Mercury/Chiron Aspects


mercury-chiron-aspectsPain associated with speaking, writing or other forms of communication. Extreme sensitivity to communication – what people say, how they say it and when they say it. Words most definitely can hurt you. Learning how to use voice, thoughts and language for healing purposes. Feeling pain from not having your voice heard. Using words and language to heal yourself. Using storytelling as a way to heal yourself and others. The journey of getting in touch with your unique voice. Learning to open up and talk about your problems. The need to talk about your “pain point.” Talking is painful. Expressing your thoughts through words is painful.

Guiding others with your words and thoughts. Playing with language. Tricksters. Court jesters. Deliverers of messages that others may not want to hear. You act as an antidote to self-importance – your own and others’. Puncturing egos with words. Facility with non-rational logic. Maverick communications. Sticking your foot in your mouth. The ability to embrace paradox. The ability to synthesize conflicting information and perceptions. The ability to reconcile opposites. No need to choose either/or.

He (Mercury) loves to see pride come before a fall, and is a natural antidote to the self-importance, pretensions and inflations encountered in the quest for consciousness and integration. The more we endeavor to reach our highest, to become godlike, to actualize our potential, the more this figure constellates quietly underneath ready to trip us up at any point should we dare to forget the chaotic origins of our hard-won sense of order, personal integration and consciousness. ~ Melanie Reinhart, Chiron and the Healing Journey

Siblings with disabilities or illness. The need to heal relationships with siblings. Pain associated with siblings. Feeling wounded by a sibling. Pain experienced by being the brother or sister of someone else. Flawed education. Feeling that your education was missing something. Needing more non-rational learning opportunities. Synthesizing all information in a learning environment. The ability to present information in a variety of formats. Seeing no conflict in differing learning styles. Letting your way of learning take you on a journey. Embarking on a self-healing journey through words and language. Telling a story of pain. A healing journey through information and learning. Embracing a self-informed learning style. Self-taught. Taking responsibility for your own education. Creating the information that you need. Realizing that there are gaps in the available information, or in the way it is presented. Taking it upon yourself to fill in gaps in learning and education. Searching for the missing links and connections to make information come together. A sudden epiphany – and then you get it.

It is the most delightful thing that ever happens to me, when I hear something coming out of my guitar and out of my mouth that wasn’t there before.
James Taylor

I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.
James Taylor

Synchronized timing with remarks and jokes. Saying the right thing at the right time. Saying the exact wrong thing at the wrong time. Subtle communication powers. The ability to pay attention to information that others miss. Learning by tripping yourself up. Having a knack for sticking your foot in your mouth. Being forced to think differently about the affairs of Mercury and Chiron’s house. Non-verbal assimilation of information. Knowing that a piece of the puzzle is missing. The ability to find a loophole in any logical thought pattern. The ability to learn through multiple channels. The way you think is somehow flawed according to convention. Your mental processes are not “normal.” You have the ability to open doorways of thinking that others would never have considered. You have unique perception. You have a way of putting information together that is wholly your own. You find opportunities in misses and near misses.

It makes me believe in fate. In most cases, the readings where I’ve been really bad have usually been the ones where I got the part.
Robin Wright Penn

The fragmented mind. Sectioning and compartmentalizing experience and perceptions. Lack of awareness of the greater whole. Learning to heal your fragmented perception of the world. Learning to bring all of your thoughts together. Bringing your various learning experiences together into a cohesive whole. Creating new learning disciplines and paradigms. Reclaiming missing memories. Extreme nervous energy and over-sensitivity to what people say. Inability to get over upsetting thoughts and concepts. The key to healing is reconciling your differing perceptions. The key to healing is reclaiming missing and fragmented observations, memories and connections. The key to healing is talking about what gives you pain. The key to healing is finding an outlet for nervous mental energy. The key to healing is learning how to relax your mind. The key to healing is resisting the urge to cut off from unwanted observations and thoughts. The key to healing is to recognizing and accepting all of your thoughts as part you. The key to healing is practicing mindfulness.

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key.

Chiron + Planets eBook

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  • Charlotte

    sept. 27/2017. chiron mercury oppose transit. Painful. My sibling rejects rudely so hurt as i was I eventually learned people can do that. I wrote the odd letter to stay safe and cause of our nerves.
    Recently an event caused him to call shaken emotionally and left me the most precious message, I mean it brought me back to when we were little older brother and sister. Maybe four. The way he said my name, the tone, the authencity. He used to do regression work. I will hold it precious forever but i could not reconciliate cause i was sure it would disintegrate and it seems to have anyways as i feel his attacks, the pain in my feet. So now theres no way i will trust. That came after i said i visited his ex. Never mind siblings we need to heal our society in all ways, a total turn around. We need to heal earth and inequity. Maybe earth will or is healing itself with water.
    None of which is easy , rather mind boggling.

  • Tula Turan

    OOOO so Accurate. So painful. I know things , understand things that most people never think about. I can’t talk about things with people that are stunningly clear to me. I felt the odd one out in my family of origin. My siblings don’t understand me, never will . Painful relationships with them, they are dogmatic in their thinking, I cant even talk about it..too much to explain..

  • Holydog

    That should be Aquarius not Pisces, I guess.

    • Have you explored acupuncture?

  • Holydog

    Midpoint in the sextile of a yod is Mercury trine Chiron in Pisces, 8th house. I relate to a lot in this post.
    Speaking, writing, generally expressing myself has been painful, a stupidly heavy, difficult thing. Hell, I was mute. Muted. Rather late in life it´s tbeginning to turn around. And I´m amazed how I ever managed, with all that bottled up inside. I guess, maybe I didn´t very well, though. The sibling thing. Yeah. A sibling that would have been diagnosed with heavy adhd these days. No room for this little old wallflower. Thinking not normal, yeah; a healing journey of diagnosing myself with inattentive add at the age of 55 and having it strongly confirmed by reliable professionals. And the subsequent medication turning my life and person around. Etc. Great post.

    • Thank you for reading, Holydog 🙂

  • Kim

    Mercury retrograde opposition Chiron retrograde. All the above applies to me. I’m an excellent student, but not good with exams. I have a younger brother with schizophrenia and a middle brother who is absent. It’s definitely a struggle with siblings.

    • Most likely you have developed some extraordinarily rare communication abilities having been surrounded with exceptional sibling relationships.

  • mia

    When i was growing up i always have problems with my sister. We never get along. After I went to the college and got married we moved to the USA. Here I am living chiron square mercury by being in a different country and trying communicate in a different language. Mercury ruler of the hands right, it is also ruler of my Virgo fifth house and my first child born with out fingers in her left hand and of course it was painful. My kids speak English and sometimes I had trouble with communicating with them as well. It sounds sad but it is not. Everybody’s exams are different in this life and I am always trying to think above the stars🌟😃

  • Solar

    Chiron sex my mercuryrx venusrx conjunction. The wounded healer? I agree that having been wounded opens us up to some compassion and an understanding of sufferance. In fact, sometimes it seems that we aren’t able to without the pain to motivate. Maybe this is where he adopts the “healer” title.
    I seem to have the negative effects of this aspect. Speech is an issue in life. I may stammer. Lack of confidence, sibling issues, any 3rd house issue for that matter. (Saturn is there.)And my values, what attracts me, also seems to carry Chirons burden. Pluto in the second and Mars is in Taurus.
    This isn’t a very favourable placement.
    Wounded I certainly feel.

    • It’s a difficult placement, Solar. I have it too … Mercury conjunct Chiron by less than 1 degree.

  • elodie

    and this! so resonant with me…

  • Kym

    Do the nicer aspects change this at all? I feel like with chiron, everything is equally wounded. Foot in mouth is a real issue with my Sagittarius mercury trine libra chiron with also an Aries moon and rising. I have a knack for getting myself into trouble with words; things just tend to roll of my tongue lol

    • I think you answered your own question, “things just tend to roll of my tongue” … that’s what can happen with the “easy” aspects.

  • Deborah

    Hi- I was just looking at my chart and i noticed that my 8th house mercury squares Pluto, uranus, mars and chiron. It also has a trine to my Aries ascendent. I have a natural house chart (mercury is in sag though ).
    What I am wondering is if using and being aware the trine aspect can help to integrate the mind – or if you can share what you think all of the squares are pointing to. Seems significant. Thank you so much~Deborah

    • Deborah

      PS. Mars, Pluto, uranus is in the 6th. Chiron is in the 12th. 🙂

    • mercury squares Pluto, uranus, mars and chiron.
      Dynamic tension. I imagine, headaches or migraines. Your naturally outgoing and active demeanor (Aries ascendant) helps release some stress.

  • pinstru

    I have Mercury exactly 12 degrees from my Chiron…so a loose conjunction (if you could even call it that) but I definitely can relate to this post. It doesn’t hurt that my Mercury/Chiron midpoint is right on top of my north node either. The whole first paragraph is me, especially “Feeling pain from not having your voice heard. Learning to open up and talk about your problems. The need to talk about your “pain point.” Talking is painful. Expressing your thoughts through words is painful.”

    Just the other day as I attempted to share an experience that shaped me to my class I got totally choked up and started crying. But I enjoyed it though…I let it out and I wasn’t silent about it. I could own it, and it just felt right no matter how much it hurt to speak.

    “The need to heal relationships with siblings. Pain associated with siblings. Feeling wounded by a sibling.” <—This. Yes. Most definitely. And how do they hurt me? With words…all the time…but I've learned to deal with it.

    " A healing journey through information and learning. Embracing a self-informed learning style. Self-taught. Taking responsibility for your own education. Creating the information that you need. Realizing that there are gaps in the available information, or in the way it is presented. Taking it upon yourself to fill in gaps in learning and education. Searching for the missing links and connections to make information come together. A sudden epiphany – and then you get it." Yes!! I love learning…always have, always will. I also feel as if the more knowledge you have the more potential you have in healing yourself or others or whatever problem is at hand. Nothing is new, just missing from our perception.

  • Deborah

    Hi. I have Chiron in Pisces 12th house square mercury in sag (8th or 9th). Which one of the description goes with that? I have a hard time expressing myself in words and often say something that is insignificant really instead of saying what I really mean. It takes a while to get to the point especially with some people who are “authorities”. Been really wondering how to share authentically and not feel worried that I will be too vulnerable. Any insight? Thanks.

    • With those houses involved I would recommend brushing up on nonverbal communication. There’s an awful lot you can “say” through a smile, meaningful eye contact, and emotive power. Verbal and nonverbal go hand in hand and people pick up on body language consciously or not. Most of the time people are not listening to you with undivided attention anyway!

      • Deborah

        Thank you

  • Tarek

    I have been reading books and articles about astrology since January 2009….

    I am a Gemini with a Scorpio AC so Imagine my thrust for learning and I have Jupiter conjunct Sun in Gemini too.

    This is the best article I have ever read in my entire life.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Tarek 🙂

      • none

        thanx for that.I feel like printing it out to show to people whenever I hear ‘what do you mean’…which is often the case.My Chiron is in the 12th house conjunct Sun and Mercury in Taurus (intercepted).learning difficulties?big time?i understand in my own way but puting it into words always a is my means of communication,though never show it to nobody. have reached the point when i just don’t want to talk at all sometimes,as my thoughts just don’t translate to spoken languageI can relate to 99% of the above.all the best!

  • Guyslash

    Mercury Libra and Chiron Virgo both in 3rd house  Mercury conjunct Chiron

  • Susanne

    4got to say, there’s a T-square with the Moon in Scorpio at the bottom. Surely that explains a thing…lol

  • 4th house Chiron in Aquarius (2 degrees from the 5th house cusp) opposes Uranus in Leo in the 10th. Been self-employed all my life, ups and downs, work from home, done this been there, but one thing started in school and 50 years later its more alive than ever…writing. I can write with much more ease than talk – even to someone I know well. Sometimes I read later what I wrote and don’t know where it came from, don’t remember THINKING it – it seems to have bypassed my conscious mind. Great satisfaction and clarity gained through writing, even if I just do it for myself.   ‘Learning to heal your fragmented perception of the world. Learning to
    bring all of your thoughts together. Bringing your various learning
    experiences together into a cohesive whole. Creating new learning
    disciplines and paradigms. Reclaiming missing memories.’
    That’s me. Thank you for the insight Michelle.

    • Nice to see you on the blog, Susanne 🙂 Your new site looks great!

  • (I’ve been told that Mercury sextile Neptune is the quintessential writer’s aspect.)   

    Interesting … I’ve never heard that. 

    Learning for the sake of learning doesn’t seem to be appreciated until you get to be retirement age (that’s what I’ve noticed). 

    • Writer&Teacher

      re: Mercury and Neptune … I read that some years back now, and can’t recall which book.  In any case, I ran a few purely unscientific surveys on charts I’d collected of my writer friends.  I found that every single one of them had SOME Mercury-Neptune aspect, not just the sextile, but one of the major aspects or, in one case, the quintile.  Also, Mercury tended to be involved with larger aspect patterns in their charts, often the “big” aspect pattern, if there was a single one that stood out more than the others.

      Now, some caveats … I had only about 10-11 of these, but I restricted myself to published authors.  Still, 10-11 is not a statistically sound sample!  Furthermore, a lot of them were roughly of my age, give or take 10 years, so many of them had the Uranus=Pluto/Neptune conjunction/sextile of that era.  Ergo, if Mercury hit one of those planets, it tended to be in aspect to all three.  Last, ALL these writers save 1 were SF/F authors.  There were some men among them, but most were women.

      So, any of those factors might have something to do with it, but I did find it extremely interesting that ALL of them had a Mecury-Neptune aspect.

      I’m sure somebody with a better collection of charts could do a better survey. 🙂

    • I’ve heard that as well, not the quintessential part though. I have this aspect but have not understood when it was said that I should be a writer. Writing has not been my strongest talents, IMHO.

      You are correct about the learning for the sake of learning not being appreciated. However, as I read both comments, I can see how my learning for the sake of learning has been lots of benefit to me.

      • Sabrina

        I have Chiron conjunct ascendant, trine a Mercury conjunct Saturn, trine Moon. Somewhat like a grand trine if Chiron was considered a planet. Yes I definetly think differently than others. I always blamed it on my Mercury conjunct Saturn, but now I see it may have a little to do with Mercury trine Chiron. I also perceive things differently than others. I don’t trust my siblings and they have screwed me over and not cared about me. father wasn’t there either. So far spot on. Read the Chiron 1st house, Chiron Saturn and Chiron Mercury so far and spot on.

  • Writer&Teacher

    Very interesting.  Mercury is my strongest personal planet, by sign rulership and as the dominant planet in a 7th house stellum: in near-exact conjunction to Pluto (1 second apart) placed in Virgo (7th house), both more loosely conjunct Uranus, and sextiling Neptune in Scorpio/9th. (Born in ’64, I’m part of that whole Pluto=Uranus/Neptune generation of the ’60s).  All of this opposes and trines a 1st house Pisces Chiron.

    As an adult, I am a teacher and writer, and my stories do often deal with psychological journeys of healing (wow, hello Pluto/Chiron *grin*), as well as coming-of-age stories.  One that garnered me a fair bit of attention and critical praise that seems to epitomize what you’ve discussed here involved a young male street-walker who managed to escape “the life” to embark on a journey to adult success that included (among other things) getting into Yale.  It dealt realistically with the scars left by his time on the street including difficulty trusting, etc., but also showed how he could manage to do what he did.  Among the letters from readers that touched me was one from a former (female) streetwalker who, after reading the novel, assumed I had also been “in the life,” as I’d managed to portray what she’d experienced.  I don’t think you get much better than that — something you wrote resonated with and helped another person on her own healing journey. 🙂

    In general, that seems to be what I do well, what Chiron (and Pluto) in aspect to Mercury give me: the ability to get inside another and understand their wounding.  Uranus inclines me to deal with unusual topics, and the Neptune sextile gives the skill to convey this in words/stories. (I’ve been told that Mercury sextile Neptune is the quintessential writer’s aspect.)  Chiron in the first house opposite these also helps explain why my primary self-identification is as a writer, but specifically as a writer who tries to tell stories that “mean something,” and can help/heal others. 🙂

    As a child, I will say that a 1st house Chiron was not a ball of laughs.  I spent most of my time feeling out of place, rejected, etc. (not by parents, but by contemporaries, as Mercury suggests).  I was “from the other side of the tracks,” and so did not come from a family with any history of scholarship or higher education; I had to learn as I went about getting into college, often making mistakes in choices that, while solid choices (take harder classes in order to learn more even if I made lower grades) were exactly the WRONG choice to get college scholarships (where validation by quantification matters more than knowledge gained because grades and test scores are easier to measure).  This continued throughout my academic career, being a step off/step behind contemporaries, although it forced me to work harder and do things in unconventional ways. ;>  In the long run, it was a benefit, but in the short term, it was (frankly) a pain in the tush.

    So a little feedback on how I see this aspect playing out in my own life.

  • leah

    do you think you could give me a quick reading on whether or not i have these aspects? im not sure how to identify them in my chart. april 2nd 1992 1:02pm bellingham wa. it feels right. or what major aspects you see within my chart? i do not need interpritations but, you words are very accurate and helpful

    • Michelle

      You have Mercury trine Chiron.

  • Anonymous

    I have a Mercury-Chiron trine.  I never knew how to interpret this other than “It’s easy to talk about my pain” but that’s terribly boring. My pain and talking about it. I do have sibling issues and those issues make me dread having a partner.  How do you separate out Chiron issues from Saturn issues?  Saturn and Mercury are in mutual reception in my chart as well (and if you’re using Placidus, it’s a 3rd/6th house exchange as well.)

    • Michelle

      That’s a good question about separating Chiron and Saturn. In my own chart I have Mercury conjunct Chiron both square Saturn all within less than degree. Chiron/Saturn has more to do with authority, restriction, limitation, expectations, fear and experiences of failure.

  • AriesGirl

    I start to realize that Chiron might add a kind of “never enough” feeling to the planet it touches… a bit similarly to Pluto. At least this is what I feel with my Moon and Mercury (Chiron squares both of them). With Mercury, I feel that my need for learning something new can never be satisfied, no matter how much I study/learn, I always feel the “need” to study more and more and more…. and its so hard to resist it.
    And with the Moon, its like that I crave for such emotional security whihc is simply can not be fullfilled in this world…

    What do yout think about it. Michelle?

    • Michelle

      I can relate to that. I have Mercury conjunct Chiron, Pallas and Jupiter (with all in the 8th house and Jupiter on the 8/9 cusp) – I never think I know enough. No matter how much I know, there’s more that I don’t know. It doesn’t help that Saturn forms a very close square to Mercury and Chiron.

  • Miya

    Wow, this is so right-on for me. I have Chiron in Gemini in the 3rd opposite Merc in Scorpio in the 9th. 

    • Michelle

      Is there anything in particular that resonates with you?

      Thank you for reading Miya 🙂

      • Miya

        Well, unfortunately the trouble with a sibling is one way–my brother is, er, kind of a lost soul, to put it mildly. And one of my biggest problems growing up was not feeling listened to or understood, and I went back and forth from being kind of a loudmouth to being really timid and afraid to speak to people. My brain still tends to move faster than my mouth can keep up, but I’m actually a writer now, so communication has pretty much become my lifeblood.

        • Michelle

          Thanks Miya 🙂

  • billow

    This one makes me crazy cuz I have Mercury in the 11th trine chiron in the third Aquarius.  It has been good to think about, because how the energy set has played out in my life finally makes astrological sense. But it is so convoluted that it defies any simple explanation.  I would have to write a story about it.  :DDD  

  • Anonymous

    Aw man, I can’t believe – or rather I’m surprised – I don’t have have a Mercury/Chrion aspect with the way I’m so sensitive (in both good & bay ways, of course). Chrion opposes/square a handful of my plants but not this one. humm..

    In any event, I can’t wait until you get to the Mars/Chiron aspect; its should be an interesting experience for me, lol.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading sb_lovely 🙂

  • Fantastical. I have a square between them. Most stuff I read seems good for me, I identified with it. I have a friend who said me the other day that I raise his self-steem when I talk to him. But it’s not always true, I guess it depends if the person really wants to feel better or not. Or if the person is hiding something. Or maybe they’re just blind with grief. Or even they just want attention at all costs. Other interesting thing is that when I’m saying something terribly stupid, everyone becomes silent in order to everyone hear my dumbness. It made me sad some time ago, but now I’m almost ok with it, it’s funny at least. I guess that chiron is really associated with pain, since communication is a pain for me and relationships are also pretty painful (chiron is in my seventh house and mercury is in my tenth). Chiron is also part of a cardinal grand cross in my chart, dealing with my first house cap neptune and my fourth house ari mars. I have bad timing, I can make people feel better or worst with words and I always forgett about anything beyond my fragmented plans, wich is why I am a terrible strategist.

  • Leah Boucher

    This post resonates more and more every time I go back over it. If you’re interested, here’s an insight I just gained:

    (Using Placidus, but similar themes with Whole): Intercepted 10H Cancer Chiron makes a kite through my Earth grand trine, so Chiron sextile 12H Virgoan Mercury resonates with the descriptions of pain through words. I think this manifests as being unsure of what to say, fear of speaking for being hurt or hurting others, fear of public speaking for unique reasons. I also catch myself going back over and over and over in conversations to make sure everything ‘went ok’. Perhaps at some point in the past I used words that hurt someone or was hurt by someone’s words. On that point, I appreciate the optimism of your including healing potentials! It’s uplifting to be reminded that such oversensitivity DOES serve a purpose. 🙂

    • Leah Boucher

      I recently purchased a typewriter, btw, and it’s been one of the best tools I’ve yet found for channeling the crazy energy of a mercury/mars/saturn+chiron kite.

      • Michelle

        What is the other planet in your kite? 

        Are you part of the Saturn/Chiron conjunction group of the late 60s?

    • Michelle

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Leah. 

  • guest

    I have chiron in gemini in aspect to mercury, and would say that often wrong timing on my part gets me into trouble or misunderstood often. My son has chiron conjunct neptune and also aspecting his venus and I have been curious of what this may mean. Any ideas?

    • Michelle

      I’ll be covering Chiron in aspect to Venus and Neptune in upcoming posts. If you subscribe by email or RSS you will get the new posts as soon as I write them. 

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • “Saying the exact wrong thing at the wrong time…Having a knack for sticking your foot in your mouth..” Another area where I can say thanks to Saturn and Mercury being retrograde! I have the conjunction in Pisces in the 7th.  Another door of knowledge previously closed has been opened by a long lost key.  😉 Loving this post Michelle!

    • Michelle

      Saturn in aspect to Mercury or Chiron seems to add to “foot in mouth” syndrome. #astrology

      • billow

        Hey, here we go, I got saturn quintile chiron, does that mean I get to put my foot in my mouth?  Mercury sextiles uranus so I get the feeling I would do immediate recovery.  I could see that getting some laughs.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    Mercury Scorpio 28’57 5th house quincunx 0 deg. S. Chiron Rx Aries 28’29 10th house

    This page is acting funny for some reason so I’m going to come back add more in a little while 🙂

    • Michelle

      Which house system are you using for those positions?

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Oh, I’m sorry…. Equal house…..In koch/Placidus/ Whole sign Chiron is in my 11th house.

        It took me quite a while to decide what seemed to resonate with me,but I think Chiron Rx in the 10th explains a few things perhaps about my difficult work history.

        • Michelle

          Maybe…with Chiron in the 10th there might also be issues with your mother.

          • Robin Joy Dore

            You’re correct, I have issues with both my mother AND my father 🙂  I could make a list,but I don’t want to bore you/people or make you/people think that I’m weirder than they might already think that I am. 😀
            but I’ll say one thing, neither one of them was very emotionally reliable.

        • Michelle

          Maybe…with Chiron in the 10th there might also be issues with your mother.

  • Zoa

    I am excited that you continue with Chiron aspects. Mine makes a bunch including a Mercury in Aquarius trine to Chiron in Gemini.
    Words,how they say it, can be both my wounding and my healing.

    • Michelle

      Yay 🙂

  • AriesGirl

    Awesome post 🙂
    I have the square, Chiron in Gemini-Mercury in Pisces.

    “Using words and language to heal yourself”
    This is so interesting, I love writing and reading, I need to write every day to feel good,lol. I can read in 5 different languages, and I enjoy it so much! (Venus in the 9th house though).

    I also realized that I can heal others through my words and way of thinking.

    “Learning to open up and talk about your problems.”This is a huge thing for me.

    “Words most definitely can hurt you.”

    I think Im lucky cause based on my Mercury position, I could easily had learning disabilities or sth, but it’s not the case at all, although my mind is absolutely hyperactive and I’ve only recently realized how to cope with the fact that I always tend to think way too much. On the other hand, I basically need to learn step by step how to express myself, especially when it comes to non-verbal communication and expressing feelings or my needs due to bad childhood experiences.
    All the things you mentioned about “Key to healing” are true  for me.

  • Anonymous

    I love it. I really enjoy learning more about Chiron. As I read this post, I had a friend in mind and when I looked up his chart, he does indeed have a Mercury-Chiron contact. You really captured him.

    I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I have a few Chiron aspects myself.

    • Michelle

      I think it’s amazing when you can begin to look at people and pinpoint which aspects they have. It’s so beyond Sun signs. Being able to do this also reinforces that astrology works 🙂

  • Atlast

    never though my 0 degrees quincunx could be the responsible for all the trouble and sensitiveness that I ever had with comunication. Oh, and I always have this fear of showing and talking about my vulnerable side, never though also that putting every off was the best way…

    also, “Tricksters”? really? but chiron don’t make everything so autentic?

    • Michelle

      Does Chiron also aspect your Moon?

      also, “Tricksters”? really?
      Mercury is the original trickster. Mercury in aspect to anything is trickster-ish. 

      but chiron don’t make everything so autentic?
      I’m not sure what you mean by this.

      • Atlast

        oh, yeah, it makes a square! that makes me don’t want to show my vulnerable side, right?
        but I feel that the mercury aspect complement it, I don’t want to show AND don’t like to talk about neeither write, even if I’m the only one who will read.

        “but chiron don’t make everything so authentic?” I meant that I thougt that chiron makes everything so unique, and, idk, real… like when it touches the sun: it makes the individual more human and and authentic person. I hope that explanation helps, haha, I feel that I messed even more…

        • Michelle

          That makes sense. Mercury/Chiron could make someone an “authentic” communicator. That’s an interesting idea – I like it. 

          I don’t want to show AND don’t like to talk about neeither write
          Do people in your life complain that you don’t share your thoughts and feelings with them?

          • Atlast

            oh god, they do, they really do.

            people say that i’m kind of dificult to deal with because i’m extreamly hard to be known. My mom complains a lot that I need to take a long time and lots of courage to finally say what happened in my life, specially things like first kiss and blah. And my friends needs to push me to say what I think about things.

            That’s something that I need to work in, since they are very annoying.

          • billow

            “Authentic” is my new favorite word.  Thanks Atlast.

            It could have to do with uniqueness (uniquity?) or individuality that causes separation or feelings of separation.  It can put one in a vulnerable position in group where the individual is targeted with bullying or scapegoating.  It’s too bad that individual strength, that is going to win out anyway, is chastised.  Muffling or compromising authenticity too much or for too long dampens spirit.

            I considered my closest friends.  They are definitely authentic.  We don’t always agree with each other that is for sure, but we respect each other.  I always looked for what I called “redeeming qualities”.  I am replacing that with authenticity.  It seems like I need something to ring true to participate.  It helps me replace my thwarted expectations with the search for authenticity.  Seems more positive.

            My biggest communication problem has been trusting what I am told, especially from people with credentials.  It is really difficult for me to get out of the chain of command thing.  I want to believe the advertiser has the answers she/he claims to have.  I want to believe she/he is really there to do what she/he espouses.  Either there is something wrong with my hearing, or I must accept that she/he is human, too.   Sigh. 

            • Michelle

              My biggest communication problem has been trusting what I am told, especially from people with credentials.There’s a weird thing that happens that if you have standing or credentials, you can’t have faults; or, people are stunned and shocked when you are wrong so you lose credibility. It all seems so 10th house to me. 

              • billow

                It’s not having the credentials or the position, it’s the portrayal by individuals that they have everything under control because of their credentials.  Part of the reason I have been attracted to those who profess their proficiency, is that I mistakenly read that as confidence in themselves.  That means that in no way am I a threat to them.  I also mistakenly thought that the confidence I read, would mean that I was free to be who I am because I wouldn’t be expected to buy on to everything they believe.  For example, I would be allowed to have my own thoughts, religion, politics, etc.  I wouldn’t be expected to buy onto theirs.  In short, I wouldn’t have to sell my soul.  So no, I’m not against credentials and knowlege by any means.  It’s the on your knees and worship me as god on high that always throws me for a loop.  I can’t buy onto everything or do everything I am asked to do.   My blind trust can end me up as the fall guy. 

                And the 10th house to me is more about reputation than anything else.  Not like how well I look or am liked or how much I know or don’t know, but making conscious decisions that I can live with.  (although I learned in my early years how fast karma plays out.  It’s my set up, I just don’t get away with it.  Something the con finds hard to understand.)

                Wrong to me would be when I stand up and present my side of things, and then accept a position or a bright shiny object to keep quiet.   Wrong to me is also being verbally or physically attacked because I do not agree.   Freedom of speech .   .   .   is not always allowed. 

    • billow

      There is probably a good reason for not talking about my vulnerable side.  My journals are filled with lamenting words.  The pages always listen to my pen. 

  • amoureuse

    my recent ex bf have this conjunct in taurus. we broke because he got so mad when i cursed him…

    • Michelle

      Did you notice if he had any of the traits mentioned above?

      • amoureuse

        hi mich- wat i noticed about him is that his siblings are sort of a burden to him. not that he complaint about it. his the only guy in the family then 3 younger sisters. what i sort of complaint is his self deprecating speech. i feel like he is exhausting me because ourconversations seems like a theraphy sensions. i am very senstve with words because i absorbed emotions. mercury in cancer. i feel his pain. and i got tired.. thank god its over because im not sure if i cud live with that kind of man.

        • amoureuse

          his the one i told u before, gade school classmate.. then afer 20 long years we meet again… boy oh boy.. i feel like we are counseig each other..

          • Michelle

            It seems like a good learning experience though the reality didn’t quite live up to the fantasy.

            • amoureuse

              u bet.. we both have hard aspects in venus and neptune… we both have square i  think.. and i really got a dose of reality check…. goodness.. it was stressful… thankgod i cud paint and i turn into music… just to balance out the energy..

            • amoureuse

              by the way mich, i have to ask this.. im a bit confuse. you said on facebook before that i have to develop this guys qualities since my sun falls in the same degree as his northnode… but.. i forgot to tell that my northnode is conjunct my sun so my northnode and his northnode is conjunct. what does this mean… i get confused about northnodes.. please explain.. thanks.. because im considering what ur saying.. developing his qualities… im not sure if i can do it..

              • Michelle

                Hi amoureuse,

                This is a question that I would rather answer in an astrology reading than in a blog comment. It’s too complicated and I would need to see both charts.

                • amoureuse

                  awwww… ok..