The 11th House: Amassing a Following and Becoming an Icon


Like-Minded Individuals

sonic-bloomIf you have planets in the 11th house then it’s important for you to associate with people who share your interests.

The 11th house shows a loose association of people with a shared interest who may not know each other at all outside of the shared interest.

Today, words that describe group members are “followers” or “friends.” Social networks allow you to friend or follow essential strangers based on similar likes, creating groups of people with a shared interest who barely know each other.

Your best friends are shown by the 7th house. Internet friends and loose acquaintances are shown by the 11th house.

Shared Interests: The 11th House Versus the 5th House

If you have planets in the 11th house then you have interests that you want to share with other people.

The 5th house shows where you develop interests. You develop interests to a point then you have to take them out into the world and share them with other people. You are no longer content to indulge in private personal expression; you need to interact with the world at large.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame

Amassing a Following

If you have an 11th house emphasis then you enjoy interacting with people who have similar interests, yet you have a strong and unique opinion about that mutual interest.

This strength of opinion about the topic of interest makes the 11th house person stand out from the crowd while being a part of it.

The 11th house is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus showing elements of conformity and individuality in all planets placed here.

Sometimes this ability to stand out from the crowd while being a part of it enables the 11th house person to amass and sustain a following.

Undeniable Mass Appeal

Moon in the 11th house: Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Lennon and McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Lee, James Dean, Tori Amos, George Clooney, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks, Thomas Jefferson, Venus Williams, George Carlin and Pamela Anderson.

Sun in the 11th house: Robert Pattinson, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Michael Jordan, George Washington, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor and the Olsen twins.

The Potential to Be Popular

Sometimes the appeal of the 11th house person overshadows the original group, movement, or interest that initially attracted people to it. The 11th house person can gain popularity to the point that he or she becomes the group.

It’s possible for the 11th house person to become a group – the 11th house person is the shared interest.

The Potential to Become an Icon


Beyond being merely popular, the 11th house person has the potential to become an icon.
Most of the people on the 11th house Sun/Moon list have catapulted beyond popularity into the status of icon.

Despite the fact that some have been dead for decades, and even centuries, their popularity endures.

Some, like Elvis Presley, with Jupiter in the 11th house, amass true believers – people who still believe he is alive and erect churches in his name. Some, like Kurt Cobain, also with Jupiter in the 11th house, become reluctant icons.

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  • Gloria

    Oh cool! Wanna see mine?
    I have a stellium of 7 planets in sagittarius, divided in the 10th and 11th houses. Although one time on a vedic chart they were all in the 11th house. Sometimes i wonder if my hopes and dreams are attainable or just silly lol

    • They are only attainable if you pursue them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • veenaval

    Oh boy my Sun, mercury, venus, jupiter and uranus are in Aquarius in the 11th house am I gonna die young (judging by having Jupiter in the 11th like Elvis and Kurt Kobain)

    • Only if you want to 🙂 Take steps to avoid it if you don’t want to. I doubt their diet and drug habits helped their situations.

      • Jonah

        You should Become an icon. Did you know that what you just said about
        you dying young inspired me to start living as if this minute is my last
        minute. Weird huh? I know, but it is what it is.
        Think about it. You are a source of inspiration by just being in existance (11th house) !!

  • Kushiel

    I have a 6 planet and 2 comet stellium in my 11th house.

    21/oct/1979 146e58 36s44

    Was looking at a bit of Julie Cunninghams work to do with the subject.
    Other than Chiron the bottom half of my chart is bare.

    would love some expert info, i find it very hard to understand my chart in its compactness.

    • Kushiel

      Apon further reading I see you use whole house systems. I have redrawn my chart in a whole house system and found my stellium split in half.
      In fact i spent the whole night awake looking at this new/ancient method of drawing up the houses.
      I still have Uranus, mercury, Venus, Ixion and Quaoar in the 11th house but Im pretty sure that comets do not create stelliums.

      So should i thank you’, without a direct answer ( I read all your comments to others and saw your whole house system comments) for pointing me in the direction of something that, while devistating me to the core and divesting me of my specialness, cleared up my some of my difficulties in looking at my chart.

      • Hi Kushiel,

        Using whole signs can be a shock, but ultimately, it’s not “right.” Every house system has a different perspective, as if you asked 10 different people to tell you what they think of you … each one will say something different, and point out different strengths and weaknesses, yet none of them would be “right.”

        • Kushiel

          what do you make of the chart? I never could work out the meaning of that giant stellium in there.

          • AstroFix

            You were born on a New Moon which points to new beginnings. With a stellium in the 11th house, you should feel issues of social reform strike you in the heart. The ruler of the north node is Mercury, in the 11th house, which further emphasizes that your direction of growth is to find common ground with others.

  • nikkilady

    I have a stellium in the 11th House–Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, Neptune and Jupiter in Sagittarius. I’m an Aquarius rising, and my moon sign is Aquarius too. What happens when someone’s Mercury is retrograded and in the 11th House.

    • Deep thought on the issues surrounding organizations, corporations, and the aligning of individuals to accomplish large goals.

  • Kim Luu

    I have stellium in house 11 too, but unfortunately, they are Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in Capricorn. Rather than standing in spot light, I’d prefer to live behind of the stage. 🙂

    • Hi Kim Luu,

      Is your ascendant Aquarius or Capricorn?

  • AnaMae

    Hiya Michelle! I have a stellium in my 11th house, with 6 planets in that house (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), and all in Taurus as well! I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find information on how to interpret this, and was wondering what your take on it would be? Any information and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 🙂

  • Weird HP

    I have Saturn in 11th house?

  • J

    Hey Michelle, do you have any particular thoughts about an exact Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the 11th house? And for someone’s whose chart ruler is Neptune?

    • You have Pisces rising? Where is Jupiter?

      • J

        Libra, in the 8th house, squaring the conjunction in the 11th, albeit loosely, with an 8 degree orb. The square from Venus, also in Libra in the 7th, to Uranus-Neptune is much tighter, I’ve always taken it more seriously and felt it more accutely in my life. But maybe I’ve not looked enough into the expression of Jupiter square Uranus-Neptune.

  • Dream4youPublishings

    Have you ever seen the effects of part of fortune in 11th house?

    • Hi Dream4youPublishings,

      I can’t say I’ve looked into the effects of the Part of Fortune in the 11th house as it relates to creating a following.

  • JoiePod

    Hi M,

    Curious about how the North (NN) + South Node (SN) would work here. 11th house is fully loaded in Aries with Jupiter, the Moon-that-BiQuintiles Uranus (5th house), & Chiron, plus 6 more aspects like Lilith Inconjunct NN. 5th house is Scorpio 14° with Uranus 6° – and Pluto is there to, but in Libra 11°.


    + Since the 11th house contains many rewards as you have written–especially benefitsfrom Jupiter–should all of this be ignored by solely following the evolution of North Node in Scorpio?

    + Are the nodes ‘always’ in a opposite sign – even if the chart does not have the sign present? Traditionally, Scorpio Node is associated with Taurus. However, Taurus is not activated as part of the chart whatsoever (no house, + no planets in that sign). Rather, the 11th contains Aries as noted above.

    + Traditional views of NN/SN in opposite signs doesn’t seem to allow that some charts may have a different sign on the opposite sides. Treating Taurus as the SN seems like a disconnect from the literal chart, which has Aries directly across.

    Anyhow, your thoughts on this will be most appreciated.


  • Tee

    What about mars in the 11th??

    • Leader of the pack but you might now want to be in the limelight depending on where your Sun is.

  • Nikki

    I meant sun sextile saturn n uranus in 2nd house ,not trine.

  • Nikki

    I have sun and mercury in libra in 11 house but I have very few friends. Wonder if something is wrong with me ? Lol I do have a lot of goals n always work toward them however. I don’t think micheal Jackson or angelina jolie seem like the type that have many friends either.. What’s your thought on it?

    • Where are saturn, uranus, and pluto, and what kind of aspects do they make?

      • Nikki

        Pluto in scorpio 12 house. Saturn and uranus conjunct in sagitarrius 2nd house makes trine to sun in libra 11th house. 11th house starts with virgo then the rest is libra. I read somewhere in Vedic astrology sun in 11th house tends to burn off friends lol, I think if u look at ppl with sun in 11th house can be famous but their close friends are not many? Angelina, Beyoncé, micheal Jackson and ashley olsen seem to be that type.

  • Mnemosyne

    This is quite fascinating. I became very interested in Astrology in January of this year, and have been really curious about what my Pluto in the 11th house means for me. I am a Singer/Songwriter and am a very introverted and reclusive person and keep very few friends. I am also very frightened of the stage,but I love writing/creating/singing music. I have let it hold me back in life. In the immortal words of Kurt Cobain “I am worst at what I do best, and for this gift I feel blessed”. I currently have my progressed MC about 5 orbs or less away from my Pluto, and transiting Uranus is about 4 degrees away from my Progressed IC. Any idea what this might mean for a natal Pluto in the 11th? Are my dreams of a music career officially going to be DOA? lol Or is there any positive spin to this? I am hoping to eventually have my own little eccentric cult following for my work one day…….sigh

    • A cult following is a good goal with pluto in the 11th … truly passionate, obsessive fans! Have you read the book Tribes by Seth Godin? If you have not, I recommend it.

      • Mnemosyne

        No I have never read Tribes by Seth Godin, but I will have to check it out! It sounds interesting, thanks for the recommendation. I am also an Aquarius sun w/ Uranus conjunct my Ascendant and have birth path 1. I hope I can leave my mark and make a small difference somewhere.

  • leticia

    buena pagina!!!me identifico mucho.tengo el sol en tauro,luna,mercurio,venus y marte en aries casa 11 un stellium.tengo muchos amigos artistas,futbolistas, q esta relacionados al arte,grupos, etc.mi pareja es musico lo conoci en un grupo donde yo iba a bailar.mi gran sueño q espero cumplir es ayudar a personas necesitadas en grupos humanitarios,animales etc

    • Un suena perfecto para tus colocaciones!

  • Malina

    in this case, I will be very very popular !!! :)) In my 11th house there are 4 planets and 2 asteroids 1. the sun, 2.Mercury ( sextile Uranus, trine Pluton, sextile ascendant, sextile meadheaven) 3. Mars ( conjuction Mercury, sextile Venus, sextile Uranus,sextile Neptun,trine Pluto,sextile ascendant,sextile meadheaven) 4.. Jupiter ( square Pluto, square ascendant) 5. Pallas 6. Ceres

    • Do you want to be popular? How does Venus fare in your chart?

  • kitty

    Hi, Michelle. Jupiter in Aquarius in 5th w/ Capon the house and Saturn in Cancer in the 10th. Moon is in Cancer in 11th, (ruler of 11th in 11th).  I tell myself I’m doing local theater as a hobby, but I know better.  Do you think these aspects would help aid one in this profession?

    • The moon shows someone who is very sensitive to her audience. Jupiter in Aquarius gives the ability to entertain in a far out way…sure they could help

  • Saskiia

    Mercury, Mars, Pluto in the 11th – with Moon bordering 10th/11th.

    All aforementioned planets in Scorpio. Oh, & North Node is 11th/12th. What would that indicate?

    • You might want to lead the group, you might issues with controlling or being controlled by groups. You might like to be involved in secret societies – you know with secret passwords and handshakes.

  • Sun, Moon and Venus in 11th house… is this good or bad? Coz im gonna be an icon anyway… hehehehe

    • You like group adoration 🙂

  • Kai

    A dumb question – Why isn’t the 5th house the popular house aren’t Leos the popular one in the zodiac?

    • I haven’t noticed a connection between the 5th house and popularity. Fifth house people are usually party people and they like to entertain and be entertained – but they do it with or without an audience. The 5th house might like an entourage, but they don’t need an entourage (unless there are planets in the 11th house, or connections to the 11th house). Anyway, that’s what I’ve observed. Leos that I know usually have a small group of loyal people that they hang out with – a mutual admiration society. That seems to limit how big a group they appeal to.

      • amoureuse

        i agree with the entourage thing with 11th house. i feel more secure if there are people behind my back or around me who take care of my needs. moon here on 11th. i dont know why. even  at home, i grew up with nannies around the house.

        • I have some ideas about the 11th house and “taking care of other people’s kids.” I think there’s a link with nannies, babysitters, foster parents/kids, adoptive parents, etc…

          • amoureuse

            ah… yep that too resonate with me. my family, we use to take care of other people’s kids out of compassion. relative’s kids, neighbor kids etc etc… i am having this thought of doing some humanitarian work that involves about kids. like what audey hepburn did to unicef. i hve a deep compassion about it. moon sqaring chiron i guess. in the future.. long long term future. for now, i am focussing on having kids on my own.

          • Kai

            I think so too, people have commented on how good I am with children. And i thought that was from my Moon in Cancer. Btw, my chart looks alot like Robert Pattinson’s – Sun in Taurus in the 11th house, Cancer Ascendant, and Moon in Cancer also most other planets are the same since I’m just year older than he is. (not cool)

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  • I read this article for the first time today.
    Excellent article, again. lol 😛

    I have Sag on the cusp. No planets in there.Guess I’m not popular nor an icon nor will I become one. Oh well! haha I have an empty house.  At the end of the day, would I want to be famous? Probably not.

    p.s. Can I quote the part about the possible progression from popular into icon status? Nice insights!! Especially this one: “It’s possible for the 11th house person to become a group – the 11th house person is the shared interest.” You put in words what I was just grasping at… 🙂

    p.p.s. Plan on coming back to the houses? I have 3 and 9 left to do. Going to get that done by end of week. Yay!! And thanks for the idea on doing a ‘series’ of something… I wasn’t aware you had started work on the houses yet… I like this kind of article from you but I get the impression readers really like the ‘brainstorming’ ones… Well, I love both anyway… like candy!

    • Hi 🙂

      Yes, you can use that quote.

      I definitely have plans to come back to the houses. One of the great things about having astrology as a blog topic is that there is no end of stuff to write about!

      I like writing ‘regular’ articles as well as the brainstorming articles. The thing with the regular articles is that I feel like you have to keep them very tight and focused. People tend to skim and scan when reading on the internet. It’s hard to say everything in as few words as possible. 

      Where is the ruler of your 11th house?

      • Thanks!
        Jupiter rules it because Sag is on the cusp but I don’t have planets in the house though I have a lot transiting the 11th right now.  Jupiter Libra is in the 9th.

        I finished the series so until the new year, I just plan to write about what interests me at the time.
        You are an exceptional writer and your writing is quite focused and tight, really nice!  Though I wonder what you would produce if you went all out (if that was an interest of yours).


        • Though I wonder what you would produce if you went all outworking on it.

          • I don’t think that came out right.  I was thinking about that comment (Virgo) and you caught it!! :-D.  What I meant by that was… a full book about anything but in particular astrology. You know… traditional style with introduction, chapters, etc.. *grin* — “going all out”…

      • LB

        Good thing I like to read comments because I’m discovering a lot of good posts I missed the first time around.   I always learn something new. 🙂

        My natal 11th is empty but is ruled by the Moon – my 5th house Aquarius Moon squares my Scorpio Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune on the cusp of the 3rd, opposes 12th house Uranus and is quincunx my 12th house Pluto (and there’s more).  Like Abella, I have absolutely no desire to be  a guru (I’d like to remain behind the scenes), but I do wish I had a greater ability to influence the collective on a spiritual/social level – or at least to provoke others into thinking about things a little bit differently, a little more mindfully and a little more independently, and to be less influenced by the world and more by their  internal connections – which is why I wouldn’t want to be just another guru that people mindlessly follow.  Then I’d be part of the problem.:(

        Now I’m wondering if this has to do with my 11th house ruler and aspects.  Or maybe it has more to do with my natal 12th house Pluto moving into the progressed 11th.   It’s food for thought. 🙂

        • LB

          I just realized the irony of thinking and talking about the 11th house on 11/11/11.   I also realized (right after I commented) that what I wrote makes sense in light of the fact that ruler of my natal 3rd (Pluto) is in the progressed 11th.  It also explains why I don’t particularly enjoy the limelight but still feel compelled to speak, and also why I spent so many years working with kids (I read your earlier comment). 

          I love it when a lightbulb goes on in my head!  Considering what a dark day it is where I am, there sure are lots of “light” references in my comments today – lol!

        • With the ruler of your 11th house in the 5th house, any of your group involvements serve to enhance your own personal self-expression and creative unfolding. Wanting to change the world might be more of a 10th house thing.

          • LB

            “Wanting to change the world might be more of a 10th house thing.”

            My MC does have a *lot* going on.  🙂 

  • amoureuse

    oh my…i just read this… i got moon in aquarius house… er… maybe this is the reason why i am hoked with facebooking and y website has attracted visitors all over the world… hahahhahh places like georgia, russia, luxembourg, india, china, us, japan, brazil etc etc… lol… will i become an icon? icon for what?

    • It’s hard to say what might make you an icon. I’d look at the rulers of the 11th house (Saturn and Uranus if Aquarius is on the cusp) and which house the Moon rules.

      • amoureuse

        oh no mich.. i dont know what u mean about ruller of the 11 house saturn and uranus if aquarious is ont he cusp… and what od u men but which house the moon rules.. its confusing to me.. sorry i need more instruction…  im a bit slow with technialites. heheheh thanks..

        • amoureuse
          • The link expired before I got a chance to look at it.

            • amoureuse
              • Lol … it expired again!

                • amoureuse

                  ugh! anyway, ill postit again coz im eager to know your answer…

                  thank you! xoxo

                  • I normally don’t do this.. but, a quick look … you could become an icon through hard work. The ruler of the 11th house (Saturn) is conjunct Mars (ruler of the 1st house), both in the 6th house. Both Mars and Saturn square your Sun showing the need to keep yourself up to standards while also challenging yourself. Uranus is co-ruler of the 11th house, and place in the 8th – paintings that have a unusual approach to fringe/occult/taboo topics could be good. Having the Moon in Aquarius in the 11th house shows the potential for wide public appeal. 

                    You have a crazy number of Moon trines!

                    • amoureuse

                      wow… thank you so much, michelle! for always being so generous… hard work it is because i always prefer to play than to work… for me its easy to distract myself than to sit and do a focus work… though when i do something, i always have this inner standard that i always want to live up to… i practice yoga it feels likework even if i am just doing it at home. just recently, i started learning how to sing, on my own. its funny bec i have this reputation amongst my family that i cud never ever hit a right tune. they always make fun of me… but lo and behold, i tried to practice it everyday then after 1 week, we had a get together, and they got all surprise coz i suddenly know how to sing?! im also shocked with myself.. i have no idea in the past that i cud do it… not sure but its maybe because uranus is transiting my 12th house and saturn is in my 6th house. when it comes to my painting, as ive said i have no experience with it at all. im only practicing it everyday, feeling it and try to share it with like minded people thats why i blog them out. i am looking forward to the day when i could actually paint in a real canvas and feel confident doing it with myself… i have this crazy feeling inside when i paint that says i could express anything and everything esp those things that cannot be expressed with words or those things that well, you said it “taboo” in the society… before i started painting i felt uncomfortable expressing my inner most thoguhts or feelings in writing because im afraid i wont be accepted or i understood. but now… welll ive learned and realized that art isn’t all about being accepted nor getting popularity. its all about self expression and thats about it. the transformation i felt or experience during that creation process is the end of it all… again, mich, i am grateful for ur help and insight.. it keeps me sane…. hheehhhe =) thank you so much! xoxo

                    • amoureuse

                      one more question: ive been reading about linda goodman’s star signs and one thing that caught my attention somewhere in the pages of the book, is when she said “SQUARES” poses an opportunity. since square has 90 degrees in astrology (not sure if this is correct) and number 9 is considered a financial number according to her. i want to know your thoughts about this. i have a theory… me thinks that because squares gives this stressful feeling, the individual who is experiencing it tries to find a way to release the release by doing some activity and that includes developing certain talents. of course this is just my theory. its what ive experienced. what do u think, mich?

                    • That’s strange about 9 being a financial number. I’m not an expert on numerology, but I thought that 8 was the financial number and that 9 was endings.

                      squares gives this stressful feeling, the individual who is experiencing it tries to find a way to release the release by doing some activity and that includes developing certain talents. 

                      Totally agree. You have to do something to relieve the pressure.

                    • amoureuse

                      well thats waht i read form linda goodman. btu its interesting though.. its really interesting and if u look at it closely.. it kinda makes sense because.. since 90 equals stressful aspect in astrology and 90 equals number 9 in numerology, it could be an opportunity if people turn it into some skill or talents or whatsoever… also according to linda, 8 isnt a good number… it is associated with death or someting like that.. 9 on the other hand is associated with aggression or something like tht… i got moon square chiron and i find singing therapeutic.. as well as writing.. and i got lots of squares to my sun too.. i gues this doesnt give me any choice but to develop my talents…

                    • That’s strange. I’m definitely not going to argue with Linda Goodman, and there are different number systems. 

                      In Feng Shui 4 is associated with death because the pronunciation in one of the Chinese languages makes it sound like the word “death.” The number 8 in Feng Shui is associated with prosperity because it sounds like “luck” (I think). In the tarot, 9 is the number of the Hermit and tends to show quiet study, solitude and endings. The number 8 can be either Justice or Strength in the tarot depending on which deck you use.

                    • amoureuse

                      ah so its different then… coz it says there when u add 4 its 8.

  • dollsizedpistol

    I have Pluto only in the 11th (it’s my only thing above the horizon except Chiron in 7th) so I checked out what famous people have it too. It’s an interesting group, including some of the people you named like Paul McCartney, Elvis, and Michael Jackson. Plus Einstein, Van Gogh, Harrison Ford and a bunch of actresses with Pluto/Uranus (Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry).

    The list of people with only Pluto in 11th is interesting: Lady Gaga, Woody Allen, Picasso, President Sarkozy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Jennifer Aniston, Maya Angelou, Indira Gandhi, Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johannsen, Denzel Washington.

    • Pluto in the 11th has the potential to have a powerful effect on large groups of people- either positively or negatively, in a polarizing or healing way.

  • Hi A- D-,

    I don't know if I am the first to make this connection- somehow, I doubt it 😉 There are so many astrology articles on the internet and I certainly haven't read them all.

    I'm using the tropical zodiac right now but I would be open to switching to sidereal at any point if I begin to see that it is more accurate.

    Thank you for reading 😀

  • A- D-

    Hello Michelle !

    It's really refreshing to read this new perspective on the eleventh house !

    Of course, great thinking to put social networking/shared interests/icons in there ! I'm just an amateur observer so I don't come up with my own research. Are you the first making this analogy ?

    Are you on the Tropical or the Sidereal zodiac ?

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  • Anonymous

    Great article!

  • I think that “friends without boundaries” is a great term too. The internet has to be an 11th house activity. You have a strong 11th. We both have the ruler of the 11th in the 11th which, I think, translates to “friends for friendship’s sake.

    Progressed Saturn is a drag. I’ve had pSaturn conjunct pMars in the 10th house for years. Ugh.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah my progressed Sun exactly conjoined my natal Saturn at the same time as my Saturn Return. Nice, huh? Then, my progressed Sun came up from behind my progressed Saturn and conjoined it! It’s now finally pulling away, being one degree past progressed Saturn. The only good thing I can say about the experience is that it tagged with 100 pounds of weight loss. (Natally Jupiter is quincunx to my Sirius Rising, large stars can equal large bodies, and Jupiter and Cancer and Taurus don’t help! lol) On the negative side, as this was all in my 12th house, it tagged with mental hospitals, shock therapy, depression, isolation, etc. Now as the progressed Sun pulls away, all of this is recedng into my past and my “old” personality is coming back, the cheerful lusty adventurous one!

      • That sounds really intense…I’m really happy for you- that you made it through and are returning to good spirits.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always thought of the 11th as “my house.” Because I have Sun, Merc, and Venus all in Taurus there, which rules the cusp, it is a dominant area of my chart. I’ve always been in clubs, starting as a child, usually taking some kind of leadership role (Sun disposited by Venus in sign of its rulership) but not THE leader, usually something like secretary or the like. So high school was filled with activities, then after that the internet was invented and I began to find the world of “friends without boundaries” which I suppose could be another keyword for the 11th house. I think the only reason I’m not involved in anything now is because my progressed Sun and progressed Saturn have been conjunct so long in the 12th house. Now that the progressed sun is starting to pull away from the slower Saturn, I predict I will return to my old ways.