Degree Meanings Astrology Report

The degrees of your natal planets according to 11 different authors.

Degree Meanings Astrology Report

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The Degree Meanings Report includes the degrees of your natal chart for the Sun through Pluto, plus your Ascendant and Midheaven, by eleven different authors. This report includes the Sabian Symbols and other symbols. Authors include Rudhyar, Marc Edmond Jones, Charubel and David Cochrane.

The theory that each degree of the zodiac has a different meaning has been existed for hundreds of years. Given in the Degree Meanings Report are the interpretations of each zodiac degree according to 11 different sources. You can decide for yourself which interpretation or symbol is the most accurate and useful.

Some of the interpretations were derived through extensive research, some through intuition, and some through a combination of research and astrological theory.

This report is a good companion to meditation and creative work.

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