Venus Synastry: 1st House Overlay


Venus energy is loving, artistic, gentle, inspired, creative, beautiful, attractive, flirtatious, jealous, manipulative, charming and refined.

The 1st house is about appearance, behavior, attitude, mannerisms, approach, outlook, exterior, image, persona and personality.

Someone’s Venus falls in your 1st house

two pink rosesWhen someone’s Venus falls in your first house that person probably finds you physically attractive. You are probably this person’s “type.” This is especially true if that person’s Venus is conjunct your ascendant (the more tightly conjunct, the stronger the attraction). The Venus person will like the way you conduct yourself, your behavior, your mannerisms, the way you dress and the way you look. This person will be attracted to the image you present and the way that you package yourself to the world.

This overlay can also indicate an artistic relationship- one in which you have a shared response to art, music and culture. You could be the Venus person’s muse or model. Your appearance might inspire a song, poem, painting or photograph. The Venus person could feel creatively inspired by your physical presence no matter what your appearance is.

The Venus person brings a harmonizing, pleasant, pleasure-seeking energy to your first house. The Venus person will encourage you to develop grace, charm and tact. This person will make you feel attractive, and encourage you to fit into their version of what it means to be attractive. It’s not a subtle or underhanded coercion as it might be with Venus in the 12th house. It can be as simple as the Venus person exclaiming, “Wow, you look beautiful!” Feeling flattered and genuinely appreciated for the way you look, you decide to do more of the same. The Venus person will inspire you to cultivate more of your first house personality traits.

Although you feel flattered and charmed by the Venus person’s attention, you may wonder if the Venus person likes you only for your looks and if there is anything deeper. You may also feel that the Venus person likes you because you make them look good.Β  This is an overlay that could indicate “trophy wife.”

Your Venus falls in someone’s first house

You may find the 1st house person irresistible. The first house person embodies what you find physically attractive, especially if your Venus is conjunct their ascendant. There could be an almost literal translation where you see the 1st house person as a living Venus.

You bring Venus energy and Venus expectations to the other person’s first house. You expect the first house person to be attractive in appearance, and charming, pleasing and cooperative in their behavior and attitude. You will find it hard to accept brashness and rudeness from the first house person and may be turned off if the 1st house person displays those traits. If the sign on that person’s 1st house is in conflict with their Sun sign, their looks and surface behavior might be drastically different from the person they are inside- and you may not like who they are on the inside.

You will encourage any artistic inclinations that the 1st house person has. In turn, you will feel artistically inspired by the 1st house person’s presence. Depending on which sign your Venus is in, you will encourage the traits of that sign in the other person. You might be tempted to encourage good behavior, the kind of behavior that you like (shown by your Venus sign), by rewarding that behavior with gifts and flattery.

Venus and the 1st house are both superficial so you might be overly in love with the 1st house person’s actual physical appearance. Because this can be an appearance-based attraction, though potent, there needs to be more than physical attraction to hold the relationship together. The tendency for an appearance-based relationship can be true even in friendships. Friends may band together because one likes the other’s taste in clothing, style, music and art eventually to discover that they have nothing deeper to share with one another.

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  • Anna

    I have this with my husband, I’m the 1st house person and he is the Venus person. He has been incredibly attracted to me ever since the first time we met. His Moon conjuncts his Venus so his Moon falls in my 1st house as well. He is very connected to me on an emotional level as well. We love to kiss, cuddle, spend time together. He treats me like a princess and I couldn’t be happier with such a great, loving husband.

  • Vicky

    I have had this with several people, me being the 1st house person, never the other way around. The venus folks are INSTANTLY fascinated with me, and they want to jump my bones ASAP – and will this makes you feel super flattered and like you are on top of the world when you are with that person, it could be frustrating because the fascination with my physicality and first impression is so overwhelming and powerful, that it is hard to get past that superficiality and into more depth in the relationship. But it is a happy aspect for sure.

    • Yes, I’ve had the same experience … always with the guy’s Venus in my first house, usually close to the ascendant.

      • Vicky Vega-Valdes

        Yeah, the ones I have had, always are conjunctions. So it is kinda magical, like you found another animal with your same habits – a mirror of sorts.

  • master1133

    Would this be considered the double whammy or close to it – hers mars in leo is conjunct my venus. while her venus in aries is sextile to my mars in gemini? Her moon is conjunct my sun. Her venus is conjunct my asc. She’s a rooster and I’m a snake. The chemistry is kinda crazy. We work together as teachers and the other day she actually gave me her number out of the blue, is that her venus in aries at work?

    • Yes, that’s most likely Venus in Aries. I took my boyfriend’s number as well πŸ˜‰

  • sea green

    Wow, Michelle.Β  I’ve certainly read descriptions of this overlay, but this one is extremely helpful!Β  (…as all of your unique descriptions are, which I’ve been perusing, yesterday and today.)Β  I am the Venus person in synastry with a particular woman I have been obsessed with, for over a year now.Β  My venus is 6 deg from her Asc. …Indeed, about a year ago I felt compelled to let her know how insanely attracted I was (which I felt was unfortunately somewhat awkward, in conjunction with my natal Venus-Chiron square–another description of yours that I am also finding helpful); and in the past I’ve also told her more than once how nice she looked, etc.Β  I think for the most part she enjoys the acknowledgement (Venus in Aries–like you, I believe).

    Gosh, I THINK there is more to my attraction to her!Β  But this really gives me some clarity about it..and something to consider–if I am making her feel she has to bend to my perception of beauty, appropriate behavior, etc.Β  …You mentioned you had this in your relationship.Β  Do you feel that concern at all?Β  That your boyfriend was attracted to you for only superficial reasons? Or that you felt limited in expressing other aspects of yourself he might not find so ” attractive?”

    • Hi sea green,

      I did find myself wanting to please him with my appearance. An interesting thing is that the Venus in the 1st house effect never wore off. We were together for over 11 years and he told me he thought I was beautiful nearly every day.

      I think this overlay has the potential to be superficial but in our case we each have a natal 8th house Sun, and we have a composite 8th house Sun as well. Physical attraction would not have been enough to sustain a long term relationship.

      One thing that I notice is that he did not particularly like some of my more Martian qualities – I have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries. In some ways that was helpful because I’ve learned to control angry impulses, short-tempered reactions, and general aggressiveness – on the other hand I sometimes felt that I couldn’t just be me without getting some disapproving looks.Β 

  • Jess

    How would a Venus and Mars in Scorpio respond to Scorpio Rising? What traits would that combo encourage in me for instance ( I am Scorpio Rising). I’m Taurus, I don’t see myself as mysterious, but I have been told that I am – I suppose because of the Scorp Rising. My love interest has Ve/Mar in Scorpio.

  • I am new to astrology but I absolutely believe this. My venus is in scorpio(I’m a capricorn) and I am attracted to scorpions like nothing in this world. My husband is a scorpio and has his venus in capricorn so it sorts pretty well.

    • Michelle

      Most Scorpio planets will fall in your 2nd or 3rd house. People whose Scorpio planets fall in your 2nd house have a more physical impact on you while those whose Scorpio planets fall in your 3rd house have more mental rapport.Β 

      I’ll be responding to your email later this morning!

  • Having Mars in Libra wouldn't automatically draw you to Aries types. Much depends on the rest of his placements- his Moon, ascendant, Venus, Mars, etc…

  • Dove

    Pluto is in Virgo, and Sun/Mercury/Mars are in Libra πŸ™‚ … I'm wondering, after having a fiery thing with an Aries a while back, if that Mars placement is the reason I might be drawn to Aries? Although, if that guy was an example, I don't won't anymore of that, lol πŸ˜‰


  • Do you know which planets you have in Libra and which are in Virgo?

  • Dove

    lol… Ah, I can definitely relate to the Virgo stuff — I was born exactly on the cusp. The astrologer who did my chart yrs ago said I was Libra, but it was like I was standing on the threshold 'tween the two. I have a lot of Virgo in me πŸ™‚ Blended with Libra, a few guys in my past have referenced me as a “deva,” lol… which isn't an accurate reference at all, was just their “out” to be a slob, lol. I'm meticulous about most things, most of the time — a tad obsessive, especially when it comes to making lists. I make myself crazy with making meticulous lists. My Libra “half” doesn't wanna follow 'em, but we gotta make 'em, lol I'm an organizing freak, comes natural — even had a home organizing biz in the past.

    Too funny is the healthfood talk… One night I bumped into a guy I'd dated in my teens, early 20's. He said, “Yeah, you were always telling me to take supplements and stuff.” lol That's another thing with regard to “the one” for me — no Cheetos or the like will reside in my cabinets *shudders* hehe


  • He actually likes it when I talk about vitamins and health food

    lol! Very cute! πŸ™‚

  • Some people are scruffy but not necessarily bohemian. Scruffy can be sloppy and nothing more.

    Your Venus description sounds like the sign of your Venus with some heavy planetary aspects thrown in πŸ˜‰

  • He actually likes it when I talk about vitamins and health food

    lol! Very cute. πŸ™‚

  • Lol πŸ˜€

    Yes, my boyfriend's Venus (12 Virgo) conjuncts my ascendant (11 Virgo). He tells me every day that he thinks I'm beautiful- what's not to like about that? He actually likes it when I talk about vitamins and health food, and when I break down all the little things I'm going to do during the day. He loves that I'm a walking dictionary and that I'm meticulous about my appearance.

    We love reading in bed together and it's easy to talk about what we did or did not like about anything that we do together- you know, giving critiques. lol πŸ˜› We also both love small animals. I don't know if that's a Virgo love thing in general, but we often go to pet shops and to the animal shelter to visit animals (we can't have a pet where we live right now).

  • Dove

    As a Libra, this is good stuff to know πŸ™‚ I'm always trying to decide what my “type” is.

    Hmm, “trophy wife,” … I jokingly mentioned that in one of my Twitter posts recently — definitely would not want to be a fer-real one, but the lazy Libra in me does find some aspects of it kinda good, lol πŸ˜‰ I guess I don't really understand your distinction 'tween scruffy beard and bohemian… I thought they were kinda the same thing.

    For me, and definitely reflecting a typical Libra charactistic — as well as Goldilocks' πŸ™‚ — I feel like my guy will be a tidy blend of both worlds, heavy on the non-conformist aspect. I can't envision myself with a beardless guy — and yet if he's too prettied up, that wouldn't do it for me. And yet, “scruffy” sounds a bit too unkempt…is my Libra energy makin' ya' crazy yet? lol So I guess I want to say my preference would be a reasonably well “manicured,” mucho-intelligent/funny, rugged mountain-man kinda guy, dripping with creativity, passion and strong radical/rebel tendencies — but not so strong that it bites into the time he's lavishing love upon me, lol Tomorrow my description might be totally different, but he'd still have a beard, ha

    Does that sound highly Venus-y? lol

    Dove (new-and-improved, been makin' some crucial repairs)

  • Oh yeah, definitely. Don't even get me started on beards. πŸ˜› We talk about the arts a lot. We share a lot of the same tastes when it comes to music, art, or literature. I like a lot of the books he recommends for me. Everything you said, I can relate to. With Venus and Ascendant in Pisces, I feel like there is a huge “dreamy” quality to our relationship that inspires lots of heart-melting moments. Lots of “aws.”

    What's a Venus-Ascendant conjunction on the opposite (Virgo) like? πŸ™‚

  • Do you encourage his Piscean traits? Do you like a scruffy beard or more bohemian appearance? Do you have a shared love of music?

  • Do you encourage his Piscean traits? Do you like a scruffy beard or more bohemian appearance? Do you have a shared love of music?

  • Great article.

    My Venus in Pisces conjoins my my bf's Ascendant. But, his Ascendant squares his Moon in Sagittarius. His Moon also trines his Mars in Leo. I think I have a hard time understanding when he just needs to blow off steam. And my Libra Rising really doesn't take rudeness or brashness very well! πŸ˜›

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