Venus in Virgo, the Ascendant and Fashion Choices

venus in virgo

Three people with Venus in Virgo and their style.

  • Leo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Cancer rising: Everyday conservative style, likes solid colors, no logos or prints. Wants to be comfortable and warm. Loves fleece.
  • Virgo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Capricorn rising: Classic-conservative style, likes solid colors, no logos or prints. Would wear a tailored suit daily if he could afford to.
  • Leo Sun, Venus in Virgo, Scorpio rising– very particular, likes feminine clothing, adores tiny precise floral prints, flowing fabric, and muted mauve, peach, taupe, and brown. Not conservative- edgy. Has dyed jet-black hair and wears deep red lipstick and nail polish every day.
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