Saturn Contacts in Synastry Astrology

Saturn Contacts in Synastry Astrology

If you want a relationship to last, you need to have Saturn contacts.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work, reality, dedication and time. A relationship can’t survive if the people in it don’t feel a sense of responsibility for one another. Any meaningful relationship requires work and effort, and a mutual sense of obligation binds people together.

Relationships that last have to pass a reality test. Summer romances don’t need Saturn contacts, flings don’t need Saturn contacts, but if you want lasting love, you want Saturn contacts. Saturn contacts form enduring bonds.

The negative side to Saturn contacts is that they can feel like a burden. They can be like a heavy weight resting on your shoulders.

If you are the Saturn person in the aspect connection then you may limit or restrict the other person in some way, or that person will feel like you do. The other person in the relationship may feel inhibited around you.

At worst, Saturn contacts are just depressing. When responsibility and duty overtake pleasure and fun a relationship loses its appeal.

Ready or not, Saturn makes you grow up. Saturn ages whatever it touches. The planets that Saturn contacts get a lesson in maturity.

If you don’t want to grow up, you might reject Saturn’s energy. You may resist responsibility and maturity and feel that people are holding you back. You may resist forming lasting connections with people.

What does each planet gain from a Saturn contact in synastry?


The Sun person learns to be a more mature version of who he is. He comes into his own.


The Moon person gains emotional maturity and no longer gives in to child-like emotional displays.


The Mercury person learns to communicate like an adult.


The Venus person learns what it’s like to be in a mature relationship.


The Mars person learns to act like an adult.


The Jupiter person learns about realistic optimism and expectations.


These two Saturns learn about shared responsibility and equal dedication.


The Uranus person learns to temper the urge for freedom with the need to establish ties.


The Neptune person learns the limits of illusion, fantasy and idealism.


The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a relationship.

What is your experience with Saturn contacts in synastry?

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