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chiron-uranus-aspectsSolving the collective rejection of society’s fringe elements. Waking up to the wounding of groups of people who have been marginalized and outcast. The pain of ostracized groups of people begins to be healed. We begin to let in the pain of outcast members of society. Healing generational wounds through unconventional methods. Healing through getting in touch with your inner weirdo or freak. Feeling healed by surrounding yourself with outcasts and people on the fringe. Revival of ‘bizarre’ tribal customs – tattooing, piercing, scarring, body modification, etc… Feeling like you fit in better when you don’t fit in.

Seeking to more fully integrate unusual behaviors and strange desires into mainstream society. Making room for fringe elements in mainstream society. Making room for astrology in mainstream society. Making room for far-out theories and ideas in mainstream society. Sudden insight into deeper elements of science and technology. Bridging gaps in the way we think about science and technology. Whether through rebellion, riot or revolt, conservative mindsets can’t prevent edgier elements from cutting through.

Behaviors once considered deviant begin to demand integration and acceptance. The desire to individuate becomes a source of healing but also a source of alienation. Being an individual brings the pain of alienation from the group. Detachment and cool uncaring attitudes need to be healed. Hipsters. “I’m so cool, it hurts.” Inability to let empathy flow. Detrimental, almost robotic, detachment. Coolness, progressive attitudes, and needing to be at the leading edge, can be almost like a prison. Deep fears of being seen as old, stuffy, conservative, or out of the loop. Preferring to show no emotional attachment at all rather than make a fool of yourself; or, taking your attachments to such an extreme that you become almost beyond reproach. Tragically hip.

The fear of not being different. The fear of being incredibly bland and having nothing unique or brilliant to offer the world. The pain of feeling like one of the faceless masses. The fear of being generic. Going to extremes to prove that you are unique. Gaining attention by purposely embracing a shocking path in life. Becoming a mentor and healer by awakening to what is unique within you.  Becoming a guide to outcasts. Healing fragmented aspects of yourself by embracing shocking or progressive viewpoints. Sudden leaps in recognition bring healing. Sudden insight into collective patterns of pain and wounding.

Becoming whole by accepting the aspects of our personalities that we have rejected. Plugged into the healing power of group experiences. Forming your own group, tribe, collective or organization to address the issues that concern you – no matter how far out of the mainstream. Pain comes through disassociating aspects of your personality that don’t conform to parental, societal or other conventional expectations. Pain comes through the continued splintering off of marginalized segments of society. Celebrating differences helps heal pain and wounding. Celebrating progress, freedom and detachment from the status quo helps heal pain. There’s a group for everything. There’s an app for everything. Technology at the expense of humanity becomes an issue. Healing with electricity or electrical currents. Acupuncture goes mainstream.

Dennis Avner, the Cat Man

Dennis Avner, aka "Catman" or "Stalking Cat." World record holder for the most body modifications: Moon conjunct Chiron in Aquarius, both opposing Uranus conjunct Venus in Leo

The key to healing is to integrate the parts of your personality that may conflict with society’s sense of ‘normal’. The key to healing is to embrace technology without losing your humanity. The key to healing is to make room for the unconventional in your life. Wholeness comes through accepting your banal traits as well as your unique traits. Wholeness comes through recognizing how the outcasts of the world mirror your own inner state of alienation and rejection. Wholeness comes through bringing forward more of your repressed personality traits and quirks. Healing comes through breaking the mold of who you think you’re supposed to be and what you think you’re supposed to do. Wholeness comes through embracing far-out, fringe and bizarre theories and ideas. You could become a mentor on some strange, derided or ‘crazy’ idea.

Generally, aspects between Chiron and Uranus tend to increase the influence of Uranus — Barbara Hand Clow, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key. Chiron was in exact opposition to Uranus forty-one times between 1952 and 1989, and in orb of opposition for most people born during those years.

Read this, feel whole and normal:
Top 10 Physically Modified People in the World

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  • Patricia Parker

    Okay so I have Chiron trine Uranus in my Natal Chart and I’m very comfortable being unconventional. LOL

  • Gloria

    (I respect your knowledge so much!!!)
    I now have transit Uranus in the 3rd house sextile Chiron in the 7th, for the next 2 years. I’m an aquarius rising and recently, i’ve been having this massive fear of disappearing among the faceless masses, like you mentioned. I’ve spent the last few months trying to reinvent myself inside out, trying to accept some parts of my past i spent so long trying to forget so that i can be less troubled, and more authentic. Do you think i’m taking an advantage of this transit?

    • Yes. Disappearing among the faceless masses is a valid fear especially with Pluto entering Aquarius in 2024. With government cataloging all our data from face recognition to DNA, it could be dangerous to stand out, but equally dangerous to be swallowed into a faceless black hole.

  • Alexandra Joseph

    Hey how do think this translate for a chiron conjunct mars(5th house/cusp of the 6th house) inconjunct Uranus conjunct Neptune(10th house)? I KNOW i am accepting of all of the things you talked about above,idk why they would be dis-harmonized…

    • Hi Alexandra,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you explain what you mean?

  • confusionconfusion

    I have Chiron opp Uranus. I particularly fear not being different and have this NEED to be unique. . .

    I found this from an article on the web (

    “There’s an odd fact that a vastly high number of people who come to me have the aspect in their birth chart: Chiron opposition Uranus: a wound from impatience and often the mother having experienced spasmodic energies when she was carrying them in her womb. The healing of this wound is often meditation, body energy work or vision work.

    In more detail, to show you how Chiron analysis works, I often find this person had a mother who was under intermittent anxiety during the pregnancy or early infancy. With the mother, periods of calm were unexpectedly shattered by sudden anxiety (perhaps when the father came into the room, or a sibling, or perhaps there were homelessness pressures, whatever). This instills in the child a need to heal periodic fragmenting anxiety so that peace can be found. It provides a dangerous addiction to excitement, de-stabilizing anxiety or addiction to melt-down to bring in the new. At root, it dishonours phenomena and fails to give value to what it. It is a wound that needs to be healed. When you heal it, you can heal others.”

    • Interesting. I see a lot of people with the opposition coming from immigrant families. They tend to deal with issues of alienation from a continual feeling of not fitting in.

      Is Uranus in aspect to your Sun as well? If so, the need to be unique would be a component of your core identity.

      • confusionconfusion

        It is sextile my Sun and trine my NN. Transit Uranus is conjunct my NN (opp my Sun) at the moment, so may be that is adding to the energy!

  • RaspberryFrosty

    I have Chiron opposite Uranus and the healing with electrical currents is true for me. I just started doing a psychologist treatment that involves retraining my brain with certain waves given by a computer.

    • Thank you for reading, RaspberryFrosty.

  • peter

    I have Chiron trine Uranus, Chiron virgo 11th, cap Uranus in end of 3rd house, different charts will say 4 or 3rdhouse, what does this mean

    • “different charts will say 4 or 3rdhouse, what does this mean”

      Different house systems might put your planets in different houses. From my perspective, each house system offers its own particular insights. It’s like asking 5 different people what they think of you – each person will have a different opinion.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    Uranus opposition Chiron.

  • Michelle, you have a gift:-)

  • whynot

    Having 9th house Uranus opposite 2nd-3rd house Chiron (within 2 degrees apart from the 3rd house cusp). I can relate to the article very much. Uranus is also my chart ruler. I guess I look like a weirdo to others although body modification is not my thing. I am just “plain” weird. (Uranus sextile Sun) Having SN in Aquarius and NN in Leo is making things more complicated I guess. It is natural to be an individual though it makes me an alien. And I have to be an alien to get there to my NN which is conjuncting the 7th house cusp from the 6th house. It is a fine big mess. 😀

  • Moonbeam63

    This is possibly the best description of this aspect I have ever read, thank you so much.
    I have Uranus (3rd) and Pluto (4th) in Virgo, either side of the IC. Opposite Chiron (9th) in Pisces conjunct Midheaven.
    Compounded by Moon in 11th and Saturn in Aquarius. Chiron also squares my Sun in Sagittarius (6th).
    I am a homeopath but prefer to be called healer. I have always felt an outsider and feel very different. I live of my intuition and feel everything. I have an intense connection to nature and my heart bleeds when I see earth and nature decimated. Same counts for humanity and the way the masses accept what is being fed to them by governments and advertising. I have progressive ideas but am scared of voicing them. I want to be different yet want to be accepted. I want to be absorbed by the collective yet fear losing my individuality. This manifests on a physical level too; I feel totally drained being in busy places as I pick up everything and feel frayed and torn. I fear of standing out in a crowd yet fear being a number. I have difficulty connecting with people on a superficial level, and am brilliant connecting with someone on a deep level, yet fear when I feel exposed. I am excruciatingly sensitive, yet can be totally disconnected.
    As a homeopath I hate to stick to the conformity that I was taught, and use astrology alongside my consultations. I am brilliant at helping people with confidence issues and encourage them to be themselves even if it is different. I am good at bringing out the unconscious in them in order to be healed. And so I heal myself…

    • Moonbeam63

      My ideas about tribal issues are that I think we live in a too bigger society. Our natural way is to live in smaller communities where people support and look after each other. No one goes hungry. When we are too close together such as in cities we end up hating each other, invading each others space and we feel threatened. Back to basics. I felt quite sad that the upheaval of 2012 did not happen, as I think it does because we have lost touch with what is important – connection to the land and live in harmony with each other.

  • sweet-scorpion

    The fear of not being different thing? Yeah, totally what I have gone through in the past. Then mourning how I don’t feel as accepted due to being so different! Chiron aspects are tricky. I have the trine. I feel with age I’m learning that just being myself is all I can do. I’ve always felt different from others around me like we all seem to have said here in this post. My Chiron is conjunct my Moon in the 9th in Virgo so there is an extra sting of hurt for me in the situation. I usually feel misunderstood emotionally the most. Like my true heart never comes out.

    I also have felt the pain of being seen as ‘cool’ and ‘so unique’ and ‘fresh’ in personality like a really interesting person but feeling emotionally alienated at the same time from myself and others no matter what people say.

  • Stawr

    I have Uranus oppose Chiron (a few days younger than kristen stewart) And I relate to this article a lot.

  • Earnest Dodge

    I have Chiron  at 19 Aries intercepted in the 10th opposite Uranus at 19 Libra intercepted in the 4th, both aspecting Saturn at 19 Gemini in the 12th.  Plus my Sun is at the midpoint of Chiron and Saturn at 19 Taurus in the 11th.  So Chiron opp Uranus and Saturn sextile Chiron, with Chiron in intercepted Aries in my 10th house, which is actually a Pisces 10th house ruled by Jupiter, which is peregrine in my 8th.

    I’ve never felt particularly cool or hip.  But I’ve definitely felt, all my life, like I was an outcast.  As my life went on, I  started to feel more and more as if somehow I were an alien anthropologist in a human body, sent here to take notes on the condition of the human race.  I have absolutely no ambition at all.  I don’t think about the future.  I rarely think about the past.  I’ve never met my father, and my closest family–mother, brother, and grandfather– have all committed suicide.  

    I live for 3 things: learning and pleasure and love. Those are the only things in which I have any particular interest.  I have no interest in making money, no interest in a career or turning my knowledge of astrology into a practice, no desire to show my writings to people other than my friends, no illusions that I’ll affect society in any way or make a big  splash.  I just wanna do my thing, feeling really good the whole time.  And I’m damned good at it.  I think most people are pretty pathetic, to be honest.  Lame.  Stupid.  Hypocrites. Sleeping robots.  I don’t blame them for it.  I only blame them for having no interest in waking up and for their petty judgments of other people who want to do their own thing and live apart from the herd.

    • Nice to have you back, Earnest. 

      • Mandi

         Holy.. I stumbled across this site.. and I was reading this passage.. I know I have Sun Moon conjunction in 11th.. but when I checked my chart, I also have Chiron opposition Uranus.. alot of things in your writing are true in my life.. I have a fear of being the same with everyone, I detest routine, I am afraid of commitment.. but also Saturn in my first is teaching me lessons in responsibility..but for sure in my chart there is an extremely strong influence of Uranus power.. and I always thought “healing through being who I am not” comes from Pluto in my first house.. now I am pretty sure it’s my Chiron and Uranus opposition..thanks for this wonderful site.

        • Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment, Mandi.

  • Les

    Just getting back to this after a busy couple of weeks. Very interesting ideas here! I have Chiron in Aquarius opposite Uranus in Leo, with Chiron closely conjunct my Descendant and exactly opposite my Moon. Big theme. I have surrounded myself with unconventional people as it makes me feel most at-home. Lots of wounding in relationships over the years, much of which got healed around the time of my Chiron return a few years ago, and I’m now in a nice healing relationship with a wounded healer type, very unconventional guy! I don’t think I’ve resolved all of my Chiron-Uranus stuff yet — I expect when my progressed Moon hits Uranus in just over a year I’ll be seeing just how much I haven’t resolved yet.

    • Nice to have you back, Les 🙂

  • EG

    “Solving the collective rejection of society’s fringe elements. Waking up to the wounding of groups of people who have been marginalized and outcast. The pain of ostracized groups of people begins to be healed. We begin to let in the pain of outcast members of society. Healing generational wounds through unconventional methods. “I don’t have this aspect. For a short, but intense (for me), period of time I was in close contact with a person who had an opposition.  I don’t think the process of healing was conscious at all, but it still somehow managed to work out just the *right* way… after our contacts I felt healed and more at peace with my Uranistic traits. So when I read your descriptions I wonder if he felt like he was involved with a complete “freak” 😀 and if, maybe, the sense of wounding from it was omnipresent in the way he thought about me.. hm.

    • Lol… I like that you felt more at ease with your Uranian qualities after being with him. That might be the simplest and sweetest way this combination could work.

  • First let me say I’m lovin the “key” usb drives!

    1st house Pluto/Uranus In Virgo opposing 7th house Pallas/Saturn/Mercury/Chiron/True Lilith in Pisces

    “..The key to healing is to integrate the parts of your personality that may conflict with society’s sense of ‘normal’..Wholeness comes through bringing forward more of your repressed personality traits and quirks. Healing comes through breaking the mold of who you think you’re supposed to be and what you think you’re supposed to do.”

     These hit the nail on the head for me.

    “..Revival of ‘bizarre’ tribal customs – tattooing, piercing, scarring, body modification, etc…”

    Here is where my Saturn opposition to Chiron/Uranus keeps this in check. I’m scared to death to get any piercings other than my ears and it’s just 2 in each ear. Those in the upper part of the ear or any other body part for that matter look extremely painful to me. Same for tattoos. My revival of a tribal custom are my very small dreadlocks which I ch-ironically started when transiting Saturn & Mercury were tightly conjunct the ascendant. Transiting Uranus was conjunct my 7th house stuff.

    • LB

      It figures you and I would pick the same paragraph, MsFullroller. 🙂 

      Whereas you’ve revived a tribal custom through your dreadlocks, the only custom that might count for me is my decision to abstain from cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and soda – something previous generations in my family did for religious reasons as a way to *honor* their bodies.  It’s worth noting I used to enjoy all of those things, often in excess.

      The only other thing I can think of that might relate, is that after my Chiron-Return, I was left with some minor modifications in terms of the way my body works, basically going from being extremely double-jointed to not so much.  

      • Yep! 🙂

        I abstain from cigarettes, coffee and alcohol as well, though I’ve never smoked despite growing up in a household where both parents smoked. I’m pretty sure my mother smoked while pregnant with me. Got drunk only one time. After feeling like someone had a jackhammer on top of my head ,I swore to myself  I’d never do that again. Plus it’s been my experience of folks having a tendency get stupid under the influence and now that I’m an adult I choose not to deal with that.  My body can’t take coffee anymore though I still have soda on occasion.

        • LB

          Still more we have in common. 🙂  It’s unusual to run across someone who doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee – must have something to do with us both having Pluto in Virgo conjunct the Ascendant and in aspect to Chiron (???)   I don’t miss the alcohol, but I sure do miss the coffee sometimes, especially when I catch a good whiff of it brewing. 

          • Yep, it could be along with Neptune in Scorpio especially regarding alcohol. I refuse to have somebody telling me I did something or a guy telling lies about what we did and I’m standing there wondering if it’s true because I was too drunk to remember. Oh hell no!

            I just realized along with the stress in my life at the time when I was drinking coffee probably was a big contributor to week long bouts of insomnia I would have. Yes, that’s no typo or exaggeration. I would go minimum 7-8 days getting zero sleep at least once a month sometimes more often. This went on for 20+ years.  But, still I love the smell of brewing coffee too as well as the coffee grounds in the container. 

            • LB

              Wow, that’s some serious insomnia you’re describing.  You think it could’ve partly been due to Chiron in Pisces’ influence?  I’m thinking because Pisces rules sleep and also addictive substances (like caffeine) that temporarily make us feel good.

              With Chiron opposite my 12th house Uranus, I’ve occasionally had sleep issues as well.  It’s that Virgo/Pisces, 6th house/12th house axis – we have to respect the physical needs of our bodies in order to maintain a healthy spirit, and  vice versa.  It’s the axis where we learn how to balance the material (body) and the emotional/spiritual (soul).

              • It makes a lot of sense because a lot of the stress was from relationships (7th house) and family (Moon in the 12th quincuncx Chiron).

                As I’m learning or more accurately being who I am, the 6/12 axis is adjusted more towards being balanced.

                • You have Venus in the 6th as I recall… that would point to developing a more peaceful daily routine, relatively free of stress.

                  • OMG, thank you so much for that Michelle as it’s confirmation that I’m on the right path, even though to some, it looks like I’m not doing anything “productive” when they happen to be observing me or my life at the moment. I’ll tell you, I’ve got a ways to go in terms of balance, but I sleep really well now. Except for the occasional nights where I get only few hours sleep, no insomnia for about 10 years.  

                    • LB

                      Just a thought, but maybe with Venus in the 6th one of the ways you could “serve” would be through sharing your hair, health and/or decorating tips, which if I’m not mistaken, is something you already do. 🙂

                    • That’s a great idea!

                    • Well I guess I’ll keep on doing it! Also tips on use of resources (ie money, etc).

                    • It’s my experience that people have little ability to observe your internal process just by observing your external reality. I’m mostly talking about myself here, but what other people might think is trivial or fussy, for me, is absolutely vital to my equilibrium.

            • Wow, that is some serious insomnia.

    • How do you feel about your dreads? 

      Interesting about your fear of the pain from piercing. When I was a teen I had my own piercing needle and I would pierce my ears every time I wanted to push a transformation – I could feel that I was about to change again and I’d ‘mark’ it by piercing my ears. 

      • I really really love them and feel they are very much a part of me..almost like finding a long lost part of myself!  It’s one of the best things that I’ve done for myself besides getting out of debt. Could that be my Venus in Aquarius ruled by Uranus? lol  A transformation indeed as I never thought I’d be one to have natural hair let alone dreads.

        I originally wanted to start them on my birthday but I chickened out manly because I could not understand the method I needed to use to maintain them. Mine are very small which is what I wanted and I wanted to DIY (Mercury/Uranus?) having the control of what was put on my hair , how it was done (Saturn/Pluto perhaps?) and not be dependent on a beautician/loctician. About 3 months later I ran across another YouTube video showing the method I was interested in using. I looked at this video and the first one I ran across over and over again till I got it. Then I decided to put in a test dread and leave it in ’til sometime in October or November when the weather cooled off. It was the summertime when I did that with the intention of if I liked it, I would dreadlock the rest of my hair. I liked it after 3 weeks and mysteriously, it got unseasonably cool for August. I felt like it was a signal from the universe that the time was now. At that time I had not idea about transits, never mind the fact that Saturn was approaching exact conjunction to my ascendant. I took 8 days working only as much as I felt like and the weather stayed cool all 8 days.  That was a little bit over 3 years ago. I’m gonna be that eccentric old lady with salt-n-pepa or maybe all salt dreads. lol 

        I did get the second hole in my ears pierced by someone with I guess what was a piercing needle. I just remember it was done the old fashioned way. I gotta ask, how many piercings do you have?   

        • That definitely sounds like a nod of approval from the universe!

          I used to have 14 earrings: around the lobe, through the center and through the tragus. That’s not as many as a lot of other people had. 
          Do you have Mars in aspect to Uranus?

          • Nope, not uncomfortable at all. That may be due to my fine/thin hair and that my dreads are very small.  Also I only use my herb infused apple cider vinegar concoction for my scalp, raw African Black soap to wash the dreads, and my herb infused coconut oil concoction so they are light, bouncy and soft. Due to my oily scalp, I have to wash frequently so that keeps them light as well.  Dreads that are thick and extremely long do get heavy on the scalp over time. I don’t plan on letting mine getting longer than waist length or a bit shorter.

            Wow 14 earrings! You said used to so I’m assuming that you’ve let some of them close up. Was that time to change again?

            Yes, Mars in Aries is in the 8th quincunx Uranus in the 1st by 1 degree. 

            • Coconut oil is awesome, it has so many uses. I was using it as skin moisturizer for a little while, but I felt ridiculous smelling like an island in the middle of winter. I don’t think the coconut scent meshed well with my natural scent.

              I let all of them close up except the normal two earring holes. You’re right, it was time to change again. The next natural progression was to get rid of them. 

              Mars/Uranus aspects lend themselves to independent actions – doing things because you want to do them and for no other reason (independent assertion).

              • That’s why I love coconut oil because of it’s many uses, internally and externally. I also use it as moisturizer blended with raw shea butter and essential oils in the winter. I love the smell all year round plus my skin is so smooth with it. Warm island thoughts on a cold winter day. 😉 Better than any commercially prepared lotion I’ve bought in the past. I’ve infused a slightly different version of the one I use on my dreads for use on my skin.

                I got a few years before transiting Uranus hits that aspect but I suspect it will be juiced up big time, eh?

                • I think all of us Aries are in for some really dynamic years coming up.

        • billow

          OMG, I couldn’t believe it.  There’s this african american woman in my communications class.  She gave her informative speech tonite on hair, cuz people are always asking her about her hair.  I sure the hell did becuase I am hair stoopid and every week in class hers was  a different look.  She talked about the way her slave ancestors had to tie their hair down with scarves when indoors  because it was thought to be unlcean and so the corn rolls were invented.  And on and on.  She tied hair expression to liberation and talked about the Bonner (I think it’s called, i can be lousy with details) hair show.  OMG this woman at this show had like cupcakes on top her head and a lollipop over her ear and it was all hair.  I was freaking out, it was so outrageous and beautiful.  Head art.  My old ponytail is lookin pretty sad in comparison tonite.

          • Hair still is/has been an incredibly deep thing for many of us. I’ve heard that is how many African tribes distinguished themselves from one another and hairstyles told you many things about a person including economic status, spirituality etc. It’s also been one of many ways how we’ve creatively expressed ourselves. 

            • Have you seen “Good Hair” by Chris Rock? I still haven’t seen it but I really want to.


              • No I have not. I like Chris Rock but from what I’ve heard from folks who have seen the movie, it’s good from an entertainment standpoint and somewhat educational but it was not representative of ladies with natural hair. 

                • Okay. I’m still interested in seeing it.

      • Anonymous

        thats sounds cool, where did you get that idea? what sign rules the ears-is it aries? maybe thats why you were inclined to do that. 
        i know signs rules certain body parts

        Im a Gemini(communication/rules shoulders, back,hands) and i have
        -Brohnchitis (problem with my lungs since i was 13 yrs old)
        -TMJ (jaw joint problems)
        -back and shoulder pain (since i was 11yrs old)
        -dry hands (all the time) no matter how much lotion

        • billow

          my SN is gemini.  Diddo on the TMJ, and I’ve developed back pain.  I just knew it was past life stuff.  Aaaaargh!!!!   And alleluia for chiropracters. 

          • Anonymous

            thats is so cool that body ailments always are associated with signs in the chart. TMJ is comes and goes-i hate it. ur sn in gemini & ur having those pains.

            • billow

              My TMJ is not painful , unless I sleep on my face wrong.  It’s just that my bottom jaw is way shorter than my top jaw, so I got the click sometimes.  Since it’s structural I’ve had it all my life.  Surgery then isn’t what surgery now is.  Dentures will make me look like a complete freak because it will accentuate the physicality of it.  But such is life in the abnormal range.  My back is main area of work to stay in good physical alignment.  Structure, structure  .  .  .  1st house saturn????

              • The back is ruled by Leo (I believe).

          • I had TMJ for a while (or at least I thought I did), I wrote about it here:

        • I’m an Aries. Mars is the ruler of my 8th house and I have a very tight square between Mars and Pluto. My Sun is also in the 8th house and opposite Pluto.

          Quickly looking it up on the internet … rulership of the ears seems to be between Taurus and Aries with Mercury being the ruling planet.

      • Anonymous

        thats sounds cool, where did you get that idea? what sign rules the ears-is it aries? maybe thats why you were inclined to do that. 
        i know signs rules certain body parts

        Im a Gemini(communication/rules shoulders, back,hands) and i have
        -Brohnchitis (problem with my lungs since i was 13 yrs old)
        -TMJ (jaw joint problems)
        -back and shoulder pain (since i was 11yrs old)
        -dry hands (all the time) no matter how much lotion

        • Skin problems are usually related to Capricorn, back pain is usually Leo, lung stuff is often Gemini. I’m not a medical astrologer though, and they’d probably tell you it’s much more complicated than that.

          • gemini rules hands and i heard from a medical astrologer dry hands is from gemini

  • I have an opposition with these two. It’s a large orb anyway and out of sign. This post makes so much sense for me in a subtle way. I mean, it’s so much stuff that I would write a text, ’cause it gets too complicated and controversial. One thing I could add is that I would like that all those accidental outcasts, the ones with terrible aesthetic or mental problems, were healed and became normal ’cause I feel real bad for them. I also feel like I can’t really reach to them mainly ’cause I need physical beauty even to start feeling really interested in someone for any purpose. And yeah, Venus is connected to both Uranus(biquintile) and Chiron(semi-sextile). Mercury is also connected to these planets, even to Venus (quintile).

    • Very interesting… it’s hard for you to connect with people who don’t appear normal and attractive. If so, that seems very much like a Venus/Chiron issue, though I don’t think I touched that at all in the Venus/Chiron post. 

      • Even like this, I feel inclined to befriend the outcasts, mainly ’cause I feel like one of them and I hate to discriminate people based on their looks (and yeah, like everybody else I do it, I just hate to do it). As a kid I was the nerdy geeky ugly boy labeled as childish by the other kids ’cause I didn’t tried to act as an adult. I had 1 or 2 friends at school who didn’t like to be seen with me. Nowadays, I often befriend people who are outcasts by a matter of badluck and them they become friends with my friends and I keep alone searching for more people to interact and than, maybe find someone I can fit in. I’m very sociable now, but I still feel like I can’t connect with these people I know, like they are too different from me. I don’t know how to explain.

    • Anonymous

      i have venus/chiron conjunct and im the opposite. i dont like the people who emphasis people’s looks. im way more attracted to the misfits in the world & soooooo dont like people who just act toward people because of their looks

      • Does Uranus make an aspect to Venus or Chiron?

  • billow

    Ya know .  .  .   I thought when this one came up on the site, it would be me through and through.  I have the opposition.  But no.  The only ones that really resonate are “empathy for the ostracized” as in work groups I always seek to include everyone, which makes me the annoying excluded one by the elitists.  Stark punishment for that one.  Oh well, they can go blow!  And the other one is “sudden leaps in recognition.”  I don’t know if it brings healing, but my garbage sure does release fast once it’s recognized.

    I think I’m falling short here because my chiron is in yodzilla with sun and moon.  I felt so excluded (lol) by not resonating with this, that I went for a book I picked up a while ago, The Book of Yods by Karen Hamaker Zondag.  Her take on the yod is that “they usually symbolize patterns in families that have lasted for generations”.  The yod kid usually brings up what the family has repressed and so receives alot of projection from them.  Interesting take.  It never gets resolved, it’s all about the quest cuz ya gotta find your own, but it’s never quite right.  So thanks for bringing it up, I got to the book anyway.

    • What did you think this combination would represent? Did you have some ideas of your own?

      • billow

        No ideas at all.  I was thinkin you’d have all the black and white answers for me.  This one is probably more complicated for me.  Unless “having no clue” is a house 3-9 cap-can cusps, with opp in aq-leo, thing.   Then I would know all about this opposition of mine.   And “no clue” itself could work.   

        The only other thought I have is yodda yodda yodda.  I could write a book if I had the words for it.

        • Hm…

          • billow

            I’m making some austere progress with this.  My tag in ended up being “Making room for far-out theories and ideas in mainstream society”.  There are unacknowleged rewards and obstacles connected to this for me.  And it is working on many levels as I mull it over.  Good one to bank during merc rx since merc natally trines chiron and sextiles uranus.  The solar eclipse sextiled natal merc and chiron and trined natal uranus while conjuncting my north node.  I know where I’m going now or so it seems, but need to work through some levels to get there.  Again sorry if cryptic.

            • No problem with being cryptic, I’m having a hard time putting thoughts into words right now: transiting Saturn opposite natal Mercury conjunct Chiron, and squaring natal Saturn.

              • LB

                “. . . transiting Saturn opposite natal Mercury conjunct Chiron, . . .”

                That must mean your Mercury (and Chiron) are within orb of being conjunct my BM Lilith/Sedna and opposite my Sun.  I think anyway.  I knew they were close, but don’t remember if I knew how close.  I have a hard time remembering everyone’s placements. 🙂

                • I have a hard time remembering everyone’s placements too. Lately I’ve been wondering about expanding AstroFix to include more, mm… things. An area where people could post their charts could be cool but I’m not particularly interested in having or moderating a forum. 

              • billow

                Voila, my friend.  What a complex energy setup to grind through.  But well worth the effort.  I’m sure we’ll be shining like friggin stars when we’re through this one.

                • I hope so. I’m ready for something to give (in a positive way).

  • Nice Post ….Actually very interesting topic Astrology…
    I m trying to read something new which i read here….

  • LB

    “Wholeness comes through recognizing how the outcasts of the world mirror your own inner state of alienation and rejection.  Wholeness comes through bringing forward more of your repressed personality traits and quirks.  Healing comes through breaking the mold of who you think you’re supposed to be and what you think you’re supposed to do.”

    I love this post, Michelle and as always, related to your descriptions.  My 6th house Aquarius Chiron is opposite my 12th house Uranus in Leo – rulers of the two (Uranus and the Sun) form a quintile, along with several other aspects.  Chiron and Uranus are also loosely conjunct my Vertex/Anti-Vertex axis.

    For me,  healing has come through reaching out to others in compassionate ways to help facilitate their healing – finally learning to  accept and embrace my own vulnerabilities has been part of the Chirotic process.   Likewise, healing has come through giving a voice to repressed insights and observations about the way the world works and then trying to make a difference through practical efforts, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. 

    Aquarius is normally at odds with the details, but placed in the 6th, my awareness of how little things matter is pronounced and doesn’t preclude my becoming involved with larger social issues.  I’d love to see a world where we stop dehumanizing, marginalizing, and scapegoating others through rationalization and carelessness.  My Chiron/Uranus opposition is being set off by the current Pluto/Uranus square, seeing as how it’s at the midpoint.  Learning to accept imperfection without losing faith is one of the major challenges with this placement.

    Good one, Michelle!  Thanks. 🙂

    • Did you ever have any issues with being almost ‘robotic’ in work situations? Feeling like you reached a place where the work you were doing could be replaced by a machine? Just curious 🙂

      • LB

        I think I understand your question, but *no*, not in the way you’re asking.  I always knew I did a good job, whether or not the people around me noticed or not – and often they did.  But there were always those few in my various work/service environments who tried to dehumanize me and devalue the work I did in other ways, which is often when I’d quit. 

        On most of my jobs, my previous employers tried to convince me to come back to work for them after realizing things weren’t quite the same without me and that I wasn’t so easily replaced. 🙂

        The other funny thing about your question is that I miss the good old days when I could earn extra money stuffing envelopes, running 10-key adding machine tapes (hahaha), or doing some other *robotic* job.  I’m very fast and used to find those types of odd jobs a relaxing change from my regular day job.  In a strange way, they were often far less dehumanizing.

        • LB

          Adding –  when I give Reiki (my new career path), I’m only acting as the channel for the energy or guidance that (hopefully) flows through me.  Since it doesn’t originate with me, I guess there might be a slightly robotic quality to what I’m doing, in that I’m plugged in to a higher source and can’t take any of the credit for being the source itself.  Sometimes the “stuff” that comes out of me amazes even me – I can hardly believe it myself!   Hope that makes sense.

        • The second paragraph is more of what I was referring to – mechanical, automated, non-thinking positions. I’ve had a few jobs where I knew what I was supposed to do so well, that I almost felt like a computer running the same program day after day after day.

          • LB

            Your reference to “non-thinking positions” reminded me of how my 6th house Chiron Aquarius (the pain associated with group-think) opposite 12th house Uranus in Leo (individual uniqueness and self-expression and how it relates to our Divine interconnectedness) often takes issue with the way society rewards us for *not* thinking and acting autonomously/mindfully, even when we think we are – there’s lots going on in the world right now where I can see this happening, although many of us would like to believe the opposite is true. 

            Then day before yesterday, I watched an interview with the two authors (Bazerman and Tenbrunsel) of a book entitled “Blind Spots: Why We Fail to Do What’s Right and What to Do About It”, which was very reassuring (and hopeful) since the book apparently addresses many of the issues I always talk about.   We humans like to think we’re doing the right thing, when in reality we often allow ourselves to become blinded/deluded by self-interest, group-think and/or the organizational mindset.  Or as one of the authors put it,  . . . we can easily become “motivated not to notice.” 

            I only mention it because it fits in so perfectly with my own observations related to my astrological placement.  I wish I knew when the authors were born!

            • ‘…We humans like to think we’re doing the right thing, when in reality we
              often allow ourselves to become blinded/deluded by self-interest,
              group-think and/or the organizational mindset.  Or as one of the authors
              put it,  . . . we can easily become “motivated not to notice.”.. ”

              This is why I feel we as a human race are in the position we find ourselves in at this point in time. People erroneously thought that because whatever was happening was not directly affecting them, “it’s happening to those people so who cares”.  It’s now come back to bite us all who are alive in the behind.

              • LB

                “it’s happening to those people so who cares”.

                Isn’t that sad but true?  And you’re right, ultimately we do all pay a price because inevitably, all of us end up being affected – if not in this life (or generation), then in the next.:)    That’s a good example of the *conscious* decisions we humans are capable of making; unfortunately we can’t force other human beings to care – some people genuinely embrace concepts such as “survival of the fittest” or “us against them”.

                What troubles me more is how we’re often motivated at such deeply unconscious and unaware levels, we can delude ourselves into believing we’re acting (or failing to act) out of integrity . . . even when we’re not.  It all has to do with mindfulness. 

                Okay, that’s enough of my Sunday sermon!  Speaking of mindless, I’m off to *kinda* watch football. 🙂

  • Bob

    Quite interesting, Michelle. I’ve only recently begun to look at Chiron, first through synastry, and more recently as a result of a progressed chart reading someone gave me. It’s been attention-getting in a pretty heavy way. Now, this morning, I get “Chiron/Uranus” in my email and decide to check my chart; whaddaya know, a near exact opposition, with Chiron at 1 Pisces and Uranus at 0 Virgo.
    And everything (aside from the body modification, although that’s odd, too, in that I’ve recently begun to sketch some ideas for a potential, maybe someday tattoo) you say connects to a very particular truth. As a matter of fact, I woke this morning thinkng about my role in two different long conversations last night, at a sports bar, with two “fringe” characters, both of whom gave me hugs at the end of the night. I was acutely aware of healing going on in the exchanges, that had mainly to do with living with deep wounds. I  realized I’ve always more or less been attached somehow to people who are on the fringe in one way or another, and I know that I am “out there” though it isn’t so externally obvious.
    Much to consider here. Thank you as always, and again, right on time, almost like cued up. I note in your list of people with aspects, the high percentage of oppositions. Also, fwiw, I’m in the midst of my Chiron return, pointed out to me by the person who did my progressed interpretation, which is what got me recently looking into this fringe character, Chiron. It’s been thick stuff. And it all fits quite tightly. ‘Tis the season, it seems.  
    Thanks, Michelle.

    • Anonymous

      I have lots of oppositions too

      • What do you mean?

      • Why did you choose that hexagram as your avatar?

        • Anonymous

          Because in Numerology i am personality number 7 which is equal in some way to the i-ching “mountain” hexagram

          • Anonymous

            the meaning of “being still” the “dissolving of the ego” fits me. this is i-Ching #52

    • That’s fascinating how Chiron has been vying for your attention lately – there must be something he’s trying to tell you (though you seem to be on to him!)

      • billow

        to him” . . . the really coolest thing about The Yod Book by Hamaker
        Zondag is in the conclusion, like the very end of the book, (yes, once again
        I’ve been lazy and selective in my reading). It seems to be about the issue of
        immortality. It’s bigger than us. And it seems to me that it is really of the
        utmost importance especially for the uranus chiron challenge. “We are all
        part of a larger whole. . . We are part of a future, regardless of whether we
        have or will have children, because we are the retort in which the future is
        taking shape. . . . are in the deepest sense pioneers of the future . . . in their
        inner fight lies the seed of the new ethic and norms of the future.”.  What we are doing affects the future in small
        or large ways.  We can’t but help it.

        And maybe
        tis true, that with leo uranus, as in my set up, lies the sense of humor that
        says hey, life doesn’t have to be  so
        serious.  Heck, when I leave the planet,
        I wanna be able to say, it was a good ride, thanks for the laughs. And of
        course, I will have affected the course of events, because I was here.  And therein lies my immortality.  It makes the quest to do it better all the
        more worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

    This is soooooooo me. When I was in high school, i gravitated toward to outcasts of the school but even they would look at me like i did not belong there. I am a very quiet person and sometimes people maybe people think im cold but i have no problem with that. im actually caring humanitarian, voluntarist, i worked in hospitals and rehabs. 
    People think im really mean, yet i never did anything or said anything to them. I just go about my day. I feel think i have a very masculine flair for a female and i do not want to conform to social stereotypes of being feminine. I have Natal:



    • I’m curious about why you feel you have a masculine flair. Which signs are your Venus and Mars in?

      • billow

        And I’m curious where the saturn is.

        • Yep, me too! I was getting there, lol.

      • Anonymous

        MARS- LEO 10TH OUSE

        Im curious too

        • Okay, more questions…

          Are Venus and Mars conjunct? Does Mars make an aspect to your Moon or Sun?

          • Anonymous



            My Moon is Sagittarius 3th house

            • Well, Sun/Mars would give your Sun some Aries-like qualities, which could contribute to your masculine flair.

              • billow

                Fire and air are masculine.  Earth and water are feminine.  But I find the perceptions of masculine and feminine are not always the same.

                • What do you mean – that people don’t agree on the definitions of masculine and feminine?

                  • billow

                    When I read writings that reference masculine and feminine, I don’t always get the same thing.  Sometimes it relates to traditional male/female roles.  Sometimes it’s a principal like feminine based societies are better, because they have different value systems supposedly.  And then there is the psychogically based feminine and masculine that we all have and are supposed to be balanced.  The main difficulty I have is the gender confusion in the mix, like feminine = woman.  Masculine = man.  Therefore women are good, men are bad. 

                    At present, I am at the feminine is my wild unchained nature.  And masculine is my reasoned use of that power, in a civilized way.  The nastiness and abuse by people is the respressed feminine coming out.  And sure I’d like to being running around wild and free to do what I please when I please but I’m not the only one.  Somewhere along the line homo sapien became human and developed consciousness that involves consideration of others.

                    Crowding and systemization makes it harder and harder for us to connect with the natural world where we can stay in touch with our wild in a healthy way.  It’s back to the primal scream which I think we have discussed before.  It’s a good thing when it’s gotta blow and if it doesn’t hurt anyone else. 

                    Merc is Rx, so if I’m being cryptic, I apologize.  

                    • LB

                      “And sure I’d like to be running around wild and free to do what I please when I please but I’m not the only one.  Somewhere along the line homo sapien became human and developed consciousness that involves consideration of others.”

                      Well said, billow. 🙂  Sometimes there does seem to be an underlying suggestion that women are good, men bad – not that Michelle does this, but I pick up on it too sometimes and it makes it difficult to understand the parameters within discussions.  I suspect it was borne out of an awareness that women weren’t/aren’t being taken seriously, as if historically our contributions were of less value.  We humans love to formulate things  into good/bad categories, believing  if one thing is bad, then the other must be all good and vice versa.  Most of us buy into this overly simplistic way of thinking without ever realizing what we’re doing. 

                      I think both the feminine and masculine sides of our nature are capable of extremes of behavior, positive and negative.  Which also means that neither gender is inherently superior nor more evolved than the other.  In a similar vein, I believe there’s value in both right brain and left brain thinking – we must have been given two sides for a reason.

                      I see my masculine side as being more reasoned, naturally assertive and proactive, whereas my feminine side is more intuitive, nurturing and sometimes reactive, albeit with good reason.  But maybe that’s only because I’ve been conditioned to see it this way – don’t know.  It makes me wonder.  This whole topic ties in with my Chiron/Uranus opposition, as well as my BM Lilith/Sun opposition.

                    • billow

                      Intuition would be feminine water.   And fit the description of receptive and passive because it doesn’t go anywhere in itself.  There is a choice about what it is, and how to use it.

                      The “reactive” you mention is not passive so would that fall into our masculine side?

                      Perhaps merc rx is a good time for garble. 

                    • LB

                      “The ‘reactive’ you mention is not passive so would fall into our masculine side?”

                      Maybe so, billow.  With BM Lilith in Aries (8th), I may be confusing the two.  I do see my BM Lilith as representing that instinctive “wild”  energy you mentioned, which can sometimes be reactive.   I guess part of the frustration in defining my own “reactive” qualities, it is that the energy feels *gender* neutral.  I assigned it to the “feminine” category based on the astrology.  It’s the place in my psyche where there’s one ultimate truth, and in reaching for that truth, I rebel against anything that feels false or limiting based on strictly defined roles and categories . . . of any kind.  It does feel more “intuitive”, so maybe it is feminine.  Words – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!

                      And yet, I don’t know if this energy works the same way in the charts of men; based on my limited experience, it doesn’t seem to.  But again, I don’t know.  Maybe it only manifests differently because most men in our society are conditioned differently.  So here we go again.

                      Mercury went retrograde right on my 4th house Saturn/Asteroid Spirit/Part of Spirit.  I guess now is as good a time as any to reexamine all of this, hoping to make sense of it when Mercury turns direct.  The Eclipse set off a bunch of stuff too.  Rambling, rambling. :O

                    • billow

                      Ramblin ramblin is right.  I sure do get that when it comes to talkin theory lately. From the fem/mas principle of receptive/active, I could say this:  my feminine is incoming energy and masculine is outgoing energy. 

                      But the word feminine still grounds me in the wild which could be equated to femine earth. maybe. 

                      One thing for sure the feminine/masculine principal is about the feminine/masculine in all of us and does not define gender and or traditional male/female roles.

                    • Incoming energy and outgoing energy – a nice way to put it.

                    • I don’t like the insinuations that feminine-based societies are ‘better’ either (women=good/men=bad). I’m finishing reading Mysteries of the Dark Moon by Demetra George and that’s the underlying message.

                    • I don’t like it either. I’m also beginning to wonder about the terms “masculine” and “feminine” as well because I hate the insinuations of things like reasoning, bravery and common sense are deemed as “masculine” whereas nurturing, reactive and intuitiveness as “feminine”.  Probably can be chalked up to conditioning and hopefully this Age of Aquarius will kick that mess right out.

                    • LB

                      You know MsFullroller, with Mercury retrograde I hope my comment didn’t come across the wrong way.  When I used the word masculine, I didn’t mean male, just as I didn’t mean female when I used the word feminine (something I think billow alluded to).  Anyway, there are different kinds of smart and different ways to protect/nurture – we could all do with some of each.

                      As I thought more about it, I realized that although I don’t like the idea of either masculine or feminine energy being considered superior to the other, I actually *do* like the idea that we all have both masculine and feminine traits.  When the best of these energies combine, they hold the potential to create someone balanced and *whole*.  And when I say balanced, I don’t mean equal – I mean harmonious.

                      The biggest problem with conditioning is when we’re taught to favor one side of our nature (based on traditional male/female roles) and completely neglect, ignore or repress the other – assuming we’re talking about the best qualities of each.  That’s when we start to negate those “other” qualities as being undesirable.  There’s strength in both – they complement one another.

                      With so much air in my chart, I have a lot of masculine energy, which I (usually) like.  But I also place a high value my feminine qualities.  I like (and need) both.

                    • With a natal Mercury retro in Pisces, I got what you were saying in the previous comment and here, agree, how you meant it with the hope that what I said was not taken the wrong way. 😉

                      What I’m getting at is, I don’t see the need to label character/personality traits as masculine/feminine and as you’ve said, none are superior as all are needed for the whole of humanity and the planet. Patriarchy nor Matriarchy is not any better than the other because they both are imbalanced and are both sides of the same coin.

                      Element wise I’m more water with 3 major planets with my Sun, Moon and female asteroids in the water houses. My Sun/Moon/Mars, Venus and Jupiter are in “masculine” signs thus outwardly reflecting that energy. I totally agree with what you said, I need both.

                    • LB

                      I agree, MsFullroller.  Maybe someday we’ll get to the point where the words we use to describe certain qualities don’t feel like labels that define and limit us.  But first we have to get to a place where the positive aspects of the qualities themselves don’t take on negative connotations based on stereotypes.  I hope that makes sense.

                    • billow

                      No “need to label character/traits as masculine/feminine”  . . .  who’da thunk we’d ever see this day.  : D

                    • 6 out of my 10 planets have a masculine polarity. #astrology

                    • billow

                      Does that mean they are feminine planets in masculine signs?  Or masculine planets in feminine signs?  Can you explain about the polarity?

                    • Interesting question, billow. In this reply I’m only referring to the standard masculine/feminine orientation of the signs. 

                    • billow

                      For more confusion, and word mincing .  .  .  some signs are fertile and some are infertile.  That must come from agricultural societies?  Please feel free to ignore.   I just don’t know that all this matters.

                    • I wonder about that too. Leo is supposed to be one of the most infertile signs, yet it corresponds to August – usually not a fallow time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway). I forget where these correspondences originate from.

                    • This is why I don’t get how Leo is associated with children.

                    • I’m going to have to go look it up again.

                    • billow

                      I’m not saying this is what it is, but Leo rules the fifth and I understand that house to be related to creativity.  And children are something we create.  And children ideally are free and creative by nature.  Also when I think Leo, at its best, I think heart.

                      Sometimes July and August is really hot and my garden is screaming water water I need water.???  The sun can seem very hot and really dry the earth. 

                    • Good theory. Even with a Leo Moon, I’m not that interested in having kids. I like them, but I’d rather put creative energy into projects.

                    • LB

                      To add to tower of words.  Aquarius Moon in 5th = LOVE kids, but none of my own.

                    • OK, I get it. The Sun (Leo) is one central (heart) part to life. Water (Moon) is another. 🙂

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                      Subject: [astrofix] Re: Chiron/Uranus Aspects

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                      billow (unregistered) wrote, in response to MsFullroller:
                      I’m not saying this is what it is, but Leo rules the fifth and I understand that house to be related to creativity.  And children are something we create.  And children ideally are free and creative by nature.  Also when I think Leo, at its best, I think heart.
                      Sometimes July and August is really hot and my garden is screaming water water I need water.???  The sun can seem very hot and really dry the earth. Link to comment

                    • billow

                      From Astrological Gardening by Louise Riotte  (gardening with moon cycles)   …  “Leo rules a curtailing function in the cycle of a plant’s growth that is most necessary.  Under Cancer, we find great productiveness, with replication of leaf after leaf.  But for the plant to blossom and set fruit this process cannot continue.  As the time for the flower to appear arrives, the leaves become smaller and compacted together on the stalk.  They eventually end in a whorl consisting of atrophied leaves called sepals, which forms a green base around the nascent flower.  It is the function of Leo in the plant’s life to bring this about.

                      Because this process slows growth, we can easily understand why Leo is considered to be the most barren sign for planting.  A test of seedlings transplanted while the moon was in Leo had zero survival rate while those transplanted under Cancer were successful.”

                    • Wow, now this makes so much sense! Leo is the flower (most flower shapes resemble the sun and it’s rays) birthing the seed. The seed is the child (creation) of a new plant. Plants slow down the growing process when temps are high so seeds won’t germinate (birth into a new plant). I’m gonna have to check that book out.

                    • billow

                      It might have to do with sun too, but she focusses on planting with moon cycles.  She does mention, though, that the waning moon in leo in august is an awesome time to get rid of weeds once and for all.

                    • Cool.

                    • billow

                      Oh yes, so very cool.  I’m basking.  Time to step up that saturn.  I’m driiiiiiiiifting!

                    • billow

                      Oh so you mean split houses in the system you are using?   In that case, natally I have polarity in all houses but the 11th in the house system I’m using.  And polarity only by a hair in the 4th and 10th.  Those astrologers that list feminine and masculine, they never really apply it in their contined writing as far as I’ve noticed, so I have no clue if it means anything to their work or not.

                    • I think we’re using the word “polarity” in different ways – or maybe I’m using the wrong word to describe what I mean … hm … need to double check myself …

                    • billow

                      If I remember correctly , ransiting merc rx is dancing with your neptune?  And isn’t it great that we are running out room so that this ridiculous thing I started will become extinct?

                    • Transiting Mercury and the north node have been all over my Neptune (14 Sag). In my natal chart Neptune is the focus of a Thor’s Hammer configuration (Mercury conjunct Chiron both square Saturn with all 3 sesquiquadrate Neptune). Also, right now I have transiting Saturn square natal Saturn and transiting Saturn opposite Mercury/Chiron: I’m having total writer’s block. The good thing is that it will pass 🙂

                    • billow

                      I never heard thor’s hammer before.  Sounds complex. 

                      You might have something there with that saturn square saturn block.  Right now transiting saturn is sextiling natal saturn and natal pluto and conjuncting natal neptune.  Everything is flowing pretty darn good.  But now that I am aware of this,  as I enjoy the unreal ease, I have to be careful not to get sloppy because like you say this too will pass.  And I sure don’t want to set myself up in any way now, that will collapse in on me when this time of ease shifts into rockier shores.  Knowing that this will pass, makes it all the sweeter and more precious.

                    • These skinny replies crack me up!

    • “…i have a very masculine flair for a female and i do not want to conform to social stereotypes of being feminine..”

      I totally get what you are saying! 

      • Anyone with Aries planets can relate to that statement 🙂

        • Thanks for confirming that ‘cuz for many years especially when I was little I knew I was different from other girls.

  • tatiana.larina

    First! How Uranian of me 🙂

    I am half a year older than Charlize Theron, a few years younger than Jennifer Garner and Kristen Wiig.  My Chiron-Uranus opposition is very loose (8 degrees orb) and for that reason I may not have employed it much.  However, now transiting Chiron forms a trine with my natal Uranus in the 7th and it encouraged me to think about what society and culture requires of me as a woman in terms of relationships vs. what I myself really want.  Food for thought.

    • Do Uranus or Chiron also make an aspect to Venus or Mars?

      • tatiana.larina

        My natal Chiron in Aries in the 1st is in a very exact sextile to my Mars in Aquarius in the 11th.

    • My natal Uranus/Pluto is in the 1st house conjunct my Ascendant, Saturn/Mercury/Chiron/True Lilith is in the 7th so what you’ve said here rings so true to me. Though it’s been almost a life long recognition…maybe that’s due to being an 8th house Aries Sun/Mars and my Venus is in Aquarius. I’m accepting that since I’ve always been somewhat outside the box, I might as well step all the way out.