Pluto/Midheaven Aspects

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Wanting a powerful position out in the world. Wanting to dominate your career environment. Wanting to have control over your career development. Wanting power and control over others. Having a strong desire for power and control. Presenting an indomitable persona in public. Laser-like focus on your career. Laser-like focus on the attainment of outer success. Needing public recognition for how powerful, intense or driven you are. Needing to have a career in which you can be in charge. Wanting to be somebody that makes an intense impact on the world at large. Having an intense drive for outer achievement. Wanting to have control over your own destiny. Corporate executives. High achievers. People who transform whatever career path they pursue. Wanting to transform the outer world.

You feel the pressure of the family name and reputation. You feel compelled to uphold a certain image. Having had a parent who was a high achiever, or who wanted to be one. Feeling the pressure to live up to “someone’s” expectations. Your parents pushed you to “make something of yourself.” You felt a lot of pressure from your parents to “be somebody.” You were expected to excel. Outer success at the expense of a personal life. Outer success at the expense of getting in touch with your inner heart’s desire. Sacrificing a home and family life for a career. Your outer life overshadows your personal life. Letting people in authority control your path. Letting your parents steer you. Having a domineering parent. Letting outside pressures imprison you on a certain career path. Your career is a prison. Feeling confined by your public image, reputation and achievement level.

A sexual public persona. A complex, mysterious or taboo public persona. Power-hungry people. Intense public persona. Extreme public persona. Your career involves life or death situations, or situations that may have an extreme effect on the public. You push the envelope. Controversial public figures. You have a love/hate relationship with the public. You attract powerful people to you. You work alongside powerful people. You try to keep your private life hidden from the public. Retaining tight control over your public image. Refusing to let anyone dominate you. Mind games at work. Power struggles with authority figures. Careers filled with intrigue. Careers filled with huge successes and failures. Having a hard time giving up being in charge. You are almost always “on.” All of your dark secrets are out in the light of day. No place to hide.

Healers. Shamans. Magnets for public hate and scorn. Ostracized people. You put your all or nothing into the path you choose. You make a career out of exploring your taboos. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees death, destruction and confinement. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees transformation, catharsis and healing. People who have the capacity to change the way the world sees sex, power and taboos.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Pluto/MC, read Pluto/IC Aspects.

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  • Anany83

    good post.
    I guess Pluto in 10th house has the same effect as having an aspect with the MC,right?
    Some where I have read ,that people who has outer planets in 10th house ,will takes  longer time to decide the true purpose of their life  in terms of career and how they want to become “public”..I met a girl who has Pluto in 10th.She also confirmed this truth, she has not decided what she wants to do but she knows that she will be doing something worthwhile with her life…

    I have Scorpio MC.(Although I have Pluto conjunct MC in my whole chart..lets just forget about it for now!!)
    I have found many similarities with this article. and the truth is I am yet to find that “calling “…

      I “desire” total control in career,powerful, intense public persona.I have a need to do things “differently”( Jupiter conjunct Uranus in 10th).My parents’ has high expectations form me and my career,they are pushing me constantly..which is driving me nuts!! They have failed to understand that I might need more time…may be because I cant do just about “everything”..I need a purpose..its not all about earning.

    I think where Pluto and Scorpio falls in the chart that’s where you have a feeling of either power or powerlessness….right now I am quite frustrated for my powerlessness.

    you have done a great job.I can be a healer also,I have a degree in clinical counselling!!..what about Pluto and other people’s money?may be their career will be some how related to it…


    • There are similarities with having Scorpio on the MC and having Pluto in the 10th house, or conjunct the MC.

      Power and powerlessness are big themes where Pluto falls (more than where Scorpio is). Often in people’s chart it seems that the bigger emphasis is on powerlessness. People feel that they have no control over the area of life represented by Pluto’s house. I think that actively trying to gain control over that area of life leads to a fundamental transformation of that house’s energy.

      Pluto tends to get into other people’s business, so Pluto in the 10th could show that you work with other people’s money, but it could also be more psychological where you’re working with their “stuff.”

      • billow

        “Working with their stuff”  .  .  .  It’s why I like sun glasses, dark ones.  While I got em on I pretend I can’t see their stuff.

        And yes, I am stellular with other people’s money.  Need to integrate that into my own finances.  Yeah, right. 

  • billow

    I have this on natal MC and I feel like I should be able to give a coherent response.  But I’m in the thick of transiting Neptune on IC trining natal neptune, squaring natal saturn, and opposing pluto MH.  I have no ego at the moment.  Reading this made me tired to think of it.  No amount of B12, fish oil, coffee or vanilla beans can move me to want anything but moving to next point of commitment for the day.  If I get my dishes done before hitting the road I’ll be wildly successful.  That brief stellum burst of energy last weekend was nice.  There is life after a heavy neptune transit?

    • “If I get my dishes done before hitting the road I’ll be wildly successful.”

      LMAO!!! I think you just gave me a clue about my natal Neptune/IC conjunction! Been thinking about Neptune/IC a lot lately since it’s the next post in this series. I’ve never considered myself to be terribly outwardly ambitious.

      Is there life after a Neptune transit? I hope so. They’re so freaking long, who can remember what life was like before them?

      • billow

        I’m thinkin I may forever changed.  I got this uranus trine uranus thing happenin which is supposed to be about getting a more appropriate life style.  I do like that lazer energy.  But controlling my work environment turned into my work environment controlling me.  So I need that connection with that pure energy surge and thank you for writing that, but in my student work groups and volunteer activity I am now at ripe old 55 opening it up to the youngers to lead and playing more of a support role.  Let others carry the lead and do more support work.  After all, it’s their world now.  They have to make it happen how they have to make it happen.

    • Anonymous

      Hey girl… Want to be my twin?
      lol. You’ve articled what I’ve been been saying. Especially about the no ego  part. I had a Neptune/IC conjunction transit end in March ’10 and right after a Saturn/Neptune square.

      Nothing is the same!  And I’m still not sure if there is life after a heavy Neptune  transit. it did remind me my original goals though…

      • billow

        Your goals survived?  Awesome.  They must be keepers. 

  • amoureuse

    do i have a sexual public persona? boy oh boy… maybe i think i have

    • Lol 🙂

      • amoureuse


    • Anonymous

      *two snaps* yesssssssssssssssssss! lol

      • amoureuse

        hahahahhah lol!

  • amoureuse

    ho my gad, i got a square. i totally agree with my parents wanting me to make something out of myself. simpl becauase they wasnt able to make it on their own. before i self destruct because of i cant find myself and dont know what to do, but now, a least i hve an outlet.

    i am not sure about the being hated by the public, though i cud feel i got some haters.

    • Anany83

      how do you deal with The Haters?

      • amoureuse

        annihilate… from the roots. they think they have a better idea on how i should live my life, crticize every move i make. well, i destroy their foundation, their beliefs and their ideas, question them from the core. then im done with them. also, ive learned that the best wat to make your revenge is to make ur life better. i happen to have more talents than them and more skills and have the will to discipline myself. i take care of myself, my body and everything else. i keep those people who admire me and love and accept me for who i am. the rest, they dont exist.

        • Robin Joy Dore

          Seriously…Good for you! 🙂

          • amoureuse

            jeeezz… they’ve labelled me with all stupid names they could think of, call my products crap, create a fake facebook profile with my picture on it with nasty stuff written, bad mouthed me, what else.. criticize me for no reason… cant think of anything else to do wit them but just to live my life better than their living theirs. i didnt do anything wrong to anyone, i dont owe anyone any apologies, the hell i care about them.

            • So you really do have some haters.

              • amoureuse

                yep, so it appears to me.

            • Robin Joy Dore

              Wow…. that takes my breathe away. I don’t know why people do that kind of crap to other people for no reason,but its ridiculous(that’s an understatement) Why is it necessary to undermine others when they aren’t hurting anyone?

              Please pardon me for ranting,but my sense of justice has been compromised…what you said people have done to you makes me very angry.

              It sounds like you put them in there place though:-)

              • amoureuse

                i have strong opinions about war, racial discrmintion, environmental degredation etc etc, and if i hear injustices, i voice it out and let the public know. its my way of service, i try to help the best way i can and continue to do what ive been doing since college, humanitarian causes. to me, i am just expressing myself.

                come to think of it, whose sane mind would critcize someone from loving oneself? that’s crazy, and it only show their lack of integrity.

                i wont stop till my breathe to care for what i believe in. though, i have to say as well tha if i gain one hater, i gain 10 more people who accepts me and who are hapy to be in my company. i just focus on the 10 more rather than that one person who hates me. i just continue to do what i feel good doing, and continue to humbly develop myself if i need to

              • billow

                Folks can mistake confidence for arrogance.  They feel threatened that our power surging makes them look bad.  We’re just grooving on the pure smooth flow of unimpeded energy.  It’s a great thing to tap into.

                • agree! before people are telling me i will pregnant at an early age out of wedlock… they are bad mouthing me and all that, maybe because of my image, i dont know. lol, im already 29 and i still dont have a serious relationship.

                  • billow

                    I love your icon.  One of your paintings?

                    • amoureuse

                      hi billow- yep its one of my paintings… i wud like to invite you to visit my site but i delete it forawhile. i dont know, bu this full moon makes me feel differently…. thank you for like it.

                    • billow

                      I did stop by there some time ago.  Definitely unique work.  I understand your work better now that you let your chickens out.  I like people paintings.  I don’t know why.  They always are interesting.

                    • amoureuse

                      thanks, i appreciate it

                    • amoureuse

                      hi again billow- my blog is now ok… drop by if u have time.

          • amoureuse

            an the more they try to pull me down and put me on the ground? the more i gather my coals so i cud turn them into my diamonds. ho ho ho

            • Robin Joy Dore


        • Pluto sometimes show a lot of self-control.

    • Is there anything in particular that they wanted you to do?

      • amoureuse

        hhahhah that’s what i keep asking myself ever since. lol i mean, if they want me to follow them, well they should start practicing what the preach right? if they say my painings are crap, why dont they try to paint so they wud know, if they hate my opinions, then they should formulate their own, right? im just expressing myself. they hate my face because i look younger  and i dont get fat, then thy wud say im ugly, as if i care about what they think if im ugly or not, lol.

        • billow

          This made me laugh.  It’s total confusion as to why this crap is being done.  I can so relate.  At least you know about diamonds.  You crack me up.  : )

  • Interestingly this doesn’t have as much strength as the Pluto/IC thread (natal Pluto in Virgo conj Desc sq MC/IC (4 deg orb and Moon in Gemini on IC).  I’ve always been pulled to family stuff vs career in the sense most of my adult life I’ve been working through family/emotional stuff and shied away from career.  Never given any direction for life after school, in fact I don’t think my parents had any expectations for me (I looked too much like my mother who died at 44 from a broken heart/alcoholism), I see there was a submerged belief I would be just like her.  Then again with that Moon/Pluto square and being a Sun Scorpio in the 9th, honesty & truth were ultimate for me and I shied away from the BS I saw rampant in my family so even if they had directed me towards a career I would have told them to eff off! Its only now at 50 that I’m really looking at my future, direction, vocation, career with the belief that I can ‘make it’ (most of my career life was in admin/secretarial and medical admin) in something that I’m great at and love doing.  Feel like I kid when I feel my way through the career thing, don’t feel old enough, bla bla. Seeing a career coach which feels enormous and wonderful! Pluto is getting a nice trine from Pluto now so good times ahead! Thanks for great posts!

    • Very interesting since your Pluto is midway between the MC and IC. Having a career coach is a great idea. 

      One of the things I forgot to mention in this post (I don’t remember if I mentioned it in the Pluto/IC post) is the potential for the early death of a parent when Pluto is in aspect to the angles, especially the MC and IC.

      • Thanks Michelle!

      • billow

        Early death of parents .  .  .  that just goes to show how aspecting planets can make a difference.  Mine lived to be 90 and 91.  Although I had more of a brother sister relationship with them, bossy brother and sister, but nonetheless.

      • gad this is scary, early death of a parent? i hope not. my parents are well and ok and they are on their 50’s. thank god….  but i have to say that my belief in religion and government is dead. michelle, is this because my MC is in 9th house and my pluto is in 6th?

        • Pluto in the 6th tends to show people who are compulsive servers. Some of them put themselves in subservient positions.

          • amoureuse

            aawww… compulsive servers? i consider myself an underdog. like i am more spiritual rather tha dogmatic or religious.

      • Anj

        The early death of a parent is true for me (My dad died when I was 15). My Pluto also opposes Moon conjoining IC.