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Capricorn Through the Houses in Astrology

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Capricorn through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook.

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Practical outlook. The desire to be useful. Being useful. Being in control of your environment. Mature. Stuffy. Stern approach. Serious outlook. Protective. Adult. Conventional approach. Following the status quo. Ambitious. Desire for material achievement. Wanting to be successful. Lustful. Dutiful. Authoritative. Enjoying hard work. Desire for social recognition. Severity. Patriarchal. Hard working. Classic looks. Social climber. Repressed emotional life. Inflexible attitudes. Needing to find mountains to climb. Great bone structure. Rigidity. Upholding family values. An “official” stance. A professional demeanor.

Practical, responsible, and cautious spending. Old money. Frugal with personal finances. Practical possessions. Useful possessions. Few possessions. Traditional values. Fiscal conservative. Having the same skills as your Dad. Earning a living through hard work. Building up personal finances in a step by step manner. Having a financial plan. Organized finances. Materialistic. Needing control over your own money. Having a reputation for having your own money. Earning money solely through your social standing or reputation. An authority on personal finance. Owning useful things. Form follows function. Owning things that have status. Valuing authority, practicality, and frugality. Mature financial decisions. Dad’s money. Saving for retirement. Responsible with money. Valuing maturity, hard work, professionalism, and tradition. Valuing social recognition, reputation, and ambition. Earning money through traditional sources. You can make a living off the social status alone. Effective financial decisions. Dad looks after the finances. Handing finances over to an authority. Gaining status through your possessions. Bone collector.

Speaking and writing like an adult. Adult conversations. Speaking like a businessperson. Serious conversations and discussions. The mature sibling. Acting like a father to your siblings. Conservative writer. Conservative speeches. Reserved in everyday interactions. Conservative bloggers. The mind of the businessperson. The mind of a professional. A professional way of speaking, writing, and conversing. Professional writer. Professional letters. Business writer. Reserved in speech. A conservative education as a child. A serious relationship with your siblings. A cold relationship with your siblings. Ambitious goals in writing. Ambitious siblings. Effective communication. Serious writer. Serious mind. Thinking about your reputation. Talking about social status. Driving classic cars. Talking about your ambitions in life. Talking about the reputations of your siblings, neighbors, and everyday people. Practical short trips. An economy of words. Practical cars. Practical advice. Down to earth discussions. Organized and structured writing. Outlines. Antiquated expressions and phrasing. Thinking and talking about the establishment. A conservative mindset. Realistic discussions. A careful, measured, and methodical approach to writing. Realistic thinking. Thinking out and implementing plans in a step by step manner. Thinking about how to improve your reputation. Thinking about how to increase your status. Thinking about how to gain recognition. Ambitious thoughts. An ambitious blogger. An ambitious writer. Speaking like your father. Writing about mountain climbing. Old methods of communication. Writing a classic. Reading the classics.

Bare bones furnishings. Living in houses with “great bones.” Barren landscape. Austere furnishings. Minimalism. Appreciating structure and form. Authoritarian parent. Strict parent. Strict upbringing. Conservative upbringing. Growing up in a conservative family. An ambitious family. A recognizable family. A family with a reputation. Old folks’ home. Living with your grandparents. Stern parents. A lack of joy in the home life. Utilitarian houses. Old structures. An austere home. Classic architecture. Conservative at the core. A family of hard-working people. One of your parents may be much older than the other. Strict disciplinarian in the household. A traditional family. Upholding the traditions of your country. An authority on your country. An authority figure in your country. An authoritative figure in your family. Having ambitions for your country. Having ambitions for your family. Privately serious. Privately ambitious. Privately caring about your reputation. Working hard on your house. An ambitious real estate agent. Ambitious plans for your home. Ambitious plans for your property. Protecting the nation. Protecting the family. Protecting the home. A repressive upbringing. Living in the mountains. Living high up. Penthouses. Skyscrapers. Multilevel homes. Conservationists. Protecting the environment. Living in your father’s house. Classic homes. The “old country.”

Traditional sports, games, and hobbies. Golf. Mature hobbies and interests. Sports and hobbies that require self-discipline. Self-discipline is a hobby. Self-discipline for fun. Achieving a level of competency in hobbies and interests. Ambitious hobbies. Having ambitions for hobbies and interests. Having ambitions for achievement in sports. Sports, hobbies, interests, drama, creative self-expression as professions. Professional hobbyist. Ambitious creative goals. Hard work is fun. Reaching goals is fun. Setting goals for fun. Gaining respect for your interests. Recognized for your interests and hobbies. Taking up Dad’s hobbies. Having the same interests as your father. Having fun with Dad. Taking hobbies seriously and making methodical plans to turn them into a profession or business. Gaining a reputation as a gambler. Calculated risks. Serious- even in romance. Attracted to serious people. Attracted to businesspeople. Attracted to professionals. Attracted to people wearing suits. Attracted to older people. Attracted to the elderly. Love affairs with fatherly figures. Love affairs with strict, hard working, authoritative people. An inability to let go and have fun. The responsibility of child-rearing. Responsible, serious children. Strict with your children. Disciplining children. Having children is a serious decision. Taking responsibility for children. Taking children seriously. Serious games. Old games. Treating children like adults. Having children at an older age. Respecting children. Serious or stern self-expression. Attracted to serious, stern, conservative, and ambitious people. Disciplined dancers. Dry self-expression. Dry sense of humor. A love of classical music. A classically trained performer. Successful entertainers and performers. Ambitious dancers, artists, and musicians. Mountain climbing. Bouldering. Skiing.

Chiropractor. Bone medicine. Dentist. Dermatologist. Skin allergies. Knee problems. Knee doctor. Arthritis. Strict diets. Seeking status through diet and exercise. Practical approach to health. Setting health goals. A disciplined diet. A realistic approach to health and diet. Ambitious goals for health and diet. Anorexia. Not eating. Restricting food intake. Calorie restriction diets. Elderly health care. Working at the old folk’s home. Working in the cafeteria of an old folk’s home. Serious work ethic. Hard worker. Completing tasks in a step by step manner. Serious about health. Professional employee. Taking daily tasks seriously. Consistent and reliable habits. A steady approach to self-analysis. Practical approach to hygiene and nutrition. Paring back routines to the bare minimum. Cheap when it comes to purchasing health and nutrition products. Expecting employees to work hard. A lack of joy when dealing with everyday tasks. Ambitious exercise programs. Consistent and practical daily habits. Controlling food intake. Rigid daily habits. A responsible, hardworking, and competent employee. Controlling habits. Work that causes broken bones.

Serious, mature, older partners. A cautious, conservative, pragmatic partner. Elderly clients. Hard working partner. Business clients. A successful partner. Successful clients. Married to a father figure. A professional spouse or partner. Methodical business partner. Cautious and conservative clients. A reserved attitude toward the public. Being viewed as authoritarian by the public. Being viewed as a social climber. An authoritative partner. Marrying to get ahead. Marrying to improve your status. Marrying for recognition. Opponents with a reputation or recognizable status. Taking status and recognition into consideration when getting married. A traditional marriage. The marriage partner wears the pants. A partner from an established family. Marrying “up.” Confrontations with older, more mature, responsible, and respected people. Opponents who are hard working and conservative. Projecting a conservative image to the public. A dutiful spouse. A spouse with achievements. Conventional relationships. A partner who is equally ambitious.

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Capricorn through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook . . .

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Conservative publications. Business publications. Educational traditions. A practical and realistic philosophy. Ambitions in religion. Ambitions in publishing. Ambitious journalists. Successful religious gurus. Ambitions to be a guru. Ambitions to be a religious or cultural leader. Successful religious leaders. Conservative philosophy. Conservative education. Stuffy academics. A philosophy of responsibility. Conservative theory. Taking philosophy seriously. Recognized colleges with a reputation and tradition. An education in the classics. “Old school.” A classical education. Educational achievement. Ambitious education. Educational goals. Business school. Architecture school. Religious traditions. Business guides and mentors. Conservative journalism. Architecture publications. Supreme Court. Respectful of religion. Authoritative religious figures. Organized religion. Conservative ideology. Traditional education. Using religion to send a message. Useful theories. Useful beliefs. Useful publications. Traditional ideas. Practical theories. Practical ideas. Materialistic theory. Materialistic philosophy. Patriarchal religions, theories, and philosophies. The same religion as Dad. The same ideas as your father. Feeling protected by religion. A philosophy of duty. Mountaineering magazines.

Following in the father’s footsteps. Having the same career as your father. Known as an authority figure. Projecting authority. Known for being competent, responsible, and practical. Known for being stern, severe, and serious. A professional. Known for portraying professionals, or having a professional image. Known for having self-control. Projecting an image of seriousness. Projecting a fatherly image. Projecting an image of austerity. Classic. A carefully planned career path. Conservative careers. Widely known for being ambitious and hard working. Wanting a reputation for having a specific career. Needing achievement in the career. Workaholic. Climbing to the very top of the mountain in your career. Ambitious career goals. Reputation is very important. Clearly defined career objectives. Working for a corporation. Competent and professional. Widely known as a social climber. Widely known as a mountaineer. Craving status, recognition, and respect. Paleontologist. Dentist.

Ambitious goals and dreams. Older friends. Mature friends. Friends with authority figures. Old boys’ club. Lodges. Reaching goals step by step. Friends, groups, clubs, and organizations primarily for getting ahead. Better Business Bureau. Ambitious networking. Networking for advancement and gain. Serious friends. Few friends. Judging friends by their reputation. Being judged by the friends you keep. Successful friends. Professional organizations. Choosing friends for their ability to enhance your status. Wanting to be seen with recognizable and successful people. Joining professional associations. Creating groups based on your profession. Friends with people from your profession. Friends are primarily people who work in the same profession. Taking groups, clubs, and organizations seriously. Feeling that friends can be a burden. Taking responsibility for your friends. Serious effort for causes. Taking causes seriously. Ambitious goals and dreams. Achieving goals through practical hard work. Belonging to traditional clubs and organizations. Belonging to reputable organizations. Creating a tradition among your friends.

The fear of amounting to nothing. Dreams of being somebody. Dreams of assuming a position of authority. Secretly concerned with social status and reputation. Ambition. Seriousness. A practical imagination. Imagining a life of authority, status, and reputation. Imagining achieving your goals. Visualizing goals. Visualizing achievement. Visualizing success. Fear of success. Inability to recognize tendency toward rigidity. Fear of having to take responsibility for your own life. Sleeping on a bed of nails. Little sleep. Dreaming of owning a successful business. Dreaming of being a mountain climber. Dreaming of achieving the most ambitious goal you could possibly imagine. Structuring the intangible. Giving form to the formless. Taking concrete steps toward the unknown. Having ambitions for the subconscious. Ambitious dreams.


  • Old-Fashioned & Concerned with Lineage
  • Professional & Social Climbing
  • Mature & Sophisticated
  • Responsible & Prepared
  • Ambitious & Goal-Setting
  • Rigid & Ruthless
  • Disciplined & Accountable
  • Experienced & Accomplished
  • Calculating & Deliberate
  • Upwardly-mobile
  • Conservative
  • Prepared
  • Mature
  • Wizened
  • CEO
  • Mountain Climber
  • Architect
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