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Pallas Athene’s Nature and Deeds

An excerpt from The Greek Myths by Robert Graves about the goddess Athene (aka Pallas Athene)

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Pallas Athene #2

  • Goddess of Wisdom
  • Pallas
  • Pallas Athene
  • Athene's Nature and Deeds
  • Born of her father Jupiter / Zeus’s head. Zeus swallowed the goddess Metis, who gave him counsel from his belly. One day, he had a raging headache, and Athene was born from his head.
    • Jupiter / Zeus’s favorite child
    • Never met her mother, Metis
  • Never lost a battle with Mars (Ares)
  • Flayed the skin from the Gorgon, Medusa, after Perseus beheaded her
    • She took the blood of Medusa and divided it between herself and the great healer, Asclepius
      • Asclepius used the blood to heal and raise the dead
      • Athene used it to start wars and take life
  • Daughter of Jupiter (Zeus)
  • Daughter of of the Titan, Metis
  • Roman counterpart to Greek goddess Minerva
  • Sworn enemy of Medusa
  • Virgin
  • Had to tone down her brilliance
  • Wise counselor
  • Owls & snakes surround her as symbols of her wisdom & gift of prophecy
  • Exceptional manual dexterity as patroness of weaving
  • The ability to perceive whole patterns
  • Strategic thinker & planner

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