m a semi-professional dancer/dancer teacher, who loves to write/blog. I’m also undergoing a lot of Classical dance training in various dance forms,  I also take my volunteer work very seriously)being attracted to responsible types or admiring responsible types ( secretly!)getting turned on by the idea of being disciplined, lacking confidence in your sociable abilties and gracenot feeling attractive, flirtatious, sexy,  creative, good-looking, graceful  etc enough, YET feeling better with age (I’m 46 now, and I feel i would never want to turn the clock back and I look forward to getting older, because I can look after myself, my health, hair and body better)….. I could go on….

    ALL shouted at me, as if to say, “This is you!”  I just can’t believe I didn’t pursue the interpreation of the semi sextile more earlier, and maybe get more of a grip on self-understanding.

      There are some good websites with semi-sextile definitions, even though it seems hardly anyone writes about it, nor seems to use it in interpretations.    Linda Goodman’s forum has topics on it, and Dr. Loretta Standley has a great section on how on all the aspects, minor and major, work, with some practical advice.  It seems that perhaps the minor aspects, calculated have a similar if not significant impact on the chart. So, whether you have a quincunx, quintile, semi-sextile, semi square etc, it is just as relevant as the conjunction, trines , squares and sextiles.  

    Thanks again, Michelle, for the insight. It’s going to help with greater self awareness and practical inner work! 🙂 

  • Wendydoo

    True. This is a great description of Venus/Saturn aspect for me. I’m insecure forever. Not being appreciated by how I look and for my artistic abilities (Venus in Leo in the 5th house sextile Saturn in Libra in the 6th house). Chart ruler is Venus (Taurus) opposing Saturn. I’ve always been insecure and people never call me pretty or anything like that. It hurts so bad because I do try hard to be appreciated (Leo & LIbra….Attention & Wanting to be liked!) but I always fall short. I get lonely and I feel beaten because people that don’t meet my standards of beauty and artistic abilities gets more appreciation than I do. Okay, Leo is proud and Libra is discriminating. I can’t help it. When I withdraw and close myself from the world, the closest people would ask me what’s wrong because I have it but then I don’t use it. It’s because I don’t see the support out there. Saturn humbles me a lot. With my saturn return now, I’m being more systematic and patient. Fire Leo is put out or at least, controlled by the more graceful Libra. Tone down tone down. 

    • Thank you for reading Wendydoo … I’m a little confused whether Venus is sextile Saturn or opposing Saturn …

  • Theann Cranage

    venus square saturn…i can relate to everything written here!

    • Thank you for reading, Theann.

  • Thomas Baker63

    I have Venus in Pisces square Saturn in Sag. If I had kids I can see this coming out, discipling them to follow their education through school. which is what im currently trying to get back into, but not without considering my options

  • Cbsiemens

    I have saturn conjunct venus in the eighth house, it has always been a sore spot for me, but I am trying to embrace it more and see its benefits. These two planets seem so contradictory, saturn restricts, venus expands. Which is it going to be? How to reap more of venus?

    Basically, everything in the article related to me: I am considered beautiful by some, but I don’t believe it and feel ugly a lot and hate pictures of myself. I am an art teacher, an artist and designer. Love to read about skin care. Am always worried about money, and had early years of poverty that have slowly improved, one parent who is extremely tight with money, the other parent (mother) the opposite. I have lots of problems with sexual expression, it is working great, or not at all. I am aging well, and really like the process of aging.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, CBsiemens. Have you also been financially responsible for a parent or partner at some point?

      • Cbsiemens

        No, not to date, but I can see that being a possibility in the future, my husband is unemployed. Saturn and Venus are both in Aquarius, which I tend to to view as a desire to be free from responsibilities to others, does that make sense?

        • I wonder about that. Wanting to be free from responsibilities seems like Uranus or Jupiter would be involved. Saturn is at home in Aquarius.

  • Joseph Pecoraro

    I really relate to this entry; the polarities and comingtogethers of Venus and Saturn.  I have sun square moon with Sun in Capricorn, conjunct Saturn (and conjunct Neptune and Uranus), square Moon in Libra (which square Neptune and Uranus), which trines my Venus.  I also have Venus conjunct Saturn.  To add to all of this, I have Scorpio Rising, adding more extremeness between differences.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Joseph. Is there anything in particular that you relate to in this post?

  • I see my solar transit in 2012, I just have 1 simple aspect: Venus conjunct transit Saturn ~square~ Moon conjunct transit Venus. What the??

    It’s confusing isn’t? In one thing, I could feel the vivacious abstract of inner beauty (in Cancer), in just couple of minutes, I flip to mature, more concrete sense of beauty as appearance (Libra). House 3 and 6 ^^’

    They are contradicting each other! My biggest fear is to be torn by 2 different feelings, I hope the square actually helping me to enjoy both conflicting sense of beauty.

    I love beauty? Dont you? ^^

    • I do love beauty. I’ve been having a beauty awakening lately (transiting Uranus conjunct Venus). I’ve been buying clothes, doing my nails more, got a haircut, working out more diligently. Been wanting to look sexy.

      • I always applaud a girl who undergo make over!! Kudos for you and I wish I was there next to you..when you undergoing beauty regime lolol.

        I love when Uranus-Venus making good aspect! Recently I had transit venus conjunct natal Uranus, it’s the ultimate sexy time! I was fearless, trying things I never done before and the result was positive, from public opinion. Venus-Uranus transit, if it’s good, it’ll bring out the unique quality of you while the result more likely to be positive/ never goes wrong.

        I can imagine Venus square Uranus could make someone appear unappealing-weirdo kind :s

        • Yes, I feel daring, but I also feel an overwhelming need to be modern. I have no interest in being vintage or retro – I want to be current or in the future. I think this is a trend that will continue for me because Uranus is working its way to a conjunction with my Sun and it’s going to spend the next 6 years in my 8th house.

  • mirrorghost

    well if this doesn’t describe both my boyfriend and i to a T, then i don’t know what does! he has saturn conj venus in aries and i have venus in aries trine saturn in leo, and the saturns/venuses are trine/conjunct between us (some more tightly than others.) and saturn is in my 7th house, so that probably makes some of these doubly true.

    he’s 9 years older than me, and we broke up and got back together and this is the longest relationship both of us have been in…hmm it all seems to make sense.

    • How long have you been together?

  • I have exact square in venus 6’th house and saturn in 10’th… 0 degree. between sag venus and pisces saturn… 
    I have also sun sextile saturn and moon trine saturn in my chart. Much of the description is quite true for my chart… And I’m old enogh to have the otucomes of the saturn… I was beautiful when I’m young but I don’t appreciate my beauty, something is lacking in my confidence in me that ‘ım lovable.. As getting older saturn showed its effects in my body… I began doing yoga and my body got shaped well in years… I felt sometimes alone even I have such a large social circle since I have sun and mercury in 7’th house in sag and moon in cancer in first house conjuncts my rising planet and true node in gemini… I just want to ask another question I have also mutual reception in between venus in sag and jupiter in Taurus… I really wonder if this mutual reception helped the reduce the venus saturn effect? 

  • I have exact square in venus 6’th house and saturn in 10’th… 0 degree. between sag venus and pisces saturn… 
    I have also sun sextile saturn and moon trine saturn in my chart. Much of the description is quite true for my chart… And I’m old enogh to have the otucomes of the saturn… I was beautiful when I’m young but I don’t appreciate my beauty, something is lacking in my confidence in me that ‘ım lovable.. As getting older saturn showed its effects in my body… I began doing yoga and my body got shaped well in years… I felt sometimes alone even I have such a large social circle since I have sun and mercury in 7’th house in sag and moon in cancer in first house conjuncts my rising planet and true node in gemini… I just want to ask another question I have also mutual reception in between venus in sag and jupiter in Taurus… I really wonder if this mutual reception helped the reduce the venus saturn effect? 

    • Some possibilities for that mutual reception might be that it gives you a certain comfort level and grace when it comes to all things cultural or international. Venus/Jupiter could ease the Venus/Saturn square – you wouldn’t be as obviously “unloved” as someone with a connection like that.

  • wonder&wander

    This is the first time I have been genuinely surprised by the accuracy of this particular aspect. The details you have listed for this aspect literally gave me goosebumps. Thank you for your wonderful blog, this post in particular has highlighted some areas that I need to refine and pursue further as well as reminding me of some tendencies that I need to control and try to keep at bay. I am a Venus opposition Saturn (Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius).

    • Your Venus/Saturn opposition is going to be in for activity in the coming year with the eclipse cycle emphasizing Gemini and Sagittarius.

      Thank you for reading, wonder&wander. 

      • LB

        My Saturn (and Gemini/Saturn angles) have also been experiencing some activity related to the eclipse cycle.  It’s been especially noticeable with this latest eclipse. 

        • What happened?

          • LB

            The changes have mostly been internal but with external manifestations – the eclipses have taken place in my 3rd/9th and 4th/10th.  This last eclipse fell within orb of my Sun/Moon midpoint.

            Without getting too specific (I could give you a long list), I guess I’d say my Sagittarius placements (including my 4th house Sag Saturn and Antares IC) feel less restrained, more fiery and direct – also less willing to quietly go along with things I don’t believe in, including any long-held negative beliefs about myself.  And out in the world, I’ve started to openly acknowledge some of the more empty or hypocritical aspects of the spiritual/philosophical/political practices and organizations I’ve become associated with and am in the process of trying to redirect my energies and alignments towards creating something less superficial and more worthwhile.  Ive also been rethinking some of my relationships and career goals, as well as the support I lend through my practical efforts. 

            Some will agree and others won’t, and that’s okay.  When I volunteered this past week, I’m pretty sure I shocked some of my co-workers, although most of them also seemed to get the point I was trying to make and even seemed relieved/amused at what I said out loud.

            On the plus side, I feel like a weight I’ve been carrying around for years has been lifted; something I thought was real was really only a matter of perception.   The series of eclipses have helped to clarify things for me.

            • “On the plus side, I feel like a weight I’ve been carrying around for years has been lifted; something I thought was real was really only a matter of perception.   The series of eclipses have helped to clarify things for me.I like that. This feeling has been inching up on me, but it hasn’t been a total release yet.

              • LB

                Me neither.  But something has changed, although I’m sure there’s still more to come.  I’m glad you’ve felt it too.  I wonder if you’ve noticed a different quality or theme in your nighttime dreaming?  I have.

                • What have you noticed? 

                  I had several romantic dreams, which was really nice. I’ve been restless though and going to sleep very late and then sleeping like a log. I’ve been feeling like the whole Fall was just a build up to something that’s going to happen in the next month or so. There’s anticipation. The eclipse and then Uranus going direct is the first part of it. 

                  • LB

                    Nice on the romantic dreams, Michelle. 🙂  Don’t you have one of the rulers of your natal 7th in your natal 4th?

                    I agree about the build-up.  It feels like part of a longer process, what with Mercury retrograde being tied in with the eclipses and Uranus going direct.  The Eclipses (and Mercury) have not only affected my 4th house Saturn (and IC/MC angles), but also my 3rd house Psyche and Nyx which are opposite my 9th house Mars and square my 12th house Pluto. 

                    I’ve always had several recurring dream themes – which play out like nightmares – but lately some of them have been ending much more favorably than they usually do – like something is being let go of or worked through.  Since the 3rd is the 12th from the 4th (and the natal rulers of my 3rd are placed in my natal 12th/9th), it figures my dreams would carry
                    certain subconscious messages, helping to bring resolution to old issues.   I asked about your dreams, because I wondered if you’d experienced anything similar to this since your 4th is also involved.

                    Aside from the usual dreams involving my deceased mother, lately I’ve had lots of dreams involving other deceased relatives too; last night my maternal grandmother brought me some kind of celebratory cake and as I looked through the house’s cupboards for just the *right* plate to eat it from, I saw so many beautiful items I couldn’t help but wonder what would become of them once she was gone; funny, because she already *is* gone!  And in this same house, my paternal grandfather (a professional artist/musician who is also deceased) handed me a wrapped present, which he asked me to open.  Only I couldn’t quite figure out how (hahaha).  It was like a puzzle. 

                    And I’ve always dreamed of “haunted” houses, usually in the form of my childhood home, the relatively small apartment I grew up in.  But during the past 6 months or so, I’ve started dreaming of strange uncared for houses (always very large) that are unfamiliar to me, with many rooms; once it was even a large, sprawling estate with surrounding grounds that seem to go on and on, with so many dangerous yet wild and beautiful places to explore.  Last night I was remodeling a house that had fallen into ruin, repairing the foundation, windows (which had blown out from the inside!), walls and roof – which was partially open and exposed to the nighttime sky.  The renovations aren’t finished yet, but I’m getting closer.  None of this symbolism is lost on me, btw. 🙂

                    Sorry about the long comment – I just woke up (I’ve also been sleeping *very” late) so as I was responding to your question, my dream was still fresh in my mind.  The astrology of dreams is amazing.

                    • LB

                      Just realized I’m having my Nyx (#3908) Return.  Transiting Nyx is also within a few degrees of transiting Mercury and is trine transiting Uranus.  It all makes sense.

                    • What is Nyx’s orbit cycle?

                    • LB

                      I tried to google it, but got nothing!  I can tell you the last time transiting Nyx was conjunct my natal Nyx was back in 2009 – once in February, then again in September.  So I assume that means it goes retrograde fairly often and has a more erratic orbit.  Don’t know for sure though – that’s why I could never be a professional astrologer! Orbits are beyond my abilities.

                    • If this is what you mean, according to it is 2 years 247 days.

                    • LB

                      Thanks, MsFullroller! 🙂

                    • You rock!

                    • Aww, thanks Michelle!

                      Check out the rest of his asteroids page There are a good number of delineations here.

                    • Wow! Amazing find!

                    • I do have the ruler of my 7th house (Neptune) in the 4th house.

                      I have to admit, I get really excited about dreams involving remodeling or exploring houses. I’ve had so many dreams in which my entire neighborhood is being demolished and rebuilt from scratch; dreams in which I explore secret staircases, elevators that go to hidden rooms and rooms I never knew existed – so exciting! 

                      Right now the transiting north node (at about 14 Sagittarius) is getting ever closer to my natal Neptune at 13 Sagittarius 49′ in the 4th house. 

                    • LB

                      “I have to admit, I get really excited about dreams involving remodeling or exploring houses.”

                      I know, ha?  Me too!  Especially since my previous nightmares used to always take place in a much smaller apartment and for a long time were even confined to the “haunted” bedroom I had as an adolescent!  The extent of my dream adventures used to involve exploring the depths of my bedroom closet – hahaha!   Figures with Neptune in your natal 4th (as opposed to my Saturn) your “homes” would be more expansive than mine and even include whole neighborhoods! 🙂  Whereas your homes have undefined boundaries, mine are naturally more restrictive. 

                    • Figures with Neptune in your natal 4th (as opposed to my Saturn) your “homes” would be more expansive than mine and even include whole neighborhoods! 🙂  Whereas your homes have undefined boundaries, mine are naturally more restrictive.”

                      Interesting astrology correlation!

                      I do sometimes explore my closet though – and the dresser drawers. I have dreams of discovering beautiful clothes that I’ve forgotten I have.

                    • LB

                      “Right now the transiting north node (at about 14 Sagittarius) is getting ever closer to my natal Neptune at 13 Sagittarius 49′ in the 4th house.”

                      With Neptune as co-ruler of your natal 7th, maybe you’ll dream of, or somehow come into contact with, a future (or past) love.

                    • LB

                      “Right now the transiting north node (at about 14 Sagittarius) is getting ever closer to my natal Neptune at 13 Sagittarius 49′ in the 4th house.”

                      With Neptune as co-ruler of your natal 7th, maybe you’ll dream of, or somehow come into contact with, a future (or past) love.

                    • With Neptune as co-ruler of your natal 7th, maybe you’ll dream of, or somehow come into contact with, a future (or past) love.”

                      Keeping fingers crossed X!

  • LB

    I have the sextile, with Venus in Libra/2nd and Saturn in Sag/4th.  For quite a while now, the two have been exactly conjunct in Sag, in my progressed 3rd.  My progressed conjunction also happens to be exactly conjunct the Galactic Center, so maybe that adds something to its flavor. 🙂

    Lately, as my healing/intuitive gifts have been in greater demand, it’s occurred to me that much of the time my message (as well as my healing abilities)  center on the value of love through right action.  I think my progressed conjunction is compelling me to “teach” (and in Sag, maybe even “preach”) the idea that love is more than just a feeling.  Instead, it requires us to make a spiritual decision to act in practical, loving ways . . . often, in spite of our feelings.  It’s all very Saggy in the 3rd. 

    And naturally there have been lots of personal lessons for me as well – most of them related to exactly the same message I’ve been sharing with others.  Seeing as how the progression takes place in my progressed 3rd house, some of my most challenging lessons have come through neighbors, relatives and the power of words to harm or heal.  Hard as it is, I’m trying to love (if not like) the people who’ve hurt me – doesn’t mean I want to hang out with them, though. 🙂   Saturn can be a great teacher if we’re willing to listen.. 

    On a more superficial level, I’m slowly learning to accept the aging process and am optimistic I’ll eventually grow comfortable with the older, wiser (hahaha) version of myself.  I always did gravitate towards much older people, and now I know why.

    “Getting better with age.”  I hope so!

    • Michelle

      That’s pretty cool to have a progressed conjunction on the Galactic Center.

      • LB

        The Galactic Center is veeery interesting and at times, seems to have a lot of influence.  For instance,  I was kind of surprised to discover that during the week when T. Pluto was exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (back in December of 2006), the business I’d worked for for twenty years shut down. 

        Unbeknownst to me at the time, the closing of that door came to symbolize the ending of a certain way of being – since then, my life has taken a series of drastic turns I *never* could’ve imagined.  I’d thought I’d keep on with what I was doing, only somewhere else – wow, was I wrong!  The conjunction was exactly (within 4 minutes!) conjunct my progressed Saturn at the time.  Pretty wild..

        • LB

          Something else that’s ind of interesting is that back in 2006 when all of this was happening, my progressed Venus was exactly conjunct natal Saturn –  so it all seems to tie in with the progressed Venus/Saturn conjunction that’s happening right now.

          I also noticed my progressed NN was exactly conjunct my natal Venus (conjunct my natal NN) and progressed Ascendant at the time.  Right after that, it slipped into my progressed 12th.  Astrology amazes me when the pieces fit together and form a picture like that.   I only noticed it in retrospect since I wasn’t looking at anything astrological back then.

          • Michelle

            I know what you mean. I continuously go back to look at events in my life. What’s even more amazing to me is when a client will describe a certain event, and then I look back to the transits and progressions for that date, and it’s like they’re telling the story of those charts without knowing it. The match between the exact words they’re using and the influences shown by the charts is uncanny.

        • Michelle

          When I lost my job in 2008, Mercury was conjunct the Galactic Center (Mercury is my chart ruler). Losing that job made me rethink being tied to someone else (or a company) for my sole income. That was the beginning of my taking writing seriously again. 

          • LB

            Lucky for us. 🙂

            • Michelle

              Meh, 🙂

            • Wow, interesting indeed! Y’all peeked my curiosity with the mention of employment and the years 2006 & 2008 so I checked for the transits.

              The day I paid off my mortgage and deciding to terminate my employment at the end of the year in 2006, T. Pluto was conjunct the Galactic Center in my 4th house almost exactly sextile my 6th house Venus in Aquarius and square my 7th house Saturn/Mercury/Chiron conjunction in the 7th.

               Nov 2008  the plant my husband worked was notified they were going to be laid off until January. My gut told me this was going to be permanent, which it was. On this day, Venus was conjunct the Galactic center making the same aspects that T. Pluto did 2 years earlier, now with it at 29 degrees Sag. 

              • Interesting…did the layoff from the plant result in a new direction for you, something that you might not have done otherwise?

              • LB

                I was wondering the same thing as Michelle – did any of these changes result in some permanent shift in your life’s direction?  I’m thinking this is a sensitive point, but that not everyone responds to its influences (I’d think you would, MsFullroller.) 🙂  I have a feeling it compels us to accept certain changes as our circumstances change, but then it’s up to us in terms of which direction we head in after that – as in, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”  I think our reception can be fuzzy too – speaking for myself, I’m never quite sure if I’m headed in the right direction.  I try to take my false ego out of the equation, but since I’m only human, I fail sometimes (lots of times).

                BTW, I forgot to mention when the Galactic Center was exactly conjunct my progressed Saturn, it also formed an exact sextile with my natal 2nd house Sun and a trine to my 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna conjunction.  But I was born with those same aspects, so I have no former time period to compare them to. 

                • I’ve been reading “Yesterday’s Sky’ so in answering yall’s question I like to think of the transits over the Galactic Center as recalibrating my compass that got out of whack, thereby leading me in the wrong direction. I’ve spent waay too many years trying to be someone that I’m not, believing BS that I’ve been told and holding back who I am to make folks happy that don’t give a damn if I live or die. So yes it’s been a permanent shift of life direction. I’m doin’ me from now on baby!

                  • LB

                    I so get that part about pleasing folks who don’t give a hoot about you..  I get it and feel the same way – I could never go back to the way things were.  Good for you (and me)!

                    • For me, I feel that people-pleasing tendency is Pluto in Libra in my 2nd house oppositing my Aries Sun in the 8th: if I don’t compromise and please people I won’t get my most basic needs met.

                    • LB

                      I get that too.  That’s why I had to make certain compromises back when I was working so I could hold onto a job.  I was never a sycophant, but I did do my job well.  So in that respect, my employers were always pleased with me, even if they weren’t particularly grateful or respectful.  I’m sure they never saw it that way, but it was the way it was.  The job itself was often worth doing, but the motives behind the business never felt completely pure.

                      It’s also why I don’t have a job now – haha  (other than volunteering) and instead am trying to be my own boss.  At least now,  people appreciate what I do.  And even if they don’t, I *know* I’m doing something worthwhile by  feeding something other than people’s greed. 

                    • LB

                      I should add that I’m realistic enough to know that we all, myself included, have to make certain compromises in order to get along and live.  Who knows what I’ll have to deal with when BM Lilith hits my 8th house SN and then returns to her natal position opposite my Sun.

                    • I was reading something recently that stated that people with Pluto in the 2nd house have to be in control of their own money, for better or worse. 

                      Btw, I just had my Black Moon Lilith Return within the last month, and it just crossed my Sun too. BML in Aries, to me, is just completely uncompromising no matter how uncomfortable it makes people feel. What do you think?

                    • LB

                      I was wondering how your BM Lilith Return went – thought about that just yesterday.  Too bad Hallmark doesn’t make a card. 🙂

                      My answer to your question is long – hope that’s okay since I’ve been thinking a lot about BM Lilith lately.  As far as being uncompromising, I’d have to say that in general, my own 8th house/Aries BM Lilith can be very outspoken (sometimes willful) when it comes to identifying problems and then “correcting” them.  So my answer would be a big YES –  in that respect my BM Lilith can be very uncompromising, at least as far as the *truth* goes.  And it’s not only in relation to the pain it causes others, but also in my own willingness to bear painful consequences.  That means I’m brutally honest  and uncompromising in dealing with my own issues and flaws. The unhealthy aspects of my BM Lilith can sometimes make me think
                      there’s no answer and that I’m doomed to roam in the darkness, mating
                      with demons  and separated from my Divine connection.    

                      I think in Aries, BM Lilith values directness and placed in the 8th, she wants to put it all out there so it can be better understood and then healed – no festering secrets or hidden agendas.  BM Lilith works a lot like Pluto in my opinion, and Pluto isn’t at all compromising, although he does help to transform.  Plus in both our cases, the ruler of our BM Lilith, Mars, squares Pluto.     

                      Keep in mind though, Michelle, my SN is pretty close to BM LIlith/Sedna, so that colors my perspective.  Even if I don’t say it out loud, most of the time, right is right and
                      wrong is wrong to me – I’m not much of a relativist.  And I want to
                      clear the slate this lifetime.

                      This doesn’t really relate to your specific question, but I just re-read an older article written by Kingsley about BM Lilith and the mechanism she can provide:

                      I thought it was pretty interesting.  

                    • not only in relation to the pain it causes others, but also in my own willingness to bear painful consequences. I totally agree with this. Over the past month I knew that some of actions would cause repercussions, but I knew I had to do those things anyway.

                    • LB

                      I think BM Lilith in Aries/8th can be very emotionally brave.

                  • Philip Sedgwick is one of the leading researchers on the Galactic Center.
                    Here’s his website:

                    Click on “Galactic Anomalies” in the sidebar.

                    I saw him lecture at the 2010 NORWAC convention.

      • LB

        The Galactic Center is veeery interesting and at times, seems to have a lot of influence.  For instance,  I was kind of surprised to discover that during the week when T. Pluto was exactly conjunct the Galactic Center (back in December of 2006), the business I’d worked for for twenty years shut down. 

        Unbeknownst to me at the time, the closing of that door came to symbolize the ending of a certain way of being – since then, my life has taken a series of drastic turns I *never* could’ve imagined.  I’d thought I’d keep on with what I was doing, only somewhere else – wow, was I wrong!  The conjunction was exactly (within 4 minutes!) conjunct my progressed Saturn at the time.  Pretty wild..

  • Bob

    have been pondering this recently. saturn in capricorn 7 squares mercury and venus in libra 4, mercury within three degrees, venus within a five-degree orb.

    relatively few relationships but a “serious” approach to them. (and major lessons learned/learning.) an appreciation (ha, not sure that’s the right word…) of the “work” that goes into a growing relationship. but a reserved nature oftentimes in expression of deeper feelings. something about control there but not sinister; still, some restriction of a sort. a layer of frost atop the boiling water. at the same time (and likely experienced by other), a stifling sometimes of spontaneity.  and with mercury tied in so closely, a muting sometimes of what WANTS to be a primal scream. thinking love letters but not sending. 

    (yeah, that’s it, an truly dependable blue-grey wet blanket.)

    a like approach to art, my writing. discipline.  appreciation of and striving for beauty but something lasting, rich, substantive. patience for process. better to do it right than do it quickly. the palpable weight of hard-earned quality is valued. one widget of high standard beats two that are pretty good. “good” because it works – it speaks and moves while just being there – and will keep on working because it is timeless. classy/classic.

    and yes, certainly plenty of learning to love oneself. there is a “not good enough” dynamic, too. as well as a particular drive to “get better” at loving oneself, and realizing how Important that becomes toward loving another.

    lots here. thanks. loved “old hollywood” included in your list of symptoms.



  • ggoma

    Venus in the 2nd in Gemini 12 Quincunx Saturn in the 9th in Capricorn 13 Rx

    Wow. This definitely is a strong factor in my relationships. Almost as much as my Pluto/Venus Qx.
    I am SO attracted to serious, disciplined people. That is my “type”. Capricorn-Virgo-esque. But there is always that tension and I never seem to be able to get these people to like me back! haha. The energy is very different and incompatible, though the attraction basically never dies. Very sad and definitely bittersweet because usually the people I care about the most are the most unreachable or people who cannot understand me.

    I definitely have issues in relationships. I put up boundaries, I don’t necessary test my partners, but if they disappoint me and don’t live up to my rules I will leave them. Definitely scared as hell to be vulnerable around people when it comes to most love situations. I’m a very tough communicator.

  • MR

    This kind of pushed buttons. Great text.
    I have a Venus conjunct Saturn in 5th house
    and I can’t understand why someone would love me, my confidence is really bad and I take my appearance too seriously. I dislike doing creative things, I sometimes want to do things but something is stopping me. Maybe because I know that everything I do is bad. I’m very self-critical. I have a Virgo rising and a Pisces sun.
    I am indeed reserved in relationships and I take the whole thing too seriously. I take it so seriously that it’s kind of overwhelming and I back off, unless it’s a guy who is a bit cold and give me tons of freedom and space.
    I hate this aspect. Relationship-wise It doesn’t seem to blend very nicely with my close trines and sextiles between Uranus – sun, moon and ascendant.
    What bugs me way more is that I hate the fact that I’m uncomfortable and have no confidence in doing creative things. Back in school during the art classes I usually just sat there. When I was a bit older I did a few things, was very critical and worked on the same thing for a long time to avoid having to do a lot of drawings.
    I could do a few things in private as it feels better if no one sees it. But I’m not a creative person, even though I wish I were.

    • Michelle

      Are you involved in the arts in some capacity now?

    • David5379

      Wow, I have something very similar, same rising sign and sun but have a sextile instead of conjunction, I feel exactly the same way! I took a creative writing class and couldn’t write anything I was just scared to express and have people read it because it wasn’t good enough and have to do it in private, even then I want to write but feel self restricted and have a hard time just indulging or letting loose, I know how you feel and it’s crippling but I remember it being far worse and being way less socially confident before now, bit by bit I get nicer clothes more friends and more comfortable, but still have the fear to even flirt, I like to think I will get there though if only by raw patient effort, it’s garunteed improvement all you have to do is work hard and be patient
      I think the worst part is wanting to be great artistically like other people you see, but the knowledge you are not at that level yet keeps you from even trying at all

  • like to be unknown

    do these guys fail in love often or they just don’t have luck or are they real life villians (little hurt here)…. ! me born Nov 15,1980

    • Michelle

      It’s too hard to say based just on a Venus/Saturn aspect. If he has the conjunction, square or opposition he might be tempted to withhold affection.

  • Guest

    Venus semi-square Saturn: there’s quite a lot I can relate to here!

    • Michelle

      Anything in particular?

  • Zoa

    Is having Capricorn on the 7th house cusp and Venus in the 10th similar to having Venus-Saturn aspects? I have those two placements and I relate sooo much to the sentences described above, yet my Venus and Saturn make no actual aspect.
    lol “No-non sense, serious business types” are exactly my type.

    • Michelle

      There are some similarities, yes.

      • Zoa

        Interesting. Most descriptions I’ve read about 10th house Venus talk about a career related to arts and beauty, which definitively doesn’t apply to me (I’m an accountant, nothing farther from art or beauty).

        I do know 7th house cusp in Capricorn *is* similar to Venus-Saturn. Wanting a serious, committed relationship and the lack thereof is very true for me.

        • Michelle

          One of the things I want to explore this year is how vocation actually works in relation to the 10th house and MC – what people actually have in the those houses, versus what they actually become. Saying that, Venus also represents valuables and money, so having Venus in the 10th *could* represent a career working with money.

          • Zoa

            Fascinating. I will wait to see what you discover.

          • Veda.Mooon

            I have 10th house Libra and I work in the arts! 😀
            I have Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Pluto all conjunct in 10th house.

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  • ann2911

    hey! I’ve got a sextile between 10thouse venus in scorpio and 9th house saturn in virgo,
    but also a square between the venus and the 8th house jupiter.
    on the other hand, there is a trine between my 12house sun in sagittarius and the jupiter,
    and the sun/saturn square. way too confusing!
    jupiter and saturn seem to have a constant battle in my chart, and venus gets the wors of it!

    • How do you experience these aspects in your chart?

      Thank you for reading ann2911 😀

  • I am extremely glad I have Venus at Taurus in the 11th trining Saturn at Pisces in the 9th. My Venus is opposing Jupiter in the 5th and this could get me completely out of hand in some situations. Talk about extreme hedonism and impulsive spending…

    With Saturn trining both, I have the boundaries needed to keep life in its track. Obviously, the misfortune involved in any aspect with Saturn also plays its part, but I am glad anyways. In fact, this is an interesting thing to note, possibly related to my trine with Venus: I love Saturn and its influences, the way it teaches and creates discipline.

    • You experience negative Saturn influence with Venus trine Saturn?

      I think that it’s hard to be productive without Saturn in the mix,

      • Yes. Despite the fact that Saturn is in Pisces, which naturally creates depression easily, the trine with Venus causes what you describe as “not finding beauty in oneself”, “inhibited beauty” and “feeling depressed about the way you look”. I have some serious self-esteem issues (worsened by Neptune squaring the Sun), mostly related to my exterior and looks. But it is also true that as time passes I tend to feel more and more beautiful.

        When in a relationship (I have Sagittarius in the descendant and its ruler Jupiter also trining Saturn) I never feel “complete”. Most people I’ve been involved with had pretty much nothing in common with me, which turned out as a very, very quick loss of interest and desire. I tend to create really high standards (some of which even I don’t meet) for people in general. In the bed, I never give myself completely. I never had full pleasure with a partner. I’d say I’m pretty cold in sex, despite the enormous libido I have. Anything in my life involved with love or beauty always has something missing. I don’t love much, actually… So I’d say that’s exactly what I lack the most.

        • I wonder if it is something more than Venus trine Saturn. I also have that aspect but don’t quite experience it that way. What is your 2nd house like?

          • Hmm that’s something I haven’t thought of.

            My 2nd house has Cancer on the cusp ruled by my Aquarius Moon in the 9th, making that infamous perfect square to Pluto. No planets or asteroids therein.

            • That might have something more to do with it. I forget, does your Venus have hard aspects to it?

              • Only the opposition to Jupiter Rx at Scorpio in the 5th.

                And I made a mistake back there, it’s not Venus trine Saturn, its a sextile. I was stupid enough not to notice that it couldn’t possibly be a trine lol. Nevertheless, the effects are alike.

          • Hmm that’s something I haven’t thought of.

            My 2nd house has Cancer on the cusp ruled by my Aquarius Moon in the 9th, making that infamous perfect square to Pluto. No planets or asteroids therein.

  • I am extremely glad I have Venus at Taurus in the 11th trining Saturn at Pisces in the 9th. My Venus is opposing Jupiter in the 5th and this could get me completely out of hand in some situations. Talk about extreme hedonism and impulsive spending…

    With Saturn trining both, I have the boundaries needed to keep life in its track. Obviously, the misfortune involved in any aspect with Saturn also plays its part, but I am glad anyways. In fact, this is an interesting thing to note, possibly related to my trine with Venus: I love Saturn and its influences, the way it teaches and creates discipline.

  • I have Venus square Saturn with 0 degree, 0 Venus in Sagittarius and Saturn Pisces… I had a lot of trouble with this aspect all my life… My sun in Saggittarius, rising sign in Gemini, moon in Cancer in the first house… I have a lot of friends all the time as a Gemini- Sagittarius type. But love was always come with trouble. I think I had very deep distrust in myself that I’m deserve to love… It is intersting that the man whom I love deeply and have long and meaningful relationship have the same aspect…The other thing is aging… Yes it is true it is getting better when you are aging… Not because only you look younger but also you learn to love first of all yourself… I think the key is in this acceptance… If you are able to accept and love yourself really who you are you could love the other… And ıf you love deeply you could be loved deeply also. I think the Saturn lesson here is to love yourself. If only you love yourself you love the other…

    • I think the Saturn lesson here is to love yourself.
      Yes, I completely agree and I’d add that beyond loving yourself, you have to fall in love with yourself. For people with the hard Venus/Saturn aspects you have to learn to fall in love with yourself, cherish yourself and become enamored with yourself before anyone else can, or will.

  • Joyrjw

    Oh, wow, I didn’t think that it was that significant,but it explains alot. Thank you!

    I have Saturn Leo Sesquiquadrate OOB Venus Capricorn 2’01

    Since I was very young I wanted to be an artist,but I didn’t have the confidence in my abilities. I’m only now studying to be an artist at 34 years old, when most people who are artists have been studying since before they were teenagers. I tend to have trouble with self discipline… I want to create on my terms lol! and in my way,but I know it can’t always be that way.
    I also don’t have confidence in my “appearance”,but all things are slowly coming together . 🙂

    • I missed this comment…

      I think it’s never too late to start. I never had the opportunity to study an instrument. It’s something I’m contemplating now 🙂

      • Robin Joy Dore

        I think that’s really wonderful Michelle! Music, in my opinion, can help heal the soul, among other great things. 🙂 From your picture, you look like you could be musical(I hope you take that as a compliment).

         I have trouble learning music(I’ve tried the harmonica,keyboard,guitar,my husband wants me to learn drums for some reason :-D)but I love music at the same time.

        I agree, it’s never too late C-= but sometimes I get frustrated and well, you know… ^_^

        • Michelle

          From your picture, you look like you could be musical
          The closest major aspect to my Sun is a trine from Neptune 🙂

          If I started taking an instrument, I wouldn’t put pressure on myself to be great at it…oh! Wow! You just made me remember my dream from last night…
          I was in a band and I was the lead guitarist. We were performing and I realized that I didn’t know how to play but I decided to try to wing it. There were judges at the performance and they knew I didn’t know what I was doing. It felt good to be playing though I didn’t know how.

          Wow. What a coincidence. Synchronicity! I guess somewhere inside I really do want to play an instrument. I probably would take up a stringed instrument like guitar.

          • Robin Joy Dore

             Well, there you go! ^_^

            Your dreams are dropping you hints. (Dreams are cool, I love dream interpretation:-) )

            I bet your REALLY creative with sun trine neptune. 🙂

  • Andre Codrington

    To all,
    As a soul spirit that incarnated into the “Matrix” with A Grand Trine and T-Square in Water and all the planets in “water”.
    seated in the “angular” houses i can confirm and tell you that the results as described by michelle are 100% TRUE. I was born with Venus in Grand Trine to Saturn and it has not been an easy ride. HOWEVER, there are some results or tendancies that have not been mentioned by Michelle. What are they? This aspect brings younger and older admirer’s from every walk or path in
    life. There will be instant attractions that cannot be explained in an earthly sense that can lead to cold or detached intimacy. This pushes the soul-spirit possesing this trine to push on and away from it’s partners seeking warmth and true love. You see the Trine between these two planets are in fact building or creating a painting that is so sublime and filled with exterior and inerior beautty for this life or in the next to come. It is a hard aspect because it tends to isolate and force one to LEARN how to love and appreciate love in it’s purest sense. The road to what is good is often forged with complexity and requires the discipline and hard work and seriouness that only the Saturn can over-see. Venus Trine Saturn gives stability, trust and loyalty which can ebb between two sprits on earth and it can lead one to the proverbial “soul mate”. It is a very powerful Trine and the suggesiton that it is negative is nonsense. I have met and had relaitons with very beautiful but cold women, but after a while the painting and work Saturn is complete and then you are guranteed to meet the “one”. How do i know? Well, let’s just say it happend to me and this person is warm,beautiful and no doubt a soul mate destined to be in the canvas once Saturn help to forge his masterpiece. Saturn reaps, binds and in the end allows you to soar to higher levels becasue you have the spiritual and intestinal fortitude to fly straight and work hard in a earnest and transparent way. I thank my stars at times for this trine and without it i more than likely would be a selfish prick. I mean, this comes from a guy with Sun in leo in the 10th house! lol lol…… its all about ME!!!

    • force one to LEARN how to love and appreciate love
      I agree with that. Thank you for sharing your story Andre, and thank you for reading.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I have a Venus / Saturn square >_<
    Venus is in 5° Scorpio (in the 10th House) and Saturn is at 3° Aquarius (In the 1st House / 2nd House cusp).

    I have no problem committing myself into a relationship. Actually, I put so much into a relationship, I sacrifice more than I really should. I'll admit I don't find myself at all attractive or beautiful. I'll also admit to that I trust people way too easily so I fall prey to being manipulated and used. I do feel like an outcast, a loner and an exile. Before my last relationship, I had no problem letting my boyfriends know what my insecurities are but now, I'm scared of even mentioning them, fearing I'll get my heart broken and being taken advantage of.

    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

      In addition. I had a T-square with Venus in the middle: Chiron in 9° Leo in the 8th House, Venus in 5° Scorpio in the 10th House and Moon in 7° Aquarius in the 2nd House and Saturn in 3° Saturn in the 1st – 2nd House cusp.

      My Venus is under a lot of stress :,(

      • Saturn makes planets work hard- your Venus works hard. Do relationships feel like work?

        • Bellair

          If I may butt in, absolutely yes. Relationships are exhausting. Why? For one thing, Venus/Saturn love is “conditional”. You only get loved if you do the right thing, act the right way… must be perfect. For me personally, I feel that I must put on some kind of performance to be with someone – charming, funny, interesting, sexy, etc. and it isn’t easy. Exact square Venus/Libra & Saturn/Cap, Venus rules Libra Asc. No issue with looks, although I do put the effort into that, but am I lovable? Hell no. Insecure about creativity. Hell yes. Is it the absolute worst aspect in my very stressed chart – yes it is. Sorry, which I could say it gets better with age. Some things have improved but no intimate love.

          • Michelle

            You only get loved if you do the right thing, act the right way… must be perfect.
            I love the use of the word conditional and this is exactly the way I felt through transiting Saturn’s opposition to my Venus. But, I don’t feel this way normally in relationships – except for relationships with authority figures. That’s actually been a recurring theme which is that authority figures (not parents – mainly bosses and teachers) like me if I’m perfect, but abandon me if I display any imperfections. 

            Thank you for commenting, Bellair.

            • Bellair

              One other thing to add, which I’ve read and can vouch is true – lack of trust in relationships. Venus/Saturn will test a relationship, sometimes to the nth degree. This also adds to the “relationships are hard” aspect. If the relationship is too easy, it can be questionable. 

  • visions

    i have pisces venus in 6th in opposition to virgo saturn in 12th house. Feeling of Loneliness has been always in my life even if i have a good 11th jupiter ! I wish i will feel better as i am aging !

    • Do you have any trines or sextiles to your Venus or Saturn?

      Thank you for reading visions 😀

      • Venus in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra, sextile Pluto in Leo, Saturno in Leo sextile Uranus in Gemini. Would consider a distant trine between Venus at 10º 32′ Gemini and Jupiter at 2º 09′ Rx? Thank you for listening. xxx

        • You are “visions” Mia? It’s sometimes difficult to know who is who when people have several names across the different networks.

          I think an 8 degree trine is wide, I wouldn’t consider it a major influence. The planets that Venus and Saturn trine show outlets for their energy, places where they can express themselves more freely.

      • visions

        i have a moon trine saturn. saturn in opposition to venus. Venus in quincunx to jupiter. My venus is in pisces and it is really hard for her to relieve from saturn diktat!

  • Idan

    Oh I didn’t notice this question, well yeah, I have mercury Sesquiquadrate chiron.

    • It seems like sesquiquadrates block flow- they don’t seem to produce palpable tension like the square- they’re more like road blocks or “do not enter” signs- at least that’s what I think of them right now 🙂

      • Idan

        Thanks 🙂

  • Is Chiron involved with either of those planets?

    • Idan

      Yes! venus trine chiron, why?

      • The way you think about your singing made me wonder if there might be wounding to your Venus in the form of a Chiron connection. The trine is generally considered an easy aspect, but what it does is allow free flowing energy. One more questions 😉 Is your Mercury in aspect to Chiron?

  • Idan

    Feeling that you are not attractive, good-looking, flirtatious, creative, or sociable enough. – me lol.
    I know I’m a great singer but think I sing bad and ugly, I feel not attractive.
    Wow so true.
    I have venus in capricorn and venus sextile saturn.

  • Someone else just mentioned that book on the Facebook fan page. I'll have to put it on my list.

    Maybe we are astrocousins 😀

  • Msfullroller

    Oops! Yeah, that's what I meant. I have a book called the Psychodynamics of Inconjunctions by Alan Epstein that I refer to regarding my inconjunctions & quincunxes. He treats them the same so when I'm referring to either one, I'll call them both quincunx.

    Hey, are we are astrological cousins? lol

  • Saturn aspects do seem to get easier to handle as you get older.
    certainly comfortable in my skin
    I think this is the perfect expression for feeling comfortable with Saturn especially since Capricorn rules is associated with skin health 😀

    Did you mean semisexile?

  • Msfullroller

    Venus in 6th quincuncx Saturn in the 7th. Definitely identify quite a large number of the descriptions as I've grown. Whereas if I had seen this list 15 years ago, not so much. So it has gotten better with age and certainly comfortable in my skin! lol I sure hope that it keeps on getting better.

  • Msfullroller

    I love Agatha Christie too!

  • amoureuse

    thanks michelle- that article blew me away. agatha christie has a grand trine in air?! she's my favorite author! wow!

  • amoureuse

    right. what does grand trine mean? you said nicole kidman has grand trine in moon/venus/saturn- fire signs, it means beauty right? what does it mean when you have grand trine in air signs?

  • Every option won't be true for every person. These posts take only two planets into consideration when there is so much more to a chart.

    • visions

      so a venus opposition saturn won’t make you look better with age ?

      • Perhaps you would learn how to deal with the way you look better. The opposition is an aspect in which, most of the times, the planets involved want attention, so you’d need to learn how to deal with Saturn and Venus. Learn – probably the hard way or with age – that the way you look is just fine.

        I think that it is possible that the opposition might make someone look better with age, but not as a general rule. Btw, I think anyone with any aspect between Saturn and Venus is naturally attractive to someone with Capricorn in the 7th or the 8th (like me).

        • Yes, I think that accepting the “reality” of the way you look is part of this aspect as well. People who accept their appearance and start to feel good about the way they look, no matter what other people think, tend to be perceived as more attractive just because of their confidence in their appearance.

      • Hm…you might feel that outside circumstances cause you to age faster than you would otherwise. But like Le Feu Follet says below, any Venus/Saturn aspect shows the potential to age well. Perhaps you’d have to take extra steps to guard against excess aging. Do you have this aspect? How are you aging so far?

        • visions

          the world outside and his crazy rythm put me on stress, the pressure from work is too hard for me as well as the standards we have to follow to be appreciated but i don’t follow the rule generally due to my moon-uranus opposition so i have more stuff to handle than other people to satisfy the needs of my chart :p

          But i think between my 25-30 yo i age too quickly due to hard work, pain, family problems etc… cannot handle anymore. SO i have had to resign from my job to recover health but i am afraid to know how will be my next job because cannot abuse health no more

          • visions

            by reading your comment michelle you seem to say that venus in opposition to saturn make me look more older or age faster than other people, this is such a bad aspect !

            i have venus in 6th in pisces in opposition to 12th house saturn conjunct he ascendant in virgo

            • visions
              • This is made much more complicated by having the North Node in Virgo in your 1st house, conjunct your ascendant. There is an emphasis on paying particular attention to your health and appearance.

                Recently you had Saturn transit your 1st house and ascendant (as well as your North Node). Maybe you had a wake up call to spend less time caring for other people or feeling sorry for them, at the neglect of your own health. With Venus in Pisces, you certainly have compassion and you like helping other people, but you might do it at the expense of your own well-being, which could make you look worn down, tired, stressed, or haggard.

                • Something else is that people with Saturn close to the ascendant don’t seem to want to let themselves care about their appearance. Saturn often indicates lack or restriction, so you may be convincing yourself that you shouldn’t care, that it doesn’t matter, etc… even though you do care.

                  • Veda.Mooon

                    I have Venus conjunct Saturn. This is 100% true for me though I’m letting up on myself since my first Saturn return ended last October. I’m starting to be ok with dressing up and owning my beauty.

                    • There we go! That’s great – learning to be beautiful – perhaps not without struggle.

            • The aspect can make you look older than you are, but not age faster. Not at all. There are many things to take in consideration in a chart. Your comment pretty much agrees with your chart: Retrograde Saturn at Virgo in the 12th House makes you afraid of getting old, specially when conjunct the ascendant. So does your Jupiter inconjunct Venus.

              Your Venus is exalted in Pisces, so this opposition is likely to bring good things after the stress; however, Saturn conjunct your Ascendant automatically gives you a Saturnian/Capricornian look: you may look strict, rigid LIKE an old person. You are not old. If you feel you look old, that’s probably caused by the position of Saturn in your chart. Mind your fears – after all, one of the qualities of Capricorn/Saturn is looking old when young and looking young when old, so things are likely to get better with age.

              • visions

                thank you so much michelle and feu follet for your feed back i have to take care of myself and take care of my needs ! thanks !

  • Which houses are Venus and Saturn in?

    • GP

      In my case I have saturn conjunction venus in Leo in 8th house. Venus rules my 5th house (Taurus) and my 10th house (Libra). Venus is also sextile Jupiter (jupiter in cancer 7th house). I basically love deeply and forever. But because I think I won’t be loved back with the same intensity I sometimes prefer to remain single. I also feel uncomfortable with casual sex. Weird, because women are attracted to me. I am told that I am very attractive and I think I am. But I don’t like whores and also I don’t see myself with someone too serious either. Complicated :-). 36 years old never had a relationship. Maybe later, when I feel ready.

      • GP

        Also, I hate dating someone I don’t know. I have done it, and really did not feel comfortable. I feel like casual sex is an insult to myself too. I have done it and felt dirty after it was done because it did not involve love.

        • GP

          Found that nice quote that sums up the meaning of Saturn/venus aspects:

          “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

          • GP

            With my Leo 8th house, when I am in love I am the king, but that happens rarely. It happened once in my life.

            • 8th house people are usually not happen with casual sex; they need the deep emotional exchange.

  • amoureuse

    this made me smile. i get better with age. that is the nicest thing ive ever heard. i hope its true to me. i got venus in gemini trine in saturn in libra. i wonder, some are true to me, some don't.

    • luiza

      I loved this thing too 🙂 I have a conjunct and I used to consider this aspect the worst into my chart, but now I’m appreciating it. And defnetly, as you get old you may, while people around you start noticing their agemarks and the confidence they had – beased on the sparks of beeing a teen – start to fade, and our beauty sence is a more mature one, so we grow older and start to feel more confident than before.

  • scorpio rising

    Venus opposes saturn in my chart. it plays in my life as not really loving myself, financial problems and loneliness. Seems like there is almost nothing that can be done about the loneliness no matter how hard I try its almost impossible to get relationships even just friendships off the ground

  • firetiger

    yeah well i meant that it looks like u work hard on this and while it's structured the images that u choose r always really appropriate and beautiful

  • You should be getting a good dose of Venus/Saturn with Saturn in Libra for the next few years. S in L will provide opportunities to get in touch with that energy.

  • Hm…thanks! I'm trying to make it entertaining and informative, and not boring and dull. As far design and artwork go, I'm trying to avoid cliche astrology imagery. I try to pick images that have a timeless quality to them, and that many different people would be able to relate to.

    • Veda.Mooon

      This is absolutely my favorite description of these aspects ever written! Perfect!

      • Thanks 🙂 Was there anything in particular you liked? Which aspect do you have?

  • Good question…I don't know….I think Firetiger explained it better than I could- below!

  • firetiger

    it definitely does……………. there's a seriousness to ur artwork (i consider this blog a bit of ur craft.. im sure u do too) but it's very harmonious and not overbearing or too austere at all <3

  • firetiger

    god i need a little bit of this in my life to be honest
    my venus is conj merc, asc, and pluto (by sign), squared by sign to mars, inconjunct uranus and semi sextile neptune… it's all over the place.. i need some of this venus/saturn

  • Ebonystarr55

    That's interesting. What Venus/Saturn parts of your personality do you see showing itself on the blog?

  • Thanks 😀

    It's funny isn't it? I haven't had no comments in a while- but I guess it happens!

    What's interesting, though I didn't make the connection in the post, is that many of these keywords and associations are applicable to Saturn's current transit through Libra.

    I think it would be strange if no readers had Venus-Saturn aspects considering that I'm the author of the blog and I have a Venus/Saturn trine- at least some of that filters into the blog through my personality.

  • Ebonystarr55

    Great post as usual. I'm wondering if this aspect is rare….or at least it seems to be among the regular readers of this blog. Surprising that no one is here speaking about how this aspect plays out in their lives.