Fixed Stars Astrology Report


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The Fixed Stars report includes:

Detailed descriptions of your planets conjunct 349 fixed stars. This report includes your natal chart with an array of fixed stars using a 2 degree 30′ orb.

This report interprets conjunctions of nearly every fixed star that has been given an astrological name to the planets, Asc, MC, 7th house cusp, and 4th cusp. Each interpretation given in this report is based on extensive research on the historical astrological meanings and myths associated with the fixed stars.

A list of notable people who have the same conjunction aspect as you do is also given.

This comprehensive analysis of the influence of the fixed stars combined with a list of notable people who also have this aspect provides you with extensive information, and hopefully astrologers who use this report can use this information to develop an even more refined and clearer understanding of the meaning of every fixed star.

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