Mercury/Uranus Aspects


mercury-uranus-aspectsBrilliance. Genius. Flashes of intuition. Instant comprehension. Leaps in understanding. Skipping steps in the learning process. Skipping a grade. Lightning quick mind. Accelerated learning. Unconventional thought process. Bright ideas. Light bulb flashing over your head. “Eureka!” Crazy. Zany. Eccentric. Strange or absurd ideas. Bizarre conclusions. Kooky. Loony. Insane. Mad Hatter. Revolutionary thinking. Revolutionary ideas. Thinking outside the box. Hair-brained schemes. The mad scientist. Brainstorms. Inventors. Experimental. Unusual interpretations. Unprecedented interpretations. Unconventional viewpoint. Making unexpected connections. Groundbreaking concepts. Independent mind. Precocious notions. Unpredictable speech patterns. Erratic travel patterns. Irrational logic. Unusual sibling relationships. Eccentric siblings. Strange siblings. Aloof siblings. Brilliant siblings. Concern with modern thought, modern thinkers and modern ideas. Avant-garde concepts. Alien mind. Alien education. Extraterrestrial intelligence. Telling the truth.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams: Hell yes. Mercury quincunx Uranus. Click the photo to view his chart.

Original thinkers. A mind for technology. Progressive viewpoint. Breaking free from conventional thinking. Being able to present old information in a new way. Shocking communication. Shocking language. Saying things simply for shock value. Saying things simply to push people away. Using language to gain freedom from restriction. Scattered. Unable to stay with one topic or subject for any length of time. Sporadic interests. ADD. ADHD. Short attention span. The mind of an astrologer. Astrological thinking. Innovative thinking. People on the fringe. Unusual connections. An unpredictable way of communicating information. Connecting information in a unique way. Strange correlations. Short bursts of communication. Erratic education. Gaps in your education. Unstable mind. Rebellious thoughts. Thoughts that liberate. Liberation through writing. Liberation through reading. Talking about freedom and independence. Declaring your independence from established ways of thinking, speaking or writing. Rebelling against established ways of thinking, speaking or writing. An unconventional education. Erratic learning patterns. Alternative education. Education reform. On the cutting edge of trends in learning and education. Extreme ways of communicating. Using extreme language. Verbal outbursts. Making off color comments. Abnormal mind. Deviant thoughts. Mental disorders.

People with Mercury/Uranus aspects:

  • Bobby Fischer (chess Grandmaster): Mercury square Uranus
  • Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence): Mercury sextile Uranus
  • Camille Paglia (controversial feminist): Mercury square Uranus
  • Lady Gaga: Mercury square Uranus
  • Johnny Depp: Mercury square Uranus
  • Pharrell Williams: Mercury quincunx Uranus
  • Charles Darwin: Mercury trine Uranus

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  • DP

    Love reading the way these aspects can manifest. My Mercury at 3 Aquarius and my Uranus at 5 Virgo are not only quincunx but also in mutual reception. So very interesting to read for me.

  • moneychix

    I’m learning to deal with my hard mercury contacts with outer planets and I must say the hard aspects are not a walk in the park but they are cool. Seriously. And your blog is insane – in a good way. Gives me more confidence to accept myself as an astro lover despite my environment of sceptics.

    • Thank you, moneychix – I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The outer planets connect you to the outer universe. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, like the universal mind.

  • Thank you for reading, spiral amethyst. What is your rising sign?

    • spiral amethyst

      i have leo rising-capricorn sun 5th house-virgo moon conj.saturn 1st house. some say 2nd
      to be honest -i feel both at times. moon 17 – saturn 19 – 2nd house cusp 18. i should read
      some of the other posts. this aspect is the one that pulled me in. (first time posting).
      i have ADD, diagnosed 10 yrs ago-meds help me. i didn’t like school much-don’t like classes
      either-self teach myself most things i have interest in..painting, crafts,gardening & astrology.

  • HL

    I have Mercury [gemini in 12th] trine Uranus [virgo in 4th] and my response to this article is absolutely yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Cool πŸ™‚

    • boobtuber06 .

      don’t gemini and virgo square??? Aren’t trines always in the same element, or is that just grand trines???

      • Hi booktuber06,

        Trines do not always have to be in the same sign, although some astrologers might disregard out of sign trine. A trine is formed by two planets that are 120 degrees apart … sometimes that angle results in the planets being in signs that are not trine to each other even though the two planets are 120 degrees apart.

        • boobtuber06 .

          Appreciate the clarification.
          Can you comment on something else?
          It’s the similarities and differences between one that has Mercury trine Uranus or Mercury conjunct Uranus…

          • With the trine there is unimpeded flow between the energy and symbolism of the planets. With the conjunction the energy and symbolism of two planets are fused to the point that the native can distinguish between them.

  • Rah

    Yes, yes and Yep. What I absolutely adore about your site is you include minor aspects in your celebrity section, giving them as much validity as major aspects. That’s great. Because in many charts minor aspects aren’t so minor.

    • Thank you, Rah. I try to include a good range of celebrities in every post.

  • JR

    Jadi inilah alasan mengapa aku punya mental disorder : ADHD , Biporlar, Borderline personality

  • peter

    Yea sun in Aquarius or picses d.o.b Feb 19, m obviously Aquarius tho, i have this apect, Aquarius mercury, Uranus Capricorn, i did have treated ADHD, i never say i don’t know how to fix that, it like i have understanding of everything, enough bout tht, I’ve also got Uranus conjunction Neptune, out of box thinking, more like out in another planet thinking, i swear, the kind of psychic here is more of knowledge one, don’t even mention astrology, science, technology to me fool

  • m00ny

    I have the conjunction (at least according to astro and horoscopeswithin) with a loose orb of almost 10Β°. It doesn’t even show on other sites. How much do astrologers usually allow? All this very much applies, except maybe for the brilliance/genius part, I mostly just got crazy πŸ˜€ But then again, Uranus also resides in my packed 3rd house so it may have an effect, I guess, though I can never tell if I’m plain dumb or kind of smart-ish, sometimes.

    • For Mercury/Uranus I don’t think I would allow more than 10 degrees. Do you have emphasis on Virgo, Gemini, or Aquarius in your chart? What about the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house?

      • m00ny

        6th and 11th are empty (Virgo on the 11th) but the 3rd house is a silly salad of 5 distressed planets and north node (Uranus/Moon/Neptune/+/Sun/Saturn/N.node), would say a decent stellium if taken into account another loose orb of ~9Β° between Neptune/Sun; it’s funny cause I “feel” strongly this conjunction too in spite of it also occuring in Cappy (3rd). Venus is in Aqua (4th) cojuncting IC and squared by Pluto (1st). Thank you for the reply!

        • 9 degrees for a conjunction to the Sun or Moon is acceptable. You have a 3rd house stellium. With Uranus in the 3rd, and the stellium, it’s no wonder you relate to this post πŸ™‚

  • Valmont

    I have Uranus in Sagittarius 13Β°30’31 (Square both Sun and Moon) in the Second House. This is supposedly the “Great Attractor” point, yes? I also have Saturn, Pluto and Mars in my First House. I would like to hear your thoughts on this point, specifically… I am only just coming to know of its existence, and I’m finding that knowledge already to have massive importance in interpreting my sense of self (I’m also a Pisces)

    Life has found extreme application in me. Uranian energy has filled my steps from the earliest days, and looking back on my life with the Astrological lens, I see where is has vastly contributed to my experience. My successes as well as failures. Huge waves of ups and downs are a defining characteristic. As is insight. As is variety. As quick depth of understanding. As is drastic and sudden change. As is travel. None of which I was aware of at the inception of these life characteristics. I did not know Uranus exuded such influence so powerfully on my life. However, in retrospect, one would have to be blind to ignore it.

    And since I’ve been introduced to the effect of my Pluto Conjunct Ascendant 3Β°17 in Libra in the First House… And now this Uranus in Sag at the Great Attractor… I’m having a whole new light shed on a previously very confusing, and often frustrating, aspect of my existence.

    So, this post boils down to your take on Great Attractor. What’s is its significance in the other charts you’ve seen, and research you’ve done? How does it manifest in people’s lives? I have found it to be a very harsh aspect, but one that also brings great force and power with it that can be harnessed. But I am only beginning to understand these possibilities…

    Thank you for your time to respond.

    • Great question, Valmont … one that I am not equipped to answer. I bought the Sirius astrology software a few weeks ago to help me research the answers to questions like yours.

      In the mean time … check out astrologer Philip Sedgewick’s work:

      and also Eric Francis:

      I have Neptune at 13 Sagittarius 49′, in the 4th house. I heard Philip talk about the Great Attractor a few years ago at a NORWAC conference.

      From Francis’s article: “… it’s often prominent in the charts of people who feel as if they are in some way alien from the rest of the human race, even literally. Elian Gonzolez, for example, was born Dec. 5 and his Sun is right there. As Pluto went over the degree recently, the house where he lived in Miami was turned into a museum, and in that city he’s held with the reverence of the baby Jesus. Mohammed Atta, the pilot who flew Flight 11 into the World Trade Center, was detained in Miami at the same time on immigration charges, and was then released.”

      What degree of Pisces is your Sun? Pisces is getting hit with a lot of aspects right now.

  • Dumaramutsi

    I have Mercury Bi-Quintile Uranus, Mercury in Cancer 12th house…Uranus Saggitarius 4th house…but i donΒ΄t consider myself a “Genius”… i pretty much had bad grades at school and i remember that back then, i didnΒ΄t like to study at all. Some people says that iΒ΄m akawrdly funny and all hahah, but i really donΒ΄t know if a Bi-Quintile aspect between this two planets itΒ΄s something good? Can you tell me your personal opinion, please(?)

    Oh! and BTW…sorry but english itΒ΄s not my first language.

    • “Good” … I don’t know that I’m a fan of descriptors like this. A trait can be fantastic in one situation and work against you in another. That being said, you probably get away with more outlandish comments than the average person in any situation.

      • Dumaramutsi

        Lol … ok. Thank you very much for the reply!! πŸ˜‰

  • Accelnano

    Is Mercury (2nd house, Libra) quintile Uranus (end of 4th house, Saggitarius) considered as well?
    My aspect is around 0 degree 3x minutes….

  • Harrit

    My Mercury Leo Third house in Trine Orb 1Β° 53′ with Uranus Sagittarius Sixth house
    Mercury Leo Third house in Conjunction Orb 3Β° 8′ with Mars Leo Third house
    Mars Leo Third house in Trine with Orb 1Β° 15′ Uranus Sagittarius Sixth house

    I tend to reject society as a bad sketch.
    Rejected school did nothing for it but finished it.
    Rejected work I can’t stand repetitiveness without improvement!
    Rejected society consumerisms. XD
    Yes i am a mad scientist/prophet that is not accepted in his own house!
    I learned too accept defeat so i enjoy the fruits from my labor for myself.
    Can’t help it if life is a biatch made out of followers.
    It is the internets where most open minded people are to be found.
    Mercury/Uranus made sure of that!

    Like the movie wizard of oz.
    Stay on the yellow road and you find yourself
    at the end of the yellow road
    tricked by an evil wizard behind the curtain!

  • Max56

    I have Mercury in Cancer 18 trine uranus in Scorpio 17. Mercury 12th house, uranus 4th. Still can’t figure what that means, but I see I’m not alone on this blog. One example I have is watching tv, getting a question in my head, and then bam bam bam bam, images stream and I come to a conclusion in 2 seconds. I think to myself, what the heck was that!!!! And then I mentally trace backwards the ideas that just streamed to my brain!! Like if I was trying to explain my reasoning to someone, I would need the details on how I got there!

    I don’t have any other planets aspecting uranus in my chart, so thats all i got, but I know people who do and it seems the radical intelligence just touches those places as well, but in different forms.

    These are all interesting comments and all of you with profound mental powers, so I’ve read, just need to appreciate it some more and believe in yourself.

    To the others who don’t care about school. Yeh, the things we learn in school are useless mostly, but they really are a means to get to where we are going on this prison we call earth (sorry for being so negative, but thats how i feel usually) SEND ME TO THE MOON SCOTTY!

  • fatkat

    Mercury Uranus Square here . that article is spot on!

  • Mimi

    Rebellious thoughts. Thoughts that liberate. Liberation through writing. Liberation through reading. Talking about freedom and independence. Declaring your independence from established ways of thinking, speaking or writing. Rebelling against established ways of thinking, speaking or writing.I have mercury sextile uranus πŸ™‚ This is interesting, i really love to write and read :))

  • sea green

    Ahh…Okay…so I had posted before reading Jara’s thoughtful comments on the concept of tapping into the “collective unconscious” to Abella.Β  Nice.

    Hmm…re: possible Pisces influence on this way of thinking… I have Sun and Neptune in 12; Mars in Pisces in 3rd square Jupiter/Asc; Mars Qx Uranus.; Neptune Semi-sq Uranus, sextile Pluto, sextile MC. Β  Re: Leo/Taurus, no planets in either.

    • Very Neptunian. Do have you anything in Virgo or the 6th house?

  • sea green

    I have this quintile, with Uranus in 10th. …The comments made by others here about people “stealing” one’s ideas I find very foreign. …Especially in this internet age, how on earth can we complain about such things, when you read a thousand supposed “original” thoughts of others in a day, on hundreds of different sites?Β  Are anyone’s ideas truly arising out of a vacuum, uninfluenced by all one is exposed to?Β  Pfft.Β  …Being stuck in such arrogance only limits one’s creativity, I’d say.Β  Who knows where truly “new” ideas come from?Β  Are we not simply sharing an idea whose time has come? Tapping into some unseen stream of truth, somewhere in the shared ether/ God-mind/ etc.?Β  (Obviously NOT an “original” idea of mine…but rather quite an old one!)Β  So even if you are the “first” with a truly radical new concept, how can one trademark truth?

    IDK, my Sagg Asc/Jupiter conjunction is in tight sextile with Uranus, so maybe that makes me automatically more “generous” with new ideas.Β  I’ll obviously never make a living off any supposed “intellectual property” of mine!Β  …This reminds me of Donald Trump applying to trademark the expression, “You’re fired!”Β  Too much.

  • Scythe404

    Uranus-ruled Mercury exalted in Aquarius in the 7th house, quintile 14′ Mars in Sagittarius, sextile Jupiter in Aries, and sextile 29′ Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. A detached, aggressive, optimistic and expansive yet logical and detail-oriented mind. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and to a lesser extent Saturn putting a lot of firepower behind my thinking and expression.Β To top it all off, transiting Neptune in Aquarius has been hovering right overtop my Mercury for the last year or two.Β It gets busy in here!

    The archetypal Mercury/Uranus story of a lightning strike and a great leap forward fits me–I was mentally passive and a bit self-absorbed throughout my early childhood. My exmilitary father (as Saturn as it gets) never got a traditional education, so he always pushed me to excel in school. Not that I cared. He preached about education, and withdrew enthusiasm for me when academic achievement wasn’t the subject. Well, Uranus doesn’t take kindly to authority, and neither did I, so academic mediocrity was my way of rebelling. In ninth grade, my teachers tried to transfer me to a remedial program. I didn’t care. My father fought tooth and nail to keep me in the regular program.

    I realized how self-destructive my “rebellion” was around the eleventh grade, and when I started showing up to class and putting a little effort into my homework, I brought my C average up to a B+ in one year. Don’t ask me how. I just did. I decided I wanted to do it–presto. I somehow squeaked my way into the #2 University in my country a year after graduation. Now, in my last year of my undergraduate degree, I’m sitting at a 3.9GPA and am performing a paid research assistantship in which all of my colleagues are senior professors and graduate students.Β 

    The really weird thing is, I feel like I’ve been asleep the entire time. I know I’ve worked hard, and there have been times when I wanted to give up and instead I made a conscious choice to keep striving, but no matter how well I perform, I feel like my “intelligence” and every achievement attached to it isn’t really mine. Could that be Mercury in the 7th’s effect?Β 

    I don’t have to study as hard as anyone else. I can write 4,000 word, A+ essays in one or two nights. Perhaps Β this is not just Mercury/Uranus… perhaps the Saturn Sextile to Mercury is what makes itΒ easy for me to analyze logical patterns (like rhetorical structures [Saturn]) and absorb them for easy, intuitive recall later on (Uranus).

    I’ve found that posing myself questions and sitting quietly until I suddenly spring into action with an idea is more effective than reasoning my way fro problem to solution (although I go back to create a reasoning pathway after the fact when I have to). It’s downright supernatural, and a real time saver in academia, but I don’t dare discuss it with people because it would come off too damned weird. It’s a talent I exploit, but feel very detached from. This makes it difficult to feel good about the academic achievements that have set me apart from my largely uneducated lower-middle-class family and engendered some resentment. I’ve tried to get this off my chest–found little sympathy.

    If I had to choose one or the other: Mercury in Capricorn (Saturn-ruled) or Mercury in Aquarius (Uranus-ruled), or to keep only the Saturn Sextile or the Uranus Sextile, I think I would choose Capricorn and Saturn. With Capricorn and Saturn, you earn it. You work slowly, deliberately, structuring and controlling your way forward. There’s integrity to that. You make it happen. With Uranus, it just happens to you.Β 

    • Very nice Scythe404.

      Academic success is often a Mercury/Saturn trait (Donna Cunningham has written about it on her blog, Skywriter).Β 
      Around 11th grade when you suddenly improved your grades, I wonder if you had a transit activating natal Uranus.

      • Scythe404

        Thanks, Michelle. πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading your blog for months now and I’m a big fan, but I’ve been hesitant to write about anything personal. I’m glad I did.

        It’s funny you say that about academic success, because a couple close friends of mine who also do well in similar programs have unaspected mercuries, but very prominent ninth houses. Things seem to come easily to them in academia as well, but they see it as more of a means to their own personal ends as freelancers, where academia itself–teaching, learning, speaking–is where I find myself in focus.Β 

        I went back and looked at my transits for those years–from 10th to 11th grade, transiting Uranus in Aquarius conjoined my Mercury. Later, in my grad year and first year of University, Pluto in Sagittarius formed a trine to my ninth house Jupiter in Aries.Β 

        • Ymartinez197

          Love this post!!!! I have Mercury conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the Β 5th house Sagittarius. I personally was interested to know how this plays out assuming the 5th house is the house of Fun , games and activities and romance and i believe Capricorn is not a happy camper in that house lol. Another thing is I have my Sun Conjunct Mercury + Uranus+Neptune but instead of having the Sun in the 5th house i have it in my 6th house Capricorn. I believe this probably have a strong influence in my natal chart :]

          • What is your Ascendant – Virgo?

            • Ymartinez197

              My ascendant is in Leo actually but the funny thing is that in my progress chart I’m a virgo in a rising.

              • That is interesting. Capricorn in the 5th is not especially light-hearted.

                • Ymartinez197

                  Yeah i believe is a contradiction in my part the reason why cause there is a part of me that wants to be outgoing and just let loose and go into a adventure or something Β but at the same time i see that as so beneath me. Im not the best when it comes to be social around people and having fun only if its in my own terms and all my friends tell me i should just let loose and have some fun or if not I’m going to regret later in my years.

                  • Not only will you regret not letting loose now, but you might also have a late bloomers party animal phase to make up for it.

                    • Ymartinez197

                      lol thats what a lot of my friends says to but i personally don’t see it as a bad thing lol.

                    • Well … it’s a little awkward when your friends are in serious jobs, having serious relationships, raising families and you just want to go out and party.

      • Ymartinez197

        Love this post!!!! I have Mercury conjunct Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn in the Β 5th house Sagittarius. I personally was interested to know how this plays out assuming the 5th house is the house of Fun , games and activities and romance and i believe Capricorn is not a happy camper in that house lol. Another thing is I have my Sun Conjunct Mercury + Uranus+Neptune but instead of having the Sun in the 5th house i have it in my 6th house Capricorn. I believe this probably have a strong influence in my natal chart :]

  • Adding … right around the time that transiting Pluto made a conjunction to my natal Uranus I moved to a new town and attended a new school. My step-brother left the family and went back to live with his mother. At my new school, something happened to my brain (ominous, huh?) Until that point I really thought I was an average student. I didn’t notice anything remarkable about myself at all. Then, suddenly, I was speeding ahead of the other students. This was 4th grade. I received straight A+ for 4 straight quarters; I was put in advanced reading, math and art; I also got an award for having 13 scores of 100 in math in a row. Toward the end of the year I was given an IQ test. I had no idea what it was for, and I learned several years later that my teachers thought I should have skipped 5th grade but my mother thought it would make me socially stunted (she has 4 planets in Leo). I spent many years in grade school and high school, and college, being bored out of my mind. My Mercury is in Aries.

    • Kai

      That’s awesome Michelle, I wish that could’ve happen to me. I’ve been mostly an average student in high school and college. I only get the occasional praise from my teachers about my sharp and deep insights in philo but that’s about it. Oh and btw, I have Mercury sextile Jupiter and Chiron, Mercury Conjunct Venus, and square Neptune besides the Uranus trine. My guess is because you have the opposition. Oppositions have always been more potent when mastered.

      Just awesome… a good example of the aspects’ potential. XD

      • I think it’s partly the opposition and partly because Uranus is in the 3rd house.Β 

        Maybe you’ll get some sudden mind shocks during the next major transit to your natal Uranus πŸ™‚

        • Kai

          I already did a long time ago Pluto conjunct Uranus. Does it really matter if you don’t have any planets in the 3rd house? Maybe that’s reason why cause I don’t there’s none in my chart.

    • ‘.. I learned several years later that my teachers thought I should have
      skipped 5th grade but my mother thought it would make me socially
      stunted (she has 4 planets in Leo)…”

      Interesting similarity we have. I was skipped from the 7th to the 8th grade. I had just started attending this school because my parents bought a duplex apartment building and the school I had attended previously only went to the 6th grade. I think (my memory is a bit fuzzy on this) I had to take some kind of test. What I distinctly remember is, being sent home with this note requesting an immediate parent/school conference (requesting both parents attendance) and being scared to death. Usually those kinds of requests are only made when the child has really messed up. I knew I hadΒ  done nothing wrong so why in the world were they calling this kind of conference?!! I was scared to death because Dad had to take off work and he had told me years prior that he’d better not have to take off work for a parent/school conference.Β  After the meeting, Dad and Mom together told me that it was about me skipping a grade. Mom who has 3 planets and NN in Leo, basically thought the same as your mother, reiterating that I would be younger than the other kids and would not be able to keep up with the classwork. Dad (if you remember from the Saturn/Chiron post has Mercury conjunct Uranus), though he did not show it in an obvious way, supported it and gave the OK for me to skip. He did talk to me later, letting me know that it might be harder but he knew that I could do it. I think I mentioned in a earlier reply in this post that I graduated high school in the top 5 % (#38 out of a class of 678). I could have done better than that but I held myself back. Despite my anger with him, this is one of the few moments I still treasure. Thanks for reminding me of this. Math and reading were my best and favorite subjects too! I loved art as well though I’m not good at at all. lolΒ  I loved school and it was my escape.

      • That’s kind of amazing. We had very similar experiences.

  • Kai

    It would be good to hear from people’s experiences on how they used this aspect. πŸ˜€

    • Do you mean how they apply their brilliance and unusual ways of thinking?

      • Kai

        Yeah pretty much,Β  hearing other peoples’ stories would be nice. (^_^)y

        • My blog is my story – Uranus in the 3rd opposite Mercury in the 8th XD

  • Kai

    One of my favorite aspects in my chart – Mercury in Aries trine Uranus in Sagittarius. I can easily connect totally unrelated topics together and still makes sense of it. Also I find solutions to problems laterally. This aspect also lets the person casually consider unconventional approaches to problems and ways to communicate. I was once had a huge falling out with my brother (my fault) and apologized to him by drawing him a comic book/parody thing (about the whole affair). He was very moved by it and fell to tears and forgave me.

    If you have this aspect it’s easier to use unconventional study methods than to use conventional ones in studying and memorizing for college.

    Michelle do you have any thoughts on why Edward de Bono (author of Lateral Thinking) doesn’t have a Mercury/Uranus aspect?

    • I don’t know a lot about Edward de Bono so I looked him up. One of the tightest aspects in his chart is Mercury square Saturn – de Bono thoroughly thought through a system, step by step, on how to be creative.

      From the Wikipedia article,
      “Creativity should be producible on demand. Formation and design from new ideas cannot merely be left to chance. Because of these opinions, de Bono continues to invent ways to teach creative thinking as a separate skill.Β Former teaching strategies include complete courses that were adopted as curriculum for children, with later versions adapted for adults.”

      This isn’t sudden, directly connected, Uranian creativity that is unexplainable and unduplicable. This is Saturnian creativity produced through a system of measured results using guidelines.Β 

      Feel free to disagree. I haven’t read de Bono’s books, so I may be missing something.

      Also from the article,
      “De Bono has stated that he regards language as having been both the biggest help and the biggest barrier to human progress.”

      How’s that for Mercury/Saturn!?

      • Kai

        Mercury/Saturn would’ve helped but I doubt that it pushed him in that direction. I’m thinking that it’s possibly a midpoint aspect or a fixed star influence but that’s just me. Which reminds me of Einstein – He had Mercury conjunct Saturn and is widely considered as one of this century’s geniuses. But then again his chart was a bucket type chart with Uranus as it’s handle so that’s that.

        • Fixed stars and midpoints are possibilities, but don’t underestimate Mercury/Saturn. Mercury/Saturn types are smart cookies – they think thoroughly rather than leaping to conclusions.Β 

          • Kai

            It’s possible, Mercury/Saturn as an authority on thinking. So I guess that’s something to consider. I do have Mercury/Saturn in this case in my Mercury’s Persona Chart. My Mercury (represented by the sun) trines Saturn which probably means that I desire to communicate more reservedly.

  • Like everyone said …. its brilliantΒ Michelle πŸ™‚

    There is no doubt that it is not a good match. When there are siblings sit together they must sprouts something. Some thing which lead you on a great path like “Johnny Depp”.

  • PopHip

    I have mercury conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius in IV (orb 0,08′)
    I m an unconventional person, and very independent of thinking
    I found solution to problems very quickly.
    i do lot of extreme sports like downhill skateboarding
    sometimes i can’t sleep cause my brain is running or sometimes i wake up with the solution of the problem i face

    mercury master of MC, and ascendant virgo
    Uranus master of VI
    I’m engineer and recently move to china for work. (4th house in Sagittarius)
    I speak 3 languages every day.

    The conjonction is square ASC, square moon (pisces conjunct DSC), trine lilith (aries VIII house)
    I don’t look like i am
    younger, it’s has been very hard to be myself cause i feel too much others feeling
    and i tried to adapt myself to what they want me to be (the boring virgo ascendant)

    I’m in advance on my time
    when i have new ideas people reject it systematically
    but then a few day/mounths/years later, they tell me : “hey, I have a super idea……..”

    living in china really help me to live that potential, I think cause people can see at first sight that i’m not totally like them (NO OFFENSE HERE)

    • Michelle

      I wonder why people systematically reject your ideas. Perhaps it is the way you present them initially?

      Thank you for reading, PopHip.

      • PopHip

        you must be right.
        I have gemini in Xth, south node in III conjonct saturn, and mercury square ascendant virgo, black moon in aries.
        so communication and expression could be problematic, but i work on it !!!
        Now I think when people know me, they think twice
        but they still need time to get used to those ideas.
        hopefully i’m capricorn so i’m patient !!!

        • Michelle

          With Saturn conjunct your South Node in Gemini, you may be used to being taken seriously as an authority whenever you speak. You might come across as if your word is the rule. Putting a more personal touch on the way you speak to people might make them more receptive to your ideas.

          • PopHip

            Β little misunderstanding,
            Β my soutth node is in scorpio, house III. so north node in IX taurus… (so i live abroad, even if i’ve never had the desire to live my country, but now i really start enjoying my life)

            thank you for your comments
            i will be glad if you look at my birthchart (december the 27th, 22:55, vannes, france)

            • PopHip

              december the 27th 1984, 22:55, vannes, france [2.46O ; 47.39N / 1E00, 21h55mn T.U.]
              i’ve forgot the year ! hihihi

              and reading my message again, i just realise what i wrote : “i’ve never had the desire to live my country”
              what a huge parapraxis !!!
              i’m on the pathway…

              • Michelle

                We have opposite nodes (me: South Node Taurus 9th house, North Node Scorpio 3rd house).

                Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time right now to look at your chart. I’m so busy, I barely have time to respond to comments.

                • PopHip

                  Β ahaha that’s fun !
                  it s alright if you can’t. No need to justify yourself, I totally understand.

                  Thanks for your reply and your blog, it really helped me understand new stuff !

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I’ve come to notice that people with a Mercury / Uranus aspect (mostly conjunctions and squares) are extremely smart, almost to the point of pure genius but their major downfall is that they are a bit socially-awkward or anti-social.

    One of my aunts has this aspect – Mercury in Libra square Uranus in Cancer. She’s EXTREMELY smart – she was one of the few kids in her high school that scored beyond average on tests and she even knew the Dewey Decimal system – and she never even touch a book or was taught on the subject yet she scored perfect under that subject. Sometimes, when she watches “Wheel of Fortune”, she can figure out the puzzle without any letters. Wickedly cool, right?

    Could this aspect be responsible for people with Aspberger’s (which is often called the “Professor’s Syndrome”)?

    • Too me, when people describe geniuses, it means they can “fuction” in the world brilliantly. She seemed more or less “too left brained”” robotic type” of genius from the way you describe her. I’m sure she is incredibly humble and nice. As an adult, what does she do with that intelligence now? I’m just curious.

    • Michelle

      I can see how people with this aspect could be seen as anti-social.

      I haven’t looked at a chart of anyone with Aspberger’s or thought much about it…it’s a possibility.

  • I consider myself a SUPER THINKER… not a genius though. :)… maybe when talking about the most random things lol. I have Mercury Virgo in the 11th house Square Uranus in the 3rd house (3 other planets in the third house). I believe that I am a champion of deep thought. My brain is often too quick for me to get things out properly when speaking,I often have to write out things to make people understand what i am getting at. There are times when I do feel like I’m telepathic and I force my mind onto others helping them understand what I am truly feeling at the time. I’m indeed eccentric and always on the other side of a situation, thought , or feeling. Thinking… Thinking.. Thinking!!! and Some more Thinking. I even read books on Thinking.

    My brain is so eccentric. When I am just about to fall a lseep. I hear voices, and sometimes visions of old people come into my brain or a scenery out of national geographic. It’s wild. My brain is on FIRE!!.

    Do you think my brain will explode someday? Or my head will spontaneously com bust? I might invent the brain massager.

    • Michelle

      might invent the brain massager.
      That would be great for everyone with a 3rd house overload πŸ™‚

      Do you tend to talk over other people, or do you find yourself mostly thinking about what you are going to say while the other person is still talking?

      • I certainly talk over people when I’m heated… I tend to talk to think about more things. Just like as you write you generate even more thoughts and words.. If that makes sense

        • Michelle

          Yes, that makes sense.

    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

      “Super thinker”….I like that XD

  • MR

    That’s great.
    I have an Aquarius mercury semisquare Uranus.
    Thanks for the info :).

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment MR.

  • I like the music. A Recurring Dream has a great groove – found myself bobbing my head. With Moon in the 5th and Neptune in the 8th, adding deeper spiritual elements to your creative work sound like a fantastic direction to take.

    • C Spr

      Thanks for getting back to me, and for comment as well. That’s the path I am going down, and the reassurance is always great.

      • I listened to your playlist several times – I like it. You’re talented.

        • C Spr

          Thank you so much!

  • C Spr

    First off I want to say that you’ve got a great blog here Michelle! A lot of good interpretation here that’s deeper than most of the stuff I find online. Your work is very appreciated. πŸ™‚

    I could be tied to some of these traits, I have Mercury trine Uranus.. but then again Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo so they all trine Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus in Capricorn along with a Mercury conjunct Mars aspect. Sun in Leo (Biquintile Saturn & Neptune) squares Pluto in scorpio and opposes MC in Aquarius, and Pluto squares the MC too. I’m a rising Gemini so Mars and Mercury square the Asc.

    I’m a musician (guitarist) myself like Pharrell. I’ve been told that a lot of musical talent is present and that I’m a very diverse, and open minded for a guitarist these days.. I’m trying to pioneer a spiritual evolution in music on a mass scale where the frequency effects the heart chakra.

    Since I do not know what to make of all this yet I tried getting some of it out musically. Moon in Libra in the 5th house squaring Neptune in the 8th house = a song that I’ve recorded named Neptune’s Escape. Here’s some astro influenced music which can be found at ! The first 20 seconds or so is an official recording of the Sun from NASA.

  • @billow

    That’s hilarious. I guess it gets down to the point that you can’t reply anymore. Too funny πŸ˜€

  • AubreyFolly

    I have a Mercury Square Uranus in my natal chart at uh orb 5′ 51. Every body thinks i’m a wierd and kooky

    • Nothing wrong with that πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for reading AubreyFolly.

  • Jara

    “they would virtually take me to NOTHING and then work on “building me back up” their way. So strange… What was that? So they could take credit for my “brilliance?” I made her!…. *ugh*…”

    What Michelle wrote: sounds like Pluto is involved somewhere. Is your 7th house connected to Pluto in any way (via transits, rulerships, aspects, progressions, etc.)?

    I have Sun-Pluto and people LOVE de-constructing me and taking credit for my successes and failures. Meanwhile, I am always changing…It’s like trying to solve a shape-shifting rubik’s cube.

    • billow

      Bless their little hearts, I just know they think they are “doing it for my own good.” Ie. giving the same old lesson that what I is, ain’t no good. Breaking me down . . . well, I ain’t no horse. Not saying that exposing myself to continual battering did not land me in the crapper more times than I’d like to recount. But the breaker downers do just that. I’ve yet to find one, just one, who provided a viable solution to the damage caused by the wrath of their fury.

      Confession: I’m blown out, and found myself watching soap operas yesterday. A good line from one of em, let’s say One Life to Live, it’d be whatever network that’s on anyway (since we’re talking giving credit where credit is due). “How many times can I come back from the dead anyway?” Made me laugh. Yes, death and rebirth, and all that. But why do I keep putting myself through that cycle? As I am moving toward my second Saturn return, refusing to go through the hell, is part of my new energy conservation plan.

      • “How many times can I come back from the dead anyway?”
        I love that! Kernels of wisdom from soap operas – whodathunkit?

        Side note: Having Sun in the 8th in wide opposition to Pluto, I find that I put myself in situations that force me to “shed.” Lately I’ve been preferring to think of the 8th house as “shedding” rather than “transformation.” Shedding is the step by step elimination process that leads to transformation.

        • MsFullroller

          “Side note: Having Sun in the 8th in wide opposition to Pluto, I find that I put myself in situations that force me to “shed.” Lately I’ve been preferring to think of the 8th house as “shedding” rather than “transformation.” Shedding is the step by step elimination process that leads to transformation. ”

          Things that make you go, hmmm! I forget about my 8th house Sun being in a wide quincunx to Pluto.

          • Do you “shed” or transform? Do you feel the need to renew yourself on a continual basis?

            • MsFullroller

              Yes, I do but at a slower, less dramatic pace than my 1st and 8th house planets seem to imply. Then again, I ain’t no spring chicken either. Still fightin’ & kickin’… smarter. πŸ™‚

        • billow

          hmmm, have to think about shedding. I kind of got stuck on “give and take” for the eighth house, but it’s gemini and cancer there and the cancer moon and venus, which could affect my take? But you go girl, Pisces Rx Mars here, just kind of stands in awe of good strong life force, you Aries you.

          • Give and take is there. Do you ever feel a need to get to your emotional bare bones?

            It seems like a lot of 8th house Suns don’t have as much of a need to strip down to essentials as I do. Some of the ones I know are accumulators – real pack rats. I think it may have something to do with my 8th house ruler being square Pluto and Pluto being in the 2nd house.

            Many of the people I know who have Moon in the 8th have had mothers who have suffered serious trauma. A few have had moms who committed, or tried to commit, suicide.

            • billow

              “emotional bare bones”, I am moved beyond that for now because I spent quite a few of the last years getting naked. I carry the pain in my back, so meditation in those areas helped me release stored body pictures. All emotions come from thoughts right? It was a freak show. At first I hung onto the images, you know painted them, hung them on the wall, and then I discovered they were for releasing. Can’t say for sure, but I’d say there’s a good chance that there are previous lives or parallel universe experiences. But that really doesn’t matter, the main thing for me was releasing.

              Pack rats, yes. My mother was sort of a pack rat. More on her later. There can be a hoarding quality to the 8th which I have experienced with information. Like one person demands to have all the information, of which I need some to do my job, but they won’t cough it up.

              Suicide, my maternal grandfather committed suicide. But my Mother, no. She was totally awesome when she wasn’t being a pain in the butt. She is the most incredible person I have ever met. I took care of her at the end. Worked with her in her dimentia to help her decide what she wanted. I would offer options and one of her funniest responses was “if that happens I will drown myself in the toilet”.
              Resourceful, hey?

              I think that once you experience suicide of a loved one, you realize how selfish it is and would not do it to anyone else.

              • billow

                Oh trauma, yes. But heck she survived the “great depression” and wore it like a badge of honor. Come to think of it, she was kind of a miser, but not with information, a great storyteller. And she could be real good at drama about trauma. My father worshipped her, except when she was a pain in the butt. She had alot of Gemini planets if I remember correctly.

                • What sign was her South Node?

                  • billow

                    : D ba ha ha. Why same as mine: Gemini. Funny you should ask. I was just stopping in to say that this interlogue worked really well on all kinds of levels for me. I do believe I am ready for the nodal shift that is upon us. Must be that 8th house sun of yours or something.

              • I think that once you experience suicide of a loved one, you realize how selfish it is and would not do it to anyone else.
                I could not agree with you more. My paternal grandmother committed suicide.

      • MsFullroller

        “…As I am moving toward my second Saturn return, refusing to go through the hell, is part of my new energy conservation plan. ”

        Snap,snap, Preach! Can ya say it a little louder now! lol I came to this conclusion when Saturn was in Virgo traveling thru my 1st opposing natal Saturn in the 7th.

        • billow

          You mean that just awhile ago Saturn in Virgo. That was the hell of hells that led me to release. I started seeing the cycle of hell, crawling out, being okay, getting sucked back down, only to do it again. Getting out became such a chore and only to lead to the same result of being okay. I decided to just skip all the drama and focus on being okay.

          I know Pluto is a big boy in my chart as it is on the MH, rules the first and is square to Saturn in the first. Please don’t try to draw any pictures, it’s all too scary I know. Boooooooo! I am not your brother, your sister, your mother, your father, your last girlfriend, or the woman who stole your last boyfriend. I’m just all screwed up cuz you keep treating me like I am some other character.

          • MsFullroller

            Yes, while Saturn was in Virgo and I know all too well what you mean. One of my motto songs is “No More Drama” by Mary J Blige.

            Pluto is a big boy in my chart as well. Pluto and Uranus are conjunct my ascendant so while Saturn was in Virgo, it passed over this conjunction while opposing my natal Saturn/Mercury/Chiron. Meanwhile Uranus was on the other end opposing and passing over natal Saturn/Mercury/Chiron.

            • billow

              And you lived to tell the story. Ain’t much a person can do sometimes but surrender and stay out of the way of schrapnel. Glad you survived because you really helped me with my ballistics. Letting loose with my dynamite blasted a nice big space open and feels so good. I am now considering Jupiter and where in my chart I need space to function. It’s natally in my tenth and as far as career (if I can call my jobs career) I am usually given space to get the work done, as micro management will kill my productivity (creativity) like nothing else. I now finally have a question to ask of my progressed chart (Jupiter-space). “Here comes the sun, doodoo doo doo . . . ” : D

              • MsFullroller

                You have helped me too in letting me I know that I’m not crazy…well at I’m probably not being called normal anyway especially after these transits, so right back atcha! πŸ™‚ Now why is the Diana Ross song ” I’m Coming Out” playing in my head right now?

                Hey I’ve got Jupiter in the 10th too. I totally get what you’ve said.

                • billow

                  Honey, and I say that with all due respect, you got uranus in the first. Of course, they think you are crazy. What’s in your wardrobe? Ecclectic and original? Recycled maybe? You plutonian rascal. I’m sure it must be fun.

                  • billow

                    contd . . . What I am examining here I think is the first house. From what I’ve read, it seems that it is defined as what others see. And that individuals with planets in the first house are often misunderstood. So that could screw one up pretty good.

                    The Hickey book defines the first as the front window, so I am changing my perception of the first to how I look out at the world.

                    Venus is supposed to be the promise? What I value of course is what I give others. But Venus is a receptive, attractive force so it is actually what I should be allowing myself to receive. Venus in Cancer might suggest nurturance, not to be confused with smothering, so I could be looking out the window for what nurtures me, allowing myself to receive that which does so, and thereby permitting others to receive what nurtures them as well.

                    Energy conservation plan continues . . .

                  • MsFullroller

                    LMAO and thanks cuz I really needed it!! πŸ˜‰

                    Probably because my ascendant is in Virgo and both these planets are retrograde, my wardrobe and style are very modest however yes, many of my clothes are thrift store finds or I’ve had them for eons. lol I’m wanting to get into things like tee shirt modification etc. Where I’m ecclectic is my jewelry, specifically earrings. I’ve made a few.

                    It is fun but I still love above all to dress in all black. πŸ˜‰

                    • MsFullroller


                      I’ve been wearing my hair in dreadlocks for over 2 years now so I know those that suspected I was maybe not quite right really think so now. However Saturn in opposition contributes a lot to my conservative style as well.

                      Energy conservation…I’m there.

                    • billow

                      Thanks for sharing. I was curious about what your discerning Virgo eye would choose. I see simple elegance by your description. Exquisite.

                      And more understanding comes. I like to be comfortable (Cancerian Venus) but explore many different venues. Right now I spend a lot ot time outdoors in the elements in a land of changing seansons and weather. Good gear is important.
                      Hunted down some good rain gear, functional, lightweight, large enough to wear underlayers. I began to repeatedly hear people talking about ducks, duck hunting. And I got an invitation to go duck hunting, which I do not do. It finally hit me, I had bought gear designed for β€œduck hunters.” Oh, I do not hunt ducks, I like to be like the duck. Snuggled up warm with rain running off me.

                      And when I need to be in the forest during hunting season, I wear fluorescent hunting wear. Oh, I don’t hunt deer, I just don’t want to be shot by a hunter.

                      This thing has been percolating since last summer in my gen ed biology class which included students from all disciplines. For some reason I guess natural resources equals environmental fanatic equals anti republican equals anti war equals peed off vets (in this case). Yeah, I was putting up with a lot of what I thought was good hearted guff. Until one day when the ptsd (was not aware of this until a few chapters later when we studied the nervous system) afghan vet shouted out that he had the right to shoot civilians on sight by order of the us government. Two other vets in the class hopped to command. He pointed at me and said, shoot to kill her. With them locked in that bliss of battle, I was shaken, not understanding, and walked , quite quickly, out of the class, glad that guns are not allowed on campus, or I would not be telling this story. I found out the next day that something called wiki leaks had happened and that the ptsd vet had been at a vet meeting before he came to class. Enough of a trigger for him I guess.

                      The moral of this whole deal I’m thinking has to do with visual judgement or that things are not always the way they appear. And that when I am uncomfortable it is okay to walk. Venus square Neptune is written all over this for me. I’m also thinking that my progressed sun moving into scorpio conjuncting progressed Neptune is helping me to cut through the illusions. And in that I am indeed fortunate as Neptune is squaring my natal Saturn. I heard that can make ya go nuts.

                      Another positive is that hunters know all about good outdoor gear and animal behaviors.

                      You have been a good catalyst once again.

                    • “…The moral of this whole deal I’m thinking has to do with visual judgement or that things are not always the way they appear. And that when I am uncomfortable it is okay to walk. Venus square Neptune is written all over this for me…”

                      ***nodding head vigorously in total agreement though it’s taken several decades to really “get” it*** Venus in Aquarius square Neptune in Scorpio

                      I just did a chart on and found that Neptune squared my natal Saturn around age 14-15. So maybe that’s where I lost some of the cards in my deck…though most likely I did not start out with a complete set so loosing a few makes a difference. πŸ˜‰ Kidding aside, that was a difficult time.

                    • So maybe that’s where I lost some of the cards in my deck…though most likely I did not start out with a complete set so loosing a few makes a difference. πŸ˜‰


                    • billow

                      I don’t know about losing any cards, but at this age it sure takes some re-shuffling.

                    • Lol…omg…I nearly spit my cereal out!

                    • billow

                      LOL! I once had to resuscitate someone that had chili coming out of their nose. Right now I’m seeing how thin this column of text can get before it runs out.

                    • I was curious how thin it can get too. I have it set to unlimited threading. Maybe it will get down to one letter on each line…?

                    • billow

                      Okay here we go.

                    • billow

                      Testing 1-2-3

                    • billow

                      I’m shrinking.

                    • billow

                      It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small world after all. It’s a small small world (Silly sound I heard at a silly place called Disneyland, best I can do on the credits)

                    • billow

                      I’m passing into another dimension.

                    • LOL Billow! Now if only it were that easy in real life. I’m sure you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

                    • SNAP! πŸ™‚

  • eclipse

    mercury square uranus here! I interrupt people all the time as I get bored, always know what they will be sayig next πŸ˜‰ (mercury is also conjunct to moon, sextile pluto and trine neptune, lots of activity there). one of my favourite words is “serendipity”, truth comes striking and clear sometimes. well, not all the time…;)

    michelle, mercury is also my chart ruler and the ruler of my north node, what effects would you say it have the fact that it is squared by a 2nd house uranus? changing unconventional ideas do to the fact that what I value is erratic? πŸ™‚

    • You would need to resolve any conflicts with Uranian values on your North Node path.

      Here are a few quotes I found on the Node-o-rama discussion board

      Squares to the nodal axis, however may be quite empowering as well as conflicting, creating a kind of t-square pattern which pulls us away from the nodes themselves toward the planet in question. Such a planet is energized by both the past and future dimensions of the nodal axis, with all its karmic manifestations. Because of these squares, it gains strength, but how we use that strength and power is a matter of individual choice. The squaring planet may further complicate the tension of the nodal axis, increasing the amount of conflict we experience, but also motivating us to attempt to resolve it. It may also, as the midpoint of the nodes, introduce us to experiences which will help us transcend our nodal difficulties. This planet deserves special attention and can often be considered the most karmic and transformative planet in the chart. Because the nodal axis is the axis of growth and transformation, squares to the nodes can clearly be considered as far more beneficial from an evolutionary perspective than trines and sextiles.

      And from Maurice Fernandez,

      This configuration reflects the fact that there is an equal weight between the South and North Node; that the individual has already dealt with both polarities in past lives, but the balance between the two nodes is not yet achieved, creating an intense flip-flopping. Although the planet squaring the nodes causes the imbalance between the South and North Node, its purpose is now to become the key to establish balance between both gates. In short, the planet in square is the cause of the problem as well as the solution.

      • M

        that’s so interesting? i had just mentioned that my taurus moon of 8 degrees squares my aqua 11th south node and leo 5th north node 8 deg.. i always wondered what that was about.. i suppose this information applies? thanks!! wow..

        o btw i have mercury pisces 1st, trine uranus scorpio 8th.. as far as that goes, i go into depths and detail of understanding things..

        • Michelle

          That makes sense now adding the nodes in.

  • Msfullroller

    Absofreakinlutely awesome post and comments!!!

    7th H Mercury rx in Pisces opposite 1st H Uranus rx in Virgo. Can relate a lot…a whole lot!! If this is what Mercury/Uranus aspects mean, Mercury/Pluto aspects are gonna be real juicy! lol

    • Lol, thanks – there are some good exchanges in this thread!

  • Roseapple

    Another great posting! Mercury semi-sextile Uranus here! I totally identify with a lot in your post, both negative and positive ones apply to me although maybe some tend to dismiss the semi-sextile as it is not a major aspect?
    I suspect you have a Mercury/Uranus aspect yourself Michelle πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Roseapple. I think that semisextiles are quite powerful when the orb is tight – I wouldn’t dismiss them.

      I have an out of sign, wide, opposition: Mercury at 26 Aries 48′ in the 8th house opposite Uranus at 5 Scorpio 48′ in the 3rd house πŸ™‚

      • LB

        I think sometimes even the wide orbs count, if you feel them. My Mercury and Uranus are in a wide square, but I’ve always related to the descriptions. When I was a kid, I once told my classmates I was from another planet and got beamed up every afternoon after school. For some reason, they believed me completely and even asked it they could come visit – LOL!

        • Whenever someone says they can relate to a description, but in their chart the planets involved have a very wide orb, I look for other connections. For example, I can relate to the Mercury/Uranus aspects description, but my Mercury and Uranus are 9 degrees apart – but, I have Uranus in the 3rd house which gives many of the same characteristics.

          That’s so funny about living on another planet, and that they believed you πŸ˜‰

          • LB

            Hmmm, maybe it’s related to my Gemini Mars quintile Uranus, but I’m not so sure. What do you think? Or it could be because my Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (in the 3rd) and the Jupiter/Uranus square is not quite as wide, at 7 degrees.

            Or wait, I think a light bulb just started flashing over my head πŸ˜‰ . . . maybe it’s because my Aquarius Moon forms a very tight square with my Mercury, which sits right on the cusp of the 3rd. I worked in special education for many years. And with my Uranus in the 12th, I once helped reform an elder care facility. My Scorpio Mercury really came in handy that time.

            • It seems like the same basic statements are being made by all of these placements: the Gemini, Mercury and 3rd house influence connecting to the Uranus and Aquarius influences. The more times something gets said, the more important that basic idea is.

              • LB

                Thanks Michelle. I guess this would make the case for astrology’s “Rule of Three”.

                Happy Holidays!

                • I forgot there was a name for it πŸ™‚

                  Happy Holidays LB!

  • Plutonian Persona

    Science fiction superhero detective….nice! Some of my favorite movies happen to be Back To The Future, Ghostbusters, and Blade Runner, so I just might be a sci-fi detective one day! πŸ˜€

    The only time that I have been considered an intellectual threat was when I was in grad school and took on a subject near and dear to one of my professors. I wrote an excellent paper (maybe too good?!?), which was even annotated, but it wasn’t good enough. He had me re-write it 4x or else I would have gotten an F in the class. Well, I still got an A in the class..hehehe.

    Socially, I am so far ahead of everyone concerning just about everything that I am considered “odd, and not in that cool sort of way” according to one of my friends. Oh well, at least I’m being myself even if 99.99999% of people have no idea where I’m coming from and try to keep me down (good thing I’ve got so much fixity in my chart).

    Funny how being on the social fringe elicits all sorts of fearful reactions…:-D

    • hehehe… oh yeah, sci fi detective on the side… fun!!

      I know. I know.
      What’s with teachers? I was freakishly failing a math class with one teacher so I dropped it and took it another semester and got an A+, highest marks in the class. What gives? Same class, same material, different teacher. What gives is ego?!? πŸ™‚ And maybe something else…

      I’m glad you survived the Ego Prof.
      I have a lot of fixity to me too. I don’t give up no matter how hard things get. A bit of the energizer bunny here… but then my Virgo starts to get depressed, me thinks…

      “Funny how being on the social fringe elicits all sorts of fearful reactions…:-D”
      It is. But I guess that’s why they try to keep us down. They know we are “on to them” and may bring them down through the mind even if that is not our intent…

  • It sounds like people want to try to break you down. Is Pluto in aspect to your Sun?

    • I have an out of orb, 12 degrees, semi-sextile. I feel out of orb aspects… but of course I would take the road less travelled… lol

    • visions

      michelle do you mean that sun/pluto people(i have the opposition) is meant to be bullied by other people ? i’d rather thing it’s a mars/neptune aspect maybe both ?

      • I think that people with Sun/Pluto need to deal with issues of power and control to find their true identity. With the opposition especially, you might find compare yourself to other people to see how powerful you are, or you might feel that other people control you or have power over you. You might constantly (without realizing it) pit yourself against your bosses, authority figures, or anyone who holds a kind of power that you don’t. Also with Pluto/Sun, you occasionally have to break down your own ego, or it get it broken down for you by an outside force.

        • Jara

          Michelle, do you think this happens with Sun-Pluto people regardless of the aspect? I attract other Sun-Pluto people A LOT and have seen this happen across the aspect spectrum. The outcome and the length of time it takes to resolve the ego/power match seems to be the only difference. Weirdly, my friends and exes with Sun in easy aspect to Pluto seem to get “lucky” breaks with authority figures but then have the most trouble with them later. Those with hard Sun-Pluto (square, opposition, conjunction, etc.) don’t easily acquire mentors, but the mentors that are acquired are awesome (if they’re not exploiting the Sun-Pluto person).

          • I think any Sun/Pluto combination can have power struggles with authority figures, but the opposition in general seems to point to a compare and contrast dynamic. This is similar to the relationship between the ascendant and descendant – which part of this is you, and which part of this is me?

            • I ask to you as well Michelle: Is there such a thing of getting rid of “challenging” aspects? I don’t mean transmuting such as making an opposition a conjunction or a square, a trine. I mean, just getting rid of it ENTIRELY!!! πŸ™‚

              • I think you can find solutions that virtually eliminate the aspect.

          • Yup, been there, done that, doing it, hope to never again. lol… Is there such a thing of getting rid of “challenging” aspects?

  • Plutonian Persona

    Hey Michelle, good going as usual! My Mercury-Uranus conjunction (by 1 degree) is the second half of my Scorpio stellium.I call it the “verbal vomit” aspect because my brain is working three times as fast as my mouth can get it out. What’s really funny is that I was actually held back a grade in 1st grade due mainly to socialization troubles….I’m still on the fringe to this day! πŸ™‚ Have a happy holiday season and a very happy new year also!

    • Hello Plutonian Persona…

      Wow a Scorpio stellium with Mer-Ura conj. — whoa…
      Lets talk sci-fi super hero detective here…. hehe πŸ™‚

      I was called scatterbrained by my grade 6 teacher because my brain was faster than my speech. I have trained that out of me for the most part. It just comes around when I’m really excited about something. Anyway my grade 6 teacher found me an intellectual threat and attempted to push me down as much as he could (bad grades) then worked on bringing me back up (good grades) when I had always been a pretty good student (yet questioning and giving my opinion!!) up until then. :/

      I have had this happen to me throughout my life:
      I’m doing really well with one teacher or supervisor (when I wasn’t self-employed and working the corporate thing). I’m praised and rewarded but when I got transferred to someone else they would virtually take me to NOTHING and then work on “building me back up” their way. So strange… What was that? So they could take credit for my “brilliance?” I made her!…. *ugh*…

    • My reply got swallowed up in moderation queue. It’s intriguing, very Scorpio (so ironic because of the Scorpio stellium mention :), along with it being Mercury RX! πŸ™‚ Anyway, hope you got my message…

      • Plutonian Persona

        Can’t say that I did AJA (oooh, Steely Dan…;-) Nothing quite like getting something swallowed up in cyberspace, now is there? πŸ™‚

      • Sometimes the commenting system holds comments. At one point I was getting about 300 spam comments a day, so I had to make the settings stricter. Your comment will appear in a minute πŸ™‚

    • “Verbal vomit!” lol…ew, I can almost smell it.

      I hope you also have a wonderful holiday season and New Year. See you in 2011 (if not sooner)!

      • Plutonian Persona

        Thanks Michelle!

  • Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence): Mercury 26 Pisces 36β€² sextile Uranus 26 Capricorn 56β€²

    I didn’t know that one. I have almost exactly the same sextile: Mercury 25 Pisces 00′ sextile Uranus 26 Capricorn 06′; Mercury in the 10th and Uranus in the 8th.

    I have many insights, but I tend keep most to myself. When I was younger, I had the urge to tell every insight I had to someone, but no one would hear or would simply find it uninteresting. Nowadays, I’m just afraid of having them stolen, sometimes I feel ashamed, but I often think people simply wouldn’t undersand most of what I thought to get there lol. Talk about strange relations and connections!

    Having Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces sextile Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn, my attention is short. I think I’d have ADD if Pluto weren’t trining Mercury and Mars, giving depth to my thoughts and concentration. I tend to search connections everywhere, it’s quite overwhelming. I see invisible connections between people, facts and all kinds of stuff. I always find out a solution to a problem, but sometimes it’s just not real or outright impractical. I often don’t know how I that solution or connection came out. I learn very easily (people say “through osmosis”) but things that deserve too much concentration or procedural thinking don’t work out very well for me. That’s why I’m not really good with Math since I can’t think in a very linear way, so I get lost in the middle of big calculations. My thinking is very lateral sometimes. I’ve also skipped grades: in my country people finish high school at age 17 or 18. I finished at 16.

    Your brainstorm is correct as always! Lol.

    • Wow, what a great analysis of yourself!! So accurate. πŸ™‚

      I have had people steal my ideas and be inspired by my words and actions but they don’t credit me.
      Sun conjunct Mars in the 7th is likely the reason for this. I inspire negative competitive actions in most people. Not those that are closest to me though. I inspire them to personal and independent greatness! woohoo πŸ™‚

      Often I imagine I don’t get credit because I’m not published yet so people are more inclined to rip me off. I DO have ADHD and I’m all over the place and want a lot of variety so it can take a long time to complete things but eventually I do (great Saturn placements)! πŸ™‚

      I find people have a “sheep” mentality for the most part. If everyone credited me, they would too. But if no one is mentioning me, they won’t either. And there’s something to be said for social lubrication which I’m somewhat adverse to because it can get quite manipulative. :/

      One thing I can tell you, from experience of letting go, is that NO ONE IS YOU. They might steal your idea but only YOU know how to execute it properley. What seems to plainly obvious to me is not to others. Plus we have like a ZILLION ideas, don’t me? What’s one out the door? I think it’s better to concentrate on how your gift can be monetized. hehe

      You have Mercury in the 10th so you ARE meant to publicly speak about the depths of insights you receive likely heading up some sort of “think tank”. Do you have a square or opposition that’s holding you back from a magnificent destiny? πŸ˜‰


      • Have you been plagiarized a lot?

        • Yup. Quotes especially BUT as long as it’s published in a reputable source, I WILL get credit such as the quote that made it on Wikipedia. Here’s an example: (scroll to bottom)

          “Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding β€” a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science. – Abella Arthur”

          Do a search on that and you will see (for example) over 10 Google pages where people have used that quote to support their message. And I’m VERY HAPPY about that because for the most part they use my name… πŸ™‚

          The problem is that my Leo Sun Conjunct Mars builds confidence in others as well as inspires but for some reason I get beat down in the process. I inspire negative competition with most people but thankfully I inspire friendly and positive competition in those that are closest to me. I compete with myself and I want others to compete with themselves too, not against me! grrrr I want everyone to be their “best self” and I encourage that.

          People have a desire to take but not give back in regards to my help. Drives me bonkers. I DO want to get credit but I also know that stomping around and yelping about it does no good for the image either (Cap rising) so I have “pout” days now and then where I wish the world didn’t work the way it does.

          My hubby says, “You have to join the herd to be heard” and I know he’s right. I just hate playing into that!! πŸ™‚ It sucks not being able to be who you are and get appreciated for it naturally. Once I get published, it will be fine and I will be credited properley. Until then, people will likely just “grab and roll” because they probably don’t find any use/ value (2nd H) in crediting an “unknown” person. grrrrr

          Then again, I might cut people off from my thoughts until I DO get published because it’s frustrating me so much.

          • Impressive!

            I don’t have any advice or insights for you. I haven’t experienced competition in that way. To my knowledge I haven’t been quoted without credit.

            I tend to feel that I am mostly competing with myself to do my best – while being inspired by other people.

            Why do you think you inspire negative competition?

            • I’m in competition with myself too (mentioned that on Astrology Bloggers πŸ˜‰ — Sun Conjunct Mars. πŸ™‚ BUT it’s in the 7th H and I think people *forget* in a very big way (even if it’s right in front of their face and I point it out to them) where they got their inspiration or quotes from… lol… it sucks.

              Still trying to figure out what it is exactly and how to stop it. I inspire (Sun in 7th) people to compete with me (Mars in 7th). I don’t mind as long as it’s friendly competition that is not against or hurt me but it’s rarely friendly and it almost always hurts. :/

              I have also learned that everyone has different karma even if under the same circumstances. So you will get quoted, even if not published by a big name company, whereas I won’t. Maybe you are more cool to quote!! πŸ™‚ So weird, eh?? πŸ™‚

              • Hm…I don’t know. Interesting though, I have Venus on the 7-8 cusp rather than Mars. My boyfriend has Mars (and Jupiter) in the 7th house. When he was in his early 20s he started a company that came out with a product that filled a gap. Soon, another person came out with a similar product – this person was someone my boyfriend knew personally. My boyfriend’s company went under for a number of reasons, but the other person still has his company and the product, which my boyfriend actually thought of first, is very well known within its niche.

                • Jara

                  Venus in the 7th helps you popularize other people’s creations. Venus in the 8th helps attract other people’s resources and/or gives a sense of entitlement to other people’s resources and/or enjoys sharing resources with others. My brother has Venus in the 8th. When he was three years-old, we were in a bus station and a woman came up to us and just gave him money. When he was 13 years-old, he gave his cold friend the shirt off of his back. This Venus position could be very greedy and earn detrimental karma or pay fortune forward and earn beneficial karma. As with most things, it can go either way or both ways.

                  • I’ve been very fortunate to get support from other people. It’s interesting to me that your brother has received with “no strings attached” because planets in the 8th seem to be “strings attached” placements.

                    • MsFullroller

                      Yep and those strings are invisible, making themselves known and attached to things totally unrelated to the originating event.

                    • They’re like a web of obligations.

                    • billow

                      Tee hee, you make me laugh at myself again, even though it ain’t so funny. Venus in the eighth. I abhor debt. Nothing’s free. I’ve found that what I work really hard at, produces unexpected results. And yes, I get ripped off all the time. It’s a way of life. And sharing, I mean really sharing, is the absolute best.

                    • MsFullroller

                      I hear ya on hating debt!!

              • Jara

                After reading you and Michelle’s stories, it seems to me that a strong Mars connected to 7th inspires competition, while a strong Venus (esp in 7th house) helps popularize ___. People may look at you(r Sun in Leo), Abella, and think that you can handle your own self-promotion without their help, so they are inspired and then go. I have both Venus and Mars in the 7th. People take credit from me but also give me credit, too, especially if I speak up about it (Mercury on the 7th). I’ve found that people who “steal” credit from me often don’t know they’re doing it. They genuinely think they came up with the idea. I used to not correct them because a.) I didn’t even recognize that it was my idea (disowning Venus) and b.) it wasn’t a big deal. But now that I see how many people profit off of my ideas, I do something about protecting my intellectual property. Considering my Venus and Mars are in Gemini, my ideas are what make me beautiful, special and unique, so I deserve credit for them. Those people who are determined to steal will continue to do so regardless. I believe karma will handle them, so *shrug*.

                I wonder what people who have other planets in the 7th house experience…

          • Jara

            “Then again, I might cut people off from my thoughts until I DO get published because it’s frustrating me so much. ”

            I highly recommend this. Don’t share what you don’t want others to take and share – without a strong copyright attached.

          • Jara

            I love your descriptions of concepts, Abella: Poetic. Lovely. Meaningful. True.

      • My analyses of myself are accurate because I do them all the time lol. I spend most of my time inside my head thinking and rethinking.

        Your positiveness amazes me greatly. I sometimes just drown in depression (Saturn also in Pisces) and feel victimised, even though I know that there’s no real reason for that. Thinking too much about myself makes me pretty much my own psychiatrist: I know exactly why I feel and do everything, I just don’t have the discipline (Saturn) to change the patterns of behaviour. Your Saturn seems to work well for you and you get the best your mind can offer. I’d like to have a stronger Saturn.

        And yeah, I do know I have stuff people don’t. Stuff that could make me brilliant somehow, but I still haven’t learned how to use my aspects. I need to learn how to get this stuff out of myself and present it meaningfully and fearlessly, like you do.

        • πŸ™‚ Awwww…. thank YOU. You just came me some positiveness right now too and I REALLY needed it. πŸ™‚

          I have Mars Square Saturn. It hasn’t been a pretty sight !! lol… but I’m working on turning it into a Trine!! *pouf* likea Magician… πŸ™‚ And I’m at one with depression. I think that if I was “normal” and didn’t think so much I wouldn’t get depressed!! haha

          Have you thought about integrating your Virgo into your Pisces Saturn? Drawing strength from Virgo, the polarity sign?

          “I need to learn how to get this stuff out of myself and present it meaningfully and fearlessly, like you do.”
          Wow, I have been heard! πŸ™‚ Thank you for honouring me. My Chiron Aries, 3rd H feels great because of it!!! Namaste.
          But, I do pay a price for *putting myself out there*…
          We all have something to work on… πŸ™‚

          Very pleased to meet you by the way…

          • You’re welcome, I’m pleased to meet you too!

            Being “normal” would make things a whole lot easier, that’s for sure. But it’d be rather boring too (not that I would know lol). Despite all the problems I have because of it, I really like my mind and all my aspects and wouldn’t exchange them for anything, even inner peace.

            I haven’t really “tried” anything so far, but integrating Virgo seems to be a very good idea. I really like the way Virgo handles things and its sense of responsibility. Seems ideal to my Saturn. I’ll try to get working on that. Fortunately (or not), Chiron in the 3rd house at Virgo is opposing my Saturn, so the connection is already there. As both planets are somewhat restrictive but nevertheless painstaking teaching figures, I think the key to the situation is to learn and acquire Virgo and Pisces qualities through these many problems.

            That’s quite an insight! Thank you for the idea.

        • Jara

          Lago, I have Saturn in Virgo. I’ll work out a plan for you to use your insights to change your behavior. It will work as long as you don’t “yes” me and then roll over and stay under the covers. Haha.

          • Sounds good to me! lol

      • Jara

        Very nice comment, Abella! Where are the “” around “social lubrication” (my idea!)? lol

        Here’s an (Aquarian/Uranian-influenced) thought:

        As astrology enthusiasts, we understand the concept of collective conscious and collective unconscious, right? What if ideas are collectively owned (Aquarian) rather than individually owned (Leo)? I’m starting to believe that people with strong Piscean or Aquarian chart signatures easily tap into collective thoughts and inspirations. What we think is “ours” is really ours. We may just have the nerve to say what others are thinking but aren’t expressing (or are blocked from expressing).

        This thought is brought to you by someone with Moon-Uranus in the 12th house connected to Mercury-Jupiter in the 8th house – in signs that are VERY interested in claiming ownership. lol

        • Jara

          con’t Once we say what has been unsaid (or is felt but not popularly expressed), it gives society permission to follow suit. E.g. it is common practice among some people to plagiarize but go un-shamed and unpunished. People who are very sensitive about their thoughts being stolen (folks w/ Leo and Taurus flavors, I suspect) will make this an issue until it becomes popular (outside of journalistic and moralistic circles) to credit people for their work and ideas.

        • Hi Jara,

          I went searching for something and got the Astrofix site again and I’m excited about your awesome, insightful comments… Unfortunately, I’m overwhelmed with various things so unable to (right now) respond to your insights; however, I feel it very important to address the following for now… πŸ™‚

          You and I have similar ways of expressing ourselves.
          It’s been noted a few times or more that we seem to be drinking from the same tap at the same time… lol… I have used the term “social lubrication” countless times in the past so I don’t believe quotation marks are needed and definitely not your idea as that was something on-tap for me at the time. Perhaps there was even an inspiration on my side (like that alliteration thing! So cool!!) in regards to the topic. Who knows?! πŸ™‚ In this case, I think it’s very much Chicken/Egg considering the transits occurring at that time — so overlap most likely… πŸ™‚ But because it’s you and you HAVE acknowledged and recognized me countless times (so healing, thank YOU) publicly (as I have done with you too), even if I did inspire you and didn’t get credit for it here and there for a small thing or other I wouldn’t think twice about it because the exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge is fruitful AND I sense your ethics and ZERO need/desire to be inspired by another nor copy their stuff (intentionally or not). In other words, you stand on your own!

          It’s a large number of people, whom never seem to give me credit for original ideas, thoughts, etc. that have caused the Mars Square Saturn “can’t quite put my finger on who or what” hissy fits that I have had in the past and intend to no longer have with the help of myself, yourself, and others… πŸ™‚ I have a PLAN now!

          Your mention of a term I have used many-a-time served as a “reminder”. Essentially sprucing up the vocabulary with words and terms I haven’t used in awhile and that fit perfectly for what I wanted to express. I have 5th & 6th H cusps Gemini, Virgo Mercury Trine Ascendant, etc. Scrabble, dictionaries and thesauruses have excited me since my childhood. lol I have a memory of going through my Dads encyclopedias when I was young — around 10. I was so excited when a salesman got him to buy an entire A-Z set. I spent hours reading bits of facts here and there… Happy memories… *sigh* And when I was around 7, my favorite game was LIBRArian… I got requests for books, checked them out, etc… and spent much time in the library. I guess what I’m trying to get across is that I LOVE words, patterns, how words are strung together, etc. etc. And I suspect you have a similar interest. I hope this leads to some credence that I would have used a term such as “social lubrication” in the past. However, at the same time, there is something to be said for “universal” thought and that I figured there’s at least one other person who would have the same idea at the same time. I have often said that my ideas are not my own even if considered original. In other words, I don’t believe in an “original idea” and that very well could contradict why I would have a Mars Square Saturn “temper tantrum” leg to stand on but in my 8th H Virgo Stellium head it does not. πŸ˜‰

          So while I find that you can be inspirational, I find you more delightful than anything else and again, that’s probably because we have similar lines of thinking and are both 7,8th H peeps… *grin* So while perhaps the mention of “quotations” was just a half-hearted joke, given the topic, or it was to prove a point well-taken I don’t know… maybe that will answered… but I’m taking this bit of introspective irony a step further and have contemplated and will continue to contemplate it for total 8th H resolution. woohoo… However I want to make sure there is clarity as to “why” a term you used recently also happened to be used by me too. Maybe we are just that “in tune” with each other. Scary, I know. πŸ™‚

          And back on that irony thing…
          I understand that talking openly about my impressions of being ripped repeatedly and therefore getting credit from very few opens me up to be scrutinized, especially since I have a bowl of Southern Hemisphere goodness to spill all over the place. lol

          I do feel I let people know when they have deeply or keenly inspired me more than the average bear might for things that most others would think silly to even mention; however, certainly there is always room for letting a small inspiration pass through without notice and if I did that to the same person repeatedly or if they should take offense or be hurt by it, something ought to be said about it to me for sure and I will give it my full attention (as I have here) to it since this topic is near and dear to my heart and I really believe in “treat others as you would like to be treated”.

          Because I’m, for the most part, a consciously aware person who doesn’t really need to be told things directly or that much at all in order to “get something”, I’m taking to heart your message and lessons (consciously or not, sprinkled here and there) about this whole subject and things are going to change. Finally, if I may say… if I had the funds to do so, I would surely pay you whatever sum of money you wanted for a consultation. I’m blessed to have received all this for free!! Thanking the heavens for such blessings. And this really is one of those times where me giving freely to so many people, comes back through a rare gift back to me. Prayers for help answered… I’m hoping you receive the same as needed/desired!! πŸ™‚

          Now you do post an interesting observation about Aquarius-Leo polarity.
          While I believe you are correct in saying Leo is about individual ownership and Aquarius collective, do you find it amusing (like I do) that Aquarius hold tightly to and fiercely want to assert their individuality (separate and distinct from everyone else) and Leos don’t. We are a part of a tribe (Cancerian influence) where we are the leader and individuality is a mute point. πŸ™‚ And while I believe I tap into the consciousness of the collective *Jungian theory, I believe* and no ideas are truly my own — I have no planets in Pisces or Aquarius nor in the 12th or 11th houses and I don’t even have an Aquarius house cusp (it’s intercepted). I do have Uranus in the 9th and Neptune in the 10th. Yet I feel in tune with Pisces & Aquarius. I’ll write a post, hopefully soon, about my experiences with the 7th and 8th as I find those houses to be misunderstood by those that don’t experience it natally.

          Happy New Year to you, Michelle, and all who shall read this… lets make this a great year of (the 11 of 2011) inspiration and illumination (the 2 of 2011) for self and others! And I’m going to quit yakking about not getting credit (Saturn, me thinks) and DO something about getting credit (Mars) for a change… Fear is going to get whacked upside it’s shadow!! lol

          Much love <3,
          p.s. That was an EPIC blog post reply!!! lol

          • Jara

            Whoa. Well, one, it was an ironic joke because of the topic of collective conscious, thought ownership, etc. I used the term “social lubrication” in my tweets. You follow me. The next day, you wrote a tweet “Social lubrication. What is that? lol” So…either you have used it and know what it is or not. If you remember, I replied to your tweet with “Social lubrication is…oh you know what it is… and linked to a tweet about sincere vs. insincere compliments and networking.”

            Anyway, here is why I mentioned people with strong Pisces or Aquarian signatures in their charts tapping into the collective unconscious and collective conscious:


            Ever since I can remember, I have been able to do the following that is mentioned in the article:

            * Correctly guessing the outcome of a TV show or book;
            * Correctly knowing who was calling without looking at caller ID;
            * Saying what another person says at the same time or before they say it, and;
            * Wanting something (like a parking place near the front of the store) and getting it soon after thinking the thought.

            To the point that I thought that my “thoughts” were influencing the future (and felt guilt about some of those thoughts. e.g. thinking that “my” thoughts of a person dying caused their death instead of understanding that it was a sort of prophecy). As I learn more about Pisces and Aquarius signatures (which is more than having planets in those signs or in the houses that are associated with those signs), I’m developing the thought that no one really owns an idea. Everything that we become conscious of or create is based on the collective experience (especially for people with the P & A stuff), which everyone owns. Our “thoughts” are our minds becoming aware of what the subconscious stores. Those of us with these parts of our psyche connected (e.g. Neptune-Uranus, Mercury-Uranus, Mercury-Neptune, Moon-Uranus, Moon-Neptune, or any of these planets in a psychic house) have the gift of spontaneous tapping into the collective and is what is meant when it’s said that people speak/think/feel universally.

            Re: Aquarius, Yes, I have experienced these types of people strongly asserting their individuality (see Sarah Palin as a celeb example). I dated an Aquarius who seemed like a follower to me but when I mentioned that, he went NUTS. lol But asserting individuality and asserting personal ownership are two different things. Aquarius needs the group in order to assert its uniqueness (or “uniqueness”), while Leo needs the group as an audience to view what it already fiercely believes it owns (self and self’s creations).

            My 2 cents.

    • I think the osmosis part is the connection between Mercury and Neptune. It seems that people who are good at math have Mercury/Saturn aspects.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences, I really enjoy reading about them.

      • I have the osmosis part too… I buy a book, don’t read it, and then somehow know it. A costly endevour but time saving… lol… I have Neptune aspects…. Moon, Venus, Saturn.. but no Merc/Neptune — clear as a whistle… πŸ˜‰

    • Jara

      I relate to all of this! Math is frustrating but rewarding because it’s so challenging. I love the “eureka!” moments. I skipped 3 grades. I’m reading this post and everyone’s comments because I can’t go to sleep after receiving so many holiday text messages. lol

      Mercury-Uranus and Aquarius in 3rd house.

  • Anonymous

    I know someone who has Mercury in Pisces 27’14 8th opposite Uranus in Libra 1’42 Rx 2nd
    He’s got a genius IQ 160+ , he’s quirky;different and an independant thinker. Alot of what you said above fits him. πŸ™‚

    • visions

      i have mercury in pisces 28Β° 7th in trine to scorpio uranus 3rd house πŸ˜€ !

      • Anonymous

        That’s cool πŸ˜€
        That’s really close to what he has.
        You must have a very unique and creative mindset ,especially with Uranus in Scorpio in the 3rd and also Mercury in Pisces,wow!
        I definitely appreciate uniqueness….:-)I have Uranus in Scorpio too:-) but in my 5th house.

        • visions

          all my life i wanted to be unique, different from others and i have put tremendous effort in everything intellectual: history, philosophy, litterature(especially russian litterature and french XIXth litterature) and my uranus is sextile my ascendant making me a very smart face man , that’s the feedback from people ! I read books since 18yo i am 31 and i have still a lot of work to do in order to be as wise and insanely smart as i want. My goal is like this sentence from ” youth memories” From Ernest Renan where he talks about one of his professor who said one day :” I didn’t get up everyday at 4:00 AM to think like other people !” refering to his daily learning tasks.

          • Do you have a learning schedule for yourself every day?

            • visions

              yes ^o^

    • What does he do?

      • Anonymous

        He was a Model Maker and Machinest since he was about 12 years old…he worked in his father’s business well into his late teens….I think he was about 18 when that changed and he became a Machinist for the Military(Navy). Currently he’s in college studying primarily Auronautical Engineering and secondary Paralegal Studies. Using Placidus….He has 3 planets plus his SN all retrograde in his 2nd house and a Taurus MC he’s also got Sun-Mercury-NN in 8th house and Saturn-Venus Rx 9th (I thought those were pretty noticable placements…that’s why I mentioned them)
        He’s a pretty smart and creative guy.:-)

        • Machinist – cool. Do those 2nd house planets move into the 3rd using whole signs?

          • Anonymous

            Now that you mention it…yes….well….Jupiter Rx, SN, and Uranus Rx move into the 3rd…Pluto Rx stays put.
            His Sun and NN shift into the 9th….Mercury stays….so did Saturn and Venus Rx.
            I didn’t say,but in Placidus he also had Mars and Neptune Rx 4th house and Moon 12th house.
            Mars moved to the 5th and his Moon moved the 1st house. Neptune stayed where it was.

            Please excuse me ,but i’m not quite clear on what difference that would make.
            Would alot of 3rd house planets make a difference as far as being a Machinist or would it influence his desire to study aeronautical engineering?

            He has an interesting chart …..if you’d like to have more of a visual…..
            here’s his birth info. born on Fr, 28 March 1969 2:27pm
            in Hillcrest (San Diego County), CA (US)
            117w09, 32n45

            in Hillcrest (San Diego County), CA (US)
            117w09, 32n45
            Time 2:27 pm
            Univ.Time 22:27
            Sid. Time 3:03:01

            • I would think that a machinist would have a packed 3rd house, especially one who is also that smart. Thank you for the birth data, though I don’t have time to look at it right now.

  • Sabbers

    Excellent post I love Pharrel Williams he seems to have his fingers in all the pies. I have Mercury Conjunct Uranus I would say I’m very eccentric, I’ve always been told I was a wacky child as well. I do have erratic speech patterns and people have trouble following it and I can tell by the look on their face they’re thinking this girl is mental. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but I would say I was intelligent but not academic, I’ve dropped out of studies so many times, always trying to skip bits, even with astrology I just jumped into it.

    • Pharrell is one of my celebrity crushes πŸ˜€

      Mercury/Uranus seems to be a sign of intelligence, but I agree that it’s not necessarily academically inclined.

      • I adore Pharrell also a huge celebrity crush for me. He’s a musical genius. I wish I had a birth time for him…I have to spend some time studying his aspects. Also Joseph Gordon Levitt. ::swoon::

        • Sabbers

          I was just thinking about Joseph Gordon Levitt yesterday, I was watching 500 days of summer but I thought I don’t fancy you any more, but when I was a teen I adored him in 3rd from the Sun lol.

          Have you ever considered emailing Pharrel Williams website asking if you can have his birth time. I’ve considered doing it for celebs in the past but they’d probably just think some nutjob is stalking them or something lol. But you never know.

          • I’ve considered emailing a bunch of different celebrities, but I think they’d think I was trying to hack into their accounts or something. I don’t know…can it hurt to ask?

            • From a Leo Sun Conjunct Mars perspective ;)… no it doesn’t hurt to ask AND you will be surprised about how interested they are in chatting you up BUT I found it’s best to offer something of value for free. And contacting celebrities that are not known the world over gets better results.

              Why would they think you were trying to hack their accounts? πŸ™‚

              • I’d be suspicious if I were not an astrologer and someone asked for the month, day, year, place and time of my birth.

                • Oh, see what you mean….

                  Yeah, definately point them to your website and they can email you from there to be sure it was you… or just do a search on you… I have given many celebrities readings just by contacting them. I have written about none of them. I was just curious about who they really were and thought I could help them out and they were happy BUT they can be challenging (you know who you are if you end up reading this πŸ˜‰ so be prepared for disappointment if their persona doesn’t match with the real deal. Or just know they are no different from you or I and have faults just the same. They also expect to get things for free, for the most part.

                  Happy celebrity reading… My advice is to start smaller, like a YouTube personality as they tend to be the friendliest, welcome feedback, and enjoy being exposed… and who knows… they could become the next Justin Bieber… never know…. πŸ™‚

                  • Yeah…I don’t know if want to put the pressure on myself to do a reading for a celebrity when I’m really just interested in their data.

                    • haha… Yeah, you may not get it then… might be easier to just see if you can find it online but you could always just “ask”… πŸ™‚ You never know…

                    • Jara

                      I like your idea of offering something in exchange for receiving their data. In general, that lessens people’s suspicions about why someone would want their data because that’s coming from a less selfish place. I’m very suspicious of even astrologers who want to know my birth data before asking my name or getting to know me outside of my chart. I’ve found that those types of astrophiles are the worst type of stereotypers – they make up their minds and never change them about who you “are” (according to their analysis of a chart) vs. who you are.

                    • Jara

                      Mercury-Uranus people can be stereotypers because of leaping to conclusions that may or may not be correct without caring about (or dismissing) the in-between information that may disprove their conclusions. If I see this aspect in someone’s chart, I hope to see other factors that support information-gathering that augments this…

                    • billow

                      “in between”, I wasn’t quite sure about that, probably a lol on that one, but like usual the answer is usually in the obstacles for me. With your and gracehoper’s comment about Mercury Mars (higher octave Uranus) being a weapon of sorts, I am taking a look at the semi-sextile between them to my Sun and Jupiter conjunct. I am thinking working this a little will alleviate some of the pain involved in that process. Expansion can hurt too. Are you a pharmacist of sorts?

                    • billow

                      “astrophiles” . . . did I learn that the hard way or what!

            • Sabbers

              Definitely wouldn’t hurt to ask, I was always told if you don’t ask, you don’t get πŸ˜€

        • Anonymous

          YUM love Joseph Gordon Levitt.

        • Joseph Gordon Levitt….uh huh.

          I just saw Inception and was reassured that, yes, he’s still hot.

      • Sabbers

        He’s one of mine too, sooo hot lol πŸ˜€

      • Anonymous

        Definitely depends on the dignities of the planets and other aspects involved. But both Mercury and Uranus are planets of the Yellow Ray, the Ray of the Intellect.

        • It always depends on other stuff doesn’t it.

        • I didn’t know it was the Yellow Ray but make sense since yellow is the colour of wisdom and knowledge as well as happiness and child-like nature. My website is yellow — πŸ™‚

    • billow

      “I can tell by the look on their face they’re thinking this girl is mental”. Only thing funnier is when they try to control it or stop it or make excuses for it to others. Like my “unusual siblings” (what a kind way to put it Michelle).

      • Like my “unusual siblings” (what a kind way to put it Michelle).

  • Aphrodite

    Wonderful insights into my head.
    I have a triangle with Mercury at Aries Point 9th house, Uranus 28 Cancer 12th house, Saturn 2 Sagittarius 5th house. I’m writing my blog (9th house in Pisces subjects: long distance travel, foreign cultures, religions, philosophies etc.).
    Saturn gives it structure and keeps me doing it, Uranus gives the brilliant ideas (say the readers) and Mercury the rest. The triangle was very much activated by the first Jupiter/Uranus conjucntion in June. I love my Mercury πŸ™‚ – and of course the others as well.

    • Mercury at the Aries Point is awesome! Have you noticed anything in particular about having this placement? For example, do people see you as Mercurial, or are you know for being a writer?

      • Aphrodite

        Mouth quicker than brain and that is something as I’m not known for sluggish thinking. Also physically quick (Mercury in tight quintile with exalted Mars in 6th).

        And yes, I often get to hear comments regarding my verbal talents. Worked 20+ years as tour leader – such a Mercurial career for Aries Sun and Mercury in conjunction in 9th house with the cusp in Pisces.

        Well, being a writer – hopefully on the way to that direction as we speak (ever so optimistic with Jupiter attached to my Leo ASC).

        • Excellent!

        • billow

          Would the Aries point Mercury support the travel bug as well?

          • It seems like it could. Not necessarily long distance travel, but maybe the desire to keep moving in general.

            • billow

              Or a strong sense of community along the way?

              • Or the desire to stay connected…?

              • Or the desire to stay connected…?

                • billow

                  To better connections. Cheers!!!!!!!

  • visions

    i have the trine =) so let’s sum up i have mercury trine jupiter, mercury trine uranus, mercury conjunct mars, mercury square netpune….

    and i am virgo rising xD i have a big einstein head indeed :DDDDDD

    • visions

      one thing hit the nail with ” Saying things simply to push people away”, i put so much energy and make so much effort to build strong and very very smart sentences that provoke people in order they can remember me all their life.And that’s what happen indeed πŸ˜€

      • Is Uranus also in aspect to your Moon?

        • visions

          yes uranus is in opposition to my moon

          • I think that might also have be part of pushing people away.

            • Β my uranus trines my moon and I felt like my family pushed me a way , allowing me to decide that it’s best for me to stay away.

              • Michelle

                That must have been hard. Do you feel that now you have the freedom to do whatever you want without restriction?

      • Anonymous

        Sounds very Mercury conjunct Mars!

      • I’m the exact same way. I choose “risky” words with people to push them away or pull them closer ( after a war with words though) I have turned friends into enemies and enemies into friends. I say things that might piss people off, but I notice I target weak spots in people’s psyche subconsciously. I say that because after I said what I said.. “I’m like damn, why did I have to say that or say it like that?”. It takes them out of character.. I use this trait mostly with abusive authority figures and enemies, or people that don’t deserve to be in my presence, Luckily I’m 6’4 1/2 , and work out, or I’d be dead by now.

  • As usual, brilliant brainstorm Michelle!!
    And bang-on!! Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus here.
    To me Semi-sextile works like an on-off switch. Sometimes it’s on and I come up with brilliant things and sometimes it’s off and I am clueless. haha I also relate it to Neptune. So the Semi-Sextile Mercury-Uranus contact works well when I’m able to be dreamy and have an environment that is open to, well, brainstorming and just “saying stuff”. πŸ™‚

    • Oh visions reminded me to tell you all what signs the planets are in… Virgo Mercury 8th H and Libra Uranus 9th H… πŸ™‚ Digging deep in a flash…

      • If you recall from looking at my birth chart, I, too, also have a Mercury semi – sextile Uranus – Mercury in Sagittarius (12H) semi-sextile Uranus in Capricorn (1H).

      • I know several people with Virgo Mercury – what do you think of it?

        • It’s EXHAUSTING! πŸ™‚
          Lots of thinking, analysis, detail, fussing, perfecting, tweaking, re-doing, worrying about what was said, thought, etc… πŸ™‚ AND how others don’t like much of any of that!! So more thinking, analysis, detail, fussing, etc…. about THAT… haha

          • Worrying is such a Virgo trait.

          • billow

            Don’t have to have your Mercury in Virgo to experience this when Uranus is sextile my Mercury. My head exploded one day and I had to give all that up. How many details can load into the hopper before it combusts. I’m pretty quick on my feet in a crisis though.

            • Yeah, I have to watch the thinking as well… In fact, I think Virgos have to watch for “mental illness, disease, accidents, etc” and take MENTAL Health Breaks. Much love <3

              • (Sun Virgo, w/ Mercury Virgo aspects to 3 out of 4 3rd house planets).My configurations show that I need to express it or I’ll just spontaneously combust…. I’mΒ  VERY expressive.Β  We can actually NAG someone to death… It’s all about “letting it out” versus getting a disease. The moment virgos aren’t heard or expressive, that’s when we are likely to form some sort of illness.. I let people know that I am pissed, worried, or don’t like how things are.. I believe a sense of humor that most virgos have,,, eases the pain… I definitely use it 99 percent of the time….

                • Michelle

                  Mercury in Virgo can be a nag – actually anything in Virgo can be naggy. Virgos do seem to be able to make fun of themselves, which helps πŸ˜€

        • Pjgecmendes

          HiAccording to Julian Lee americans born betwen 1940-50 have Uranus on the IC in large parts of the US explaining the deteorating family values in the country as of the 60s throught the 90s.I dont know if its due to the WW2 but anyway european countries went through the same geodetic transit when uranus was virgo and libra. Remember the MC at Greenwich is 0 Aries according to Sephariel.Has anyone ever studied this form of astrocartography which is said to be more obective and less subjective than the usual astrocartography.Geodetics place my capricorn planets setting on my country instead of Scandinavia. Test yoursand let me know

          • Interesting if this is true since folks born during that time have Uranus in Cancer with Uranus possibly aspecting many of their personal planets and angles.

            • Pjgecmendes

              uranus in taurus and gemini too

    • Sometimes it’s on and I come up with brilliant things and sometimes it’s off and I am clueless
      That sounds about right!

    • Lumosnocturnus

      semisextile hardly counts for anything

      • Lumosnocturnus

        i have the mercury uranus trine by the way, a6 degree orb. thats an actual aspect.