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North Node Sagittarius 1st House/ South Node Gemini 7th House

Cliff OverlookBecoming more of a risk taker in everything you do. Approaching life as an adventure. Approaching life as an explorer. Becoming the sage personified. Moving away from concerns about the day to day distractions of relationships. Becoming more concerned with broadening your outlook. Getting an opinion. Developing confidence in making your opinions known. Learning to put your own wisdom before the chitter chatter of other people. Developing a bigger personality. Laughing louder and harder. Searching for meaning in everything you do. Letting go of scattered, frenetic relationships. Not letting the significant people in your life distract you. Learning to take more risks in your life journey. Being ready for an adventure at a moment’s notice. Coming up with a motto for yourself. Presenting yourself as someone who knows something. Becoming a sage. Becoming a guru. Learning to have a sense of humor about everything. Getting that far away look in your eyes. Less interest in relationship puzzles, more interest in knowing yourself. Living an epic life. Letting go of superficial, fickle friends. No more worrying that you’re not keeping up with the trends. No longer letting friends pressure you into feeling like you need to be trendy. Beginning to pay attention to how you implement your ideals as you go about your life. Developing your own philosophy of life. Encouraging a more carefree attitude toward life. Getting a sense of humor about yourself. Releasing any tendencies to be two-faced.

North Node Sagittarius 2nd House/ South Node Gemini 8th House

Becoming more carefree with your possessions. Becoming more optimistic about your chances of survival. Putting some of your income into the hands of Lady Luck. Learning to take some risks in how you earn a living. Realizing that optimism is one of your innate talents. Realizing that your ability to endure hardship with good humor is a talent. Spending time to understand how your ideals and your values mesh with how you earn a living. Developing an ethical set of values. Earning your income in an ethical way. Learning to value freedom of thought and freedom of movement. Finding ways to earn extra money by traveling, either physically or mentally. Beginning to ask yourself why you buy things. Begin to ask yourself why you value things. Coming to a more profound understanding of your own shopping habits. Coming to a more profound understanding of your own shopping needs. Letting go of superficial attitudes toward other people’s emotional problems. Becoming less gossipy about other people’s sex habits. Learning to stop jumping from one sexual partner to the next. Understanding why you share your body. Becoming less scattered about your debt. Becoming a personal finance guru. Valuing the truth. Building self-esteem and self-worth through good humor, open-mindedness and a willingness to take risks. Giving full attention to your own priorities and values. Easing up on any fetishes involving multiple sex partners.

North Node Sagittarius 3rd House/ South Node Gemini 9th House

Learning to communicate your big vision to the people in your immediate environment. Learning to share your adventures in casual conversation. Bringing a sense of adventure to even the most mundane daily interaction. Bringing enthusiasm and optimism to every conversation. Moving into a place of inspirational communication. Letting go of unfocused pursuits of higher education. Letting go of overly rational reasons for learning. Learning because it makes you feel expansive. Letting go of the need to travel in all directions. Developing a vision for your local community. Developing a vision for your neighborhood. Taking more risks in your daily conversations. Taking more risks in communication. Taking some leaps of faith when it comes to writing, speaking or singing. Opening yourself up to learning. Relishing the joy of reading anything you want and learning anything you want. Taking a more expanded view of education. Sage-like communication. Communicating like a wise woman. Bringing your wisdom to everyday conversation. No longer being the perpetual student who studies a little bit of everything. Learning to talk about a few things with depth of understanding and knowledge. Beginning to understand what you really know by how well you are able to communicate your knowledge. Feeling inspired to learn and inspiring others to learn. Learning to speak the truth. Creating a bigger vision of what you can learn and study in this life. Giving full attention to your personal learning process.

North Node Sagittarius 4th House/ South Node Gemini 10th House

Finding that the greatest adventures happen close to home. Beginning to realize how much wisdom your family has. Beginning to realize how much wisdom your parents have. Becoming less concerned with whether or not everybody thinks you’re smart. Becoming more comfortable with letting loose at home. Letting your inner comedian come out in the privacy of your own home. Adapting to changing family circumstances. Becoming philosophical about your family life and upbringing. Enduring any family hardships with good humor. Bringing more joy into your family interactions. No longer needing to rationalize your family life for the public, or for the sake of your reputation. Feeling that it is in fact okay to move away from your family. Your family exists whether you are all in one place or not. Becoming comfortable with the idea of traveling to see family members. Developing a base of profound idealism. Getting in touch with your inner gypsy. Becoming less attached to what people think of your mind and more attached to how inspired you feel at your core. No matter where you are, always feeling a sense of freedom within. No longer needing to be a smarty pants. No longer so attached to intellectual honors. Gaining wisdom for your own private satisfaction. Making your home a shrine to your travels and adventures. Feeling secure about your beliefs. Feeling comfortable with living in another country or living far away from home. Getting to know the truth about your family. Finding ‘home’ in many places and among many different types of people. Keeping your views on religion and morality private. Giving full attention to your home and family.

North Node Sagittarius 5th House/ South Node Gemini 11th House

Moving away from gossipy organizations and groups. No longer being so concerned with the logical outcome of your career. Letting yourself be a creative explorer. Bringing a sense of adventure to your romantic life. Learning to take more risks with your creativity. Not being afraid to be the class clown. Realizing that you can be both silly and profound at the same time. Using your vacation time to travel. Physical and mental travel are your greatest pleasures. Letting yourself take trips. Letting yourself be a party animal. No longer so concerned with being a part of intellectual organizations. Relinquishing your membership to MENSA. Giving yourself the freedom to explore what pleasure means to you. Giving yourself the freedom to explore what creativity means to you. Giving in to a more expansive range of personal self-expression. No longer putting so much stock in the what the fickle masses think. Allowing yourself to date people who come from a different background than you do. Finding wisdom in pleasure. Getting in touch with creative inspiration. Teaching people how to let loose and have fun. Teaching people to get in touch with their creative side. Throwing big bashes. Giving up the rational group approach for an almost comical faith in luck. Pleasure, fun, love and joy come through opening up, taking risks and having faith. Finding out what truly gives you pleasure. Tapping into the joy of expressing yourself physically. Giving your full attention to your creative urges.

North Node Sagittarius 6th House/ South Node Gemini 12th House

Letting go of self-sabotaging frenetic, nervous energy. Letting go of superficial or fickle behavior that undermines your efforts. Learning to have faith in yourself every day. Believing that every day holds a measure of luck to be tapped into. Approaching work with optimism and good humor. Treating each day as if it is a fresh start. Expanding your horizons through simple daily routines. Letting go of over-intellectual spiritual practices. Getting out of the solitude of your mind. Learning to feel inspired by mundane reality. Learning to cope with health issues with good humor. Knowing your body inside out. Moving away from gossipy institutions. Resisting the urge to talk smack about your coworkers behind their backs. Releasing two-faced self-sabotaging behavior. Becoming someone with a lot of knowledge to share about health and disease. Developing profound relationships with animals. Restoring your optimism and enthusiasm through relationships with animals. Allowing yourself to explore your work options. Allowing yourself to create a schedule that has meaning to you. Creating a philosophy of health and fitness. Finding meaning in diet and fitness. Inspiring others to eat well and take care of themselves. Occasionally allowing yourself to overindulge and pig out. No more isolated nail biting. Acknowledging your need for meaningful work. Acknowledging your thirst for a meaningful everyday life – you need adventure, meaning and exploration every day of your life. Giving your full attention to your health, work and daily routine. Traveling everyday in the real world

North Node Sagittarius 7th House/ South Node Gemini 1st House

Letting go of a “What’s next?” kind of attitude. No longer moving your attention from one shiny object to the next, “Ooh! Shiny!” No longer being so concerned with trends and what the latest hottest thing or idea is. Gaining a more profound understanding of what’s important through your significant relationships. Developing significant relationships that have lasting meaning. Learning to relate to people beyond a superficial level. Putting more faith in other people. Gaining wisdom through relationship. Understanding how your relationships may reflect your inner fragmentation.. Seeking out friends who are more than fair weather friends. Seeking out partners who want to grow through your relationship. Seeking out partners who have experiences that are foreign to yours. Forming significant relationships with people who encourage you to expand, explore and take risks. Forming relationships with people who encourage you to get out of your head. Asking yourself who your ideal partner is rather than keeping a mental inventory of unrelated traits. Getting to know other people. Resisting the urge to gather a lot of facts about relationships but never come to any understanding about them. Getting to the point where you actually know what it means to be in a relationship with someone. Learning to share your life’s adventure with someone else. Beginning to see partnership and marriage as a shared journey. Giving your full attention to your partner.

North Node Sagittarius 8th House/ South Node Gemini 2nd House

Developing an open-minded approach to taboo subjects. Allowing yourself to explore your sexuality. Allowing yourself to open up to more intimate relationships with other people. Bringing an enthusiastic attitude to occult subjects. Letting yourself explore occult subjects – seeing it as an adventure. Becoming a wanderer in taboo worlds. Keeping faith even when you are in emotional turmoil. Keeping an optimistic attitude even in the face of death. Philosophical acceptance of the inevitability of death. Believing that luck will pull you through. Maintaining a feeling of freedom within the most intimate of relationships. Gaining freedom from accepted sexual mores.Finding a belief system that helps you understand the meaning of sexuality. Becoming a sexual educator. Getting wise about those things that bind you to other people. Gaining wisdom through intimate interactions with other people. Keeping your beliefs private. Letting go of a tendency to scatter your resources. Letting go of changeable, inconsistent values. Learning to stop spending your money on inconsequential things. Resisting the urge to buy trendy stuff. Finding meaning through merging resources with other people. Finding that developing intimate relationships broadens your horizons. Accepting tangled, complicated relationships with good humor. Bringing a sense of humor to your sex life. Learning that taking risks with what you share can create even closer, more tightly bonded relationships. Combining wisdom with depth. Forever exploring, deeper and deeper. Learning to value what other people consider to be wisdom. Giving full attention to understanding to developing meaningful relationships with depth. Letting go of any desires to have multiples of the same thing.

North Node Sagittarius 9th House/ South Node Gemini 3rd House

Becoming the sage not the gossip. Becoming the ultimate adventurer. Indiana Jones. Mental and physical exploration at its best. No more intellectual discussions in coffee shops. Getting out there and applying your learning to see what it actually means. Thinking globally, not locally. Taking your vision and expanding it out as far as it will go. Taking risks to increase your knowledge. Going big or going home. Letting your quest for knowledge fill you with hope and optimism. Letting your optimism to allow you to believe that anything is possible. Bringing your ideals out into the world. No longer confining your thoughts to trivial everyday matters. Heading into the territory of faith and belief. Finding out how your beliefs compare to what you say or think. Finding out how what you’ve been taught compares to what you just know. Realizing that there is knowledge to be had from experience. Realizing that book learning isn’t enough. Beginning to explore archetypes, intuition and metaphysics. Beginning to explore those things that can’t entirely be explained with words. Comparing your familiarity with local customs to your experience of foreign customs. Becoming a world traveler. Spending more time reading philosophy than filling in crossword puzzles. Giving full attention to expanding your current viewpoint. Stop talking about your siblings. Learning to relax the flow of information that comes in and the amount that goes out. Less talking, chattering or nervous fidgeting. Letting go of mental tension and mental overload.

North Node Sagittarius 10th House/ South Node Gemini 4th House

Becoming known as someone with a big vision – a visionary. Becoming someone who is known for having an opinion. Developing a public identity as a deep thinker, someone who ponders the philosophical questions of life. Putting your knowledge out there. Learning to take risks for the sake of your career. Developing a broader vision for what you can achieve in life. No longer resigning yourself to being a closet intellectual. No longer tucked away in your home library. No more frenetic, scattered family interactions or fickle relationships with your parents. Allowing yourself to move away for the sake of your career. Beginning to see that you can accomplish more in life – whatever you have already accomplished, there is more. Becoming known as someone who knows something. Bringing your knowledge and wisdom into the public sphere of life. Developing more faith that taking risks will push your career along. Acknowledging your need for a meaningful profession. Developing a better sense of humor about your position in the pecking order. Finding an occupation that allows you freedom of movement and that broadens you intellectually. Taking a more carefree approach to your career and status. Giving full attention to your professional life. Stop talking about your family.

North Node Sagittarius 11th House/ South Node Gemini 5th House

Creating a bigger vision of how you can be involved with people who share your goals and interests. Spreading your idealism through group involvement. Broadening your horizons through humanitarian activities. Creating more expansive long term goals for yourself. Letting yourself give in to the limitless possibilities of what people can do when they band together. Releasing an overly mental approach to creativity. Letting go of a tendency to trivialize creative endeavors. Moving into open, larger than life interactions with like-minded people. Allowing yourself to make connections with people around the world. Becoming involved in global humanitarian efforts. Moving beyond your superficial party girl mentality. Realizing that fleeting pleasures hold no long lasting meaning for you. Fleeting romances do nothing to support your long term goals. Scattered creative energy prevent you from forming meaningful ties to people who share your interests and long term visions. Moving away from fickle attitudes toward love. Developing friendships that have meaning and purpose. Finding out what your beliefs are by looking at the people you associate with. Creating a group philosophy. Moving away from being a creative dabbler. No longer having ten projects started at once. Giving your full attention to setting long term goals for yourself. Stop talking about your next big project. Giving up rationalizations for why you need to have twins, triplets or some other multiple of children.

North Node Sagittarius 12th House/ South Node Gemini 6th House

No longer changing your diet every week.No longer hopping on every new fad exercise machine. Letting go of your frenetic daily routine. Making time in your schedule for contemplation. Making time in your schedule to quiet your mind and give full attention to something. Creating a space in your life where you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do without intrusion. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle to hike, explore or adventure. Making time for yourself to do your version of exploration – whatever exploration means to you. Letting yourself become acquainted with your inner guru or guide. Taking part in guided meditation. Realizing that you have inner wisdom that can provide balance to your daily life. Releasing urges to gossip with your coworkers. Releasing a tendency to skip from job to job to job. Exploring the inner world. Learning to relax nervous energy that is detrimental to your health. No longer needing to have so many animals. Stop talking about your routine so much. Stop talking about your animals so much. Stop talking about diet and exercise so much. Developing inner faith. Believing deep inside that things will work out. Finding your place of inner joy.

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  • JJ

    Hey Michelle. My north node is in Sagittarius in the 9th house. With my midheaven being Sagittarius the whole house system puts my node in the 10th house. Which interpretation do you think applies more accurately? Should both be taken into consideration? My node is at 3 degrees of Sag, while the midheaven is 14, so there is a bit of a gap there, yet I do feel that the inclinations of the 9th house node tie into my career aspirations, so that the endeavors of each are almost one and the same. If the sign is the same but there is no conjunction, do you feel that the node is still working with the midheaven? Thanks.

    • Hi JJ,

      It’s hard to say without seeing your chart. The placement of Jupiter would factor in as well as the placement of Mercury (being the ruler of your south node in Gemini). Realistically, it’s probably better to judge which house placement is more accurate by assessing your south node placement rather than your north node placement. I think we greatly underestimate the pull of the south node and how long it takes to really overcome ingrained tendencies.

      • JJ

        I have Mercury in the 9th house, Jupiter in the 8th.

        • Convoluted! ๐Ÿ™‚

          With the Sagittarius emphasis, it would be difficult to differentiate a 9th house NN versus a 10th house NN in Sagittarius. May I see your chart?

          • JJ


            • This is extra complicated by having Jupiter conjunct your Sun. Lots of interplay between learning v. teaching, talking v. pondering, and thinking rationally v. taking leaps.

              Do you still live where you grew up?

              • JJ

                Oh no. I didn’t grow up in one place. I’m 22 and I’ve moved 11 times, I lived out of the country once, and in several states here. How would contact with the sun complicate jupiter’s role? I’m sorry if I’m asking too much btw. I understand if it’s better to just get a reading. I value your input very much.

                • I had a feeling ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  Jupiter is the ruler of your north node and shows the role you’re moving towards in this lifetime. With Jupiter conjunct the Sun you probably already feel very Jupiterian/Sagittarian.

                  I think because you are so young it might be very difficult to discern the difference between the 9th house or 10th house placement of your north node. With a 10th house north node you might be resistant to following in a parent’s footsteps. With a 9th house north node you’ll have more trouble letting go of the rational mind to let yourself jump to conclusions.

  • Aarpy

    My sun sign is taurus and rising is Pisces. My north node (18 degrees), moon (29 degrees), neptune (8 degrees)and midheaven (19 degrees) are all in Saggitarius. Is Saggitarius my 10th house or 8th? I am always confused about houses, whether I should consider sun sign or rising sign when houses are mentioned. Any help? Any insight into what all those planets and positions in saggitarius mean?

    • Hi Aarpy,

      From the degrees you’ve given your Midheaven is in Sagittarius.

      What does it mean? Get out of the house and go on an adventure!

  • Jessica Antunes

    wow what an incredible intrepertations! I have north node in sagittarius in the 1st house and the descrition fits me sooo well. All I have done in my entire life was to seek the truth and be that truth, and now all I want most is to be a Buddha and help a lot of people to become solved with themselves.

  • David

    Thanks for the description of Sag Node North in 3rd House! I have always struggle to find someone who would understand the duality the energy feels like inside. On my experience small talk is a challenge for me , but I can make great topics sounds so easy to understand or so people say ๐Ÿ˜‰ though at times I think is my Mercury in Pisces making a grand T Square with Moon in Virgo and Mars in Gemini conjuncts my South Node.

  • I read most of the comments and just wondering, how people start predicting instantly on life by just reading only aspects of North and South Node.

    My friends, before predicting anything first analyse the complete horoscope and judge overall balance and then start predicting anything.

  • LB

    I really like these Node descriptions, Michelle – it’s pretty amazing how they sometimes fit so well. This post helped me to clarify what I was picking up on about a new acquaintance’s style of interaction.ย  After reading your description, it makes it much easier not to take this person’s way of relating too personally.ย 

    With their Gemini South Node in the 1st (and other contributing factors), I think they see me as just another passing “shiny object” (ha ha!)

    • Michelle

      much easier not to take this person’s way of relating too personally.ย 

      This is one reason why I love astrology so much – it helps me gain an objective view of where the other person is coming from.ย 

      You know who has the North Node in Gemini in the 1st house? Charlie Sheen.

      I have an alternative take on Sheen which is that it’s actually part of his path not be tied to one partner. With his South Node in the 7th, he’s done enough partnering for a while, and, Gemini is the opposite of moral Sagittarius. Being bogged down in the moral implications of significant partnership or marriage is the no-growth zone for him.ย 

      His chart:

      Other people may have a problem with his moral decisions, but as long as his relationships are consensual they’re nobody’s business (though I do worry about the impact on his children).

      • LB

        It’s funny you should mention this, because I’ve also been trying to better understand someone with Gemini North Node in the 1st – the opposite of the first person I mentioned.ย  One of the things that’s been happening is sibling relationships are becoming more important and romantic attachments less so.ย 

        Ironically, becoming free of the negative effects of unnecessary drugs is another one of their healthy goals.ย  IMO, Charlie Sheen would benefit from that as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Michelle

          I wonder how Charlie and Emilio get along nowadays.

          • LB

            I wonder. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ..”I have an alternative take on Sheen which is that it’s actually part of
        his path not be tied to one partner. With his South Node in the 7th,
        he’s done enough partnering for a while..”Would this mean the same for one with an Aries NN/Libra SN? And the flip side for Libra NN/Aries SN?

        • Michelle

          The North Node in the 1st house would show a general need to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on a partner. If you have a 7th house South Node and you’re in one relationship after another it could be good to begin to ask yourself why – maybe taking some time off from being in a relationship to see how you do on your own.

    • LB

      Adding – this is not a relationship I wish to pursue, although circumstances will occasionally bring us together.ย  I intend on keeping it friendly while respecting my own values/boundaries.ย  That’s one of the great things about having so much Libra (including my own North Node) in the 2nd house.ย  I’ve learned from my mistakes and no longer have much interest in one-sided, only-on-their-terms types of friendships. ๐Ÿ™‚ ย  I’m not an amusement park, after all.

      Again, Uranus is transiting my 7th!

      • Michelle

        Did you find that some of your significant friendships fell apart during Uranus in the 7th?

        One of mine did, and now, with Uranus getting close to entering my 8th, she’s back in my life again. Seems like we needed space to do our own things for a while.

        • LB

          ALL of my casual friendships more or less fell apart – really we just grew apart, with nothing much in common any longer.ย  One long-term good friendship did end, but our unresolved stuff had been bugging me for a long time, so again, I think it was for the best (at least for me).ย  Now I’m attracting mostly Uranian types of friendships, all of them short-term.

          I’m glad your friend came back.ย  You know what they say, if you let someone go and they don’t return, then it wasn’t meant to be.ย  Or something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great post. I almost just wrote something that fits entirely with what I just read, haha…

  • Great post. I almost just wrote something that fits entirely with what I just read, haha…

  • Hei Mich! Long time no see ๐Ÿ™‚ Reason behind my dissapearance is because of my hectic college schedule, no wonder. Thisย isย the final week,ย yesterdayย was my first review of advance life drawing class. I went to the teacher’s evaluation room around 4 pm, The sun was on 22 degree Gemini and mercury also next to it. 21 degree gemini is my chiron and lilith placement lol :p
    The transit sun and mercury conj both chiron and lilith in 9th house!! Oppose..North node which coincidencely in 3rd house Sag!!

    You know why I want to check this blog already? Of course to find your words
    and there you go xD:
    North Node Sagittarius 3rd House/ South Node Gemini 9th House
    “Letting go of overly rational reasons for learning. Learning because it makes you feel expansive.No longer being the perpetual student who studies a little bit of everything. Learning to talk about a few things with depth of understanding and knowledge. Beginning to understand what you really know by how well you are able to communicate your knowledge. Feeling inspired to learn and inspiring others to learn. Learning to speak the truth. Creating a bigger vision of what you can learn and study in this life. Giving full attention to your personal learning process.”

    I wish I can show you my slap on the head emoticon lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Michelle

      Yesterday I found myself thinking about how this time of year is final exam time. The Sun always goes through my 10th house this time of year – a good fit.

      I’m happy to see someone thinking out of the box and using this information beyond natal interpretation.

      Good luck on your exams! I’m so happy you’re continuing on with school.

      • I’am still badย at mutual dignity reading, namely if the natural opposition switched up like just happening yesterday (Node in Sag 3rd, South Node in Gem 9th)
        that also hard if 2nd house as Scorpio while 8th as Taurus, I’am like..wt minute, letme read my astro book again! Lol :p

        Actually I got A- for hmwork and B because not good enough to be an A but I enjoy my progress so far, just like your reading. Thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ally

    Oh Michelle, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have never understood the nodes or what the message is, and you have just cleared it right up! The way you lay these out is so clear, and yet so comprehensive! Bless you for enlightening me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michelle

      @795a37bf519990dcc378aa49f2becade:disqus I’m so glad you liked the post. Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gabby R.

    Best interpretation ever! I have 3 planets in the 2nd besides NN and I have never had a clue about its effect. I’m in the middle of changes about the way to make money and it explains a lot.

    • Thanks Gabby, I’m glad you could relate to the interpretation – thank you for the feedback.

  • billow

    Okay, then, you have written that squares or so called difficut aspects to north node may be obstacles. My very end of sign Aq Leo IC along with Pluto there, is within a few degrees of my north node in very early Sag. I could see that perhaps my obstacle has been letting go of the irksomeness of the dark side of belief systems. Like the religionism, cultism, polticism, familism, etc and the the suppposed rules and regs followers in those belief systems suppposedly follow. And the damage I exposed myself to by listening to the enforcer’s judgements. I got real confused between the words I was hearing and the actions I was experiencing. The good part being, I had to question all my beliefs, too. So I’m not crazy, I just perceive things the way I perceive them. And the schtick I’m hearing is just perception. And I can honor that. This one from the Bold and the Beautiful, ” I don’t like brussel sprouts, but I’m not saying you can’t eat them.” I rather like brussel sprouts, so I would replace that with canned prunes. Yuck!!!!

    • Tom Jacobs actually says that planet square the nodes represent qualities and experiences that need to be integrated into both axis (something like that!) So…those squares are not good or bad, but they need to be dealt with.

      • billow

        Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • “Letting go of unfocused pursuits of higher education”= ah my dad! Totally =P
    that is not quitely his north node though (n.node sag 3rd gemini 9th) but it’s totally him!
    And he’s the reason why I hate Sagittarian-Jupiterisque influence apart of my Saturn in Sag =)

    • Does he have negative Jupiter/Sag traits?

      • I dont know his chart actually, but if I type Aug 25 1958 with noon standard time, I see his Saturn actually in Sag! Lucky for him, he doesn’t get much lesson from oppresion and limitation like I do (Saturn square Sun) his Saturn is unaffected, that’s why he never listen or to re-evaluate. Whereas his Sun, Mercury Leo sextile Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Scorpio. No wonder my dad is unstopable, can’t be told, super extrovert, larger than life, the go-getter, the opportunist, the speculation, the gambling! He is ANYTHING I dont want to be. Why I choose to be the opposite of him and listen to my Saturn? Because his Jupiter opposite Lilith in Aries. He is a sweet talker, dream seller, the confident salesman but what are those things use for? JUST FOR PERSONAL GLORY and mere-shallow self gratification. He has an ego of 12 yo! 3 planets in Leo also not helping at all.
        Thank God currently, he had been beaten up so bad financialy, mentaly and physically by today’s global circumstances.
        His Jupiter Libra won’ throw free gold coins from the sky like he used to earn. When Pluto entered Capricorn, I realized, this baby boomer generation is soooo retarded and not ready in preparing themselves in today’s economy. He got his beloved car-crahed more than 3 times. I STILL WANT RED FERRARI!! He said..
        yeah right..-_-
        and yes..he even jealous with my sis mac computer

        (shake head)

        I dont hate him to the core, but do you think my Saturnine annoyance could build up and get sinister?

        • but do you think my Saturnine annoyance could build up and get sinister?.
          Only if you keep feeding it.

        • billow

          Crap, that always happens to those with the midas touch. Sooner or later the touch fades. Usually around the age of 50 from the stories I’ve heard. I mean we all start hitting some changes at 50. I’m thinking that the patterns of behavior that worked don’t work anymore, because by the time we hit 50 the world around us has changed. If things are speeding up like some have written, you know end of an age and all that, it may be hitting before 50 now? There is something to be said for paying some attention to what is happening around us, so adaptation to the changes can happen.

          • billow

            PS… In considering my bio unit, they taught me more what is not right for me, so I could find what is right for me. The confusion came from the societally held premise that family is a Norman Rockwell experience. It leaves many of us feeling cheated and confused by phrases like “family values”. It’s all about expectations, and disappointment. If all bio families are dysfunctional, I believe we have mis-defined what family is.

            For people without families, as some have written here, this must sound ridiculous.

          • That’s true. It’s a fact of life, actually. But I sincerely think this was the last generation to experience such upheaval later in life. I mean, we all, from the newer or older generations, will suffer the same transits and whatnot at some point of our lives, but the way we manage life and the transits has changed. I can’t say exactly what it is, but it is clear to me that things have changed. This New Age-ish talk is usually pointless and just annoying to me, but I know there is a change of ages and that it must be due to it. People, as a whole and individually, with few exceptions, after such a long time feeling and experiencing strict and repetitive patterns throughout life, triggered by the celestial bodies or not, are no longer meant to go through them – not the same things, not the same way. The newer generations are starting to notice that, I suppose. Evolution.

            If one pays attention to the world now, children are children for a much a shorter period. The amount of life experiences has increased and the time between them has shortened. That is to say, one’s actually “50 years old” much earlier than the actual biological age of 50, and that all without the experience of “being” old. That makes a big difference. I really think progress (Aquarius) has come to the newer generations so that they are different in –all– aspects related to the earlier ones. An important human ability that the newer generations have refined is that of adaptation. They are able to adapt much more readily and quickly than the others, thus being able to suffer less and grow more. I would even say that the newer generations will likely never get old, regardless of the biological age.

            Omg, I always write too much lol.

            • The amount of life experiences has increased and the time between them has shortened. That is to say, one’s actually “50 years old” much earlier than the actual biological age of 50, and that all without the experience of “being” old.
              Interesting, some ways I think that’s true just because we are exposed to so many different things at such a fast pace. Yet time isn’t as cruel as it used to be, mostly because we’ve made our lives easier through technological innovations.

              I would even say that the newer generations will likely never get old, regardless of the biological age.
              I wonder. Where we are in time right now, if you can’t keep up with technological advances, you could fall very far behind relative quickly. Yet, at the same time, I know plenty of people who still don’t use a computer for much of anything except sending email. Most people I know still aren’t completely sure of what a blog is.

              Right after Uranus goes through Aries, it (obviously) goes through Taurus. Maybe all the advancements will come crashing with a resounding thud.

            • billow

              Gee, I never looked at the younger generations, as adapting. Overall, I get a feeling of indifference from them. The kids have kind of taught me not to care so much, like emotions are optional. I thought maybe it was meds, but from what you are saying it is quick adaptability, which leaves no time for emotions.

              What I do find interesting is the ability to to carry on a conversation while doing the homework with TV background noise, while emailing, texting, and ipodding, all at the same time.

              “They will likely never get old” . . . are you suggesting that their physical bodies will not break down?

              • I think emotions are getting back on track again. They were overemphasised during the last decades, even centuries, and now are being given their proper space in the human nature as a whole and being controlled. Of course the transition we’re going through now is anything but easy, hence the huge number of depressed teenagers and young adults. Emotions are exaggerated.

                Their bodies will surely get old, even with all the progress medicine has been experiencing. But their minds are likely to remain young and ready to the new. They aren’t afraid of keeping up with all the development, ever so quick now.

                Just a thought!

                • Yeah…I don’t know if I agree. I don’t think we were allowed to get emotionally expressive until the 60s. The 50s were an emotionally repressed time period. I think depression has many causes, one of which is a misalignment between what we feel inside and how we are actually living our life.

                  • Oh, yes, the expression is a strong issue, but what I discussed was what they’re worth. Emotions have always been regarded as something very special, the most important part of human nature. They’ve been given too much valour in many cultures throughout history – all those sayings about “love” etc.. I strongly disagree with this assumption. For me and apparently for most young people now, emotions are but a part of the whole human nature. An important part, but no more than that. Now that emotional expression is more open, people are getting used to their emotions, getting used to control them, and realising their power. In time, emotions will become a tool, like the intellect.

                    In some cases, one may really take emotions as an optional thing. Many people do this, but that’s obviously not healthy. I know from experience.

                    • billow

                      Well, now there’s a lesson Cancer moon woman here had to learn the very hardest of ways.

                  • billow

                    “emotionally repressed time period” . . . Ater all “what would people think?” LOL. Who were those people?. And how about what I thought about them? Not much. A rebel was born. A rebel without a clue, but a rebel nonetheless.

                    • “what would people think?”
                      Exactly. I heard a story recently from a guy in his 60s who said that when he was a kid he wasn’t allowed to play with the neighbor’s children because their mother went to therapy – this was in the 50s. Getting therapy or counseling was a taboo back then, and it still is to some extent.

                    • billow

                      The best footage I can think of to explain the sixties is A Hard Days Night, you know the beatles and all that. Check out those young women. I know the old footage cannot capture the excitement like the new technology. But put yourself there and scream like that and see what you feel like. That’s bare bones. Repression unleashed. I’ve heard that restaurant refrigerator vaults are a great place to scream where no one can hear you. Just be sure someone is there to let you out when you are done.

                    • There used to be a place called Sarah’s Smash Shack. You could go there to smash plates and scream: I don’t think throwing plates would cut it for me even with Mars in Cancer – too domestic.

                    • billow

                      Good tag. Even though you don’t throw plates, I am sure Mars in Cancer really understands the primal scream?

                      I also really enjoy a good bare bones cry. The thing I really dislike about the emotional gutting from the trauma is that, like Sheryl Crow sings, “I Can’t Cry Anymore.” Not enough anyway.

                    • Do you have Uranus in Cancer conjunct that Cancer Moon of your’s?

                    • billow

                      No, Uranus 5 Leo. Prog Uranus is now in the 8th. My progressed 7th is Cancer and what do you know, I’m having a lunar return. What the heck all that means I do not know. Except that power drunk monkey women and goddesses really pee me off right now. I’m getting through that.

                    • Uranus in the 8th – that will be my transit when Uranus enters Aries.

                    • billow

                      And transiting Uranus will be squaring transiting Pluto. I suppose you will have some insights on that? Or is this one of those wait and see how it goes things? I should be dealing with uranus trine uranus in aries. I have no clue like usual.

                    • Yes, I’ll have Saturn conjunct Pluto, Uranus square Pluto and Pluto square Pluto in a row. We’ll see how it goes. I hope to become radically subversive.

                    • billow

                      I have no doubt that you are capable of what you hope.

                    • Yeah, maybe. I’m just not going to do it when the Moon transits Aries.

                    • “…radically subsversive” Ooo this Uranian/Plutonian loves the sound of that!!

                      I had Pluto square Pluto first (2001) as I mentioned to Billow earlier in this thread and since Uranis is tightly conjunct Pluto, it was being squared as well. Then Saturn conjunct Pluto/Uranus, Uranus opposite Uranus/Pluto with Saturn opposing Saturn all at the same time starting in 2008.

                      Since we have a lot of similar placements and with your NN being in the 3rd, you probably will. I think the only reason I’m this open is because of that 9th house NN because before I really did not talk to anyone. Those transits have a way of turning you upside down, inside out to reveal the real you, especially if you have not been living that way.

                    • With Uranus already having conjoined my Venus at 00 Aries, getting ready to conjunct all of my Aries planets, I’m already taking more risks than usual. I feel like, “Why not?” If I fail, I fail.

                    • billow

                      “public forum” . . . I call this my “internet voice”. The amusing thing is that in the day to day I would drive any Aries nuts in a fairly short period of time as they would me. This is an opportunity to communicate with Aries energy for me. And I do so admire the energy.

                      Anyway, in my early 20s, I was in some boarding house, in some town, somewhere “out west” and there was a box of throwout trash on the porch. I picked out a book and it was someone’s journal. I nearly crapped my drawers when I found out that other people have inner lives.

                      I wouldn’t worry too much about exposure. To folks not in it, there is a good chance this makes no sense at all because it is not their reality.

                    • I nearly crapped my drawers when I found out that other people have inner lives.

                      Lmao! I love it.

                    • billow

                      You could still howl at the moon. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaroooooooooooooooooo!

                    • “.. Except that power drunk monkey women and goddesses really pee me off right now.. ”

                      LMAO! I’m glad I was not drinking anything when I read that! My progessed Moon and Venus are in the 8th conjunct my Sun, so patience that had acquired when Progressed Moon was in Pisces disolved at the 29th degree. I totally get where you are coming from. Like Michelle, I’ll have transiting Uranus coming in for an extended stay.

                    • billow

                      In some cults, the goddess thing, the moon cults can get really destructive. Like cutting and pasting onto now what we interpret the maybe past to have been. And when it gets to sacrificing animals, I mean come on, in my neighborhood, they call that a barbecue. And of course, they say grace in thanks for the meal. No need to get all spooky about it. The native americans always give thanks to mother earth for their food, too.

                    • billow

                      I really must apologize for the misinformation (bad SN Gemini). It has been a long hard crawl to move the crap out of my natal chart diapers. I’ll blame it on past lives. Blaming, that’s seems like the perfectly childish thing for me to do. Lol

                      My progressed Uranus is at 26 degrees Cancer. We’ve been at this 26th degree once before I think No?

                      So, the question that could be asked in wake of this quick clean up job I’ve been through, whatever degree is Michelle’s Mars at in Cancer? Cuz my golden hour of silence this morn, when the past went away, was interrupted by a phone call from my mars uranus conjunct bio sister and after the call, I started rolling ahead. Could be a coincidence. She won $500 in a raffle and I got the future.

                    • Actually, I have Saturn at 26 Cancer.

                    • billow

                      Must be that Jupiter of yours on my Silly Uranus. However, your Saturn conjuncting my progressed Uranus does tempt me to go da vinci code about the saturn uranus myth. I think I’ll just stick with my new understanding of the feminine in all of us for now.

                    • billow

                      ps .. .. you might find this amusing, mythologically speaking. My natal venus is at 23 Cancer.

                    • Can you explain this a little more?

                    • billow

                      No. It must be a personal joke. Fun with the uranus/saturn myth you know! And it won’t be funny if I tell it. Delete!!!!!

                    • Can you explain this a little more?

                    • And I have NN @ 26 Taurus.

                    • Your North Node is conjunct Algol.

                      My Mercury is 26 Aries.

                    • I could not think of it last night…I also have Cassandra @ 26 Virgo. I’ll have to look up Algol.

                    • billow

                      Neptune is squaring my natal Saturn, so it’s a bad time to ask about Saturn. However, I’m getting a hose down, so that my Saturn can function, I do believe. Alot of fog to cut through. Lol

                    • I don’t know. 26 degrees is a “critical degree” when placed in a cardinal sign.

                    • billow

                      Oh yay.

                    • I don’t know. 26 degrees is a “critical degree” when placed in a cardinal sign.

                    • billow

                      Michelle’s Saturn in Cancer is trining my natal Cancer in Scorpio to the degree so that might be what you are getting.

                      I don’t do the numerology stuff. I’m abstract enough. Just use the system of planetary energies, to work my stuff, so I can do my work better. I am actually way practical. Spoken like a Wirgo! But hey, if there is some fun to be had along the way, I don’t argue with that.

                    • I do notice the numerology. 26 is number repeated through my family’s charts. We’re not a particularly Saturnine bunch.

                    • billow

                      Hopefully, I will be comment #100. Do I get a prize?

                      Anyway, this is my story, not to confuse or to be confused with your story.

                      26 Ar Merc conjunct my natal Sedna at 6th cusp. Guiding me out of the depths. Specially since your Merc trines my natal pluto by 2 deg conjoining and opposes my natal Neptune by 2 deg conjoining. Oh look, my mermaid tail has been surgically removed. How weird. Guess that ol whale will have to get along without me.

                    • It would be awesome if I had little prizes and things to give out. Something to think about.

                    • billow

                      So you, too, are having fun (ha ha) with this Neptune-Chiron square to your NN.

                      Are you sure your south node is at 26 Scorp. That would be a direct opposition. Does that actually happen?

                    • Yeah, loads of fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Actually I’m beginning to see that it really is fun because I’m finally learning to trust my gut, learn and be who I am and let the universe handle the rest. The heavily tinted rose colored glasses had already been snatched off and stepped on when Pluto t squared natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction & Pallas in 2001.

                      On all charts I’ve had drawn up the SN is not listed and always interpreted directly opposite the NN. It’s listed as True Node so maybe the Mean Node is different. I don’t have a clue as to the difference between the two.

                    • Here’s an explanation between the True and Mean nodes on Molly’s astrology:


                    • billow

                      Hmmm. I was under the impression that the SN is the point of the last solar eclipse moon before the birth and the NN is the point of the last lunar eclipse before birth. Along that line of thinking, I always wondered why the “mean” node wasn’t the midpoint between. I probably will gain a better understanding if I get to the point of really watching transits and what they bring.

                    • The pre-natal eclipse points are supposed to mean something or other. Shannon from Signs of Potential wrote a post about them not too long ago: I still haven’t looked mine up since I commented on that article.

                    • Serennu Astrology has an eclipse finder:

                      Just type in a date range around your birthday.

                      My prenatal lunar eclipse was 26 Taurus (conjunct Algol, which also happens to be my brother’s ascending degree). My prenatal solar eclipse is 11 Scorpio. My north node is 13 Scorpio and my south node is 13 Taurus.

                    • billow

                      My confusion was due to my prenatal lunar eclipse being conjunct my NN. My correlator was off. Like I said, details. Thanks for the correct.

                      Anyway, if the NN is in the very early of degrees of Sag and now progresses into Scorp, that could denote a notable shift? It would make sense, in that I was born with a separating yod involving my NN. Also, the 7 degree natal separation between NN and Saturn is progressively closing.

                      You might get a kick out of this. My natal lilith is at 26 Taurus. Presently prog lilith is conjunct my chiron.

                    • My natal lilith is at 26 Taurus.
                      Ah…that’s funny!

                      The announcement yesterday that Mubarak was resigning came exactly when the transiting Moon was at 26 Taurus.

                    • I looked up Algol…all I can say is whoa! And more amazing to me is that you, Billow and I have these 26 degree connections especially the Taurus connections representing 3 generations.

                    • billow

                      This is why I will never be an astrologer. Details, details, details. My uranus is in the progressed 7th with my natal and progressed moon in Cancer. Lied again. So that’s not alot of sense (yes Michelle, wirgo is testing the system).

                      It’s what you said about when the moon is in Aries, that got me looking at it again (you are really good at this michelle, you must be an astrologer :D). Two more clicks of the wheel and my progressed ic will no longer be in aries. Sedna is just cross the line and now lost in her mind in the 3rd. Science was a good choice. It will keep me out of trouble, I hope.

                    • What kind of science are you in?

                    • billow

                      Natural. Wildlife management, water quality, wetland protection, etc. Am assisting with some wildlife monitoring at present. Don’t know how much more schooling I will get. I really like the field work, and believe it or not, technical reporting.

                    • That’s fantastic. Really really cool.

                    • billow

                      It’s amazing how much is going on right under my feet, of which I was not aware. And there is always more.

                    • Wow, that’s awesome! I bet you were/are a trailblazer in this field as I would think that females are underrepresented. ( I know, it’s probably not a word but Mercury in Pisces makes up their own words lol)

                    • billow

                      Sorry to disappoint, no trailblazin. Just learning and work and fun. Not necessarily in that order. And it is male dominated, so I take advantage of discrimination laws. Quotas can work in my favor, even at this age. But I gotta work hard, no sloughing off. Do my part for my gender you know.

                      Never thought of Pisces Merc trailblazin in the area of language. ๐Ÿ˜€

                • billow

                  The thing about the elderly that I learned, as the parentals and their generation are dying off, is that they are really young in spirit. It really amazed me. It’s just that their bodies aren’t involved in that. The thing that makes the elder years tougher than needs be on those caring for them, is what they cannot accept.

                  That generation is a a bunch of tough old birds that came through hard times too. Like the great depression and vile punishment techniques. My parents worked the land with horses for example and heated water on a wood stove to wash clothes. Air conditioning was leaving all the doors and windows open at night and the family waving sheets through the house to shoo the flies out in the morning. It was hard physical work and play, but they also did not have the global stresses that we have now. You know bad air, artificial food, traffic jams, etc. It’s just a different set of experiences.

                  • Yeah, all generations have some key characteristics. This generation you mentioned is surely way more resilient than the others, I take their endurance for granted. They could endure pretty much any challenge life throwed at them.

                    Nowadays the world may be technologically advanced, but we are weaker than ever. I doubt we could go through what they did in the past.

                  • That generation is a a bunch of tough old birds that came through hard times too.
                    Yes they are. They know how to get through with sheer grit. My grandmother grew up on a rural farm. She’d go down the road to buy ice blocks from a local guy who cut them out of the frozen lake – that was their refrigerator. That was less than 80 years ago.

                    • billow

                      In a way, they went through more technology changes that changed their lifestyles, like the horseless carriage, the refrigerator, electricity. That was one of my favorite stories: the first time the switch turned on the lights.

                      Information, robotics, medical procedures, farmaceuticals, processed food, is that the changes you see? Or am I missing something? Funny, my mom, born 1918, only went to the doctor when she was preggers and she lived to be 91. She did take a blood pressure pill, starting around 80 or so, that might have extended her life 10 years, though. I only went to a doctor when I broke my wrist as a kid. However, did I get to adulthood?

                    • Yes… they did go through more changes and they had to adapt, maybe not faster, but more profoundly. We already have the technological framework.

                    • billow

                      I would have to agree that the acceleration of movement and information is definitely the factor. Now what was it again that we are in such a hurry about? I think we’s hungry.

                    • billow

                      Oh, I should not have been so flip about children in the medicine wheel at such a young age. That is due to working mothers and day care, and more childhood bugs. Maybe the young do have superstrar immune systems from being exposed to so much so young. Or maybe the bugs will just mutate faster.

            • billow

              Gee, I never looked at the younger generations, as adapting. Overall, I get a feeling of indifference from them. The kids have kind of taught me not to care so much, like emotions are optional. I thought maybe it was meds, but from what you are saying it is quick adaptability, which leaves no time for emotions.

              What I do find interesting is the ability to to carry on a conversation while doing the homework with TV background noise, while emailing, texting, and ipodding, all at the same time.

              “They will likely never get old” . . . are you suggesting that their physical bodies will not break down?

  • billow

    I like the 4-10 read too. It is something that rings very true. Is there a name for the system when you use the sun sign as first house? I am working that somewhat now with my mars (4) opposition jupiter (10) in many ways.

    Home is so important and I do feel free there, but my travel radius is about 40 miles. As long as the food is out there, I can park at home and make the distance to get what I need to stay parked in my home. It’s something I need to reconcile as I am not as open to living out of a back pack as in my younger years.

    Do you have any insights to share or previous pieces written on the overall nodal axis? From my limited reading, the nodes are the eclipse points before the birth? Those are not in direct opposition? What is the mean node? And why is the true node called the true node? Are the oppositions between the eclipse points always separating? And does separating or joining make any difference when it comes to nodes? If these questions don’t make any sense, as they are coming from lack of knowlege, feel free to ignore. I am very pleased with what you open up for me, but I do have appetite for more. Overeater of Information Anonymous.

    • Just want to let you know that I read this but I probably won’t have time to write a good answer for a few days.

      • billow

        I’m reeling in changes and that can be demanding I know. Do what you need to do or not, just throwing some stuff out there. Thanks for all the enlightenment.

    • You are spoutin’ off what sounds like to me a person who knows quite a bit there Sis! You lost me at question #3! lol Looking very forward to the answers on all of your questions.

      “… Overeater of Information Anonymous.” lol

      Damn, busted…again! Though not a bad thing to have right, or am I trying really hard to rationalize it away? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • billow

        Here’s the truth . . . there is no Absolute Truth. I burned out trying to rationalize everything. Alot of stuff just isn’t rational. I’m learning to go with what works. There is something else iI’m learnng to trust in instead of my brain. I think it could be termed common sense. Not alot of that around these days.

        Genius always comes with problems.

        • Alot of stuff just isn’t rational.
          Hear hear!

        • We see eye to eye even though I can’t “see’ you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • We see eye to eye even though I can’t “see’ you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • billow

            Scary, huh? There are probably more of us out there. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • billow

    This is very interesting. 1st house NN Sag. I always admired the guru types, you know the people who have it all together. Have it all figured out, good for them. But I can never completely adopt their stuff. I seem to need information from a wide variety of sources. And what I get from interchange is not always what is intended by the informer, I think. Must be frustrating for the programmer. A real frustration for the authoritarian promoting group think.

    My hard drive bookmarks bits and pieces, unawares to me, until they are ready to come home.

    Would a first house Sag NN imply ecclectic? I have been termed as such. It seems to be important for me to walk with my own sense of truth. And the hardest thing to accept was that there is no Absolute Truth. One can go crazy searching for that. There is really only cause and effect?

    • I would ascribe “eclectic” more to the Gemini South Node.

      • Would that go for 3rd house south node placements too?

        • Yes, to some extent; the mind that is all over the place.

          • Whoa nelly!

            • What do you mean? Is that you?

              • I plead the 5th on the grounds that what I say may be held against me! lol It feels like that sometimes because I always have so much on my mind.

                • I’ve been told by an astrologer that I probably lost my mind in a past life.
                  Wow, what a thing to say! I wonder why they said that?

                  • that person was just mean,not all astrologers are saints ![ ha ! ha! ]

                    • Lol…maybe…but I’m guessing this person saw something that made them say that.

                    • Lol…maybe…but I’m guessing this person saw something that made them say that.

                    • billow

                      Your comment has been stuck in my head. I thought it was every astrologers god given right to trash Virgoes and Virgo risings on their slightest whim. What’s with the master slave thing on that anyway? I mean I read some of these stories astrologers write about Virgoes and sometimes I am appalled to think someone in the helping professional would treat a client in that way and sometimes I think the article written must be a joke.

                  • I’m guessing because of the mutable t-square across the 1st house Uranus/Pluto Virgo/7th house pisces axis with Mercury rx/Saturn/Chiron and fixed grand square involving my 12th house Moon/6th H Venus/3rd H Neptune conjunct SN/9th H NN in my chart. I’ve heard elsewhere that the Virgo/Pisces is the mental health axis. In this life, in my younger years it could have easily gone that way, but I absolutley refuse to go out like that. Hell naw to that sh*T!!

                    Take a look since you’ve got my chart..I just got the NN axis report and Out of sign interpretation of Venus conjunct Black Moon Lilith. That does not hurt my feelings at all. I’ve had worse things said/done by family.

                    • billow

                      “I absolutely refuse to go out like that” . . . Applause. Restoring personal balance and sanity in an insane world is quite a feat.

                  • billow

                    MsFullroller, you make me laugh. I sometimes feel that I am living in an insane assylum these days. It’s part of letting go of trying to figure out what the hell is going on and getting down to making a life in the midst of insantiy.

                    • I’m trying Sis! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And laughter is exactly what we all need more of.

  • tatiana.larina

    Well, if North Node is a life lesson, than it seems I am the laziest student in the class… I have accomplished so far very little from the list for my 8th house Node, although I believe I am not too preoccupied with buying trendiest stuff or buying in general.

    • Do you study any occult subjects? Interested in psychology? Do you have planets in Sagittarius?

      • tatiana.larina

        Well, I study astrology ๐Ÿ™‚ I am interested in psychology but it’s not at the top of my interest list and I am more interested in the scientific side – what can be confirmed by statistics and hard data. I have Neptune in Sagittarius. If it makes any difference, my mean NN is in the exact trine with my Jupiter in Pisces – although I don’t think I’ve read anything about planets aspecting NN.

        • Interesting. It’s hard to say without looking at your chart. If anything, Neptune in Sag and Jupiter in Pisces trine your NN would seem to emphasize dreamy, expansive states.

          • tatiana.larina

            If you feel like it, my chart is here

            Uploaded with [URL=][/URL]

          • tatiana.larina

            oops, sorry, wrong code. I hope now it’s OK

            • That grand cardinal cross with the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto conjunct the angles, dominates your chart. There’s nothing flowing or dreamy about that configuration. Perhaps one of your challenges is to become a bit more flexible and adaptable.

              Did you reading the Sagittarius North Node in the 9th house description? Using whole signs that’s where your NN would be. What do you think of that description?

              • tatiana.larina

                9th house seems to be describing where I am in my life right now much better – but perhaps such is the role of North Node, to be a stone in your shoe and to get you out of your comfort zone.

                • billow

                  “stone in the shoe” . . . like that one. LOL. Very appropo with my natal cancer moon in a wide quincunx with my Sag NN. Really like a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

              • Or, balancing your drive with contemplation, introspection and metaphysical studies.

                • billow

                  Lol! Contemplation seems to be winning right now. I’m really not so comfortable with that. That could have to do with natal mars being retrograde.

                  • Hmm, it’s odd that you would say that. I would think that would be exactly why you’d be more comfortable with contemplation whereas a direct Mars would be do now, think later. Maybe it’s the sign placement or Saturn aspecting?

                    • billow

                      The problem is , what is enough contemplation? I can talk myself out of doing just about anything by deductive reasoning. Am I destined to be a mollusk?

                    • Mollusks are yummy.

                    • billow

                      You slug eater!

                    • That’s the first time I’ve been called that!

                    • billow

                      It’s the first time I ever used it. Spent some time yesterday creating a character for myself called Mamzelle Escargot.

                    • I have nothing to say…just shaking my head, smiling.

                    • billow

                      It’s best that way. I have pushed the limits of silliness to more than absurd. It’s a deep deep bottomless sea. I am really working to know when to just cut it off.

                    • billow

                      Really must thank you for re-inventing my natal Mars. Very helpful indeed!

                      I think the placement in Pisces, the retrograde, and the the 3 degree trines to Saturn and Venus, definitely play in, but toward a workable reinvention of my life. I suffered some extreme tragedy in the last 7 years (Uranus hit Pisces with a bang for me), which I think played in to blowing my mind big time. What this thread has helped me to understand is that this contemplation process is part of my balancing as I re-invent my life. Practicing patience with myself like I do with others is not always so easy.

                    • “… I suffered some extreme tragedy in the last 7 years (Uranus hit Pisces with a bang for me), which I think played in to blowing my mind big time. What this thread has helped me to understand is that this contemplation process is part of my balancing as I re-invent my life. Practicing patience with myself like I do with others is not always so easy.”

                      The past 7 years have been a doozy and a blessing in very strange ways for me too so you’ve got some company. I want to thank you again for your openess in sharing because it has helped me a great deal because I was feeling a bit alone. Most of the folks on these forums are much younger though extremely aware they have not gone through these milestone passages in life in terms of age. Even though we are on different paths, some of the overall lessons seems to be the same.

                      Now me with a direct Mars in Aries, I’ve sometimes done the do now, think later thang much to my chagrin. One of the things I’ve learned in the past 7 years is to contemplate. It’s saved me from rushing into doing things that are not my responsibility. Some folks don’t want to be helped.

                    • billow

                      I’ve been feeling like a real idiot the last few days. I came to astrology because it is a system within which to work to make some sense out of everything that went down in a very short traumatic time frame. Here’s the idiot part: people familiar with astrology would look at the fact that my IC is at 29 Aq, fixed and end of sign tough. It is opposite my natal Pluto at the end of leo, fixed and end of sign tough. And I also could have been aware of that very fixed cross thing that happened with that harmonic thing that happened at the end of 2003, when the crap started.

                      And so like when Uranus crossed my IC, bam! I took a look at Hand’s advice on Uranus opposition Pluto and it was exactly the wrong time to start taking a stand. If I had known that I would have backed out of the mounting abuse and tension more gracefully, instead of fighting for what was right. Bad bad timing that ended up in disaster on so many fronts.

                      That was all a couple of years before 50. Is that when Uranus opposition Pluto happens these days? And from what I read the IC axis is more sensitive? And especially since I have Pluto there? Where I am pleased is that I’ve been able to help walk a couple of younger friends with their transitions. So I guess that is something. Whoa girl, calm down, not so fast, let’s discuss this, kind of thing.

                    • Uranus opposite Pluto happens early to mid 40s.

                    • billow

                      That must be a generational progression, Uranus made its last oppostion to my natal Pluto in my 46-47 year per the ephemeris I looked at.

                    • I read somwhere that these midlife transits will be hitting each generation at an earlier age than the GI generation and Silent Generations. This seems to illustrate from the astrological perspective of what Le Folet mentioned earlier on the generations growing up faster. I experienced the first pass 2.5 years ago at age 42, at the same time with the Saturn/Saturn opposition.

                      According to Stephen Forrest, having Pluto natally close to the IC or any one of the angles makes you hugely (is that a word lol) Plutonian and transits from outer planets to the angles are life changing. You know the kind that no matter how much you want to ignore the lesson, you can’t. And when you are a Plutonian, the lessons are like the Terminator says” I’ll be back”. There is no if, it’s when. I don’t have anything in the 4th but Pluto has been transiting through this house since late 1997. When Pluto crossed my IC my father passed away and things have been…sh*t, I don’t even know how to put it into words but to say life as far as myself, family and career have been through hell and back. Never to be the same, ever again.

                      Do not under estimate your wisdom big Sis! It is definitely something to be able to help us younger ladies especially those of us who don’t subscribe to the staus quo in these transitions.

                    • billow

                      OOPS. I replied to you on Michelle’s comment. I’m up early to hit the books. Where are my glassses?

                    • They are coming faster. The younger generations are getting the “big” transits earlier. I’ll have Uranus opposite Pluto around age 38.

                    • billow

                      The death factor is never ever easy. My folks passing was understandable at their age, but the much younger that passed, especially at their own hand, was devastating. And dealing with all that while all the silly crap, and not good silly crap, was going on around me. You know like folks doing nasty covert stuff unto each other. I was like wake up, this is life. And you just never know. It was my cue to get away from all that nasty stuff, but I like a fool, decided to fight it. Now it’s more like choosing my battles and finding a better way to deal with it, without getting any on me. And if I don’t have to deal with it all the better.

                      My condolences on your father, msfullroller. Never to be the same? Yes, that is the crux of trauma. I thought if I just worked it enough, it would go away. But one day I realized, it happened, I cannot change the past. I have to move beyond it. It still leeches in some days, but some days is better than all days. I take solace in the rebuilding.

            • billow

              You popped my cherry. Have never looked at someone else’s chart before. Don’t claim to know anything about astrological analysis. But it screamed “new and different” to me. There is hope for the world per granny here.