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Sagittarius Through the Houses in Astrology

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Sagittarius through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook.

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A larger than life personality. A jovial person with a bawdy sense of humor. A philosopher-clown. A wise-ass. Having a goofy sense of humor. Looking funny or goofy. Looking wise and learned. Outdoorsy. A person who wants to explore what life has to offer. A person who wants to expand beyond her current limitations. A person who wants to know what lies just beyond the horizon. A person who is not content to sit at home doing the same old things day after day. A person who expands his horizon through actual physical travel or via the mind, through books and ideas. A person who approaches life with good humor. Looking like an explorer. A person who is always on the move. A person who has homes in several countries. A person who moves around a lot. A person with a religious or philosophical viewpoint. Someone who pontificates. A philosopher. A person who is capable of enduring hardship with good humor. A person with a moral stance. A person with an opinion about everything. A person whose approach is blunt and tactless. A code of ethics is important to this person. A person whose life’s theme song is “Don’t Fence Me In.” Having a horsey appearance. Long legs. Big teeth. Physically outrageous. Physically funny looking. Approaching life with optimism. Having faith in life. Having faith in yourself. Self belief. Taking unnecessary risks. Arrogance. Approaching life from a place of self-righteousness. Trying to impose your opinions on everything in the environment. Overly opinionated. Having a strong need to be right. Believing that your approach is the right approach. Visionary people. A truthful person. Truthfulness at the expense of everything else. Having an opinion about everything.

Earning a living in a foreign country. Valuing the ethical treatment of animals. Exploration and adventure are survival needs. Traveling is a survival need. Earning a living from being goofy and funny. Earning a living by performing physical comedy. Collecting travel gear and paraphernalia. Collecting jokes. Valuing bawdy humor. Valuing the trip. Valuing freedom. Valuing exploration. Earning a living from exploring. Buying things that help expand your horizons. Saving money to take trips and vacations. Spending money on foreign travel. Having an opinion on how to spend money. Opinion about shopping. Spending money on religious items or relics. Having an opinion about financial security. Having an opinion on what constitutes a survival need. Having an opinion about values. Opinionated values. A philanthropist. A person who is wise with money. A person who is irresponsible with money. Expanding horizons through purchases. Expanding horizons by accumulating money. Expansive values. Moral and ethical values. Religious values. Valuing honesty, idealism and the truth. Valuing benevolence, philanthropy and generosity. Accumulating frequent flier miles. Owning anything that allows you to travel: a plane, a yacht, a boat, etc…

Writing, speaking, thinking and learning about religion. Religious siblings. Religious neighbors. A religious community or neighborhood. Writing, speaking, thinking and learning about foreign countries and cultures. Writing and speaking about ethics and morality. Having an opinion about basic education and teaching methods. Having an opinion about sibling relationships. Having strong opinions about books. Speaking philosophically. A philosophical thinker. Reading philosophy. Reading religious texts. Sunday school teacher. A dogmatic approach to education. Priest, rabbi, etc… Writing scholarly papers. The mind of a scholar. The mind of a philosopher. The mind of a religious person. Open-minded. The mind of an explorer. The mind of an adventurer. Keeping a travel journal. Keeping a travel blog. Thinking about the big picture. Missing the details. Enthusiastic communication. Speaking foreign languages. Speaking with an accent. A big talker. All talk and no action. Garrulous. Preaching to the choir. Standing on a soapbox. Talking about the big picture. Talking about visions. Talking about foreign countries and people of other cultures. Talking about philosophy. Preaching your beliefs to the people in the immediate environment. Broad-minded. Writing about culture. Writing about religion. Communicating big ideas to a small audience. Religious siblings. Growing up in a religious neighborhood. Sunday school. Parochial school. Going to a religious elementary school. Having an opinion about sibling relationships. Opinionated about education. Opinionated about writing. Opinionated about books. Adventurous language. Adventurous writing. Exploratory writing. An expansive mind. Truthful communication. Writing about animals. Writing about outdoor sports. Talking, writing and thinking about metaphysics. The metaphysical mind. Optimistic conversations. Conversations about religion and travel. The mind of a sage. A wise person. Someone who writes jokes. A comedian. A funny way of communicating. Cracking a smile while talking. Having a hard time getting your communication taken seriously. Exaggerating. Foreign correspondence.

Feeling at home with people of foreign cultures and religions. Feeling at home with people from other countries. Living with family members from other cultures. Living with family members from different religions or ideological backgrounds. Living abroad. A funny family. A religious family. A family of scholars. Bringing the outdoors in. Opinionated about family, home and country. Opinionated about what it means to feel secure. An idealistic person at the core. An irresponsible person at the core. A freedom loving person at the core. An adventurer at the core. A truthful family. A family of outspoken, blunt and insensitive people. A person who wants to live with animals. A person who feels comfortable with animals. A person who feels comfortable with expansion. A person who feels comfortable ethics and morality. A person who feels comfortable with the truth. A person who contains an innate sense of hope, optimism and faith. A person who contains an innate sense of freedom at the core. At the very core this person resists all encroachments on his freedom. A person who may have difficulty feeling tied down to home and family. A person who wishes to be free of his family. A “family” based on shared ideals and morals. A wise understanding of home, family and country. A wise understanding of heritage and roots. A wise understanding of your mother. A privately wise and philosophical person. Having a foundation based on idealism, optimism and hope. Privately adventurous. Privately sage-like. Privately funny. The sense of humor comes out among family. Finding emotional security in freedom. Finding emotional security in being outspoken and truthful. Speaking the truth makes you feel secure. Standing by your code of morality and ethics makes you feel secure. Privately wise. The family is a joke. An armchair traveler. An armchair explorer. An adventurous decorating style. Bringing the outdoors in. A relaxed and informal atmosphere at home. Moving from house to house. Living in a movable house. Never settling down. Bohemians.

Going overboard with hobbies and interests. Going overboard with sports. Long distance traveling for fun and pleasure. Long distance traveling for romance. Romances with people of foreign cultures. Enthusiastic about foreign sports teams. Romances with religious zealots. Journalism is fun. Scholarly pursuits are fun. Academia is fun. Art that makes a big impact. Big romances. Larger than life sports. Larger than life interests and hobbies. Philosophy is fun. Opinionated about children. Opinionated about sports. Opinionated about art. Opinion about gambling and risk-taking. Opinionated about partying. Opinionated about hobbies and interests. A condescending attitude toward children. An overzealous gambler. Romances with explorers and adventurers. Romances in foreign countries. Romances with blunt, outspoken, insensitive people. Goofy fun. Over the top fun. A philosophical attitude to children. A philosophical attitude to art. A party animal. Wanting to explore everything that romance and fun have to offer. Wanting to explore everything that a party has to offer. An exuberantly creative person. An exuberantly self-expressive person. Showing benevolence to children. A generous gambler. A risky gambler. Taking risks at parties. Taking risks with children. Irresponsible with children. Seeking wisdom through involvement with sports. Seeking wisdom through self-expression and theatrics. Seeking wisdom through excessive partying. Partying as a path to wisdom and exploration. Dionysus and Bacchus. Treating romance like a joke. Treating sports like a joke. Making fun of sports figures, romantic partners and children. Romantic getaways.

Seeking wisdom through involvement with sports. Seeking wisdom through health and diet exploration. Diets that expand the mind. Breaking through limitations in health and diet routines. Breaking through limitations imposed by working conditions. An expansive viewpoint concerning health and diet. An expansive viewpoint concerning everyday routines and habits. An inability to focus on mundane chores. Over eating. Gluttony. Loving the food of other cultures. An adventurous diet. An adventurous exercise program. An adventurous workplace. Adventurous coworkers and employees. Wise employees and coworkers. Employees and coworkers with an expansive viewpoint. Owning horses. Working on a horse farm. Wanting to be free of restrictions at work. Wanting to be free of health and diet restrictions. Someone who does not take her health seriously. Thinking that taking care of your health is a joke. Someone who thinks that work is a joke. Someone who thinks that pulling her own weight in daily chores is a joke. Exaggerating health issues. Exaggerating work issues.

Looking for a partner with a fantastic sense of humor. A religious spouse or partner. Going into business with a religious person. Going into business with someone from a different country. Going into business with someone from a different culture or religion. Confrontations with religious zealots. Confrontations with opinionated, dogmatic, arrogant people. Confrontations with adventurous scholars. Confrontations with wise philosophers. Confrontations with blunt and tactless people. A partner or spouse who is blunt and tactless. A partner or spouse who is optimistic, freedom-loving and adventure-seeking. A partner or spouse who loves animals and the great outdoors (even if he doesn’t spend any time outdoors or with animals, he likes the idea of them). A partner who is always on the move. A partner who doesn’t want to be pinned down. A significant other who won’t commit. A condescending partner. A spouse who doesn’t take the marriage seriously. Treating marriage like a joke. A dogmatic partner. A partner with strong ethical, moral and religious values. A partner who is wise and open-minded. A partner who is interested in metaphysics. Marrying a gambler. Marrying someone who takes unnecessary risks. Marrying a member of the clergy. Marrying a guru. Marrying an adventurous, athletic, sportsperson. Marrying an explorer. Marrying an open-minded truth-seeker. Confrontations with religious people. Confrontations with dogmatic, opinionated people. Confrontations with condescending and pompous people. Traveling with the partner. The partner is from a foreign country. The partner is from a different religious or cultural background. Confrontations with religion. Confrontations with foreign countries. Confrontations with people of other cultures. Marrying an outdoorsy type. Marrying a cafe philosopher. Marrying a foreign diplomat. Exaggerating confrontations.

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Sagittarius through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook . . .

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Travel publications. Religious publications. Travel guides. Travel gurus. Missionaries. Happy go lucky adventures. Religious guides. Longing to visit faraway places. Studying abroad. Studying foreign cultures. Majoring in foreign relations. Foreign laws. Foreign schools. Getting a foreign education. A pilot. A foreign correspondent. Studying a foreign language in the country it is spoken. Studying foreign customs in the countries they are practiced. A religious scholar. A foreign journalist. Open-minded about religion and foreign customs. Open-minded journalist. A pompous, condescending journalist. Teachers of metaphysics. Consciousness-expanding trips. Long upbeat journeys. Gambling in foreign countries. Finding meaning in travel. Finding meaning in higher education. Finding meaning in academia. Finding meaning in religion. Finding meaning through interactions with foreign cultures. Believing is wisdom. Believing in laughter and humor. A philosophy of good humor. Religion informs your life. The lifestyle of a globe trotter. Believing in movement. Having faith. An optimistic philosophy of life. Idealizing other countries and their customs. Idealizing religion. Blind faith in religious doctrine. Blind faith in academia. Blind faith in law.

Foreign ambitions. Cultural ambitions. Wanting to be in a career that allows for physical and mental movement. A career that allows for, and encourages, stretching the mind. A person who is widely known for being philosophical. A person who is widely known for talking about the big issues. A person who is widely known for having an opinion on religion. A person who is widely known for being wise. A person who is widely known for being frank, outspoken and blunt. An inability to keep your mouth closed over career issues. Outspoken about people in power, ambition and career. Outspoken about reputation, recognition and societal status. Telling the truth about people in power. Holding people in power to moral and ethical standards. Having an opinion about people who are ambitious. Using the career as a platform to broadcast your ethical, moral or religious stance. Using the career as a platform to broadcast your philanthropic ambitions. Adventurous ambitions. Moral ambitions. Religious ambitions. Using the career to broadcast your philosophical stance. A broadcaster. An adventurer. An explorer. A world traveler. Known for having an open and expansive mind. Known for exploring the metaphysical ideas and concepts. Widely known for being pompous and condescending. Widely known for needing to move around. Widely known for a love of travel.

Open-minded about friends and strangers. Having an abundance of friends from different religious or cultural backgrounds. Religious friends. Religious fans. Religious groups. Groups, associations and organizations for journalists. Outspoken for or against groups and causes. Outspoken about organizations and unions. Blunt and insensitive toward friends and fans. Blunt and insensitive friends and fans. A condescending attitude toward friends and fans. A condescending attitude toward groups and organizations. Philanthropic organizations. Groups of friends that enjoy hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, and other sports. Groups of sporty, outdoorsy friends. Friends who are philosophers. Groups of friends who sit around coffee shops discussing books and philosophizing. Long term goals for travel and adventure. Long term goals for journalism. Long term goals for law. Long term goals for religion. Long term goals for truth, ethics and morality. Opinionated about group involvements. Opinionated about people with long term goals and wishes. Opinionated about friendships. Imposing your religious, moral or ethical standards onto your friends. Imposing your ideals onto your friends, acquaintances or group involvements. Forming groups of people with similar ethical values. Forming groups of people with similar moral values. Forming groups of people with a similar philosophy. Groups of like-minded people who go exploring together. Groups of like-minded people who go on travel adventures together. Meeting friends abroad. Having a lot of friends from foreign countries or who live in foreign countries. Having a lot of friends and acquaintances. Travel clubs. Yacht clubs.

Wanderlust, blind faith and self-righteousness are the self-undoing. Condescension, pomposity and excess are the self-undoing. Being tactless and impractical is the self-undoing. Religious over-zealousness is the self-undoing. A person who moves around a lot while sleeping. A person who likes to sleep with the windows open. A person who likes to sleep outside. A person who is afraid of being trapped in one place for too long. Opinionated about meditation and spiritual practices. Opinionated about sleeping habits. Opinionated about karma and secret affairs. Opinionated about institutions like hospitals, prisons and museums. Metaphysical spirituality. An expansive subconscious. Exploring the subconscious. Inwardly dogmatic. Inwardly irresponsible. Inwardly freedom loving. Inwardly idealistic. Restless legs syndrome. Someone with a deep inner need to keep moving around. Restlessness is the self-undoing. The need for freedom is the self-undoing. Fear of being depressed. Fear of religion. Xenophobia. Reaching expansive states through meditation. A meditation teacher. Meditation gurus.

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