Venus/Saturn Aspects


Nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman: Moon/Venus/Saturn grand trine in Fire

Faithfulness. Your capacity to create enduring relationships. Serious relationships. Lack of relationships. Beauty routines. Beauty regimens. Disciplined in the art of seduction. Aging gracefully. Aging well. Good timing. Holding back from love. Limiting love. Having received limited love. Lacking confidence in love. Having few love relationships. Having received few compliments. Not finding beauty in oneself. Finding beauty in hard circumstances. The reality of beauty. Lacking confidence in your creative abilities. Taking creativity seriously. Creative discipline. Pursuing art for the long haul. Understanding the long term impact of the arts.

Taking beauty seriously. Having beauty standards. Having artistic standards. Master of the arts. Art teacher. Music teacher. Beautician. Cosmetician. Fear of relationships. Fear of creativity. Fear of flirting. Lacking the confidence to flirt. Lack of money. Tight finances. Good with money. Slow financial growth. Gaining money over time. Lacking charisma. Inhibited sensual expression. Steady sensual expression. Inhibited beauty. Your capacity to have a long lasting marriage. Taking a long term view of relationships.

Classic beauty. Classic elegance. Classic taste. Mature taste. Mature fashion sense. Timeless fashion sense. Turning your good looks into a business – models. Vintage clothing. Old Hollywood. Appreciating timeless clothing, hair and makeup. Beauty legends. Lasting appeal. Reserved in social settings. Reserved in relationships. Having tact and good timing. Timeless arts and crafts. Long term diplomacy decisions. Mature negotiations. A serious way of relating. Serious relationships. Serious artistic pursuits. Taking fashion seriously. Taking beauty seriously. Putting work into appearance. Taking love seriously. Putting work into relationships. Your capacity for conventional relationships. Classic art and music. Art and music that stand the test of time. Rigid in relationships. Inability to give in to pleasure. Finding pleasure in structured activities. Finding pleasure in doing things that require discipline. Liking to be disciplined. Getting turned on by the idea of being disciplined.

Mature partnerships. Feeling attracted to older people. Testing relationships. Testing potential partners. Having a realistic outlook on relationships. Feeling that relationships are a burden. Feeling that relationships are a lot of work. Having a depressed outlook on relationships. Feeling depressed about the way you look. Feeling depressed about your powers of attraction. Building up confidence in appearance through hard work. Feeling depressed about your creative abilities. Feeling that you are not attractive, good-looking, flirtatious, creative, or sociable enough. Having social graces. Lacking confidence in your social abilities. Feeling that you never have enough money. Putting up barriers to relationships. Putting a time frame on relationships. Attracting serious people. Attracting older people. Old money.

Attracting businesspeople. Attracting Capricorn types. Feeling attracted to serious people. Feeling attracted to no-nonsense business types. Feeling attracted to responsible individuals. Feeling attracted to people who find beauty in hard circumstances. Getting better with age. Becoming more attractive with age. Gaining ease and grace with age. Becoming more sociable with age. Feeling better about the way you look as you get older. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin as you get older. Becoming more tactful as you get older. Handling responsibility beautifully. Bittersweet relationships.

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People with Venus/Saturn aspects

  • Gisele Bundchen (supermodel): Venus square Saturn
  • Patricia Bundchen (Gisele's twin sister and manager): Venus square Saturn
  • Rachel Bilson: Venus conjunct Saturn
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Venus opposite Saturn
  • Sofia Coppola: Venus semisextile Saturn
  • Niels Bohr: Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn
  • Simon Cowell: Venus trine Saturn

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  • Msfullroller

    Oops! Yeah, that's what I meant. I have a book called the Psychodynamics of Inconjunctions by Alan Epstein that I refer to regarding my inconjunctions & quincunxes. He treats them the same so when I'm referring to either one, I'll call them both quincunx.

    Hey, are we are astrological cousins? lol

  • Michelle

    Saturn aspects do seem to get easier to handle as you get older.
    certainly comfortable in my skin
    I think this is the perfect expression for feeling comfortable with Saturn especially since Capricorn rules is associated with skin health 😀

    Did you mean semisexile?

  • Msfullroller

    Venus in 6th quincuncx Saturn in the 7th. Definitely identify quite a large number of the descriptions as I've grown. Whereas if I had seen this list 15 years ago, not so much. So it has gotten better with age and certainly comfortable in my skin! lol I sure hope that it keeps on getting better.

  • Msfullroller

    I love Agatha Christie too!

  • amoureuse

    thanks michelle- that article blew me away. agatha christie has a grand trine in air?! she's my favorite author! wow!

  • Michelle
  • amoureuse

    right. what does grand trine mean? you said nicole kidman has grand trine in moon/venus/saturn- fire signs, it means beauty right? what does it mean when you have grand trine in air signs?

  • Michelle

    Every option won't be true for every person. These posts take only two planets into consideration when there is so much more to a chart.

    • visions

      so a venus opposition saturn won’t make you look better with age ?

      • Le Feu Follet

        Perhaps you would learn how to deal with the way you look better. The opposition is an aspect in which, most of the times, the planets involved want attention, so you’d need to learn how to deal with Saturn and Venus. Learn – probably the hard way or with age – that the way you look is just fine.

        I think that it is possible that the opposition might make someone look better with age, but not as a general rule. Btw, I think anyone with any aspect between Saturn and Venus is naturally attractive to someone with Capricorn in the 7th or the 8th (like me).

        • Michelle

          Yes, I think that accepting the “reality” of the way you look is part of this aspect as well. People who accept their appearance and start to feel good about the way they look, no matter what other people think, tend to be perceived as more attractive just because of their confidence in their appearance.

      • Michelle

        Hm…you might feel that outside circumstances cause you to age faster than you would otherwise. But like Le Feu Follet says below, any Venus/Saturn aspect shows the potential to age well. Perhaps you’d have to take extra steps to guard against excess aging. Do you have this aspect? How are you aging so far?

        • visions

          the world outside and his crazy rythm put me on stress, the pressure from work is too hard for me as well as the standards we have to follow to be appreciated but i don’t follow the rule generally due to my moon-uranus opposition so i have more stuff to handle than other people to satisfy the needs of my chart :p

          But i think between my 25-30 yo i age too quickly due to hard work, pain, family problems etc… cannot handle anymore. SO i have had to resign from my job to recover health but i am afraid to know how will be my next job because cannot abuse health no more

          • visions

            by reading your comment michelle you seem to say that venus in opposition to saturn make me look more older or age faster than other people, this is such a bad aspect !

            i have venus in 6th in pisces in opposition to 12th house saturn conjunct he ascendant in virgo

            • visions
              • Michelle

                This is made much more complicated by having the North Node in Virgo in your 1st house, conjunct your ascendant. There is an emphasis on paying particular attention to your health and appearance.

                Recently you had Saturn transit your 1st house and ascendant (as well as your North Node). Maybe you had a wake up call to spend less time caring for other people or feeling sorry for them, at the neglect of your own health. With Venus in Pisces, you certainly have compassion and you like helping other people, but you might do it at the expense of your own well-being, which could make you look worn down, tired, stressed, or haggard.

                • Michelle

                  Something else is that people with Saturn close to the ascendant don’t seem to want to let themselves care about their appearance. Saturn often indicates lack or restriction, so you may be convincing yourself that you shouldn’t care, that it doesn’t matter, etc… even though you do care.

                  • Veda.Mooon

                    I have Venus conjunct Saturn. This is 100% true for me though I’m letting up on myself since my first Saturn return ended last October. I’m starting to be ok with dressing up and owning my beauty.

                    • Michelle

                      There we go! That’s great – learning to be beautiful – perhaps not without struggle.

            • Le Feu Follet

              The aspect can make you look older than you are, but not age faster. Not at all. There are many things to take in consideration in a chart. Your comment pretty much agrees with your chart: Retrograde Saturn at Virgo in the 12th House makes you afraid of getting old, specially when conjunct the ascendant. So does your Jupiter inconjunct Venus.

              Your Venus is exalted in Pisces, so this opposition is likely to bring good things after the stress; however, Saturn conjunct your Ascendant automatically gives you a Saturnian/Capricornian look: you may look strict, rigid LIKE an old person. You are not old. If you feel you look old, that’s probably caused by the position of Saturn in your chart. Mind your fears – after all, one of the qualities of Capricorn/Saturn is looking old when young and looking young when old, so things are likely to get better with age.

              • visions

                thank you so much michelle and feu follet for your feed back i have to take care of myself and take care of my needs ! thanks !

  • Michelle

    Which houses are Venus and Saturn in?

    • GP

      In my case I have saturn conjunction venus in Leo in 8th house. Venus rules my 5th house (Taurus) and my 10th house (Libra). Venus is also sextile Jupiter (jupiter in cancer 7th house). I basically love deeply and forever. But because I think I won’t be loved back with the same intensity I sometimes prefer to remain single. I also feel uncomfortable with casual sex. Weird, because women are attracted to me. I am told that I am very attractive and I think I am. But I don’t like whores and also I don’t see myself with someone too serious either. Complicated :-). 36 years old never had a relationship. Maybe later, when I feel ready.

      • GP

        Also, I hate dating someone I don’t know. I have done it, and really did not feel comfortable. I feel like casual sex is an insult to myself too. I have done it and felt dirty after it was done because it did not involve love.

        • GP

          Found that nice quote that sums up the meaning of Saturn/venus aspects:

          “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

          • GP

            With my Leo 8th house, when I am in love I am the king, but that happens rarely. It happened once in my life.

            • AstroFix

              8th house people are usually not happen with casual sex; they need the deep emotional exchange.

  • amoureuse

    this made me smile. i get better with age. that is the nicest thing ive ever heard. i hope its true to me. i got venus in gemini trine in saturn in libra. i wonder, some are true to me, some don't.

    • luiza

      I loved this thing too :) I have a conjunct and I used to consider this aspect the worst into my chart, but now I’m appreciating it. And defnetly, as you get old you may, while people around you start noticing their agemarks and the confidence they had – beased on the sparks of beeing a teen – start to fade, and our beauty sence is a more mature one, so we grow older and start to feel more confident than before.

  • scorpio rising

    Venus opposes saturn in my chart. it plays in my life as not really loving myself, financial problems and loneliness. Seems like there is almost nothing that can be done about the loneliness no matter how hard I try its almost impossible to get relationships even just friendships off the ground

  • firetiger

    yeah well i meant that it looks like u work hard on this and while it's structured the images that u choose r always really appropriate and beautiful

  • Michelle

    You should be getting a good dose of Venus/Saturn with Saturn in Libra for the next few years. S in L will provide opportunities to get in touch with that energy.

  • Michelle

    Hm…thanks! I'm trying to make it entertaining and informative, and not boring and dull. As far design and artwork go, I'm trying to avoid cliche astrology imagery. I try to pick images that have a timeless quality to them, and that many different people would be able to relate to.

    • Veda.Mooon

      This is absolutely my favorite description of these aspects ever written! Perfect!

      • Michelle

        Thanks :) Was there anything in particular you liked? Which aspect do you have?

  • Michelle

    Good question…I don't know….I think Firetiger explained it better than I could- below!

  • firetiger

    it definitely does……………. there's a seriousness to ur artwork (i consider this blog a bit of ur craft.. im sure u do too) but it's very harmonious and not overbearing or too austere at all <3

  • firetiger

    god i need a little bit of this in my life to be honest
    my venus is conj merc, asc, and pluto (by sign), squared by sign to mars, inconjunct uranus and semi sextile neptune… it's all over the place.. i need some of this venus/saturn

  • Ebonystarr55

    That's interesting. What Venus/Saturn parts of your personality do you see showing itself on the blog?

  • Michelle

    Thanks 😀

    It's funny isn't it? I haven't had no comments in a while- but I guess it happens!

    What's interesting, though I didn't make the connection in the post, is that many of these keywords and associations are applicable to Saturn's current transit through Libra.

    I think it would be strange if no readers had Venus-Saturn aspects considering that I'm the author of the blog and I have a Venus/Saturn trine- at least some of that filters into the blog through my personality.

  • Ebonystarr55

    Great post as usual. I'm wondering if this aspect is rare….or at least it seems to be among the regular readers of this blog. Surprising that no one is here speaking about how this aspect plays out in their lives.