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Gemini Through the Houses in Astrology

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Gemini through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook.

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A curious and bright approach. Smart. Quick movements. Scattered energy. Looking elfin or impish. A twinkle in the eye. Up to no good. Mischievous. Boyish looks. Gamine looks. A physical trickster. Giving the impression of being wily, cunning, and clever. A youthful and trendy fashion sense. Physically nervous and high-strung. An approach that is superficial and gossipy. Nail biters. Finger tappers. Knuckle crackers. Knee bouncers. Finding it easy to make natural connections to children (not babies, toddlers, or teenagers). Liking to give nicknames based on appearance. Liking to be “AKA” — also known as someone else. Having more than one physical identity. Androgyny. Boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys. Liking to read all the gossip about yourself. A physical presence that mimics something or someone else. A chameleon. Affecting the speech, movements, and appearance of another person. A personal who acts as a physical mimic. An actor whose main technique is mimicry. You can copy what you see into your physical persona.

Flexible values. Valuing adaptability and flexibility. The ability to adapt to the current economic conditions. Valuing reading. Earning a living by being a thief. Earning a living through a clever use of language. Earning a living as a writer (probably freelance). Earning a living as a financial columnist. Clever financial transactions. Staying on top of financial trends. Flexible survival needs. Liking to read financial publications. Reading the finance section of the daily newspaper. A diverse personal financial portfolio. Valuing wit, cunning, cleverness, and trickery. Clever with personal finances. Quickly learning the ins and outs of personal finance. Liking to play games with money. Playing tricks with your own money. Keeping up with daily finances through technology- blackberry, iphone, etc… Earning a living by communicating about finance. A person who purchases multiples of the same items. Bulk purchasers. Lovers of Costco. The inventor of the two-for-one coupon. Valuing mental curiosity. A fickle attitude to finances. Mental stimulation is a survival need. Reading material is a survival need. Earning a living from being a mimic.

Witty. Silver-tongued. Scattered thoughts. Clever conversationalist. Adept salespeople. Talkative. Motor mouth. Chatty. ADD. ADHD. A flexible mind. Curious to learn. Liking to trick people through clever use of language. Mental gymnasts. Local newspaper writers. Blogging about the local scene. Blogging about writing. Blogging about blogging. Writing about writing. Writing about language. A mind that can do somersaults. Talking about brothers and sisters, or people who seem like a brother or sister. A mind that never turns off. A person who rarely shuts up. A person who doesn’t know how to shut off the mind. An incessant inner monologue. Writing about sisterhoods and brotherhoods. Writing for the love of words. Wordsmiths. Lively conversations. Forming a network in your neighborhood. Knowing everyone around town. Well-connected in the immediate environment. The mind of a thief. Sleight of hand. The mind of a writer. The ability to imitate speech and writing. Conversations that never reach a level of deep emotional interaction. Intelligent conversations that stay in the world of the mind. Mental rapport. Mental connections. Gossip columnists. An unemotional, shallow, and insincere way of communicating. A sly and clever mind. A person who mimics others in communication. Plagiarists. You can copy what you hear and read, then incorporate it into your everyday speech and conversations. Owning multiple cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or scooters. Writing, talking, and thinking about communication technology. Loving twitter. Writing pamphlets. Writing ‘zines. Short hand. Sign language. Liking to learn a little bit about everything. Liking to know a little gossip about everyone. Having a pen name. Writing books about communication. Language and writing instructors.

Growing up in a lively household. Furniture in multiples. Twin beds. Matching (fill in the blank). Trendy furnishings. Eclectic taste in home decorating. One parent is curious, bright, witty, and lively. One parent is superficial, scattered, fickle, and restless. Curious and clever at the core. Fickle and superficial at the core. One parent is clever, tricky, an imitator, and a thief. A mimic at the core. A person who copies and incorporates elements from other homes into his own. A person who will build a house just like his neighbor’s house. Owning multiple homes, condos, or apartments. Talking about your home. Writing for a publication about homes and gardens. Feeling at home in the world of ideas. Feeling at home with short, lively interactions. A family of witty, clever, and bright people. A family of lighthearted people. A family of tricky and mischievous people. A family of thieves. A family of gossips. A family of writers. Living with writers. Writers’ compound. Having a fickle relationship with your country. A fickle relationship with one parent. Many changes of residence. Unstable residence. An unstable parent. Writing at home. A wordsmith at the core. Privately gossipy. Loving to engage in word play with family. Giving family members nicknames. Very talkative at home, in privacy.

Flirting with everyone in a way that doesn’t really mean anything. Leading people on with no intention of following through. Playing with language. Solving puzzles. Crossword puzzles. Bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, walking, or jogging around town for fun. Skateboarding as a sport. Juggling, acrobatics, and other circus activities. Romance novelists. Sports writers. Trying to outwit casinos. Trying to outwit lovers. A genuine love of games and words. Attracted to witty, bright, and curious people. Attracted to people who seem like little sisters or brothers. Word games: Scrabble, Boggle, Scattergories, etc… Sleight of hand tricks for fun. Playing tricks on people for amusement. Practical jokes. Magicians. Having several simultaneous lovers. Great at charades. Liking to make lots of potential romantic connections. New crushes every day. Having bright, lively, and curious children. Engaging children at a superficial level. Liking children who are mentally curious. Liking to play games with children. Attracted to people who look like they’re up to no good. Attracted to mischief makers. Having affairs with thieves. Getting swindled by your lover. Giving nicknames to your lovers. Wanting to be given nicknames by lovers. Feeling attracted to people with whom you have mental rapport. Having great conversations with your lover is important. Hobbies and interests that require manual dexterity. Guitar and other string instruments. Knitters. Hobbies that keep the hands busy. Typing is fun. Pressing buttons on gadgets is fun. Taking pleasure in using your hands. Liking to smoke because it keeps your hands busy. Getting a great deal of pleasure from playing with words and language. Enjoying listening to yourself talk. Reading for pleasure. Multitasking for fun. Picking out names for theoretical children. Giving children multiple names. Giving children a lot of nicknames. Children with multiple last names. Naming projects. Naming things is a hobby. Getting crushes on people because of their names. Getting crushes on names. Having a second identity for fun. Getting crushes on people that you see every day.

A varied diet. Grazing. Eating 6 small meals a day. Inability to stick to one diet. Trying every new diet fad that comes out. Having a lot of half empty, expired bottles of vitamins lying around. Cheating on diets. Sneaking bad food. An inconsistent diet. Not enough nutrition. Eating while doing other things. Carpal tunnel. Being aware of work trends. Being aware of fitness trends. Needing a lively, stimulating work environment. Liking jobs that require a variety of skills. Liking jobs that require lots of talking, E-mailing, faxing, writing, tweeting, and phone calls. Messenger. Mail person. Working in communications. Working for a telephone company. Working for the local newspaper. A job that requires movement, flexibility, and a quick mind. An inconsistent relationship with employees and co-workers. Wanting lively conversations with employees and co-workers. Getting bored with too much routine. Having a variety of employable skills. Handyman. Receptionist. Working for the newspaper circulation department. Working for the transit authority. Sales. Choosing diets based on their names. Owning a variety of pets. Having lots of the same type of animal. Teaching tricks to pets. Helping animals in the immediate environment.

A witty, bright, and clever partner. A curious and talkative partner. A scattered, fickle, and superficial partner. A partner who seems like a brother or sister. Marrying a thief. A partner who is clever, tricky, and mischievous. A partner who is up to no good. Engaging others at a superficial level. Confrontations with thieves. Confrontations with shallow, high strung, children. A partner who keeps up with the trends. Marrying a writer. Marrying a gossip columnist. Mimicking enemies to piss them off. Copying enemies. Needing a partner with whom you can have great conversations. A business or marriage partner with whom you have mental rapport. A spouse who is a sparkling conversationalist. A spouse who makes quick connections with people. A partner who is chatty and animated. A partner who is youthful and sociable. A partner who is unfocused. A partner who has manual dexterity. Marrying a handyman. Wanting to like your spouse’s name. Being particular about the spouse’s name. Having multiple marriages. Being swindled by spouses and marriage partners. Likely to marry someone who is in the immediate environment every day. Marriage partners with two last names. Equally superficial partners. Equally clever partners. Equally intelligent partners.

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Gemini through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook . . .

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Knowing a little bit about everything. Copying other cultures. Copying other religions. An eclectic mix of religious beliefs. Incorporating bits and pieces of other cultures into your life. Publishing books and magazines about writing. Philosophies that condone stealing. Philosophies that encourage mental alertness and curiosity. Crooked clergy. Spending a short amount of time in many different countries. Quick trips around the globe. Journalists who write about how global situations affect local areas. The ability to understand what is going on around the world and to communicate that information in an understandable way. Knowing where to go and what to do just about anywhere. Staying on top of trends in culture and religion. Staying on top of trends in publishing and journalism. Joining trendy religious movements. Believing in “Think globally, act locally.” Believing in the power of communication. Living abstract concepts, religious tenets, and philosophical ideas in everyday life. Practicing what you preach. The everyday world informs your philosophy of life. Finding meaning in everyday life. An inability to see beyond the tip of your nose. Lack of ability to engage people of different cultures and religions with real depth of emotion. A purely intellectual understanding of world events. Communications majors. Literature as a college major. Academically inclined siblings.

A professional writer. A professional con artist. Owning a telephone or other communication company. Known for being a source of information. Widely known for being a thief. Known for being androgynous. Known for being nervous and fidgety. Known for being articulate, bright, and quick. Known for creating a language and for playing with words and language. Known for a love of names. Known by many names and nicknames. Known for being a stickler about language. Known for having several identities. Known for being schizophrenic or having a split personality. Professional naming businesses. Known for being a chatterbox. Known for being shallow and superficial. A reputation for being witty, clever, and versatile. Inconsistent public standing. Having multiple simultaneous careers. Gaining a reputation for being a gossip. Gaining a reputation for being a jack of all trades. A career that demands a variety of versatile skills. The ability to adapt to changing professional conditions. Wanting a career that involves working with lively and stimulating people. Gaining a reputation as a stimulating conversationalist. A media mogul. Known for keeping up with the latest trends in writing, and other forms of communication. Known for being part of a network. An inability to stick to one career long enough to make any real progress. Two part-time jobs. Being known as a smarty pants.

Sororities. Fraternities. Scrabble club. Writers’ guilds. Screenwriters’ guilds. Book clubs. Literary friends. Intelligent friends and fans. Wanting to be the one to name clubs and organizations. Joining trendy causes. Supporting the latest humanitarian effort. Inconsistent interest in humanitarian efforts and causes. Fickle and superficial friends. Inconsistent friends. An element of trickery in friendships. Inconsistent involvement with friends. Quick changeovers in friendship. Witty and bright friends. Friends are stimulating conversationalists. Networking over the internet. Lots of internet friends. Flexible long term goals. Inconsistent effort toward reaching long term goals and dreams. Long term goals and dreams keep changing. Having a variety of long term goals. Inability to concentrate on one objective. Pursuing several long term goals at once. Fickle fans. Intelligent, quick, curious, and lighthearted friends and fans. Involvement in lighthearted humanitarian endeavors. Literary causes. Causes to improve communication. Attracting mobs of youthful, bright, and nosy people. Attracting groups of curious, restless, and clever people. Attracting groups of thieves. Attracting mobs of writers. Fans and friends with a short span of attention. Well-connected friends. Friends in the media. Wanting to be seen by friends and fans as curious, witty, bright, and clever.

Superficiality, fickleness, gossiping, and inconsistency are the self-undoing. A scattered mind is the self-undoing. A person who fears gossip. A secret personality disorder. Secretly loves games and playing with words. Where the dark twin hangs out. Feeling a kinship with a ghost. Mental asylums. Inwardly scattered and frayed. Secretly a thief. An inconsistent effort toward releasing past karma. An inability to engage feelings of sorrow and loss at a deep emotional level. Skimming the surface of subconscious habits and behavior patterns. A person who brings brightness and liveliness to interactions with inmates, the sick, and the mentally disturbed. An inwardly clever and adaptable person. In and out of mental institutions. Not liking to be alone. A fidgety and restless sleeper. Restless dreams. Deep inner restlessness. Fear of engaging your curiosity. A fear of people who are clever and bright. Dreaming up clever and intelligent ideas. Dreaming up clever innovations. Secretly wanting to be trendy and clever. Dreaming about playing the guitar. Secretly wishing you had manual dexterity. Secretly wishing you could juggle.

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