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Self-assertive. Self-directed. Vital force. Primal force. An action-oriented person. Doers. Physical vitality. Sexual vitality. Acting in your own self-interest. Self-centered action. The ability to challenge yourself. Self-propelled. Self-motivated. Initiators. Creative action. Challenging yourself to reach your creative potential. Challenging yourself to be all that you can be. Beating yourself up when you lose. Competitive people. People who know how to assert themselves to get what they want. People who know what they want. Directors. People who direct other people. Leaders. Managers. Coaches. Trainers. Rough, gruff, abrasive people. Antagonists. People who are spurred to achieve more when they are challenged or when they have worthy competitors. People who want to be where the action is. People who won’t back down from a fight.

Heads of companies. Entrepreneurs. People who challenge themselves to be the best at what they do. Fighting against, or simply rejecting, other people’s efforts to get you to do what they want you to do. People who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do. The desire to be your own boss. Inability to listen to authority or be put in an inferior position. Asserting your rights. What’s my next objective? What will I conquer next? What else can I be the best at? Who else can I beat? The need to take your shot when the time is right. The need to prove who you are in the moment. Going for it, with no hesitation, proving who you are. Not letting opportunities to assert who you are – your individuality – pass you by. Being brave enough to show who you are. Being brave enough to prove yourself.

Clive Owen

Clive Owen, Sun sextile Mars … *swoon*

Possibility for violence. Experiencing violence at the hands of men. Experiencing men as base and primal, lacking in refinement. Having a natural affinity for typically “masculine” pursuits. Identifying with men. Identifying with typically “masculine” interests. Tomboys. Self-made men and women. Fighting against authority. Fighting against yourself. Inner tension caused by fighting against your own best interests. Depression when there are no worthy opponents and nothing worth fighting for. Depression through not reaching your potential. Depression through not taking opportunities. “I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.” Depression through boredom. Needing goals and challenges to reach your full potential. Needing goals and challenges to feel vital and alive. Seizing the moment. Setting the bar higher and higher. Having a direction. Having aim. Directing your energy toward something. Having things to do. Physical activity as a way to get in touch with your core self. Needing outlets for aggression and hostile tendencies. Needing activities to funnel your competitive spirit into. Identifying with champions, fighters, heroes and heroines, and people who generally kick ass.


Planet Combinations by AstroFix

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Descriptions: Brief, To the point, One is able to capture the energy being described instantly. Thankyou Michelle

Rachel AstroFix E-Book collection

5 stars

Viggy Chiron + Planets and Angles

What a great jump-start for readings! The books also work as great prompts for journaling and reflection. I have a tricky chart reading in front of me and find something useful wherever I look. The books are a creative evolution beyond the old cookbooks, with more food for thought.

Rose AstroFix eBook Collection

A very comprehensive treatment of the Node positions. Signs and houses are often lumped together, which can get a little glossy. I like this approach much better.

Jack Hopkins The Nodes by Sign and House

I have a SN conjunct Moon in Leo in the 10th house. My NN is in Aquarius in the 4th house. I think I bought Michelle’s e-book at a critical time in my life – a time when I was debating the merits of graduate school (a debate that’s been going on ever since I entered college). Michelle verbalized all the things I knew intuitively, but hesitated to put into words. Reading the description for my SN-NN combination gave me a little push of confidence in the right direction. I can’t tell you how reaffirming it is to hear someone say something you’ve known all along.

Christine The Nodes by Sign and House

Brilliant! Loved it !

Geanina Rulers of Houses in Houses

Been studying astrology for 20y
I know it very well, people say I could go pro since I’m better than some they tried. Not bragging just saying.

I am very happy with those books. I like the brainstorming style. Makes it easy to me. Cut the crap. Straight to the point.
Creative. Clever. Inspiring and inspired.
And that price!!
I’ll come back for more

Many thanks

Aliam Karim Rizzi AstroFix eBook Collection

Great format, tons of insight without having to wade thru a lot of extraneity!

Fran Rulers of Houses in Houses, Virgo Sun in Houses, Planet Combinations

5 Stars

Adrian Rulers of Houses in Houses

Astrology is a passion for me. These ebooks are so helpful in teasing out the lessons being offered with a certain position and movement within a chart. They, like astrology itself, have no concrete answers about meaning, but valuable suggestions to ponder as things progress. Great additions to my library and books I will return to time and again.

Sheila eBooks

I really love your books (I previously bought the rulerships one and the planet combinations) for their inspired key words which really help me to get a handle on the aspect in all its forms and permutations. Thanks!

Michael Angles

This book is much personal, and allows us to take the info in the book “Signs through Houses” and personalize the infra structure in the first book to exactly match the individual. As this book helps us to refine what is in the book “Signs through Houses” reveal to suit the native in an accurate way.

Tarek Moustafa Rulers of Houses in Houses

Your free form, poetic planetary brainstorms are a gem. They serve as wonderfully informative guides to planetary aspects that I have used to understand the energies better. A very useful way of illustrating the potential of the planets. Thank you!

Isabelle Planet Combinations

Very informative. In the many years of delving into Astrology, I feel I have learned the most in a short amount of time through Astrofix. Thank you!

Jody AstroFix E-Book Collection

Very good book, good informations

Oriana Rulers of Houses in Houses

I love this book. I found it to be accurate and positive. I will use it to interpret charts. The price was great.

Patricia Rulers of Houses in Houses

This is an excellent compendium of the meanings associated with rulers of houses in other houses. It helps me out a lot.

Richard Rulers of Houses in Houses

5 Stars.

Lana Rulers of Houses in Houses

To the point, spot on, concise, EXCELLENT. Thank you!!

Mary Chiron + Planets, Angles, & Planet Combinations

The “Key” phrases and “Key’ sentences in Planet Combinations: Astrological Brainstorms are great when you need a bit of inspiration to get your mind moving in the right direction…

Patricia Planet Combinations

Planet Combinations is my all-time favorite. Each planet has a special relationship to all the others and this ebook goes into that. It’s like having a map of how the different actors in a movie relate with each other. High Drama!

Planet Combinations Jack Hopkins Planet Combinations

Just great

Michel AstroFix eBook Collection

Great take on a classical technique. There’s a lot of insight in these pages.

Jack Hopkins Rulers of Houses in Houses

5 stars. Very good information. Quite happy with the purchase.

Juan Planet Combination, The Nodes by Sign and House, Angles

I love how this ebook was written, because mentally that’s how I think. It wasn’t long and tedious to read and all of the descriptions hit the mark. It was user friendly and easy to navigate.

Ashley Planet Combinations

Very insightful and stimulating reading. The books inspire another way of looking at the meaning of the chart. Thank you!

Susan Chiron + Planets, Angles

I love your work, thank you.

Bruce various ebooks of yours

Sometimes, Node readings can be very vague, but because this tackles sign and house together, the reading become more personal, and together with Michelle’s interpretations, they become a wide set of images that really dig out all possible interpretations.

Ben Kossenberg The Nodes by Sign and House

I call it the infra structure of the chart, And it provides an accurate 12 stereotypes of infrastructure, which is amazing to start looking at when reading a chart.

Tarek Moustafa Signs through the Houses

These books will give you vocabulary of all Astro possibilities. Then you need work it by yourself. If you have some basics then you will get to the point. If you don’t, then you will get your basics. Good read!

Aldonna AstroFix E-Book Collection

The books were very informative Michelle. You have a gift of seeing tiny nuances based off a placement that few other astrologers can see.

I’ve always liked your site because you’re style is a lot like mine. I’m a Leo with Aries rising, a four inner planet stellium in Leo and most other planets in fire signs, so I like my information quick and to the point and you do that the best.
Your work is also eerily accurate. Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your gift with us other astrology addicts 🙂

Kimberli Astro Fix eBook Collection

I sooo enjoyed your e-books….very useful information.
I look forward to your blog…”THANKYOU” so much for your services :))

Christi AstroFix E-Book Collection

Your books we’re/are so helpful. I regularly go back to them. Made me understand astrology better. Really grasp how the ruler of the chart affects the whole. And Love that book of every sign on every house cusp. A lot of great material to constantly work with. Thankyou

Lilo AstroFix E-Book Collection

To me totally new information and spot on in detail for both me and my kids. I just love this!!

Ulrika Signs through the Houses

As always, Michelle’s interpretations are not only spot on, but challenge the aspects from lots of different angles. Everything is covered, and there is something to take away for everyone.

Ben Kossenberg Rulers of Houses in Houses

Wonderfully lucid and insightful portraits of the aspects and rulers house. Michelle is a wordsmith par excellence! Her portraits are a marvel and will linger with you for years to come. Highly recommended!

Isabelle AstroFix E-Book Collection

Always read you for insight. I like your style because it resonates deep.

Lise AstroFix eBooks

Keywords are so essential in the interpretation of an astrological chart — they add innuendo and flexibility, but are insightful and powerful as well. I just loved diving right into “Angles” and plan to purchase additional, different publications from AstroFix in the future. Good value, as well, for the price.

Maryanne Angles

This book is my favourite, as it goes in depth with all the personal planets’ aspects. The realism of Michelle’s sobering insights leaves nowhere to hide, and has you really having to face parts of yourself that you may wish to keep hidden (if you have any Scorpio in you). If you’re looking for readings that pull no punches, and look at all the possible permutations of planetary energies pitted against each other, then this is the e-book for you!

Planet Combinations Ben Kossenberg Planet Combinations

Great as always, thank you

Ditto Rulers of Houses in Houses

Michelle is one of the best astrologers that I am following now for years, and these books were great reference for someone like me, who occasionally does a reading and needs a reference. These days I am mostly studying the stars from a vedic perspective for accuracy sake, but these are so to the point that cant have-not them.

Aldy AstroFix E-Book Collection

Excellent book – the key words really illuminate the different aspects, and have aided me greatly in my understanding of many of the charts I have examined. Highly recommended.

Michael Planet Combinations

This book was very informative and as always, Michelle managed to merge the complex astrological aspects into digestible sentences.

Kimberli Chiron + Planets

One of the things Michelle is really good at is – providing resources for topics that are really hard to find on the Internet. One of the first things novice astrologers realize right off the bat is that there are very few resources on the web regarding this very subject! $2 for an encyclopedic compilation of signs through the houses? Trust me – this is a steal. In all the years I’ve spent studying astrology, no one has been more thoughtful, thorough, and accessible as Michelle. Her e-books are a good resource for the beginner student, as well as the seasoned astrologer looking for a refresher. She takes an intuitive approach to astrology, as she carefully configures each sign, house, and planet’s archetypal features into her descriptions. She teaches astrology by modeling astrology. The learner will benefit not only from her descriptions, but also from her methodology!

Christine Rulers of Houses in Houses

Love your writing style 🙂

Ágata The Nodes by Sign and House

Thank you. Really. You made it affordable for me and these are the most mind opener lines on aspects, nodes, etc i ever read.

Lisa AstroFix E-Book Collection

5 stars. How about doing an Ebook on planets in houses?

Robert Ligon Planet Combinations

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  • Sal Montana

    Sun square mars mars square Pluto sun opposite Pluto talk about intense this t-square is really powerful.

    • What do you do with all that energy?

      • Sal Montana

        I usually release my anger out of everybody I know, but then I realize that I frighten people away with this energy.Sometimes this aspect is hard because of how tight the aspect. I have more squares and oppositions that trines, squares and conjunctions. I understand that no one chart is perfect but having two t-squares is rough.

        • Joey

          Become a boxer like me nigga. My sun is conjunct my Mars and my Mars opposite Pluto and sun opposite Pluto and I got hella fuckin heated and need to punch people everyday to get that shit out lol

  • Joey

    i have my sun and my Mars conjunct both in the 8th house and both opposing pluto i also have my mars quincunx ascendent and sextile Midheaven. It’s also conjunct my moon.What does this mean for anger?

    • Having respect for others, respecting yourself, and having other respect you are themes. Standing up for yourself is a theme. Owning your power is another theme. Getting what you want is another theme. If any of these themes are imbalanced you may have buried rage.

  • Ray Jefferson

    Do you think astrology is similar to witchcraft?

    • No, I do not though some witchcraft employs the positions of the planets, hours of the day, etc … for certain rites.

  • Last One

    I have sun conjuct aldebaran and Aries rising, I’m a star lol

  • Stephen

    Hi, I have this aspect in a square and I’m always pissed off for no reason. Do you have any suggestions into channeling this aspect in a positive way?

    • Find something you enjoy that you can also be competitive at … whether that’s sports, games, intellectual pursuits, dance, yoga, poker, chess, fishing, frisbee, archery, debate, or whatever … and sink your teeth into it without hurting anyone.

    • Catherine

      I do as well. What works for me? Martial Arts. I love to fight and my aggressive nature is focused and skilled. This has helped me tremendously. I do wing chun it is smart and challenging so I am never bored.

  • Alfonso

    Do you think that people with too many trines are laid-back?

    • No, I don’t think so. I’m thinking of a few people I know with grand trines who tend to be “pumped” and ready to spring into action. It’s going to depend which planets are involved. Do you have a lot of trines?

      • Alfonso

        I only have 3 trines the rest are squares and opposition. Sometimes I feel like things are rough for me since I have hard aspect in my chart. Also, I have a T-square in my chart is that normal?

        • T-squares are common.

          “Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” ~ Jack London

          • Alfonso

            T-squares are better than grand trines in your opinion right since trines are easy and the person is gifted by their aspects right?

            • Neither configuration is better than the other. They both offer opportunities and challenges.

  • Allen

    If you have this aspect in a wide square or trine can you still feel it at 7-10 degrees?

    • I’d say yes at 7 or 8 degrees. If you have leo or aries prominent your chart then you might be able to go wider with the orb.

  • Rick

    Hey Michelle so you have this aspect in your birth chart?

    • Mm … very wide. Sun at 19 Aries, Mars at 10 Cancer.

  • Derek

    Which aspect is the hardest in a birth chart the square or opposition?

    • They’re just different. With the opposition you might see the negative traits as belonging to others (or, you might vacillate between self-inflation and self-loathing). With the square there’s tension and inner struggle.

  • Trey

    How many degrees can the sun have in an orb?

    • Hi Trey, It depends on who you ask. I usually use a 10 degree orb, but a lot of astrologers go up to 15 for the Sun.

  • I have Mars in 1st house, and Sun in 4th house. Can this be considered an aspect?
    I am very competitive and highly aggressive when it comes to physical activity or even verbal communication. I do tend to pun on weight a little fast. Is this a fair assessment? Thanks in advance.

    • It’s not an aspect unless the sun and Mars are in orb of making a square or trine, however, having both planets angular gives them a strong emphasis (angular meaning in house 1,4,7 or 10).

  • Lena

    Hello Michelle, could you say something about sun mar in quincunce? My sun has sextil pluto and quincunce mars, while mars squares pluto, then I should have a much more acertive drive and maybe for my sun be conjuncted venus and neptune I feel I give up easily in the name of peace, although frustated and feeling uncapable.

    • How close is the conjunction between the sun, venus and neptune? That is one very softening, sensitive, loving, self-sacrificing conjunction. Depending on your rising sign, the signs of the planets, and the tightness of the aspects that conjunction might be stronger than the sun/mars/pluto interactions you have.

  • Lulous

    Just wondering, mars ir really related to depression? I mean, a conflicted mars can make you depressed?

    Aaalso, when you’re going to post about the others planets aspecting ascendant and mc? 🙂

    • Hi Lulous, 

      I think Mars could be related to depression. If your ability to act is blocked or dysfunctional that could be related to feelings of depression.

      Aaalso, when you’re going to post about the others planets aspecting ascendant and mc? 🙂
      I’m getting there, I’m just very busy.

  • race64

    mine is sun semi-sextile mars
    leo sun virgo mars
    boy do i go get what i want !! i plan it out first to GO FOR IT!! I hate when peolpe say i can’t do something u just gave me more fire!!
    :” Needing goals and challenges to feel vital and alive. Seizing the
    moment. Setting the bar higher and higher. Having a direction. Having
    aim.”Read more:

  • The Universe revolve around me!! Me Me Me!! Kd 😉

    Mars has been a bad boy for the whole 2012 for rolling passing my sun, mercury, he went rx and rolling in the same place all over again. I can’t help but to feel more aggressive/passionate than usual, especially Mars also trigger the tension of my sun-mercury square Saturn in natal.
    I’ve been more head strong, against the rule and having major difficulty in established academy, namely in the way I cooperate with more advance people. Cooperate? Puh lizzee :S

    The unfortunate Chiron and Neptune transit (Pisces) also opposing Mars transit, Sun and Mercury natal (Virgo) making me a bit odd with creative mood of some artsy fartsy people out there. Im too…overly realistic and lacking imagination 🙁

    Today is an earth day, if I dont get it wrong: transit moon trine transit mars and trine transit pluto:
    An abundance day of lush green earthy power transform my bedroom into a green house (I’ve been fascinating house plants 😉

    Sunshine through my window, gorgeous greenery outside, nice weather..Oh what a beautiful day! 😀

  • Oh wow, actually it’s more intense: Natal Mercury-Sun and transit Mars “square” Transit Sun-Moon and natal Saturn, highligthed my failure of Thanksgiving weekend.

    Transit Sun conj Moon made partial solar eclipse in 3 degree Sag–that is the place of my natal 7th house!!

    Today is the ultimate anti-social Thanksgiving day, I didn’t go with my fam at all, cuz I hate almost everyone of them :p mua haha

    • What did you do for Thanksgiving?

      • Hibernate. Can human sleep 8 hours and then sleep again after 3 hours awake for 6 hours?
        There must be mental exhaustion-underlying issue or maybe I just worry of my failed class and some of the finals.

        The freeze and darkness also NOT helping elevate my mood ^^ lol

  • Holy fuck! Michelle ^^
    I thought there is something broken in my machine but when I look at my transit…
    I have natal Sun conj transit Mars square natal Saturn
    and Natal Moon square transit Saturn conj natal Venus

    All my spirit+soul alltogether against structure/authority/system and Im really in really “rebel” mood.
    The bad side: I think Im gonna fail one of my class course
    The good side: Become a total individual to the fullest 😎

    These are true to the foremost level:
    “Depression through not reaching your potential. Depression through not taking opportunities. “I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody.” Depression through boredom. Needing goals and challenges to reach your full potential. Needing goals and challenges to feel vital and alive. Seizing the moment. Setting the bar higher and higher. Having a direction. Having aim.”

    Just pray my sun (mercury joined pretty soon)+moon+mars WAR with Saturn, won’t breaking me down, insane!!! Lol ^^

    • Ugh, that sucks!

      I just had transiting Saturn square natal Mars and I hated it. Total frustration and lack of energy.

      Don’t go insane, just work harder 🙂

  • Its Sunday, a day of Sun. Truly said ” Self-propelled. Self-motivated. Initiators.” Now thing is why is that ? Why we are talking about self self self?
    So i would like to say that Sun and Mars both are manly planet and well known as Dominating planet. Hence when both conjunct each other or sees each other in horoscope or transit, they rule by self.

  • Several of your interpretations are spot on Michelle.  I have a very tight Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini (5th house).  I’m an entrepreneur with a love of adrenaline.   

    However, I do not think that I am as extreme in my ability to get out there and go go go, do do do, as you would suspect. I suppose that may have to do with my North Node being conjunct these planets.

    Perhaps if someone has a north node conjunct their Mars, they were actually injured in a past lifetime and are trying to claim this warrior energy as their own in this lifetime, rather than being a victim.  

    • Michelle

      north node conjunct their Mars, they were actually injured in a past lifetime and are trying to claim this warrior energy as their own in this lifetime, rather than being a victim.

  • Michelle

    Hi Louise,

    I have only one post on interceptions so far:

    It’s amazing how small differences in a chart can show different personalities.

    Thank you for the compliment and thank you for reading.

  • Louise

    Hello Michelle
    your information on Astrology is astounding and i love the way you write,simple and clear !!! i have mars sun aspect, actually i have the same as James Cameron, we were born the exact same day but i have never been able to find out what time… and apart from also having multiple partners, nothing in common with this man !? although i am an artist, my mars is intercepted in the 6th, i identify more with the second part of your article, have you written on interceptions ? so glad to have discovered your blog !! Merci !!

  • MB224

     Brilliant. This and your Mars-Pluto are my favorite. Perhaps because I have both aspects and you describe how it feels so accurately. 

    • Michelle

      I’m very glad you like these posts MB224. 

      Mars/Pluto is the closest aspect in my natal chart – I should hope I understand it.

      If you haven’t already you might want to check out  Killer Instincts: Mars and Pluto in Aspect

      • MB224

         Michelle, yes, I’ve read that post. It’s excellent as well. You’ve created a wonderful innovation on the usual aspect interpretation style. It’s very, very enjoyable. 

        • Michelle

           Thank you MB. It feels good to get good feedback.

  • I have Sun Square Mar ( Sun Virgo and Mars Sag) (Sun 12th Mars 3rd). My father was the violent type. I was always a champion ever since I started any sports. I am just about competitive with everything but in a cool sense though. Terribly aggressive in arguments but I don’t show any signs of violence towards my opponents.. I detest people who give up during games or battles. 🙂 Like Aycelina, I play soccer and enjoy soccer as well.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing your experience Jamaal. Is your square tight?

    • MB224

      I’m with you Jamaal. Nothing worse than a coward or a quitter. Heart is what matters, almost as much as skill, sometimes it matters more than skill and talent.   

  • Jara

    “I rather “friendly competition” rather than “I’m gonna beat you down” competition… For me, friendly competition is inspiring and focused on bettering without crushing… and it’s team oriented but then again, I have this aspect in the 7th…”


    And this comment explains why I wish I had Sun-Mars. 🙂 Your Virgo planets are organizational, but so are your Leo planets. Leo’s strengths: creating, attracting support/fans and managing OTHERS to help implement the vision. Your planets in Virgo are coming behind the Leo creativity and trying to do all of the work. Manager + Worker bee in one person? At best, you’ll be worn out. At worst, it can come off as you trying to control all aspects of the project. It doesn’t give others a chance to offer to help or support you. How many employees do you have? Do you have an assistant?

  • Jara


  • Jara

    Hey Abella. 🙂 I would imagine the Sun-Mars and Mars-Saturn balance each other out for you. How tight are these aspects? Do you agree with Michelle that Sun-Mars is more “Aries”-like than Sun in Aries? Do you get along with people who have a strong Mars? Aggravated with people who have a stunted Mars?

    Perhaps you could’ve taught your non-friend how to take chances! Sun-Mars shows up in my synastry with many, many, many friends, family and lovers. It’s quite energizing (or combative, depending on how you look at it), which is a positive feature if both people need a lesson in how to be more assertive. Since cardinal energy, fire and Mars isn’t as strong in my chart, I need this external push to get me to start a venture or express what’s on my mind (Mars in Gemini). Without the Sun-Mars synastric aspect, I will self-censure (my Sun and Mars have stunting aspects). I think about how I was before and after meeting these people and I’m thankful for how they taught me to push harder, softer, wiser.

    On second thought, “violent” can be another word for extreme, which doesn’t necessarily mean physical violence (what came to my mind when I first read the description here).

  • Yep, jammin right now as I as type. Check out the lady with cane. She is too cool in my book.

    • LB

      Good for her (and good for you)! A few years ago, I helped a few kids at the school I worked for work out some of their choreography for a hip-hop routine they were performing. They were so shocked that I could actually dance that they started telling people I danced like Beyonce – hmmm, I wonder if this is what they meant:

      Never too old or too young, eh?

  • Michelle
    • Thank you Michelle!! 😀 Sun on the AC, makes sense… and Mars in 3rd. So what Jara observed is true: He rubs his success in people’s faces and makes no bones about it. He won’t let you forget! I <3 astrology.

      • Jara

        Yeah, astrology is great. 🙂 I’m not sure if his houses are correct because of the unknown birth time, but if his Mars in Gemini is in the 3rd, that’s a funky kind of “double whammy” with himself. 🙂 His Sun aspects every planet!! He sure does know how to put himself out there. I love listening to people describe their creative process. So many artistic people will mention something they wish they could’ve done better or differently, but I’ve never heard him mention anything that he would change about his creations. He has managed to put his entire self into his work. Maybe others’ successes threatens him because his identity is so wrapped up in what he creates.

  • Just found this link Michelle.
    Apparently the conjunction and opposition doesn’t happen often. Is a Sun-Mars aspect rare? Intriguing….

    Scroll down to:
    Multi-Millennia Geocentric References

    • Michelle

      Mars takes about 18 months to go through all the signs of the zodiac while the sun takes 1 years to go through all the signs, so the conjunction would occur whenever the two cycles match up. According to those charts, it seems to be about once a month, though every so often it skips a month.

  • Jara

    This is one aspect that I wish I possessed in my chart. Spike Lee’s Sun-Mars sextile in Pisces and Gemini, respectively, explains why he always comes out of the blue to snipe at the “It” Black Director. His comments have a very competitive bite to them, as if he’s reminding himself that he’s still relevant and reminding us that no one can outdo his place in Black film history.

    The possibility for violence…is that with all Sun-Mars aspects or just certain ones? Does the sex of the native matter?

    • Hi Michelle, Please approve a comment to Jara. Merci. 🙂

    • And, um, Charlie Sheen has Sun Sextile Mars… 😛
      p.s. There’s another comment waiting for approval…

    • The possibility for violence…is that with all Sun-Mars aspects or just certain ones? Does the sex of the native matter?
      I think it could be for either sex, but I think there would have to be more than just a Sun/Mars aspect. It could be that the person grew up in an environment that was violent, or they might be the perpetrator. As usual, it depends on the rest of the chart,

  • Michelle

    I think if you do something as a labor of love you’ll eventually find an audience that appreciates what you are doing. It takes time (as you know) to build something from scratch. It wasn’t too long ago that I was peeing in my pants because >ten< whole people actually came to read my blog in one day. Some of those people still read and leave comments and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I think you're right about setting up groups and it being a somewhat thankless job. I was relieved when Jeff set up the astrology bloggers group on Facebook because I'd been thinking of doing the exact same thing for several months (in a forum/blog form) but the thought of it just made me miserable. I knew there had to be a professional astrologers discourse focused on web/blogging, etc.. but I didn't want to lead it. It felt too presumptuous on my part. Jeff has way more clout in that community than I do, and he has Mars in Aries!

    • re: your success
      Awwww…. yay… 🙂

      “I think if you do something as a labor of love you’ll eventually find an audience that appreciates what you are doing.”

      I appreciate you saying that and your pep talks have really helped me when I have been very low. And I think this is a valid and helpful comment…

      However, while I think that’s true for a lot of people it hasn’t been my experience except for when people don’t know *I’m* the one who did it — going back to Sun-Mars in the 7th. ;p I have learned I need to be anonymous with any “new projects” going forward, until I find success with that project. People are people and many people have created a picture of who I am based on how they “think” I have been and what I have said… They have a lot of ideas, thoughts about me and what I have accomplished that are often negative and incorrect but it’s understandable! I’m really complex (see Virgo stellium in the 8th) and hard to get to know. In fact, the more I share about myself, the worst it is (as it might be with all my lengthy blog comments here!! lol)

      People think they know me, because well, I have said so much. But nah… it’s far more complex than that. Ever get that with your Aries in the 8th? By the way, my Leo is 13 degrees… What’s your Leo Moon?

      re: groups
      Oh, heh, yeah… so you know how I feel….
      and yeah, it’s a depressing job…. lol
      but I’m learning a lot about human nature… hehe

      “…but I didn’t want to lead it. It felt too presumptuous on my part. Jeff has way more clout in that community than I do, and he has Mars in Aries!”….

      Ah, that’s your Mars Cancer talking… 🙁
      You see, I didn’t care that I had NO CLOUT (saying it like I see it) though I was a bit uneasy about it but I set it up nonetheless and most of the pro astrologers stayed… hehe… And you HAD clout Michelle. Your blog is totally kickass rocking and so youthful with great energy and so much needed!!! You are a HARDCORE Astrologer Blogger Girl, inspirational I tell you… so please don’t put your “clout” down…. You’re #1 in my books! Well, others are too but you know what I mean… 🙂

      But yeah, sometimes it’s just nice that “someone else does it” so we don’t have to… muahahaha… 😀

      • Michelle

        Ever get that with your Aries in the 8th? By the way, my Leo is 13 degrees… What’s your Leo Moon?
        No, I get the opposite. No matter how much I share people still feel that they don’t know me. It used to bug me, but I’ve realized that I’m actually content not being known entirely. Chalk that up to an 8th house Sun trine Neptune in the 4th.

        My Moon is 2 Leo. My 12th house cusp is 13 Leo.

  • firetiger

    Michelle! Cool!~ I have the Square- Sun Libra square Mars Aquarius……….. starting my own business this summer 😉

    • Michelle

      Wow! What are you going to be doing?

      • firetiger

        Merchandise vending with a Sag sun/moon/merc Aqua venus/mars yay!! he has sun sextile mars. both of us are very committed to starting this business for autonomy— sounds like two aqua mars right?? haha

        • Michelle

          Very cool. I imagine there will be a lot of innovation.

  • Anonymous

    No change for that planet, though many shift around.

    I’m not sure what the point of equal signs is unless it’s a situation where you’re looking up approximate ascendants and have no idea of the degree and no way to easily find it out and/or you have a 2 hour time frame for someone’s birth and no real way to rectify it. I guess it makes sense if you literally don’t care about houses of any sort at all, because it just flattens every day to twelve different charts per location.

    • Michelle

      Well, I don’t really like equal signs, but I find whole signs helpful. Whole signs was (according to some) the original house system. Ultimately I think you should use whichever house system works best for you. Sometimes I like to ask readers whether planets switch using one house system or the other just to test my own intuition and to gain more insight into the person’s chart.

  • Anonymous

    I have Sun conjunct Mars. I don’t think I manifest this. A seventh house position is supposed to be interpersonally aggressive but I don’t feel like I’m that way at all. I feel like other people are interpersonally aggressive or cold towards me, and if anything my reaction to that is restrained. (Make a joke about projection.) I don’t act like I’m from Planet Nike, if anything the competitions (take your pick and be ecumenical) I’m supposed to be entering in or caring about depress the hell out of me, because I’m always one down and there’s just no way I can succeed. I don’t want to run things but I want people to stop being so &)E*#) stupid and pointlessly authoritarian (read from personal to political to the workplace).

    Yoga always seemed kind of boring and pointless to me, and right now a good sweat is important but I don’t feel like it’s enough.

    I am fascinated by people who seem like they have Mars on steroids because it’s just so completely alien to the way I’ve been taught and been encouraged to operate.

    I have other aspects in my chart I blame more for my intrapersonal bollocks.

    • Michelle

      Make a joke about projection

      What sign is your Mars in?

      • Anonymous

        Capricorn, where it’s supposedly exalted.

        • Michelle

          Being nosy here…does your Mars stay in the 7th house using whole signs or does it move to the 8th house?

  • LB

    Uh, correction – I meant “Red Rover”, not Wild Rover – hahaha. That’s a more adult game!

    I keep trying to post this and it keeps rejecting me. So if it ends up showing up multiple times, sorry!

    • Michelle

      There are some “trigger” words that will prevent your post showing and some of those trigger words are strange, I think “woodworking” is one, for example. If your post doesn’t show up, it’s usually because it’s being held for moderation because of one of those words.

      • billow


      • billow


  • Sun in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries in the 8th. I identify with a good bit of this list. Another good on Michelle!

    I’ll be 45 in a little less than a month and I’m still somewhat a tomboy. I say that I’m a feminine tomboy because I still love dangly earrings, bracelets, dresses and comfortable high heels. However that’s not my everyday attire except for the earrings. When friends and family see me all decked out they hardly recognize me. lol My competitiveness only comes out in sports and in my younger years I had a huge problem with beating myself up when I lost. And I thought that came from Virgo rising with it’s ruler being conjunct Saturn. I’ve mellowed out a lot since these midlife transits but my competitive fire has not dampened one bit. When I play, I play to win, playing fair, giving the best that I got, always wanting to improve from the last one.

    ..’People who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do…”

    The only time I have a problem doing what I’m told is when the request goes against common sense or is wrong. Wrong in illegal, causing harm to others, or my pet peave of having to be the one to clean up the resulting mess. As far as telling others what to do…hate it!! I have no desire whatsoever to be anyone’s supervisor or manager. Takes too much time and encroaches on my freedom. The only time I will step up and take charge is when no one else will and something needs to be done.

    “What’s my next objective? What will I conquer next? What else can I be the best at?

    This is where I’m at now and have been for the past 3-4 years.

    • Michelle

      When I play, I play to win, playing fair, giving the best that I got, always wanting to improve from the last one.
      I have no desire whatsoever to be anyone’s supervisor or manager. …The only time I will step up and take charge is when no one else will and something needs to be done.
      Those sentences are both very interesting to me since you have the Moon in Leo and both the Sun and Mars in Aries. Yet at the same time, I relate.

      I always “end up” being in charge. Every job I’ve had, nearly everything I partake in, I never set out to be the leader, and most of the time I don’t want the responsibility, but it happens anyway.

      • I’m thinking it’s because of my 12th house Moon & 8th house Sun coupled with Virgo rising. It’s my understanding that the 12th is the hidden/behind the scene part of the chart and most Plutonian/Scorpio prominent folks, Virgos included don’t like to operate out front. Seems like the house placement really makes a difference in the way a Sun/Mars conjunction is displayed and other aspects.

        “…I always “end up” being in charge. Every job I’ve had, nearly everything I partake in, I never set out to be the leader, and most of the time I don’t want the responsibility, but it happens anyway.”

        Same here..military time included. That’s why I don’t want anymore of it. For me, it takes away from the technical/artistry/craftsmen aspect which is what I really enjoy and work at being the best that I can be.

        • Michelle

          Hm…except that my Sun is also in the 8th and my Moon is also in the 12th. My version of being in charge is kind of strange because I’m a quiet person, and I also have Mars in Cancer, so it’s more like subtle coercion than outright direction.

          • Hmm, interesting, DH is a Cancer and what you’ve described would be how I would define his leadership style. Also, it finally helps me to see how Cancer is one of the Cardinal signs. Before I was like, huh?! lol

            Taking what you’ve said into consideration, I would say my version of being in charge is leading by example with action and subtle coercion. Whenever I was in charge, I never asked more of anyone than I would do. I despise that style of leadership where the person in charge acts like they are royalty, too good to work right along side of everyone else to get the job done. My thinking is, lets all pitch in, get the job done so we can go have some fun.

            • Michelle

              I like work situations best where the boss or manager, or whoever, works right alongside everyone else. Those situations seem to make everyone feel esteemed and respected. There are still lines of “who’s in charge” but not of anyone being better than anyone else.

              • LB

                Amen to that!!!

      • Same here. I have a 1 degree orb with this aspect but I generally go as high as 10 or 11 degrees — especially with the Sun. 🙂 Every job, promoted to management within a few months without any intention of doing so… To me a Sun/Mars is very Aries-like. 😀

        • Michelle

          Sun/Mars is very Aries-like
          Sun/Mars and even Mars in Aries people always seem more aggressive to me than someone with just the Sun in Aries.

          • Heck, I’m as aggressive as a wet noodle right now! lol Maybe, this is from Neptune’s long stay in my 6th house but I’ve always been somewhat passive. Hopefully transiting Uranus on my Sun in a few years will change that. Transiting Jupiter & Saturn is helping right now and laying the groundwork I think.

            • Michelle

              Interesting 🙂

      • LB

        I guess I’m in the same boat, although now I’m finally starting to embrace my leadership skills as less of a burden and more of a gift – in MOST situations, that is. Yesterday was the second time I’d volunteered at this one particular place, and I’m recognizing how naturally it comes to me, whereas with others – even those designated as being “in charge” – not so much (Mars is widely conjunct my MC).

        If I see that someone needs help (and I know what they need), I’m gonna jump in, even if it’s not my job; maybe that’s the reason so many of us end up being put in charge. I think part of it has to do with being able to notice what it is that people need, whether it’s clearer directions, adequate support, acknowledgment, or just being able to anticipate potential snafus BEFORE they happen.

        Sun/Mars can be very heroic, and in leadership positions this can come across as someone who has your back. Best case scenario, of course! A lot depends on individual motivation and level of integrity.

        • LB

          Adding, like others who have commented, I get no pleasure out of managing in environments where people either lack motivation, or where bureaucratic practices (and/or politics) take precedence over common sense, common courtesy, and/or a common goal. That’s why I want to start my own business and be my own boss.

          • Michelle

            That’s why I want to start my own business and be my own boss.

            Also, I recently had the epiphany that working for someone else is like renting a house. You keep putting all this time and energy/money into something that will never truly be yours, over which you have no real control, and which can be taken from you at any time.

            • LB

              Ha! Don’t even get me started on the subject of renting. I’ve ended up having to handle numerous situations that our landlord should have handled, but didn’t. Unfortunately, if I hadn’t, we would have been the ones to suffer the consequences, not our landlord, whom we lovingly refer to as the “energy vampire”.

              You know though, there really aren’t any guarantees, even when it comes to owning a home. I used to think there were, until various friends who own homes started pointing out the fact that they too, have to deal with noisy neighbors, contractors who rip them off, and worst of all, foreclosures.

              Of course, having said all that, I’d still like to own my own home – I agree with you about the advantages in investing in something that’s mine to do with as I please!

              • The same goes for running a business especially if you extend credit and that means anytime payment is not received on the spot or in advance. And don’t think for a minute that because you deal primarily with large commercial accounts that you will be safe.

                • LB

                  Agreed, MsFullroller – that’s exactly what happened with the last business (a small non-profit school) that I managed.

                  Maybe I misspoke when I said I wanted to “start my own business”. Actually I’m in the process of starting up a home-based Reiki practice. I plan to accept cash or checks – no credit! And if someone writes me a bad check, it will probably the first and last time. 🙂

                  I plan on keeping my rates very reasonable and don’t expect I’ll turn anyone away who truly needs it but can’t pay; I’d be open to bartering, on occasion. I already volunteer my services, so the potential to get paid for doing something I love is icing on the cake.

                  I don’t expect I’ll get rich doing it, so that takes a lot of the pressure off. I just want to be able to make enough to maintain a simple lifestyle – it won’t take much.

                  • I don’t expect I’ll get rich doing it, so that takes a lot of the pressure off. I just want to be able to make enough to maintain a simple lifestyle – it won’t take much.
                    That’s all I want – the freedom to set my own schedule and pay my bills, with extra money for health insurance, retirement and vacations.

                    Yeah, that’s not asking much.

              • I have to say, I’ve been pretty lucky in the neighbor department. For a few years it was a bit iffy after my elderly neighbor had to put in a nursing home and the folks across the street and the ones next door to them, sold their home. But thankfully they are gone. I’ve been here almost 12 years, but have only actually “owned” the house for 5 years on June 2, by paying off the mortgage. I’m still lovin’ it though despite the challenges owning a home presents.

        • Michelle

          maybe that’s the reason so many of us end up being put in charge
          I think so. I nearly always see what needs to be done, and with Virgo rising, I automatically notice what can be “improved” in any situation.

          Sun/Mars can be very heroic, and in leadership positions this can come across as someone who has your back
          I like that!

      • Michelle

        It probably doesn’t hurt that I have 6 Cardinal planets.

  • Anonymous

    I have Sun Scorpio 24′ conjunct 5′ Mars in Scorpio (don’t remember the degree) 5th house equal/Koch and in the 6th house in Placidus

    I’ve heard that whatever planet is conjunct to your sun you can take on the personality traits of that planet.
    I really wonder if there isn’t some truth to that.

    I’m not self motivated (though that’s gotten better with age) and I’m not bossy, I hate being bossed around, why would I do that to other people? I actually was accused of not caring about anything as a child, being/moving too slowly and having a very poor attention span, but ironically I get bored easily.(can we say… huh? :-D)

    Beating yourself up when you lose. Competitive people. Experiencing violence at the hands of men. Having a natural affinity for typically “masculine” pursuits. Identifying with typically “masculine” interests. Tomboys.Fighting against authority. Fighting against yourself. Inner tension.Depression through not reaching your potential. Depression through not taking opportunities.Having things to do. Physical activity as a way to get in touch with your core self.

    • Michelle

      I’ve heard that whatever planet is conjunct to your sun you can take on the personality traits of that planet.
      If I remember correctly, in the Psychological astrology series of books, Liz Greene talks about planets in aspect to the Sun being traits that we have to develop to become full-fledged individuals. Developing those planetary aspects is part of the individuation process.

      From Wikipedia:
      In developmental psychology – particularly analytical psychology – individuation is the process through which a person becomes his/her ‘true self’.

      So, if you don’t develop the planets in aspect to the Sun you never fully embrace or get to know your true self. Aspects of your personality remain murky and disconnected, never becoming a fully formed whole.

      • Anonymous

        That’s very interesting to know. So, planets aspecting, not just conjunct, the sun in general are a part of us that should be developed within ourselves then.

        That’s a lot of self development and personality integration 🙂

        I have 3 other planets(mercury,jupiter rx,saturn plus vertex) forming major aspects to my sun as well.

        It’s no wonder the human personality can be so complex.

        Thank you very much for the article.

        I believe it’s true, it’s only fair that a person have the chance to be who they truly are and be be accepted and/or allowed to be that part of themselves in a healthy form of expression or at the very least know who they truly are and express that in a healthy way. I hope that came out right. ^_^

        That’s why it’s nice that astrology can be a useful tool for something like personal evaluation.

        • LB

          “That’s why it’s nice that astrology can be a useful tool for something like personal evaluation.”

          Well said, joyrjw! I agree.

          • Anonymous

            Thank You! 🙂

        • Michelle

          That’s a lot of self development and personality integration 🙂

  • Leah-nine

    (I hope that post made sense… I’m sending this from my phone at work and it’s hard to read, haha

    • billow

      10-4 eleanor. Came through loud and clear.

      What do you do with the space between projects? And wherever does the spark for the next project originate? It’s a mystery to me.

  • Leah-nine

    Nail. Head. You.

    I had a very intimate run-in with my own Taurus Mars square Leo Sun last night as something triggered me to remember very painful memories (a product, no doubt, of Sun sesquiquadrate fourth house Cap. Neptune) and reeled me into thinking about opportunities I’d missed- invariably I became depressed AND self-critical (also special credit to Mercury in Virgo conjunct Asc. In the 12th).

    To attest to the power of this aspect, I’ll tell you about
    how I just revealed to my mom the other day how sheisty I feel when I have nothing to work for. She replied by telling me, “the four months you worked to save up $5k to go to Europe after graduation were the happiest I’d ever seen you.” I thought about

    • Michelle

      also special credit to Mercury in Virgo

      You might have been cut off at the bottom there.

      Time to set new goals? Mars power will be in good effect for Spring with so many planets getting ready to pile up in Aries.

  • While not everything is going to apply to every Sun-Mars due to house placement, again, very great list. 😀

    • Michelle

      Thanks 🙂

  • amoureuse

    I got sun in cancer square sun in libra. ” People who challenge themselves to be the best at what they do. Fighting against, or simply rejecting, other people’s efforts to get you to do what they want you to do. People who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do. The desire to be your own boss. Inability to listen to authority or be put in an inferior position. Asserting your rights. What’s my next objective? What will I conquer next? What else can I be the best at?”

    but i havent experienced violence from men. actually i feel more comfortable being around men than women. not sure why. i am not that physically active, though. i only do yoga.

    • Michelle

      but i havent experienced violence from men.
      I think that’s more of a possibility than a rule and you’d have to take the rest of the chart into account. However, with the square, I’d wonder if you had an ax to grind with male authority figures, or if you had a chip on your shoulder when it comes to men in positions of authority telling you what to do.

  • LB

    Good post, Michelle. I don’t normally think of how my Sun/Mars biquintile affects me, but your post has me thinking. . . The Wikipedia list of people born on the same day as me has 7 or 8 famous people – that seems like a lot, and makes me wonder if I could’ve been a contender – hahaha.

    I strongly relate to certain aspects of this list, except I’m not really competitive (expect with myself), nor am I combative (just assertive); and I hate violence – my retrograde 9th house Gemini Mars uses truth as its weapon. Also I’m not all that brave (usually), but I do try to be courageous in facing my fears.

    I think I’ve always been a natural doer and leader – having a cardinal Sun makes me a “take-charge” kind of person anyway, which is why I earned a living as a manager. I don’t mind being told what to do – so long as it’s done respectfully – but I’m not afraid to question authority if necessary. I’ve occasionally pissed people off by refusing to go along (Mars is widely conjunct my MC and square Pluto in the 12th; Mars also quintiles Uranus in the 12th).

    I’ve always admired heroic people who are willing to risk it all in pursuit of some noble goal they truly believe in, especially one that involves protecting someone weaker or more vulnerable. Joan of Arc comes to mind – at least the way her character was portrayed in the movie. A more contemporary example of my kind of hero would be Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who managed to save over 1,000 refugees during 1994’s Rwandan Genocide. I’ve also admired certain fictional characters, like the one portrayed by Jack Lemon in the movie “The China Syndrome” (that’s way before your time!) He plays a guy who eventually comes to realize the danger everyone is in from a potential nuclear reaction, and he’s willing to risk (and sacrifice) his own life in order to let the truth be known. He’s made out to be mentally disturbed, which of course, isn’t the case at all – but it is one of the tactics used against truth-tellers.

    As far as physical action goes, I love the scene in “The Lord of the Rings” when Arwen swoops Frodo up onto her white horse and gallops off with the evil forces in hot pursuit – very heroic and inspiring! Here’s the link:
    One of my astro-twins (Viggo) is an accomplished horseman – I would’ve loved to ride.

    When I was a kid, I used physical activity to let off steam; it was hard to get me to come inside at night – wrestling, jump roping, tag-football, dodge-ball and sprinting were my favorites. I lost my first boyfriend (6th grade) because I beat him at Indian Leg Wrestling – don’t know why it bothered him since I beat everyone in class, boys included. Those were the days! I’ve always loved to dance too, even as I got older. Never did like rougher sports though, or activities like skiing or bicycling – I was always way too scared I wouldn’t be able to stop in time! I don’t know if any of that relates to my biquintile or not; it could very easily be another Mars aspect.

    Well, looks like I’ve written you a novella – lol! Better stop while I’m ahead.

    • Michelle

      I’m not really competitive (expect with myself)
      That might be the more likely result – competing against your own personal best.

      Viggo <3

      Well, looks like I’ve written you a novella

      I don’t think Mars’s aggression always shows up as physical aggression. In Air signs, for example, it would be intellectual or verbal aggression. The other thing is that I think Mars influences a need to “go it alone” (which I should have added to this brainstorm). Mars really isn’t into group activities.

      Living Astrology Blog recently had an article about fighter pilots versus chess players and it turns out that the chess players had a stronger Aries influence (not that Mars and Aries are the same). I wrote in the comments on that blog that it makes sense – chess players must rely solely on themselves for direction – chess is not a group activity. Fighter pilots also rely on themselves, but not as much as chess players – they still have to radio back for updates on flight conditions, other pilots in the air, etc… they can’t do it totally on their own.

      Just some thoughts 🙂

      • I think it depends on house placement… As mentioned in another comment, my Sun-Mars is in the 7th. I definitely don’t like going it alone but I also don’t like doing it in groups either (slows us / me down!!). However, I will say that in ANY partnership if I’m the one that has the “main vision” or “outcome” I want to be the leader of the “you and me”. And if I don’t see you leading, I want to lead. But even if I come in with that attitude, everything else is open to be changed: How we work, new ideas, etc.. BUT the outcome or vision I want to stay the same. I have a CEO’s mind. 😀 I like, want, and encourage equals but equals who value my creative strength and vision. I don’t generally see as much creative vision coupled with leadership, as I have, but surely those people are out there and if I hooked up with them, I CAN follow too while being an assertive and powerful person in my own right! 🙂 I also encourage people in my life to be more self-managing and assertive. If I don’t see people stepping up and going after what they want, I encourage them to do so…

        • Michelle

          Maybe this is a matter of self-perception as you mention below, but to me you seem incredibly self-directed and self-motivated to go after what you want. You’ve started how many blogs/websites/groups/etc…?

          Do you ask for feedback from other people after you start them or before you start them?

          • Oh… I’m not sure if I addressed this in the epic reply… 🙂 I have Jupiter Libra, Sun in 7th… I do initiate a lot but I bring in people all the time to make decisions, tune up and test out ideas, and help execute visions; however, I wish there was more interest assertiveness on “others” part. They are happy to take a back-seat. I’m very faith based in the sense that I believe if there’s enough passion, anything can work yet I’m surrounded by people who want to make sure something WILL work before fully participating. They are not calculated risk takers, like I am. This adds delays (Mars Square Saturn) and sometimes an idea I had gets done by someone else because I didn’t get the support or resources to move quickly enough. I truly am a “partner” type person but yes, I’m self motivated, ambitious, and driven due to the Sun-Mars combo which gives me a bit of an Aries temperament… and that’s also why it’s extra hard to have that in the 7th where the “appearance” or “projection” is of someone who doesn’t work with or need the assistance of others… both not my situation… 😀 Hope that makes sense…

            • Oh, found edit!

            • Michelle

              So, even though you’re initiator, you still want the “OK” or support from other people before you go ahead. Your initiation is somewhat stymied by the need for feedback from other people (or their support).

              Being an initiator is hard, I think. I have six Cardinal planets so I am more often an initiator than a follower. The times when I do try to go with the flow, or go along for a ride, I feel like my life is wasting away following someone else’s path.

              • Hi Michelle!

                I think my other post is in “moderation” as I don’t see it. 🙂

                Yup, I initiate but love support. I wouldn’t say exactly getting the “ok” but getting support, yes, to some extent. It’s kind of complicated I think because I find myself not wanting to agree to that 100%.

                I am not so much a follower, that’s fore sure BUT I do like to work on other people’s projects if they have a solid direction, vision, and most importantly PASSION that I can get behind. But like you, I I don’t want to waste my time going along for the ride. 🙂

                Why do you find it hard? I have Capricorn rising and Libra Jupiter / Uranus cardinal planets… and then I believe aspects can create “cardinal energy” such as the Sun-Mars Conjunction…

                • Michelle

                  It’s “hard” for me because I have Mars in the 11th house, in Cancer. I have to find a way to lead, while still being friends with everyone, and being sensitive to everyone in the group – that’s a bit of a conflict my Sun in Aries in the 8th house that would rather duck for cover and do my own thing with no concern for what anyone else wants.

                  Btw, I think your other comment is further down in this post. I “approved” all the held comments a few minutes ago.

                  • Hi Michelle!

                    Oh. Mars in Cancer…. So caring actions… Do you like to get support from family (extended and natural) to give you inspiration to “go forth and conquer”? 🙂

                    From my vantage point, I think you do Mars in the 11th very well and that you ARE a leader. You are in the top blogs and people listen to you Michelle. You offer value. Have you ever done the 8th house Aries “no concern for other” thing? And what does that look like? If you could do whatever you want without caring about whatever anyone else wanted, what would yo do?

                    I find my karma in the 7th is to stop relying on others to help me get my projects off the ground… to stop “waiting” for other to be inspired by me having overwhelming success before they help… haha — This is where it gets a bit tricky with me… On the one hand, I do a lot on my own but on the other I feel I can’t get nearly as far without another so I get stuck or give up! Wawawa… 🙂 but that’s Mars-Saturn problems…

                    Much love <3

                    • Michelle

                      Do you like to get support from family (extended and natural) to give you inspiration to “go forth and conquer”? 🙂
                      No, not really. The women in my life are supportive of anything I want to do, but I still have to be the one to initiate and get the ball rolling. I don’t know if “inspiring” is the right word, it’s more like “sympathetic.”

                      If you could do whatever you want without caring about whatever anyone else wanted, what would yo do?
                      I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing right now. I have a series of squares between Cancer and Aries – there is really no way for me to be completely selfish because I always care. I have to placate both aspects of my personality. Somehow I have to show that I care while also retaining my autonomy.

            • Michelle

              these days I have decided be more focused on ensuring it’s reciprocated and not just taken. Some form of “payment” keeps everything “balanced”
              I wonder.

              My own experience is that the more I expect in return, if I expect anything in return, it just doesn’t work out. I’ve learned to release my expectations relating to so many things. I think that there is a certain amount that I have to willingly give away – time, information, interest, and more. Also, there can’t be any resentment attached to it. I also don’t expect any reciprocity for the things I do. It’s nice if it happens, but it’s fine if it doesn’t. If it comes to things I actually want to get paid for, I make that clear up front.

              I just finished reading a book called Predictably Irrational and one of the ideas explored in it is the idea of social values versus market values. One of the examples the author uses is Thanksgiving dinner. It’s understood that TG dinner is free. Your mother, or grandmother, or whoever, doesn’t expect you to pay for dinner. If you whip out your wallet after dinner and say, “Hey Ma, how much?” you suddenly cross into market values and everything is changes. Your mother is offended, your family is offended and you find yourself eating a TV dinner alone at the next Thanksgiving.

              Considering that your Mars and Sun are in the 7th house, it could be that what seems to others like a simple social exchange seems to you like something you should be getting either credit, or actual monetary payment for. Maybe you are sending out mixed signals through your actions. What do you think?

              • Hi Michelle!

                I would say that’s a normal experience and sage advice . Give without thinking of receiving, the law of attraction, and all that jazz; however, for a Jupiter Libra in the 9th and planets in the 7th, that isn’t my karma. 🙂 I have been notoriously an “over giver” — especially in sharing uncommon knowledge and advice — and people have taken and still take from me without giving credit, supporting, or giving back but it hasn’t been as bad ever since I altered my ways (and I have a ways to go). 🙂

                For some reason, people “forget” they got anything from me and if they did, they certainly will very rarely acknowledge that to me or anyone else. It’s the strangest thing and it happens in every area of my life. Very few have credited me as being an inspiration yet I have inspired many. And yet I have acknowledged others for their inspiration and give back, support– them… It’s historically “unequal”. I give much more than I get.

                However, since I have consciously decided not to just give without receiving back — things have changed and for the better!! 😀

                What works for one, may not work for others. If you are historically an over-giver, balance is key. Otherwise, people have a habit of taking from you because you are saying, “It’s okay, take! It’s a free-for-all”. And you are right, I was sending out mixed messages. I DO want to be recognized when I give to others and I wasn’t asking to be acknowleded. I thought it would be a “given” because others get the recognition for similar things but I wasn’t getting it and for some reasons as I mention below…

                …I have found most people are under-givers and so it’s important for them to learn to release themselves from expectations and to just “give freely”. *Nod* To give freely to people like me…. people who will support, encourage, and inspire — freely!

                I think Sun-Mars in the 7th causes unfriendly competition, boosts egos, and incites and inspires action. 😀 Unless I’m a “big name” it’s not going to add value to someone if they credit me AND if they credit me, then they can’t take what I taught them for themselves, and maybe crediting me when a whole lot of known “experts” haven’t given me the seal of approval will “also” make them want to pass me by but they will keep what they learned inside and use it later…

                I have had people tell me to my face they wanted to “be” me. I say, no, being me isn’t all it appears to be. Be you and be you WELL. If you don’t care to be in my favour, why give me any credit? We, as humans, often give others credit when we want them to take notice of us. I give credit, support, and encourage because I love to see people be the stars that we both know they are. 🙂

                So if I’m giving to you (whether it’s a simple social exchange or not) and you got inspired or something out of it, I want you to let me and more importantly OTHERS know that is/was the case. No, I do *not* want to be overlooked. Nope, I don’t…

              • ‘…It’s understood that TG dinner is free. Your mother, or grandmother, or whoever, doesn’t expect you to pay for dinner. If you whip out your wallet after dinner and say, “Hey Ma, how much?” you suddenly cross into market values and everything is changes. Your mother is offended, your family is offended and you find yourself eating a TV dinner alone at the next Thanksgiving…”

                After just receiving some hurtful news regarding me and someone I thought I could trust in my family, I read this noting, that what goes on in my family is almost completely opposite. I’m mean yeah on the surface, this is the idea. However, later on you end up hearing about sh*t that was said to the contrary. I’m finally understanding why my reluctance to accept these kinds of invitations and have not for several years.

                P.S. Enjoy this selection as it keeps playing in my head.

                • Michelle

                  I’ve not accepted and then I’m given the guilt trip as to why I have not done so. If you can’t trust family, who are you to trust?!! Geez, that don’t make no d*mn sense.

                  That really sucks, I’m sorry.

                  I don’t experience many guilt trips from family from I have had this experience with friends.

                  • Thanks Sis. I guess that what you were talking about earlier regarding T. Pluto thru the 4th. Just 2 more degrees until the 5th house cusp, of course there will retrograding back over those 2 degrees when it gets there. Meaning more sh*t to come, however, this too shall pass.

      • LB

        “Just some thoughts :)”

        Thanks Michelle, I always enjoy reading your responses. Looks like another thought provoking post, eh? I love these friendly exchanges.

        “That might be the more likely result – competing against your own personal best.”

        I can be VERY hard on myself, especially since retrograde planets tend to internalize before they act. At this point in my life, I’m not particularly ambitious in terms of achieving status or material success, but spiritually, I aspire to something more (retro Mars in the 9th).

        And yes, you’re absolutely right about the verbal aggression – as I mentioned in my comment to Abella Jucy Arthur, the choice is mine as far as how I put that Gemini energy to use. When I was younger, I could be very cruel (words can be powerful), mostly out of frustration – which was no excuse. Since then, I’ve learned to hate pointless arguing – you know, the kind where nothing ever gets resolved. I especially hate pointless intellectual exchanges that serve no practical purpose or that fail to inform in any meaningful (and/or truthful) way. I want my ideas to inspire action, and I search out knowledge that does the same for me. The only people I argue with are the ones who care enough about me to want to work things out. Otherwise, it’s mostly a waste of time. I’d rather say my piece, then hold my peace – haha! Some situations can’t be resolved through discussion.

        Anyway, I like using my Gemini Mars/Libra Sun for hands-on healing (Gemini rules the hands, and Libra helps to balance energy). Ideally, I would like to be my own boss. 🙂

        • Michelle

          Otherwise, it’s mostly a waste of time
          Couldn’t agree more!

          I loathe conversations, debates and exchanges that I know aren’t leading anywhere – no new any insights, twists, resolutions or epiphanies. I couldn’t be less interested. I don’t enjoy talking for the sake of talking.

      • LB

        Coincidentally, Michelle :0, my former boyfriend was a very accomplished chess player (and athlete). And he owned his own business. His 1st house Leo Mars was conjunct his Ascendant, Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto; everything squared his Saturn in Scorpio.

        That link you provided was pretty interesting – so you’d make a good F1 pilot or chess player. Better you than me – I don’t drive or play chess – lol!

        Do you want to hear something weird? Right in the middle of writing all this, I got a phone call from a relative trying to manipulate the truth by engaging in some “revisionist (family) history” That’s putting it mildly. I set the record straight (mostly on behalf of my deceased mother) and don’t plan on continuing in the relationship – all those lies make it toxic. This has been a long time in coming and I feel soooo relieved; what was left unsaid was always looming large in the background. T.Jupiter is exactly conjunct my 8th house Eris/Osculating Lilith, which sets off my Yod. My 3rd house Scorpio placements are at the apex. Figures! Don’t aunts and uncles fall under 3rd house rule?

        • Michelle

          Interesting about your boyfriend.

          Aunts and uncles are 3rd house (cousins too, I think).

          Congrats on addressing a toxic situation successfully.

          • LB

            “Congrats on addressing a toxic situation successfully.”

            Thanks Michelle. Hypocritical (or delusional) lying that tries to blame the victim really gets to me. I always know I’ve done the right thing when I feel relieved as opposed to regretful afterward. I brought it up partly because I think it relates to my 2nd house Sun (values)/9th house retrograde Mars (truth regarding underlying motives) biquintile.

            • Michelle

              It’s never easy dealing with those situations.

      • Michelle

        Adding a little more…
        Venus in Libra scored lowest for chess players, re-emphasizing that chess is a game for loner types.

        I love that Mars in Cancer scored high for F1 pilots. See? Mars in Cancer isn’t a wuss.

    • You sound like me! I have Sun Conjunct Mars and I’m VERY competitive with myself. — I’m also against violence. I AM passionate and I will fight for my rights, beliefs, those I love. I’ll kick your ass (metaphorically) if you hurt me or the ones I love… And I’m bold and brave. I don’t get afraid very easily and I’ll put myself out there when others don’t want to because, yes, the outcome usually isn’t pleasant but I’ll deal with it… I attract “heat” to me. Heat from others. People can set about wanting to destroy my “personal power”. This last bit is probably related to this aspect being in the 7th house. I have a lot of creative energy and I get a lot done — not enough for Mars Square Saturn though. 😛

      I can see how “other” people may feel I’m competing with them or are combative with them. I feel this aspect is often misunderstood. To have Sun Conjunct Mars, I imagine it’s like being an Aries on Ecstasy. 🙂

      LB, not “could’ve been a contender” — COULD be a contender. 🙂 And the word “contender” also connects to being “competitive” but not in a way that is commonly understood as related to Sun-Mars. I understand what you are saying, because I have the Sun-Mars connection too. We are not really “competing” with others but with ourselves. We may or may not see what others are doing but we know we want to better ourselves and be more. I think the key here is:

      We honour YOUR star, your brightness, your success. And we honour ours too.

      Because we don’t want to WIN over you, we don’t see ourselves as competitive. Yes, we want to WIN but we want you to win too OR we don’t even care about your winning or losing!! 🙂 It depends on which house/houses the aspect shows up. My Sun-Mars is in the 7th so clearly, I’m about YOU and ME baby. 😀

      A plain Aries may want to win over you but an Aries in ecstasy (Sun-Mars), loves to witness the competitive bravery of all… It “honours” you… Very knightly… 😀

      I think I was “made” for warfare, especially “strategic warfare” but I’m a lover (a Venusian), not a fighter having Leo Sun-Mars with a lot of harmonious Venus contacts. 😀 I like to be happy and bouncy and create things, A LOT of things…

      Cheers to you and Michelle!!!

      • LB

        “I’ll put myself out there when others don’t want to because, yes, the outcome usually isn’t pleasant but I’ll deal with it… I attract “heat” to me.”

        Wow, wow, do I get this statement! Like it or not, I HAVE to do what I do, especially when it comes to speaking out on behalf of those unable to speak. When it’s just my pride, I’m less likely to engage (at least nowadays). Also like you, I came into this life well equipped for strategic “warfare” (8th house South Node, BM Lilith/Sedna, Eris/Osculating Lilith – all in Aries). I have the choice of whether to use my Gemini Mars consciously through words and actions that create healing, or unconsciously through habits and actions that tear down and belittle. I want my words to be THOUGHT PROVOKING without being argumentative – I walk this fine line, with people often misunderstanding my best intentions. Sometimes I’m far too pissed to be diplomatic! I sooo get that part about attracting “heat” – lol! But I’m a Venusian lover too, and my Libra planets hate fighting, even when it’s necessary.

        What I appreciate most about your comment is the overall message it conveys – which is that like me, you want to use your Mars/Sun combination to empower and nurture, as opposed to search and destroy. Whenever we bring light to dark, it’s inevitable that darkness will dissipate, but that’s not the ultimate goal. I’m sure when you bring the full force of all your bright Leo energy to bear, the results are amazing.

        Thanks for the kind words of encouragement and validation – they’re nice to read. Also thanks for the link to your site. I briefly checked it out and look forward to spending more time there later – it looks great!

        • Michelle

          Sometimes I’m far too pissed to be diplomatic!
          Ah haha!

          That’s me most of the time 😀
          I’m so grateful that the man in my life has Mercury in Libra in mutual reception with Venus in Virgo – he is so incredibly gracious and tactful.

          • LB

            Ha! That’s one more thing we have in common. My husband also has Mercury in Libra and Venus in Virgo. I agree it’s a very nice combo. We’re lucky to have them!

        • LB

          “Whenever we bring light to dark, it’s inevitable that darkness will dissipate, but that’s not the ultimate goal.”

          In retrospect, this comment may make it sound as if I don’t believe in the existence of evil, which I do. What I’ve learned though, is that it’s much healthier – from a psychological, spiritual and practical perspective – if I try to overcome evil with good, as opposed to making annihilation my sole focus. Pluto has humbled me that way. Of course, I still can get pretty pissed off sometimes – lol!

      • Michelle

        I think Sun/Mars aspects are more competitive than Aries placements.

        Planetary aspects trump signs in my opinion 🙂

        • Michelle

          Mm…thinking this over some more…

    • Oh… just thought of this… we also like to “up our game”. When we see “another” star, we like to compete with them through ourselves (better ourselves) but we do not identify it as “competing with them” where “making the other lose” is the goal. It’s the fine nuance that is missing in the understanding, I think… and I think it’s helpful for Sun-Mars people to understand and accept that we ARE seen as competitive and aggression even if we don’t think we are that way…

      • LB

        I think whenever we put ourselves out there by sharing our insights regarding values, justice, compassion, etc., we run the risk of coming across as “holier than thou” – a form of competition. It’s a natural and unavoidable consequence of sharing. People either relate or they don’t, and we have to accept that. We’re all imperfect, and therefore all hypocrites to some extent, but I love it when people espouse some way of thinking or being and really TRY to mindfully walk the walk. I admire people like that and wish I knew more of them.

      • Michelle

        not identify it as “competing with them” where “making the other lose” is the goal.
        I agree. I think that’s where the idea of a “worthy” competitor comes from. Without worthy competitors we may not be spurred on to achieve our own personal best. Looking at worthy competitors gives you an idea of what is possible to achieve – but it isn’t necessarily about making the other person lose.

    • Michelle

      By the way, I’m a huge movie buff so old movie references do not scare me (though I have not – to my knowledge – seen The China Syndrome).

      My mother and I would stay up late to watch old movies together when I was growing up…and we still do! Last time I saw her we watched Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter. It had a really dark storyline – a preacher, who is also a serial killer, starts dating the wife of man who hid gold before he died. Robert’s character knows that the son knows where the gold is and attempts to kill him and his sister. (1955)

      I think that might be the first instance of the now well-known LOVE/HATE tattoo on a person’s knuckles:

      • Michelle

        Sun trine Neptune with Neptune in aspect to all my angles 😀

      • LB

        Yay for old movies! I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s, so I was lucky enough to get to see lots of classics from the 40’s and 50’s – they were on TV every day. I even got to see “Gone With the Wind” in an ornately styled old movie theatre – the kind with red velvet drapes tied back with gold tassels. It was so exciting! (2nd/3rd house Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction.)

        I’ve tried renting a few of my old favorites (like “The Good Earth” – sob), but my local video store doesn’t carry a very big selection. I know I’ve seen “The Night of the Hunter”, but it’s been so many years, I don’t remember it. That’s nice you can share that with your mother. It sounds like fun.

        If you ever get a chance to see The China Syndrome (1979), let me know what you think, ok?

    • “…When I was a kid, I used physical activity to let off steam; it was hard to get me to come inside at night – wrestling, jump roping, tag-football, dodge-ball and sprinting were my favorites…”

      Me too Sis!! Do kids nowadays even know what dodge-ball and tag-football is? Wrestling…not so much. Now bicycling, OMG there is nothing like getting from one point to another with a well made bike and I emphasize well made, with your own power. I still love to dance too!

      • LB

        Hello MsFullroller! What’s funny is I grew up in a rough neighborhood, but one of the benefits was that kids actually played outside. When I was in the 4th grade I got transferred to an “out of district” school and talk about culture shock! I was this skinny little kid who could do way more pull-ups than 99% of the kids in school – that’s just sad! Plus, nobody danced. 🙁 Dodge-ball was big fun, so was “Wild Rover” – those were two of my favorites!

        I have to confess though – I’m really not athletic in the traditional sense, and I lost most of my “strength” during my Chiron Return – my husband’s nickname for me is “Frag ill ay” (accent on the second syllable; he means I’m fragile). Now I stick to walking and running for the bus – lol! I’m just starting to be able to dance again and I’m loving it – dancing is great, isn’t it?

      • Michelle

        I miss riding a bike.

        • When I was stationed in Germany, I got a bike months before I bought a car. Many Saturdays I would ride to different towns, stopping to each lunch at a local cafe and touring the town for castles and ride back to base. One day I rode a little over 60 miles round trip traveling along the Rhein river, I believe it was. I was surprised that I had gone that far after I looked at a map when I got back to the barracks. But, I had a wonderful time. Plus, I was using bike riding as extra exercise because their pastries are to die for!

          I soo miss being able to ride a bike. Here where I live, you’d have to be a daredevil or crazy as a betsy bug to ride a bike. There have been quite a few folks who have been killed riding their bikes in the street. I might be a bit crazy but not that crazy and definitely not trying to be Evil Kneivel. lol

          • Michelle

            That sounds amazing. I would love to live somewhere that was more bike friendly. Right now I am at least lucky that I can walk around town. When it’s nice out I do walk all over town.

  • Zoa

    I was going to say I really didn’t feel this aspect but then I read this
    “People who refuse to do what they are told, yet have no problem telling other people what to do.”
    I kept on reading and I realized how much I do identify with it lol

    Sun at 29 Aquarius sextile Mars at 27 Sag
    Not overly assertive or aggressive but energetic, active, a powerful drive motivated by ideals.

    • Michelle

      Not overly assertive or aggressive but energetic, active, a powerful drive motivated by ideals.
      Are you able to work without supervision, without someone standing over your shoulder?

      • Zoa

        Yes, I can. My Sun and Mars receive additional focus and discipline from Saturn. Give me the job and I’ll get it done, in time and form, no need to hover over me. But I can’t (and won’t) stay for too long without doing something. I just can’t do bored and restless.

        • billow

          How do you respond when someone stands over you? Any coping strategies to share? Or don’t they dare?

          • Zoa

            I’ve rarely been on that situation so maybe they don’t dare. I just give off this “I won’t mess with you so don’t mess with me ’cause you don’t want to get on my bad side” kind of vibe.

            • Michelle

              Interesting. People try to stand over my shoulder sometimes, but once I prove that they don’t need to, they leave me be.

            • Michelle

              Interesting. People try to stand over my shoulder sometimes, but once I prove that they don’t need to, they leave me be.

              • billow

                That would be the healthy response.

            • billow

              Okay, I would call that gettin my grrrr up. But normally I can’t get off that easy. It becomes necessary to address the problem directly, or find a way around it, or move on.

        • How does your Saturn connect to your Sun-Mars?

          • Zoa

            Sun sextile Mars, Mars conjunct Saturn.
            Maybe I don’t feel the the Mars effect so strongly because it is tampered by Saturn’s cautioness.
            I’m more of the Saturnine Aquarius- intellectual, objective and detached than the wid, rebellious Uranian Aquarius

            • Zoa

              lol I meant to say Sun sextile Mars AND Saturn, which are conjunct.
              In fact, I have this configuration called bisextile (I think). Sun is sextile Jupiter on one side, the Mars/Saturn/Uranus conjunction on the other side, and Jupiter is trine said conjunction.
              All of them working as a nice team.

    • Zoa, Aquarius can be rebellious… My thought is because your Sun is “sextile” Mars, it’s softer or perhaps you “seize opportunities” and don’t notice any “aggressive or competitive” nature but if you asked other people what they thought of you (those who have no fear to tell you what they think), they may say the list above very much expresses your nature … 🙂

      Do you have Sun-Mars Michelle?

      • Michelle

        I have a very loose square, 9 degrees 7′ applying.

  • I have sun square mars… Yes I feel more active when there are some opponents… Yoga helped a lot smoothing my agrresion… 🙂 I also like soccer (European Football) very much… :)))

    • Michelle

      Do you get competitive in yoga? Looking how you are doing compared to the person next to you?

      • I also dancing flamenco with my neptun mars aspects… but I’m not good at flamenco… In yoga I’m trying to be the best among the others…