Chiron/Pluto Aspects


dirty feetThe compulsion to explore something sinister within. Mistrusting deep instincts. Out of touch with innate inner knowing. Healing comes from learning how to trust your deep instincts. You have a blind spot for the darkness within you and within others. You don’t recognize the shadow within you. You are slow to recognize the shadow in others. Gullibility. Profoundly disturbing lessons needed to get in touch your instincts. Learning who to trust. Learning who not to trust. Stockholm Syndrome. Learning what it means to get your hands dirty. Learning the complexity of “right” and “wrong.” Deep suffering through broken trust. Healing comes from learning how to trust again. You trust the wrong people. Bitterness through being hurt by the ones you trust the most. Healing comes from transforming the bitterness.

Bitter feelings and excruciating experiences brought on by envy, greed, sex, and jealousy. Diving headlong into situations that make you seethe with poisonous thoughts and emotions. Becoming obsessed with the very emotions that destroy you. Toxic healing experiences. Homeopathy. Using what causes the sickness to heal the sickness. Learning how to become less of a slave to your compulsions. By healing your compulsions, you help others heal theirs. By diving into your complexes, you show others how to dive into theirs. Trouble understanding power dynamics. Feeling either all-powerful or totally powerless. Letting unworthy people exert power over you. Being coerced into situations and relationships by forces seemingly beyond your control. Under the influence of a master manipulator. Becoming a master manipulator. Having keen insight into what motivates people. Understanding the underlying motivations of human behavior. Knowing how to use your understanding of motivation to help others. Using your understanding of motivation to manipulate others.

Compulsion to purge yourself of everything that torments you. Living a superficial life. Experiencing extreme anxiety about anything that isn’t bright, shiny, sunny, and out in the open. Alternatively, an inability to let go of the very things that keep you imprisoned in unproductive cycles of addiction and grief. People who know how to deal with unrelenting pressure. People who do not know what to do with themselves when they’re not under pressure. Self-punishers. The urge to purge agonizing experiences – sometimes by throwing yourself right into the thick of them. Exorcising your demons. Horror film fanatics. Viewing horror films or reading horror novels is a cathartic experience. Halloween is your favorite holiday. Letting go of a need for extreme emotions to feel alive and vital. Healing something intense and destructive within you. Paralyzed by powerful emotions, longings, and compulsions. “The Bad Seed.” The fear of discovering what your deepest desires really are. A fear of completely accepting all aspects of who you are.

Healing relationships with the dead. Coming to terms with how death affects your life. Coming to terms with your own inevitable death. Facing the fear of dying. Helping others cope with death and dying. Helping others cope with grieving. Grief counselors. Trauma counselors. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The key to healing is embracing your “dark passenger.” Healing comes through exploring a murky path. Feeling compelled to help others along their journey of uncovering the shadow self. The key to wholeness is resolving generations of karma. The key to healing is breaking generational patterns of behavior. You become a mentor by addressing your addictions. You become a teacher by confronting your compulsions. You become a guide when you are no longer a slave to your desires. You create a bridge between the lower and higher selves by embracing the best and worst of who you are.

When I let up from the weed, and the drinking too, I cried every day. And I liked that. I like crying. And now I not only wanna cry and show my crying to other people, I wanna just split myself down the middle and open my guts and just throw everything out! ~ Woody Harrelson, Chiron opposite Pluto

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key.

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  • Jada

    I have pluto conjunct chiron in the sign sagittarius in the 2nd house. It’s also opposite my saturn conjunct jupiter in taurus in the 8th house. I have a huge problem with letting loose, if I do I get messy and feel like I take too many risks (sagittarius) and I end up regretting the mess I’ve made then, I go overboard with rules/routines without taking breaks (saturn). As u can tell by the aspects, my self worth is in the trash. I always go thru this intense push/pull and I don’t know how to fix it.

  • Vivian

    Pluto opposite Ascendant, Venus sextile pluto, Pluto Trine Chiron I usually am able to help people not get taken advantage of. Was obsessed with horror films till I had to ween myself off them. “Being coerced into situations and relationships by forces seemingly beyond your control” I have felt the pull especially when it comes to Scorpio men or those with high amounts of Pluto in their chart. There is something mysterious and beautiful about them. I think I can only be gullible in love but I keep them chasing me long enough to figure it out then I drop them (men). I have alot of trust issues especially at home (pluto in scorpio 4th house) , so many family secrets, trauma, pains etc. Every sin known to man has been committed by my family generations .

  • Armin

    I have something called Pluto Quadriundecile Chiron. I have never heard of this aspect ever. Is it like a weaker trine?

    29 degrees Chiron Gemini at end of third house and 10 degree Pluto Scorpio in seventh house.

    • Hi Armin,

      I’ve heard of the undecile series but I haven’t worked them much so far, so no personal insights.

      Astrologer Kim Falconer says the following,

      The 33 Degree Undecile

      This aspect divides the circle by one eleventh, 32.43’70”, and is said to indicate psychic gifts.

      A quadriundecile would be about 130 degrees 9′.

      I’d guess you would want to use an orb of less than 1 degree for an aspect like this.

  • freeyourgenie

    “Learning who to trust. Learning who not to trust” – pluto in the 11th, opposite chiron in the 5th. I keep having to learn this same lesson over and over again with friends and kids. At this point (>50), I just feel burnt to a crisp, and extremely wary as the lessons grow more complex. Maybe the issue is learning to trust myself completely, after experiencing “Profoundly disturbing lessons needed to get in touch with your instincts”. I am certainly better at seeing it coming, but resisting denial or escapism when it raises its head is difficult.

    • Thank you for reading 🙂

      You’re right, lessons do get more and more complex as time goes on.

      • freeyourgenie

        Thank you for sharing AstroFix- Your posting was definite food for thought:)

  • Habeebah

    i have conjunction and explain how it is different from the other aspects and both are saggitarius in 9th house how do i fully heal

    • Hi Habeebah,

      The conjunction fuses the energy of Chiron and Pluto together so you really can’t tell them apart. How you would heal would depend on how that aspect fits into the rest of your chart. With the conjunction in Sag in your 9th house, religion, ideology, foreign culture, journalism, and other 9th house topics would play a part in your healing process.

      • I also have Pluto conjunct Chiron and both are in the 12th house. So does that mean that my healing process involves solitude and the divine, or the the 12th house stuff in general?

  • Thank you, Shell. Which flower essences is he taking?

  • debi

    i was born apr 9, 1961@744amcst and Chiron is OPPOSITION to my Retrograde PLuto in my fourth house, my Chiron is in Pisces and Pisces rules my 11th house where my Mercury also lives. what does this say about me or my home & friends? (4th & 11th)

    • Hi debi,

      Thank you for reading but I don’t give personal delineations within the comments of the blog.

  • Iris

    I have the quincunx in 1 degree. God help me. How is the quincunx energy different than the others?

    • Quincunx energy is awkward. The two planets are never entirely at ease with each other, but unlike the opposition, they don’t necessarily project faults onto each other. There can be a sense of excitement in discovering something within you that you don’t completely understand.

  • Lajka

    definitely the best description on the net

  • flower

    I have pluto trine chiron and I giggled about the horror film part. Im obsessed with anthologies and sci fi shows and used to read supernatural and ghost stories. Im interested in death and dying but not necessarily in the macabre sense but kind of like moving on to something new and probably better. Fifty cent song “many men”he says “death gotta be easy cos life is hard”. It probably is very peaceful yet we fear it cos it’s so mysterious until it happens to us. Id be interested to have conversations with a ghost (friendly one ofc) but am scared haha..or am I? ;). Ive had conversations with ghosts in a few dreams. I think am probably attuned into other worlds. I feel strong emotions and have a lot going on internally which I don’t understand. Pluto is consequentially in my 4th house in Scorpio am going through chiron trine pluto transit right now which mentions ill ” be increasingly aware that some of the important things in my life happen without my conscious intervention. ” wish I could have a deeper explanation as I always feel bombarded mentally and emotionally but ah well.

    • Even without the pluto trine chiron aspect important things happen all the time without your conscious intervention. 4th house pluto in scorpio would would have deep inner attunement … pay attention to your gut feelings versus your rational mind.

  • Devi

    Hi. I have chiron retro in the twelfth house opposite uranus and pluto in the 6th each around 14-16 degrees. I do notice that somewhere inside of me I recognize the potential for “darkness”. On one hand, i do not hold a lot of judgement about what people are capable of – just a sense of sadness really that we are still hurting each other in small and large ways. On the other hand, I am afraid of some deep dark aspect inside of myself. To really feel it. It feels primal and out of control and I fear it and want it at the same time! Could this be because of the chiron retro-pluto/uranus opposition?
    Appreciate your feedback 🙂

    • Pluto in the 12th can point to something within the psyche that is deeply hidden. The hidden thing might seem dark, only because you don’t know exactly what it is. It could turn out to be some part of yourself that you fear, but which ultimately proves to be a treasure to unearth.

  • KellyJ

    My chart sucks. 12th house Aquarius Sun conjunct 11th house Chiron both opposing a 6th house Pluto. Capricorn midheaven conjunct 10th house Saturn which squares an Aries ascendant. I found out 6 years ago I was abused. I found out my parents probably adopted me. I watched who I thought were my siblings abuse the woman I now believe was my mother. I didn’t find out she was my mother until her funeral. I got fired this past August for reporting to the CEO that I was being harassed. I think I am being blackballed as far as finding another job. I worked on the job 3 years and they all turned their backs on me just like when I was about 3 years old and my siblings started ignoring and teasing me. I thank The Father for keeping me alive, but this does hurt. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Mom Issues

      I hear your pain Kelly. My life has been full of conflict, too, although in different ways. Having a 12th house Sun conjunct Chiron, by itself, seems to represent living a lifetime going deep within and healing generational issues, shining Light onto deeply hidden issues that eventually heals many people. Your painful experiences are not for nothing. You might find yourself with bucketfuls of compassion as you grow older that many will never reach. Hard lifetimes are given to the strongest individuals. That you have a faith life tells lots. To rise above the ‘battlefield’ to see Truth through a path of deep spirituality will be your salvation. Write about your experiences to help you begin the deep process of releasing the past patterns and finding the Light that you Already Are. You are not guilty. Know peace. You are Loved beyond the abiloty to comprehend. Namasté.

  • ludwig

    I have a sesquiquadrate… I feel very little of this energy, but it is present in all the years that I have lived.

  • Tony

    I have chiron in cancer in the 10th trine pluto in scorpio in the 2nd. I just met a girl who has the square chiron in Leo pluto in scorpio
    ( not sure in which houses, I don’t know her birth time) she had a rough childhood. Maybe we were meant to meet so I can maybe somehow help her 🙂

    • That’s possible. Sometimes the person with a trine can show the person with a square what it looks like when the energy of the planets (etc…) is flowing smoothly.

  • Moonbeam63

    I have Pluto opposite Chiron. At age 49 I still think I have so much to uncover. I always do, there is so much hidden…

    • Sure is ! Plus, if you think you’ve uncovered everything you’ve most certainly missed something!

      • soulPlumber63

        Same opposition (Chiron 4th Pisces opposing Uranus.MC.pluto.Mars.Moon): I agree about both your comments :oD

        I use EFT as an in situ inner relief valve and it works A1 for daily “plumbing”. Hypnosis 2-3 times a year for major tune-ups (Scorpio rising conjunct Neptune trine Chiron).

        Sometimes I feel like a plecosthomus vacuuming a transgenerational bottomless aquariun full of residues (smelly, bloody, rotten karmik stuff given and received). Perks: happy heart and interesting regeneration body treatment ;o)

  • Brie

    4th house Chiron in Cancer trine 7th house Pluto Rx in scorpio. All of this…so true, it’s fascinating and illuminating.

  • Claudia

    I did feel shocked to know the Chiron/Pluto aspect which did reveal my unknown and hidden self. However I also feel surprised because I have so many aspects of Chiron (aries, in 1st hse) with other planets, from moon, mercury, venus, saturn, uranus, meptune and pluto. The lesson might not be bad but must be surprising and unexpected!! I love the way you write in this blog.

    • Thank you for reading, Claudia.

  • ” Learning who to trust. Learning who not to trust. Stockholm Syndrome… Deep suffering through broken trust. Healing
    comes from learning how to trust again. You trust the wrong people.
    Bitterness through being hurt by the ones you trust the most. Healing
    comes from transforming the bitterness.”

    Pluto in the 1st opposing Chiron in the 7th.

    For me it’s not bitterness, I guess because at the time I just went about my business as if nothing happened since I did not have the tools to deal with the it.  So for years, I kept myself moving almost non-stop so that I would not have time to think about the hurt let alone get bitter. Now the universe has deemed it time for me to deal with the hurt so it feels as if there is a whole in my heart that will not ever be filled. 

    • ryleesmom

      I too have Pluto in the 1st oppsoing Chiron in the 7th. I have the same issues of broken trust, trusting the wrong people

  • gullible

    Total Stockholm syndrome. As a teenager I was kidnapped for 9 months-I was told my family would be killed if I left him- and my strategy was to just comply until I realized that I could leave one day and I did. I never told anyone because they would never have understood my mindset of gullibility- never mind that I feared for their safety.

  • eve

    i’m totally agree.

  • sb_lovely

    Oh wow I totally forgot I had this aspect. And although i have it in a trine I really relate to Woody’s quote. At least lately…

    I have always read that the trine is supposed to be easy – like a blessing, so to speak – but is that always true? Sometimes it can see seem like a broken damn – somthing just flows unattended because it is so apart of you. And w/ an aspecct like that it can be bad right? Or do the trine alwayus skew towards positive expressions.

    I hope that made scene?

    • I completely agree with you about the trine, and I love the broken dam metaphor – that’s exactly how I see it – an unimpeded flow of energy from one planet to another and not necessarily in a good way.

  • Eventually everyone has to deal with them. Do you have planets in the 8th house?

  • Mathetria

    I have a very-near exact conjunction between Mercury and Pluto in Virgo (7th house, only 1 second apart), and both are closely opposite (1.10″) a 1st house Pisces Chiron.  So it’s hard for me to see Pluto-Chiron apart from Mercury-Chiron.  They all work together.   But some ways that it manifests for me:

    Worked as a bereavement counselor, on-call ER, ICU, also did oncology and cardiology.  I had a near-death experience myself at age 23.  I was effectively “dead” (no breath or heartbeat) for about a minute.  Ironically, it was not a result of a severe accident, but a shock reaction to a minor injury (you really CAN die of shock).  But it altered my view of death (it doesn’t really scare me … *dying* scares me more, the possible pain involved).

    Furthermore, I have published academic work in history that utilized my background in bereavement (as well as on sexuality); a long, well-received article, and am set now to work with a colleague on a panel involvement bereavement.  And I’ve written fiction that involves (some) themes of death, dying, and reincarnation (also sexual abuse).

    Last, I lost my mother at 32, ironically WHILE I was working on the article on bereavement and history (although her death was not entirely unexpected).

    I hope that offers some personal examples of how a Mercury-Pluto to Chiron opposition can work itself out.

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Mathetria.

  • Ananya

    I was not sure how my chiron /pluto works,I have chiron BQ pluto.thanks for the post .
    But trust issues, dealing with compulsion,hurt through sex and intensity are some of the points i can relate to.yes working with trauma or death always attracted me..and I find very important and necessary thing..because trauma and death both are very REAL and UNAVOIDABLE things,people should be able to deal with those.

  • Funny. I have a trine and this post makes so much sense. I can relate to it as a whole for some reason, but the part wich gets more of my attention is the poisonous toxic part on the second paragraph.  Jealous, envy, greed, so like me <3. Ok, I'm not as monstrous as this. I'm being put into test for believing or not in astrology and its methods right now, maybe we are compelled to be what our charts are, or are we really just being ourselves? Or are we stretching beliefs and theories so we can be part of it too? Or so to make other people believe too? Well, I'm not sure, maybe we are as the planets tell us or maybe they are as we tell'em. Maybe it's really a deep connection transcending time and space. As above as bellow, who knows? At least I believe it's really interesting. I don't know why, but I felt about commenting here about this too. I was observing these traits in me that were told by this post for so long, and than here they are, exposed as part of my trine between this centaur and this dwarf planet. Does it really relates or is it maybe synchronicity? Maybe I'll die and never know for sure.

    • I’m being put into test for believing or not in astrology and its methods right now, maybe we are compelled to be what our charts are, or are we really just being ourselves? Or are we stretching beliefs and theories so we can be part of it too? Or so to make other people believe too?

      I wonder about these things quite often.

      •  I guess it’s important to think about these stuff. But I guess it’s also important not to be taken by a spiralling downward staircase of death and let your opinions about your belieffs into oblivion ’cause you can’t know for sure. Well, we can’t know anything for sure anyway, and so, we really know nothing but some reactions.

    • billow

      My thinking about this has been that my mind set (or what I believe or at least am thinking about) shapes my experience.  It’s almost as if my mind set attracts outer situations that line up with it.  It could be the power of attraction or it could be that I observe and experience in accordance with my present perspective.  All I really know is that with this awareness if I frame a question, the answer will come.  A good friend of mine,  always says that when she is searching for an object for her home or yarden, she doesn’t push to find it because the right object has a way of showing up.  

      •  It was called synchronicity by Jung. It’s some relation your thoughts have on your environment, maybe it could even be the opposite, the situations attracts your thoughts and creates this mind set. It could also be just the way you percieve the world, since we have this capacity of relating everything. We know nothing about this and all we have is this haze between us and the “truth”. But if it works for you, why bother about this? Just let it be and take your notes. Maybe anything is possible and there’s no truth. And also, maybe, just maybe, this synchronicity could be why astrology works. The heavens won’t shape us, they just indicates how we are and the easiest approaches to our problems.

  • Gdillard11

    I have a Pluto-Venus conjunction opposing a Chiron-Jupiter conjunction. All I can say is yes. My shadow has been an ever present issue in my life. I have stopped fighting it as I have gotten older and I recognize it as part of my wholeness.

  • Yolo

    “Healing relationships with the dead. “I have sun gemini 8th house, my father passed when i was 17 yrs. old and Im still mad at him for dying. 

  • Yolo

    “Experiencing extreme anxiety about anything that isn’t bright, shiny, sunny, and out in the open.”Im the opposite-i get anxiety over everything that is bright, sunny and happy

  • Yolo

    healing sickness with sickness os key for me. I Liz Green showed how saturn square pluto could be devastating and that some children have died at the hands of their parents. 
    I was sexually abused by my mom’s husband. ME, my mom, and stepfather all have saturn square pluto. Im still a virgin and 20 years old but i feel the only way for me to heal is if i get in a serious of bad relationships with bad men that i think will eventually hurt me. 
    For some reason-im drawn to people i know are not good for me. 

    • Yolo

      opps Liz Green did the piece on saturn square mars. That is what i have conjunct with my mom and step dad

      • Was that an article online?

        • Yolo

          yes the article was online at it was about children that died at the hands of the parents and she focused on saturn square mars.

    • I hope you can find a better way to heal than to throw yourself into a series of bad relationships.

  • Yolo

    Chiron Cancer Trine Pluto Scorpio-That is me. I dont trust but i have an innate overly ideal of people all at the same time. I dont trust people when it comes to me but i think people will be loyal to others.

    • Do any of your planets oppose Pluto?

      • Yolo

        i have mercury taurus & pluto scorpio

  • WOW! Chiron opposite Pluto. This post really helped!

    • Thank you for reading, Debbie. Did anything in particular resonate with you?

  • LB

    My 6th house Chiron in Aquarius quindeciles my 12th house Pluto in Virgo – not an aspect everyone agrees on, although I did relate pretty strongly to a lot of your descriptions, especially the ones in the last paragraph.  I hate horror flicks (or *any* movie that involves physical torture) but do love movies and shows that deal with people who’ve survived despite overwhelming odds, or movies with a psychological twist at the end.  And I love those TV shows that help people (sometimes recovering hoarders) create healthy, homey living environments as they take the necessary steps to purge and organize their belongings.

    I think healing comes through being willing to explore the murky depths  – to recognize rather than deny the existence of the dark, and then fearlessly shine a light in the scary, tedious and troubling places most people are unable or unwilling to see, let alone acknowledge.  The process of allowing the dark to be continually transformed by the light is an ongoing one that will probably continue for the rest of my life. 

    Learning to accept my own very strong and often contradictory emotions and complicated imperfections is a big part of it, as is learning to accept the things I can’t control (even within myself).  That doesn’t mean I have to act on every emotion or impulse – I’ve definitely confronted my own addictions and compulsions.  With a 12th house Pluto, the root causes have always had to do with a longing for the Divine.  What I really wanted was to surrender to something greater than myself but until I understood what it was I wanted to surrender to, I confused it with a lot of other dark “stuff”.  I’ve learned I can be (occasionally) angry, yet still compassionate and loving.

    Advocating for causes I believe in and working to help facilitate the healing of others have both been great outlets for this energy, as is cleaning and purging – Virgo is earthy, practical and loves to serve, while Aquarius has big utopian dreams for all of society. 

    I also have the most beautifully organized closets and drawers you’d ever want to see!  I’d rather deal with all those messy details rather than hide them away until they become one big, overwhelming monster waiting to attack me when I try to open a door.  Having a mess also forms a barrier that keeps people out.  It’s a metaphor really, for being willing to deal with stuff that no longer serves a purpose or that holds me back from living a fuller, more meaningful and interactive life.  This goes for any lifestyle (6th house) issue.

    • I also have the most beautifully organized closets and drawers you’d ever want to see!

      That’s fascinating to me 🙂 I tend to think that the spaces we live in reflect our psychological states (I have the ruler of the 12th (the Sun) in the 8th house, with the Sun trine Neptune in the 4th). I’ve noticed this, and I think I mentioned it before, but Virgo-influenced people seem to have the most obvious physical mess=mental mess correlation. I usually clean and organize to kick-start a transformation. Anyway, I’m loving the 12th house as “the closet.” When I was a kid I definitely did think there were monsters in there 🙂

      •  You and LB have again not only given me more to chew from your comments but also what you guys say always fits the situation or issue I’m having/dealing with at that particular time. 

        I’ll come back when I’ve got a bit more time.

        • I look forward to reading your comments 🙂

      • LB

        Interesting how we both have placements in the 8th (in Aries) trine placements in the 4th (in Sag), with those placements forming aspects to the ruler of our 12th (the Sun).  For some reason, I always associate the 12th house with closets – maybe because that’s where people commonly hide their stuff.  “Physical mess = mental mess” works for me, including the ways in which we care for *all* our physical spaces, even our *bodies*. 

        I wanted to add how as I thought more about your descriptions, the more I could relate, especially to “Healing comes from learning how to trust your deep instincts.” and “Learning who to trust.”; “Learning who not to trust.”

        During my 6th house Chiron-Return, transiting Saturn was conjunct my 12th house Pluto, and learning to trust my instincts became a critical issue in caring not just for myself, but also for my mom.  Despite my polite protestations, I was *seriously* misdiagnosed during that time; had I followed some of the more significant recommendations of the medical professionals (and ignored my own instincts), the results might easily have been disastrous.

        I ended up diagnosing myself and when the symptoms got to be too much to ignore, they had to agree I’d been right all along (my words, not theirs.)  I was also caring for my mom at the time (she was in a 12th house facility), and something similar happened regarding the care she and other residents were receiving.  It took an extraordinary amount of effort to get anyone to take my complaints seriously, although the state finally did substantiate my claims by holding the facility accountable.  A lot of the bitterness (not all) has healed as I’ve let go of false expectations.

        I’ve learned never to surrender my own inner knowing, even if it’s inconvenient or messy, or goes against the shiny image everyone wants us to believe in.  With Pluto in the 12th, the same could be said for the “collective shadow”.  I never blindly follow.  This intuition is also in effect with clients and friends or loved ones, even strangers and situations I encounter throughout the day.  Maybe this relates to the obsessive quality of the quindecile, but there are times when my inner-knowing gnaws at my conscience until I do something.  I can’t turn it off and wouldn’t want to. 

        You know it’s a great post when it keeps on provoking deeper thought.  There are lots of layers to uncover here, Michelle  – good one! 🙂

        • Thanks, LB. Always enjoy reading your comments 🙂

      • Vickikay

        : D  virgo and physical mess = mental mess.  I am just about ready to clean my physical attic space.  : D again.

        Someone once told me that clutter is the sign of a creative mind.  The chaos and the creation????

        • Yeah, I don’t know. There’s the saying, “Creative minds are rarely tidy.” Maybe, maybe not. Messy people aren’t necessarily creative. 

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I have Chiron Rx 10th/11th parallel Pluto 4th h …Tropical: Aries & Libra & W.Sidereal:Aries & Virgo

    Your description is very well done.
     I can relate to having some difficulties with trust and as it turns out I try to transform the bitterness into something positive(mostly because I vowed to never let myself become bitter like I’ve seen so many others do)…there’s more to it,but this IS the internet. :-p

    It’s about transforming the murky,mucky,negatively destructive emotions/behaviors into something that lifts us and others up, right? 🙂

    • It’s about transforming the murky,mucky,negatively destructive emotions/behaviors into something that lifts us and others up, right? 🙂

      Yes, I think so, though, I imagine for some people, self-acceptance is the bigger triumph.

      • Robin Joy Dore

         I think I got it.

    • Yolo

      I have chiron cancer 10th house Rx too

      • Robin Joy Dore

         Hi Yolo 🙂

        That’s cool B-)
        What’s your experience with that placement? Do you have trouble finding/keeping a job too?

  • VenusMizu24

    Never payed too much attention to this aspect in my chart…actually, I never noticed it :O I have a Chiron-Pluto square and I do have trouble with my dark side.  I don’t try to refuse it, but I’m struggling with how to go too deep without becoming self-destructive.  I could relate to so much in this post; gave me some new ways to look at it.  Thanks for writing it. 

    Oh, and hi! Long-time lurker here, first-time commentator 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting, VenusMIzu24 🙂 It’s funny how we can overlook certain aspects in our charts.

  • David5379

    maybe a sensitivity to life and death matters/crisis? I remember reading this aspect had to do with people who just suddenly save someones life or their own by jumping into action even though they should not have known what was about to happen would happen, like a spider sense. Maybe also since pluto is invisible, it means an invisible wound, although to be fair 12th house chiron already means invisible wound on some level so maybe I am attributing that for the wrong reason. I have always thought that chiron and pluto were strangely complementary, they both have to do with surrendering on some level, with the dark side of a certain issue, and also both have to do with healing even if different kinds, even if they are both nasty, there is something agreeable between the two of them, like their goals are not conflicting, just always thought that was interesting 

    • There is a connection to death, though it seems like some people are less “sensitive” to it than compelled to walk hand in hand with it. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is well-known for her work in near-death experience:

      • David5379

        thats pretty interesting, and a bit scary too, I dont think I would want a near-death experience, I would rather have a hallucinogenic trip once and be done with it as far as crazy experiences, I wonder if near death experiences wont be the same once neptune and pluto no longer sextile, maybe death will no longer have that mystical connection to something out there, unless it has historical precedence, almost dying will probably always have a sort of meaningful lesson quality to it, I just wonder if people will still have visions

        • Interesting idea … I think people will always be fascinated with death and strive to find a deeper meaning it. The mystical part though … I wonder. Have you seen the movie, Hereafter

          I wish there were more movies dealing with this topic.

          • LB

            LOVE that movie!  Just watching it was healing for me.  I saw it right when I was debating about whether or not to quit sharing some of my “gifts” (8th house vs. 2nd house) – my husband and I watched it together and throughout the movie, he kept turning to me, commenting how much I was like Matt Damon’s character.  I’m not really, but there was enough there for me to relate and decide to keep on doing what I do.

            I also wish there were more movies like this. 🙂

          • David5379

            yah I saw that movie, it felt a bit flat to me, sorry lb (maybe its just a matter of taste/preference im sorry for disagreeing) it felt like it was trying to many things and didnt execute the deeper meaning with enough poignancy, it was still interesting for subject material, but i felt a bit let down, but it was not a waste of time or anything, kinda fits mr eastwoods MC as well come to think of it
            as far as movies dealing with mystical visions/ psychic stuff, my favorite is that french movie a prophet (le prophete), only because his visions are so understated and felt more believable, his strange visions weren’t the main impetus of the plot but instead a meaningful part of it, also now that I think about it its also heavily 12th house material, taking place in a prison, just adds to that mystic theme I guess, and it was just a really good movie

            • I’ll have to look for that.

            • LB

              Hi David5379 – After reading your comment, I went looking for “le prophete”, but couldn’t find it – wish I could.  The funny thing is since it wasn’t there, I ended up re-renting “Hereafter”.

              Although I still enjoyed it, I remembered how some aspects of it didn’t ring true for me either; I actually agree with you that it was overly simplistic in parts (“flat” is a good word) and the characters’ interactions and responses didn’t always seem real to me.  It was as if someone was looking at the characters from the outside-in, as opposed to from the inside-out.  I also think most people’s gifts operate on a much subtler level.

              But I still *loved* parts of it, especially how because of the main character’s psychic gifts, he’s often not seen as an individual, but rather as a vehicle or a tool to be used by others to gain access to unseen worlds. 

              Specifically, that’s the part of the movie I related to and *loved*, since I can’t think of another movie that touches on that particular subject and how lonely it can feel.  Rewarding too, but lonely – sometimes no matter how much I share, it’s never enough, and I used to wonder how helpful the information really was, since I sometimes sense that what people are looking for (what they *think* they need) isn’t the same as what they really need.  I’m getting better though, at drawing the line and discerning. 🙂

              • David5379

      , here it is, I might have put it in Spanish on accident or somethingWell I am glad they were able to capture some truth to the situation, and its a shame that psychics have become a sort of cliche or plot device on many shows and movies before ever being justly portrayed, but hey chin up, neptune is in pisces will bring some pretty great psychic stuff I bet. I am a pisces and all, but I am not psychic and I am sure it is very hard, but im glad that you are getting better at it, and im sure you will continue to get the hang of it, and if you DO just tell people only what they want to hear dont feel too bad, its not your fault that is the vibe they are giving off, or that they want to use you to confirm a shaky delusion, even though you will have to put up with a lot of that, there will always be a few who really do need, want, and are ready for genuine help, its a shame you cant make people be ready, or capable of hearing anything besides what they want to hear, but there will always be people you really are helping, and im sure they make it all worth it 🙂

  • Pisi

    Very insightful post Michelle thanks! I shall keep reading this until I can give some more input. Would the 2nd paragraph be the “trine” part of this planetary contact? I have Chiron in 12 degrees & 25 mins of cancer, and Pluto in Scorpio in 12 degrees and 26 mins. It is the tightest aspect in my chart!

    • Some of the second paragraph is more trine-like. When you look at someone like Dr. Phil, who has the trine, and who has made a career out of helping people confront their issues, you can see some of the potential of this aspect. What career path are you following?

  • Michele

    Can you talk a bit more on how these different aspects might manifest in their different degrees? For example, just briefly, what’s the difference between Chiron opp. Pluto vs. Chiron sextile Pluto vs. Chiron trine Pluto? This is a fascinating subject. Chiron aspects five of my planets from Venus straight through Neptune, but misses Pluto. 

    • Hi Michele,

      I can, but it probably won’t be until later in the week when I have a little more time to answer.

  • Thanks for focusing on this, the dark side of my chart. The Pluto/Chiron aspect is so powerful, your post gives me new ways of thinking about it.

    • Melissa! How are you? I’m so glad you stopped by 🙂