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Wanting a powerful position out in the world. Wanting to dominate your career environment. Wanting to have control over your career development. Wanting power and control over others. Having a strong desire for power and control. Presenting an indomitable persona in public. Laser-like focus on your career. Laser-like focus on the attainment of outer success. Needing public recognition for how powerful, intense or driven you are. Needing to have a career in which you can be in charge. Wanting to be somebody that makes an intense impact on the world at large. Having an intense drive for outer achievement. Wanting to have control over your own destiny. Corporate executives. High achievers. People who transform whatever career path they pursue. Wanting to transform the outer world.

You feel the pressure of the family name and reputation. You feel compelled to uphold a certain image. Having had a parent who was a high achiever, or who wanted to be one. Feeling the pressure to live up to “someone’s” expectations. Your parents pushed you to “make something of yourself.” You felt a lot of pressure from your parents to “be somebody.” You were expected to excel. Outer success at the expense of a personal life. Outer success at the expense of getting in touch with your inner heart’s desire. Sacrificing a home and family life for a career. Your outer life overshadows your personal life. Letting people in authority control your path. Letting your parents steer you. Having a domineering parent. Letting outside pressures imprison you on a certain career path. Your career is a prison. Feeling confined by your public image, reputation and achievement level.

A sexual public persona. A complex, mysterious or taboo public persona. Power-hungry people. Intense public persona. Extreme public persona. Your career involves life or death situations, or situations that may have an extreme effect on the public. You push the envelope. Controversial public figures. You have a love/hate relationship with the public. You attract powerful people to you. You work alongside powerful people. You try to keep your private life hidden from the public. Retaining tight control over your public image. Refusing to let anyone dominate you. Mind games at work. Power struggles with authority figures. Careers filled with intrigue. Careers filled with huge successes and failures. Having a hard time giving up being in charge. You are almost always “on.” All of your dark secrets are out in the light of day. No place to hide.

Healers. Shamans. Magnets for public hate and scorn. Ostracized people. You put your all or nothing into the path you choose. You make a career out of exploring your taboos. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees death, destruction and confinement. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees transformation, catharsis and healing. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees sex, power and taboos.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Pluto/MC, read Pluto/IC Aspects.

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  • Vivian

    Pluto dominant, Pluto square ascendant. Venus sextile Pluto, Pluto conjunct Scorpio in fourth house, Pluto oppose midheaven , Jupiter square Pluto . so I agree with most of what you said.

  • Nadir

    In my lifetime being only twenty years old I find myself agreeing with almost every word you said with the exception of wanting power over others. I also believe that both the ascendant and midheaven are without a doubt interchangeable as far as image and how people view you are concerned. I look back at my life and I can’t tell you how many people have disliked or hated me whether it’s been intentional or non-intentional on my part and I definitely think Pluto trine my Midheaven has a lot to due with it. The older I get I have embrace the hatred from others because it’s a known fact that if you are getting a lot attention from people whether positive or negative you are someone very important and that’s the truth. Great Post!

    • Do you have similar aspect to your ascendant and midheaven that would make you think they are interchangeable?

      • Nadir

        I have Pluto sesquiquadrate Asc and it’s a minor aspect. But do you believe that both the ascendant and midheaven are similar in image?

        • How old are you, Nadir? The ascendant and midheaven are different. The ascendant is somewhat under your control. The Midheaven is the weight of the expectations outside of you.

          • Nadir

            I’m twenty years old and thanks for the explaining of the ascendant and midheaven.

            • Your perspective might change over time. Give some thought to the ways you might incite envy. If you have Pluto trine the Midheaven you might find it all too easy to notice and then engage the powerful people in your circle. This tendency, because it’s a trine, a talent, might not even be apparent to you or in your awareness as a desire towards power.

              • Nadir

                Thanks for the advice!

  • Sandra

    I have Pluto in Scorpio 12h sextile MC in Virgo.

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  • confusionconfusion

    Hi again! Does a ten degree orb apply? I have my MC in Libra at 26 deg and Pluto in Scorpio at 6 deg. .

    Thanks a millionth time! 🙂

    • A 10 degree orb could apply for this aspect if you have an accurate birth time. The MC is not an actual body and it is completely reliant on your time of birth.

      • confusionconfusion

        ah! thanks! I think my birth time is correct. .Astrology (in practical terms, calculating the right time to conduct significant events based on charts) is a very big deal in India even today! Point being almost EVERYONE makes an effort to get it correct .. . .

        But now since you ask, I wonder what could go wrong while noting the ToB. . 😀

  • Kathleen

    I have Pluto sextile MC. Is the sextile aspect in any way strong? I know it’s harmonious.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Sextiles can be strong if the orb is tight, but they’re not “strong” like a square, conjunction, or opposition which show conflict that can’t be ignored.

      • Kathleen

        Thank you!

  • Mark Drentlaw

    I have a natal MC conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 10th…also a Scorpio Ascendant conjunct Mars in the 12th,..Mars otherwise unaspected…your article has resonated a great deal with me and explains my
    intense desire about impacting the world and the intense reaction I get from people. Met a VERY influential man when Jupiter transited over my natal MC/Pluto and may have the opportunity to change the world.

  • Carmela

    Love love This Aspect for me!! My Midhaven is at 9′ Cancer Trine Scorpio Pluto at 10′ . Power is Definately My game! But in a Loving Wise way! Not to show off.

  • Jade Outten

    Pluto (Sagittarius) in 3rd house/ 4th house cusp opposing Gemini MC

  • Aatif Azio

    Pluto sesqui quadrate Midheaven here. Minor aspect ?

  • peter

    Thnx, i cant tell which pluto aspect produce wat as i have quite a few Pluto aspects, scorps asc, Pluto 1 house, sun square Pluto, merc n Uranus sextile Pluto, Pluto sextile ascendant, pluto trine mc Thizz helps

  • Quincunx

    Would the ruler of the 10th house conjunct Pluto have a similar interpretation as a conjunction of Pluto to the Midheaven?

    • What house do Pluto and the 10th house ruler fall in?

      • Quincunx

        10th house ruler is in 4th house conjunct Pluto

        • Did you see the Pluto/IC aspects article? Is Pluto conjunct the IC. With your configuration there could be some similarities to Pluto/MC or Pluto/IC.

          • Quincunx

            Well the IC is too far from the conjunction, it is 1.2 degrees Libra. The chart has Mars 19 Libra conjunct Pluto 15 Libra in 4th house, Mars ruling both the 10th (Aries) and the 5th (Scorpio) and Pluto, ruling the 5th house only. The ruler of the IC is Venus, also placed in the 4th house, conjuncting Mars and Pluto, but at a wider orb of 7 degrees (Mars) and 12 degrees (Pluto)…aren’t they too wide? Venus also quincunx MC at 6 degrees. And finally, Mars-Pluto and Venus also square the Ascendant. So basically, they affect all angles. Thank you for your reply, I will check the Pluto/IC also, out of curiosity.

  • sarvesh


    • Hi Sarvesh, I don’t give readings in comments.

  • Focus Point

    Pluto in libra 5th trine MC Aquarius 0 orb… Truthfully, I want nothing to do with power. There are too many examples of people in the world that wield it in the name of self interest and domination rather than in altruism and compassion. It is no wonder that the world is in such a transitory stage presently considering the amount carnage that corrupting power has wrought. A cure would be to help and advise others without expectation of a return.

    • A cure would be to help and advise others without expectation of a return.. That would be an evolved Pluto type.

      • Focus Point

        Agreed.. Now if we all could only realize how empowering each other (selflessly) would systematically reduce all of the fear, hate, and confusion present in all of us… that would be so enlightening.. so invigorating for our state of being.. for the state of the natural world. Thanks for your response.

  • RjoyD

    Pluto Libra 4th house singleton quincunx MC Pisces
    I feel alot of pressure from the world around me to get a job, any job or else I feel that I’m not valued as a person.
    I believe that the world places too much emphasis on valuing people based on income and position, though position brings certain power, it’s the position we gave that person because of our perception of them.
    So, yes, I guess I have certain perspectives on “power”, but I believe everyone should be and feel powerful within there own right,but fairly, if thats makes sense. 🙂

    • On the one hand I agree with you that there’s too much emphasis on power and position, on the other, that pressure urges us to earn a living in a way that doesn’t feel demeaning.

  • April

    I’ve been waiting on your take on Sun/MC aspects as I have the conjunction. 🙂

    • Hi April, yes, you and several others! I’m going to move it up the to-do list 🙂

      • April

        Thanks! I’m excited! 10th house is highlighted in my chart as my Aries Venus, North Node, and Part of Fortune are all up in there as well. 🙂

  • RCTV

    Will you write about Pluto/Ascendant ?

    • Hi RCTV,

      Yes, when I finish the MC/IC series I will start ascendant/descendant aspects.

  • UniversalStyle

    Wonderful website!! Dear friends I am wondering if you could add planet Eris into your IC/MC and combinations.

  • gary murakami

    Anyone know what a 9th house cusp parallel the MC does?

    • Sorry gary,

      I haven’t done much with parallels.

  • This is me starting next year.

    • Will you be having this transit?

  • SaDiablo

    “You felt a lot of pressure from your parents to ‘be somebody.'”

    Heh… My Cancer dad used to say to kid-me, “Go out there. Do something. BE SOMEBODY.” Nice synchronicity. 🙂

    I’ve got Pluto in the 4th veeeeeery loosely opposite MC. It only counts ’cause it’s part of a stellium. 😉

  • Mira

    I’ve got Pluto conjunct MC in Scorpio and I have to say, this description fits well. I’m extremely ambitious and my parents were always motivating me to become really successful. The love/hate relationship with my bosses or teachers at uni which always seems to be based on some instinctive basis. And finally my mother passed away really young and unexpectedly. I would never say that this one aspect might have such an influence. Thanks a lot for posting this.

  • IntenseCreature

    seems like i have no place to hide… lol! attracting powerful people/people that has a power in the society… true! even tho i was hiding or sitting at the corner, they still come towards me to pick me or approach me,, I grown up with a bible on hands, i dont believe in astrology before, but something happened that lead me to find more deeper understanding i found astrology site that lead me to go deeper…. I am extremely intense and passionate that lead me to act as a psycho lol! i hate that but there is no middle ground,,,

    • Were you having any major uranus transits when you began to explore astrology?

  • IntenseCreature

    Early death of a parent? is this a coincidence? coz i lost my mom at early age i was 8 months old, then lost my grandma at 6 years old… my father past away when pluto trine my 10th house early this year… i have mars conjunct pluto in the 10th house… i think it fit to me every description you all required…. its sucks tho… sometimes, i question if God really exist, if he does why is he allowing me to not be happy for a long period of my life… bad curse! the intense! ohhh, ive been suffering of this since i was a lil girl, specially if emotion gets involve… until now, still practicing to have strong control over it…

    • IntenseCreature

      passed away***

  • JJDD

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m so happy I found your site today! I just followed you on twitter, too 🙂 Any advice for Mercury & Pluto square midheaven with Mars in the 10th (Capricorm)? 4th house in Cancer is empty (not sure if that makes a difference). I’m a singer & songwriter, trying to educate myself in astrology & improve my approach to things. Thanks so much!

    • Hi JJDD,

      Not sure … it’s awfully hard to know without seeing your chart. You’d want to look at the sign of the MC, then the ruler of the MC and see what kind of aspects it makes.

  • char

    Is a Pluto square midheaven really as bad as they say? I feel like I’m a pretty passive person in most regards. Or maybe it’s animus turned against the self.

    • No, it’s not necessarily “bad.” You’d have to have a lot going on for it to be really terrible.

  • sweet-scorpion

    I have my Pluto in the 12th, and it is trine my 8th house Mars in Cancer, and sextile my MC in Virgo at 29 degrees.

    Do you think that this aspect will help bring some of my 12H Pluto to light? Give it public power somehow? Show the true strength I cannot seem to access in every day matters?

    • It could. The sextile gives you an opportunity to bring intensity to your profession without as much backlash, as say, the square.

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  • Mary

     Hi Michelle!

    I love your site…I got many insights from here 🙂 I would like to ask if something you wrote change because of my own natal chart aspects:

    -Pluto conjunct MC in Libra (10th house)
    – Saturn in scorpio (10th house)
    -Mars in scorpio (10th house)

    *yes, I’ve scorpio intercepted in 10th house that is 27°/libra (Pluto is 29°/libra)

    great post, thanks!!! =)

      • Mary

        Hi again Michelle!

        Thanks for answering my question, but I didn’t understand what you said because I don’t have these aspects…and because of this that I asked if the fact I’ve mars and saturn in scorpio in the same pluto’s house but in other sign (scorpio intercepted) would change something.
        Sorry , but I’ve looking for an answer about this in other sites and can’t find any clue about it…Actually, I’ve once more thing like this on my astral chart: My 8th house cusp is in Leo as well my 7th, but in 8th I have Venus and Mercury in Virgo…OMG how can I read this? So the doubt is how can I read this situations (house cusp in one sign and planets in the same house in other sign) that happens in my 8th and 10 th houses?

        Thanks again and sorry for the disturb 🙂

  • PeachyCat

    Pluto sextile MC

    I wouldn’t like to be in charge, but I can definatelly relate to most, from wanting to be powerful, to make an impact on my career and a strong need of recognition. I’m very ambitious! And although I am also very demanding of myself, I can honestly say that 99% I leave up to the expectations and get my work done as required, sometimes even better than expected! Also yes, my father is also a high-achiever and I’d like to live up to that, I know I have the potential in me. My trouble now, as you know from another post, is finding my career path, but I know that once I commit to that one thing… It will be non-stoppable! I can see myself being a workaholic in the future. I know that’s not a healthy place to be and only the future will tell but it wouldn’t surprise me. I think it’s good that I’m aware, though, and always making sure I’m as balanced as I can be. I’m also a healer but honestly I think most of us are at some level, specially when we connect to this side of us… I’m more of an emotional healer but just recently I’ve been aware of my healing hands, so I’ve been trying to work on that physical side of healing.

    “You put your all or nothing into the path you choose.” – This is me :).

    • PeachyCat

      * live up, hehe

    • Which sign is on your 6th house cusp?

      • PeachyCat

        Taurus… 🙂

        • That’s a good sign for massage in relation to your everyday work.

  • Iza

    So this is post that I can relate to every word. Spooky. My parents always have “great expectations” and i felt this pressure when I was I child, they wanted for me to BE SOMEBODY, be in charge of my life and career. I have been growing up with this awarness. I did everything what was needed to achive what I wanted. I dind’t indulging myself at university as others I didin’t  indulge at all :). I kept my eyes on prize. 🙂 My parents didn’t “achive much”-whatever it mean, they didn’t steer my at all, I had to learn by myself (and I mean evertyhing even the smolest things) I was left alone in my path,  I think this is why I concentrate so much on my goal.  

    Always attracting powerfull persons in your life and in my career..SOOOO TRUE! since I have graduated I have been working alongsite with executives and directors, and I alway wanted to learn form more experianced persons. I like the pluto aspect because it gives my the urge to do what I always wanted to do..:)
    Alwasy wnated to be powerful woman in sense :I want to have an impact on wolrd. 

  • Anthony

    I absolutely resonate with every archetype you’ve described. Since I was a child, it was always of utmost importance to be the best in all that I did. I distinctly remember being conscious of my drive. I also remember realizing that being the best was a fairly easy status to attain. I attribute this to the fact that Pluto is trine the Midheaven. The aspect is actually Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, trine the Midheaven in Cancer exactly. I like to think Venus is the charm that allows me to reach the top, because it offers a refining effect that others are okay with surrendering to. I have also read that Pluto aspects to the Midheaven signify success in the music industry, and as a successful vocalist of opera, I would tend to agree. Again, though, Venus gets her way with charm. Authority, power, prestige, and confidence have always been key factors in my careers – be they throughout my schooling or on the workforce. I am very much take-charge, delegate orders, and get the job done: no questions asked. Other factors that may be at work, however: unaspected Sun and Moon/Mars opp.

    I also thought it interesting to add that sexuality has always been linked to reputation: what I engaged in, who I engaged in things with, etc. Middle school and high school were especially difficult for me – I can’t tell you how many people hated me without even having ever said one word to me. And when I say hate, it was Hate with passion. It was only once I found out about Astrology that I attributed this to my Venus-Pluto conj. in Scorpio. Add that it’s trine the MC, and it makes perfect sense that it factored into how the ‘wide world’ saw me. Scorpio, after all, is a very passionate, love-hate sign. And I must add, for as many people that absolutely HATED me, just as many absolutely LOVED me. To this day, it’s rare I get a lukewarm reaction from people. I’ve just learned to take it in stride after so many years and simply not pay any mind to negativity.

    • amoureuse

      Middle school and high school were especially difficult for me – I can’t tell you how many people hated me without even having ever said one word to me. And I must add, for as many people that absolutely HATED me, just as many absolutely LOVED me. To this day, it’s rare I get a lukewarm reaction from people.”
      this resonate with me as well… its also hard to love those who hate me. or shall i say to have a turn another cheek attitude. to me, if you hate me, then the feeling is mutual.

    • Scorpio emphasis often does indicate a passion for music. 

      Very interesting about the Venus/Pluto trine to the MC. Did you ‘get off’ on the extreme responses you could provoke in people? Some people seem to like having a polarizing effect, so I just wonder 🙂

      • Wow, this the first time I’ve ever heard Scorpio attributed to music…as in most stuff I’ve read it’s attributed to Neptune. This clarifies even more my 3rd house Neptune in Scorpio. I love the written word and music quite passionately! 

        • I’ve read it a few places (can’t remember where!) and it seems to bear out. People with lots of Scorp (or highlighted Scorpio planets) often have a secret desire to be a musician, singer, etc…

          • ***the curtain I’ve been hiding behind has been snatched away***   lol  Yes that’s me!! Neptune is my only Scorpio planet in the the 3rd so I would not think it’s highlighted however it is quintile the Ascendent and aspects my inner planets except for the Sun and Mars.

            • Maybe everybody has a secret desire to sing or be a musician! Look at how many people auditioned for American Idol (and how many more were sitting at home thinking about it).

              • LB

                I actually know someone who auditioned for American Idol – several times.  He had no talent for singing, but he did have a lot of flair, and in fact, ended up on their best of the worst shows, being made fun of.  It was at that point that I stopped watching the show – it was cruel.   

                At least I’m realistic enough to have always known I don’t have what it takes.  Even when people were encouraging me to do something with my voice, I *always* knew better and so stuck to singing for my own enjoyment.

                • The auditions were my favorite part of Idol.

      • amoureuse

        i have a theory… since music (and all other artforms) comes from the core, music is a way for us, pips who has this aspect to express our innermost emotions. i noticed that eveytime i sing, my voice is deep an i am coming from my core self. also music has therapuetic effect for me. the kind of music that i like are classical musics… those music that has an orgasmic feeling to it, like tsaikovsky’s 5th symphony. beeethoves and mahlers… these are the music i play over and over again… =)

        • LB

          That’s a good theory, amoureuse.:)  I totally agree.  I know music and other forms of art have a strong therapeutic effect on me.  I listen to different types of music, depending on my mood and what aspects of myself need to be brought to the surface and “healed”.  My taste in music is very eclectic and tends to go through phases.

          • amoureuse

            hi LB- what are the musics do you like? i also find enya’s pretty healing… and those reiki, yoga background musics.. hehhehe

            • LB

              Hi amoureuse – I like a lot of different types of music, and I mean a LOT, so long as the music is soulful.  When I’m giving Reiki or want to go to a more spiritually calm place, I generally listen to either Ashana’s “Jewels of Silence” or certain songs of Lisa Gerrard’s – also Snatam Kaur.  I like some of Enya too and used to listen to Bjork on a regular basis – not so much anymore. Really, I love anything that incorporates classical elements or that sounds like it’s from a movie soundtrack.  These past few days, when I’ve needed something with a little more oomph, I’ve been listening to an older CD of E.S. Posthumus’ and just to mix it up, some older tunes by Greg Allman and Eric Clapton.

              I also love Trip-Hop, old-school Hip-Hop, Soul, R & B, Gospel and almost anything I can sing or dance to, including classical type music with a beat and/or anything with a strong exotic or ethnic flavor.

              • amoureuse

                thank you for sharing. i’ll check out those songs u mention. i also agre with a strong exotic or ethnic flavor

                • LB

                  You’re welcome, amoureuse – hope you find something new that appeals to you. 🙂

        • Good theory.

      • Anthony

        Yes, I always did attribute my Venus/Pluto to my passion for music. Off the top of my head, I know both Beyonce and Liberace have Venus/Pluto conjunctions. If Venus represents art, and Pluto passion, it makes perfect sense. In terms of Scorpio’s association with passion for music, I’ve seen many cases in which very talented vocalists I have worked with who have Scorpio on the Ascendant. Famous examples are Edith Piaf, Diana Ross, and again Beyonce. It’s also noteworthy to mention that Jose Carreras, the operatic tenor I loved listening to as a child, has a stellium in Scorpio. Most of his planets in Scorpio fall within the Pisces decan, as mine do. I feel this is probably the most musical of the decanates, given the Neptunian influence.

        In retrospect, I suppose I did get off on the polarizing effect. You must take into consideration that I was also in high school with raging hormones at the time… Even nowadays, however, there’s always some sort of sexual component to those that have strong reactions to me (good or bad). There have been a few instances in which I’ve gotten to know people who initially had a strong aversion to me, and I’ve learned that most females have perceived me to be overtly confident/promiscuous, while men vouched the same — but that was more of a threat to their own masculinity, I suppose. There have also been two different men, both heterosexual as far as I know, who have admitted that I’ve made them question their own sexuality… and it isn’t seldom I’m referred to by (what seems to be middle-aged men for the most part) as very pretty or beautiful. These always strike me as peculiar compliments from older, seemingly heterosexual men. I’m 19 years old myself.

  • MissFoggy

    i have Pluto trine my MC and sextile my IC. I also have Neptune cj the IC, so I’ve never been big on planning such a thing people call a career. I have a job and I’d like to go my own way as much as I can during my work day. However I’m more inclined to attribute that to having Aquarius on the sixth. I however DESPISE it if people try to control me. But that could be the same Aquarius. This could also be a Pluto story I’m telling you. He is after all invisible. lol

    • Aquarius on the 6th tends to show people who want to make their own daily routine and have low tolerance for a 9-5, Monday through Friday, workweek. 

  • amoureuse

    i have to say that i am getting a lot of traffic from this part of your site, mich. i probably have gotten some attention from your readers… hehehehhe thanks for visiting guys!!! cheers!!! send me some love if you happen to drop by my site again! xoxo =)

  • This is an aspect that only shows up in my progressed chart so it’s amazing to me how much of this post I relate too.

    Progressed Pluto in Virgo (I know this does not really move) sextile Progressed MC in Cancer.

    • Progressions are powerful. The MC moves faster. You’d have to check to see when that sextile came into effect and when the influence will dissipate.

      • It looks like it was almost exact, being pretty much exact on progressed Uranus, Oct 2009. Funny cuz  it’s right around the time when I started getting feelings that something was going on at hubby’s job. The mass layoff took place a month later. Progressed Jupiter is in Cancer conjuncting natal Vesta in the 10th.  T. Pluto was and has been opposing P.Jupiter and natal Vesta. As I mentioned b4 what could have been a devastating life blow, turned out ok. I looked at my natal chart and transits at the time with my still limited understanding but did not really see it there. The T. Saturn opposing T. Uranus across my 1st/7th houses and T. Neptune close to conjuncting Venus was all I could make of it. This clarifies a bit more for me.    

        2012 is when it’ll be 3 degrees away from P. Uranus/Pluto, but only 2 degrees from my natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction. So the influence will wain in 2014.

  • Stelleeyum

    Hey, Michelle. My inner Plutonian loves your intense writing style as always. I MUST be Pluto/MC’ing because that image really speaks to me.

    I can associate with a lot in this post, but haven’t experienced as many of the negative effects as some readings of Pluto Square MC have suggested I might. Toning down my eat-or-be-eaten approach to interpersonal power and l as practicing co-operation and diplomacy has certainly helped, but I wonder…My Pluto squares the MC from the 6th house, rather than the 1st or 7th. Pluto also makes trines to my Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the 10th (they’re one sign ahead of the midheaven sign though) and to my 2nd house Mars. I’ve definitely experienced reproaches in career and life in general when I unconsciously try to dominate and control others, especially if I let selfish or possibly hurtful motives run amok. Some of my worst mistakes in life have been made when I let myself think I could get what I wanted out of people through sheer willpower, regardless of how selfish I was being…But so long as I act consciously, with others’ feelings in mind, and do everything aboveboard, I don’t seem to incur the negative backlash and ruin threatened by the readings of Pluto MC squares, so I wonder how much relief might be coming from these 10th house planets? I sometimes wonder if they might be the only thing saving my ass…I’m also curious about the difference between 10th/6th squares and 10th/7th house squares in general because of the trine between the former houses. Thanks! 

    • LB

      Hi Stelleeyum – Just wanted to say I relate to and like your comment, especially the part where you said, ” But so long as I act consciously, with others’ feelings in mind . . .”  Even then, I still get backlash sometimes, but I learned a long time ago I can’t control other people’s responses – some people have “issues”, just as some people don’t care whether or not they hurt others. 🙂 

      And like you said, with Pluto in aspect to the MC, my past (and public) experiences (on both the giving and receiving end) have taught me a great deal about how *not* to treat people.  If something needs to be addressed, then truth presented respectfully is often the kindest form of reproach.  I *try* to let the truth speak for itself, without being unnecessarily unkind or aggressive in my approach.:)  I suspect that’s why Michelle chose that particular image of a wolf.

      My “Like” button doesn’t work unless somebody else pushes it first and I didn’t want to wait. 🙂

      • Stelleeyum

        “Even then, I still get backlash sometimes, but I learned a long time ago I can’ control other people’s responses” 

        Oh, yeah! Those hard pluto aspects love to bring out the crazy in people, don’t they? I’ve had extreme experiences with authority figures throughout life, and they either fall on the side of big fan or sworn enemy, and it seems their attitudes towards me are irrational, or based on feelings that are hidden and mysterious to me. Taking a job is like getting, and then playing a hand of cards–the symbols on those cards are predictable only in hindsight, somehow causally fated to come to me that way, but no matter how uninvolved I feel in the process of selecting those cards, I’m the one who has to deal with the consequences of playing them. 

        When it comes to employers, it’s probably that I do some things or act some way that pushes their buttons, without either of us really knowing how or why. So, throughout my life, I’ve constantly learned and grown towards the belief that everyone is responsible to their own reactions to others in life, however little they may understand the emotions driving those reactions. I tend to be too emotionally sensitive to professional responsibilities, even though I’m very ambitious. I used to get really cranky about employers who would pile demands on me, without ever stopping to think that my sensitivity was the issue rather than the workload. Learning to control that sensitivity has been a big help in my career.

        I think that everyone comes into this life with a certain, well, set of buttons that can be pushed, and how evolved we are as human beings corresponds to how well we understand and control our reactions towards positive ends. This is where intellectual, Aquarian philosophies towards life come in handy–they let us detach ourselves from those irrational, Plutonian reactions and help us remind ourselves to treat others equally, or to only evaluate people based on actions, et cetera, et cetera. 

        I’m glad you liked my comment LB! 🙂

        • LB

          Amen to everything you just wrote!

          “When it comes to employers it’s probably that I do some things or act some way that pushes their buttons without either of us really knowing how or why.”

          I think sometimes, and in certain situations, people (meaning employers/authority figures/the public) may feel threatened by personal and professional integrity in that it represents something they lack – whether or not it’s something they’re consciously aware of or want to acknowledge.  And sometimes, they just *know* that you know them – if someone has underlying motives or hidden agendas, or even worse, harmful intentions, they’re going to hate that you *see* – so once again, you’re perceived as a major threat.  And then there are times when a cigar is just a cigar!

          Us Plutonians can be a very perceptive bunch.  All the more reason to use our powers for good. 🙂  I’m pretty good at controlling my behavior, but am still working on my internal reactions.  Maybe in another thirty years or so.:)

    • With 10/6 the emphasis is on work, working environments and practical/worldly matters. With 10/7 the emphasis is on career vs. relationships and your public persona versus your more intimate, one-on-one persona.

  • Richard Els

    Once again I am impressed by how accurate your thoughts on these aspects are! It makes a nice change to the one or two sentence summaries you see on other sites out there. My pluto is conjunct my dec by 1 degree and square my MC by 1 degree also. What can I say, my ambition / drive and lust for worldy success (and power) consumes me and is a source of much joy and pain! So many quotes above ring true with the first paragraph most pertinent. BTW, my occupation is business owner in the area of onlien marketing / ecommerce…

    • What is your site, Richard? 

      How did you find my blog ?

      • Richard Els

        Hi, I have quite a few sites Michelle. I should of said that my expertise is directed at my own businesses these days not my clients. This is a business I founded earlier this year and here is a kick ass ecommerce site that I am launching in a few weeks I would have found your site through organic search results in Google. Love your blog, but better seo including improved / longer page titles and more content on your home page will increase your traffic. WordPress is a great platform, make sure you have the all-in-one seo plugin or similar and you could change the page title for this post to say ‘Pluto/MC Aspects | Pluto Conjunct Midheaven | 10th House Pluto’ or something similar to pick up some extra search traffic…

        • Thank you for reminding me about changing the seo titles. I took your reminder and changed quite a few of them last night. 

          My home page is taking inspiration from A Book Apart: I still have a lot of work to do to make it perfect. I may even change my book covers to something much, much simpler and consistent.I know you’re off duty but you might be interested… I changed my blog theme on Sunday and since then my bounce rate has plummeted, literally.

          Good luck with your plans for world domination 😉

          • Richard Els

            No I am interested. For the better or the worse, I am always on duty and this sort of stuff is my passion! Just a couple of thoughts. As a potential customer and someone who has visited your blog a number of times, the perception that I had about your ebooks was that I could get the same information for free by reading your posts. Haven’t you just packaged up your posts? That was my quick assumption anyway and potentially others as well. Re your bounce rate, that looks amazing. Almost a little too amazing but if your analytics is setup properly then you can’t argue with stats. Monetising a blog like this isn’t always easy. I bet you have good traffic, my suggestion would be to promote yourself as an individual who happens to be an expert in astrology. Create a detailed profile on yourself, highlight it on the pages throughout your site. Make it more obvious to a casual visitor that you as an individual are an expert astrologer. People are more interested in a ebook / astrology reading from a person – not from ‘Astrofix’. Lastly, you should be capturing emails fromy our visitors. You could have a newsletter signup on most pages and have a pop up on a timer when a new visitor has been on your site for say 10 minutes. Include a special offer like ‘Sign up for the monthly newsgetter and get a free ebook on…’ Mailing lists are real gold. You can include a date of birth field as well and promise newsletter content tailored to their birthdate. Then you can created an automated email to promote a promote solar return reading etc. on their birthday. Just a few ideas! Good luck 🙂

            • The ebooks are post compilations – for now. I think there’s a market for them. If I decided to delete the entire blog tomorrow no one would have access to that information again. Plus, I think for many readers, purchasing the ebooks is a way of saying “Thank you.” 

              I thought something was wrong when I saw that bounce rate but the rest of the stats are consistent, and Google is registering purchases in ecommerce.

              I have good traffic and great readers 🙂 

              Being the very 8th house person that I am, I’m not comfortable promoting myself .  At this point I really don’t want to be the “face” of anything – even my own blog – but I may have to get over that. I do understand what you’re saying about being an “expert.” My south node is in the 9th house so I feel like I’d need to redefine the word “expert” for myself so that it doesn’t mean “know it all.” 

              I do have a newsletter list. I haven’t determined what I’m going to put in my newsletter yet. I’m struggling with what newsletter provider to use. I’m using Mad Mimi and I like it because it’s simple. My list is big enough now that, if I stay with them, I’ll have to start paying. I signed up for MailChimp too but I don’t like the interface.

              Anyway, thank you for letting me get that off my chest because I’ve been thinking about those things a lot lately. How awesome to be able to mix internet marketing and astrology together.

              • Richard Els

                I know what you mean with the 8th house and being somewhat guarded about promoting yourself. I have two planets in my Scorpio 8th house including the Moon with tight aspects from Mars and Jupiter. Add in the Pluto on my decendant and I seem to identify with Scorpio / 8th house the most in my chart even though I have 4 planets in Libra! Re your newsletter, check out who I prefer over MailChimp..

                • Planets on angles can override a lot of the other placements in a chart. Having Pluto on the descendant you probably experience many Plutonian issues through other people (they mirror back your own Pluto nature). Moon in Scorpio in the 8th is a very private position – now I know that you know what I’m talking about.

  • Anonymous

    How do you find out if you have this aspect for sure?  Because in some reports i get, they have it, but in others I don’t.  i relate to this and all, but just make sure, you know? It’s really weird! lol

    • It’s going to depend on what orb you use. I imagine that those pre-made reports can vary greatly in their orbs for aspects. Some people give a conjunction 10 degrees (some go up to 15!) and some people are super-strict and won’t go over 1 degree for anything. Which Pluto/MC aspect do you have and how close is it?

    • billow

      That’s a good analogy for neptune on the ic and the neptune square saturn. Where the heck did my midheaven go?  ;  )

      • Yeah … where the heck is my midheaven – ever! Stop the obscurity!

  • April

    God, yes. Between this aspect and Mars in the 10th, I’m astonished I haven’t been assassinated – I seem to have a gift for pissing people off! This combo is in Virgo in my chart, and before I became an astrologer I was the world’s worst and crankiest secretary. My parents were very hands-off in the career influence department; instead, Pluto took my dad out when I was little. He loved his work and died young, and I think part of me has been afraid that if I love my work, I’ll die too.

    • Great insights on this combination. It seems to me that you love your work. Maybe it’s just not letting yourself become a workaholic in the process of loving your work. Thank you for stopping by, April. 

    • billow

      Like Dilbert’s “secretary with a crossbow”?  😀

  • Jndfjkgbj

    Hi there 🙂 Lovely Michelle and everybody reading. 
    Pluto in 10th, not in aspect to MC though. I hope it’s okay if I rant.. 
    This fits me:
    Wanting power and control over others. Wanting to be somebody that makes an intense impact on the world at large. You feel the pressure of the family name and reputation. Feeling the pressure to live up to “someone’s” expectations.
    One positive experience with 10th house Pluto flavor comes to my mind. I think 9th grade, economy lesson. The teacher told us about the problem… so there’s 7 people buried deep under the snow. The rescuer has time to dig up only three people before the air runs out, and before he will get too tired to dig more. There’s a sportsman buried, old lady, pregnant woman, teenager and I think the prostitute(?)grown woman, convict and 1 ordinary man. I’m in charge of group and the task is to figure out the right order for people to be rescued. We decided that the high-risk people like pregnant woman and old lady should go first. Then the sportsman, because he will help to dig the rest of the people out (starting with teenager) and by that time the rest of the rescue teams will find them. I think correct answer was – the sportsman, prostitute and ordinary person because their chances of survival were highest and they’ll will live long and benefit the society. I disagreed. But I kept thinking about it over and over again long after. Strangely I felt confident to be leader on that particular task when usually I’m like *aaanybody but me*. Heh.
    I know there’s no correct answer, only idea behind every decision. And the idea behind the right answer repelled me. I’ve learned I have my way of doing things. 🙂 

    (I keep changing names on this board, jeez.) 

    • What was your previous name?

      • Jndfjkgbj

        Klfjioj09tu and EG. 

  • LB

    Uh oh, long comment alert! :0

    My 12th house Pluto (conjunct my Ascendant) is square and parallel my MC/Aldebaran – I think the conjunction to the Fixed Star Aldebaran adds something extra to the mix in that I *always* have to act with integrity – when I don’t, I suffer.  I’ve changed a lot over the years and continue to change.  As my own awareness has grown, my motivations have changed and become far less self-serving. 

    “Wanting to transform the outer world.”  “Intense public persona.”  “Extreme public persona.”  “You have a love/hate relationship with the public.”  “You push the envelope.”

    If I’m being completely honest, I would like for my words and actions to influence others, not because I want control for control-sake, but because I’d like to plant seeds of awareness – I want to empower people to act mindfully and with heart and to see and value the TRUTH beyond the illusions we’re constantly being fed by the media, our leaders, teachers, gurus, and lastly, through group-think.  I love it when someone gets what it is I’m sharing, and like most people, I thrive in an environment of mutual respect.  I do *try* though, not to let either people’s admiration or disdain influence me to any great extent.  But that’s hard sometimes, seeing as how I’m only human.:0  Plus, my 9th house Mars (conjunct the MC) squares Pluto, so my feelings can be intense.

    “Power-hungry people.”  “Your career involves life or death situations, or situations that may have an extreme effect on the public.”  “You attract powerful people to you.”  “You work alongside powerful people.”  “Refusing to let anyone dominate you.”  “Mind games at work.”  “Power struggles with authority figures.”

    People have very different ideas about power – I believe my *true* source of power lies in my connection to something greater than myself and doesn’t have anything at all  to do with my false ego (didn’t always see it that way.)  I don’t want to dominate or manipulate others and I’m sensitive to those who do – I don’t allow anyone to dominate my free will or ability to discern.  I think because of that, I make a trustworthy and capable manager/advocate, even in emergency situations.  Experience has taught me to respect people’s vulnerabilities – I don’t use them against people by trying to make them feel less-than.  And I also get how small things can make a big difference (Pluto in Virgo).  

    I respect people who do their jobs well and don’t mind taking instructions from them.  Although I may not agree with everything they say (or do), that doesn’t mean I still can’t learn something valuable from them (Pluto sextile Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune).  Unfortunately, I’ve had just as many run-ins with corrupt authority figures.:(  I’m gradually getting better at letting go of some of the smaller stuff that only affects me and my sense of pride.

    As far as your whole last paragraph goes, beginning with the word  “Healers . . .”, I hope so! 🙂

    • Jndfjkgbj

      “I believe my *true* source of power lies in my connection to something greater than myself and doesn’t have anything at all  to do with my false ego (didn’t always see it that way.)”
      I see it that way too. 
      “I respect people who do their jobs well and don’t mind taking instructions from them.  Although I may not agree with everything they say (or do), that doesn’t mean I still can’t learn something valuable from them”
      Plus one. But I don’t meet people who do their jobs well that often 🙁 My well anyways. 
      Thank you far sharing! 

      • LB

        Thanks, Jndfjkgbj. 🙂

    • billow

      “Source of power lies in my connection to something greater”  .  .  .  I’ve been thinkin if maybe that is why uranus is exalted in scorpio.  Uranus being the higher octave of Mars.  I almost feel like the give take thing on uranus level is a deal I made with the universe.  Like I have to give that in order to get this.  I say that because, for example, even if I work hard with the best intention at a job, the reward does not always come through that job but in some other way. 

      • billow

        I screwed up.  Wrong Information.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.  Pluto is the higher octave of Mars.  The deal doesn’t change in real time, but the theory has to adjust or get scrapped.  Mercury is about commerce and trade?  Doesn’t really matter I guess.

        • LB

          Maybe what you’re picking up on is correct, billow – even if the underlying astrological energies are different.  Do you have another natal (or progressed) placement in the 12th that might contribute to the feelings you describe???

          • LB

            Adding, I’d think any connections between the 12th and Pluto, the 8th and Neptune, Scorpio/Pisces and/or Mars/Neptune might have a similar feeling.

            But that’s just a guess – what do you think, Michelle?

            • I’m not sure I understand the point billow is trying to make – but I like the basic concepts. The idea of making a deal with the universe is very appealing to me. I actually did a dream incubation a few weeks ago asking what my contract was; what did I say I was going to do? I dreamed I was at a university, walking away from some people who were forming a small singing group. Part of my contract was that I agreed that I would turn around and join them.

              • billow

                neptune-pisces-collective.  Group group group.  I know I would not be making it through this with any semblence of sanity without collective endeavors.  Work or project focus is best. 

                I have escaped till now without being forced to take the Briggs Meyer personality test.  I shied away from it because the folks who pushed it seemed to be the most maladjusted at their jobs.  Anyway, I had to take it in one of my gen ed classes.  It basically types personality and generates some reports at best career fits.  One of my personality type things is that I don’t grasp social rituals, so group has its challenges.  However I am a perfect fit for science and engineering related fields.  It’s the challenge for the geek.  No wonder I feel so at home with those folks.  Nose to the grind.

                • Which type are you? I took it a few times for fun and curiosity. Mine is INTJ. I don’t remember much about what that means. 

                  Here we go:

                  • billow

                    Same here.  You cut and dry you.   Lets’s see.  My instructo’rs instructions: 
                    Click on [Is There A Test?]
                    Under [tests] click [ Jung Typology Test] at [HumanMetrics] icon
                    Take test and score it.

                    On the score page right under the preference #s, there is a type description by D. Kiersey and a Identify your career report, and some others  you can get for free.  I found the analyses pretty good.

              • LB

                What a telling dream, Michelle.  I’m sure you’ve already analyzed it, but at its face it seems to fit in with your 11th house (the group and/or astrology)  Moon in Leo (your need to find creative self expression through singing = finding your voice and being recognized for your individual achievements within the group).  I love deciphering the messages and symbols – my dream journal is like therapy for my soul.  Here’s a link to something I just found (and haven’t tried yet) that you might enjoy:

                With Pluto (and Uranus) in the 12th, my deal with the Universe is that I surrender of my own free will – no trades, no bargaining, no hard work with any guarantee of specific reward.  Just surrender and learning to be grateful for blessings, in whatever form they come.  I still work hard hoping to achieve something, and naturally I still have dreams and still value justice and fair-play, but even with these I have to surrender the final outcome.   That’s why I thought billow might have an aspect involving the 12th (surrender) and 8th (exchange/sharing).

                • I’ve gotten to a point where I usually don’t have trouble remembering my dreams anymore. If I do, laying back, relaxing and letting my mind “sink” works. I wonder if a guided meditation might be more likely to pull me away from the dream. I don’t like being told what to do. :p

                  • LB

                    Lucky you!  I wish I could say I always remember my dreams, but with me it all depends.  I was thinking the guided meditation might be interesting to do while I was awake.

                    “I don’t like being told what to do.” Hahaha – sometimes I feel that way during the group “grounding exercises” we do before I volunteer giving Reiki.  Must be an Aries thang.:)  Or maybe it’s my Pluto in the 12th.:0

                    • I think it’s an Aries thang 🙂

                  • billow

                    “guided mediation .  .  .  I don’t like being told what to do.”  LMAO.  I find your originality refreshing.

            • billow

              Grand trine water.  No escaping it.  Saturn Mars Venus.  1,4,8/9.    Scorpio Pisces Cancer. 

          • billow

            It’s not a feeling, it’s the way it works in my life.  I have to tap into my creative flow.  I liken it to spirit if you know what I mean.  You see that wolf up there.  She means no harm.  She just has to sink her teeth into what she’s doing.  It’s how she knows she is on the correct path.  If she cheats herself and becomes disconnected and falls into nauseating routine, she dies.  She is withholding and the universe will respond in kind.   

            I have no clue what neptune in the 12th has to do with that.  Jupiter conjuncts sun in the 10th.  Pisces is the 4th. 

            • LB

              Yet in your original comment you specifically used the word “feel” – which makes sense since we all use our feelings as a way to perceive our reality, especially those of us with strong water placements.  My own water placements occasionally need to step back and let my air placements take an objective look.  

              Wolf may or may not mean harm, but she’d do well to remember she has very sharp teeth. 🙂

              • billow

                Yes, the better to sink in with, my dear.

              • billow

                And some group got me caught up in saying “I feel” all the time.   It was the price of admission to that group. I’m volleying back and forth with it.  It seems as though it can be a dumbing down thing for me.  Takes the edge off hard talk, you know.  I think those people were like a cult.

          • LB

            I’d think Neptune in the 12th in challenging aspect to Pluto/MC might work that way too.

            • billow

              Neptune is in exact sextile to Pluto.

        • Mercury is the go-between, the messenger. Uranus is the direct link, the instant download.

          • LB

            Thanks Michelle.  These simple descriptions help me to better understand how my own natal placements work, since they’re in aspect.

  • billow

    Woo hoo.  The commentators are getting my juices going just reading them.  Woo hoooooooo!

  • Robin Joy Dore

    Hello Michelle,

    In Tropical using Equal House
    I have Singleton Pluto Libra 4th H. quincunx -2 degrees Applying  MC Pisces

    I’d say what you’ve written here applies to me ^_^ …..

    Wanting to have control over your career development.
    Needing to have a career in which you can be in charge(of myself).
    Wanting to be somebody that makes an intense impact on the world at large(in a good way at least as I percieve it 🙂  ). 
    Wanting to have control over your own destiny.
    You attract powerful people to you. You work alongside powerful people.
     You try to keep your private life hidden from the public.
    Mind games at work.(People try playing head games with me…it’s really annoying, ^_^)
     Power struggles with authority figures.
    Having a domineering parent.
    Wanting to transform the outer world(with only good intentions). 

    • What kind of career are you involved with now?

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Sadly,I don’t have a career,that’s something I’ve had great difficulty in attaining at any point in my life…. a job and/or a career….due to many various factors… of which was great indecision…..but I am in college for Graphic Design right now with the hopes that I’m on the correct path so that I can go into a career that will feel right for me.

  • Gabby R.

    “Wanting to dominate carrier environment.” – This issue is ONgoing! I have the quintile, and Pluto also conjuncts 10th house ruler Moon from the 12th house.
    Laser-like focus – definitely!
    A carrier where to be in charge – well, it took some time to beleive I can make it. Long way to go :))

    Great picture again! :))

    • Thank you for commenting, Gabby R. 

      Which career path are you pursuing?

      • Gabby R.

        I worked for multinational companies as marketing manager for 10 years. I was fired two years ago.
        Last year I decided that I want to become the best dressage instructor in my country :)) 
        I have some students at the place where I keep my horse. The owner asked me to finish my activity there two weeks ago, because I disturb their business…  When tr Saturn squared my natal Saturn this Sunday, his daugther told me to renegotiate it – since I told them, I would leave. 

        • billow

          “I disturb their business”  .   .   .  More cracking up here.  Love it.

        • If you have Cancer on your 10th house, transiting Pluto is probably squaring the 10th.

  • Anany83

    good post.
    I guess Pluto in 10th house has the same effect as having an aspect with the MC,right?
    Some where I have read ,that people who has outer planets in 10th house ,will takes  longer time to decide the true purpose of their life  in terms of career and how they want to become “public”..I met a girl who has Pluto in 10th.She also confirmed this truth, she has not decided what she wants to do but she knows that she will be doing something worthwhile with her life…

    I have Scorpio MC.(Although I have Pluto conjunct MC in my whole chart..lets just forget about it for now!!)
    I have found many similarities with this article. and the truth is I am yet to find that “calling “…

      I “desire” total control in career,powerful, intense public persona.I have a need to do things “differently”( Jupiter conjunct Uranus in 10th).My parents’ has high expectations form me and my career,they are pushing me constantly..which is driving me nuts!! They have failed to understand that I might need more time…may be because I cant do just about “everything”..I need a purpose..its not all about earning.

    I think where Pluto and Scorpio falls in the chart that’s where you have a feeling of either power or powerlessness….right now I am quite frustrated for my powerlessness.

    you have done a great job.I can be a healer also,I have a degree in clinical counselling!!..what about Pluto and other people’s money?may be their career will be some how related to it…


    • There are similarities with having Scorpio on the MC and having Pluto in the 10th house, or conjunct the MC.

      Power and powerlessness are big themes where Pluto falls (more than where Scorpio is). Often in people’s chart it seems that the bigger emphasis is on powerlessness. People feel that they have no control over the area of life represented by Pluto’s house. I think that actively trying to gain control over that area of life leads to a fundamental transformation of that house’s energy.

      Pluto tends to get into other people’s business, so Pluto in the 10th could show that you work with other people’s money, but it could also be more psychological where you’re working with their “stuff.”

      • billow

        “Working with their stuff”  .  .  .  It’s why I like sun glasses, dark ones.  While I got em on I pretend I can’t see their stuff.

        And yes, I am stellular with other people’s money.  Need to integrate that into my own finances.  Yeah, right. 

  • billow

    I have this on natal MC and I feel like I should be able to give a coherent response.  But I’m in the thick of transiting Neptune on IC trining natal neptune, squaring natal saturn, and opposing pluto MH.  I have no ego at the moment.  Reading this made me tired to think of it.  No amount of B12, fish oil, coffee or vanilla beans can move me to want anything but moving to next point of commitment for the day.  If I get my dishes done before hitting the road I’ll be wildly successful.  That brief stellum burst of energy last weekend was nice.  There is life after a heavy neptune transit?

    • “If I get my dishes done before hitting the road I’ll be wildly successful.”

      LMAO!!! I think you just gave me a clue about my natal Neptune/IC conjunction! Been thinking about Neptune/IC a lot lately since it’s the next post in this series. I’ve never considered myself to be terribly outwardly ambitious.

      Is there life after a Neptune transit? I hope so. They’re so freaking long, who can remember what life was like before them?

      • billow

        I’m thinkin I may forever changed.  I got this uranus trine uranus thing happenin which is supposed to be about getting a more appropriate life style.  I do like that lazer energy.  But controlling my work environment turned into my work environment controlling me.  So I need that connection with that pure energy surge and thank you for writing that, but in my student work groups and volunteer activity I am now at ripe old 55 opening it up to the youngers to lead and playing more of a support role.  Let others carry the lead and do more support work.  After all, it’s their world now.  They have to make it happen how they have to make it happen.

    • Anonymous

      Hey girl… Want to be my twin?
      lol. You’ve articled what I’ve been been saying. Especially about the no ego  part. I had a Neptune/IC conjunction transit end in March ’10 and right after a Saturn/Neptune square.

      Nothing is the same!  And I’m still not sure if there is life after a heavy Neptune  transit. it did remind me my original goals though…

      • billow

        Your goals survived?  Awesome.  They must be keepers. 

  • amoureuse

    do i have a sexual public persona? boy oh boy… maybe i think i have

    • Lol 🙂

      • amoureuse


    • Anonymous

      *two snaps* yesssssssssssssssssss! lol

      • amoureuse

        hahahahhah lol!

  • amoureuse

    ho my gad, i got a square. i totally agree with my parents wanting me to make something out of myself. simpl becauase they wasnt able to make it on their own. before i self destruct because of i cant find myself and dont know what to do, but now, a least i hve an outlet.

    i am not sure about the being hated by the public, though i cud feel i got some haters.

    • Anany83

      how do you deal with The Haters?

      • amoureuse

        annihilate… from the roots. they think they have a better idea on how i should live my life, crticize every move i make. well, i destroy their foundation, their beliefs and their ideas, question them from the core. then im done with them. also, ive learned that the best wat to make your revenge is to make ur life better. i happen to have more talents than them and more skills and have the will to discipline myself. i take care of myself, my body and everything else. i keep those people who admire me and love and accept me for who i am. the rest, they dont exist.

        • Robin Joy Dore

          Seriously…Good for you! 🙂

          • amoureuse

            jeeezz… they’ve labelled me with all stupid names they could think of, call my products crap, create a fake facebook profile with my picture on it with nasty stuff written, bad mouthed me, what else.. criticize me for no reason… cant think of anything else to do wit them but just to live my life better than their living theirs. i didnt do anything wrong to anyone, i dont owe anyone any apologies, the hell i care about them.

            • So you really do have some haters.

              • amoureuse

                yep, so it appears to me.

            • Robin Joy Dore

              Wow…. that takes my breathe away. I don’t know why people do that kind of crap to other people for no reason,but its ridiculous(that’s an understatement) Why is it necessary to undermine others when they aren’t hurting anyone?

              Please pardon me for ranting,but my sense of justice has been compromised…what you said people have done to you makes me very angry.

              It sounds like you put them in there place though:-)

              • amoureuse

                i have strong opinions about war, racial discrmintion, environmental degredation etc etc, and if i hear injustices, i voice it out and let the public know. its my way of service, i try to help the best way i can and continue to do what ive been doing since college, humanitarian causes. to me, i am just expressing myself.

                come to think of it, whose sane mind would critcize someone from loving oneself? that’s crazy, and it only show their lack of integrity.

                i wont stop till my breathe to care for what i believe in. though, i have to say as well tha if i gain one hater, i gain 10 more people who accepts me and who are hapy to be in my company. i just focus on the 10 more rather than that one person who hates me. i just continue to do what i feel good doing, and continue to humbly develop myself if i need to

              • billow

                Folks can mistake confidence for arrogance.  They feel threatened that our power surging makes them look bad.  We’re just grooving on the pure smooth flow of unimpeded energy.  It’s a great thing to tap into.

                • agree! before people are telling me i will pregnant at an early age out of wedlock… they are bad mouthing me and all that, maybe because of my image, i dont know. lol, im already 29 and i still dont have a serious relationship.

                  • billow

                    I love your icon.  One of your paintings?

                    • amoureuse

                      hi billow- yep its one of my paintings… i wud like to invite you to visit my site but i delete it forawhile. i dont know, bu this full moon makes me feel differently…. thank you for like it.

                    • billow

                      I did stop by there some time ago.  Definitely unique work.  I understand your work better now that you let your chickens out.  I like people paintings.  I don’t know why.  They always are interesting.

                    • amoureuse

                      thanks, i appreciate it

                    • amoureuse

                      hi again billow- my blog is now ok… drop by if u have time.

          • amoureuse

            an the more they try to pull me down and put me on the ground? the more i gather my coals so i cud turn them into my diamonds. ho ho ho

            • Robin Joy Dore


        • Pluto sometimes show a lot of self-control.

    • Is there anything in particular that they wanted you to do?

      • amoureuse

        hhahhah that’s what i keep asking myself ever since. lol i mean, if they want me to follow them, well they should start practicing what the preach right? if they say my painings are crap, why dont they try to paint so they wud know, if they hate my opinions, then they should formulate their own, right? im just expressing myself. they hate my face because i look younger  and i dont get fat, then thy wud say im ugly, as if i care about what they think if im ugly or not, lol.

        • billow

          This made me laugh.  It’s total confusion as to why this crap is being done.  I can so relate.  At least you know about diamonds.  You crack me up.  : )

  • Interestingly this doesn’t have as much strength as the Pluto/IC thread (natal Pluto in Virgo conj Desc sq MC/IC (4 deg orb and Moon in Gemini on IC).  I’ve always been pulled to family stuff vs career in the sense most of my adult life I’ve been working through family/emotional stuff and shied away from career.  Never given any direction for life after school, in fact I don’t think my parents had any expectations for me (I looked too much like my mother who died at 44 from a broken heart/alcoholism), I see there was a submerged belief I would be just like her.  Then again with that Moon/Pluto square and being a Sun Scorpio in the 9th, honesty & truth were ultimate for me and I shied away from the BS I saw rampant in my family so even if they had directed me towards a career I would have told them to eff off! Its only now at 50 that I’m really looking at my future, direction, vocation, career with the belief that I can ‘make it’ (most of my career life was in admin/secretarial and medical admin) in something that I’m great at and love doing.  Feel like I kid when I feel my way through the career thing, don’t feel old enough, bla bla. Seeing a career coach which feels enormous and wonderful! Pluto is getting a nice trine from Pluto now so good times ahead! Thanks for great posts!

    • Very interesting since your Pluto is midway between the MC and IC. Having a career coach is a great idea. 

      One of the things I forgot to mention in this post (I don’t remember if I mentioned it in the Pluto/IC post) is the potential for the early death of a parent when Pluto is in aspect to the angles, especially the MC and IC.

      • Thanks Michelle!

      • billow

        Early death of parents .  .  .  that just goes to show how aspecting planets can make a difference.  Mine lived to be 90 and 91.  Although I had more of a brother sister relationship with them, bossy brother and sister, but nonetheless.

      • gad this is scary, early death of a parent? i hope not. my parents are well and ok and they are on their 50’s. thank god….  but i have to say that my belief in religion and government is dead. michelle, is this because my MC is in 9th house and my pluto is in 6th?

        • Pluto in the 6th tends to show people who are compulsive servers. Some of them put themselves in subservient positions.

          • amoureuse

            aawww… compulsive servers? i consider myself an underdog. like i am more spiritual rather tha dogmatic or religious.

      • Anj

        The early death of a parent is true for me (My dad died when I was 15). My Pluto also opposes Moon conjoining IC.