Saturn/Pluto Aspects


Alexander McQueen shoes Spring 2010

From Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection. Alexander McQueen: Saturn 24 Aries 38′ quincunx Pluto 23 Virgo 42′ Rx

Suffering and deep passion. Overhauling your karma. Transforming your personal patterns. Dedicated to transformation. Dedicated to catharsis and healing. Dedicated to starting over from scratch. Enduring depth. Enduring transformations. Annihilating whatever is blocking your path. Heavy depression and deep disappointments. Feeling that your responsibilities weigh upon you. Fear of the dark. Fear of deep experiences. Fear of losing control. Fear of death. Fear of far reaching loss and destruction.

Making do with less. Transformation through limitation and paring down. Getting rid of everything you don’t need.  Severity. Austerity. Blocked sexual release. Passionate about abstinence. Taboos that are restrictive or cause you to feel inhibited or reserved. Fear of things that are taboo. Teaching about taboos. Bringing people face to face with their fears. Collective nightmares. Not wanting to delve too deeply into anything. Afraid of what might turn up if you dig deeper. Lessons learned from the dark side. Lessons learned through hardship. Difficult life tests. Getting a raw deal. Cautious about sharing your resources. Fear of deep sharing.

Absolute authority. Obsessed with control. Fearing power. Fearing authority. Keeping a tight grip on the power you have. Powerful guidelines. Life or death rules and regulations. Unwavering. Unbending. Unyielding.  Adamant. Brass balls. Steel cajones. Tense. Stringent. Grim. Macabre. Vicious. Cold and calculating. Sadistic. Relentless. Cruel. Harsh conditions. Punishing. Total lack of empathy. Heavy. No fun. High tolerance for painful conditions and experiences (for better or worse). Dead serious.

Government organizations. Totalitarian control. Deeply disturbing rules and regulations. The boss – no questions asked. Intensely ambitious. Won’t take no for an answer. Absolutely ruthless. Toughing it out. Thick-skinned. Tough as nails. Single-minded purpose and dedication. Leaving no stone unturned. Transforming existing structures. Transforming the rules. Overhaul of conventions. Pushing the old out of the way. The burden of authority. The burden of power. Serious and secretive. Rigid and controlling. Reserved and intense. Structured and destructive. Disciplined and relentless. Cold and unsympathetic. Inhibited and compulsive. Dedicated to research. Seriously penetrating. Using fear as a motivator. Scaring yourself into success.

Planning the steps you will take to make irreversible changes. Stark confrontations with the underside of life. Taking realistic steps to transform your life. Getting real about making fundamental changes to the structure of your life. Lessons in healing. Lessons in catharsis. Lessons in death and dying. Teaching people how to let go. Teaching people how to heal. Teaching people how to overcome trauma. Learning how to overcome trauma. Teaching people deep healing techniques. Testing your ability to recover. Learning how to shed your skin from time to time. Slowly getting in touch with the deeper parts of yourself over time. Slowly releasing fear and inhibition over time.

Feeling that you lack power or that your generation lacks power. Feeling that you are part of a vicious cycle. A deep desire to overturn the existing authority structures. Deeply questioning existing authority. Deeply questioning why things are the way they are and if they can be made over. Surmounting all obstacles through great effort and perseverance. Obliterating what is normally considered the “real” limit of anything. Transforming something that normally you wouldn’t think could be transformed. Changing your sex. Complete and utter, total renewal or destruction of something that seemed to be static, rigid or set in stone.

Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction about every 33 years. Recent conjunctions were in 1915, 1947 and 1982. The next conjunction will occur in 2020.

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5 stars

Viggy Chiron + Planets and Angles

Love your writing style 🙂

Ágata The Nodes by Sign and House

Very informative. In the many years of delving into Astrology, I feel I have learned the most in a short amount of time through Astrofix. Thank you!

Jody AstroFix E-Book Collection

These books will give you vocabulary of all Astro possibilities. Then you need work it by yourself. If you have some basics then you will get to the point. If you don’t, then you will get your basics. Good read!

Aldonna AstroFix E-Book Collection

Descriptions: Brief, To the point, One is able to capture the energy being described instantly. Thankyou Michelle

Rachel AstroFix E-Book collection

One of the things Michelle is really good at is – providing resources for topics that are really hard to find on the Internet. One of the first things novice astrologers realize right off the bat is that there are very few resources on the web regarding this very subject! $2 for an encyclopedic compilation of signs through the houses? Trust me – this is a steal. In all the years I’ve spent studying astrology, no one has been more thoughtful, thorough, and accessible as Michelle. Her e-books are a good resource for the beginner student, as well as the seasoned astrologer looking for a refresher. She takes an intuitive approach to astrology, as she carefully configures each sign, house, and planet’s archetypal features into her descriptions. She teaches astrology by modeling astrology. The learner will benefit not only from her descriptions, but also from her methodology!

Christine Rulers of Houses in Houses

This book was very informative and as always, Michelle managed to merge the complex astrological aspects into digestible sentences.

Kimberli Chiron + Planets

Astrology is a passion for me. These ebooks are so helpful in teasing out the lessons being offered with a certain position and movement within a chart. They, like astrology itself, have no concrete answers about meaning, but valuable suggestions to ponder as things progress. Great additions to my library and books I will return to time and again.

Sheila eBooks

Planet Combinations is my all-time favorite. Each planet has a special relationship to all the others and this ebook goes into that. It’s like having a map of how the different actors in a movie relate with each other. High Drama!

Planet Combinations Jack Hopkins Planet Combinations

I love your work, thank you.

Bruce various ebooks of yours

5 Stars.

Lana Rulers of Houses in Houses

Thank you. Really. You made it affordable for me and these are the most mind opener lines on aspects, nodes, etc i ever read.

Lisa AstroFix E-Book Collection

Been studying astrology for 20y
I know it very well, people say I could go pro since I’m better than some they tried. Not bragging just saying.

I am very happy with those books. I like the brainstorming style. Makes it easy to me. Cut the crap. Straight to the point.
Creative. Clever. Inspiring and inspired.
And that price!!
I’ll come back for more

Many thanks

Aliam Karim Rizzi AstroFix eBook Collection

I love how this ebook was written, because mentally that’s how I think. It wasn’t long and tedious to read and all of the descriptions hit the mark. It was user friendly and easy to navigate.

Ashley Planet Combinations

I really love your books (I previously bought the rulerships one and the planet combinations) for their inspired key words which really help me to get a handle on the aspect in all its forms and permutations. Thanks!

Michael Angles

Keywords are so essential in the interpretation of an astrological chart — they add innuendo and flexibility, but are insightful and powerful as well. I just loved diving right into “Angles” and plan to purchase additional, different publications from AstroFix in the future. Good value, as well, for the price.

Maryanne Angles

The books were very informative Michelle. You have a gift of seeing tiny nuances based off a placement that few other astrologers can see.

I’ve always liked your site because you’re style is a lot like mine. I’m a Leo with Aries rising, a four inner planet stellium in Leo and most other planets in fire signs, so I like my information quick and to the point and you do that the best.
Your work is also eerily accurate. Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your gift with us other astrology addicts 🙂

Kimberli Astro Fix eBook Collection

Michelle is one of the best astrologers that I am following now for years, and these books were great reference for someone like me, who occasionally does a reading and needs a reference. These days I am mostly studying the stars from a vedic perspective for accuracy sake, but these are so to the point that cant have-not them.

Aldy AstroFix E-Book Collection

5 stars. Very good information. Quite happy with the purchase.

Juan Planet Combination, The Nodes by Sign and House, Angles

To the point, spot on, concise, EXCELLENT. Thank you!!

Mary Chiron + Planets, Angles, & Planet Combinations

Brilliant! Loved it !

Geanina Rulers of Houses in Houses

Always read you for insight. I like your style because it resonates deep.

Lise AstroFix eBooks

I have a SN conjunct Moon in Leo in the 10th house. My NN is in Aquarius in the 4th house. I think I bought Michelle’s e-book at a critical time in my life – a time when I was debating the merits of graduate school (a debate that’s been going on ever since I entered college). Michelle verbalized all the things I knew intuitively, but hesitated to put into words. Reading the description for my SN-NN combination gave me a little push of confidence in the right direction. I can’t tell you how reaffirming it is to hear someone say something you’ve known all along.

Christine The Nodes by Sign and House

Your books we’re/are so helpful. I regularly go back to them. Made me understand astrology better. Really grasp how the ruler of the chart affects the whole. And Love that book of every sign on every house cusp. A lot of great material to constantly work with. Thankyou

Lilo AstroFix E-Book Collection

Very good book, good informations

Oriana Rulers of Houses in Houses

5 stars. How about doing an Ebook on planets in houses?

Robert Ligon Planet Combinations

As always, Michelle’s interpretations are not only spot on, but challenge the aspects from lots of different angles. Everything is covered, and there is something to take away for everyone.

Ben Kossenberg Rulers of Houses in Houses

I call it the infra structure of the chart, And it provides an accurate 12 stereotypes of infrastructure, which is amazing to start looking at when reading a chart.

Tarek Moustafa Signs through the Houses

5 Stars

Adrian Rulers of Houses in Houses

Your free form, poetic planetary brainstorms are a gem. They serve as wonderfully informative guides to planetary aspects that I have used to understand the energies better. A very useful way of illustrating the potential of the planets. Thank you!

Isabelle Planet Combinations

I love this book. I found it to be accurate and positive. I will use it to interpret charts. The price was great.

Patricia Rulers of Houses in Houses

The “Key” phrases and “Key’ sentences in Planet Combinations: Astrological Brainstorms are great when you need a bit of inspiration to get your mind moving in the right direction…

Patricia Planet Combinations

Wonderfully lucid and insightful portraits of the aspects and rulers house. Michelle is a wordsmith par excellence! Her portraits are a marvel and will linger with you for years to come. Highly recommended!

Isabelle AstroFix E-Book Collection

Excellent book – the key words really illuminate the different aspects, and have aided me greatly in my understanding of many of the charts I have examined. Highly recommended.

Michael Planet Combinations

To me totally new information and spot on in detail for both me and my kids. I just love this!!

Ulrika Signs through the Houses

What a great jump-start for readings! The books also work as great prompts for journaling and reflection. I have a tricky chart reading in front of me and find something useful wherever I look. The books are a creative evolution beyond the old cookbooks, with more food for thought.

Rose AstroFix eBook Collection

A very comprehensive treatment of the Node positions. Signs and houses are often lumped together, which can get a little glossy. I like this approach much better.

Jack Hopkins The Nodes by Sign and House

This book is much personal, and allows us to take the info in the book “Signs through Houses” and personalize the infra structure in the first book to exactly match the individual. As this book helps us to refine what is in the book “Signs through Houses” reveal to suit the native in an accurate way.

Tarek Moustafa Rulers of Houses in Houses

Great as always, thank you

Ditto Rulers of Houses in Houses

I sooo enjoyed your e-books….very useful information.
I look forward to your blog…”THANKYOU” so much for your services :))

Christi AstroFix E-Book Collection

Just great

Michel AstroFix eBook Collection

Great take on a classical technique. There’s a lot of insight in these pages.

Jack Hopkins Rulers of Houses in Houses

Very insightful and stimulating reading. The books inspire another way of looking at the meaning of the chart. Thank you!

Susan Chiron + Planets, Angles

Sometimes, Node readings can be very vague, but because this tackles sign and house together, the reading become more personal, and together with Michelle’s interpretations, they become a wide set of images that really dig out all possible interpretations.

Ben Kossenberg The Nodes by Sign and House

This is an excellent compendium of the meanings associated with rulers of houses in other houses. It helps me out a lot.

Richard Rulers of Houses in Houses

Great format, tons of insight without having to wade thru a lot of extraneity!

Fran Rulers of Houses in Houses, Virgo Sun in Houses, Planet Combinations

This book is my favourite, as it goes in depth with all the personal planets’ aspects. The realism of Michelle’s sobering insights leaves nowhere to hide, and has you really having to face parts of yourself that you may wish to keep hidden (if you have any Scorpio in you). If you’re looking for readings that pull no punches, and look at all the possible permutations of planetary energies pitted against each other, then this is the e-book for you!

Planet Combinations Ben Kossenberg Planet Combinations

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  • Kerem

    Saturn Trine Pluto… Saturn in the 8th, Pluto in the 4th. Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Scorpio. Any comments Astrofix?

    • Intense, difficult, emotional family stuff that you take in stride.

  • John Freeman

    Your saturn pluto comments: holy shit. YOu continue to amaze. My moon is at the exact midpoint between Saturn and Pluto, seven degrees from each. I can tell you … you continue to amaze.

    I was going to send copies of Claude Weiss’ article on Lilith from Mt. Astrologer. Its buried deep in storage but will surface at some point later.

    • Thanks, John … that’s a Moon between a rock and hard place!

      • John Freeman


  • Kevin

    Hi Michelle, I would consider myself a very strange and different person than most of other people. My life is a contradiction most of the time. I have Saturn-pluto conjunct in Libra 1st house, square my Sun in cancer and MC. My moon is in Aquarius. I suffered most of my childhood and basically most of my life. I cannot even accept people taking pictures of me, i judge people and search every little detail in a relationship. My Brain does not stop for minute analizing every single action, tradition, culture, History, etc. The need for balance everyday is a must, even tho i find it way to difficult to find it. I can recall a few good years of my life in 2007 specially , when my progressed moon was in Sag , and thats about it. Even tho Libra rising gives me a charming look, my self destructive personalitty brings me to a point where people ask me if im sick. What i wanted to add for the people that suffer from Plutonian energy conjunct Saturn or any other planet… is that Pluto whatever planet it touches, besides making it stronger, it will make them invisible… and it will be reflected as anxiety, worries, sadness, fear, etc. The more conscious we are about this, the less will suffer.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Do you think that Pluto makes Saturn invisible? I haven’t heard it put that way before. I have the quintile.

    • sinthia

      Kevin , I also have a Cancer Sun squared by a Saturn-Pluto in Libra conjunction. My moon is in Libra and wants nothing more than peace and to be seen as pretty but Saturn-Pluto wasn’t having any of that. (My sun squares my moon. In other words , moon is also in 9th with Saturn-pluto).

      Despite looking back at gorgeous photos of my younger self, sadly I felt like a lonely Quasimodo growing up, but I fought like crazy to make myself count for something on the inside, pouring myself into art. Many say they are inspired by my success , but it is never enough! Any my personal life is a roller coaster of hard knocks and terribly heavy self reflection. I don’t care at this stage. I lick my lips and say I can handle anything at this point. And that makes me calm.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    With the above I can really relate and id say the moon trine pluto is what helps me get through the negatives of this aspects especially since mine is a square

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Saturn retrogade in 11th house square pluto in 8th house I can feel this aspect manifesting mainly through my moon and venus. Moon(12th) being in trine to pluto and venus(6th) quindecile saturn.

  • Aatif Azio

    Saturn Conjunct Pluto in 2nd House here a long with Jupiter

    • How is that working out for you so far, Aatif?

  • ValleyOak

    Thank you! Saturn in Cancer: 10th Square Pluto in Libra: 2nd house.
    “Scaring yourself into success.”
    That’s probably what I’ve been doing. I make things so much harder for myself than need be. My NN is in Capricorn, and I have a real fear of taking responsibility.

    Not positive, but I think Stephen King has this conjunction in the 1st house?

    • It looks like Stephen King does have the conjunction in the first house.

  • natwatch

    Yeah I can agree to every word of this. In 11th. Its like I have this huge stack of odds against me and I just keep pushing through it. Everything seems so life or death. Now or never black or white. Hurry to wait. Change or be changed. Love and let go. Energy changing from couch to crack. Intense. I start wednesday for my certification to help others. My mom always told me I was born with balls of steel. That second to the last line made me laugh. Change sex..I was born a female but always felt trapped in a young boys mentality. Recently im talking very recently I started caring about being a female. I went to Ulta for the first time last week and bought some stuff. So i hope the worst is behind me and now I can do what I came to do.

  • Z.

    I mean, Mercury-Neptune trine is also a bit out-of sign aspect: Mercury is at 0 degrees and some minutes, retrograding from Virgo to Leo, and Neptune is 28 degrees Saggitarius.

  • Z.

    I would add “Ability or inability to go through eye of a needle.”
    Though I do not have this exact aspect, I think I can kind of copy
    any aspect’s way of thinking (I meditate and visualise good sides of having this aspect in various situations).
    I currently am in circumstances where Pluto-related factors
    need to be properly addressed by me getting more Saturnian.
    Because in my natal chart I have Jupiter sextile Pluto and I definitely
    need to learn the level-headedness of Saturn aspecting Pluto.
    Even if I have to imagine it and feel it having read this great article.

    • “Ability or inability to go through eye of a needle.”

      I like it!

      “I think I can kind of copy any aspect’s way of thinking (I meditate and visualise good sides of having this aspect in various situations).”

      Any planets in Gemini? You must have some nice Neptune aspects.

      • Z.

        Virgo Mercury (although retrograde) trines Neptune in Saggitarius.
        Also, Mercury trines Jupiter. So Neptune and Jupiter form out-of-sign-conjunction.
        I trained in Silva mind control and NLP, and I personally love the idea of copycating people.

  • unknxwn

    Saturn quantile pluto… Would this count?

    • I think you mean quintile? Yes, it would count.

  • isabell

    ..yes we are fast entering an Orwellian nightmare… A One World Govt, where everybody will be under surveillance, and all or any “dissidents” will be hauled off , never to be seen or heard from again. Martial law. Concentration camps. Guillotines…Drones with facial recognition technology, to kill anybody who is a threat to the New World Order.
    And by the way , didn’t just find this out overnight. I have observed the signs over many years…and done my research. …How’s that for a SAT square Pluto living experience??
    (Still want to comment on that shoe?)

    • KC

      Yah, I have Pluto trine Sat exact, and I’ve certainly been obsessed with finding out *just what is going on,* *what is behind it all,* etc, for fifteen years now. Completely on board with your awareness of the dark elements that seek to keep insidious control. Healing “past lives” and the deep, persistent wounds that have been carried on for who knows how long (Neptune is in 12th house, exactly opposite Saturn). Now at a point, when I go within to deal with discomforts, of perceiving that I am perhaps healing unconscious themes that we inherited from the founding races of beings of this planet, even. It is moving beyond my personal identification with my hurts now, I’d say.

      Currently taking course that is taking heart healing to a new level, but it is indeed a slow process. It does seem, as Michelle says, that I am attempting to change something that is written in stone, …changing “realities” and “truths” that have driven cultures, on this planet and off, for eons. …I can still easily jump back into seeing the blackest possibilities as well. For many years I found it necessary to dwell on and become aware of the darkest of the dark that has been going on here. That is concurrent with shining a light on and healing the darkest of the dark within oneself, of course. Though, at this point I feel the great potential that there is in truly becoming a being who contributes light and completely new energies to this tired and hurting planet. I can hardly perceive myself in this way yet, but it does seem like the way to go. Absolute overhaul is needed in this reality, no? …So much to heal. People have no idea. Long and ongoing.

  • isabell

    To me ..(Sat square Pluto)..all the above comments seem frivolous compared to what’s on
    my mind. Check out Alex Jones …”POLICE STATE 1 ” a film he made in 1999.
    Nazi Germany Police State . but much much worse, coming to a town near you in the very near future.. Yes. POLICE STATE!!!

  • LisaLight

    Yes, yes, yes and YES. In my natal chart I have Saturn conjunct Pluto in Libra in my 11th house. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a life that is destined to become a movie about “just keeping on and seeing the bigger picture ahead”. It’s not depressive anymore (those were the early years) Through all the tough times i’ve had I have always felt strangely optimistic and I just get stronger and tougher with age. I almost feel that I have gone from caring about every little thing in life to just not caring at all, I don’t feel scared anymore. 

    In my opinion this aspect teaches us to not try and grasp our power from the outer influences in life and instead to build up the power within ourselves to a point where we no longer need to have or steal power from anyone else because we have built ourselves up to be tough as nails, we can ride the storm of inner turmoil longer than anyone else and we can and always will come out on top with a motivational story that will make the hardest man shed a tear or two.

    This energy plays out for me in ever aspect of my life. I’m a one person cheer squad and I always pushed back help from others because I wanted to learn how to help myself so that when it ever came a time and I had no one, I had myself and that was all I needed. 

    This thread has given me so much to think about, thank you for posting this and thank you to all those who replied, so many of these statements I agree with.

    Saturn is what my insides are made of. Tough as shit and won’t take crap from anyone anymore.

    • I really like you comment. Thank you for taking the time to post. I especially like the idea of building up a solid foundation of power from within.

  • Astrologyhelps

    Hi Michelle,
    I missed your comment so apologies for the delay.  I am associating with these “people”because I have too due to circumstances not by choice.  When you go for a job interview you don’t always get to meet the vicious people you are working with and yes I am on the lookout for a new job.  Also the hirer has jupiter opp pluto so twisted psyche and turning something positive to something negative is correct and her chart is afflicted.  I have run out of patience, it has only been 10 months.  I don’t consider myself vicious never had an official complaint against me in my life.  As for the male, he had multiple jupiter afflictions and a progressed saturn pluto square and was an emotionally abusive monster, he is now out of my life, has been for 6 years.  Thank goodness I draw other lovely people to me.  So yes you cannot look at one aspect in isolation it distorts reality. 

  • ggoma

    Saturn in Cap (9th) Sextile Pluto in Scorpio (7th) Both Rx

    Dedicated to
    Dedicated to catharsis and healing.
    Dedicated to started
    over from scratch.
    Enduring depth.
    Enduring transformations.

    Heavy depression and deep
    Fear of
    death.Bringing people face to face with
    their fears.
    Lessons learned through hardship.
    life tests.
    Fear of deep sharing.

    Lessons in catharsis.
    Lessons in death and dying.
    Teaching people how to let go.
    Learning how
    to overcome trauma.
    Slowly releasing fear and inhibition over time.

    Surmounting all obstacles through great effort
    and perseverance.
    Transforming something that normally you wouldn’t
    think could be transformed.

    • ggoma

      My life is a continuous struggle along with other placements in my chart. But I feel as though each time I fall again, It’s just meant to build more character, though I do fall into moments of depression and lose sight, eventually I gain focus on the future again.

      • Michelle

        But I feel as though each time I fall again, It’s just meant to build more character

        That’s the best way to look at it. Too bad building character is so much work 😉

        • ggoma

          Yes, thank god I have a bright cheery Sag moon to pick me up! haha Best to look at the future outcome than what sucks right now with these awful transits!

          • Astrologyhelps

            This aspect sucks.  I have it in progressed and natal it absolutely sucks.  It is not the holder of it that is vicious but people he/she deals with that are vicious.  At the moment I am dealing with 3 vicious females following one vicious male all vying for who can be most evil.  I don’t wish this aspect on anybody. 

            • Eh … it’s likely both. Why are you associating with these people?

  • meow

    oh, come oon..ok, so nice article, but..I think a lot of this just applies to human nature..everybody is afraid of the dark-to some extent, because we cannot see in the dark-it’s logical.

    “Scaring yourself into success.” this is funny, though. I feel like I have to be scared to get anything done..but, again, this goes for most people, I think.

    btw, I have saturn in capricorn sextile pluto in scorpio.

    • Michelle

      That’s a doubly Saturn/Pluto combination. You may not feel the drive to get things done until transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Pluto. I have that right now, and for the first time I feel a real kick in the pants to get stuff done.

      • meow

        I have Pluto about to, or already, conjunct my natal Saturn right now…and just extra-panicky, worried, afraid of making potentially fatal mistakes, and just badly wanna find something I am good at, and love doing, for a profession. I am 22, btw, but it’s like I can hear the clock ticking..don’t wanna die before having done something with my life. I guess that’s my biggest fear right now. Actually, it has been for the past 7 years. lol I am wimpy, I guess.

        • Michelle

          Let that fear motivate you to make changes. If you cling to safety and wait for it to pass, you’ll find yourself in the same position you are now for the next 28 years until you have the conjunction again. The panic, worry, etc…are all par for the course.

  • Here’s the shoe I was talking about.

    • Michelle

      They look like dance shoes – do you dance?

      • I’m not a dancer in that way, but yes I love to dance. I found those ironically at PayLess shoe store to replace my only 2 pair of dress shoes that had seen better days (both were 25 years old) and hurt my feet like hell. One pair was a 3 in heel and the other a 2 in heel.

        It’s funny because I initially spotted them in the box, saw how high the heel was, but passed on them and kept looking around at other shoes. However, my feet literally kept moving me back toward these shoes as if they knew these were the pair they wanted. So I finally tried them on, having to walk a few steps to a mirror and fell instantly in love before even getting to the mirror. When I got there, oh my, I was head over heels (pun intended) in love!!  My feet for the first time in 30+ years of wearing high heels, were not screaming after just standing up, let alone actually walking in them.  And these are 4 in heels! I wore these to a wedding, the reception afterward and 2 graduation ceremonies where all of these events I had to walk a little distance due to parking plus having them on my feet 8+ hours. I was strutting the whole time!!

        My grandmother used to say  “It’s hard to look cute when them dogs are barking”! 😉

        • Michelle

          There is such a big difference in shoes…some high heels really are decently comfortable. Plus, a Leo Moon has got to strut her stuff sometimes…c’mon! 🙂

  • billow

    The posts here reek of survival.  Survival against odds,  Stong  external forces shaping lives?   I am groovin on the strength. Must be a correlation to strength within the writers.


    • Michelle

      “Survival against odds” is a good phrase for this placement. I like the strong external factor too since Saturn is a manifesting energy.

  • Anonymous

    I have Saturn in Cancer (11H) square Pluto in Libra (3H).  

    “Heavy depression and deep disappointments.”
    Though most people never know it (my sunny Leo ascendant disposition tends to disguise it), I have suffered major bouts of depression periodically throughout my adult life. I’ve come to think of it as a part of my personality at this point.

    “Feeling that your responsibilities weigh upon you. Fear of losing control. Fear of death.”
    I definitely don’t like to be in situations where I feel I can lose control. I’ve always had a slight yet ever present fear of death. These days I fear dying because it would mean that I wouldn’t be here to meet my responsibilities to my mom.

    “Fear of deep sharing.”
    I definitely fear ridicule and judgment from sharing deeply personal stuff, so I generally avoid it. Just last night on Tumblr, I was completing one of those “tell us 10 things about yourself” games
    people like to play and I would write things and then promptly erase it if I thought it was too revealing and personal.

    “Teaching people how to heal.”
    Yet with all my flaws and wounds, this is also true. I am part of profession where I am trained to help others heal.

    Great post!

    • Michelle

        I was completing one of those “tell us 10 things about yourself” games people like to play and I would write things and then promptly erase it if I thought it was too revealing and personal.I do that all the time.

      Do you have 8th house placements EbonyStarr55?

      • Anonymous

        No 8th house placements, but my 4th house Moon is in Scorpio. The ruler of the 8th is conjunct my 4th house Moon. The ruler of my 12th house is also in my 4th house as well.

  • Anany83

    thank you
    I have Saturn (scor) conjunct pluto ( Libra) in 9th house..

    i have not explored this energy  consciously yet. May be i did not because it has been flowing naturally in me….
    Fear of the dark. Fear of deep experiences. Fear of losing i want to add fear of unknown places ,lands,country(9th)

    I tend to take things SERIOUSLY,not in a fun way.Sometimes i feel WHAT MIGHT TURN UP IF I DiG DEEPER but  a compulsion is there pushing me towards the taboo.  intensity,structure,discipline,compulsion,seriousness,reserved.
    I fear my authority/father and anything related to govt,law (9th house libra)?

    I feel charged up when in an adverse situation-I love the game of “will”,I don’t quit easily.Ambition is there but i always have to do extra hard work for it.
    I love to prob and do research. when i am scared -i feel as if i am ready to face anybody and anything.
    i am equally resentful,negative thinking is there,i feel depresses when i face failure but it lasts for an hour.
    I dont express my cruel thoughts, intentions and the curses i want to spit because i fear it might come true(it has). remaining positive and fun is challenging for me some times.

    thanks for providing a big space to write off my dark thoughts.

    •  “… remaining positive and fun is challenging for me some times..”

      ***knodding my head in agreement***

    • Michelle

       I like that you added the 9th house influence on where exactly your fears manifest. 

      Saturn/Pluto is a rather dark combination. 

      • Anany83

        hi Michelle

        you are doing a great job by writing these types of articles.I was thinking ,if you could write an article about the aspects which might be responsible for making a man /woman a TERRORIST,militants.

        thank you

        • Michelle

          I’d have to spend some time looking at the charts of real known terrorists to draw any conclusions. It’s an interesting topic, but at the same time I really don’t want to give my energy to it because it’s so negative. I hope you understand.

  • amoureuse

     saturn conjunct pluto in libra… cool! anne hathway has the same. lessons in healing is true to me.. ive learned how to overcome my traumas………. and ive learned and still learning to heal myself

  • As mentioned in an earlier comment, I have the opposition between these two and after reading the post I’m glad to have Jupiter in the mix even though it is squaring. Neptune makes a wide sextile to Pluto and makes a much closer trine to Saturn.  

    “Passionate about abstinence.”

    This jumped out at me as confirmation to why I’ve never had the desire to get into alcohol or drugs even though I have other aspects that indicate otherwise and having grown up during a time when I was sent on many occasions to the liquor store to buy alcohol for my parents. That was before the law was passed prohibiting minors from purchasing alcohol. “High tolerance for painful conditions and experiences (for better or worse).” Yeah, mainly from enduring painful situations/events perpetrated by drunk adults. I had a feeling it probably was probably my Saturn in Pisces /Pluto in Virgo opposition. Pluto is in the 1st tightly conjunct Uranus. Neptune is in the 3rd conjunct my South Node which is ruled by Pluto.

    “Making do with less. Transformation through limitation and paring down.
    Getting rid of everything you don’t need.  Severity. Austerity…Lessons learned from the dark side. Lessons learned through hardship.
    Difficult life tests. Getting a raw deal. Cautious about sharing your
    resources. Fear of deep sharing…Planning the steps you will take to make irreversible changes. Stark
    confrontations with the underside of life. Taking realistic steps to
    transform your life. Getting real about making fundamental changes to
    the structure of your life. Lessons in healing..”

    Very much a part of my life and spotlighted when transiting Saturn was conjunct the Pluto side of the opposition first in 1979,again in 2008 and in the present. I wrote about this in my blog, from the personal finance point of view. I very much appreciate my Jupiter in this t-square, giving me a bit optimism that it’s gonna be alright. Neptune’s vision of the plan and Mars quincunx Pluto to have the courage to keep plowing through. I’m too empathetic due to Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron being in aspect to my Moon so I’ve got to use this opposition to tone that down some.

    Saturn/Pluto I think gives a really good business sense as well. I relate to so many more points of this post and it helps me to separate out the characteristics of these aspects since they are conjunct other planets.

    • Michelle

       Saturn/Pluto I think gives one good money/resources sense as wellThe ability to handle resources well could be a part of this planet combination. Good business sense, though not necessarily ethical (like Jupiter would be).

    • billow

      Ah .  .   .  I overlooked the high tolerance .   .   .   am trying to quit since I recognized it.  I thought the school of hard knocks I went through was normal.  No use prolonging it anymore.  Oh is it possible that I am hearing Pomp and Circumstance?  Naaaaa .  .  .  would hate to be overconfident.  Pluto might not appreciate that? 

  • MB224

     Somehow I’ve missed all the Fear aspects of Saturn. I wonder how? Hmmm. I have Merc conjunct Saturn, Saturn sextile Venus, Saturn trine Pluto, Saturn semi-sextile Sun, Saturn sextile ASC but I have no fear, depression or anything like it. Interesting….

    • Michelle

      There’s also the denial part of Saturn. Perhaps you deny yourself the opportunity delve into your fears.

      • billow

        I’m becoming a big fan of denial.  It seems to work well for everyone else.  If you don’t deal with it, people just walk away.  It prevents seriousity.  Actually I think this change of attitude is part of my acceptance that it exists, and there is really nothing for me to do about it but walk away.

        On flip side, how about that Adele and Rollin In The Deep? 

        • Michelle

           I hadn’t heard of them. Just went to listen. 

          Read a little articles about her. She regrets not working hard at her relationship and would give up her music career to be back in it. Maybe it’s my Venus trine Saturn, but I think relationships take work.

          • billow

            Adele’s video of that song rocks. 

          • billow

            I have Venus trine Saturn too.  Relationships can take alot of work.  I have loosened about needing the constant companionship of one or a few.  Breathing room, you know.  I am fortunate to have some very long term solid relationships.  Sometimes years pass and we reunite and it’s still there. 
            The long terms run deep deep deep.

            My significant other stuff mostly started really deeply passionate delving right into the lushness of it all, and the relationships did not make through my changes.  Some still call and are the same and all I can think is whoa, obvious why that didn’t work.  

            • Michelle

              My relationships have also been long term. If I can’t see a relationship stretching out into time I won’t bother to initiate in the first place. They might be something to do with Venus in Aries on the 7/8 cusp as well.

              • billow

                Hmmm, foresight that’s interesting.  I’m more hit and miss, if they make it they make it and if they don’t they don’t. 

                I have noticed that making a new friend anymore is like methods people have told me they use when scoping out a new love interest.  You know go to lunch, get to know eat other in passive activity, move out into activities, see how it functions, make sure the person is stable, etc.  I always have to laugh when I whisper to my sister, I think I ‘ve met someone I could be friends with.  Do you think I should ask her to lunch.  It seems so stupid to think of.

                • Michelle

                  It’s not stupid. Building friendships takes almost as much time as building romantic relationships. Sometimes there quick friendships where you just hit it off, but they often stay at a surface level or fade out.  

                  • LB

                    With Uranus transiting my 7th, I’ve learned not to count on anything being what it seems.  People come and people go – suddenly, and without explanation.  So I enjoy it while it lasts and don’t get too emotionally invested in these relationships.  It takes time and trust to build a lasting friendship. 

                    • Michelle

                       How much longer do you have before Uranus leaves your 7th?

                    • LB

                      Uranus enters my 8th in about a year, then retrogrades back into my 7th again for a while.  It’s not that far away from the 8th now though, so maybe I’ll start to notice a difference as it moves closer.

                    • billow

                      That makes sense as to why I am moving toward a WAN perspective.  Progressing natal chart is moving toward Uranus in the 7th.  About the expectancy factor:  I have been been doing alot of reflexive eyebrow lifting and eye popping.  The new normal?  Mom always said don’t make faces or your face will snap and stay that way.  I’ll have to work on that.

                    • Michelle

                       What is WAN?

                    • billow

                      Oh it still doesn’t mean wide area network?  Dating myself again.

                    • Michelle

                      Oh, I guess it does. I don’t think I would have remembered that though.

      • MB224

        Interesting way you put that.  Denial has a place but never of truth. Generally I think of it as sacrifice- sometimes something must be removed or given up in order to grow something else. But no, I don’t really do fear. I think it’s because Saturn Trine Pluto while Pluto is quintile my ASC, combined with the Mid-Point of Sun-Moon and Venus-Mars being @ my ASC.  Venus (1st House) and Mars (12th House) being in Cancer both conjunct my ASC. Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo. Add Mercury trine Pluto and conjunct Saturn in the 11th.  Venus makes about 7 aspects to other planets. Then Sun Trine Jupiter, Sun Squ Pluto along with Mars Squ Pluto and Uranus makes me extremely self confident, independent and deeply curious about life and my destiny. Knowing I could and will do ANYTHING necessary to fulfill and achieve it. But the question was WHAT? Saturn’s RESTRAINT was critical with all those volcanic confrontations in my chest.  I’m brutally honest and naked with myself and always want to know the deepest, purest truth of others- good, bad and ugly.  I do get a little woozy above 50 stories in glass-walled skyscrapers though but I plan to confront that at some point and remove it. Natural heights, like mountains I love. It’s only the skyscrapers….. I view Saturn as the great Teacher and selector. She helps us build, perfect and refine whatever we’re involved in as opposed to Jupiter’s relentless, boundless growth. I see them as a the paradox between Building and Growth.  

        • billow

          Denial seems to be a survival tool that protects us until we are ready to see things otherwise.  Michelle mentioned the slow release of inhibitions which is kind of like hanging onto the shield until you are ready.  I’ve exposed myself to bombastic practitioners in the past.  Too much too soon can be very damaging.  Sounds like you take it in stride as it comes and with zesto.  Good for you.

          • Michelle

            the slow release of inhibitions which is kind of like hanging onto the shield until you are ready…Too much too soon can be very damaging
            Totally agree. Everyone has to open up and let down their guard at their own pace. You just can’t force. You’ve probably heard stories of people who take drugs like LSD when they’re not ready and go a little crazy because of it – too open, too fast.

  • LB

    “Making do with less. Transformation through limitation and paring down.
    Getting rid of everything you don’t need.  Severity. Austerity. Lessons learned through hardship. Difficult life tests. Getting a raw deal. Surmounting all obstacles through great effort and perseverance.”

    My husband has the square and after reading your post, he told me he strongly related to most of the descriptions, but especially these.  Funny how we were just talking about all this today (as we reviewed our life), maybe because of the Full Moon and more disruptive changes looming on the horizon.  I even used the phrase “shedding skin” – had to laugh when I read it here.  We’ve talked about how we feel “cursed”, which of course we’re not, but sometimes we’ve had to wonder.

    He also told me I should get those shoes – lol!

    • MB224

      The square between these two big boys can be very severe indeed. I have the trine which is a little more relaxed and leisurely. But the tension is always there. 

      • LB

        My husband asked me this morning to tell him again how a square works; I think Michelle’s spot-on descriptions may have been the tipping point in terms of his acceptance of astrology – lol!  I used the analogy of a pearl to make the point that friction, while unpleasant,  holds the potential to eventually create something of great value – friction encourages growth and growth leads to transformation.  His strength of character and ability to persevere is pretty amazing.  I trust him more than anyone I’ve ever met and in some ways, wish I could be more like him.

        Adding, I’m beginning to realize that sometimes trines can be as stressful as squares.  You have a lot of Plutonian energy there, MB224. 🙂

        • Michelle

          The pearl analogy is especially fitting for Saturn/Pluto where there can be such intense pressure to transform a raw material into a valuable jewel 😀 #astrology

    • Michelle

       We’ve talked about how we feel “cursed”Do you feel that individually or more so when you’re together? Is that something that shows up in your composite chart?

      • LB

        Actually Michelle, my husband uses the word “cursed” more than I do, although sometimes his words do tend to influence me.  I’ve tried to view everything we’ve been through as a set of karmic lessons, designed to help us become our best selves – hahaha!  I think both of us came into this life feeling cursed (or at least abandoned), and our coming together has helped each of us to face our individual challenges without feeling so alone.  Our childhood backgrounds are very similar and Saturn/Puto (as well as Uranus and Neptune) influences are strong in both of our individual charts as well as in our synastry.  Some of our Saturn contacts in particular, go against traditional wisdom as far as indicators of a long-lasting relationship go.

        For instance, his Sag Saturn is conjunct his Scorpio North Node in his 7th and it opposes my Mars (which is conjunct his South Node, and squares both his and my Pluto) – my 4th house Sag Saturn squares his 6th house Venus, and loosely squares his 12th house Mars.  One of the weirdest contacts is his Venus/Mars midpoint, which is exactly (to the minute!) conjunct my 4th house Saturn. 

        In our composite chart, our 6th house Saturn is exactly trine our 2nd/3rd house Uranus and both sextile our composite Venus (which is loosely conjunct Jupiter) in Libra in the 4th.  Composite Pluto in Virgo closely sextiles our composite Sun/Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio.

        I’ve come to believe we were meant to act as sort of catalysts of transformation for one another – my presence in his life has been a kind of reality check in that it’s required him to deal with blind spots and realities he’d rather deny (Mars in Pisces).   I’ve asked him to make changes and in the process, he’s let go of some of his more self-destructive habits.  And he’s stuck with me like glue, always providing practical support (Venus in Virgo) in situations most other men would’ve run from – a lot of this has to do with caring for my parents, both of us losing significant sources of income, as well as a series of physical challenges I’ve faced.  We’d also really like to settle down somewhere and make a home, but that dream continues to elude us.  People deal with a lot worse than we’ve had to – really we’re very blessed, even if we do “live like gypsies” (my husband’s words again!) 

        • billow

          Mmmmm, gypsy good.  :  ) 

        • Michelle

          Those Saturn and Mars contacts seem difficult. I hope you have some nice, easy aspects to give some flow. 

          The Pluto sextiles in the composite chart really intensify your feelings for one another.

          • LB

            Oh yea, lots of nice aspects – mostly conjunctions, but also a trine or two and several sextiles.  I think our Neptune contacts are especially strong.  We also each have a significant natal square that is exactly conjunct a natal square in the other’s chart (in exactly the same signs/degrees) but involving different astrological bodies.  My own squares are parallel, so it makes it kind of interesting.  Our squares are part of a fixed Grand Cross for him and a fixed T-Square for me – his Taurus Ascendant provides the missing leg in my chart, so I guess that’s why he’s stuck with me – lol!  I can be pretty feisty, but he likes me that way!

            We’re different, but compatible and we understand one another on a deep soul level.  I know people always say that, but we’ve been together a long time and it’s true. 🙂

            • LB

              Also, my natal Gemini Mars is retrograde, so in my progressed chart it’s been in the same few degrees of Taurus FOREVER.  That Mars gets along well with his natal placements, forming several flowing aspects.

        • Michelle

          Those Saturn and Mars contacts seem difficult. I hope you have some nice, easy aspects to give some flow. 

          The Pluto sextiles in the composite chart really intensify your feelings for one another.

  • MB224

     Brilliant and very pleasing as always Michelle.  You’ve given me music with your descriptions of three of my leading aspects- Mars square Pluto, Sun square Pluto and Saturn Trine Pluto.  Thank you so very much. The only word I haven’t seen you say in your Saturn commentaries is Destiny. 

    • Michelle

       Do you see Saturn as being related to destiny MB224? If so, how do you see that connection?

  • Anonymous

    SO TRUE. Everything applies to me. Every. Single. Word.
    Scorpio Rising with 12H Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Libra. Pluto sextiles my MC and Libra’s ruler, Venus. I feel like my Saturn-Pluto is a rock island in the middle of the ocean. My bouts of depression leave me stranded alone there, and somehow I heal and learn to swim on my own, and cross the 12th house ocean.

    It also makes me think of my dad. When we would go to our favorite beach, we’d swim out to the deeper waters, to the same twin rocks. Depending on tide, you could stand on one of those rocks and your head would be above water. Safety.

    Was deathly scared of the dark and the dead. I was also very very afraid of Hell as a kid. Raised Catholic and heard way too many scary stories about demons and devils.

    • Cassavia C

      Aside from squaring Venus and MC, we have a similar placement. Same rising, same 12th house configuration. Sending good vibes across the cosmic ocean!

      • Michelle

        Thank you for stopping by Cassavia. 

    • LB

      “I feel like my Saturn-Pluto is a rock island in the middle of the ocean.
      My bouts of depression leave me stranded alone there, and somehow I
      heal and learn to swim on my own, and cross the 12th house ocean.”

      What a hauntingly beautiful image you’ve created with these words, unsunghiro.  How sad, but also deeply powerful and healing.  I hope you write poetry.

      •  This caught my attention as well because it describes a dream I had a few weeks back. Mine was more like a somewhat calm but flowing lake or perhaps a river because I could see the tree/vegetation lined bank.  There was also a really large boulder in the water that I could not see what was on the other side of it. There was a series of rocks in the water, almost in a winding path configuration. I could walk along the boulders though they were sometimes a bit hard to see the surface with the water going over the top.  Even if I missed the boulder I did not go completely into the water as there was magically another rock or hard surface to support my fall.

        • LB

          What a great dream.  And such telling metaphors befitting your Pisces (water) and Virgo (earth) placements.  I love these kinds of dreams.  This one seems very hopeful and comforting – you’re moving forward towards the unknown with something always there to support you, even if at first you don’t recognize its presence.

          •  Thanks LB!

            • LB

              You’re welcome.  I love hearing about other people’s dreams.  🙂

              • Michelle

                 Me too.

    • Michelle

      Fascinating and beautiful unsunghiro. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • billow

      “rock island in the middle of the ocean”  .   .   .    .   you got it and how sweet it is.  I think Saturn Pluto has the opportunity to mature well, as one gets past the muck.  I tried to get through it for a very long time, until I realized I had to get beyond it. 

  • I can only laugh. It’s just a semisquare, but it describes most of my wishes and desires. Fear is a very powerful tool in my life, since I am fearful to others and I am always frightened with them as well. Almost all of this apply to me. I even dislike punching soft stuff when I’m angry (wich happens all the time), just the pain of hitting walls makes me feel better.

    • Michelle

       As this series has gone on I’ve become more convinced that so-called minor aspects like the semisquare and semisextile have a significant effect when the aspect is tight.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    Saturn Leo 2nd sextile applying -4 Pluto Libra (singleton)4th

    It’s funny I always wondered where in my chart it showed I was afraid of the dark…now I know. 🙂  I’ve  been able to live pretty well on very little income and make due… years ago,for a long time, I had to pay my rent, buy groceries and pay my bills with only a $500.00 monthly income, with very little room for recreation. As far as transformation and life/death experiences goes… I defintely can relate to both. 😀 

    • Michelle

       $500/month is definitely working with limited resources and getting by with less.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Ya, it wasn’t what I would call fun 🙂 but I lived in Spokane,Washington and I was able to rent a place for something like $250-300.00. There were times that I starved just to pay bills..which was yuck..^_^

         I wanted to let you know that you’re definitely on track with your interpretations. Thank you for them!

        • Michelle

           I went through that in college. 55 cent bags of Goya lentils got me through. Carrots were a luxury.

          • Robin Joy Dore

            Yuck 🙁 I feel bad for you. To be optimistic, at least you ate healthy. 🙂 

  • Eliseplain

     Add Mercury to the mix (triple conjunction) and that´s what I got in the 1st house!

    • Michelle

       That’s an intense 1st house. Are you involved in communications somehow?

      • Elise

         Sort of, yes. Acting is one of my activities. Another is writing. So yes, I´m involved in communications…

  • Yeah I’m dating myself when I say this but that shoe is a “bad mutha” and I mean that in a good way! lol   I’ve been waiting on this post and knew that I’m gonna get deep into it so I wanted to make sure that I did not forget to comment on that shoe. Michelle, you really have a knack for finding just the right image!

    • Michelle

       It’s possible because I’m wrong…the opposition was in ’65, not the conjunction. Ugh…going to fix now. Thank you!

  • billow

     I don’t know whether or not it’s my natal saturn sq pluto or not, but I find the headline pic very intriguing.

    • Michelle

      You mean the woman with giant red lips? That was going to be in the body of the post, but it made the post feel oppressively heavy for some reason. I find that image fascinating and disturbing.

      • billow

        I think this energy can appear that way and/or can feel that way, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

    • Michelle
      • billow

        Well then, the full regalia sure adds another dimension to the mix.  I rather liked the nunnish look of the croped pic. 

        • Michelle

           She does look like a nun…I didn’t put that together.

  • Leah-Nine

    I want those shoes! 

    • Michelle

      I’m not sure how I feel about those shoes. They make me think of Alien and Predator. 

      • billow

        Me no like the shoes.  They look terribly uncomfortable.  And they suggest the possibility of falling off a cliff.   Progresssed Pluto has moved into earthly Virgo.  They are just not practical.

        • Michelle

           They are just not practical.

          How much of fashion is practical? 🙂

          Do you have Venus in Virgo?

          • billow

            No, I be Venus in Cancer.  And I do like the bizarre in fashion when it balances, but I don’t wear it if I can’t get move around in it.  Am not comfortable with constraints.  Freedom of movement is first. 

          • I have a pair of black high heeled shoes that are quite comfortable for a 4 in heel, I think do to the chunky stiletto style heel and round toe. Being a Virgo rising they HAVE to be comfortable but my Pluto rising wants them to be sexy too. lol  If I can figure out how to load an image of them I’ll show ya’ll what I’m talking about.

            • Michelle

              I have a few pairs that are just fine as far as comfort goes. Sometimes my need for drama and display trumps comfort: Moon in Leo trine Venus in Aries.

              • billow

                I think that’s called suffering for your art.  Or steel cajones feet. 

                • Michelle

                   Lol 🙂 Instead of steel toe shoes you can have steel balls shoes.

                  Yeah, I don’t know. I’m feeling corny.

                  • billow

                    I think Steel Cajones would be a good name for a fashion line or is it already.  I’ve been thinking about those shoes.  You could probably get away with that hat with them too depending on what you paint in between.  That’s the thing about those shoes, they go with nothing so they have a lot of possibilities.  Except comfort in the case of me. 

                    • Michelle

                       That’s the thing about those shoes, they go with nothing so they have a lot of possibilities

                      Lol…maybe if they go with nothing then they really go with everything. They’re like the little black dress of shoes.

                    • billow

                      LOL back at you.  Quite possible.  But in a different kind of way.  Like the other end of the spectrum.

  • Joe

    Steel Cajones was really unexpected, in a good way. lol.    

    • Joe

      …and thank you for this series on Saturn.  Its helping me realize how important Saturn is in my chart.  My Saturn aspects everything except for my moon and it rules my moon. Hard work pays off maybe? 🙂 

      • Michelle

         Hard work pays off maybe? 🙂

        I hope so.

      • Leah-Nine

        I second this post! Saturn is also an important one to learn about, as it’ll rule transitting Pluto for the next few decades as it passes through Cap and Aqu. Thanks 

        • Michelle

           Good point.