Fixed Stars Astrology Report


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The Fixed Stars Astrology Report includes:

  • Explore your natal planets in aspect to 349 fixed stars.with this packed report!
  • This report includes the Behenian Stars, and Royal Stars. Learn more starlore than you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Gain appreciation for the constellations, and discover the myths that correspond to your astrological placements.
  • Discover cross-cultural myths about the heavens.
  • 3 degree orb
  • Interpretations of nearly every fixed star that has been given an astrological name to the planets, Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC, when that star is within a 3 degree orb to your placements.

*Your report will be delivered to you by email within 24 hours of receiving your birth data and payment. You will fill in your birth data at checkout.

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Agatha (verified owner)

Lots of detail, good information


Very detailed and deeply fascinating!

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