Venus/Pluto Aspects


venus-pluto-aspectsTransforming love. Intense artistic presence. Undermining love. Suffocating love. Depraved love. Controlling love. Attracted to controlling people. Attempting to control the people you love. Intense relationships. Intense artistic involvements. Transformation through artistic expression. Transformation through relationships. Buried treasure. Gold diggers. Hidden jewels.

The depth of attraction. An intensely attractive person. Attracting situations that have the potential to be destructive. Overwhelming relationships. Sexual compulsion. Manipulation for power. Using sexual attractiveness to gain favors and power. Black Widow. Flirting with power. Dangerous flirtations. Addicted to love. Addicted to sweets. Addicted to pleasure. Addicted to money. Obsession with appearance. Compulsive manipulation. Heavy love. Heavy values. Powerful relationships.

Passionate likes and dislikes. Someone who is passionately liked or disliked. Artistic passion. The power of love. The power of love to heal and transform. The power of love to destroy and corrupt. Sociopath. Having a deep understanding of relationships. Having to make a choice between undermining or transforming your relationships. The underpinnings of a relationship. The underpinnings of cravings. That which lies beneath the surface of social interactions. Crises in relationship. Being able to handle anything in a relationship. The heights and depths of relationships.

Obsession with beauty. Obsession with appearance. Obsession with the surface. The power of beauty. Using beauty to hold power over others. Being powerless in the face of beauty. Feeling powerless because of your appearance. Feeling powerful because of your appearance. The power of money. Intense social interactions. Social manipulation. Picking up on the undercurrents of social exchanges. Picking up on flirtatious undercurrents. Using charm to gain power.

Painful relationships. Needing to be in a consuming relationship. Not liking frivolous relationships or frivolous social exchanges. Obsessed with relationships. Obsessed with money. Obsessed with fashion. Obsessed with art. Intense jealousy. Falling in love with criminals. Makeovers. Cosmetic surgeons. The Swan. Shedding superficial attachments. Taboo love. Secret love. Inability to escape hitting the bottom of relationships. Addictive relationships. Addicted to being in relationships. Compulsive relating. Dark side relationships. The underbelly of relationships. All the stuff you can’t sweep under the rug in a relationship, and how you deal with it. Manipulation through charm and good manners. Deep need to merge with someone yet simultaneously staying at the surface. “Till death do you part.”

Catharsis through art. Healing through art. Rebirth through artistic expression. Pouring passion into creativity. Gaining power by being attractive. Attracted to underworld activities. Attracted to situations, people and activities that lead you to the edge. Needing involvement in activities that go beyond “nice”, “okay” and “fine.” Needing catharsis and transformation through relationship. Love/hate relationships. Letting go of the false self through relationships. Scraping off superficial aspects of the self through relating. Covering up depth and intensity with superficial social displays. Craving depth yet relating in a way that avoids unpleasant or difficult interactions. Needing substance yet keeping interactions at a surface level. Powerful attractive vibes.

Pulsating attractive presence. Awareness of subtle attractive interplays. Awareness of people’s likes and dislikes that lie just beneath the surface of expression. The ability to ferret out another person’s like and dislikes, and using them to your advantage. The need for a relationship that continuously regenerates or transforms. The inability to tolerate stagnancy in relationships. Causing crisis in relationships to spur growth and transformation. Healing trauma through love. Self-obsession. Self-love. Narcissism. The compulsive need for pleasure. Addicts of all kinds. Love of intensity, depth and complexity. Treasure hunters. Gold miners. Diamond hunters. Refineries. Lovers of vintage. Finding beauty among the trash, throwaways and ruins. Restorers. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Needing a love that never gets stale. Constantly transforming your appearance. Love that does not grow, dies. Hungry for love. An insatiable desire for pleasure and affection. A bottomless pit that no amount of love can fill. A landfill stuffed with the carcasses of dead loves. Destroying the things you love. Putting the people you love through the mill. Ready to do anything to be liked. Compulsive need to be liked. Saccharine sweet. Bottomless need for approval. Abiding love. Love that doesn’t wilt in the face of obstacles. The need to overhaul relationships. Overhauling possessions, appearances, pretense and social niceties. Unearthing real love. Femme fatale. Forbidden fruit. Mystery lovers. Chick magnets.

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People with Venus/Pluto aspects:

  • Mickey Rourke: Venus sextile Pluto
  • Rufus Sewell: Venus conjunct Pluto
  • Peter Dinklage: Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto
  • Ted Bundy: Venus square Pluto
  • Björk: Venus trine Pluto
  • Perry Farrell: Venus trine Pluto
  • Ryan Gosling: Venus conjunct Pluto
  • Zac Efron: Venus conjunct Pluto

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  • Aycelina

    I have venus contraparalell pluto… and this article especially negative sentences like (Attempting to control the people you love. ) briefs my approach to love unfortunately… But being a plutonian I try to transform… and I think I can do it..

    • Michelle

      Attempting to control the people you love
      It is unfortunate, and I can relate I have the opposition with Venus in the 8th and Pluto in the 2nd.
      I don’t know if you use flower remedies at all, but I’ve found the combination of Chicory and Holly to be very helpful in letting go of controlling behavior toward loved ones.

  • The One

    I used to ignore this aspect because was a quintile (how fool i was), but now i read and there are so many things that i didn’t understood about myself that makes sense now.
    Like, i have some friends that like intense relationship, well, i like it too, but i also wish the relationships was pleasurable, and I felt kind of guilty, because I didn’t know how could I have nice and intense relationship at the same time.
    Don’t know if i could explain this well, I hope I did.

    Another thing is that i’m easly addicted to anything, aand, I’m always transforming how I look, without makeup or even cutting the hair, people say I change (to the point of becoming beyond recognition) without I even do anything.

    • Michelle

      That sounds like more than just Venus quintile Pluto. Do you have other Pluto aspects, or even Uranus aspects or 8th house placements?

      • The One

        umm, I have pluto sextile sun and pluto opposition to mars. Uranus conjunct sun, also, but uranus really have something about it? My Uranos has nothing to do with my venus, but my venus is in aquarius.

        • Michelle

          Venus in Aquarius might be it then. Changing so radically seems like a Uranian thing.

      • The One

        Also, can you explain a little how this quintile works? I really got confused when I look around the internet… Like, how the relationships works, because they say that quitile has to do with tallents and gifts, and they relate to relationships, but I don’t quite understand what they say. You can explain with one phrase, I’d be really thankfull :)

        • Michelle

          Check out my post on quintiles and biquintiles. They have more to do with a style of doing things, and with talents and gifts, than with relationships. Where did you read about quintiles and relationships?

          • The One

            sorry! totally forgot about it…

            I read it at, where it says: “(…) You probably have friends and colleagues who have different socio-economic backgrounds because superficial differences are not important to you.”

            Not about love relationships, but it is about friendshio anyway.

            • Michelle


  • Michelle

    Lol..really? I can imagine!

  • Leah-nine

    Yikes… Venus in Leo sq. Pluto in Scorpio, opposite Mars in Taurus. They didn’t call me “Sex Goddess” in high school for nothin’…

  • annjulieann

    I have a venus sextile pluto aspect and this is something that’s natural to me. No effort. I don’t use my power in love consciously. I am only aware of the effects later on after I have crushed someone.

    I know some who have the conjunction and square. The conjunction CONSCIOUSLY know they can MANIPULATE and CONTROL people. The square is desperate. But yeah, the square makes it more effective because of their desire to get what they want and make things happen. With my sextile, I’m just calm and LAZY. The squares are popular. As a sextile, I find squares (I know personally) pathetic (not in general, of course). I just wonder why should they obsess about power and status when it’s just too easy to get. No offense square people, you are popular and charming!

    • Jane

      I also have Venus sextile Pluto.I always wished I had Venus conjunct Pluto,it just seemed like it was so much more intense compared to a boring old sextile.I thought sextiles and semi-sextiles just really didn’t pack much of a punch or have much of an impact,but I am going to re-think that.The energies are similar,it’s just more subtle.You don’t hit someone over the head with a Venus Pluto sextile–the intensity is there,you just don’t have to try so hard. Plus my Pluto is in the 12th house—
      I have quite a few sextiles in my chart–almost a Grand Sextile with Jupiter being slightly out of orb in one aspect——I am gong to take a closer look at them!

      • Uber

        Venus conj Pluto is a only a gift of you find someone that appreciates your intensity in love. Otherwise its a lonely road.

        • D

          Yeah, I have Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house & it’s definitely a lonely road. Especially with Saturn in Scorpio thrown in there. Not everybody can handle my intensity, only Scorpio’s really but their too immature for my Saturn who needs commitment. My approach now is to suppress that energy until I see it from my partner first and I know he’s serious then I’ll gradually let it out…lol.

  • Michelle

    I like your list 😀 I don’t know if Venus/Pluto can show bisexuality all by itself. I think it might show all-encompassing attraction (being attracted to everyone) which is a little different. The word bisexual always makes think of a split in sexual preference rather than a meshing of sexual preference.

    • The One

      ummm, being attractive to everyone… something I’ve notice a while ago is that I attrach so much more lesbian girls than boys, even though I’m hetero. But can this be related to venus in aquarius?

      • Michelle

        I don’t know, that’s interesting. It’s hard to say. Venus/Pluto could be intense female attractions, but I haven’t heard from enough people who have experienced this to know what to look for.

  • junemoonchild

    Some thoughts/suggestions….pornography, prostitution, male/female escorts (high-class call girls), Love and Sex Addicts Anonymous, sex clubs, s/m, bondage, dominance and submission, etc., sadomasochism, BISEXUALITY, sex maniacs, mind games, and “paraphilia”….a psychiatric diagnosis (in DSM) = sexual arousal and gratification towards sexual behavior that’s atypical and extreme. My boyfriend and I both have Venus in Taurus (hello already!) trine Pluto in Virgo (the secret freaks of the zodiac).
    P.S. I’ve commented before on these aspect lists…I think they’re brilliant! I’m looking forward to these too: Sun/Saturn, Uranus/Pluto, and Neptune/Pluto. :)Thanx Michelle!

  • Brue

    so… if i have venus in aquariuns – pluto in scorpio but don’t have a square by degrees, do i still have this aspect in my chart?

    • Michelle

      The answer is the same as with the Mars/Neptune post: you can probably relate to many of these descriptions because the signs are square, but they may not be major components of your personality because there isn’t an actual aspect.

  • Alohaastro

    Had two different Leo lovers both had their Venus conjunct my Pluto in 4th. Absolutely Best Sex Ever. Sometimes an actual light glowing from our bodies afterward – true afterglow. Both so good, I would never be able to compare. And so, so, so difficult to be apart or break up, get over and on without the other. Life situations with both made it hard to be together all the time in a “normal’ partnership. Powerful psychic connection with both, could always get the telepathy going strong. Signs and symbols appearing when one thought of the other. Truly a sexual addiction aspect. Why can’t it be so good without the Venus/Pluto? Love and telepathic communication remained strong even after ending of physical aspect of relating. Nothing else has ever come close.

    • Michelle

      That sounds amazing. So do you think the telepathy was connected to the sex, or was it something that existed separately?

  • Paris


    I am very happy to see that you decided to post about Venus/Pluto! I have the conjunction in Scorpio, and indeed resonate very well with each and every tidbit posted above. As ruler of my Libra Ascendant, these dynamics play a major role in my life. The pictures you use to correlate to your posts are priceless. How do you go about finding these pictures that paint stories so well?

    A bone of contention: a previous poster suggested arrogance as a side effect of Venus-Pluto. I tend to agree with this notion. Or at least, the impression of arrogance. This could tie in with the “self-love” and “self-obsession” tidbits offered in your post. For as long as I can remember, I have been perceived as arrogant, and to some, even obnoxious and offensive. One thing is for sure, I have always elicited strong reactions from others. People are typically very attracted or very repulsed. Most instances, I don’t even have to say a word! I have read that this is a direct result of Venus-Pluto. I can, say, however, that of the 5 Venus conjunct Pluto people I know, I perceived each as very arrogant at first glance. (2 Virgos, 1 Libra, 2 Sags) As a Sagittarius Sun, I can see what others speak of when they see me, but I see it as more confident than cocky.

    And as for the “heavy, potentially oppressive feminine power,” I would like to ask you to delve further into that if you could. I would never consider myself feminine, but upon reading your statement, something about it resonated with me. Come to think of it, my ‘powers of attraction’ have always leaned more towards the way a woman would attract than a man. Unlike most of my male friends, I never found relationships (or even sexual flings) a problem to pursue. There was never a challenge. It is almost as if I can understand female energy just as well as male energy. Please shed more light on this “heavy, potentially oppressive feminine power”? :)

    And if you’re debating about what aspect to cover next, Venus-Neptune is one I am eager to get my hands on! And also, if you’re searching for topics to discuss, the 36 decans would be very cool to delve into. As there isn’t too much information about them, hearing your take would be great.

    Kudos to your blog! You’re great.

    • Michelle

      How do you go about finding these picturesI get most of the images from tumblr. I save hundreds of photos and keep them in mind when I write a post. arrogance as a side effect of Venus-PlutoI guess I tend to see it more as conceit than arrogance, but they are very similar. I really can’t argue direct observation- I will certainly keep this in mind. I think “feminine confidence bordering on conceit” could be a good phrase for this interplay.And as for the “heavy, potentially oppressive feminine power,” I would like to ask you to delve further into that if you could.I think I may keep this in mind for a future post, especially because I’m reading Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine right now (which is all about Black Moon Lilith and the other Liliths). Briefly though, it’s a subtle understanding of feminine power that a woman, or man, can wield with deftness and use for manipulation or control. I’ve noticed both men and women with the aspect can be oppressive and overwhelming in relationships, kind of sucking the air out of a relationship because they can be so overly involved in it. Men with these aspects have the potential (or desire) to understand women at a deep level. How much they are in touch with their own inner feminine power probably determines how much they are in touch with real women. Like Christine mentioned above, a man with this aspect might just think he understands women, or has some kind of power over them, but he doesn’t at all. I think men with these aspects also feed off the energy of women. They probably actually need to be in relationships with women or have an intimate understanding of feminine forces to feel their inner power (whether they are straight or gay).

      • Paris


        First, my apologies for misspelling your name in the last post. Thank you for your responses. I will gladly wait for your Lilith post, as I have her on an angle (square my Ascendant) and feel she plays a big role in my life as well.

        Eyes peeled,


    • Alohaastro

      I think repulsion has more to do with Pluto itself, not necessarily the Venus/Pluto. In most cases I see where someone can’t stand someone else or doesn’t understand why someone doesn’t like them, it has to do the synastry between the 2 people and what Pluto aspects there are between them. People either love our Pluto and want us to express that power or they have a deep resistance, fear, dislike of our Pluto and show it somehow.

      • Michelle

        I tend to think that a person who generally has strong feelings of love or hate would have a Venus/Pluto aspect. There are some people who are naturally more polarized in their likes and dislikes- and it doesn’t matter who’s around because that’s just the way they are.

  • Michelle

    It got to a point where it felt like he was just making stuff up about me.

    That is weird. Too bad you don’t know the rest of his chart.

    • /

      I have Venus in opposition to Pluto and I have ruined several relationships in this way (thank God they weren’t romantic). What a lesson! I dump my negativity upon my friends, and then accuse them of things, demonize them, attack them, or just come on too strong. I’ll often act like I know things about them, like we can fix our relationship if only they would change (as if I know what’s best for them better than they do). Wow, I’m so glad I found this. I had the most horrible childhood+teenage years but at least I can try and change as a young adult DX

      • AstroFix

        Goodluck /. At least you’ve begun to realize these patterns within yourself.

  • Christine Truong

    You know, I’m not too sure. I had his chart a long time ago, but I guess I didn’t save his data. But I don’t know… Maybe his “charms” didn’t appeal to me. I like subtlety and I didn’t like that he assumed to know things about me. It got to a point where it felt like he was just making stuff up about me.

    Anyway, my current boyfriend’s Pluto makes a conjunction to my Ascendant (although not as tight, his Pluto is 6 degrees away) too. Most of his Libra stuff is in my 12th or 1st house. His Jupiter is right on my Ascendant. Our relationship moved pretty quickly. I probably came on very strongly in the beginning, but I would say that he came on heavily later. But it “escalated” in a way that felt natural and mutual.

  • Michelle

    Did he have a lot of fire, or Jupiter with a lot of aspects? I don’t think Venus conjunct Pluto by itself would give arrogance- maybe extreme confidence in his seductive charms (especially with both in Libra).

    My boyfriend came on strong when I met him too- his Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo is conjunct my ascendant. I basically thought he was either really into me, or a complete freak. I’m glad it was the first one!

  • Michelle

    I’m realizing (as usual) that I didn’t touch upon some things, one being a heavy, potentially oppressive feminine power- in men or women. Do you think you have an intense female energy?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not very feminine. But I do have a very intense Venus-Pluto energy. I started to talk about it and then realized it sounded pornographic and erased it. lol

      • Michelle

        oh, c’mon put it back!

  • Tina

    I have the trine at a less than 1 degree orb, and I can tick all the words you have written. I would also add love of revenge, or using beauty as revenge.

  • Michelle

    Those are good- very apt.

    You’ve probably heard that saying, “The best revenge is living well,” with Venus/Pluto the saying could be “The best revenge is looking good.”

  • Christine Truong

    The most remarkable experience I had with Venus-Pluto contacts was with a Scorpio (Cancer Rising, Moon in Capricorn) with a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Libra conjunct my Ascendant. I had only known him for a couple of days, but he seemed to be very controlling and possessive of me! He called/texted me all the time and made these assumptions about my relationships. Like he was so wise, and assumed he knew all about me. After a couple days of knowing me, he sent me a picture of his manly bits and when I called him to say, WTF, all he said was, “I just go after what I want.” I ignored after that, and he kept calling. While we were still talking and even after I ignored him, it was like he was so oblivious, so unaware of how weird he was. It was kind of arrogant, too!

    I don’t know, I wish I could explain in greater detail just how Venus-Pluto he was…

    I know a lot of people with Venus-Pluto aspects, but they all seem very self-aware of how they love. The reason why this guy came on so strongly was probably because his Venus-Pluto connection was smack on my Ascendant.

  • Anonymous

    Venus at 28 Taurus in an out-of-sign but fairly tight trine Pluto at 1 Libra. This aspect is not useful for a male trying to attract other males for a relationship. It scares most males away. It must be carefully hidden. It’s more useful with women, who aren’t as scared by the intensity somehow. Too bad I’m gay.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a Gemini asc. Taurus with Venus 12 in Taurus and Pluto 6 in Scorpio. I’m gay too. I’m not very obsessed with controling my partner, but i’m very giving and that ruins everything, usually.

      I know how it all feels. So hard to detach emotionally from a partner :/

      • Anonymous

        At least Gemini Ascendant adds a little lightness to all that seriousness. :) If’d only I’d been born a bit earlier I would have had a Gemini Asc too, which I would definitely prefer to Cancer Ascendant, personally. But I was barely born alive, (antiscion of Saturn conjunct my Asc!) so I’m willing to just be grateful. :)

        • Anonymous

          Oh! but i’m Gemini! My asc. is Taurus! :)

          • Michelle

            Thank you for reading midio 😀

            • Anonymous

              Oh, you’re very welcome 😀

  • tina

    I have the trine at a less than 1 degree orb, and I can tick all the words you have written. I would also add love of revenge, or using beauty as revenge.

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