The 6th House: You Better Work It


The Things You Do Every Day

ballet maid making bedBy setting a routine for yourself you structure time in a personal way. You decide what you are going to dedicate yourself to, what you are going to be in service to. Every skill or technique requires time, practice and repetition to master.

The things that you do every day, the skills that you practice every day, affect what you become over time and what you become master of over time.

The simple things like brushing your teeth and wearing sunscreen play a part in determining if you get dentures or skin cancer in the long run. More complicated things, like putting aside three hours to paint every day, play a part in determining whether you realize your life’s dreams.

Work is a Four Letter Word

The 6th house shows how you function within the bounds of reality. You want to write the greatest novel ever written but you can’t commit to writing every day. You want to lose 40 lbs., but you find ways to avoid exercise.

The 6th house shows how you fritter away your time with excuses and escapism. The inability to set, and stick to, a schedule will ruin your chances of achieving your hopes and dreams in life.

The 6th house is quincunx the 11th house – the house of long term wishes and dreams. You won’t realize your dreams if you can’t buckle down and get to work. No matter how talented you are or what you want to achieve, if you can’t wake up every day and take one concrete, realistic step you won’t achieve anything.

Practice Makes Fluid

When you’ve done something a thousand times, you no longer have to think so hard about doing it. That task become effortless.

As you practice any discipline, skill or technique you eventually reach a state of fluidity. The small, pinpoint focus it once took to tie your shoes expands. You are suddenly able to tie your shoes without thinking about it and notice everything that goes on around you at the same time.

Practicing the daily tasks, techniques and skills of life frees you to be in the flow of the moment. When the chores of life become effortless you simultaneously meet your obligations and recognize that there is more.

Ordering Your Reality

The 6th house shows the ways that we crystallize reality in a personal way. The 6th house encompasses a carefully delineated and constructed reality that serves a purpose.

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  • ‫عبدالله المالكي‬‎

    my saturn in 6th house ,, and my mc in cap
    i’m hardworker but people think not
    and usually I have problem with my managers but i’m 33 old when my saturn reduce its effect ?

    • Is Neptune in aspect to your Saturn in your natal chart or by transit?

  • Lori

    I have many planets in the 6th house in Capricorn – Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Chiron, Sun, Planet of fortune.
    My saturn is at 11 degrees of Cap.  What does that mean for my work?  I have been there for 22 years

    • One possibility is that you are a creature of habit. 

  • Eliza

    You have the best astrology blog out there. Seriously!

    • Thank you Eliza 🙂 That is very sweet of you to say.

  • Anonymous

    My Jupiter in Aquarius in the 6th is quincunx my Saturn in Cancer in the 11th.

  • I’m not sure why you feel so negatively about your Jupiter. In the 7th you have the capacity to meet any challenges a relationship might bring and to bounce back from them. That means that you have the ability not to allow negative experiences to bring you down permanently.

  • Anonymous

    yeah but it seems to me that i have to experience pain or even traumatic experience in life just to feel that i am lucky?! thats unfair! to think it is in partnership house? its really sad… all the while i really thought that since i got jupiter the planet of luck, i will have the most loving and blessed relationship ever but it is not. =(

  • Your Jupiter has a lot more function than that- that’s just one manifestation.

  • Anonymous

    hmmm…. this made me think. i had a very traumatic experience with my previous relationship but what i noticed is that i was able to bounce back. and this did not happen once. what i am afraid right now is that what if this becomes a normal expereince. i hope not. nobody wants to experience trauma in life. sad that my jupiter doesnt have any more function than that. i thought before this means, i will marry a very rich guy. haha ha joke!

  • What I’ve noticed is that it gives huge regenerative powers- the ability to heal from intense trauma. In the 7th I would imagine that the trauma would be concern one to one relationships.

  • Anonymous

    ur right michelle, thats where i am right now. finding my niche. i just discovered that i can paint and write so i am working on that, and see if thats what i want to do. though i am still jobless 🙁 but this period is exciting because it is enlightening. i learn about myself. thanks to astrology for the help. by the way, i just to ask about my jupiter in scorpio 7th, because it is stellium with those other 3 planets. what does it mean?

  • With so many planets in the 6th you really need to find satisfying work.

  • I just wrote this in the other post, but this period of being unemployed is a really good opportunity to take a second look at what type of work you want to do- maybe to try for a job that you would never have considered before.

  • I like the connection between Jupiter in Aquarius in the 6th and then the ruler of the 6th in the 11th (Aquarius and the 11th being related). Are Jupiter and Saturn in opposition?

  • Anonymous

    i made a mistake. i replied before regardign the saturn in libra- 7th house- partnership. i said that i have 3 planets in 7th house. i was wrong! its in my 6th house. what is place in my 7th house is jupiter 0 degrees scorpio.

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh… this is so true. my 6th house is full pack. i got mars, saturn and pluto in it. it is cusps between virgo and libra. maybe that is the reason why i got so bored with my job before. but now, i am not working but i feel so fulfilled. i write everyday, i paint and i practice yoga as well. and these makes me feel confident and hopeful not to mention focused. lovely..

  • Anonymous

    Great post! I have Capricorn on the cusp of my 6th house and I do tend to complete work tasks in a step-by-step manner. Sometimes if I don’t proceed with my routine in an orderly fashion, it tends to throw everything off and I end up missing something. I also have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 6th house. Humanitarian values and tolerance have always figured prominently in my work. The ruler of my 6th house is in the 11th house. I definitely have been about to form close friendships in my workplace.

  • Mm-hm, yes.

  • Wg.

    (as is Chiron)

  • Wg.

    Oh–also Saturn is retrograde in my chart.

  • Wg.

    It’s at 23 Pisces in my 1st house, and aspected quite a bit. It sesquisqares Sun and sextiles Moon (1 degree orbit for both), trines Mercury (-7), opposes Uranus (-1), trines Neptune (2), opposes Pluto (-4), conjuncts Chiron (1), and squares my MC (3). Is that what you are asking me?

  • That’s interesting about the elderly patients- what is your Saturn like?

  • Wg.

    Yeah, I was actually aware that you need to look at other aspects/placements as well, and they do support that field for me, I believe. Hmmm, actually time management is sort of weak for me, something I always need to work on, but I’m not bad if I’m really trying.

    My nursing instructor did feel that I was very good with patients, with making them feel comfortable (emotionally), chatting with them, building a raport, and it’s actually something I do enjoy being able to do. I was also surprised to learn that I enjoyed having the elderly as clients. I never thought I would like to work with them, but now it is an area I am considering.

  • That one placement isn’t enough to say “nursing” but I do think it’s a good start. Leo in houses shows a place where we want to shine. You are probably good with your time management ( Leo has organizational skills too), and that you shine by being in service to other people. That desire to shine is oriented toward 8th house activities. You might be great in hospice care and assisting people after surgery. Being able to take pay attention to and take responsibility for all the small details of someone else’s care are excellent qualities for a nurse.

  • Wg.

    Michelle, as Leo is on the cusp of my 6th, and my Sun is in the 8th, what do you think of nursing for me?

  • I'm so glad you're discovering your inner boss. That Leo Moon in the 10th definitely has managerial know-how.

    Venus/6th with Pisces on the cusp- you really need to be surrounded by beauty, kindness, compassion and art. You bring those same qualities to your “work.” You need an environment that's also probably easy going and not too intense.

    I like giving attention to the underdogs 😀

  • That would be great for you to have some sudden stroke of luck in your career 😀

  • gracehoper

    Pluto entered my 6th house in 1999 or so, and will leave in 2013 or so, flirting with cusp 7 and my NN over 2012 and 2013.

    I haven't had a “regular job” since 2002, so no power struggles. The main story of the last decade for me has been the story of my schizo-affective disorder (Neptune on the 6th cusp square Moon, ruler of the 6th in the Idle House or 8th) and how I've fallen into its depths, been hospitalized for 2 years until my insurance ran out, given shock therapy, and then released on Skid Row, from which position I was able to use my 11th house charms to find my current situation in relative luxury.

    Jobs are for worker bees, Pluto in my 6th house has taught me! I'm a Sacred Whore, and I'm good at it. 🙂 (Ruler of my Ascendant, the Moon in the sign of the Virgin in the house of her Joy, the 3rd, Bona Dea– the house of the Goddess opposed to Mars, the spear, in Pisces.)

    Of course, for me, the house of career is the 10th, and Jupiter, Uranus, and progressed Mars are all on my MC right now, so perhaps something unexpected (Uranus), big (jupiter), and active (Mars) is about to come into my life.

  • You know, I kept thinking that Pisces ruling the 6th house, with Venus there would make for a messy kind of worker. But, I think with Leo Moon in the 10th, now that I'm working at a place I really love, I feel like it's deeply personal for me and I work really hard. . I constantly want to BE better at my job and I want to keep track of everybody's progress too. I'm also beginning to see that there is a “business” side to me and I definitely see some management abilities in myself.

    With that said, I have a hard time separating the 6th and the 10th house when it comes to work. And it's not exactly clear to me what Venus in the 6th, with Pisces ruling the 6th means. I think I'll read the 6th house series again.

    But like FireTiger said, thanks for giving the 2nd and 6th house some love! When you understand the 2nd and 6th houses from a psychological standpoint, the way you understand yourself is just so much richer! 🙂

  • Congratulations again on losing weight. Are you having power struggles at work? How long has Pluto been in your 6th?

  • gracehoper

    I feel sorry for the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses. They used to have teeth! The 6th was given all the powers the 10th used to have and now the 10th doesn't have the importance it used to even though it's at the top of the chart, and the 8th and 12th are the hoojie-woojie houses where we can claim our psychic powers lie dormant, or not so dormant, depending on the credulity of our audience. 😉

    My 6th house house cusp is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in the 8th. My model of astrology has the 6th as the house of disease and enslavement (and the 10th as the house of career) so I could expect to have liver problems at some point, since Jupiter rules the liver. And I do like to drink! Sagittarius is a merry sign. 🙂 Plus, I have Neptune on the cusp of the 6th house, compounding the love of what Baudelaire would call ” le dérèglement de tous les sens” (Neptune in Sag in the 5th on the cusp of the 6th square Moon in the 3rd ruling my Cancer Ascendant).

    Over the past couple of years, my progressed moon passed through my 6th house, and I lost over 100 pounds. It's just finishing the transit now, as it conjoins my North Node at my Descendant. Transiting Pluto, too, has been making its way through my 6th house, changing all of my health and hygiene habits as it makes its way to my NN at the DSC in a few years.

  • That's such a great delineation of your NN and NN ruler placements. Ruler of the 6th and the 4th definitely shows working with family in mind, or doing work to serve your family.

    Some of the houses don't get enough love- it's true 🙁 lol 😀

  • firetiger

    cool pic michelle~ i have aries on the cusp of the 6th .. my NN is there and mars is in the 4th house.. i like to give myself a lot of time in the day for unexpected twists but i consistently wake up around 5:15 in the morning and leave a lot of room to exercise twice, and time to study up on areas of interest, work, and have time to lounge around… i want to do it all so i wake up early enough to do so~ i think the house ruler being in the 4th is pretty interesting, because now when i think about it a big motivation for work (to me) is taking care of my family~ not only is it part of my culture, but also being the only child in my family, i feel a sense of duty towards my parents. while a steady flow and consistency is important to me, what is more important is being my own boss and having a sense of independence in my day to day life.~~ glad to see u giving the 2nd house and 6th some love.. it's hard to find a lot of relevant info on it on the web .. thanks!