The Strength of the Degrees in Your Astrology Chart

The Coffee Bean Theory of Gradation

Antero Alli’s book, Astrologik: The Oracular Art of Astrology, offers a unique analogy between the degrees of a sign and the strength of coffee. He calls it The Coffee Bean Theory of Gradation.

  • 0-5 degrees of a sign: the green berry still growing on the stalk
  • 6-10 degrees of a sign: harvested & roasted beans yield a cup of joe
  • 11-15 degrees of a sign: darker roast of the stronger, richer coffees
  • 16-20 degrees of a sign: pressurized distillation of various espressos
  • 21-25 degrees of a sign: dense Turkish-style espresso essences
  • 26-29 degrees of a sign: densest grind of the black residual espresso

Where do your planets fall in this scale?

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I am a 29 degree 59 min Scorpio Sun. Yeah, right?…Sag Rising, Sag Moon, Mercury in Sag. Even Part of Fortune in Sag. …. Pluto, in Virgo, intercepted in 9th…. Been trying to figure out… Was I supposed to “be a Sag”… Basically, I have been living a double life.. ..kind of… Horse, Higher education… WANTING and needing FREEDOM but… EVENTUALLY, settling down to marry… but, the relationship is NOT what I would have … ever accepted… but still in it…after over 3 decades.. together…. but only 25 married… and yes, that double life is there… freedom vs… commitment …. but that commitment to a very difficult VIRGO… with Pluto /Mars conjunct the Sun…. it is like I am torturing my self on purpose. I think, Anaretic degrees and interceptions are a real biggy in interpretation…. and how they play out in life… I have tried my best to DO the best by my placements… but…

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