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Brainstorm: Mars in the 8th House Astrology

An evolving interpretation of 8th house Mars astrology. Read it for the transiting Mars, progressed Mars, solar arc Mars, or natal Mars in in the 8th house.

ction on the brink of death. Revive your lust for life. Action, on behalf of the dead. Action, on behalf of the dying. Power of Attorney. The Decider – pull the plug, or not? Having to make life and death decisions. Decisive action in emotionally traumatic situations. The Leader, when the going gets murky. Deciding, which insurance should we use? Deciding, who should we invest with? Deciding, who should we trust with our money?

Military trauma. Military psychology. Military psychiatrist. Military therapy. Emergency worker. EMT. Surgeon.  Brain surgeon. Head trauma. Ambulance driver. Racecar driver. Stringer. Ambulance chaser. Amputation. Firefighter. Daredevil. Death-defying. Taking your life into your own hands. In the line of fire. Damage. Fighting on the edge of a cliff. Dagger in the dark. Cloak and dagger.

Witnessing deadly violence. Army of the dead. Heading into troubling waters. Intense anger issues. D-anger.  *Opens safety deposit box. Closes it.* Hey Jo, what was in it? What? Oh, that? Nothing. Nothing worth worrying about. Forget about it. *Punches a wall.* Buried rage. Undercurrents of anger. Undercurrents of provocation. Snappishness. Work it out. Heading into dangerous territory.

Investing in dangerous activities. Aggressive investing. War investments. War bonds. Head of Fort Knox. Manager of the Treasury Department. The Bank Manager. Someone who actively manages other people’s assets. Gamble with your life savings? Who? Me? lololol

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Separating from traumatic situations. Separating from overly dependent emotional bonds. Cutting ties with people who drag you down. Severing the cord of attachment in abusive situations. Finding your will. Reviving willpower. Resuscitating your drive in life. When did the drive for life die? Finding that your ability to act on your own behalf is dead. Learning to act on the behalf of others, with something in it for you as well. Oh, look! Someone started a campfire in the woods! Is it a trap? Will they be warm and friendly? Maybe it’s not a campfire at all, but the small beginning of a large forest fire.

Shed selfish aggression. Release impatience with the transformation process. Releasing anger is part of transforming. Learning anger management techniques. Helping others who have anger-management issues. Cut out the dead parts of your life. Which parts of life have become gangrenous? Perform emotional self-surgery. Psychic surgery. Scam artists. Active in the underworld. Occult activities. Psychic activation. Active crossings to “the other side.” Dangerous psychic work. Psychic who works with the police department.


  • Active & Action-Oriented
  • Anger & Rage
  • Competition & Rivalry
  • Cutting or Severing
  • Drive & Will
  • Force & Coercion
  • Guts & Daring
  • Impatience & Impulse
  • Sharp Edge of the Blade

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  • Apply energy
  • Be active
  • Confront
  • Cut ties
  • Defend
  • Do
  • Engage
  • Exercise
  • Get motivated
  • Get off your butt
  • Guard
  • Move around, stretch, use your body
  • Play sports
  • Run
  • Brother of Eris
  • Lover to Venus

8th house

  • Death & Funerary
  • Debts, Credits, & Taxes
  • Fundraising, Financial Support, & Insurance
  • Legacies, Inheritances, Trusts, & Estates
  • Personal Trust & Privacy
  • Psychology & Psychological Assets
  • [restric paid="true"]Sex, Intimacy, and Deep Sharing[/restrict]
  • The Occult, Forbidden, & Taboo
  • What you have (2nd house) versus what you want, or desire (8th house)
  • Your Partner’s Assets & the Results of Marriage
  • Busybody
  • Debt Collector
  • Detective
  • Insurance Agent
  • Investors
  • IRS Agent
  • Lenders
  • Loan Sharks
  • Researcher
  • Repo Man
  • Auction house
  • Funeral home
  • IRS
  • Loan office
  • Surgery

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