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Brainstorm: Planets and Things in the 11th House Astrology

Think of this post as an evolving online astrological journal of thoughts on planets and things in the eleventh house. Read it for natal placements, progressions, transits, etc.

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Planets & Things in the 11th house


enter of the crowd. Being one of a ‘stable’ of Stars, under the umbrella of a larger studio. Being one of a lineup of presenters. One, of many Superheroes. Surrounded by celebrities. Part of a famous group of people. I, Anonymous. Being one of many famous people lumped into a group together. Surrounded by people who want to be famous. League of Legends. Illustrious Lot. Pack of popular people. Fabled friends. Big-name brigade. Famous fans.


ibe of the crowd. Den mother. The group caretaker. Babysitters’ Club. Mom groups. Mothering the group. Being one of a ‘stable’ of caretakers. Surrounded by moody people. Surrounded by people who feel the same way. Food influencers. A pack of caretakers. A gang of moms. A network of caterers. A network of carers. An emotional audience. Potluck Committee. Foodie Club. Food organizations. Full Moon Squad. Midnight Coven Coterie. Homeowners’ Association. Security Squad. Domestic Assembly. Safety Society. Moon Mob. Clingy fans. Sensitives’ Association. Empath Seminar. Sentimental Set. Compassionate Council. Considerate Crowd. Kindness Cooperative. Sympathetic Sect. Family friends.


deas that spread. Mastermind groups. Mensa. Teacher in a large school, or university system. Being one of a ‘stable’ of teachers. Being one of a ‘stable’ of writers. Writers’ Guild. Surrounded by people thinking the same things. Surrounded by people who are also trying to get their voices heard. Everyone is talking at once. Cacophony. Radio static. Language influencers. A pack of intellectuals. A network of writers. Students’ union. An intelligent audience. Study Club. Educational Summit. Brainy Brigade. Nerd Order. Pack of smarty pants. Clever Crew. Thick as thieves. Robbers’ Ring.


ociety’s darling. Socialite. Art collective. Being one of a ‘stable’ of artists. Being one of a ‘stable’ of creators. Creators’ collective. Painters’ Guild. Art Students’ League. Surrounded by people with a similar aesthetic. Belonging to a particular artistic school of style. A group of diplomats. Diplomacy influencers. Lobbyists. Art influencers. Pack of Painters. Federation of Fashion Designers. Den of Designers. Gaggle of Gallerists. Paint Club. Bevy of Beauties. Lot of Lovelies. Artists’ Association. Horde of Hairstylists. Mob of Makeup Artists.


eader of the pack. Fighting amongst friends. Community rivalry. Actions that spread, like wildfire (with Uranus?) Military groups. Fighting for progress. Community enforcer. Driving club. Firemen’s Brotherhood. Bootcamp. Veterans’ association. Surrounded by people who are angry about the same things. Surrounded by people with similar physical activity interests. Surrounded by people who want to push you to be the leader. A group of leaders. Surrounded by people who are active. Fitness influencers. Fight Club. A pack of runners. A network of gym enthusiasts. Boxing Collective. Entrepreneurs’ League. Go-Getters’ Group. Now Network. Impatient audience. Aggressive fans. Association for Self-Assertion. Energy Syndicate. Daredevils’ Den.


rganized prayer. Religious groups. Megachurches. One preacher, in a stable of preachers, within a larger organization. One member of a stable of big thinkers. Previous TED Talk presenters. Foreign Legion. Religious congregation. Groups for ballers. Belonging to a particular group of people who are bound by a similar philosophy. Surrounded by people who have abundance. Culture influencers. Please rise for Judge Ju…piter. Order in the court! Church Committee. Pack of Priests. Priestess party. Affluent affiliates. Gluttonous Gathering. Optimists’ Organization. Know-it-all network. The flock.


dults only. This group has a dress code. Formal organizations. Club rule-maker. Here are the group rules. Dislike of group situations. Tendency to isolate yourself from the crowd.  A serious group. Surrounded by serious people. Surrounded by mature people. Surrounded by people who have limitations. Organizations for old people. AARP. Serious syndicate. Accomplished audience. Pack of professionals. Band of business people. Traditional team. Distinguished Panel. Ring of responsibility. Order of the Wise. Council of Conscience. Dutiful Gathering. Somber Set.


ivil disobedience. Civil resistance. Rebel without a cause. Society’s trouble-maker. Rabble-rouser. Being one of a ‘stable’ of scientists. Being one, of many dissidents. Computer Camp. Coding bootcamp. Surrounded by technology. Surrounded by geniuses. One highly intelligent person, in a crowd of many. Surrounded by pilots. Breaking apart from the group. Industry disrupter. Tech influencers. Surrounded by disrespectful people. Surrounded by rebels. Stuck in an unruly crowd. Shocking things happen in groups. Going against group norms. Diverging from your community’s expectations. Tech Team. Web Symposium. Gathering of geniuses. Gizmo Guild. Pack of pilots. Programming Posse. Unique Union. Nonconformists’ Network.


he Yacht Club. Being one of a ‘stable’ of swimmers. Being one of a ‘stable’ of photographers. Being one of a ‘stable’ of filmmakers. Being one of a ‘stable’ of actors. Screenactors’ Guild. IATSE (maybe Neptune/Sun, and maybe with the 6th house). Lack of awareness of what sort of group you’ve gotten yourself mixed up with. Unintentional associations. Unknown associates. Associations for the blind. Drifting from group to group. Spiritual commune. Spiritual influencers. Film influencers. Surrounded by spiritual people. Surrounded by people with cameras. Don’t let the camera suck your soul out. Dead Poet’s Society. Imagineers. Animation League. Fortnight Friends. Dungeons & Dragons Den. Game of Thrones Gang. The Choir.


riminal groups. Cartels. Secret groups. Secret Orders. Large scale covert operations. Scourge of society. Crowd control. Secret societies. Criminal gangs. Spy network. Sopranos Squad. Narcos Network. Mystery Novelists’ Meetup (probably with Mercury). Shadow Society. Obsessive fans. An intense audience. Codebreakers’ Club. Cryptography Convention. Research Ring. Horde of hypnotists. Den of detectives. Enigmatic friends. Mystical Mob. Therapy Team. Trauma Troupe.


ealing collective.  A pracitioner in an alternative medicine complex. A stable of doctors, within a medical complex. The maverick, within a large organization. Nurses’ union (probably with ties to the 6th house). Rehabilitation center. The Holistic Convention. Whole Expo. Alternative medicine alliance. A horde of herbalists. A mob of masseurs. A pack of practitioners. An assembly of acupuncturists. Tarot troupe.


verly developed sense of personal self-expression that needs an audience.


verly influenced by groups in the past, needing to develop more self-expression.


elonging to a particular group of people who are bound by similar dietary observances.


elonging to a particular group of people who are bound by similar rituals.

  • Christina Aguilera: Sun, Mercury Venus, Neptune, mean NN ruler (Sun), Thetis, Melpomene
  • Dugald Baird, British medical doctor and professor of obstretics and gynecology who advocated for “freedom from the tyranny of fertility”: ASC rulers (Saturn & Uranus), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, mean NN, Ceres, Pallas, Chiron, true node
  • Kathy Bates: Sun, ASC ruler (Mercury), Venus, mean NN ruler (Venus), Hygiea, Thetis, Victoria
  • Gary Busey: Sun, ASC ruler (Mercury), Venus, Saturn, mean NN, Pallas, Vesta, true NN, Iris, Thetis, Melpomene, Victoria
  • Jim Caviezel: ASC ruler (Pluto), Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, mean NN ruler (Mars), Thetis, Thalia
  • Bootsy Collins: Moon, ASC ruler (Mars), Venus, Mars, mean SN, Psyche, Melpomene
  • Nell Carter: ASC ruler (Venus), Venus, Saturn, Pluto, mean NN ruler (Venus), Hygiea, Thetis, Victoria
  • Rosalynn Carter: Pluto, Juno, Kalliope
  • Marie Curie: Sun, ASC ruler (Saturn), Venus, Mars, Saturn, Juno, Irene
  • Hélène Darroze, French chef, with 6 Michelin star restaurants: Sun, ASC ruler (Venus), Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron, NN ruler (Venus), Thalia
  • Olivia De Havilland: Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, NN ruler (Saturn), Psyche, Melpomene
  • M.C. Escher: Sun, Moon, ruler of ASC (Sun), Mercury, Neptune, Pluto
  • Ronan Farrow: Sun, Moon, ASC rulers (Saturn & Uranus), Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Melpomene
  • Sean Hannity: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, mean NN ruler (Sun), Hygiea, Thetis, Thalia
  • Don Henley: Sun, ASC ruler (Mercury), Venus, mean NN ruler (Venus), Melpomene, Kalliope
  • Charlton Heston: ASC ruler (Mars), Mercury, Mars, NN, Juno, mean NN ruler (Mercury), Flora, Melpomene, Victoria
  • Lynda Hill: Sun, ASC ruler (Saturn), Mercury, Venus, Saturn, NN ruler (Saturn), Flora, Kalliope
  • James Hillman: Sun, Moon, ASC ruler (Mercury), Chiron, NN ruler (Moon), Melpomene
  • Heinrich Himmler: ASC ruler, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, mean NN, mean NN ruler (Jupiter)
  • Waylon Jennings: Sun, ASC ruler, Mercury, Chiron, mean SN, Irene, Kalliope
  • Ted Kaczynski: Sun, ASC ruler (Sun), Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NN ruler (Mercury), Hygiea, Kalliope
  • Imelda Marcos: Moon, ASC ruler (Moon), Venus, mean NN, mean NN ruler (Venus), Victoria
  • Kylie Minogue: Sun, Moon, ASC ruler (Sun), Mercury, Venus, Mars, NN ruler (Mars), Melpomene
  • Ludo Philippaerts, Belgian Olympic show jumping rider: ASC rulers (Mars & Pluto), Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Ceres, Juno, Vesta, Flora, Irene, Kalliope, Victoria
  • Maritha Pottenger: Moon, ASC ruler (Moon), Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Ceres, Hygiea
  • Eunice Shriver: Sun, ASC ruler (Mercury), Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Pallas, Psyche, Thetis, Thalia

11th house

  • Dreams of the Future, Progress, and Reform
  • Followers & Fans (Your Audience)
  • Groups, Clubs, Gangs, Alliances, & Community
  • Humanitarian Longings & Endeavors
  • Popularity & Likeability
  • Results of your profession (2nd house from the 10th)
  • Shared Interests & Creativity
  • Surrounded
  • Affiliate
  • Alliance
  • Assembly
  • Association
  • Audience
  • Band
  • Batch
  • Board
  • Brigade
  • Brotherhood
  • Bunch
  • Cabal
  • Cabinet
  • Camp
  • Caravan
  • Cartel
  • Caucus
  • Circle
  • Clan
  • Clique
  • Clinic
  • Club
  • Cluster
  • Cohort
  • Collective
  • College
  • Committee
  • Commune
  • Community
  • Comrade
  • Conclave
  • Confederation
  • Conference
  • Congregation
  • Congress
  • Convention
  • Cooperative
  • Coterie
  • Council
  • Coven
  • Crew
  • Crowd
  • Cult
  • Faction
  • Fans
  • Federation
  • Fellowship
  • Followers
  • Fraternity
  • Friends
  • Gang
  • Gathering
  • Group
  • Guild
  • Herd
  • Horde
  • La Banda
  • League
  • Legion
  • Lot
  • Members
  • Mob
  • Network
  • Orchestra
  • Order
  • Organization
  • Pack
  • Party
  • Platoon
  • Posse
  • Rally
  • Ring
  • School
  • Sect
  • Seminar
  • Senate
  • Set
  • Sisterhood
  • Society
  • Sorority
  • Squad
  • Squadron
  • Stable
  • Summit
  • Swarm
  • Symposium
  • Syndicate
  • Team
  • Throng
  • Troupe
  • Union
  • Among the people
  • Ampitheater
  • Arena
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria?
  • Civic center
  • Clubhouse
  • Coliseum
  • Concert hall
  • Convention center
  • Den
  • Dome
  • Exhibit
  • Expo
  • In a crowd
  • Large venue
  • Meeting room
  • Protest
  • Rally
  • Stadium
  • Thunder Dome
  • Tradeshow
  • Becoming involved with an organization
  • Camaraderie
  • Discovering common interests
  • Fulfilling your civic duty
  • Getting involved with more people, in a bigger context
  • Joining a group
  • Longterm planning
  • Protesting
  • Taking on a role within a group (look to 11th house planets for the role)
  • Working with human resources

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